he is sooooo good at acting!

dating Dallas would include

((okay so basically this is if Dallas dated a goody two shoes kinda gal))

- she was the opposite of him in some ways

- good grades, a nice person, had manners, etc

- she was also a greaser

- it came to a surprise when people found out they were dating

- she didn’t smoke, she didn’t party, she didn’t drink

- but she knew how to have a good time

- she wasn’t like any other girl Dallas had gotten w

- which shocked people that he was interested in her

- since she began to date him, she had to sneak out to see him and lie about her whereabouts

- sooooo many make out sessions

- picked you up from school sometimes

- the guys at first would pick on you

- Dallas got them to back off

- the gang wasn’t the biggest fans of yours

- except Darry and Johnny, they liked you

- Soda just didn’t think Dallas deserved someone like you

- Soda had developed some feelings for you, but never acted on them bc he knew how much you loved Dallas

- Johnny liked you, you were the nicest girl Dallas has dated, and you never minded if Dallas brought Johnny along to anything

- you hated being alone at Buck’s bc of all the drunks

- when you wore any kinda revealing clothes, Dallas was ALL OVER YOU

- he was glad he finally found someone that he didn’t have to worry about cheating on him while he was in the cooler

- you didn’t listen to what people said

- that’s how you and Dallas are dating, you didn’t listen when people said to stay away

- he would walk you home at night bc he knew someone would try to pick you up and you’re too nice and not cold enough to fight for yourself

- you hated that he wasn’t affectionate except when it was just you two

- he didn’t swear that much around you

- when you were w Dallas and his friends, they’d make dirty jokes which made you uncomfortable which led to some coflict between Dal and the guy

- you were always so gentle w him, and he loved that

- you guys went to the drive-ins a lot

- you would wait in his room waiting for him to come back from a rumble

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What's your favorite headcanon about married Yousana?

Omgg I have sooooo many


Yousef is the one that cooks, everybody knows that but still when there are like special dates Sana tries to surprise him with a good meal but she can’t cook at all and ends up burning it or mixes the ingredients or something like that. Yousef, being the cutie he is, tries to eat it and act like nothing happened but the food is horrible. eventually they end up going to some restaurant together and spending some quality time alone.

When the same situation repeats over and over again Yousef starts to suspect that maybe Sana is doing it on purpose so they have an excuse to go out but it’s not like he’s going to say anything about it.

Also, Sana is totally the strict parent, like she’s always telling their kids to be careful and to study while Yousef is like the fun dad that everybody loves. But we all know that Sana is a sweetheart and that when she’s repremending the kids for breaking something the kids will look at her pouting and say “sorry mommy” and her heart will melt and she ends up playing with them in the backyard while Yousef looks at them tenderly with their youngest kid, who’s still a baby in his arms.

And, well we all know how good friends Yousef and Elias are and Sana has a great relationship with her brother so every week they go on a double date with Elias and his wife and when they have kids they meet at each others houses so the kids can play together while the parents enjoy themselves talking and catching up.

Also, Sana is a surgeon and Yousef is a teacher so they’re both very busy but they make it work for them and for their kids. They always have dinner together as a family and plan holidays every summer. At first they would go to some romantic place but when the kids came they started to go to family trips which are waaay more fun

And my favorite one is that Yousef still looks amazed at Sana even after all these years and Sana still gets goose bumps every time they touch each other. They’re so in love and even if they have to face some problems along the way they do it together and they become stronger. 

Oh, and every saturday morning? Is basketball time, they all play together as a family. There’s no need to say that Sana’s team always win

Thanks for asking!!

GinHijiGin Live Action

I’ve been getting this question a lot, so I’m going to put this in the tag for everyone! There was a GinHiji / HijiGin moment in the movie and it was really well done! Spoiler below the cut and here’s another post I’ve answered about it

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YOU KNOW HEATHERS!! IM SO HAPPY. LIKE REALLY. Then could I get a request of RFA finding out MC got the role of Veronica and how they would react while watching the musical with her in it? (Im just so hAppy that you know heathers!!!)


