he is so sure of himself

On Adrien discovering LB has a crush on him...

Instead of him being upset that LB doesn’t like Chat, his “real self”, which even then I don’t quite see. Seems to me Chat is more Adrien allowing himself to have fun and be at eased with those that he’s comfortable with and doesn’t really separate the two sides. So! How about:

  • Adrien being super DELIGHTED that LB has a crush on him. 
  • on him, Adrien Agreste. 
  • she notices him, and likes him and he is delighted and giddy he can barely stay still. 
  • she likes him.
  • his lady really does has a crush on him!
  • and he gets so damn smug when LB teases that she could resist him when he’s untransformed and he knows the truth.
  • “Yes, sure Bugaboo, whatever you say.”
  • And he has that dumb smug smile that he knows something that she doesn’t and she’s just all, what? 
  • but there’s a job to do so she won’t think about it too much. 
  • and Adrien, flirting with LB as a civilian, watching her get flustered and shy and so damn cute around him. 
  • it’s too much for this lovestruck fool; he’s just falling more and more in love. 
  • and since he flirts through puns, LB kind of mentally crying
  • Adrien is punner
  • she still loves him but he puns too
  • she can never escape puns it seems 
  • and Chat noticing LB fondly staring at a poster of Adrien
  • and he’s blushing
  • so delighted, but also so sheepish cause that him she’s admiring and adores and loves
  • And Adrien, being unable to resist, constantly reaches out to touch LB
  • touches her shoulders
  • leans into her space, just to watch her blush cutely, and to be close.
  • and once, while gazing at Adrien’s poster, she asked Chat, “Have you ever seen anyone so amazing?”
  • LB you’re killing this boy.
  • just, Adrien being super happy that LB has a crush on, that she does love him and he so wants to reveal himself so they could be together but he resists because there’s solid logic in keeping identities secret and he does agree with it. 
  • but he’s also so wishful
  • and knowing his lady does like him is just so torturous. 
  • but she loves him, she really does
  • and it just sets his heart aglow
  • and like the romantic that he is, he believes with all his heart that they’re meant to be and will be together
  • this romantic nerd
  • this lovesick fool 

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So right Hanzo just seems to nap anywhere. Always sitting or standing with crossed arms and just nods off. Jesse thinks it's wild and Genji laughs at him and tells him Hanzo once stayed awake in the same position for fourteen hours during a lecture - he only lets himself sleep like this around you, dummy. And McCree is so stunned and sure enough everyone's always talking about how Hanzo never takes a break with them but here he is napping beside Jesse like nothing's wrong. Hanzo trusts him.

The first time it happens is when they’re on the carrier on the way back to Gibraltor after a mission. Tracer and Mei are up in the cockpit, leaving Jesse alone with Hanzo in the main body of the aircraft. Jesse’s exhausted, and he pulls his hat down over his face, stretches his legs out, and promptly falls asleep. He wakes after a short time to find that Hanzo has settled next to him, head on Jesse’s shoulder, fast asleep and snoring very quietly. He doesn’t move for the rest of the trip, and pretends to be asleep when he feels Hanzo jerk awake as they begin to land.

He notices it happen more often after that. Hanzo seems to be able to sleep anywhere, and Jesse begins finding him asleep in the oddest places. At the practice range, waiting for his turn. Sitting at the table in the kitchen with a mug of tea in front of him. On the roof of the Watchpoint, leaning against a wall with his eyes closed.

His teammates don’t seem to notice. “He never rests!” Mei says with a hint of awe in her voice as she watches Hanzo at the practice range. He’s just shot ten arrows in perfect succession, and Jesse’s pretty damn impressed with his marksmanship, as usual.

“What do you mean?” Jesse asks, confused.

“Hanzo. I’ve never seen him rest. I don’t know how he keeps his scores so high. I’m not sure he ever even sleeps.”

Jesse blinks and hums thoughtfully. “You don’t say,” he replies carefully.

He notices more, after that. How Hanzo only ever dozes off when he’s around his brother or Jesse. Jesse can’t help but admire the absolute stillness of Hanzo at rest – he supposes it’s a trick snipers learn quickly. It’s starting to become a thing – whenever Jesse is by himself, Hanzo will inevitably show up, greet Jesse, and fall asleep in his vicinity.

“Why’s he doing that?” Jesse asks one day. He and Genji are in the garden, pruning the tomato plants, and Hanzo is kneeling in the corner, apparently meditating but definitely fast asleep.

“He always has,” Genji says with a shrug. “He can stay awake for a long time – fourteen hours during a lecture, once! That was amazing – but he only sleeps around people he trusts.” He looks directly at Jesse, the green glow of his visor intense. “That means he trusts you.”

Jesse can’t stop the wide smile that covers his face, and he glances over at Hanzo. Very slowly, so Genji won’t notice, Hanzo raises his head and winks at Jesse before closing his eyes again.


