he is such a fanboy i swear


Haechan teasing Mark with his own rap 😂 ❤️️❤️️

  • Victor strips himself when he’s super drunk.
  • Phichit is that one friend that cheers you on and takes a ton of photos that’s either embarrassing, humiliating or compromising that just makes you wanna hide in a hole and uploads it with an angelic smile.
  • Yuuri’s used to getting his ass groped.
  • Chris’ digs ass.
  • Leon and Guang-hong are fanboys.
  • Victor isn’t the boxers type of guy.
  • Victor was totally going to kiss and hug Yuuri but the moment was ruined because Yuuri was going to the kiss and cry booth and it wasn’t in Victor’s direction which Chris helpfully pointed out.
  • Georgi needs a hug.
  • Victuuri is growing closer and closer.
  • Celestino is called Ciao Ciao. And he’s allergic(?) to shrimp.
  • Victuuri was definitely having  a date. Until Phichit came. lol
  • Minako sensei is weak against Chris.
  • Chris nearly came in his pants.
  • Morooka didn’t see that side of Yuuri coming.
SEVENTEEN’s reaction to their crush curling up on their lap when they're tired

@another-fucked-up-kpop-human Thank you for requesting I hope you like it! It was so cute.


He wouldn’t believe that this was actually happening, he’d think this was all a dream, a dream he wouldn’t want to wake up from. He’d probably think how cute you are. 

‘How can they be so cute??’

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On the outside he’d be calm and would have the warmest smile on his face with his cheeks slightly pink,

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but on the inside he’d be fanboying and being all like “Omgomgomg OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE! IF THIS IS A DREAM WHOEVER WAKE ME UP WILL BE BALD IN THE MORNING”

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He’d be a cheeky little shit, so smug and yet so flustered? He’d be blushing like mad but would be grinning like a smug little shit I swear to God. He’d let you sleep on his lap and when you wake up the first thing you’ll see would be his gorgeous af face.

”Morning Gorgeous~”

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ignore Vernon Jun would be in cloud nine, he’d feel like he might just have a chance now. He’d have this love sick grin on his face and would try to hold in his giggles.

“Am I in heaven? Have I been allowed to go to heaven even though I’ve committed so many sins?”

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This boy needs  more gifs like for real


Can’t handle the feels, so he’d make a weird face while trying not to squeal and giggle and bear hug you to death right then and there.

‘Hnggggg why do they have to be so cuteeeee~??? Ahhh my heart’

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He wouldn’t know what to do, he’d be all shy and flustered and smiley and awwwwww~ just as long as there aren’t the others around that is.

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smiling from ear to ear on the outside, screaming on the inside like there’s no tomorrow.

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He’ll freeze, he wouldn’t know what to do. He’d be confused, flustered, frozen in place and bright red. This shy puppy will just sit there and let you sleep, even if his legs are starting to loose feeling in them he’ll let you sleep cause you obviously need it.

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blush, blush, blushy blush. Minghao would be shy and giggly and did I mention SHY?

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My heart hurts from just looking at his name omg and the more I look at the gif the more I want to cry…my heart, someone stop me He’d smile at your peaceful sleeping face with his cheeks dusted pink, he’d be smug about it later tho, but on the inside he’d be a dying mess. So overwhelmed by all the feels he is currently going through. His heart like mine right now hurts just by looking at you.

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gif explains it better than any of my words will, pretty accurate actually.

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“I’ll just take a picture as proof for my hyungs to see that I DO have a CHANCE with them. Okay and 1. 2..3. Cheeese!”

jkjk…..okay not really

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Hope you enjoyed it!

