he is such a cutie sometimes

Exo on variety shows
  • Sehun: cutie bear who can't explain that his power is wind
  • Chen: sings all the time
  • Xiumin: adorable hyung that listens to what his members have to say
  • Kai: dances every goddamn chance he gets
  • Chanyeol: dORK OMG
  • Kyungsoo: glares at staff for no reason wtf
  • Lay: innocent unicorn who bows for everything
  • Baekhyun: "we shower together sometimes"
  • Suho: *wtf*
  • Baekhyun: "oh yeah sehun got a big dick"
  • Suho: "oH MY GOD-"
  • Baekhyun: they also let me shit-
  • Suho: "STOp-"
  • Baekhyun: "yo we had this orgy the other day-"
  • Suho: "CUT CUT CUT"

I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that today is the birthday of my babe!


So lets have a little post to show to people just a small  snapshot of reasons why he is so precious and amazing, shall we?

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Okay so i gotta admit. Sometimes, at first glance Sehun can come across as well….. very bitchy.

However, that is not a bad thing. After all, Sehuns resting bitch face just highlights his character and attitude and I love it!

I love seeing an idol with a ‘fuck it’ look on their face. Its fun, its entertaining but it also allows Sehun to be himself.

And while some people I do believe have a bad attitude, Sehun’s is simply charming. he is not trying to hurt anyone.

In fact, the more you look into him the more you realise that he is actually such a cutie sweetheart who melts all hearts.

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He loves his Vivi

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He loves his hyungs

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And loves his fans

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And I hope that he can continue to be himself.

I hope he stays healthy.

I hope he has fun on stage and is actually close with his hyungs.

Mostly, I hope that he is also comfortable with himself. 

I hope he experiences the life of a young man… goes on dates, has ‘fun’ and does it with whomever he wants, whatever sex he likes.

Hope he has true and amazing friends who listen to him and his problems.

And I hope that fans respect his decisions and does not try to force anything on him or try to force him to spill details he doesn’t want to spill.

I also hope that SM doesn’t force him to a dating scandal or just into any scandal. Noone deserves that.

Once again, I hope he is healthy both physically and mentally. Because a healthy mind is extremely important. It is essential. 

So let us celebrate the birthday of an amazing human being!

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(Look at that smile!)

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So let us spread the love for Sehunieeeeeeeee.

Lets make him feel loved and appreciate him!

Lets protect this precious man!

We love you Sehun!

Thank you for reading!


Eddie was already signed on to do it so that was very exciting to me. I was already such a fan of his work and had a feeling even before I met him that it would be really fun to work with him. I was so wrong about that; he’s a nightmare. No, I’m kidding. He’s wonderful. - Katherine Waterston

Fav lines from BTS fanfiction (pt.2)

“What’s up, cutie pie.”

“Let me smell you.”

“What the hell.”

Sometimes Taehyung proposes that things are “written in the stars,” and Jungkook proposes that Taehyung smokes too much weed.

He smiles, but he might as well have punched Jungkook in the face.

“Turn up!” Taehyung cries again.

“Enough, enough with the ‘turn up!’”

“Turn up!” Taehyung sobs insistently.

“When I am in this room, two things get to be free: My nuts, and my soul.”

“I’ll cut up your Iron Man boxers.”

Jungkook sits up abruptly.

Jungkook takes a deep breath, and walks forward.

Smack dab into a table.


He glances up to see her smile turn sad. “I never was home for you, baby,” she whispers. “That was always Yoongi.”

Yoongi opens his eyes as Suga.

Hoseok shouts, “Five second rule!” He drops down onto the tile, slides back inside and fucks Yoongi right there on the floor.

Yoongi had decided a very long time ago that he didn’t care at all what anyone thought of him. Him or his genitals.