#MICHAEL SCOFIELD LOVES HIS SON SO MUCH #since the minute he found out that he was going to be a dad #don’t even think about the fact that in both these instances he thinks he’s about to die and just wants to make sure his son knows how deeply he loves him #in case he never gets the chance to tell him himself #*cries forever* 

GOT7 Reaction 2 Calling Out Their s/o’s Insecurities

Oh!!! I loved the one you just did for MX, could you maybe kinda do that one but for my babies in Got7? You know the one with the fight? XOXO from a fan ❤            

Requested by anon. I hope you guys enjoy! The requests for certain things are closed until I get out all these requests in my inbox, sorry.

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Mark: He usually keeps his anger bottled up inside and isn’t the type to lash out at anyone. This time it went to far and he said things he didn’t mean to say. He’d be so shocked with himself. Wanting to make sure you’re okay, he’d try and calm his voice down, but right now you were upset and talking wasn’t what you wanted.

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Jaebum: He’d be seething and he would try and stop himself from saying something bad, but his self control at the moment wasn’t strong. He’d hold his head down in shame. Jaebum would walk away so he himself could calm down, before approaching you to apologize.

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Jackson: His eyes would widen and he’d instantly walk over to you. He’d apologize immediately, not letting you walk away from him. He’d beg you to forgive him, tears running down his face. (gif so doesn’t match, I know)

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Jinyoung: Silence. He’d be so upset with himself, but he wouldn’t go up to you or try and touch you. He’d apologize and if you didn’t want to speak with him, then he would understand. Before he’d leave you alone, he’d make sure that he told you he didn’t mean it and that it should have never come out of his mouth.

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Youngjae: He’d gasp and cover his mouth. As soon as he saw your face, he’d immediately hug you and apologize, over and over and over again. He’d have tears in his eyes knowing that he hurt you with something you were insecure about.

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BamBam: He wouldn’t really know what to say to you. He’d be surprised that he even said something so hurtful to you. He’d stutter over his apology, whilst trying to stop his tears from falling. He’d be scared about what you guys what do after this, and if you’d ever trust him again.

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Yugyeom: He too wouldn’t know what to say. At first he didn’t even realize what he said until he saw how upset you were. The words would echo in his head, reminding him of how much he hurt you. He wasn’t sure how you two would move forward.

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Queen in the North {Pt. 5}

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Requested: As always, by the loveliest people in the whole world

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: none that I can think of tbh

Word Count: 1,523

The past few days had tested your patience. When you were injured, Robb was content to sit by your bedside, reading for copious amounts of time. While he never complained for your benefit, you were beginning to suspect that he was growing stir crazy after being cooped up in his room for so long. The wound in his side was healing at a faster pace than anyone could have predicted, but Robb was still upset that he was not to overextend himself. You had done your best to keep him entertained, making sure that everyone dropped by to visit and finding him a book or two that you knew he would enjoy.  Unfortunately, it seemed that no matter what you tried, Robb would have much rather been out in the courtyard teaching Bran how not to shoot him in the side.

Somehow, you had managed to fool yourself into thinking he was content to laze around in his chambers until you found him attempting to sneak out of the castle and take a short ride on his horse. Thankfully, Grey Wind had all but taken your door off of the hinges before leading you to the stables so quickly that you were nearly sprinting to keep up.

When you found him struggling to saddle his horse and failing miserably to hide the blood seeping from the wound on his side, he only spared a quick glance at Grey Wind before reluctantly making his way back up to his room. You spared him the lecture after linking your arm in his, deciding that the look in his eyes after realizing how worried you were was proof enough that he had learned his lesson. But that didn’t make you feel any less rotten that he was going mad after being restricted to resting in his chambers for so long.

Which was exactly why Robb was sitting beside you at your morning needlepoint lesson with Sansa. It had been your life’s work to avoid attending, and the awful artwork in your hands was proof that you only attended after you received a scolding from Catelyn that was not nearly as scathing as it should have been. Unfortunately, Robb was usually your excuse to miss them, and he had begged you that morning to accompany you, if only to get out of his rooms for a bit.

“You know that I hate those blasted lessons.” You said softly, trying to ignore Robb’s pinky linking with yours, breaking down your will power to say no by the second.  

“I know that you do.” He said, in a tone that told you he wasn’t really sorry for attempting to persuade you to break him out of his room. “But I have been in here for forever-”

“You’ve been in here for a week, and no longer” you laughed.

“Well, that’s beside the point. I would very much like to no longer be in my rooms. I guess that I could take Grey Wind for a walk instead if you would prefer.” You felt his eyes shift from where your hands were lying on the bed to study your face. You allowed yourself a deep sigh before meeting his questioning gaze and nodding once. The smile on his face was enough to make you forget that spending your day practicing your needlepoint was the last thing in Westeros that you wanted to do.