Chanyeol As Your Boyfriend

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Requested by anon:  I LOVED the Jackson as a husband thingyy! Can you do one with Chanyeol? If you do, THANK YOU xx

Song(s) listened to: Drop That- EXO (god chens high note), Love Me Right Japanese Version- EXO, Lady Luck-EXO (god the lyrics kill mel) 


  • literally a fluff ball bf
  • and doing everything with them two
  • ALSO he still cant believe that you two are a couple
  • cause hes so lucky to call you his
  • hes so shy at first
  • like when you reach for his hand
  • he doesnt know what to do
  • but to blush and have a fanboy attack
  • slowly the relationship will grow more comfortable
  • and he will be ALWAYS holding your hand
  • or his arm around you
  • or he gets real brave
  • and kisses your cheek or nose
  • im so done and i just started
  • once everything is all comfortable
  • he will still get all fluff tho at times
  • “jagi, come look”
  • He will want you to look at all the songs he produces 
  • he wants the okay from you first
  • Chan honestly loves when you smile from his music
  • cause your smile is his whole world
  • and you mixed with music
  • kills his heart
  • and he will love it if you have the same music taste
  • Once you compliment the song
  • he will just nod
  • and bite his lip
  • so he doesn’t scream like a little girl
  • he isn’t one for a lot of dates
  • but when he does take you on one
  • he will make is really special and memorable
  • like a fancy dinner and then go do something crazy/fun
  • like go for a shopping spree to find the strangest food
  • then you have to make something out of it
  • honesty this would be on V app
  • He wants his fans to accept you
  • because his fans is everything
  • they are his family
  • and he wants his family to love you
  • so it will take a long time before he goes public with it
  • because he doesn’t want you to get hurt in any way  
  • Youre first kiss though would go two ways
  • first way
  • he is teaching you to how to remix on his laptop
  • then when you make one
  • he gets so excited he just leans in and kisses you
  • second wAY
  • He took you on one of those cute dates and instead of the fun thing after
  • he takes you to the park
  • and sings to you while you walk together
  • He whispers the lyrics in his rough deep voice
  • and HE KISSES YOU 
  • Like SUPER gently
  • Omo please i cant go on i cant deal tf am i doing to myself?!
  • after your one year anniversary 
  • he will go public with your relationship
  • After a year a lot would happen 
  • He wants to get matching tattoos
  • He would want yours hidden
  • a place only he can see
  • Omg i cant eben 
  • He wants a pet for the two of you
  • most likely a little puppy
  • names him after baekhyun 
  • srry had to
  • most likely at this time
  • or maybe a little sooner
  • Channie will want a more physical aspect of the relationship
  • He will just pounce out of nowhere!
  • With your consent ofc
  • Because he wants you to be 120% down *cough Cough*
  • he will go onto you when hes stressed a lot too
  • *Just sulks at the wall*
  • Video game nights with him
  • He wont have mercy
  • he doesnt care that your his jagi
  • “Cause im the king thats why”
  • Imagine his cuddles with him
  • His long, big boy will be big spoon
  • and he will hold you while your little spoon
  • Sometimes tho
  • like when hes stressed
  • He will want to be the little spoon
  • And its the cutest thing ever
  • okay i srly cant anymore 
  • Overall he is the sweetest little big fluff ever
  • can he please just be mine?

Here it was. This was torture!!!! My heartu is done. I cant even anymore. Thanks for requesting tho…

a done admin ryu


I swear we’re all Minami when this happened.

Meeting the Family - Jason Todd x Reader x Tim Drake (platonic)

Anon asks: “I have this headcannon that Tim loves musicals so could I request a story where Tim is like online or something looking up his favourite broadway star’s new musical and he sees pics of Jason with the broadway star (reader) at the premier and that’s how he finds out Jason has a girlfriend and he fanboys out and drives to Jason’s apartment to meet his girlfriend (and maybe ask for tickets to her show cuz they’re impossible to get) and just general fanboy Tim when he meets the girlfriend. Thank you”

Warning: swearing and Jason’s brothers being little shits

a/n: I had a lot of fun with this one, so thank you for requesting anon.

Tim was awake and on his computer at 3AM, as always. But for once in his life, the boy was actually relaxing and doing something he liked online. He was watching videos from the Broadway musical Hamilton. He absolutely adored the show when it premiered, so much so that he made Bruce take him to see it twice. So when he heard that new cast members were coming in replace of old ones, he kind of freaked out. Tim was a person who very much liked things to be constant, thank you very much. But, to his surprise he actually liked the new cast members, especially Y/N L/N who had replaced Phillipa Soo as Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. Her talent was impeccable and she picked up right where Phillipa had left off. Tim so desperately wanted to go again, especially with the new cast members actually being amazing, so he switched from Youtube to Hamilton’s website, checking to see when the musical was scheduled for, making notes of when he’d get some time off.

