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How long is it before Matt finds out his Peter is actually the prince?

Legit he doesn’t find out until after he asks Tony to meet his alpha to discuss a dowry for Peter when Peter’s seventeen. Peter’s in it for the long con because he’s afraid if he tells Matt he’s a prince he’ll stop talking to him. Tony laughs so hard he almost pees himself. “Oh honey,” he says, wiping tears from his eyes. “Absolutely. I will set up a meeting.” “…Thank you, sir,” Matt replies after a moment, unsure. At least it hadn’t sounded like mean laughter. “Mama,” Peter hisses on the way to the carriage. Tony bursts out laughing again. “MAMA.”

Tony is in tears again as he tries to tell Steve and Bucky that Peter has a suitor that would like to discuss a dowry but he’s laughing too hard. Peter is as red as a tomato and keeps tugging on Tony’s sleeve and whispering for him to please, please, for the love of all that is holy, shut up. Tony can’t be stopped. He has to run to his room to compose himself. Steve and Bucky watch him leave, smiling with equal parts affection and confusion even as they give each other ‘what the fuck was that’ looks.

Finally, though, Tony calms down, and is able to speak without bursting into giggles. “Your son has a suitor.” Steve and Bucky blink at him slowly. “Our son has many suitors, dear. You’ll need to be more specific,” Bucky says slowly. Tony bites his bottom lip, hard, to keep from giggling again. “His name is Matthew.” “Oh,” Steve says. “How nice. …I don’t recall a Matthew at any of the parties.” “That’s because he hasn’t been to any parties.” Steve and Bucky stare at Tony silently. Peter wants to die.

Eventually it gets explained that Matt is a commoner, not a noble. The corner of Bucky’s mouth twitches and he makes a high-pitched sound. Steve’s face betrays nothing. “Clearly we will have to go meet with him,” Steve says slowly. Peter nearly has a panic attack then and there. “Wait! He doesn’t know I’m a prince! Dada you can’t!” Steve’s face continues to betray nothing. “We’ll have to go to the market with you next time, darling.” Tony can’t help it. He bursts into giggles again.

Having the entire royal family (barring the queen) walking through the market is enough to make everyone go silent. Harley is too curious to wander off and Peter wants to die everyone is looking at him. He’s used to it but this has a certain tenseness to it and he doesn’t like it. He kind of wishes Harley hadn’t followed them.

Claire notices them approach and goes white as a ghost. “Claire?” Matt asks after a moment. “Are you alright?” He tilts his head a little. “Why is it so quiet?” “Young man,” Steve says solemnly, and Matt surges to his feet, looking bewildered but also terrified. “Sir!” “My omega has told me that you wish to discuss a dowry for my son.” “Yes sir. I would. I like him very much,” Matt says, terror fading, because oh, it’s just Peter’s father. He’d thought something awful was happening, but no, people just wanted to be nosy because he wanted to work out a marriage. (Tony and Bucky and clinging to each other. Tony is crying from the effort not to laugh. Bucky has his face buried in Tony’s neck to smother the soft noises he can’t manage to choke back.)

“What can you offer my son?” Steve asks once he’s sure neither of his husbands are going to pass out. Matt frowns, thoughtful. “Well… I plan to be a magistrate, sir, once I finish all my studying. It will be a meager salary in the beginning but once I establish myself I should earn enough money to keep Peter comfortable. I like Peter very much,” he repeats, straightening his shoulders. “And if I could marry him, I–I’d be the happiest man in the world. Peter’s witty and clever and… and he doesn’t think my blindness is a hindrance at all. I think I love that the most.” Peter covers his cheeks and looks down at his feet, wide-eyed, because Matt said ‘love’ in front of his parents and brother and all these people staring at them and he doesn’t look ashamed about it. “I doubt I could pay what Peter’s really worth,” Matt adds seriously. “Peter is priceless. You’ll probably get offers from suitors more well-off than I. But I can promise that if you let me marry him, I would do my best to make him the happiest he can possibly be.”

“…Well,” Steve says after a moment, looking thoughtful. “I would have to discuss it with my mother. This hasn’t been done in our family for…decades.” Matt nods solemnly, then frowns, confused. “What hasn’t been done for decades?” “A prince marrying a commoner,” Steve explains. Matt nods. “Oh.” That makes sense. Matt wouldn’t want to ask Peter to do something without the queen’s okay if it was improper.