You had been clumsily attempting to embroider the Stark Family Sigil on a handkerchief. You had done it many, many times before, but after not practicing from so long, your stitches were clumsy and it looked nothing like the direwolves that you loved. Grey Wind was sitting calmly at Robb’s feet, a lazy smile in his eyes. It was almost as if your favorite direwolf could sense your growing discomfort, and Grey Wind showed no sign of sympathy for you, choosing to nap lazily near Robb’s chair instead of coming to entertain you. Robb was content, sitting beside Sansa and working away at a design. You were growing antsy, wishing that you were tucked away in the library or laughing with Arya in the courtyard while she practiced with her sling shot. After an incident a few years ago, you were allowed nowhere near her favorite weapon, but nevertheless, Arya did love an audience.  

You glanced around the room to see that you weren’t the only one whose project was not coming along as planned. Most of the girls in the room seemed to have more interest in Robb’s presence than their assigned work. You were hopeful that they were simply intrigued by a new presence in the room, as opposed to being interested in your dearest friend.

You had tried your best to be attentive, but after a few hours, all that you had to show for yourself was half of a sloppily completed Stark Sigil. You sat your pitiful attempt at needlework beside you, resolving to work on it later. You met Robb’s eyes from across the circle, and you would have known that twinkle in his eyes anywhere. He was proud of himself. And when he showed you the needlework that you had thought was going to be a clumsy mess to reveal a beautifully sewn rose. Sansa announced that it was time for tea, but you were rooted to your seat. Robb came to sit by your side, sliding the needlepoint into your hands.

“I thought that you might like to keep that.” He said with a bit of a chuckle. “I will never live it down if Theon and Jon were to find out that I somehow managed to needlepoint a rose.”

You ran your fingers over the soft thread for a moment before asking “How did you manage such a beautiful rose? Lord knows that you’ve never picked up a needle in your life.”

“You know that I am a naturally talented person.” Robb said, only managing to keep a straight face for a few moments before throwing his head back, allowing a full-bodied laugh to echo around the room.

After a few moments, silence swallowed the room again, leaving you alone with Robb and your racing thoughts. After the past few days, you weren’t so sure that those two things were the best combination that you could have ended up encountering.

The two of you sat in silence for a long moment, before you glanced down at your hands, which had somehow already found each other while resting on the bench. You took a few moments to relax, basking in the warm sun of the early afternoon. It was an unusually warm day in Winterfell, and you could tell that Robb would have much rather been spending it out in the woods.

“I truly am sorry that you are all cooped up in the castle, you know.” you said, resting your head on Robb’s shoulder as he traced circles on the back of your hand.

“I know that it isn’t your fault, but I would give anything to take Grey Wind hunting today. You know that he loves to run in this kind of weather.”

“I know. But everyone is telling you that you need to rest.” You glanced up at him, grateful that he was focused on watching the light dancing on the windowpane. “Maybe you should think about listening to them.”

“Maybe they should think about listening to me.” Robb was holding in a laugh, knowing that him grabbing his side in pain was not going to help the case that he was trying to make. “I think that I have been on bed rest for long enough to justify a day trip.” Robb didn’t pause long enough for you to protest. “We wouldn’t even have to hunt. Grey Wind could come with us, just you, me, a small picnic. I’m going crazy stuck inside all day.”

“I don’t think that you getting onto a horse is the best thing that you could do for your side, Robb.” He was breaking you down, bit by bit, and if you didn’t find an excuse to say no, he was going to get his way.

“We wouldn’t even have to take the horses. The pond isn’t that far away, we could manage the walk, and I could do with the fresh air.” His eyes were lit up

“Robb, I don’t think that this is a very good idea.”

“I just want to make it up to you.” Robb was getting frustrated.

“I know that you want to make it up to me, but there is really nothing that you need to make up for. The best thing that you can do for me is to stay in bed, and to get better. That is all that I really want.”

The two of you were so lost in thought that you didn’t even hear Sansa coming in to inform the two of you that the tea was getting cold. However, she stopped short when she saw that the two of you still had not moved. Needless to say, the two of you did not make it to tea that day.

Self-Destructive Clay and Protective Tony

So like after Hannah’s suicide and hearing the tapes, Tony knows Clay hasnt necessarily been taking care of himself. And that makes sense, he understands because he had the same problem, believe it or not. Yeah he made sure his appearance was still on point but if he’s honest, his appearance seemed to be the only thing he had control over. Tony’s guilt manifested itself in a strictly more mental way, like how distant he became with Brad, his family, everyone else but Clay.

But after the tapes are released, and having to be under the spotlight at school, having to listen to the gossip and whispers play the background music every second of his life, being looked at with accusation, and later being subpoenaed and having to actually lay out and evaluate himself his relationship with Hannah and everything he didn’t do— Clay just. Clay stops caring. Because now he doesn’t have a mission, he isn’t impassioned by the need to give Hannah justice. He just. He’s burnt out after weeks of running on empty and he just. Does. Not. Care.