After he realized that tomorrow would actually be the best day, he decided to browse Tumblr for more information, oddly enough the social media site held a lot of more information than the actual musical’s website. As he scrolled through the Hamilton tag he saw a photo that he wasn’t exactly sure was real. It was now 4:57AM and he had approximately 3 hours of sleep 21 hours ago, so he could be hallucinating right? Rubbing his eyes and shaking his head, he realized that no, he was not hallucinating, that actually was Jason with his arm around Y/N L/N. Quickly looking to the post’s tags for information, he found the reaction that he was about to have. “#I didn’t know they were together??? #and they’ve been together for 8 months #this is amazing #otp right here #y/n l/n #jason todd wayne #hamilton” were what the tags read. 8 MONTHS??? Jason had had a girlfriend for 8 months and hadn’t told anyone? Jason knew that Tim adored Hamilton and he had saw him fangirl over Y/N, yet he never felt the need to tell poor Timmers this interesting little fact?

Tim got up from his desk, lunging for his phone that was on his bedside table. He quickly dialed his brother’s number, hoping that Jason would pick up. It was now 5:30, he should be up right? Anxiously waiting for Jay to pick up the phone, Tim drummed his fingers to the tempo of the ringing phone. On what he knew was the last ring, Jason finally picked up.

“Would you care to explain to me why you didn’t tell me that you’re dating Y/N L/N, and that you’ve been dating her for 8 months?” Tim whispers yells into the phone. “Whoa Timmy bird, it’s way too early for this shit. And I didn’t tell you because I knew you do this, call me at some ungodly hour and yell.” Jason responded, voice gruff and groggy, it was obvious that he had been sleeping. “One, I’m not yelling. Two, you should have told us. And three, you let me meet her and then take her to meet the rest of us, or I’m telling Alfred you lied for 8 months.” Tim threatens, knowing that the threat of Alfred’s disappointment was too great to ignore. “Okay, Jesus Tim, I’ll let you meet her today. Get some fucking sleep now, it’s literally 5:45AM.” Jason grumbles, before hanging up the phone. Tim smiles, mentally preparing himself to meet the girl he had been fawning over for the last month, as he lays down to get some much needed rest.

It was 2:30PM and Tim was freaking out. He had been ever since he woke up at 10AM, and yes he did only get 4 hours of sleep, but what else was new? Anyways, he was freaking out, I mean who wouldn’t be? He couldn’t decide on what to wear, or what to say, and that was how Damian found him pacing back and forth in his room.

“Why are you pacing your room like a rabid dog, Drake?” Damian asks, a breakfast oatmeal cookie and a glass of water in his hands. Tim literally jumps, not having expected the demon spawn to have been spying on him. He really didn’t know if he wanted to tell Damian that he was pacing because he was going to meet Y/N, that would just be setting himself up for the punishment of cruel taunts for the rest of, well, his entire life. But, he was already dealing with Damian calling him all sorts of things, namely ‘Easy to Forget Robin’, so he figured that a few taunts would hurt. He was wrong.

“You, the supposed computer genius, Red Robin, my predecessor, are pacing the room because of some actress? You truly have lost your touch, Drake.” Damian says, cackling like the evil little thing he is after Tim tells him of the situation. “Shut up! She’s also Jason’s girlfriend if you must know.” Tim blurts out, slapping his hand to his mouth afterwards. “She’s what? Let me see a photo of this woman now.” Damian orders, as he barges into Tim’s room. Tim bring up the website and shows Dami photos of you in and out of character.

“Full offense, but Todd could in no way manage to get a woman like that to date him. She is clearly, how would you say, out of his league. Far above it in fact.” Damian says, as he sips his water. Tim somehow wants to defend Jay, but he also agrees with Dami. I mean, how the hell did Jason manage the get her? And more over why did he not tell any of them? Tim was really dwelling on the deception part of the scenario. Soon after, Tim shoos Damian out of his room so that he could get ready for later that day.

