he is strong!

when you feel like you’re on top of the world

Girl power is my superpower
That’s why I stand in the street
As tall as a skyscraper
Making sure to scream
“I hate the Trump tower”
Sharing how girls
Deserve to be free
And that girls are more
Than just trash on a street
We are our own worlds
And we pave our own streets
No one should be a leader
Leaving us all in defeat
Wanting us to cry at their feet
But they shall know
Not only girls will raise for change
But boys will too
Protesting what they need
A man can love a man
Like he loves his power
Girl power is my superpower
And I will not cower
Because you got selected to power
You are not my leader
I’ll march in these streets

Pluto:7th house 💍💀💍

-Drastic changes come through marriage,partnerships, or lawsuits

-You tend to attract people who have a powerful will or who may be domineering,possessive,or even abusive if afflicted

-You are very magnetic

-You can intuitively see through others and detect their motives

-Very intense relationships

-May hold heavy resentment towards past relationships

-Partnerships will have an unusual or taboo quality to them

-In relationships you may be dominating, or may be dominated

-Partners are often attracted to the occult or have occult dealings in some way

-Your partner can be of a different religion,culture,or background

-My older brother has this position and he has a strong “I don’t need nobody” attitude and has a very dramatic and resentful view of his past relationships

“Do you have a trainer role model? Someone who inspires you as a trainer?”

“Yeah, but I don’t really know his name. And no, it’s not because I was too shy to ask him—it’s because he never said a word when we battled. He had this ridiculously strong Pikachu that took care of half my team, and whatever I had left was no match for his trio of fully-evolved Kanto starters. It was pretty obvious that he was very dedicated to training them, and he sure looked the part, too…

"But anyway, that isn’t why he’s my trainer role model—it’s what he did after the battle that made me admire him. After we shook hands—and he had really strong, firm hands—he called out his Pikachu and tended to it with such care that it almost made me jealous that I wasn’t who he was tending to. I couldn’t properly described it even if I tried, but I just knew that he loved that Pikachu with all his heart, you know?

"I couldn’t get him out of my mind ever since. He’s the perfect trainer—strong, caring, good-looking… He’s what every trainer should aspire to be.”

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I feel like Charlie could have a real shot, if he marketed himself properly, especially w the youth vote. How do you all think he could get his message out in a way that would spark interest? I feel like not too many people know too much about him. If folks did, I think there could be some real movement here. Thoughts all?

I’m not a political strategist, but I think if he could get the word out he could win the leadership (especially considering there are few other strong candidates considering the position). Already within NDP circles he’s probably the most popular in that party (his rants and criticisms towards the Liberals on indigenous rights regularly get more than 100+ retweets on twitter). He was largely responsible for getting the government to respond to Attawapiskat and get the government to agree to comply with the human rights ruling on child welfare for indigenous kids.

He’s strong on many areas that people care about (and particularly people on the left). He regularly talks about (on twitter and in parliament): workers rights, income inequality, feminism, indigenous rights, etc. He’s one of the few in the Canadian government that regularly exposes the anti-native racism/colonialism that the government is still complicit in.

From the end of S2

More on the topic of this

So, I’m actually really upset we didn’t get any Keith and Lance scenes in relation to Keith being Galra.  I’m actually really upset on how few Lance scenes their were in general but overall I’m happy about the season, it was good.

Anyway, that doesn’t relate.  So in the first part i was talking about Lance being Altean/a decendant of the orignal Blue Paladin, but i made a comment about how Lance could actually be the last Blue Paladin and I wanted to talk more on why I think that its possible.   

I don’t have many points that could solely be read as ‘lance is the paladin’ but everything I’ve mentioned previously (on the other post) works to support this point.  Lance not being surprised in episode one, his defensiveness over his ears (because he’s hiding their real shape), the way he seems to know what he’s doing and the way he already has a strong bond with Blue. 

The main scene that really sparked this idea for me was the scene where Keith asks Coran about the previous Blue Paladin.  If Lance overheard that it’s more likely he overheard everything but his only focus was that Keith was interested in Blue.  To me that sounded alot like Lance was changing the subject.  Why change the subject?  Because Lance doesn’t want Keith to know who the previous Blue Paladin was.  

This makes only minor sense if Lance and the Paladin were related, because what could Keith really get from that?  But if Lance was the previous Blue Paladin Coran said something along the lines of ‘the blue paladin was altean, actually lance is a lot like him’ that could raise some questions Lance might not be able to brush off easily.

There’s also when Shiro reveals that Zarkon was the orignal Black Paladin.  Lance is the only one to be like ‘what wait’ and Keith’s response is to tell him it was obvious.  It could be another moment of Lance being slow like with Pidge’s gender however his reaction is incredibly tame, espically compared to that.  So I think it’s more likely Lance already knew that, he just didn’t want the others to know he knew.

