he is such a cute daddy

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I just found this so funny but could you do hc of katsuki reaction when he finds out his 5 year old daughter has a crush on deku

Bakugou Katsuki

• his 5 year old cute princess is constantly rambling on about her uncle Izuku - yes, she actually calls him by his first name and everything he does is utterly amazing to her, even if it’s just eating a cookie
• Bakugou is lowkey jealous, how can he be so important to her? He’s just his shitty, good for nothing, childhood friend - “Daddy, he’s the biggest hero in this planet! You should learn from him” - he’s furious
• his wife is laughing about it and actually thinks it’s cute when her husband is sulking and pouting - she tries to reassure him that he’s the most important man in her life and he’ll forever be
• he’s the one who has to comfort her when she finds out that she can’t marry Deku - great, now he even broke her heart. Not really, but it’s probably what he thinks, he’s still Bakugou after all
• the most annoying thing is that she constantly reminds him that Deku even once saved his life and therefore he’s the best man on earth - he’s a super hero and he even saved her beloved Daddy - Bakugou is fuming

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Gavriel ๐Ÿคค

mmmmmmmm neck taaaatttsssss

overall: who? / i hate them / i dislike them / kinda wanna fight them / they’re alright / i like them / i love them / *accidentally drops thousands of pictures of them*
opinion: again, who??? / the purest bean / cinnamon roll / who knows really / (Secret)sinnamon roll / the problematic fav
otp(s): Aedion’s momma :(((
other ship(s): I dunno! GAVRIEL X CHILD AFFECTION
#noromo ship(s): Rowan, Lysandra
crack ship(s): ngl while reading EOS I thought Fenrys x Gavriel would be hella cute. 
fav headcanon(s): He’s clearly a daddy. Lord knows I have a lot of daddies but he is the one that gives you commands that you just have to follow but he says them in the sweetest way. Praise kink x1000

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Ceo daddy Harry with a baby is cute but can we take a moment to imagine him with a toddler, him chasing his son down the hallway after a bath because his little one is running around with a naked bum while giggling or Harry "having" to watch children's television because his little one doesn't want to be left alone in the living room on the sofa and he tries to do something on his laptop but his little one closes it and says "daddy no! Watch" and points to the telly

Ohhh, no what are you about to start?!?!?! How could you do such a thing to me?? 

“Mr.Styles, get back here,” He calls down the hallway as his son runs away, his towel dropping at the entry of the bathroom, his little legs carrying him down the hallway as Harry pushes himself up off the bathroom floor he was sitting on to bath his son. The giggles fill the house as the little boy runs freely, his soft curls dripping around his face. “Mummy is going to be home any minute, come on son, hep Daddy out.” Harry hurries after his son, unamused as he and his son both stop in the hallway, Elise stepping inside the house, her eyes scanning both her son and Harry. 

“Of all the things to come home to, I did not expect this,” she chuckles, “Reminds me of the one time you got drunk and lost your clothes.” She continues as Harry manages to scoop his cheeky son in his arms, an inaudible mumble leaving his lips. “Hi Elle, it was bath time,” Harry smiles, wrapping his son back up in the towel that was left moments ago. 

“I see,” she chuckles stepping closer and kissing both of the boys. “Are you givingD Daddy a hard time?” She questions, taking the little boy from Harry’s arms, “Go sit down, you look like a wreck,” She kisses Harry once more, taking the boy upstairs to get dressed.

When the little boy is finally settled and clothed appropriately, Harry rests on the couch, his MacBook in his lap as he is forced to stay in the living room, his son refused to be alone while watching some animated tv show. Harry yawns as his hand’s type, his son taking his attention by crawling closer to him, “Daddy, watch.” He gestures towards the TV with his big green eyes looking up at his Dad, “Please,” he remembers his manners, batting his eyes, making Harry cave, 

“Okay buddy, just a little bit, Daddy has to finish his work,” Harry agrees, closing his screen and placing his MacBook on the table before cuddling up with his son. 

Baby Daddy

author: jacktbfh

Meanie with Junhao, Jihan, and Soonchan 


Warnings: Mention of Sex and Alcohol

Author’s Summary:  Wonwoo wakes up at 3:46 one morning, $3000 richer and with a more exciting life ahead of him. The only downside? He has a kid, a baby girl he didn’t even know existed, and has no idea how to care for her. Cue Mingyu and his surprisingly good taking-care-of-children skills.

Notes: Amazingly written with good flow and so many levels of cute. The parents!meanie fic we’ve all been craving. The members’ interactions with the baby are so cute and domestic meanie makes my heart happy. 

Rating: 9/10

Length: 27630 words // Ongoing with 5 chapters 

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

ask and you shall receive | pt 1 (m)


โ€ข pairing: jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
โ€ข genre/warnings: smut, lots of oral, slow burn, dirty talk, dom! hoseok
โ€ข words: 13,865
โ†’ summary: your sugar daddy says you donโ€™t have to sleep with him if you donโ€™t want toโ€ฆtrouble is, you do want to. Youโ€™re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they goodโ€ฆ

ย a/n: in the end I had to split this into two parts rip. It was already nearly 14k with just one smut scene haha. but oh well, that means more detail for part twoโ€ฆ

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Worship their insecurities

I kiss daddy in odd places. Daddy probably doesn’t even really know why I do. I kiss daddy on his upper arm/shoulder. Its because I know whats there. Scars. I kiss him there to let him know its not bad. That Im proud that they’re fully healed scars. I kiss daddy on his nose. I like his nose, but he doesn’t. I kiss his nose so he knows I like it. I kiss daddy on his back. He’s insecure about that too. I don’t mind it one bit. When daddy would take his shirt off around me, I’d squeal and hug him so tightly. I’d kiss his chest. It’s because I know it’s hard for him to feel comfortable like that. He hates his body, but I could make a shrine for it. I could make an entire temple for all of him. I kiss daddy all over his face. I even give him love bites on his cheek. He hates how he looks. I absolutely adore him.

A daddy can be insecure about their body too. They deserve just as much reassurance as an insecure little. Remember to do the little things like that. Daddies are so thankful for their littles, and making sure to appreciate them is a god given gift to them. Always say thank you. Always say I love you. Always give back. Worship your daddy just as he should you.

my heartue is melting he’s so cute I just wanna cuddle him and keep him warm and safe I love him I wanna protect him at all times and feed him his favorite food I just-