“Ugh, Jason for the last time, no I do not mind meeting your brother. It’s actually really cute that he likes Hamilton. I appreciate his approval immensely.” You tell Jason, as you put your hair in a fishtail braid. “But he’s annoying. He’s going to yap on and on about how much he loves you.” Jason grumbles, he really was not enjoying this, he liked having you as his own little secret. “For the record, that isn’t annoying, that is a compliment and I would love it.” You reply, smirking as you see Jason’s eyebrow raise. “As long as you don’t go falling in love with him, we’re fine. I won’t hesitate to kill him you know.” Jason complains, as he grabs you by your waist, pulling you closer to him. “I love you, and only you, you jealous mess.” You chuckle, as you boop your beloved’s nose.

Tim was driving to Jason’s apartment, and he was positive that he had broken about 7 of the laws on driving he was going so fast. Once he pulled up outside of the building, he dropped his head on the steering wheel of his red VW Bug (a/n I’ve always picture Tim driving a bug car, so here it is.) “Do not ruin this. Do not ruin this. Do not ruin this.” Tim repeats to himself, lightly banging his head against the steering wheel each time he repeats the phrase. After reassuring himself that he was totally in control of his actions and that he was calm and collected, he headed out of the car and into the apartment building.

Knock, knock, knock! You heard the sound of someone at the door, and you went to get up, but Jason pulled you back down to the couch, securing you to him with his arms and legs. “Let! Me! Go!” You exclaim, as you squirm, trying to get out of his grasp. It was pointless really, there was no way you’d get out unless he let you go. “Give me one good reason, and no, meeting my brother is not a good reason.” He says, as he holds on to you tighter. “I’ll…um…I’ll make it up to you later!” You yell, while wiggling your eyebrows at him, as you continue to try and break free. “Good enough for me.” Jason states abruptly, finally releasing his vice-like hold on you.

You jump up, running to the door, fixing your messy hair a bit before opening it. In front of you stood a boy, about 16 or 17, with longish black hair (a/n I picture Timmy bird to look like he does when inkydandy draws him), sapphire blue eyes, extremely pale skin, and dressed in a black and white striped jumper, blue jeans and a blue jacket. He was actually really cute, but I mean he was in the Wayne family, they were all attractive as hell. Especially your Jay.

Shaking your head to clear your thoughts, you come back to reality, telling the boy in front of you “You must be Tim! I’m Y/N, come on in.” You wave your hand in a welcome gesture, as you step aside to let him in. Tim was freaking out. You just said hi to him. He was meeting you. You. Knew. Who. He. Was. He had to remind himself to be composed, and he regained his chill after a few seconds.

“So I’ve heard you enjoy Hamilton, is that right?” You ask him, as you walk into the kitchen. Looking over to the living room, you noticed that Jay was gone, and you wondered where he had gone. “Yeah, I love Hamilton actually. I’m a bit of a history nerd, so the modern twist on history is quite spectacular.” Tim responds, his words flowing out of him. He was doing much better than he anticipated. “And you’ve been trying to get tickets yeah? That’s what Jay told me.” You tell him, as you pour yourself a glass of water. “Mhm, they really are difficult to get, what with my schedule and you guys being sold out for weeks now.” Tim answers, drumming his fingers against the kitchen counter. “Well, I have some extra tickets for tomorrow, so if your schedule lines up I could give you the tickets? I had a cousin who was supposed to come up and see the show, but she bailed so now I have one more ticket than I need.” You offer, as you notice Jason is back in the room, and he looks at you like you’ve gone mad.

“Oh my god really? Hell yes I’ll take it.” Tim blurts out, before he can think about what he’s saying. As he goes to apologize, you cut him off, saying “No, no it’s okay. I actually find it endearing that you like the show that much. Now, I am so sorry, but Jason told me that I’ll be meeting your family later tonight, correct?” You ask, wanting confirmation of the supposed event. “Yeah, yeah he’s bringing you home today.” Tim confirms, nodding his head. “Okay, well I have to get ready, but you’re welcome to stay here and have some bonding time with your brother while I get ready?” You say, looking behind Tim to see that Jason threw his arms in the air, then facepalmed. “Yes, I’d like that a lot. It was nice meeting you Y/N.” Tim tells you, as you walk into your bedroom, forcing Jason into a hug and pecking his cheek as you go. “It was nice meeting you too Tim.” You reply, “And I’ll be out soon ok love?” You finish, directing the comment at your now brooding boyfriend. Jason just nods, clearly grumpy, as you retreat to your bedroom.