And why?

We’ll get to that in a second.

First lets mention Lance the Actor.  In s2e2 Lance annouces he’s a great actor.  This could be a moment of bragging Lance or just a comment to make his failure seem funnier.  But if Lance really is the previous Paladin than yeah, he’s an awesome actor because no one can tell and maybe this line is him trying to show off to people who have no idea what the situation is and therefore won’t be able to reveal him.  (Although, really, you won’t want to hint at it to anyone but remember guys this is still Lance, just older).

But again, why?  Why lie about any of this?  Surely if Lance is an older Paladin than it would be better to tell the others so he can help them with his cool orignal Paladin tricks.  

The reason is simple.

You know, the original paladins fought hundreds of battles together, side-by-side.  They were like a pack of yalmors linked at the ears.

It’s stressed from the beginning that to be a paladin is to be close to the other paladins.  Lance and Zarkon would have been friends once, good friends.  They would have fought side by side, be sworn to protect each other no matter the cost to their own life.

Would you like to tell a bunch of people trying to fight an evil warlord and save the universe that said warlord used to be your friend?

I can think of another reason Lance wouldn’t’ve wanted to tell them and it explains why he’s not a total badass like Zarkon is.  What if Lance didn’t get to pilot Blue because he earned it in some Blade of Marmora style trail.  I give to you, Lance was the son of a rich and powerful family on Altea.  Getting Lance to fly the Blue Lion was a poltical move.  Lance was not at all trained to fight in such a weapon but he was able to bond with Blue and therefore more than suitable for the polictal task.

Lance doesn’t tell the others because he wants to earn his place on the team, not feel like a chess piece moved around the board to better the king. 

Except, Lance doesn’t feel like he’s earnt his place on the team, does he?  And that could certainly lead to an interesting situation.  

But more on that later.

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Would you like to talk about Joan Garrick?


( this sucker has no idea what they just got themselves into!! ) 

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I have this head canon that with the way Draco's parents were with his studies, he probably learned to speak another language before Hogwarts. And when his emotions were particularly strong he would slip up and speak that language instead of English.

So fucking here for this.

Imagine when he’s trying to figure out how to fix the wardrobe, and he’s been in there for hours now, trying spell after spell after spell to get this thing to work. He doesn’t WANT to use the bird to see if it worked, but he can’t very well test it out himself. His emotions are running high. He’s tired. Frustrated. Worried. Scared. Because his family is under threat by Voldemort, and the only way to keep them safe is to do what he’s asked.

So he’s been working at this for months, trying to get this goddamn thing to work like it’s supposed to. He’s started to eat less, and the only people who seem to stick him around him anymore are Crabbe and Goyle and he thinks he’s finally gotten it to work, so he reluctantly lures the bird over, swearing under his breath, “Putain d'enfer, venez ici,” (bloody hell, get over here)

He closes the door to the wardrobe and steps back, waiting a minute before opening it again, finding a dead bird. He throws his wand on the floor in anger and frustration. “Pourquoi cette putain de chose ne marchera-t-elle pas? J'en ai besoin pour travailler!“ (Why won’t this goddamn thing work? I need it to work!)


It must be so romantic

No. It’s not. I use to think so too. Until I started dating someone in the military. Until I got into a military relationship. We say more goodbyes than we do hellos. We can’t give each other or others yes or no answers about our future because we don’t know where we’ll be in 6 months or a year. There’s so much uncertainty about everything. Everyone told me how hard it would be. How hard the lonely nights and distance and nothing set in stone for the first while would be. But no one told me how strong I needed to be for this. Military girlfriends have to be bad ass. I have to be strong enough for both of us when he gets doubts and insecure. And he has to be strong enough for both us when when I get doubts and insecure. I ask him every time our visits are over if this is still what he wants. The constant goodbyes and maybes and countdowns. He tells me more than anything that every goodbye is one step closer to not having to say them again. No one told me that I would love him differently than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything else. No one told me I would cherish every single second. Or stay awake long after he’s been asleep just to feel his arms around me. Not wanting to sleep because to me, it’s wasted time. Yes, military girlfriends have our cute signs and cute t-shirts. We go all out for our men, and that’s romantic. But until the day finally comes where we’re together 24/7, it’s lonely and it’s hard and it’s full of so many insecurities. But it’ll be worth it. That I know for sure.

Katrina Bennett knows her shit.

Prompt 5 - “You haven’t even touched your food.  What’s going on?” Filled for @cowandcalf , I feel like I needed more Marvey in this.  You’re getting an outsider perspective, sorry.