It takes a few seconds before Matt blurts out, “WHAT.” “I, uh,” Peter stutters. “I’m a pr–I wanted… surprise?” “WHAT,” Matt says again, and then frowns. “No wonder you had such soft hands.” “You’ve held my son’s hands?” Steve asks after a moment. “Absolutely not,” Matt lies. Steve likes him. He likes him enough that he waits until they’re back in the carriage and on their way back to the castle before he laughs and laughs.

(“That was really nice, Steve,” Tony says later, when they’re back at the castle and Peter has scuttled off to be embarrassed elsewhere. Harley has followed him with a grin that promised hours of good-natured ribbing. “You were really nice to Matt.” “Yeah,” Steve says, lips spreading into a wide smile just bordering on humor. “He performs well under pressure at least.” “You should tell your ma about him,” Bucky adds, and Steve nods in agreement. Tony smiles. Matt’s a perfectly likable person. He was glad they liked him even if it was short-lived.)

((Sarah tilts her head. “It’s been done before,” she admits after a moment. “My great-grandfather took a commoner as a wife. Peter’s an omega so he wasn’t going to inherit the throne before Harley. We’re on friendly terms with almost all of the neighboring kingdoms.” She frowns thoughtfully. “Let me look into this a little more and I’ll get back to you, but I’m leaning more toward yes.” Tony looks up from his needlepoint. “…Yes for what,” he asks after a moment, because she couldn’t be suggesting–that was preposterous, that just wouldn’t do–“I see no reason why Peter would not be able to marry Matt,” Sarah explains. Tony stares at her, stunned, then blurts out a horrified, “No! Absolutely not! It’s not done!” And in the end almost alienates his entire family from him.))

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Hi hi <3 Can I get headcanons for Toshinori Yagi and Aizawa Shouta (separate) with a fem s/o who is quiet but loves giving and receiving affection?

I like these little romantic headcanons, they’re sweet


Yagi Toshinori

• He’s a pretty loud guy, but only sometimes, so he’d appreciate the quiet you provide.

• He’d always shower you with love and affection, so you wouldn’t really have to go out of your way to let him know that you want attention; he provides enough for you on his own.

• He likes that you want to give him attention too, but he lets you know that it isn’t necessary. He gets a lot of attention from the world already, so you don’t have to do anything special for him.

• Still, if you like to anyways, he lets you know that that’s fine too. It reminds him of how much you love and care about him.

• He can be a bit awkward when it comes to actual romance, such as flirting, but he’d do nice things for you in his own little way.

• One of the small gestures of love he makes is making you lunch for you to take to work. He’s really good at making homemade meals, and he knows you like them, so he’d make them for you every day as a little display of his love for you.


Aizawa Shouta


• This guy isn’t the most affectionate person in the world, but that’s okay. He gives you love and attention in many different ways that aren’t the generic, romantic types.

• First off, you’d never feel like you have to fill the silence with him. He doesn’t say much anyways so the quiet is normal for him. He’d actually prefer that to talking, especially for really stressful days.

• His ways of giving you attention are a bit different. He never asks if you want to do things, he just makes small statements about it. For example, he could go to your room and say, “There’s a hero documentary on TV,” and that’s it.

• This is his way of inviting you to spend time with him and asking for company. He’s not super good with expressing feelings like that, though, so you know by now what he really means.

• The best ways to both give and get attention from Aizawa is asking him to teach you how to do something. He’s very thorough about everything he does, so you’d be there for a while. You’d spend time with your boyfriend, and you’d learn something new—it’s a win-win situation.


Inspired by an ask @justpidgance had.

Day 3 of Pidge Ship Week (and my first plance fic this week). @pidgeshipweek

She’d loved him every since he’d had fallen off that damn tree branch. 

And it made it so much harder to remember. 

She had just gotten out of school, and had walked home instead of taking the bus that day.

She was sitting on her bed, reading a book she had snuck out of the school library, when suddenly she heard a thump and an oof! outside her window.

She frowned, setting her book down, and slowly opened her curtains.

She shrieked, and the boy hanging onto her windowsill winced. 

“Why can’t you be a bit louder?”

“Kitty? You okay?” A voice came from the downstairs, and Katie paled. 

So did the boy, and he motioned for her to keep quiet.

“Nothing, mum!” She called, and the boy groaned.