  • Tbh he’d probably be the JD performing with you ❤️
  • And he’s be SO EXCITED
  • Honestly he’s glad you’re the lead but would have loved to see you in Heather Chandler’s fancy bitch outfit.
  • If he wasn’t your JD, he’d be pretty understanding still.
    • Even though you guys practically fuck on stage, he’s still like “yeah w/e that’s the way it goes”
  • He’s pretty chill about it.
  • I mean, he’s had to kiss & pretend to be in love with other actors while you two were together. It’s difficult to come to terms with, but he’s a professional so he’s just like “oh well”.
  • But anyway, he would sing the songs with you constantly??
  • Just walking into the room scream-singing them.
  • omg he’s so proud of you. 
  • Good job Veronica  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


  • He made a special dinner to celebrate your big role!
  • Asks SO MANY questions about the show!
  • He loves the character you play so much??? What the heck she’s just trying to be good.
  • VERY jealous about Dead Girl Walking
    • How could you do that to the poor, sensitive boy?
    • “MC I know it’s your job but???”
    • Poor baby. Just tell him you love him and rub his back, he’ll be all set.
  • Duke make him sad! She’s so mean and he didn’t expect it! He felt really bad for her at the beginning but at the end he was >:(
  • He feels bad for McNamara. Poor girl…
  • He’s so happy during the show, though. You’re so good! Just in your element and happy and it seems so right.


  • !!!! Holy shit!!!!
  • She’s so excited! Now she knows TWO really good actors!
  • She’d blow kisses at you whenever you walked onstage. 
  • She’d be a little upset about all the kissing and lovey dovey stuff between you and JD, but she knows that you love her. 
    • And if you give her extra kisses after the show, she’d be completely okay.
  • Heathers quickly becomes her favorite musical. None of Zen’s can even compare to her beautiful girlfriend’s performance! 
  • She thinks you’re a better singer than he is but shh don’t let him know.


  • He’s so proud of you omg
  • You’re the best actress he’s ever seen!! And a great singer!!
    • Sing to him omg
    • He thinks about how pretty you will sound singing to your children in the future.
  • He’s not really one for theater, but he might get into it now?? After seeing you, he actually enjoys it.
  • If you really want him to, he’ll help you with lines.
    • When he’s reading the other people’s lines he is so monotone but it’s sweet that he’s trying to help.
  • He’s a busy guy, so he can’t go to see you for a long time ;-;
  • He makes it to closing night, though!! Front and center!!!
  • Expect flowers after every performance, though!


  • This is a really big show and it’s so exciting for you to have the lead!!
  • A little bit self-conscious?? The guy who played JD was so… good looking?? He felt so bad about himself.
    • He’s sooooo jealous of JD.
    • Please assure him that you love him and that JD ain’t shit.
  • His favorite song is Blue because… duh.
  • He likes to sing Freeze Your Brain because?? He relates. Kind of.
  • After your performance he runs to you and hugs you so tightly. 
    • He’d give you a LOT of flowers
    • “I’d let you step on me and snap my neck.”
  • He loves you so much and as soon as you walk on stage he has those nice butterflies and feels like the beginning of your relationship again.


  • He’d acts more like JD than the one in your show.
  • And he’s much cuter ❤️
  • “Hey… Mister No-Name Kid…”
  • He will go to every fucking performance honestly. He loves your acting.
  • He didn’t know how good of a singer you were???
    • He’s going to want you to sing to him a lot. He won’t ask for it, but he’ll appreciate it if you do it.
  • He identifies with JD so much because? They’re both sad and resent their families.
  • He really wants to support you but some of the things in the musical are???
    • Please never do those kinds of things. He’s warning you.
    • Like… Cheating on him or murder. Just don’t do any of it.
  • He likes the plot though. And Veronica is the best character!
  • He’s really proud of you, even though he won’t say it.

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Hey! You are my favorite ff15 and I love following you! Could I ask how you feel about the ending of ff15? Personally, I get that it was well made and a lot of people like it, but I hate sad endings because lol my depression is already bad enough.

I feel like a pokemon lmao jkjk

The ending for me was something that was very predictable, so it didn’t hit me that hard at first, until they hint you that Noctis did NOT want to die, then I was totally destroyed by it. Honestly, I don’t think it was well written at all.

I think the ending didn’t fit the story that well, It felt rushed and cheap (then again that’s how most of the story feels in the whole game). Noctis’ reunion with his bros was mediocre until the camping scene and even that didn’t fix it much. You would think that after Noctis went missing for 10 years with no explanation, they would show more emotions. Hell, even ANGER for him disappearing and leaving them. Even if it was not Noctis fault. But instead we got a half assed reunion with 10 year older character models I couldn’t get used to because it didn’t feel like time passed AT ALL, nor did it feel like they were older, AT ALL. They just make them act more “serious” which they could had done since the beginning. And it all has to do with their reaction to seeing Noctis, they greeted him like he had been missing for a day cuz his chocobo just happened to take the wrong turn.

Noctis last rushed development was so lame, because we just see him napping in the crystal and suddenly he comes out more mature and ready to die (except he didn’t want to). We don’t see him grow, they are just “Oh hey, he is like acting more ready now, more mature, cool? And it reflects in his model, right? because obviously young people can’t be mature nor make good decisions. hahahaha, by the way we are an old company from Japan, in case you couldn’t tell.” it is sooooo cheap and badly written I just had to roll my eyes at Noctis sudden change of character, not because I was against it, but because getting older does not = maturity. Being isolated for 10 years doesn’t make you grow, it makes you weak. Who thought of this fucking plot point???? A drunk hobo?

On top of that, the bros get pushed to the side and don’t even take part in the final battle???????????????????????????



WHAT THE FUCK! This whole time the game is telling you that you are a team, that you are stronger together, that you are meant to be with them and standing with them as brothers, just for Ardyn to knock them out and then they leave you? Come the fuck on. The creators even made the battle system centered around partnership and working together, the reason why Noctis never feels overpowered like Sora in KH, was because they didn’t want that for him, they wanted him to gain strength from working with his team.

WELL, WAY TO THROW THAT SHIT OUT THE WINDOW AT THE LAST PART! Because since Noctis now has the crystal I guess friendship don’t matter shit. AWESOME! GREAT WRITING, 10/10! Thanks for staying consistent square. What would we do without your constantly declining company.

The ending didn’t fix any of the major plot holes or issues with the characters. We never see Prompto grow, we never see Gladio become a more sensitive friend…Ignis is perfect tho, darling you are amazing, keep doing god’s work.  You are perfect. BUT WE DIDN’T SEE how he was able to overcome his injury. Like think about it, he is fucking blind! They half assed that SO BAD, why make him blind if you are not going to show strength from it? You might as well just cut off his leg. It’s like someone was like “Hey what if we make him blind? Are you guys sure about this?” “YEAH, BLIND THE BITCH.” (DC fans would get the reference).

It is just so badly done. They went for a cheap way to try to convey emotions, and it just didn’t work for me AT ALL. Not even a little bit, until the very end when Noctis is crying and hinting that pushing through with this is difficult after seeing his bros. BECAUSE THAT’S WHO NOCTIS IS! That’s what got pushed aside to show a more “Mature” Noctis. They could have gone with this route in so many different ways, but they went with the cheap, holier-than-jesus-alternative, and I fucking hate it. You don’t have to have a main character that is accepting death and is ready to die, YOU DON’T! You can have a character that is suffering through with it, and is breaking down over death because they don’t want to die, but pushes through with it, BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! That shows SO MUCH strength compare to “I’m a grown up and it’s my duty.” it is even more tragic because if they hadn’t done the time skip, Noctis could had been just 20, HELL he is still JUST 20 after the time skip. But the character model change was meant to show someone older and ready to die, AND I HATE IT. Fuck me side ways. I hate it SO MUCH.

Okay, I went on and on with this, so I’m gonna stop now lmao before I just drag this ending and plot even further. So, yeah, I get the ending was sad, but when you break it down, you feel so cheated by the company that they honestly don’t even deserve your tears.

The Bet - 1

Originally posted by myshittywriting

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Angst, Playboy!Chanyeol, highschool!au, smut in future chapters

Word Count: 1,497

A/N: remember when i told you that i was going to write a sehun fic? uh so i had massive chanyeol feels so this came out, hope you enjoy… Tell me what you think about it! Should I continue?

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String rings and strawberry shortcake

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kurotsuki 

Summary: “Lemme get this straight,” Kuroo started, stepping aside and allowing Tsukishima to enter the apartment he shared with Kenma, “you want us to pretend like we’re fiancés, act all lovey-dovey and stuff, all so we can get free cake?”

