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Jealousy Headcanons for Kakashi

Kakashi Jealousy Headcanons

• Honestly, Kakashi isn’t prone to jealousy, it’s just one of those things he tends to shrug off as an overactive imagination because he isn’t insecure about himself or his relationship with you at all. It takes a lot to get him riled enough to even bring it up.

• However if he sees something that seems suspicious, he picks it up pretty easily. He can tell before you can when someone else is attempting to make a move. If that happens, then the other person will have a hard time making it to you to put the moves on you, because every time they try, they will happen to “run in” to Kakashi. In these situations, he never says much to the other person. He just makes it clear that you are taken and that he will be keeping a close eye on them.

• If this other person isn’t deterred easily, then he will casually bring it up the next time the two of you are alone together and start sticking close to you as much as he can. He will monitor any conversations you have with this person carefully, just kind of hanging out in the background watching.

• If he feels like the other person is still a little too comfortable with you, then he will make a point to corner them into a unpleasant conversation. Kakashi will never tell you what exactly was said, only that the two of them “came to an agreement” that it was for the best if the other person stayed away from you. You will never see them again as long as you live.

• Even if he saw his s/o being too friendly with another person, he wouldn’t take immediate action. He would likely disappear for a few days to mull things over, and if he can’t come up with any answers that he is satisfied with, he would come to you directly and just ask you. He will want to know who the person was in relation to you, and why the two of you seemed so chummy. If it was something innocent, he would never bring it up again and would master the art of changing the topic every time it comes up so he wouldn’t have to relive his lapse in judgement.

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I think everyone wants to see Shawn as CEO he'll be soooooo hot (a CEO who knows how to play guitar, piano etc when he doesn't have work)

Are you trying to make me sob? Here is a little teaser for you, just to see how much you guys really want CEO SHAWN.

I gradually wake up to the sound a familiar hum and the echo of chords radiating off the walls’. I peer over and see Shawn isn’t beside me, the time reading. 4AM. I stumble my way out of bed, wrapping my arms around myself as I exit the bedroom, following the trail of dim lights down the hallway I find myself standing in the doorway of his office. He doesn’t notice me until I step inside. His eyes instantly look away from the guitar in his hand, 

“Did I wake you?” He questions. I shake my head, knowing him well enough to know that he hates to disturb me while I sleep. 

“Go back to bed,” He instructs, but I don’t listen, instead, I take a few steps closer to him, sitting on the edge of his desk as he leans back in his leather chair. “Defiant, as usual.” He sighs, 

“Mhm.” I hum with a cheeky grin, “Why are you awake?” I softly ask, watching as his broad shoulders shrug backwards, his guitar moving to sit in his lap. 

“I have a meeting in three hours that I am not prepared for. So, I am trying to keep my mind occupied instead of going fucking insane.” He mutters lamentably. “I am tired as fuck and can’t sleep, so I am letting off steam through my guitar since I can’t hit the gym at this hour.” 

“Shawn,” I sigh, gently running my hand through his hair, “You need to sleep. He nods, bowing his head as his hand rests on my thigh, 

“I know, I know.” … “If I don’t win this client over, I am fucked. We are fucked.” He gestures between me and him, “this person has the potential to destroy me, I can’t have that.” He shakes his head, his eyes suddenly turning dark. 

:) xx 

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So... Bokuto never get jealous? I mean his ego is well.... Bokuto is Bokuto but Akaashi is too perfect. ( I'm also scream in my room cuz you answer me)

haha no bokuto gets jealous! but I feel like for the most part when it comes to looks bokuto thinks hes such hot sitz and hes soooooo cooooooooool he doesnt have to be jealous of akaashi

until its vday and akaashi gets a bunch of love notes and bokuto throws a tantrum cuz he has so little

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sfjfdkhhfs i can’t imagine the confusion kihyun stans must be feeling rn?????? like he Died or smth but he looked soooooo hot fdshjgskjhkdfkhgfdkjskjgjd

Another reason why I hate the SATs

For our non-American friends, the SATs are these bullshit exams you need to take in order to be even considered for most colleges in the U.S. So, taking them and scoring well on them is a huge frikkin’ deal.

The first time I took the SAT, I had to wake up at some ungodly hour and was driven to this damn school in God-knows-where to take a four-hour exam. So I’m already not in a good mood.

The Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT were always my least favorite parts (another reason why I think it is bullshit, why do you need basically two English sections out of three total sections? Wtf? If someone sucks at English, such as myself, it makes me look like I’m not a good student when I literally excel at everything else). So I literally panic every time those sections come up.

At the exam site, the proctors are these two white guys.

So I get to one of those sections, and I try writing on and underlining the passage, when one of the proctors comes up to me and says I can’t write in the test booklet. Are you fucking serious? I have been taking practice tests for almost a year now, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WRITE IN THE TEST BOOKLET. So, I panic even more. How am I suppose to answer the questions without any notes? Or underlining? Or circling? Or using any of the skills I was taught. So, I freak out, and I KNOW I am not gonna score well on 2/3 of the test.

Whoop dee frikkin’ woo, this same asshole proctor comes to me later during the test after several sections saying “Oops, apparently you can write in the booklet.” By then, my brain is all frazzled and I already had a mental breakdown, and most of the test is already done. So, it was fucking useless.

What confused me was that I was pretty sure he saw a lot of other kids (the students taking the test at this school were predominately white) writing in the test booklet. So I wondered, “How come he didn’t approach anyone else?” But, I didn’t think too much of it because I was freaking out. 

A few hours later, we had a bathroom break. I got up to go to the door, when the same asshole proctor said “Guys wait, listen to me before you go.” So, I stop. Guess what happens several seconds after I CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY stopped. The other damn proctor grabs me and says “WAIT!” He grabbed on to my sweater and would not let go while the other proctor was giving his announcement. It’s not like I was still walking and leaving after the guy said he needed to make an announcement. I stopped, and this other proctor grabs me like I was a kid. He clenched on to my sweater and balled it up like I was two years old or like I was a damn animal. Wtf? Is everything a petting zoo for you? Is everything and everyone up for grabs? 

What bothers me a lot too is the fact that a girl that came and took the test with me saw what happened and she said she was soooooo jealous that he held on to me because he was hot (to me, he honestly looked like a bleached ghost with bad hygiene but w/e). Wtf?

I just hate how I get treated sometimes. 

-Mod R

Fic: Mr. Romantic

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: After a milestone weekend, Chris surprises Natalia. Only Natalia doesn’t know how to react…

Dedicated to YOU, yes you, the one reading. Thank you so much for being here! xo


“Uh, Miss Rodriguez…”

Without turning her back from the chalkboard, too engrossed on the day’s lesson plan of the three different kinds of galaxies – Spiral, Elliptical, and Irregular –, Natalia answered one of her students absentmindedly, “Yes, Taylor?”

“Why is Captain America waving outside the door…?”

The piece of white chalk fell to the floor, leaving the meaning of the tuning fork diagram unfinished and forgotten.

“W-what?” Nat stammered, wild eyes flashing towards the door to her classroom.

With her heart pounding in her chest, a blush crept up her neck to her full cheeks. Because, just like her student had announced, Captain America – Chris, to her – really was standing on the other side of the shut door, peeking through the glass.

When Chris noticed he had finally grabbed her attention after a couple lengthy minutes, his face lit up like a Christmas tree and a sheepish grin overtook his features. Hi, he mouthed with another short wave.

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On Jackson Wearing a Suit.

from the moment i knew about Jackson, i immediately searched a picture of him in a suit. i did found one, but this was a predebut photo of him. i loved this picture of him. 

anyway. so 3 months after i knew about Jackson, they did a Rain Tribute. and in this tribute, they wore suits. SUITS!! MOTERFUCKING SUITS.

i always knew how hot he would look in a suit. NO ONE LOOKS BAD IN A SUIT. except if you’re a really unlucky guy. anyway. i hoped his hair was pushed back tho, it would make him look soooooo freakin’ hot!!

and then he began DANCING, and THRUSTING, AND GRINDING, AND THE SEX-FACE WAS ON. and can i just ask you guys, how are you doing? 

because, i am not doing well right now. 


ok. i need to breathe….

ok ok ok. here’s the thing about Jackson in a suit, he looks good, he looks sooooo good, he looks hot, and he very well know it. he is aware how hot he is and he does this thing, and he dances and grinds his hips and his face. 

i need to move on from this topic…

in conclusion: Jackson Wang in a suit will be the cause of death of every girl in this fandom, of every girl outside this fandom, and every girl in the world. 

and for those who haven’t seen the gifs, here it is: (i am sorry and UR WELCOME)