As you brush your hair so that it’s not tangled when you shower, you heard voices from the other room. And then….

Crash! Bang! Click! Shwing! Crash!

“Ow that hurt Jason!”

“I don’t fucking care!”

Well, this family was sure to be fun.

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Your First Impression of Me vs Impression of Me Now (Anonymous or Not) - First Impression: Thank god you are saving me from drunkenly murdering this creepy ass stalker guy in a bar. Now: Thank god you go along with my shenanigans and save me from my boredom. You're a good boyfriend/husband for an INTP like me.


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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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Justin is my spirit animal😂😂😂 his reactions to Namjoon I SWEAR TO GOD 😂😂😂 He is so in love haha💕

Drunk Fanboy

Which when Dan is really drunk he forgets he’s Phil’s husband and becomes 2008!Dan

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.2k

Trigger Warnings: alcohol, swearing.

A/N: I was inspired to write this one shot by the art work of @makehmatsuoka ! I have asked them if I could write it based on an art they drew and they let me so let’s get on with it.


Dan was on the couch mindlessly scrolling through tumblr and Phil? Well he was doing the same. This is what they usually do on their free time to relax. You think that them getting married would change that wouldn’t you but no. They’re still the same.

Phil was so distracted watching a video that he didn’t even hear his own stomach grumble. Dan on the other hand heard it and giggled. Hearing Dan giggle caught Phil’s attention, he paused the video he was watching as Dan kept giggling “What?” Phil questioned confused with furrowed eyebrows and a small pout on his lips looking like a lost puppy

After a few moment Dan finally stopped giggling asking Phil if he’s hungry just when Phil was about to answer his stomach grumbled answering for him. Making Dan giggle again while Phil blushed and nodded. They decided to play rock, paper, scissors to see who’s gonna make dinner. Phil had lost which means he’s the one cooking. He didn’t mind but he still frowned acting like he did. Dan rolled his eyes knowing his husband is a sore loser and that he didn’t really mind cooking dinner. Before Phil could stand up Dan kissed his cheek and smiled at him

Phil looked at Dan and smiled back at him. He pecked his husband’s lips and quickly stood up as Dan mumbled to himself about how Phil’s a tease all the time making Phil chuckle as he walked into the kitchen, he opened the fridge to see what he could possibly cook for dinner, then he had an idea.

Maybe it was a bit cliché but he had decided to cook pasta with red sauce and meatballs, he set the table, putting a candle on the middle, he even brought out a wine bottle they had. He then waited for the food to finish cooking. When Dan yelled to ask if the food is ready, Phil rushed to the kitchen door making sure Dan wouldn’t enter and spoil the surprise and he was right as when he reached the door he saw Dan standing up fixing his shirt, which was just as colorful as always, black. Phil opened the door and walked out of the kitchen

“Not yet, you can keep on scrolling” Dan frowned a bit “What’s taking so long?” He asked as he walked closer to Phil.

Phil walked forward a bit too fast, Dan noticed, and wrapped his arms around Dan’s neck, catching him by surprise. Quickly though he wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist accepting the embrace.

“What’s up lion?” Phil pulled away but not completely, only enough to look at Dan’s handsome face and still having his arms around him. Phil had to lift his head a bit to look at him though, funny, he used to be taller. But times change and Dan had grown so much since when they first met. He was an insecure, short, a bit too skinny, lanky teenager and now he’s tall, a bit broad, confident and squishy. Phil is so proud on how far his husband had come, it was truly something amazing watching him grow.