And Tony notices. How can he not? Even though Clay has done his best to shut him out, he also has lost motivation to do anything, so sometimes when Tony offers him a ride after school (like he does every single day), Clay accepts. Not defeated or resigned. He just crawls into Tony’s passenger seat and gets lost in the scenery until they reach his home and Clay will wordlessly climb out, lugging his body around like dead weight until Tony’s sure Clay has made it inside.

So Tony inserts himself, coercively into Clay’s life. He’ll invite himself over to hang out even tho they sit in Clay’s room doing nothing but watching videos on Clay’s laptop. Tony tries so hard to start a basic conversation but Clay will only answer in unintelligible mumbles and grunts.

Tony invites Clay to Monet’s, the movies. He’ll walk into Clay’s room now, rifle through his closet and dirty clothes to find Clay a presentable outfit. Tony basically has to start undressing Clay so that Clay will stop him and dress himself.

And Tony starts to make lunch for him and Clay to make sure his scrawny ass actually eats during lunch period.

And then one day, on one of their usual “forced” hangouts, Clay asks Tony for help with his spanish homework.

Clay starts making requests for lunch everyday. To which Tony gives an unimpressed look, “You know im not your personal chef right?” But he totally follows through. And clays expression every time he opens THEIR lunchbox to reveal something homemade and delicious becomes a highlight in Tony’s life.

when Tony comes around, Clays dad lets him know that he is basically a part of the family and that he’s welcome to come in anytime, no doorbell or announcement necessary.

One day when Tony comes over and lets himself in. He had told Clay to be ready coz he was dragging him to a carshow (Clay had groaned and rolled his eyes, but agreed nonetheless) and when he gets to Clays room the door is ajar but instead of making his presence known, Tony stands there as he watches Clay throwing clothes out of his closet, each rejected article tossed aside with an indignant huff.

Then Tony clears his throat and Clay turns around so fast he stumbles on a pile of clothes but still tries to act casual, placing his hands gingerly on his hips, then crossing his arms over his chest, flounders in the air until he finally settles his hands inside his pockets. Clay eyes Tony with a blush and a tight smile, shoulders stiff and too upright.

Tony tries his hardest to pretend he didn’t notice ANY of Clay’s closeted distress (no pun intended) but fails miserably as he stares at the ground with a disgustingly pleased smile on his perfect lips and handsome face.

Tony’s a nice guy though. “You ready Clay?”

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Prompt 15 gen for Hunk, but it's the team cooking for Hunk instead of Hunk cooking for the team <3

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

Today was just unlucky.

Hunk was never the sort of person to wake easily or quickly.  He set himself three different alarm clocks to make sure he didn’t just smack them off in his sleep.  So when the alarms went off in the awful, wee hours of the morning, Hunk always found himself disjointed and out of it.  When there was a real purpose for it, the adrenaline kicked in and he was ready to go.

When there wasn’t, Hunk was just grumpy.

By now they were all used to the exercise - and the real version - so they managed to make it to the control room in the allotted time.  But their time was basically identical to the last few times, so they still got told to work on it and set to practicing with a scowl.

After that, it was agility training, which Hunk hated.  He could manage, physically, once he got started, but Hunk just wasn’t a ‘do it in a second’ kind of person.  He wanted to double check his calculations, wanted to think everything through.  And, yeah, he got that he didn’t have those things in the real world, fine, whatever.  Didn’t make it more fun in the moment.

Between Keith, who was naturally speedy and never second-guessed himself, Pidge, who was a bonafide genius and could recalculate on the fly, and Lance, who was fairly fast and incredibly competitive, Hunk managed to consistently finish last all morning.

By the end, Hunk was tired, he was sweaty, he was irritated and his pride was wounded.

“Did you see that!  Snatched victory right out from under Keith’s nose!”  Lance threw up his arms in jubilation, ignoring the way Keith visibly bristled from the other side of the room.  “Awesome, right?”

Hunk hunched his shoulders in.  “Yeah.  Great.  Good job.”

The lack of enthusiasm made Lance pause, and he frowned at Hunk.  “Something wrong?”

“No,” Hunk replied.  “It’s just a long day.”

Lance’s brows jumped up and he tried for a smile.  “It’s not even lunch yet, dude.”

“I know.”

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Dean is going to be pissed.

No, scratch that. He’s going to kill Sam, that simple. It’s not like Sam doesn’t really deserve it. They had talked and finally made an agreement and well… now things are bad. Real bad.

Sam wonders, for a second, if he should kill himself before Dean gets home. At least he could make things quickier and a little less messier. Unfortunately the devil seems to be summoned by his thoughts, and in the next second his big brother is entering the room. Sam gulps.


“Hey yourself.” Dean replies, smiling easily. He’s relaxed and in an obvious good mood, so maybe, just maybe Sam can escape that one– but he’s a Winchester and good luck isn’t something they have. “Is everything okay, baby?”