It was a bumpy ride, the road to Katrina and he becoming friends.  She was strong-willed, independent and at times, pig-headed. (Just like someone else he knew).  But once they became friends, it was unquestionably an extra person in his corner.  Katrina was always loyal, to Louis and now to Robert Zane but she never forgot him.  They treated each other like siblings, quoting movies, sharing pizza’s, they even lined up once to get James Gandolfini’s signature together.  He counted her as family.

When he found out Katrina was doing the grunt work for the Kelton Insurance class action, he immediately volunteered to help her sort through the files of over 200 plaintiffs.  He needed the win; she needed the help, it was a no-brainer.

Katrina had excused herself to go and collect two more boxes of files and order a well-earned pizza when his phone rang.

“Harvey, what’s up?”

“You free to grab a beer or something tonight?”

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branch bench pressing poppy because he literally had a home gym in his bunker like hes probably really strong

Omg yes. Like Branch is working out and Poppy is reading over a report of things going on in the kingdom and Branch gives his feedback as she lists things off to him.  Masters in the art of multitasking


A a predator, Warwick excels in many categories. He’s fast, strong, ruthless, with no regard for his victims suffering. He shows many aspects from his gene pool, many beasts were added into the mix so he could be a killing machine. A tool.

  • Fox: The tail, as riot had stated is supposedly a fox’s tail. Fox is one of the larger species used within Warwick’s newly spliced genes. The tail assists with balance while traversing Zaun, and Piltover’s rooftops and passageways. 
  • Wolf: Obviously Warwick has wolf in his genes, the face, the fur, the solitary behavior. Wolf seems to be one of the most prominent species.
  • Bear: The mouth, specifically the teeth resemble a bear, just a little. He also gains much of his strength from this, and will stand on two legs when he wants to display some kind of dominance. Most his roars and louder calls, are more akin to bear.
  • Bat: The ears are a huuuuge feature he’s gotten from bat genes. He can also mimic a bat’s call, and uses sound to hear, and see to an extent in darkness.
  • Feline: This one is kinda added for myself. He displays some behaviors commonly seen in larger( and smaller )felines. Such as the need to keep himself fairly clean, a rough tongue, and retractable claws. 

While he’s shows all these traits, and has proven to be a chimera through and through- he isn’t entirely a success. He fights with all these aspects of himself, some showing more than others, and switching at random. While he embraces the beast, the feral and instinctual side, he still retained much of his old mind. Picking out bits and pieces he didn’t want, and keeping the parts that made humans so detrimental to other species. Because he refuses to let go of these dangerous traits, the man can still fight back, but rarely. Certain scenes or sounds can trigger memories, causes intense headaches, fits of rage, and a desperate thirst for blood so he can bring the beast back. It seems a fairly minor thing, but it means he could be unreliable, and not worth trusting for fear he could lash out.

After watching Fantastic Beasts again I realized Grindelwald gets off on other people’s suffering AND on literally EVERY display of power. He also seems to have strong principles and at least is a tiny bit sad when he has to fight fellow wizards and witches because he’d much rather have them all join his cause in oppressing muggles.

Newt on the other hand, has compassion for every suffering being and is willing to get himself killed if that means it ends their suffering.

I want kingdom hearts issues.

• I want Ventus having trouble sleeping; being afraid he’d never wake up again.
• I want Aqua being afraid of the dark.
• Terra being so scared that he isnt strong enough to save anyone.
• Riku having back problems from that lightsaber to the back via xemnas.
• ptsd???
• like all of them may have ptsd.
• Sora scared that hes gonna be taken over again by xheanort.
• Lea missing Roxas and Isa so much.

Someone add some stuff??

By Organization for Transformative Works

Drarry oneshot, 3.1k, M.


After the war, Harry is just angry, until finally, he’s not.



Harry pauses, his fist drawn back. Malfoy clutches his side, his expression unlike any he’s shown before. His skin is whiter than it’s ever been, beneath the blood.

Harry’s hurt him too much. He’s gone too far. That spell he used earlier was too strong. The anger fades away. He can’t vent it if Malfoy can’t take it.

He steps forward, and rolls up the bottom of Malfoy’s shirt. There’s a large purple bruise forming over his side. Malfoy sways, and then falls to his knees.

Harry doesn’t know what to do. He casts a Patronus, and sends it for help. He stares after it, shocked that it appeared at all, and even more shocked by its form. It’s a wolf, not a stag.

“You should have healed me yourself.” It comes out as a moan, and Harry looks back at him.

“I don’t know how to fix this,” he says.

Malfoy shudders, and Harry reaches out. When he touches Malfoy’s shoulder, the Slytherin grabs his arm, tight.

“You don’t know how to fix anything.”