Jimin hates absolutes, but he loves how Yoongi is the most perfect being that he’s ever seen


a/n: the links are as in order as possible because of some quotes coming from the same fics

Seventeen: Early Mornings (Hip-Hop Unit)

• He’d be the ultimate cuddler tbh
• Messy Hair and his deep morning voice
• He be like super giggly
• “Cheollie, why are you laughing?” “You’re just too cute.”
• Lots of neck and shoulder kisses
• Fluffiest Boy™
• Probably sleeps with no shirt so he’s cold af

•Okay but like…. Imagine holding hands while you sleep. That’d be the cutest shit.
• Takes him forever to wake up so you get to admire his face
• “Don’t be a creep, Y/n.” “Well, maybe if you weren’t so gorgeous, Jeon Wonwoo.”
• Turning on comfy music and humming the lyrics and whatnot
• Yawning Cuties
• He really likes holding your hand
• Lazy Lazy Lazy

• Big spoon y'all
• This boy melts for you tbh
• He could play w/ your hair all day everyday
• You could play with his hair at the same time omg
• BarefaceBarefaceBareface
• Sleepy Boi
• Caresses your face and lazy kisses

• Lays literally all over the bed
• Seriously he’s like a starfish
• Probably seems drunk and confused when he’s sleepy
• Early morning lasts past noon sometimes
• Just cuddling and being cute
• He probably has an existential crisis every morning
• “If Jesus can walk on water, can he swim on land?” “Oh my gooooooddd, Hansol. Just shhhhhh.”

How To Cuddle BTS to Sleep

Jin: Jin is probably the most stable and peaceful sleeper in BTS. I feel like he would like to wrap an arm around you and pull you to rest your head on his chest. He would like to have patterns drawn on his chest or arms to lull him to sleep as he talks about his day. Once asleep, it would be quiet and cozy. (That gif does things to me, ISTG)

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Yoongi: Suga Boy can sleep ANYWHERE. He doesn’t expects to be cuddled all the time especially when people would sleep he would probably be working but he’ll definitely be wanting cuddles when he is stressed or just feels like it. He probably likes to be the little spoon if he’s feeling down but if it’s just exhaustion he would like to be the big spoon. (I would kill to be looked at like that by him)

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Hobi: Ok, so Hobi’s parents put him to sleep by stroking his arms and chest and he still does it to himself to fall asleep. It doesn’t take a genius to know that he would want his cuddler to rub his chest and arms till he falls asleep. Mostly if he’s tired and ready to sleep if he blinks he’ll just sleep while you keep stroking him. He might wrap an arm around you in his sleep. (Don’t you just love his laugh?)

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Namjoon: Ok, so he snores, so what? I still love him. He is an extremely considerate person though so he would probably be the one cuddling you to sleep before he falls asleep by tucking his head into your neck and trying to muffle his mouth into your warm skin so he wouldn’t wake you up. (He’s a sweetheart ok? I love him and I would cuddle him to death)

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Jimin: I think Jimin is a peaceful sleeper too. He’s so small and fits literally ANYWHERE. (Remember him escaping that prison cell?) He’s a profound cuddler. He would just snuggle up to any warmth he could find. He’d be into having his back rubbed, probably, and I think he’d also like to have feet tangled in sheets. (This husband of mine is going to kill me, I love him so much)

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Tae: He is a restless sleeper. He grinds his teeth, makes weird noises, sometimes sleep talk AND sleepwalks to get cold noodles. (Someone protect him!) I think he would like to be firmly restrained, tucked into blankets, arms wrapped around him, limbs entwined. He would rest his head against your chest or nuzzle into your neck while you play with his hair. (This cutie, OMG, this gif)

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Jungkookie: He’s a die hard sleeper. You could blow a trumpet in his ear and he won’t wake. (Ok, don’t do that. He’s not a morning person.) He’s an easy sleeper too. He works so hard, he falls asleep quickly. He probably enjoys having his hair played with, patterns drawn on his chest, sweet stuff like that. Stuff he can enjoy but won’t distract him from his much needed rest is best. (This little bunny, can you believe it?)

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A/N: These are some of my favourite gifs. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

NCT Member Profiles (As requested)

Chenle: The wildest. His pre-debut photos are actually insane and his laugh is a loud cackle. Can speak many languages and will insult you in them all. 