“Yeah, sure.” Sam says, even if things aren’t okay at all. He hopes his anxiety doesn’t show on his face. “So, I know you said only one cat, but listen–”

Dean isn’t really listening. He’s whistling softly, too happy about some random reason, and Sam is starting to freak out because his big brother is just going to enter the goddamn room and…

“Dean– wait, don’t open the door!”

Too late.

The moment the door is open, a dozen stray cats escape the room and hide everywhere across the Bunker. Not that it really matters right now, not with Dean staring at Sam with such an unreadable expression that Lucifer would back away. Sam licks his dry lips, suddenly feeling like a 10 years old again.

“…I can explain.”

“You better start talking, then.”

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Can you please do a jealous lams? Lams fuels my soul🌌 Btw love your blog💝

I hate myself I’m so behind on one shots omfg


Alex liked to think of himself as patient. Well actually he thought of himself as a lot of things, and most of them weren’t true, including being patient. He gripped his pencil a bit tighter, nails digging into his palm as he glared at the paper in front of him.

Honestly he wasn’t even looking enough - he wasn’t even sure if he remembered what the paper was. All he knew was some girl was flirting heavily with John and John was flirting back. His bottom lip was caught harshly between his teeth, biting down harshly.

“I just love your curls…” She was from somewhere in Europe - at least that’s what she said, Alex could have sworn last week she was from Louisiana, and the week before that California, and the week before that…

John smiled, those perfect teeth all on display, the kind of smile that usually made Alex’s heart flutter. Now it just hurt him. “Thanks, though some days I think they’re more hassle than their worth.” She pouted, leaning over the arm of the chair John was sat in, “Well I think they’re worth a lot. They make you look so cute, so easy to hold on to…”

John’s face flushed red, and he looked away, eyes flickering around. Alex had taken into just staring at his paper, missing the uncomfortable look John was sending his way. He cleared his throat, “So uh, Jessica, where are you from again?”

“Oh a little town in England. Moved to America for college - and I’m just so lucky to meet one of the cutest guys here too.” John’s obliviousness added to Alex’s jealousy anger. 

“Oh? Who?” She giggled, laugh high pitch and fake, making Alex roll his eyes, “You silly.”

“M-Me?” John pointed to himself, freckles deepening as he flushed.

“Yes you!” She twirled her short hair around her fingers, legs crossing seductively, she leaned forward, voice dropping, “Do you want to maybe get out of here and - “

Alex slammed his book shut, causing the two to jump. Without saying a word he grabbed his books and pencils, cramming them messily into his bag. John tried to get up, stumbling a bit before standing. “W-Where are you going Lex?”

“Back to my dorm.” Alex muttered, clipping his bag shut.

“But - you were - you were supposed to help me!” Truth be told John was really good at Physics, but Alex had looked so cute when he tutored and the look on his face whenever John did something right…

“Well, I doubt we’d get anything done.” He sent a pointed look to Jessica who waved, she was nice enough, Alex couldn’t help but feel bad for not liking her, but he didn’t like her. “So I’ll be going back. I have a paper to write.”

“You already wrote it!” Alex sighed, turning around.

“Then I’ll edit it. I’ll see you later Laurens.” John frowned, Alex only called him by his last name when he was upset.

He flopped back down, hands resting in his lap. “Now, where were - “

“Did he seem upset to you?” She blinked, “I mean, I know you barely know him, and I know him. But sometimes he seems upset and he’s not! And sometimes he doesn’t seem upset and he is. So now I’m just not sure if he is or if it’s just…one of his moods.”

Jessica leaned back, chuckling softly to herself. “How am I so oblivious…?”

He turned to her. “What do you mean?”

Crossing her arms she gave him a look, “You and him.”

“Me and…? No no! Alex and I - we’re - “

She held a hand up. “He was jealous and left. And you’re clearly upset that he left.” She shrugged, “It doesn’t hurt me, if anything I’d rather be told upfront so I don’t mess with anyone’s feelings or confusion.” She checked her phone, “Sides, I gotta go. I hope it all works out John.” She smiled, kissing him on the cheek, and as she left didn’t feel a spark, didn’t feel butterflies or nervousness. 

She smiled to herself, boys were so dumb sometimes.

~     ~     ~

Laf held Alex to his chest, holding the tearful man. “God I hate being so emotional about this! It’s not like we’re a thing!”

He handed Alex a tissue, watching sadly as more tears over ran the first few. “It’s understandable Alexander, you two have been pinning after each other for a long time.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “You mean I’ve been in a one sided crush too long?” He sighed dejectedly, “Yeah.”

“Please, you and John are more in love than Romeo and Juliet. And they literally killed themselves to be together.” Alex glowered at the comparison, “You know I hate  “

Someone knocked on the dorm door, and Laf, leaving Alex bundled up in his blankets, went to answer it. Standing outside was a red faced John, curls a mess from what Laf assumes was running. He cocked a hip out, other arm slung on the door. “Yes?”

