he is such a cute daddy

I’m killing myself with the cuteness of my own writing…

Leonard wakes up to his bedroom door opening and the sound of naked feet running over the hardwood floor.
A giggle.
And then a small body crashes into his with a battle cry of “daddy!” escaping his attacker.
He groans as Joanna’s knee manages to hit him in his lower back and he needs a second to wake up.
But then he sits up, flips Joanna over and demands to know “who dares to wake me up?” as he tickles her sides relentlessly.
Joanna shrieks with laughter, hands pushing at her father’s arms while she cries: “Stop, daddy, stop! It’s me!”
Leaning back Leonard gasps in mock-surprise. “It’s my Jo!” He exclaims and leans down to press a loud kiss against her cheek.
It’s a good start of the day.
Leonard bakes a pile of pancakes for breakfast, which they devour sitting cross-legged on the living-room floor clad in their pyjamas and watching cartoons.

[BTS] Imagine: Daddy Taehyung

So I found some cute pics of Tae with kids. 

Imagine this you’re married with Taehyung and he had to go to one of his fan meetings. He took your daughter with him, cuz he wanted to show her off to the world. He would say:

  • “Look how cute my booboo is, just like my sweet Y/N!” 
  • “You can admire her from afar, but don’t come too close to her. I’ll bite your fingers off!”

He would be reading from a book to her, one of her fave things to do with daddy! [Secretly he it would be enjoying it a little too much, i mean come on we know how much Tae likes childish things ^^]

And then to surprise them you would go to the fansign/meeting too. Disguised as one of the ‘fans’. You knew how much Tae likes it when you surprise him with small gestures of love. Today was Tae and your daughters day, but hey you wanted to see their joyous faces live. 

But they being very observant, especially when it came to you, noticed you the second you were in his view.

“Lookieee who is there. Look it’s mommy disguised as my biggest fan”

“yippieee it’s mommy say hi” He would take your daughters arms and start dancing. “hoorraay Y/N is here to cheer us on. Aren’t I a lucky man?”

Your daughter would grow up to be a very pretty little girl. Always wanting to be with Taehyung. I mean who wouldn’t want that? He let her do what she pleases, gives her lots and lots of attention. Buys her things, makes great memories with her. You couldn’t ask for anything more than this relationship being like this always.

- Admin Tae

BotW, Mipha, Sidon and the fanbase

Game: Mipha, champion of the Zoras, loved Link with all her heart.

Me: ayyyyyyy Sidon

Game: She made the Zora armor for Link, because she intended to marry him.

Me: omg Sidon is so pure and positive, totally adorable

Game: She knew Link since their childhood.

Me: Sidon, fish daddy husbando uwu

Game: She heals his wounds tho

Me: Wat? Oh hi Sidon. He’s so cute with Link, I ship it

Game: But Mipha–


anonymous asked:

Matsu has a small s/o, who is usually mistaken as a child. Matsu and his small s/o are on a date then some random person comes by and says "aw, your kid is so cute!" How does Matsu react? Happens to me all the time.

Osomatsu: laughs loudly, hard enough to start crying. “Y-yeah really cute. R-right babe?” he’s gonna get arrested.

Karamatsu: “O-oh no, they’re not a child.” Tries to solve the issue with words luckily he doesn’t get thrown in jail like oso.

Choromatsu: “W-wait a moment! They are a  full grown adul-” once he sees the person is kind of intimidating he shuts up and just continues the date.

Ichimatsu: “They might call me daddy, but they’re not my kid.” You failed at human interaction, good job Ichimatsu.

Jyushimatsu: Laughs a bit, than says “Thank you, but they’re my date..” Continues the date, by trying to cheer them up.

Todomatsu: “they’re actually an adult and my date. But thanks! I know they are cuter than any of your dates ever will be.” 

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Omg. Could you imagine telling Harry your pregnant on Fathers Day? Like maybe you knew for a few days and wanted to surprise him and you buy a cute little NB shirt that says "best daddy in the world"

He would make a joke about it at first. “Just because m'your daddy doesn’t mean we celebrate Father’s Day.” With a little smirk. And then you’d look at him, and he’d sort of put two and two together and say “….Wait….”

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The missus telling Harry she's pregnant on Fathers Day would be so cute. Like she knew for a few days but she decides to wait to tell him on FD. Buying a cute little onesie that says "I love my Daddy" or buying a cute little mug that says "best Daddy in the world".

Awww! That would be the cutest thing ever! He’s all confused about why he’s getting a present on Father’s Day, and she’s not saying anything, just grinning and urging him to open it while they lay side by side in bed that morning. And it takes him a second, once he reads what it says and his brain registers what it is his fingers are holding once the wrapping paper and ribbon has been torn away, and them of course, he’s a weeping mess and he’s looking at her with disbelief and whimpering out little: ‘Are you really? Are you kidding? You’re joking. Really? When?” And Harry can’t stop commenting on: “how tiny it is!” through his tears, marveling at the the fact that there’s going to be a tiny human here soon that will in something so small. And they sudden the rest of the morning cuddling and When he thinks the missus is asleep, she catches him cuddling her middle and telling her belly stories and all of ways he’s going to love the tiny babe in there. xx.

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What sort of nicknames do you think Gavriel would give his S/O? My image of him is gentle but I know you headcanon him as Daddy ๐Ÿ˜‚

Gentle Gavriel doesn’t sound nearly as good as Daddy Gavriel. I mean, come on, really, come on

Gentle Gavriel is super sappy and poetic with his petnames, he probably spends all night trying to come up with new ones. And they’re all wonderful, and cute, and whatever. My everything, my love, the sun of my life, the stars of my dreams, the moon to my dark sky, the wind of a new beginning, that sort of stuff. Incredibly SAPPY. 

INSTAGRAM: @SleepintheGardn uploaded a video.

Happy third birthday, baby boy. Yes, third. Not first. I hope today is a day full of magic and wonder and laughter and love for you. Daddy and I love you so much and today will always be a day that’s incredibly special to us because it’s the day you were welcomed into the world. Words cannot be used to describe just how full our hearts are when it comes to you. This is only the beginning of the love that people have for you, but I’m pretty confident in saying that ours will always be the biggest. #phillyturnsthree @keeoone @supitskeegs

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Me when Suga literally does anything

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

In other news Park Jimin is the fakest hoe I’ve ever seen, boy runs around with that squishy smile and baby hands acting all soft n cute like he just the Purest Bean in the bunch and then u put him on stage and he somehow gains +2000 Daddy™ points and grinds so fine the earth quakes I don’t wanna be played like this, u gotta pick one personality u chimchiminey shit I don’t have time for these games


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon