he is so wonderful and fun and smart and brilliant

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moonbin as a daycare worker tho


daycare worker!moonbin

  • so people will call the daycare that he works for specifically for bin
  • bc everyone knows how great he is with the kids and everyone wants in on that
  • like kids will come home telling millions of stories about how cute and prince-like and funny and happy moonbin is
  • when he’s at work he has at least a dozen children hanging off of him at all times
  • he’s constantly doing something with the kids???? like he’s never lounging around
  • he’s always drawing with crayons or reading or preparing snacks
  • he has the brightest smile the world has ever seen
  • like all he wants is to be with the kids bc he thinks they’re so brilliant and smart and fun and wonderful????? like this is not some job he was forced to take, this is what he truly wants to do
  • all of the kids are completely in love with him and it’s the sweetest thing bc he gets so taken aback and blushy when they tell him
  • that’s sort of how he met you
  • bc you were babysitting this little girl and you had to pick her up from the daycare
  • when you got there the place was in utter organized chaos
  • like it was really busy but not in a bad way????
  • the kids were all crowding around this one cute tall boy and he was laughing and playing with them and you immediately felt your heart hurt a little bit bc let’s be honest how could it not
  • and the little girl ran over to you and was like “have you met the prince yet?????”
  • and you smiled and were like “no?? who’s this prince???”
  • so she dragged you over to meet moonbin
  • and he grinned over at you bc he was occupied and didn’t have much time for a decent conversation but he thought you were rlly cute
  • the girl ran over to her little cubby and returned with a folded piece of paper and she pulled bin away from the others bc she wanted him to open it in private
  • it was a crayon drawing of moonbin in a crown with a really big heart around it
  • and you got to witness moonbin melt into an actual puddle firsthand
  • so he takes her over to the table and draws her in a crown with a really big heart around and she starts squealing and jumping and he gives it to her and is like “i can always detect a princess, so i know that you’re one”
  • and she’s like “we can rule a kingdom together!!!!!”
  • and moonbin smiles and is like “of course we can!!!!! princes and princesses are supposed to rule a kingdom together!!!!!”
  • and you’re quietly dying in the background,,,
  • and as you’re leaving moonbin hurries over to you and hands you a little folded piece of paper and scratches the back of his neck and is like “i drew something for you too,,,”
  • you open it and it’s his number written in crayon,,,,