“Laf? Is Alex here?” Alex’s eyes widened as he desperately tried to rid the evidence of him crying.

“He is, why do you want to see him?”

“I need to talk to him!”

“Vous devez lui parler de ce que?” John frowned, “C’mon Laf, don’t do that.”

“Notre petit Alex pleure et vous voulez juste parler? Sur quoi?!” Laf was standing taller, towering over John, who refused to back down, glaring right back at him.

“I need to tell him I was being an idiot today! That I love him!” Laf faltered, stepping back.

A few moments passed, John glaring at a wide eyed Laf, Alex half way off the sofa, before Laf began to smile. “Took you long enough mon amie!” He hugged John, grabbing his jacket before waving good bye to Alex.

John entered, eyes growing sad at the tissues around the couch. “Alex - “

“I heard you…did you - did you mean it? That you love me?” John nodded.

“I have been in love with you for a while. I was just always so scared you wouldn’t love me back. Which, looking at how we are together, was stupid. But I was scared. And Jessica mentioned how we - when you left she…apologized, saying she didn’t realize we were together. And I had to take all my confidence and everything just to - “ Alex was standing in front of him, hands reached out and he grabbed the front of John’s shirt, bringing the taller man down, lips softly pressed together.

They both leaned back a few moments later, eyes half lidded. John smiled, Alex giggled. “Why did we wait so long?”

Alex shrugged, absentmindedly playing with a few lose curls, “She was right though,” He said, “The curls are really well for holding on to.” He winked as John’s face flushed. 

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Don't have a tumblr, but did have another thought about the truth teeth! I haven't rewatched that ep in a while, so something in it may counter this headcanon, but. Do the teeth compel objective Truth, or do they compel the wearer to say what they believe to be true? In other words, does Stan-wearing-the-truth-teeth say he's a completely selfish jerk, not because that's the Truth, but because that's genuinely how he sees himself? That's the image of himself he holds and believes to be fact?

This is a good question!  Basically we’ve got two things: we’ve got the evidence presented in the episode, and we’ve got the page in Journal 3 (which was written later, presumably, and thus could be retconned a bit).

Here are the pages from Journal 3:

(the code above the map says “90% sure he’s a werewolf”.

So the things here that are interesting to me are: the teeth are first described as dentures and great for someone who doesn’t have any teeth; but later Ford says they fit snugly over his own teeth and he was able to go about his business and speak with them in.  

(I almost wonder if that’s a retcon to explain the fact that while in the LGSoH segment, Stan is shown as having no teeth himself, and wearing dentures, which allows Mabel to put the Truth Teeth in his mouth; he is in later eps shown asleep, with teeth.   Either sometimes he sleeps in his full dentures, or, the Truth Teeth story was fictional and he actually still has his own teeth.)

At any rate, Ford says the teeth force an inability to lie, and as an example he says he admitted to speeding (thus getting a ticket, suggesting that if he could have lied, he would have), and clearly told the mailman that Ford thought he was a werewolf.  This sounds a lot like what Stan is depicted doing in the episode – not just telling the truth when asked, but volunteering what they really think, even when nobody asked them (”Because I regularly commit massive tax fraud!”).

These examples do seem to land on the side of “forced to blurt out the objective truth” (or in Stan’s case, to WRITE the objective truth, since he also writes “I HAVE COMMITTED TAX FRAUD” on his tax paperwork).  Stan volunteers a lot of information without being asked, and it’s mostly of the factual variety, rather than the subjective variety: “In addition I’ve been parking in handicapped spaces, shoplifting fireworks, and smuggling endangered animals across multiple state lines.”  There’s very little room there for “it’s just the truth as Stan sees it”.

(I mean, I don’t want to take away from anyone who sees that story as evidence that Stan was unaffected by the Truth Teeth, and all of his blurting out stuff was him playing around with saying whatever he wondered under cover of the Truth Teeth, while conspicuously failing to blurt out any major truths.  Because that would also be pretty funny, and in-character for Stan!  I’m not sure if that was intended by the episode, but it’s a fun headcanon.  Because if Stan really was involuntarily blurting out all of the stuff above, then how did he AVOID blurting out about the basement and the Portal?)

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Have you seen all the articles about Darren suffocating her social life and isolating her away because he wants to keep her to himself and he doesn't like any of her friends? They're al like the blinds expect they name her and him. If there's so many rumours about it then elements must be true. And specially the fact that there's so many and at such a fast rate. But I'm sure we'll have Darren calling up GC saying it's all fake. Haha because that's what he wants

Oh Gossip Cop already denied the original story that Jen’s friends don’t like Darren. Someone’s PR team denies every single Darren story which to me is stupid. In public relations you don’t directly deny a negative story unless it’s really vile and destructive. If it’s just gossip or harmless, you ignore the story or run a counter story that negates the rumor indirectly (for example pap pics of the two looking happy). To deny a rumor validates it and spreads the rumor to a wider audience. 

