he is so tender

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Even after all this time, he's so tender. Tentative. Full of feather-light touches that hesitate before touching. So afraid of doing the wrong thing. He's made mistakes before. He never wants to do anything to ruin this. When illness, or even just bad days, happen, he speaks even softer than usual. The words themselves don't really matter, even though they're quite wonderful. That soft and soothing tone helps more than anything. Even on the worst days.

Oh god, I’m in love.


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Most heartbreaking queer as folk scene/moment/episode whichever not including prom scene

Hahaha nice caveat there, nonny, I see you.

I’m going to go with this moment right here:

Everything, I repeat, everything about this moment is heartbreaking. There’s Brian, who is quite literally the weakest and most vulnerable he’s ever been, in a great deal of physical pain, who’s terrified to tell his partner, the person he loves most in the world, that he has cancer and is no longer perfect, because he thinks he’ll no longer love him. He can’t stand the thought of him leaving, but even more, he can’t stand the thought of Justin staying with him out of some sense of obligation and starting to look at him not like he’s the most incredible man in the world, but with pity and resentment in his eyes.  But he so clearly craves Justin’s touch, his tenderness, his love, so he takes it, finally allowing him to fall asleep under his care. He went to Baltimore alone, went into surgery alone, woke up alone… and you know all that time there was nothing he wanted more than to feel Justin’s arms around him to make him feel safe and warm and loved. And he finally has that again, but he can’t bring himself to share just why it’s so powerful this time. 

And then there’s Justin, who knows Brian has cancer, but doesn’t know his prognosis. That’s a fact I think sometimes gets overlooked; Justin doesn’t know if Brian’s cancer is curable or terminal, but you know he’s fearing the worst. He’s probably already imagined a thousand possibilities of what his life would look like without Brian, what it would feel like to lose him forever, and each one of them is more devastating than the last. And he can’t let Brian know. The love of his life may be dying, and there’s nothing he can do. It’s already a helpless enough feeling to have your loved one be sick, but he’s not even suppose to know! So all he can do is try to take care of Brian and offer him comfort, but never too much, not as much as he’d like to, or else he risks Brian finding out that he knows, and who knows what would happen then?

What I think makes this arc so powerful is that we have three main types of conflict: man vs. nature (Brian’s cancer diagnosis), man vs. self (the effect of Brian’s cancer on his identity and his fear of letting others know he’s sick), and man vs. man (Brian and Justin’s efforts to keep Brian’s cancer a secret and the fallout that results when the cat’s out of the bag). Any of these would be heartbreaking on their own, but when they’re all crashing into each other, spiraling out of control, it’s especially devastating to watch. 

The one that remains alone.

Arthur, sat at a pub, not really caring what’s around him, he asked the the bar tender, for the nicest and hardest drink. So he can drink away his loneliness. He shrugged, and looked at the mirror that was behind the bartender. He sighed, took a drink of what the bartender gave him.

After a few drinks. He was semi buzzed. But not fully drunk. He stared at the bartender, and lifted his drunk up, and said.

“All hail being single.”

He laughed a little bit, and took a drink.

I love that we have been given this wonderful privilege to just come into the Father’s presence and curl up on His lap and pour out everything that’s on our hearts to Him. And it’s so beautiful how He listens with so much love and care. He is so mighty and powerful, but He is also so gentle and tender and kind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come to Him so broken and afraid, and just felt His warm loving embrace all around me. And it gives me peace every single time. His heart is so full of goodness and joy. He has a wonderful countenance and such warmth! And He delights in you, little one. He loves you and He is pleased with you.

Isn’t He so amazing? He is just the sweetest Father. He’ll calm your fears, set you free from things that hold you captive, and teach you so many things. Oh He’ll rebuke you—that’s for sure. But He does this so lovingly like a good father would and you’ll become so much better in the end. He is incredible. Just incredible. Being His child is the best thing in the universe. 


It wasn’t easy to convince a man like Rick that you fall in love with him. And just him.
It wasn’t easy that a man like Rick falls in love with you. Especially after Lori’s death.
It wasn’t easy. But it was worth the time.

You turn around in Rick’s arms, looking in his sleepy face. Tender, so that he doesn’t wake up, you touch the contours of his jaw with your fingertips. Rick hums quietly and smiles as when he could feel your touch.
You never saw him so peacfully and it warms your heart that you’re one of the reasons he feels like that.
“You should sleep.” Rick mumbles drowsy, a lazy kiss follows after his words.
His hands roam over your naked body, touching the skin softly. He makes you feel his erection on your belly and you moan quietly, lifting up your leg to wrap it around his hip.
No hand is needed as Rick penetrates you, his thrust slowly and powerful. You moan into each other mouthes, letting your tongues play.
“So beautiful.” Rick whispers, kissing you passionately as your walls clench down around his cock.
“Rick.” You moan quietly as short, but intense waves of pleasure shoots through your body.
“Mhh.” Rick hums, thrusting faster into you.
You lick your lips as you see that Rick lost himself into you, his thrusts uncontrolled.
His fingers dig into the skin of your hip as he buries his cock as deep as possible into you, spilling ribbon after ribbon of his seed into you.

Silly aircraft noises leaves your mouth as you feed Judith who’s giggling quietly at your performance.
Luckily Carl is outside with Enid and Rick is under the shower so that they don’t see you.
The last spoon of apple jam ‘lands’ into Judith’s mouth and you make a noise like a bomb would explode. Suddenly she laughs and the apple jam is in your face.
You snort amused and turn around to get a handkerchief and see Rick standing in the doorway.
“You look great.” He chuckles, coming to you to wipe some jam from your cheek. “And sweet.”
“Funny, Grimes.” With one hand you clean yourself and with the other you squeeze him in the muscles on his stomach.
“I love you.”
You froze in your movements, your heartbeat’s getting faster at his words. “What?” You whisper, looking at him with your eyes widen.
“I love you, (Y/N).” Rick says soft, putting his lips on yours.
“I love you, too.”

Sex With Yoon Jeonghan Would Involve
  • Mutual Hair Pulling
  • Jeonghan is quite vanilla
  • But sometimes he just needs to show who is boss
  • And have you be a good girl for him
  • But you better be a bad girl
  • Cuz Jeonghan really just wants to punish you
  • Orgasm Control
  • Hearing you beg
  • Maybe some wax or feather play
  • But beside that he is very tender and sweet
  • He takes so much time for you
  • Gives the greatest massages
  • Especially to your thighs before he fingers you
  • His eating out game is not too strong, but he does his best.
  • Is not too into bondage, but might tie your hands together with a tie
  • So much making out omg yall
  • Everything with him is so sensual
  • Body worship is kind of his thing
  • Goes wild when he does you doggy style
  • Has some form of romantic dirty talk that just works well
  • Lot’s of cuddles afterwards, like no way he’s going to let you out of his arms

Touch me, Kookie, touch meeeeeee!

He’s so tender and gentle and kind with me. I can talk his ear off endlessly. He tries to understand every bit of it even when it’s tangled and nonsensical. He looks in my eyes. He makes a fool of himself to make me laugh constantly. He kisses my forehead, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, my chin, my neck, my shoulder so sweetly, so intentionally. No matter how many times I deprecate myself, he reassures me. He puts me in my place. He doesn’t “baby” me. If I want something, he tells me to go get it. He doesn’t make excuses for me. He’s forgiving, though. He understands. He loves me even when I’m terribly human. He kisses me and tells me he loves me, even when he’s upset with me. He is sometimes stubborn and prideful and selfish like the rest of us, but he is never slow to take responsibility for himself. He is open to suggestion. He knows he’s a work in progress. He loves God unashamedly. He holds my hand every night and prays for us before we sleep. He won’t go to sleep unless I give him a kiss and say, “I love you, too, bub.” He is attentive to our son in a way I’ve never seen before. He is gracious, affectionate, conscious. He is mine, and I’m really, really happy about it. It’s our 70th (!!) monthaversary since he asked me to be his girlfriend and I just love him. 

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“There’s a festival this weekend. Wanna check it out?”

“A festival?”, he asked. Aoba thought he’d heard a few people speaking about it but wasn’t sure whether it was just rumours or not. So when the other asked him, he nodded with a tender smile. “I’d love to”.


“Chiaki-san is gone.”
“I’m here though. I’ll stay by your side.”

The truth is that he was never there to begin with, but Kanata has. Even when Misaki didn’t know about it because his heart never allowed him to stay away from her, even going way back to the night when he ran after her after he had kissed her in the kitchen. And contrary to his angry words from the previous day he is there again to listen to her as she tells him about her heartbreak, allowing her to let it all out and then literally giving her his shoulder to lean and cry on! THE GESTURE WHEN HE LEANS HER HEAD ON HIS SHOULDER IS SO TENDER AND LOVING! Once again he has come to console her when she is at her weakest and when she feels absolutely miserable and pathetic. He is there because he loves everything about her, weaknesses and all, and accepts them, because without them she wouldn’t be the girl he fell in love with. 

Kanata’s last words here are so meaningful and fitting because it’s exactly what he has been doing all this time - staying by her side, never leaving her no matter how much pain it caused him; it’s as if without her realizing it he became a constant in her life at some point . And how poignant is the fact that Kanata is actually talking in future tense here? HE IS BASICALLY PROMISING HER TO STAY BY HER SIDE IN THE FUTURE AS WELL! IT FEELS LIKE A VOW!

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Hi imagine Zero's face when he will see that Yuki finally pregnant with his child. And then Yuki with the large stomach and Zero kisses it and feels Rens heartbeat inside

Omg, yes!