Doyoung: Drags everyone. Actually loves all the members so much but doesn’t show it often.

Haechan:  Doesn’t talk about feelings and can be a little shit to his members, but he’s sensitive and gets a lot of hate from ‘fans’. He’s gorgeous, protect him at all costs. 

Hansol: Not debuted yet but has been around since ancient times and has a strong fanbase. All you need to know right now is he’s incredibly attractive and will end you in a dance battle.

Jaehyun:  Intelligent and not always equipped socially. Sometimes says dumb shit and has a heart of gold. 

Jaemin: Debuted with Chewing gum but then left due to injury. He is a lovable cutie-pie and will be returning soon. Don’t forget about him this smiley sunshine. 

Jeno: A triple threat who has the potential to take over the world with his talent. He’s adorable. Helps mark keep the dream members in check.

Jisung: Sweet but can be a little shit when older members aren’t supervising him. Constantly looks tired or clueless. 

Johnny: Seems mature but is secretly a dirty jokes factory and knows how disgusting us fans are. Shitty pun guy.

Kun: Shy munchkin. Was around near the beginning but has disappeared into SM’s basement. 

Yukhei: aka Lucas who is a newly revealed future member ready to slay us all. 

Mark: Actual sunshine. He is the nicest, most kind member of the group and full of talent. The whole fandom and his members would kill for this boy so be careful what you say about him. He has enough to deal with as he has a 24/7 schedule and never complains.

Renjun: He can actually be really competitive and loves to sleep. He’s basically on the ground a lot and can be really shy. 

Taeil: Incredibly intelligent and mature guy with an insane IQ. He can actually be really silly and gets on well with younger members. Needs more love. 

Taeyong:  Secretly the mom friend, but doesn’t want anyone to know that. Acts tough but is the cutest cinnamon bun. Clean freak.

Ten: Dance god and a fluff ball but is secretly emo trash, please don’t look up his pre-debut pictures, you will be scarred. 

Winwin: The sweetest angel who all the members love.  Might use members with ulterior motives, but is grateful for them nonetheless.

Yuta: Guy whose good at football and politics. Will end your life with a single roast sessions. Beware. 

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Going swimming w/ the deh kids?? Like in a lake or smth??

:0c yes thank u

im just gonna go with a pool but theres definitely a time when u went swimming in a lake with the deh kids but connors foot touched something and he refused to swim in a lake again

  • its summer and its hot as fuck
  • rip
  • the murphys probably have a great pool
  • so a lot of summer is spent over at the murphys
  • “wow u kids swim a lot” - someone, probably
  • “thats because its fucking hot”
  • evan always has a shirt or something on. u never see his chest. impossible.
  • jared sometimes does depending on how hot it is and insecurity over his chubby tum sometims tbh but for the most part he’s pretty chill since ur all friends so its not as bad
  • zoe and alana are the cutest babes in their swimsuits tho??? cuties.
  • i mean it zoe and alana are the cutest, no one can compare. too cute. too good. i love them.
  • connor is the fucker who just sits by the pool in a shirt n swim trunks but doesnt do anything until jared ends up pushing him in
  • jared dropped his glasses into the deep end of the pool and ur like ‘i got u dude’
  • friendship
  • ok but just
  • water gun fights w/ zoe and jared
  • theres a lot of ‘sORRY EVAN’ from u
  • but also ‘get wrekt hansen’ from jared
  • evan is an innocent bystander leave him out of ur fights
  • uh what else is there
  • ok jareds the asshole who is like ’mARCO POLO’ and gets out of the pool yelling back “POLO” as he walks away
  • there he goes.
  • he’s gone.
  • the murphys have like. the fucking best pool floaties man
  • u know that giant swan one? they have one. the donut ones u see at dunkin donuts if u go there??? they have one of those and zoe usually claims it if she doesnt get the pizza slice one
  • jared once was like ‘guys. lets fill the pool with orbeez’
  • ‘jared no wtf’
  • ok actual swimming headcanons
  • jared n zoe are good at swimming tbh
  • evan cant swim and he’s content to just float around on a swan tbh
  • alana can kinda swim
  • connors… actually rly good at swimming, dude why dont u ever swim then
  • swimming
  • pools.
  • water
  • yeah.
  • thats it.

