he is such a cute little pie omg

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Concept: Magnus and Alec doing that thing where one of them will squish the other's face between their hands and coo "YOU ARE SO CUTE MY LITTLE CUTIE PIE" and the other is trying to smile but can't and they're like "I can't breathe" as the one squishing their cheeks is kissing them and nuzzling their nose


but also like omg imagine them waking up together and alec is still super tired bc he is not a morning person at all but they have to be somewhere and alec is literally like still half asleep and every time magnus tries to get out of bed alec keeps pulling him back with his eyes still closed and then magnus finally gets him to like sit up but then when he tries to get out of bed again alec pulls him back in and hugs him and is like “i’m never ever ever ever letting you go, you’re staying here forever and ever with me, mine and mine only!!” and magnus is laughing like “alexander we have to go, we’re gonna be late-” “I don’t careeee!! They’ll understand when they see how cute you are!! you’re so cute magnus so so cute!! did you know that? so cute, so so cute…” and then he moves away a little and he grabs his face randomly and squishes it and is is just like mumbling at magnus with a super tired voice like “you are so so cute, my little cutie pie, i love you and your cute face!!!” and magnus is like muffled laughing and he’s like “aleg i gant  preath” but alec is just nuzzling his nose and kissing his eyes and his forehead and then he lets go of magnus’s face and he wraps his arms and legs around him and buries his face in magnus’s neck and is like “i’m gonna stay like this forever” and magnus just hugs him back as he’s smiling at the 6 foot tall dork in his arms and he can’t believe he’s this happy and he’s so in love with this idiot and yeah i’m gonna go jump off a cliff now

Yogi and his bracelet :)

At the very beginning of Karneval Gareki won for Yogi violet bracelet, and even if so many time alraedy passed from that moment Yogi seems to never get bored of this bracelet and he wears it a lot. Really a loooooot. ;) 

So here little collection of Yogi with his beloved bracelet- gift from Gareki after all. :D And believe me it’s only tiny part of this. :D Yogi just is sooooooo in love in Gareki this bracelet that he got from his boyfriend Gareki that he almost not take off this. :D OMG, Yogi you are too adorable. :*

Ok, so I wanted to list my top five daddies from DDADDS:

-Brian Harding: I just LOVE chunky men, okay? I’m not gonna deny it. When I saw Brian, I was immediately like, FUCK MY ASS! I just love him. Sure, he is competitive, but he is such a sweetheart and so cute and so huggable and such a good father! I wish he could be my real boyfriend. I would love to hang out and go camping and competing over silly stuff!

-Craig Cahn: OMG, where do I start with him! He is so ripped and amazing and cute and a sweet little piece of pie, and I feel I just need to protect him! He is so protective with his children and me, and everytime he gets closer I’m like, LORD HELP ME and PLEASE DONT NOTICE MY BONER!

-Robert Small: Ok, he is mean and sarcastic af, but what can I say? Sometimes I like mysterious bad guys who like to walk in the forest. But he is not bad at all! He can be funny and cute and I do think he has a soft, sweet side hidden in that dark void for heart. And I just cant help drooling like an idiot everytime I see him!

-Mat Sella: He is a confused, awkward and cute cinnamon roll that needs to be safe at all costs. I rarely fall in love with dark guys or boys with long hair, but when I saw him my ovaries went KERPLOOSH! And I literally screamed WHAT IS HE? HE IS TO GORGESOUS TO BE HUMAN!

-Hugo Vega: He can punch me in the face if he wants to because holy dooly he is BEAUTIFUL. I wish he was my real teacher. I would literally do all my work to see him do that cute smile. And those glasses, and that tanned skin and those eyes, GOSH IM SWEATING. He might me a nerd, but he is the cutest nerd I’ve ever seen!

What about Damien and Joseph?

Damien creeps me out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with goths and emos, but that guy just gives me the hibbie jibbies. And his boy is a complete rude jerk. He can be sweet tho. Yet, he is not my type.

And Joseph…he is cute, sure, but he has a drunk ho for a wife, and I’m not gonna be his second bitch. Besides, his children creep me out. When they killed that toy capybara, I immeditelly started to despise them.