He’d be so damn happy, and then he’d be so damn papa bear over Yuuki. But Yuuki wouldn’t need it because she’d be kicking ass, anyway, with the help of her pureblood pregnancy hormones. x3


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of a white rose

stephanie w.
in the quiet ocean of your softest
phantom, we surrender our prayers to
realms beyond the gleam

tainted of thy guilt, such love majestic
kissed of shadows that rescind quite
near in nightly awe

his bejeweled silhouettes, boasting barren
of a white rose, teased of tender words
that fade, bemoaned and tasted
whilst you sparingly repent

fawned of crystalline ash that spills
endlessly, the pangs that dance amid
your absence, flesh that rabidly ignites

cruel and ablaze with the sickly 
ornamentation like the light that smoothly
radiates beyond thy baring

pleading of sadder thresholds, to
behold the garment to release; bleeding
silently that embers fall, crafted
careful, in cold blending

whilst he pricks the rose, without a
thorn; unwound and tender, so
her prey begins, to caress and uphold
you, stilled in thick night of day.

When I was at Kennywood a few days ago, I ran across some people wearing shirts for a departed family member. His face was printed on the shirt. It was a really bad picture. It was black and white and low quality. I don’t know anything about that man, but I just remembered and felt very sad. It’s so tender. He meant a lot to someone, and his life is over now. Like, when you’re not famous, when you die your life only matters a little bit longer to just a few people, and eventually everyone stops caring. Like, your story doesn’t really matter anymore. idk what the fuck I’m talking about.

I just feel bad. I really hope there’s an afterlife. Being an atheist boring and depressing. So many people deserve so much better. Life isn’t fair.

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Agent please--from "He wakes briefly while she's washing his hair" to "You just - why in the world are you walking around?" Thank you!

//So for this part I mainly wanted to start creating contrast between Obi with his guard up and Obi with his guard down. Obi and Shirayuki are 105% strangers - Obi is as sketch as they come and self-centered and bent on his own survival to boot, and Shirayuki has a strong moral code that she sticks to even when the situation calls for self-preservation rather than charity. At this point, Obi is still in some danger of dying. The whole situation has woven some weird spell. Obi’s walls come down, and he’s reduced almost to the temperment of a child; Shirayuki is frightened of him, but also completely fascinated by him. She’s never seen anybody who looks like him, much less met anyone who acts remotely like he does. So she slips into this tenderness without really knowing why, tenderness and kindness that Obi has probably never experienced before in his life.

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Hi Lexie! If it's not too much trouble I was wondering if you could explain what you mean by "SBu would never" in this tweet? Sorry, I'm just confused :/ twitter. com/fyeahgh/status/764274869978759171

Hi anon :)

Lol. I just meant that SBu’s Jason was always so soft towards Elizabeth. He treated her in a very tender way, sort of delicately (that might be the wrong word). He never really raised his voice towards her, definitely never rolled his eyes.
BM’s Jason is kind of the opposite, he’s just completely over her and it’s clear the only thing b/w them is Jake. But story wise, given everything Liz has done to Jason, it makes more sense for him to act like that. Idk that’s just my opinion though, everyone sees things different.

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39 drarry please. Thanks

Sure! :)

Prompt: 39 - Dreams

Characters: Harry and Draco

Additional Information: None

A soft laugh floated in the air as Draco leaned into the slightly rough hand that was so tender against his cheek. He raised his gaze to the bright green stare in front of him.

 I have always loved those eyes. Draco thought as he moved his own hand up to the free hand that rested on the ground between them. He let his fingertips trace patterns between the knuckles, beside the veins, into the dips of the wrist,  and up the forearm. 

Then he brought the limb up to his face, gently pressing a pattern of small pecks and butterfly kissed from the elbow to the wrist before finishing the path on the dark haired wizard’s palm. Harry laughed the entire time, gently swatting at him and telling him to “Stop, it tickles. Draco!” 

The Slytherin finally pulled back, smiling wistfully at the other male. He’s so outstanding. I wonder if he knows. 

Harry noticed Draco’s eyes on him as his laughter died down. He glanced around, pretending to be searching for what Draco was looking at with that face. Draco chuckled and leaned forward, pressing his lips against the other wizard’s smile.

Both pulled back, gently and slowly, smiles blooming across their faces. 

Draco sighed before speaking. “Harry Potter, I love you.”

Harry opened his mouth to respond, but his voice was muffled. 

The blonde furrowed his brows. “What?”

And then the sunlight startled him to full consciousness, shattering the dream like a mirage. Draco blinked sleepily a few times before raising a hand, heavy as lead and overly sensitive from his deep sleep, and running it through his bedhead.

Of course, it was too good to be real. Draco frowned. Then he sighed and smiled. At least it was nice while it was lasted. Then he grabbed a pillow and wrapped his arms around it, holding tight and snuggling into it. Maybe someday I’ll tell him.