“Ok first of all, the words lovey-dovey never left my mouth,” Tsukishima countered before plopping down on the overly comfortably couch and directing his gaze towards Kuroo, “and second, you don’t understand. This isn’t just cake Kuroo, this is cake that’s good enough for me to ask you to pretend to be my goddamn fiancé. Don’t belittle the cake.” 

A/N: I have finally written kurotsuki cries because this is sooooo long overdue. Dedicating it to the wonderful @kandismon because I love her kurotsuki and all her art in general. I hope you enjoy this humble offering from a fan! (This story contains fluff and snark)

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Bts reaction when they hear you saying their name when they get home so they walk into the bedroom and caught you masturbating? 🌚

okay so there is not to much detail. But I’m just gonna guess they’re dating :) Imma do the request like they haven’t had sex or anything yet.

Jin : /shuts his eyes and walks out immediatly/ I didn’t see anything !! 

Originally posted by koweans

Suga : /stares/ you know as a good boyfriend I should be helping you with that !

Originally posted by vminv

Hoseok : sooooo… can I join in or not ?

Originally posted by j-hopegifs

Namjoon : /leaves because he’s a gentleman but wants to go back in/ /can’t stop thinking about what he saw/

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jimin : omg I’m so so so sorry ! omg so sorry! really so so sorry! /leaves while apologizing/ /goes take a bath to calm himself/

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Tae : /sees the ambarassment on her face and leaves/ /walks back in later acting like it never happend/ So how was your day? Mine was great ! Jin-hyung bought me ice cream !

Originally posted by wonhosoks

Kookie : Poor Kookie will not be able to face her wothout blushing and apologizing !

Originally posted by vminv

bendy1245  asked:

does boris act like a dog? i know bendy acts like a cat around tech sooooo does the same count for boris?

Boris does have a lot of dog-like traits that we haven’t explored yet :D

Both Bendy and Boris are toons first and foremost, they live for a good gag whether they have an audience or not. Especially Bendy and he has a lot more flexibility on what he can draw on since demons don’t have a natural equivalent.

Monsta X Reaction: Finding Out From Another Member that You’re Pregnant.

Requested by Anonymous~  Hi can I get a monsta x reaction on finding out by one of the other members that you’re pregnant and you didn’t tell them? Thank you so much!!

Originally posted by bangtan-monsta

Shownu would be really shocked and confused at first. He’d probably ask if the member was joking, but after they assured him of their seriousness he would want to talk to you about it immediately. He wouldn’t want there to be any secrets and he’d withhold all of his stronger emotions before assuming your reasons for not telling him.
When he confronted you he would speak to you very seriously about the issue. Letting you know how upset he was that you didn’t tell him first but also wanting to know your point of view and what you were feeling. He’d wonder if he had done something to make you scared to tell him or make you think he wasn’t trustworthy. But he’d most definitely put the blame of you not telling him on himself and not you.

Originally posted by 1aeyong

Wonho would feel all of his regular emotions ten-fold for the rest of the day once his member accidentally spilled the news to him. He’d text you or call you and only tell you that you two needed to have a VERY serious talk when he was done practice.
He’d be another one who would question himself. Thinking over his past actions to see if he had done anything to make you think he wasn’t good enough to be with you or your newly conceived child. He’d be really worrisome and it would effect his practice. The others would very easily notice that something wasn’t right. But if they asked he would only give simple details.

“I don’t think that Y/N trusts me anymore. But I’m not sure what I did. I’m scared I did something wrong.”

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

He’d be F L A B B E R G A S T E D. He would IMMEDIATELY call you to verify the truth of his member’s statement. Wanting to know every detail. After that point where he found out the truth I don’t think he’d focus too much on the fact you didn’t tell him. He’d be too excited! Jumping around you could hear his feet stomping about over the phone, but it would mostly be drowned out by his screaming.

“나는 아빠 야!”

“I’m a Dad!!”