Kim Yukwon (U-Kwon) As your boyfriend

Block B as your boyfriend part 4/? **requested by a wonderful and lovely anon~**

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  • Okay but he’d tease you so much first of all
  • He’d call you cutesy nicknames he knows you hate because he loves your reaction
  • even if you liked the names, you pretend to hate them because when you like them he doesn’t use them as often because he’s a little shit sometimes
  • lots of hugs (back hugs, front hugs, side hugs lol)
  • omg even sideways hugs lmao idek just ALL THE HUGS
  • he’d be so cute while cuddling you too
  • *in aegyo voice* “Cutie pie~ You’re so angelic and dorables!!”
  • puffy cheeks as he talks in aegyo
  • squishy hugs where you can’t really breathe because he wants to hug you so close to him that he’s suffocating you but it’s not good enough for him because he wants to be so close to you that he can FEEL your heart beat because he just LOVES YOU SO FREAKING MUCH
  • he’d be a little insecure at times
  • “Jagi~ are you sure you really, reallllly like me though??”
  • “Yukwon…for the thousandth time. Yes. I really, reallllly like you okay??”
  • “But like, do you like like me??”
  • he’s so humble that you’d have to talk up his accomplishments for him to really feel good about them instead of feeling like he just got lucky
  • Modeling with him (not like that pervert….unless you ask him to lmao he’d probably be down for nsfw modeling too)
  • he’d bring that up too. don’t think he wont. (both normal and nsfw probably xD)
  • he’d just be staring at you one day and you’re like “what yukwon??”
  • “you’re so freaking hot jagi.”
  • “oh~ does this mean I’m getting lucky~?”
  • “What? No, I mean hell yes” *wink wink* “but I mean, we should model together for something. Like a clothing line or something”
  • “But wouldn’t that announce our relationship to the world…?”
  • “Is that really such a bad thing? I mean, anyone that gives us hate is just mad that you got to me first right?” *laughs*
  • he’d also have really confident moments like that ^^ where he’s super confident, and it’s usually after you tell him how much you love him
  • one day he’d be all in his head for a long time just looking at you and you’d think he’s mad at you
  • but then you do something stupid or simple like smile at him with worry in your eyes and he’d just
  • asdfjkl (<him trying to process his words but that’s all that comes out before he says)
  • “I really f*cking love you”
  • and you’re so surprised but also not really because before he confesses there are a lot of times where he’s just staring at you with a stupid grin
     on his face
  • and you look at him and he blushes but smiles and tells you that you’re so cute/pretty/amazing
  • he stares at you a lot…
  • but in an admiring way like “wow…this person chose me. they want me. they love me.” kind of way
  • and then next thing you know, he sends you flowers to your work or at home when he’s not around so you look at them and smile
  • anything so you think of him and smile at his though
  • that’s his favorite thing for you to do. making you smile because of him
  • so yeah, NSFW section ahead *Lord help me I’ll need holy water*
  • definite blindfold kink
  • he loves blindfolding you, and lets you blindfold him occasionally
  • loves when you grow your nails out a little
  • because it drives him fucking i n s a n e when you run your nails down his back
  • or lightly scrape his stomach down to youknowwhere
  • bonus points when you’re getting rough every once in a while and you leave marks on him with your nails (or with your mouth/teeth, you know he’s not picky xD)
  • he wouldn’t be a fan of doggy stile (in my opinion)
  • because he wants to see your face and see how what he does changes your expressions
  • really gets off on pleasing you
  • over stimulation kink (giving AND receiving)
  • possible daddy kink (he’s willing to try it at least and ends up really really liking it) ((hates to admit he likes it and gets embarrassed asking you to call him daddy))
  • when you do it’s like a switch and he gets decently rough
  • like he will bend you all sorts of ways and do all sorts of things to you kind of rough
  • oral (you to him) is a huge thing for him in the right moments and a huge turn on when you initiate it (especially when you do so out of no where and you’re not even doing anything sex-related.
  • like you’re watching tv and you go down on him and he gets so exited
  • he’d return the favor for you 11/10 times because he’s not afraid to go down on you
  • like I said, he loves over-stimulation so he’d be all about it

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A/N: He gets two gifs because he’s an innocent lil child and a sex God all in one. I can’t with him. He needs to stop. I’m wrekt. Send help.

