he is such a doll

170223 BTS - Aladdin Fansign

- Jimin said he’s about 60kg.

- Jungkook looked at his white bunny Kook doll and said “Oh it’s me!?”

- Namjoon said he usually rides a bike to Yangjae Citizens’ Forest. (a park in Seocho, Seoul)

- Hoseok said he will work hard to compose music this spring.

- Yoongi said his ear has basically all healed.

- Seokjin said the thing he wants to do the most this spring is winning the lottery.

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Hi luv your blog I think I might have sent this in but I can't remember sorry what would the 2p boys do if Thier teenage daughter brought home Thier boyfriend for dinner?

Thank you for the compliment!


2p France: Will probably kick him out as soon as he finds out anything bad about him.

2p America: “Hey baby doll! I was just cleaning on of my many many many guns. Hm? Oh I had no idea you were bringing over your new boyfriend!”

2p Canada: Just glared at him the whole damn time…

2p England: He’s very accepting but if that kid steps outta line even ONCE! God damn…

2p China: Gets along great with him as long as he’s good and treats his girl right.

2p Russia: Time for an interrogation…

2p Italy: He makes it very clear that he already hates him.

2p Germany: Is unsure and very specific with his questions.

2p Japan: Doesn’t like him from the moment he sees him.

2p Prussia: Will pass judgement once he gets a feel of the younger male.

2p Romano: If his fashion is shit than so is he!

2p Spain: He acting normal but as soon as his daughters head turns the other way he’s sending death threats towards the boy.

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I saw Gillian live with Mark. When she was doing A Doll's House he was there every night to pick her up (we went to the play 7 days in a row). He was very caring, protective. You could see the love. Also during IWTB premiere he was next to her when she signed autographs and he smiled and just WAS. A very lovely and charming man. And here with PM, I'm sorry but I just don't see the sparkle. G looks stiff.

I liked Mark! 

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Do you have any Q, Chuuya, Mori, Poe or Lovecraft headcanons?

Q: I like to think this poor little boy probably talks to his doll because he doesn’t have any friends since he was locked away for so long. I mean he’s been locked up for four years at minimum which means he was at oldest 8 years old when he got locked up away from the world. I mean I imagine they probably separated him from his doll as well. Poor boy needs a loving environment.

Chuuya: He and Kouyou are really close and he sees her as a big sister because she’s the only person he can recall who could be considered his family. The first time he used corruption fully and Dazai nullified it, Kouyou was the one who took care of him. I imagine he was pretty young…he was probably pretty scared by it at first like the idea of losing control of himself. He probably had nightmares and Kouyou probably just hugged him when he’d wake up in the nights.

Mori: lmao the greasy man… I’m curious about his past, especially since it’s canon that he’s met Yosano before. After all they’re both doctors. I mean I imagine Mori was already leader of the Port Mafia if Yosano was already a doctor at the time. I like to think that perhaps they might have met before Yosano joined the ADA. Perhaps they met during some disaster and with both of them being doctors? But she’d probably figure out they have completely different views on life.

Poe: I love the raccoon boy. I can imagine him holing himself up and writing and forgetting to eat. I also feel like he probably keeps treats in his pockets for Karl. Also this guy is poe.

Lovecraft: I imagine he probably has collections of something strange like idk empty yogurt containers. He just collects them has this unsettling eldritch screeching if any of them go missing. Also I was talking about this with some people once but Louisa probably tries to learn how to speak(?) the unholy eldritch terror language but she doesn’t have the ability to make all the sounds and Lovecraft is probably like wtf

I didn’t participate in the other two days but I thought I should at least participate for Bae’s day in @mysticmessimagines Valentines Week ;v;

Korean I copied off the internet (because I can’t speak it lol) says Happy Valentines Day, will you be my valentines?” or something along those lines lol

Also, a little MC doll to pair with the Saeyoung doll he gives you on the valentines DLC >w<


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