Originally posted by vvonho


This little hamster would not know what is happening even in the slightest. *cue Mr. Krabs meme*
He would probably laugh at first thinking it was a joke and be stubborn in thinking that for a while. But he’d bring it up very shyly after his practice was over when he saw you for coffee. He’d take you on a walk in the park and sit the two of you on a bench to talk. He put his arm around you and chuckle to himself.

“So Minhyuk said something kinda funny today.” He’d chuckle again.

“Oh what was that?”

“He said you were pregnant.” He’d look at you with his cute awkward smile. But his eyes would be serious in searching yours.

“I-I am…”

*cue Mr. krabs meme x2*

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He’d whine.

After this point he’d be very pouty that he wasn’t the first to know. He’d want to know your exact reasoning behind it. And he’d wait until you spilled every word.

Once he had some time to think about everything, he’d tease you.

“So if I’m the mom then does that make you the dad?”

Originally posted by wonho-shin

I feel like he’d be the most solemn out of all of them. He’d believe it from the start. Knowing how your behavior had changed the last few weeks. You had been avoiding him saying you had work to do. But he’d come over to find you throwing up one morning and had asked you how long it had persisted, you said a couple days, passing it off as the flu. But as you’d continued to avoid him he’d know something wasn’t right.
He’d be the one to not speak a word about it until he saw you after practice that day. Once you were together he would bring it up after asking you how you were feeling, if your sickness had subsided, etc. Checking for more lies. He’d tell you he had heard something about you that day and then wait to see if you’d tell him.

“So Kihyun and I were talking earlier and he told me something about you.”

“Oh? What did he say?”

“I don’t know.. can you tell me?”

He’d search your eyes. Once you ended up breaking and telling him, he’d politely ask you why you didn’t tell him first and explain that he was hurt and upset about it. He’d make a point to make sure you didn’t feel terrible about it but just that you understood how it made him feel. He’d end the conversation with his feelings and thoughts of excitement and happiness, and that there shouldn’t have been any fear to tell him to begin with. Because he’s ECSTATIC!

Originally posted by jacksnswang

I feel like Jooheon would also disregard the fact that you didn’t tell him first and get straight to the “WE ARE HAVING A BABY!?!?!?!?”

Given some time he’d realize he wasn’t the first to know and quietly question you about it, maybe at night before the two of you fell asleep watching a movie or something. But if you told him it was because you were afraid he’d freak out then he’d scoff and smile widely and say something funny in response.

“Of course I’d freak out! The love of my life and I are starting a family!!”

Originally posted by sonhyunwoomx

Would straight up leave the practice to find you. Once he did, would propose with an onion ring or something. He’d be shocked but his sense would return to him quickly and he’d act fast.
Mumbling something along the lines of “I’m gonna be a dad… a dad.. me… I’m gonna be a dAD.” As he gathers his things and starts shoving them into his practice bag. The others giggling wildly at him. His mind would be scattered but the only things on his mind would be finding you and telling you that he loved you and that you made him happier than he had ever been and that he’d work sooooo hard to make sure he was a good father.

“Okay Changkyun. Step 1, marry Y/N. Step 2, have the baby. Step 3, happy familyyyyyy.”

*cue Memekyun*

Sorry that took me a while. If there are any spelling errors or anything (especially in my Korean hah I’m still quite a beginner) then let me know! I didin’t have anyone to peer edit this one like I usually do so things could very well be wrong with it. I hope that it was enjoyable! I had a lot of fun writing it! Thank you so much for the request! :) I hope you have a nice day <3 

- Admin C

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Can you tell us a bit more abt Daya Styles?? He's sooooo cute ;-;

i havent come up w much stuff yet but! heres some little things abt him: hes a bit of a diva nd acts like it A Lot. some ppl think tht hes annoying nd arrogant bc of that even tho hes actually rly kind to everyone (even to ppl who doesnt even deserve his kindness)! he loooves pastel colored and retro style clothes!! hes also very gay and crushes on ppl who are good to him way too easily.. and the most important thing is tht hes obsessed with chihuahuas

tollers-and-jack  asked:

I read somewhere that a tragedy can be thought of as a hero in the wrong story. Sooooo. Think of Henry IV as a man in the wrong time. Maybe Hotspur as well. Henry V was Machiavellian enough to force time to obey him. His son was helpless that way. In 2H4 act 4 s1 the rebels are discussing their grievances. One of the points they bring up is that the times have wronged them, not the King. He has, they say, been forced into not-so-good actions by the time they live in. thoughts, o heir of time?