EXO Reaction to you being too cute during a fight

Aww couple things!! Love them so much <3
Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Ahhh.. I can’t fight you jagi.. you are too cute!”

Kris: “You know.. we should talk about it later… when you are not wearing that wolf beanie…” *His heart melts with your puppy eyes*

Sehun: “If you give me a kiss, I’ll forget everything, sweetie pie”.

Tao: “Oh Y/N! Don’t pout… it makes me want to squeeze yous cheeks!”

Kai: “She always wins.. I can’t believe it.. I’m so weak” *Angry with himself*

Xiumin: *He is the one who acts like a cutie* “Don’t be angry, honey”

Baekhyun: “Be strong Baek.. be strong.. you are angry.. oh she is so cute!” *Almost eats his hand xD*

Luhan: “Fine.. you win! We’ll go to eat noodles..” *He wanted pizza*

Chen: “Omg.. look at your angry face! You are so pretty, little girl! Your cheeks flush so much!” *Makes you angrier*

Kyungsoo: *Acts serious but lets you win the argument* “Your weapons are strong!”

Lay: *Never gets angry. He just pretends because your cute angry face is the best* “Pff… pretty.. pfff..”

Suho: *Really weak* “Forgive me.. Yes? Pretty please?” *Puppy daddy*


Seventeen react to a new female member ( 16 y/o)

I am so in love with these boys, so precious:) Can’t believe Dino is the same age as me XD


As the leader, S.Coups adopts a fatherly/older brother figure to everyone. He is the first to be notified about you by the CEO. He knows that the CEO makes decision for the best interest of everyone, but when Mr Leader heard about the new member, he was kind of shocked. One girl with a bunch of boys? Wouldn’t she received harsh criticism and hate? Knowing that the CEO knows what he’s doing, he goes along with it and takes care of you, the new Maknae.

“Hello, you must be (y/n) right? Welcome to Seventeen, let’s work hard!” Wow, she’s pretty.

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*Turns to the boys* “No one bullies her, you got me? Or else…”

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Ahhh! Angel Junghan over here will be happy to have a new member, but like S.Coups, he’s worried about the fans when they find out the news about you. However, he will always take good care of you for example, your vocal and your hair. He’ll definitely scold the other members if they keep teasing you like shipping you with Dino for no reasons.

“Welcome to the family, (y/n). If anyone bully you, just tell me S.Coups and we’ll he’ll settle it for you.” She’s such an angel.

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You: “ Junghan oppa, Jihoon Oppa is calling me short!!” 

Junghan: “ Jihoon, come over here please~”

Woozi: “ Shi-”

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Cutie Joshua will be super excited to meet you, jumping up and down all over the practice room when he first heard the news from S.Coups. Maybe even grabbing one or two members and dancing with them upon the happy news that they will have a new member. However when he heard that its a female, he was kind of caught off guard. But he’ll just be even happier because now he will have someone who he can call lil’ sis.

“Hello, so you are (y/n)! Nice to meet ya, I’m Joshua and I am in the vocal team, how ‘bout you?” 

Originally posted by jishooua

You: “ Oh I’m in all…”

Dang you talented girl. “That so? Cool!”

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Jun will be (probably) act the calmest of the lot when the news spread. Deep down, he is really interested in you, wanting to know how the CEO want to placed you in Seventeen. Maybe, he would even try to peek into the practice rooms to figure out how you look like, or how you sound. When you were first introduced, he would be surprised at how young you are. I see him as someone who will take care of you in anyway possible so you could feel comfortable around the boys.

“Hello, I am Jun. Nice to meet you. Please don’t hesitate to approach me.” She looks quite talented.

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*After a few weeks* (y/n)! I found your, erm, what the hell is this!? Anyway, here you go, yay. Thank me.” 

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Crazy Hoshi would probably want to scare the hell out of you just for fun. He’ll probably ask you to help him choreograph sometimes just to see how good your dance skills are. Without fail, your amazing dance skills will always mesmerized him. Hoshi over here would want you to be the choreographer for Seventeen as well, showing how high of a respect he has for you.

 “Hey, (y/n) ah! What do you think about this move for the chorus? Joking~ But I’m cute, aren’t I??” 