So, either their PR is really an amateur operation, someone’s ego refuses to accept a negative story, or someone’s PR is looking to extend the reach of this gossip and issues denials so that more people can see the original story. 

Not sure what’s happening and right now only lower tier tabloids are running these stories, but the idea is out there that Darren is a controlling person and that Jen is trapped. And it’s a believable story as the Blind Gossip comment section can attest. 

Anxious!Clay With Supportive!Tony Headcanons

Request: Headcanons for Clay’s anxiety and Tony supporting him?


A/N: Sorry about the slight delay, I hope you like it! I wasn’t sure if you wanted boyfriends or platonic, so I just didn’t mention it.


Warnings: Anxiety, Panic Attacks


Anxious!Clay and Supportive!Tony Headcanons…

  • Clay isn’t one to be upfront and say he’s nervous, instead his body tends to give it away
  • His legs are shaky, and his hands can be too, and he often squeezes his fingers in an attempt to ground himself

  • Just about anything can make him nervous, in fact he can panic over literally nothing
  • It gets particularly bad around exam time at school, and Tony never fails to notice

  • He’s been noticing it for years, and he makes it his mission to do everything he can to support Clay
  • Tony tries not to make a huge deal about, he doesn’t want to make Clay more nervous than he already is

  • He’ll drive Clay to and from school, and often take him to have afternoon so that he knows Clay is eating
  • He’ll wrap his arm around Clay’s shoulders more frequently and give him a supportive squeeze

  • Clay quietly loves this, and he comes to crave it around these points in his life
  • Tony will invite Clay out to do fun and distracting activities with his brothers

  • He and his brothers make a point of proving how tough they are, so Clay has nothing to be worried about because they’ve got his back
  • Tony supportively squeezing Clay’s hand

  • Letting Clay stay over- though they usually stay up all night ‘cause Clay can’t sleep
  • Helping Clay to get through all his school assignments on time

  • Clay gets distracted and draws pictures on Tony’s skin and he just lets him
  • Tony glaring at any student who says something even remotely rude to Clay

  • Staying close but keeping a comfortable distance when Clay has a panic attack because he knows not to touch him
  • But he always talks Clay through those panic attacks because he wants the boy to remember he’s right there with him

  • Cuddling with him for hours after those panic attacks, just softly singing to him and stroking his hair once Clay lets him touch him again
  • He makes sure that Clay is drinking enough water

  • Softly singing him to sleep as he gently strokes Clay’s hair
  • Meanwhile Clay’s staring at him with heart eyes

  • Tony calling Clay’s parents to reassure them that he’s safe and well
  • Watching over him when he sleeps at his house incase he gets nightmares

  • It turns into anxious!Tony who worries he isn’t enough of a help


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Head canon that when Damian died, Jason put a bug in the coffin, right under Damian's hands. It only activates if Damian takes his hands off of the button on it, and when it does, it contacts every member of the Batfamily within range and tells them to get a shovel. Because Jason had to dig himself out of his grave and if Damian does wake up down there, he wants to be sure someone is there so Damian doesn't have to go through the same thing.

Did they bury Damian? I feel like after one kid is resurrected and claws his way out of the grave you probably wouldn’t bury the next one. 

That would’ve been a surreal discussion. ‘Do we cremate or just like put him in a freezer just in case’. 

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Not sure if for log or a request but I wanna read a fic of Links first reaction to seeing Zelda in her white prayer dress,he is simply blown away by how beautiful she is wile Zelda worriedly rambles on about how she's unsure of if praying helps, meanwile link is all "you are seriously the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" and he loves her shoulders and catches himself looking at the her back multiple times.

Dear Anon, I AM SO WRITING THIS. Thanks for your lovely idea!

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Matt Murdock with a NYPD shirt? Is he pretending to be a cop and the rest of the clothes are in the bag? So curious where he got that shirt lol

     We’re not sure what to make of that (which is why it’s taken us so long to answer, sorry!). It doesn’t seem like that would be part of a typical cop’s uniform, so we don’t think he’s pretending to be a cop. (Though that would be very cool). It’s notable that, minus the shirt and tie, he seems to be wearing one of his normal work suits– possibly even the same one he’s wearing in the teaser:

    Our best guess is that something happened to his shirt, and he found himself in a position to steal that one for the sake of not being half-naked in public. Or maybe a cop (Misty?) gave it to him. We suppose there’s a legal option too…

    As a random sidenote, we love that they’re sitting in front of a poster of four people holding hands. There’s no way that wasn’t intentional.      

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(Headcannons or scenarios, you can choose) for when Matt and his s/o are finally reunited?