This is a really interesting idea, especially thanks to the historical nature of the plays and they’re manipulated depending on the time of a production– Olivier’s Henry V during WWII, Branagh’s after the Falklands, and so on. And whatever alternate universe you might put them in. And I suppose that’s why you called on the Heir of Time, as I manipulate time as both a historian and writer of historically- themed fic.

Everyone feels like time is running out, it’s not on their side. Henry IV may have made a good king if he hadn’t needed to spend his reign beating back rebellions with a stick. Hotspur is a chivalrous knight like Edward III promoted, but just as this is no world to tilt with lips, it’s not a world for idealism either. Henry V understands this, and he’s able to use his knowledge of the world to his advantage. He is very Machiavellian. To him, might makes right and he knows the power of being feared. But those ideas didn’t start with Machiavelli’s The Prince.

I realised that there actually is a corollary between Henry V, the Heir of Heart, and Orléans, the Bard of Heart, and it connects to time. Henry is brilliant and manipulates his aspect, wins, and becomes the “Star of England.” He marries the princess, this should be a happy ending, right? It isn’t. He dies young, 36, and never got to even see his baby. He loses everything in the end since his son lost all the possessions in France and “made England bleed.”

Orléans, on the other hand, lost everything at first– father, mother, and wife in the space of three years. He then was on the losing side of Henry’s victory, sent into exile (by Henry no less), never to see his then six year old daughter or second wife again. He was held in England long after Henry’s death and was finally freed, returned to France, remarried and had three children to love and died at 70. Time screwed one of these heroes of Heart over and I’m not so sure it’s the one who had the worse life…

Anyway, now that I’ve got the contractually required digression about Charles out of the way, back to the Histories in general. Henry IV is indeed forced into disaster by time. He has had no time to establish his reign or get anything done, instead he’s got a rebellion just three years after he deposed Richard, his son is a mess, he gets sick, everything goes wrong. Time was not on his side, neither was it for Hotspur.

Hotspur wants to be a hero that doesn’t really exist– or if it does exist, it’s destroyed by the cruelty that is the world. Hotspur sees himself as dedicated to chivalry and honor but the people around him aren’t. He looks back on the past and, even though he helped depose Richard, he wishes Richard were back now that he doesn’t like Henry. He spends his time all wrong. He should be good to his lady but he’s not seemed to want to spend time with her, he rushes off to battle without reinforcements (insert obligatory joke about Hotspur going off half-cocked), and he says that Hal has robbed him of his youth, taken all he ever worked for, and now he’s only food for worms. He’s aware now that Time includes death and decay. Maybe he should have told Kate he loved her one last time. Or at least not attacked with half his army missing.

Henry V, as I said above in my comparison with Orléans, knows how to use his time wisely. He spent his time learning from the lower classes (going by Shakespeare), bided his time, and proved himself smarter than his years when it comes to leading England to victory in the war. He is aware of what happened in the past and he puts it to rest at Agincourt, burying Richard once and for all (I’ll get to ol’ Dicky Boy in a moment). He has only small time but he makes huge gains for England and his future looks secure. He did so much in his young life and in his first victory took everything Hotspur had worked thirty years for. But time caught up with him. He couldn’t hold onto it forever.

Which leads us to his son, Henry VI, who REALLY wasn’t made for these times. Unlike his warrior father, this Henry wants everyone to get along. He’s trusting and prefers serving God to serving the crown– he should have been a priest rather than king. He’s a cinnamon bun, too good, too pure, and he’s in a very brutal world of cracked crowns and bloody noses and scheming and betrayal and cruelty and murder. The times ruin him.

And Richard II? He’s the Prince of Time. He destroys his aspect because he wasted it. Wasted his reign, hung out with the wrong crowd, and only realizes this when, like Hotspur, he’s left only a man against the world. He’s living at a time where people are beginning to question what a king should be– his great-grandfather was the first English king to be overthrown– but he ignores those changes and continues the decadent lifestyle he believes a king is entitled to.

So yeah, I definitely agree. Sorry everyone for the long post, I’m on mobile and can’t do a readmore.