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You: “ Gosh, can you stop shipping me and Dino?! 

“ Sure~ How ‘bout you and Woozi? *Whispers* Both of you are short.”


Don’t hate me, it’ll be weird to ship myself with you.

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Prince Wonwoo has arrived! Wonwoo will be such a sweetie to you, since you’re the new maknae and all. He thinks you’re a very sweet person and wants to help you with many things like chores and cooking. As time pass, he’ll form a really good r/s with you. He would pester you sometimes by calling you nicknames but you know he meant no harm. ( So he is safe from S.Coups’s hammer XD)

“ (y/n) ah, do you need help with that? The laundry looks heavy.”

You: “ Oh you don’t say. No~ 14 shares of laundry is super ligh- Oh course it’s heavy, oppa. But it’s fine, this much is no big deal, just help me fold them.”

“Your wish is my command. Hahaha.”

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“Tell me I’m handsome and I’ll help you beat up Hoshi.”

You: “Oh damn, no thanks.”

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JIhoon over here would feel a little upset that there is going to be a new member. Once he found out that you turned out to be extremely talented and fun to be with, he realized that you had become his new victim are quite alright. When stuck, you’ll help Woozi with the lyrics, and give suggestions for the next song. When you two first met, he seem kind of cold towards you but once he opened up to you, Woozi appears to be quite attached to you. The members would tease him, and calls him a little kid that clings onto you but in actual fact, the two of you are close. He would defend you if someone criticized you, saying that you deserve to be in the group. He even came up with a nickname because you act like the mother of the group.( HOW SWEET!!!! My imagination is the death of me.)

“So… You’re (y/n). Nice… to meet you.” Well, she seems nice enough…Plus she’s short.

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*After a month or so* “Mummy bird, I want food!” “Could you help me with this?” “Thank you Mummy bird, you’re the best!” If only she was my girl...

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Without a doubt, DK will instantly get along with you. Despite meeting you for the first time, he managed to made you laugh without difficulty. DK is someone who you always turn to when you felt discouraged, and he’ll always say words like: “ Don’t worry about a thing, you’re doing just fine. Who cares what others say, does calling you untalented make you untalented? Does calling you Woozi makes you short?” “Hey I heard that!”

“Just keep doing what you do and I guarantee you, no more haters!” ft Joshua

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But then again…

“Since I’ve cheered you up, make me a sandwich!”

You: “ No.”

*Starts whining*

You: “ Oh my gawd.”

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Just like Wonwoo, he finds you to be a really lovely person and would help you with practically everything. Whenever you’re not with Woozi, Mingyu, along with Wonwoo, will be seen lingering around you. He might disturb you once in a while, pestering you with unimportant questions, but you will always answer him anyway.

“ I am Mingyu, nice to meet you. *wink* ”

You: “ I know who you are, it’s been a month now oppa.”

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Occasionally, he’ll start dancing in front of you while you were resting. After finishing his random routine, he’ll challenge you for no real reason. Guess he’s trying to be cute for you in a unique way, huh?

(Omg, for a sec he looked like Siwon… I need some sleep)

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This pretty much sums up your r/s with the meanie couple. (You’re Seungkwan here.)

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The8, aka, cutie pie. This little munchkin captured your attention immediately. Since he is quite awkward with Korean, you immediately asked if he was from China since he looked a little Chinese. Upon nodding, you asked if he wanted you to help improved his Korean, in which he said yes enthusiastically. The8 would usually be found hanging around you when the group is travelling, using every chance he can to learn. When you first joined, he greeted you warmly and even offered to teach you to dance like him. How sweet~ (Too adorable for his own good)

“Ni hao, wo jiao zuo Ming Hao[Nice to meet you, my name is Ming Hao], but you can call me The8.” Oops, did I just spoke in Chinese?

Vernon:” Yes you did, hyung.”

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*During practice* “It’s easy once you practiced, (y/n). Here, I’ll show you again!” Another chance to show how good I am

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Oh this kid… Imagine him waking you up by screaming. You would kick him right in the face away, whining how you’re still tired. He’ll most probably sing Son Dambi’s wake up to you to annoy you till you wake up. Despite being annoying, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to hate his antics, since their quite entertaining. When you’re feeling under the weather, being the big brother figure, he’ll sing your favourite song with his lovely voice.