Hermione keeps trying to get him to talk. Harry has run out of ways to get her to stop. He just stares in silence now. He thinks it only makes her try harder.

He’s taken to hiding the map, so they can’t find him. The back of the Restricted Section is cool and peaceful. If Malfoy’s charcoal scratching isn’t soothing him, then the silence is.

The book on advanced healing spells is heavy in his lap, and the pages are coarse under his fingertips.

He’s been doing well in class, after spending time studying to get people to leave him alone. The spells are easy, and he mouths the incantation, mimes the wand movement.

Malfoy hisses, and he stills.

When the Slytherin leaves, he drops the sketch in Harry’s lap.

For a long time, Harry looks at the peaceful expression Malfoy drew on his face.

It can’t be real.

He burns it.


Harry’s crying. It’s an ugly sound, and an ugly feeling. The anger is gone, and all he feels is pain.

Malfoy heals his broken leg, but the pain goes on. His knuckles are burning, his face is aching. Malfoy heals those too, but Harry can’t stop.

“You’ve finally cracked then?”

Harry punches him again. Still crying.

Tekken Thoughts - The seriousness of Paul Phoenix

Here’s one of my favorite characters, Paul Phoenix, who’s original role was the original rival to Tekken’s original protagonist Kazuya. Much backlash has been made of Paul’s distention from rival to comic relief in the later games. While I’ll somewhat agree to a degree…there has always been some comedic aspect from the very beginning.

From the very first game he was described as a ‘hot-headed’ fighter and he was always been…well not the smartest guy. He was the only one ‘crazy’ enough to challenge a killer bear…which he beat of course. Take a look at the poorly drawn Kazuya’s picture on the wall in his Tekken 1 ending. This shows how strong he is but also his childish side. In Tekken 2, after making it to the final round (a second time) Paul is eliminated due to being stuck in a traffic jam which was the beginning of Paul being in unluckily but comedic situations. And there’s Marshall Law’s Tekken 2 ending and the fact he technically won ‘Tekken 3′. Paul’s TTT1 ending sums up his role in the first 3 games quite nicely.

Yeah, Paul isn’t smart but he never was. What I don’t like is when he and Law are portrayed as weak like in his TTT2 Ending or in Street Fighter x Tekken just because he’s never won an Iron First Tournament. None of the Tekken roster have besides 3 people. Paul is arguably the strongest non-Mishima in Tekken and has one of the better track record in the tournaments.

My point is that Paul has been characterized by his brute strength but child-like behavior, narrow loses and habit for unlucky situations since the very beginning. Maybe to a lesser degree than now and maybe Namco have gone too far with it but that’s always been part of his character. Don’t you think?

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All I want is to see a whole episode just devoted to Bonnie and Enzo. Like their characters deserve to be in the spotlight a little bit more they're so interesting and I feel like the writers should really give it a shot. Only if that dream could come true but I know most likely it will not but. Maybe Mm and kg could get their own show together. I would totally watch these two because they are amazing actors and they deserve to have their own show.

I would back you on that. 7x19 was amazing and it was mostly BE, but that might just be in my highly biased opinion. Please, who doesn’t love seeing a man who has gone for two lifetimes without love find the woman he’s been waiting for and he actually communicates this to her regularly. He isn’t caught up in some petty notion of how a man should act, he knows he loves this amazing, strong and gorgeous woman and he tells her regularly. I think we could all use more of that on our TV screens.

Also, KG and MM play off of each other so well. I swear this little moment below looks like MM doing a “nice” at the way she delivered that “alive” line while doing this well timed little dip.

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Hi! I honestly love being a woman. I love the amazing community of women I'm surrounded by in my life, and I love how empowered I feel as a woman. I consider myself a feminist. However, I feel like I'm sort of an outcast, in that in order to be a "proper feminist" I need to be Pro-Choice and have liberal views, when in fact I am Pro-Life and have more conservative views. I understand that you're a feminist and Pro-Life as well, and I just wanted to know what you thought about this issue. Thanks!

I am totally pro-woman. God did not create women to be inferior to men. He created us to be strong, brave, intelligent, and mighty. We have a divine purpose. Look at the Bible! Esther, Ruth, Deborah. God did not make us small, so of course I consider myself a feminist. I also believe that killing human beings is wrong. That is why I am pro-life. I believe that abortion betrays women. I believe that women are so much stronger and are able to be mothers and should be encouraged in whatever they pursue. Our society tells women that they can’t be both a mother and a student, or a CEO, or a successful and educated member of the community. So, we push abortion and tell them that they can choose who lives and who dies. I don’t think this is right. We don’t give women enough credit. We don’t support them enough. We don’t give them options or “choice”. So yes. I am a feminist and I am pro-life.