Phil smiled “What? I can’t hug my bear?” Dan blushed a bit and chuckled “I never said you couldn’t”

Phil smiled and gave him a peck on the lips but Dan wouldn’t have it. He unwrapped one of his arms from Phil’s waist and grabbed the back of his neck pulling him in crashing their lips again. Phil squeaked at the unexpected action but kissed back quickly, soon enough Phil pulled away for air as the kiss had gotten a bit heated “The food is gonna burn, I need to get back” with one final kiss on the lips Dan let him go so he could finish the food. Dan sat down feeling happy. How had he gotten so lucky?

Moments later Phil called from the kitchen that the food is ready. Dan stood up and walked towards the kitchen about to say some sarcastic reply but as he walked into the kitchen his mouth opened but no words came out, his mind was completely blank. Phil spend so much time on doing this for him? Once again he asked himself how he gotten so lucky while shaking his head smiling “You cheesy dork” Phil smiled and pulled out a chair for Dan to sit on. Dan couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he walked over and sat down. Phil was gone for a second and returned with two plates of food. He set Dan’s plate in front of him and placed his own plate where he will be sitting which is right in front of Dan. He left for a moment again looking for glass wine glasses, he went back to the table to see Dan already eating.

Phil shook his head as he set down the wine glasses “Couldn’t you wait?” He made a tsk sound and Dan mumbled a small sorry after swallowing the food that was in his mouth. Phil smiled, kissing the top of his head “It’s alright darling” Dan smiled a little. Phil was so understanding, whenever he messed up, Phil wouldn’t get mad at him or yell at him like everyone else did. Phil was so kind to him. He honestly doesn’t know what he did to deserve him.

When Dan came back to reality from his little trance. He realized that Phil had already served the wine and sat down on the chair in front of him. “Bon appetite” Phil says in an attempt of a French accent, he failed miserably though, he knew it was bad but Dan was laughing and he liked seeing him happy, so it was okay. After eating dinner somewhere along the way Dan had brought out the alcohol they had. Phil declining, not really in the mood to get drunk and Dan, well, got a bit carried away.

“Oh gosh! You’re amazingphil, I’m your biggest fan” Phil looked at Dan to see him blushing and staring at him with wide eyes.

“I love you! Beautyphil. I follow you on twitter and-” Phil raised his eyebrows and smiled while interrupting him.

“Dan, are you drunk already?”

Dan’s eyes widened even more, if possible, and his whole face flushed red “Do you know who I am?”

“Dan, we are married” Phil said biting his lip to hide a smile with an eyebrow raised

“WHAT?!” Dan screamed, was this a dream? When he pinched himself to see it was actually real life, he started to cry out of joy

“Oh fuck Phil… Seriously? I’m the lucky guy, I won the lottery. You are so beautiful” Phil blushed, his whole face turning red as he mumbled with a bit of a chuckle

“Dan, stop… Haha”

At some point they eventually went to sleep, when Dan had gotten over his inner 2008 fanboy, he was being clingy towards Phil. They ended up cuddled close together on Phil’s bed, Dan falling asleep immediately. Phil looked at the man he is proud to call his husband and smiled tiredly, he was so grateful to fate that had brought him the idea to start talking to Dan back in 2009. Phil still couldn’t believe Dan would turn back into his fanboyself when drunk, even in year 2022 but he wouldn’t change it for the world. As he admired him, he felt his eyes getting heavier and heavier, even as the sun was coming up. He fell into a peaceful sleep with the man he loves in his arms.

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i think my dad is the BIGGEST Sakura fanboy EVER! My sister was born on 28th of March(Sakura's birthday) and he literally thought it was fate. Since Sakura is his favorite anime/manga character he named my sister after her. ITS NEW LEVEL OF FANBOYISM. On sister's 9 th birthday he literally wished her I quote "I hope u grow up and find ur sasuke". I swear to god I was so pissed. I mean I am also big Sakura/sasusaku fan but my dad is just...urghhhhhh

Lol, what can I say? That’s a new level of dedication ^_^

GUYS right before victorious brendon was like “guys i have to admit something……get it off my chest” and i swear EVERYONE FUCKING FROZE and he goes “i learned guitar by covering weezer songs and now were touring together lol im such a fanboy nerd!*” I HATE HIM