“Come on, don’t be sad. I’ll sing ‘Love me like you do’ if you want?”

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You: “ Thank you oppa, you have a really nice voice, I’m envious.”

“Of course~” Not as nice as yours though.

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AHHHHH!!!! Prince Vernon would act so precious to you, treating you like you’re a shining diamond (Get it? No? ‘Kay…) Since you’re only a year apart, both of you are not awkward with each other. When both of you first met, he was smiling to himself, feeling lucky that you will be part of the team. As time pass, Vernon would request you to teach him to sing as uniquely as you. In exchange, he needs to do three days worth of chores every week. Fair? Fair~

“Hello there, so you’re (y/n)? Nice to meet you!” She’s cute.

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“Sup’ (y/n), so is it lesson time yet?”

You:” It’s lesson time as soon as you finish clearing those dishes.”

*Sees utensils and 20 over plates and bowls in the sink* You’re lucky I like you.

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Finally, a ‘99 liner has arrived! Cutie Dino here won’t feel lonely anymore! As someone who is only a little younger then him, he is no longer the maknae, which means he doesn’t have to get ordered around anymore, or so he thought. Since you’re a girl, Seventeen treats you like a princess, but you love to take care of others, so you do most chores without complaints. This made the older members force Dino to help you, and Hoshi kept teasing about you and Dino.

“Oh come on… I don’t like chores…”

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You: “ I’m sorry you need to help me. You can just leave the basket there and I’ll settle it later.”

“I-Its alright, I… want to help.”

You:“Thanks Chan. That’s very sweet.”

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Hey everyone! Hope y’all like it! I realized how difficult it is to come up scenario right off the bat. Phew. Please send in request to keep me busy!!


tbh its not finished but i had to post it :)))))

okie to start we will begin with bradley will simpson

i thought id ease you in with a lovely smile bc holy moly u fine

i think someones been doin the marrajuanna





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OMG could you do the same again?! Like that one with yoongi/you driving haha: First born child with BTS' Taehyung V :3

Taehyung with his first born:

  • Trips to the zoo everyday because he thinks his child will not remember it yet
  • new nicknames everyday: “My little elephant” “Cute monkey” “Sweetie pie”
  • asking you to skype with him 24/7 so he doesn’t miss a second while on tour
  • smiling like a goof when he sees you doing ANYTHING with the baby
  • “Yeobo, they did___! Get the camera!”
  • “Eomma, appa, what do I do if ___?”
  • Holding the baby until they fall asleep and then just watching them and praying everyday is like that 

-Admin Kat 

Yeah my ipods being all screwy where it wont let me type or erase anytging, sorry. Just ignore whats below this. I really hope you dont mind, but i kinda made a cute little friend for Assok. I think her name would be Ieepie pronounced like the end of the word cutie and the whole word “pie”. (I thought since assocks name came from hero asking if he was a sock, this ones name could come from somebody calling her a cutie pie). Sorry she isnt very well made…. but there ya go. I hope you like it….

Ok Ieepie




‘No matter what happens,’ said Zayn gravely, 'you can’t let me out.’

Thirteen hours later he came to, sucking on one of Niall’s old socks. He spit it out gingerly, stared over his shoulder at Niall. He was sleeping, smiling even; he didn’t look like he’d been ravaged to death by a werewolf, Zayn thought dubiously.

'Niall. Hey. Niall,’ he whispered, trying to sit up. His body hurt all over. Niall made a soft, unhappy noise in his sleep, cuddled him closer. Zayn stopped moving.

'Oh, hey, mornin’,’ said Niall, throatily, almost two hours later. 'Whyn’t you wake me?’

He’d started petting Zayn at some point; Zayn took a while to remember human speech. ’–You were s'posed to keep me locked up,’ he said, very eventually. He felt kind of dreamy and useless. It was difficult to remember why he’d been upset before.

Then he remembered that he could’ve ripped out Niall’s throat without even thinking about it, without even wanting to - and it was like being tossed into the river all over again.

