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vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno


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and you call yourself a spy Natasha

A tiny kissy from a tiny goop
just accept the kissy, it’ll make him happy


Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BL2] Day 10: Favorite DLC

“Unless we make a stand, here and now, we gonna die. Now…ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!”

I saw Nightrizer’s sphinx!Dipper from the monster falls AU and I just couldn’t resist because wings are my absolute favorite thing to draw.

Plus a bonus for iheartpkmn

Dean’s baby boy

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Request - 13) Superstar meets child for the first time 

Pairing - Dean Ambrose X Female Reader + Son 

WordCount - 648

Requested By - Anon 

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s name.

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After nine months and twenty-four hours your son was finally here. Throughout your pregnancy Dean had been calm and composed but when you had actually gone into labour  Dean went into a blind panic, he wanted to take the pain away and then he couldn’t, he freaked out. Dean had called Roman a couple of times. Roman’s words were short, sweet and surprisingly helpful to Dean soon afterwards Dean managed to calm down and the for the rest of the time he was great, you couldn’t ask for a better partner to go through this with. 

You laid on the hospital bed looking at your baby son. He was so perfect, so tiny, you couldn’t believe that he was finally here. After so much anticipation, planning Y/S/N was finally here. You couldn’t believe how Dean and yourself created such a beautiful baby. Dean had disappeared to talk to the nurse about something, you weren’t quite sure what he was up to but you knew he was up to something. 

Shortly after, Dean returned with flowers and balloons. Grinning up at Dean he kissed your forehead before placing the flowers in a vase and the balloons beside your hospital bed. 

“Darlin’ he’s finally here. Our boy.” Dean sat down on the chair beside your hospital bed, staring down at Y/S/N you were in shock and awe  You didn’t think you were ever going to stop getting bored of looking at him. Each time you seemed to notice something different about him. 

“He’s so cute, I don’t think I’m ever going to get bored staring at him, he’s so beautiful.” Looking down at Dean you noticed a particular emotion that you had never witnessed Dean convey before. As long as you had been together you had never seen Dean. Dean was afraid. Terrified might be a better word. 

“Dean, do you want to try the skin to skin that the nurse suggested.” You suggested, you observed Dean was playing with his hands something you had seen him do only a handful of times. 

“Maybe later.” You looked down at Dean, you knew what it was like to be afraid, holding Y/S/N but instinct soon took over and everything was alright. 

“Babe, can you do me a favour?” You questioned softly, Dean immediately looked up, Dean would do anything for you. How many occasions that Dean took a drive to a midnight store to buy you whatever you were craving that day. Dean went without so much as a fuss or a complaint. 

“Sure, do you need me to call the nurse?” You shook your head, Dean got closer to you. 

“No would you come cuddle with me, I’m exhausted. Could you take Y/S/N for me please?” Okay so you were technically emotionally blackmailing Dean. But if you didn’t bribe or coax him a little bit he would do anything he possibly could to make you comfortable. Dean knew exactly what you were doing but how could he possibly say no to you. You had just given birth to his son. Very clumsy and nervously Dean took hold of Y/S/N, his arms trembling. 

“You’re okay, your arms are the safest set of arms he will ever be in.” Dean looked down at you pressing a kiss to your forehead. Looking down at his newborn son, his heart melted. Once Dean felt your body relax beside him, he kissed Y/S/N on the forehead. Slowly Dean juggled taking his shirt off and holding Y/S/N at the same time, Dean managed slowly bringing Y/S/N to his chest, he got comfortable holding his little son to his chest. 

“How about we get some rest too huh kiddo? You’re safe. Daddy’s here.” Dean settled next to you slowly closing his eyes with his son on his chest. Y/S/N was Dean’s baby boy and no matter how old he became he would always be his baby boy.