Hello lovelies~

I haven’t really been able to introduce myself or my friends, so here we go!

I’m Seokjin (obviously). I’m a college student and a demon summoner. Quite a transition, huh? 

These six cuties are the demons I’ve created a contract with. I’ve been with them for some time now and somewhat “tamed” each of them.

The first one’s name is Jungkook, the demon of strength. Compared to the other’s he’s still quite young and has a playful personality. A bit too playful sometimes…

The one beside Jungkook is Jimin, the demon of Charm. As his title entails, he is able to put anyone in an adoring trance. He has an “innocent” vibe, but don’t be fooled. He has an awfully dirty mind. He is part incubus after all. 

That purple haired friend is Namjoon, the demon of knowledge. A talkative one. He always blabbers on and on about the past and philosophy. He sometimes even has visions of the future. Namjoon’s a good guy actually. He’s always helping me with my homework. 

The next one is Taehyung, the demon of Chaos. *Sigh*, He is the most tiring of all of them. Pair him up with Jungkook or Namjoon and you have a mess on your hands. I always tell myself not to summon him while the other two are summoned…but he always convinces me to bring him out. I think i’m just too nice.

The scary looking short friend is Yoongi, the demon of Manipulation. Not only is he able to manipulate people’s feelings, he’s also able to manipulate his own body to change forms (such as gender). He’s probably the most evil out of all six demons, but he’s too lazy too do any real danger. Oddly enough, he is also an incubus.

Last but not least, we have Hoseok, the demon of obsession. Similarly to Jimin, Hoseok has an aura of “kindness” and charm. He feeds on people’s emotions and their attachments to him. Once the prey somehow breaks free of Hoseok’s hypnosis, he…”Devours” them. A scary friend….Luckily, he’s usually harmless.

There you have it. My quick introduction to the boys.

Feel free to ask us any questions. I’ll make them answer no matter what, hehe.    

BTS - you have a big butt.

i found this on my drafts, i don’t remember if was a request lol. 


Before you date, Seokjin always noticed your butt, but of course he never said anything. But now that you’re dating OH GOD! He your ass is like a godness thing, seriously! “I’ll never get used to it, baby! Look at this. Your butt is so perfect.”


He loves to squeeze and give little slaps on your ass. He always does this when you are alone. “Your ass looks so hot on those jeans, c'mon, sit on my lap for me to feel how good it is.” “No. I’m going to work now, you pervert.” “I’m not a pervert. Your butt is too beautiful.”


At the beginning of the relationship, he was shy to squeeze your butt or something like that. But now, oh god, it doesn’t stop. He loves to squeeze, slap or just caress your ass. It’s one of the favorite things in the world for him.


Namjoon had an obsession with butt, especially yours. He loves how your ass is perfectly round and attractive. When you wear skirts or dresses at home, he would just lift them to look at your butt. “I always dreamed of having a girlfriend with that butt, believe in your dreams, they come true.” “Why are you so obsessed with my butt? I mean, it’s just an ass.” “How dare you say that?”


Sometimes he’s very shy about it, and sometimes he’s a pervert. It depends on his mood. He likes to squeeze your butt during sex, it’s the moment where your butt gets more attention. And of course, you love when he does it.


He’s a cutie and everyone knows that. He doesn’t care much about your ass in general, I mean, he likes, of course, but he doesn’t have to pay attention to that all the time. But when it comes to sex / makeout, that changes. All the attention turns to that butt.


You have a lot of intimacy with each other. There is no shame at anything. He squeezes your ass at inappropriate times, just to tease you. “Hm, your ass looks so good in those shorts.” “Oh really?” “Your ass looks good on anything, especially on that dick.” “Why are you so disgusting? Let’s break up.”

requests are open! feel free to ask.  ♡