he is soooooo adorable


So I’m just on my way home from London Korean Festival and I’m so happy and over-emotional mainly for this reason:

I made a banner for Inseong from KNK’s birthday (above!). I showed it to Seungjun and Jihun in the day as I happened to be stood 2 people away from them (that GIF above is mine too - look how close they were). They kept smiling and making heart signs at my sign. I don’t know if they told Inseong to look out for it but at the end he was looking out intently at the crowd. There weren’t many banners out which was lucky. Youjin pointed it out to Inseong, who then started squinting in my direction. I wasn’t sure if he could read it cos the characters came out smaller when I was painting them. He then pointed directly at the banner and went from serious face to the BIGGEST SMILE in 0.2 seconds and threw me a thumbs up and several hand hearts. For the rest of the encore he was smiling so much, which I don’t know if I can take credit for but he definitely didn’t have as big a smile on his face before

I kinda live my life hoping Jeong Inseong is happy and if I contributed to that even a little - I feel like my job is done

Honest personal opinion:

I have faith in James Gunn that he won’t bring Yondu back to life. I adore Yondu Udonta soooooo so much and he’s one of my favorite MCU characters. I just hate Marvel taking the consequences of loss and death out of their filmic universe. And I would loathe it if they did so with Yondu specifically.

Yondu deserves to make a redemptive sacrifice that’s worth something. It needs to matter.

I’m with Pearl on this one.


Aww, Steven. He just wants his moms to get along. He loves them both so much.

This song is soooooo adorable btw. I really like it… And it’s not like the lyrics are that clever or anything either, it’s just a really cute song. And it’s super catchy.

Steven, I don’t think you should ride goats like that. You’re going to break that thing’s back.

Of course he named his goat Steven Jr.

I always expect Steven to come up with these super imaginative names, but all I get is… Lion and Steven Jr. It’s very unexpected and I love it.

jimin is soooooo cute, he is the definition of the word cute and adorable, everything he does is cute, i can’t believe how precious the boy is. he is one of the prettiest boys out there and he has the prettiest rosy cheeks and the sparkliest eyes and the most brightest smile and the cutest crooked tooth and he is sosososo nice and sososo good and everyone should love jimin, jimin is the human embodiment of sunshine with his cotton candy smiles and his tinkling giggles and i hope the baby bubba is as happy as he possibly can be


170417 IG Update with GD😍💕
He is soooooo adorable😭💖
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Hey look! More fairy dragon!!!! I thing I want to get him wing silks but I haven’t decided yet. But yes, I finalized his gijinka design, I liked the doodle I did of him last night so I went with it!!!

Orin is a changeling, a fairy (tho no one but taea knows that yet). He constantly exudes magic, and his particular aura manifests a ‘sweet scent’(no dragon can actually smell it, so we’ll just have to take Taea’s word on it?) so he constantly attracts insects like butterflies and bees to him. He is quickly becoming a Wonder of the clan, or a kind of ethereal princess. No one wants to approach him but everyone wants to catch a glimpse.