Clueing for looks in TFP

Okay…I’m going to take a stab at analyzing this thing, looking at it from John’s perspective, as a mind bungalow/dream/nightmare. Now I don’t have boss level analyzing skills by any means, but I want to make an attempt at this, so I’ll dump the stuff that catches my eye in this post, stuff both related to John and other things I notice. There will probably be some dragging/crackiness just to make it more bearable for myself too, which, I mean, will probably also show some more just how fake it really is.

*takes deep breath* *gets paper bag ready*

*plays tfp*

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Admin-san's Top 10 Favorite Anime of 2014!

The year is about to end and 2014 gave us a lot of memorable and awesome anime series. This got me really into the anime scene more deeper and through these series, I have met a lot of people and let me tell you… these shows are just so damn good! Now I will reveal to everybody MY FAVORITE ANIME OF 2014. Reminding everybody that this is MY OWN LIST so if your favorite didn’t made it to the list, I apologize. It’s either because I didn’t able to watch it or I was not able to watch it. LET’S BEGIN!

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[INFO] Comments About "Tazza 2" & TOP's Body

A Korean friend of mine just watched the movie “Tazza 2”, and she sent me some comments about TOP’s acting. There isn’t any real spoiler, but be aware.

[11:08] yeah a lot of bed scene with Mrs Lee
[11:09] his body is beautiful
[11:09] not too skinny and too bulky
[11:09] just perfect!
[11:10] but he is really good at act!!!! I could not believe that he did it sooooo amazingly this much!!!!

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[ O.M.G. I am honestly looking forward to this movie. His role is sooo different from his past two movies coz the previous roles were darker. I hope the hardcore Tazza fans will be appeased that he did justice to the movie.]

Seventeen Reaction When You Kiss Them Suddenly

S.Coups: You kiss him because he was being annoying but it ends up with him being more annoying asking you for more kisses

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Jeonghan: “Oh okay here’s my kisses too.” *blows you a kiss* and you die

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Joshua: When you leave after the sudden kiss, “where are you going?” 

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Jun: *tackles you* After you kiss him he’s going to tackle you with more kisses. No complaining though. You brought it onto yourself xD

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Hoshi: *touches his lips in front of you* “Done already? My lips are already feeling lonely…” 

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Wonwoo: *shy Wonwoo* “What was that for?” 

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Woozi: Would try to act like he’s still mad at you after you kiss him but he would forgive you because you’re so cute 

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DK: *tries to lean in for another kiss but gets rejected*

Mingyu: “Am I that irresistible jagiya?” *feels good about himself for the rest of the day* 

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The8: *winks* “Sooooo what else do you suddenly want to do?” 

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Seungkwan: “Come back for another kiss (;”

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Vernon: *lip bite* “Can you do that again?”

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Dino: “Nice try, Y/N. But you still ate the last piece of pizza.” 

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This episode was so good, thank you @ god & emmerdale

  • Robert and Aaron KISSING AFTER 46 DAYS!!! HALLELUJAH
  • “If she’s your family, she’s mine too. From tomorrow, we’re going to put all of this behind us and focus on the three of us.” THE THREE OF US!!! ROBERT STANS ROBLIVION!!
  • Robert knows Liv is the most important thing in Aaron’s life, so he makes that thing the most important thing in HIS life too to ensure Aaron’s happiness. HE LOVES HIM SOOOOO FUCKING MUCH IT’S ACTUALLY DISGUSTING WHAT SOULMATES THEY ARE
  • Robert OPENING UP just enough to comfort Liv without hijacking the moment, allowing Liv to open up too!!
  • “I’ve got a lot of respect for ya, seriously” ROBERT RESPECTS LIV
  • Robert looking out for Liv!!! Determined to stop her bully!!
  • Robert acting like such a dweeby DAD ordering Liv food she likes and telling Liv what a good caretaker it makes him ASDFASDFasD DWEEB
  • Aaron worried about Robert getting arrested, I’m CRYING
  • Liv so full of regret–she really is a mini Robert, isolated from family & always makes big rash mistakes when she’s hurt
  • And OF COURSE Aaron doesn’t hate Liv for messing up! Aaron’s love is so UNCONDITIONAL for his family, including Rob AHHH MY HEART!!!!