  • He’ll hesitate before approaching his s/o. It’s been so long since he last saw them, and he has to convince himself he’s not dreaming about them again.
  • If his s/o didn’t immediately throw themselves in his arms, he’ll approache them slowly and ghost his fingers over their cheek, just to make sure they’re actually there.
  • There’s lots of crying. Lots of crying, lots of hugs, lots of “I’m sorry”’s and “I love you”’s.
  • He refuses to leave his s/o alone for the next few weeks. He’s basically attached himself to them. Eating dinner? He’s there. Sleeping? He’s there. Showering? He’s there. If they’re not comfortable with him showing with them, he’ll sit outside the door and wait for them to finish.
  • He’s super protective of them, (about as protective as he is with Pidge) and he get’s super stand-offish if he thinks someone is a threat to his s/o or their relationship.
  • He seems a little distant sometimes. Being kidnapped and imprisoned by aliens for a year can do stuff to people, if you didn’t know. These little bouts of reclusiveness are usually rather brief, though, and he quickly goes back to being very affectionate with his s/o.

- Admin A

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hey there! can i request a prompt for any of the youtubers you write for with the prompts "That's terrible idea!" "I know, I know." "Hold on, I'll get the camera!" thanks! love your blog btw! 💙

This is such a Markiplier prompt, though! I immediately thought of him upon reading it :P So I’ll do it with Mark, hope you enjoy :D

Originally posted by calypso-talisman

“Boom, I’ll be jumping into the swimming pool! I’ll do it!” I had that idea and it would surelly complete the video and make it hilarious for sure, but…

“Jumping into the swimming pool?” Mark repeated emotionlessly.

“So what do you think?” I stared at him excitedly, forcing him to tell me his opinion about it since he didn’t seem too keen of doing it himself.

For a moment, he just stared at me. He made a face, as though he was disgusted or outraged by what I had just said. 

“That’s a terrible idea!” Mark told me in that deep voice of his.

“I know, I know” I averted his gaze, feeling stupid and embarrassed.

“Hold on, I’ll get the camera!” Before I could look at him again, he had stood up and ran to get it at superspeed.

So meanwhile I went outside and walked over to the swimming pool while Mark came back with his camera. As soon as he did and he gave me a thumbs up, I grinned mischievously.

Judging by the smirk on his face, a very smug one, he did not think I was going to jump. But I smirked even wider than him when I prepared to do so.

It was our thing, challenging the other and being all playful like. Even though we never ended up doing any of the things we said or that we dared the other to do. I just thought it would be hilarious to do it this time.

“Yolo!” I screamed to the camera as I jumped into the water.

Before I dove in, I could see the look of utter shock and disbelief in Mark’s face. Speechless, his jaw dropped and his eyes grew bigger.

When I swom to the surface, Mark had put the camera on the floor and was staring at me.

“Oh my God, you actually did it!” He freaked out a little as he ran to the edge of the swimming pool and offered me a hand.

“I told you I would do it!” I exclaimed back as I took it and he effortlessly pulled me out of the water.

“I’m supposed to be the stupid one, Y/N!” 

“Calm down, silly” 

“Calm down?!” Hurriedly, he took his jacket off and put it over me. “Are you crazy? It’s winter, that must be fucking freezing!”

“Didn’t think I was gonna do it, huh?” Even if I was starting to shiver and it was definitely very stupid, I couldn’t help but to smirk again. “You must have seen your face!”

“Oh, shut up!” Still apprehensive and nervous, he urgently pulled me into a hug and wrapped his arms around me as he tried to warm me up.

But as I cuddled him for warmth I thought that it was definitely hilarious.

Magnus Bane is one of the most important characters to me because-
• He is a bisexual character who has had relationships with both males and females and his sexuality isn’t erased for it
• He doesn’t speed up his relationship with Alec to begin with, as Alec was someone who wasn’t yet ‘out of the closet’ and wasn’t sure of himself and his sexuality.
• His character is so much more than 'bisexual man’ who loves to sleep around, as is usually the stereotype
• He is a perfect example of being totally and unashamedly yourself, regardless of being in the face of discrimination and prejudices.
• He is a sass and style icon.

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not quite. there's a version of him in the universe you're currently in. he's… probably more of a sleazeball here, actually, but we don't know your entire life story so it can't be said for sure. let it just be known, though: the you from here lost his eye to this getter. we pretty much all agree that getter's a pos. lmao

“So he actually broke ‘my’ eye here himself… ? Where I come from, he didn’t even bother getting his hands dirty. He used to launder money for us through his business interests in Chinatown, ‘til he decided that wasn’t enough, an’ double-crossed us… ”

“The plan was to have some hired goons with Irish accents take me out in a real public way - to disrupt the truce we got goin’ on with their mob an’ spark an all-out war, leavin’ the Ricciarellis to loot the battlefield. But those guys couldn’t aim for shit - I got away with a chunk’a my cup missing, but unfortunately so did he, with a briefcase full’a whatever Crazy G was cookin’.”

“That was a huge, huge setback for us. An’ I’ve been determined since then to not let anythin’ like it happen again.”