he is such a cutie i love him so much


Haechan loves his Mark-hyung more than anyone ♥

klance coffee shop au

- lance being the chill barista that greets everyone with a smile and makes everyone super happy

- one day the almighty keith comes in

- lance’s first thought when he sees him is “what a fucking cutie”

- lance automatically flirting with keith

- keith being the kind of person that blushes so fucking easily I just

- keith wears scarfs all the time because it’s winter and he tries to hide his flush behind thE SCARF HELP ME

- lance finding this too cute guys he’s dying keith give him cpr

- lance doodles on the coffee cups when he’s bored

- lance connects his iPod to the store’s speakers and he dances so much while he works

- keith coming in one day and catches lance singing and dancing along to the music and he just loves it

- lance memorizing keith’s order because love

- the coffee shop employees and costumers shipping it so much

- keith slipping a little piece of paper in between the dollar bills he uses to pay

- keith flushes, snatches his coffee and power walks out of the shop

- lance: “hey you forgot your ch- huh?”

- lance finding that little piece of paper with keith’s number on it

- lance grinning like an idiot and being so happy the rest of the day


“It was a little chilling, to be honest. I looked so different from myself. Obviously, I’m not going to play this Elvenking like me. No one wants to see that. But, yeah, it was very interesting. The way the character is designed — he’s beautiful, he’s exquisite. There’s something very ethereal about him. But also unforgiving and cold. We figured that out with the way he looks before I even shot a scene. We would do the costume fittings and I would be like, ‘Yeah, he takes up a lot of space this guy. He belongs on a throne.” - Lee Pace

Happy birthday, Lee Pace! | March 25, 1979