'Oh, eh, yea,’ said Niall, carelessly. He hooked his chin over Zayn’s naked shoulder, right where the bite was, draped his arms loosely around him. Zayn didn’t know how to alert him to the fact that one of them was naked beneath the sheets, without also alerting him to the fact that one of them was hard beneath the sheets. 'Worked out fine, though, didn’t it?’

'Niall,’ said Zayn, turning his head to look at him. His face was right there; it wasn’t hard. Niall stared back at him, grinned. Alright, so maybe it was a little hard.

Zayn quickly turned his head away. Focus! you idiot, he thought, swallowing hard. 'I’m dangerous, man. I coulda killed you.’

'Nah,’ said Niall, nuzzling the side of Zayn’s neck. 'You were cute.’

Preference #19: Handholding

Harry: “You alright, cutie? I’m sorry I brought you to this, I didn’t think it would scare you so much,” Harry apologizes, kissing your head. “S'fine,” you reply, hiding your eyes from the creepy scenes of the scary movie. Harry pulled the arm rest separating the two of you, up and out of the way. He wrapped one arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his chest. The other hand found one of your clammy ones, holding on tightly. He continued to whisper apologies in your hair, squeezing your hand every now and then. When a particularly scary part played out, you his your face in his shoulder, and used yours and Harry’s intertwined hands to block the screen. Harry let out a breathy sentence sounding something like “so cute”, pulled your hand to his mouth and pressing kisses to the back. “Love holding your hand, princess. You’re so cute.”

Louis: “Are you cold, petal?” Louis coos, rubbing your arms up and down, “Told you to bring a hat and some gloves.” You nod your head, teeth chattering, “I didn’t think it would be this cold.” Louis just lets out a breathy laugh, the cold making it visible in front of you. “Alright, lemme see your little hands,” Louis reaches for your hands, pulling them out of the sleeves of your jacket. He places his palms on the tops of your hands, pulling them close to his mouth. He blew warm air onto your palms, then pressed his lips to the heel of your hand. Warm kisses were planted all along the small creases. “S'cold, petal, I dunno how you do this. But I guess it gives me an excuse to hold your hands for a long time, so it’s alright.”

Liam: “Your hands are so little, sweetheart, I can’t get over it,” Liam cooed pressing kisses to your palms. “My hands aren’t even small, you just have weirdly big hands, they make mine look small,” you protest. “Nah, you’re just so cute and small and your little hands match,” Liam teases, pressing kisses to your hands and one to your forehead. “See, look,” Liam says, pulling your hand up against his to show a comparison, “you’re just small it’s not me.” You huff out a short breath, yelling your hand away. “Hey don’t get grumpy, princess, s'cute. Your so small and I feel like I can protect all of you. Even down to your cute little hands.”

Zayn: “Can you show me how to draw that?” You ask Zayn after watching him work in his graffiti room for a bit. “Sure, babe, come over here,” Zayn pats his lap, signaling for you to come sit there. You do as he wants, sitting one his lap, your back against his chest, “Alright so what do I do first?” Zayn then shows you how to draw the big flower you saw him doing just moments before; his hand coving yours as you both move the pencil along the paper. After you finish, the final product looks a bit messy, mostly from Zayn poking you in the sides and distracting you with neck kisses. Even after setting the pencil down, Zayn keeps ahold of your hand, twining your fingers together. “Real pretty like you, flower, you and your cute little hands did a good job.”

Niall: “Can you teach me how to do that?” You ask Niall, pointing at the guitar in his hands. “Princess, you already know how to play the guitar, what do you mean?” Niall laughs. “I know, I want you to teach me the song you were playing,” you explain, moving the guitar out of Niall’s lap and taking its place. “Alright, sweetheart, I’ll try,” Niall sighs, pressing a kiss to the side of your neck. Niall holds your hand in his own and shows you the right notes, and helping you strum the right tempo. After a few minutes, the teaching stopped all together, Niall now just playing with your hands and kissing you all over. He intertwined your fingers together, pressing kisses to each fingertip. “I thought you were supposed to be teaching me how to play this.” “I’m sorry, cutie pie, jus’ got distracted by the how cute and little you are. Wanted to hold your hand and kiss you instead.”

I’m so scared all of my prefs will end up on bad1dimagines omg. Sorry for any mistakes I’m tired and I don’t care. Thanks for reading and please request.