“A’right. Come down for supper, dear!”

“Sure, mum!” She slid open the window, and stared at her friend. “Lance, what are you doing?”

He sighed. “I’m a bit preoccupied, love, could you-,” She grasped his arms and pulled him as hard as she could, making a muffled squeak as he fell on top of her with a thud.

Get off of me!” She hissed, and shoved him off of her. “What are you even doing here?”

He tried to stand up, but winced in pain. “I wanted to-agh-see you.”

She sighed. “Oh, Lance, what have you done now?”

“Nothing, it’s just sore.” He smiled weakly, but she gasped as she saw the bloody stain on his shirt stain.

“Oh, let me get you a bandage.” She rushed to her desk, and took out a roll, sitting down next to him and wrapping his arm. “What were you thinking?”

He inhaled slightly at the pressure. “I told you, I wanted to see you.”

She flushed. “And why’s that?”

“Oh! Nothing, really.”

“Lance.” She said testily, yanking the bandage a bit harder than she might have needed.

“Oh. Well…….,” He swallowed. “IheardthatKeithwasgoingtoaskyoutothegamethisFridaynight.”

“What?” She drew her eyebrows together. 

He gulped. “I……I heard Keith was going to ask you to the game this Friday. The one against Daibazaal.”

She frowned. “Who told you that?”

He looked away. “I heard it around.”

“Well, you heard wrong. We’re just friends.” She sniffed, and tied off his bandage. “You can’t trust everything you hear.”

“I-I know that. I….I just wanted to know if it was true.”

“And?” She prompted.

“Um…congratulate you?” He said weakly.

“Liar.” She said, and grabbed his shoulder. “Lance. If there’s anything you want to….to ask me….do it now.”

He blinked, and then stood up suddenly. 

“I-I have somewhere to go.” He announced to no one in particular. “I-I’ll see you tomorrow, alright?”

“Lance-,” She started, but he was already halfway out the window.

She was alone.

Why couldn’t he let himself be happy?

And then came the day.

She woke up the sound of a zipper.

“Lance?” She tried to sit up. “What’s going on?”

And he looked so trapped, bag at his feet, boots half on.


“Katie.” He walked over and sat beside her. “I-,”

“You’re leaving.” She whispered. “You’re going, aren’t you?”

“I want to be bigger than this. Now that-,” He gently touched her belly. “Now that this little one is here. I can’t be so selfish anymore.”

“Lance.” She grabbed his shirt. “Lance, you aren’t being selfish, you don’t have to prove anything to me, I love you no matter what-,”

He looked at her sadly. “I have to do this, Katie. For you, and for them.” 

And he kissed her one last time, and slung his bag over his shoulder, and started out the door.

She threw off the blankets and stumbled after him. “No! Lance, no!”

And she saw him open the door, and step out and she ran after him, out into the street, after the vehicle that sped away.

And she fell down in the middle of the street, and started to weep.

For she had never felt so alone.

“Mrs. McClain?” The voice came through the door. 

Katie frowned, and peered at the entry hall, the water faucet still running over the pan in the sink.

She dried her hands, and slowly walked towards the door, slightly wincing as the heaviness in her front pulled her back.

“Yes?” She said as she opened the door, and gasped. “Keith?”

And there was no mistaking those violet eyes and black hair falling out of his cap. 

He smiled a bit as she embraced him tightly, pulling back to notice his uniform.

“You joined-,”

He nodded. “I’m afraid I’m not here on personal business.” He swallowed, and drew out a letter from his pocket. “This came from your husband about two weeks ago. His regiment was last heard from over…..over some territory in the north. This….this was his last letter.”

Her fist crumpled around the paper. “What?”

“Katie. Lance…..we haven’t received any communication from his regiment.”

“No.” She said, voice barely above a whisper. “No.”

“The whole unit has been pronounced missing in-,”

“No!” She cried, and crumpled to the floor.

“Katie, I’m so sorry-,”

“No.” She whispered, on her knees in the doorway. “No.”

Why did you have to do this for me?

More angst. 

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Hey Erin!! Could you write some headcannons of Teruxdaisou, BoKuroo and IwaOi about them taking care of a child (maybe nephew or a lost child?), like comforting them and making them happy quq

Sure thing ♥

Let’s say that the pairing is at the park and they spot a crying child who got lost from their mom, so this is how they take care of them before their parents find them. I hope that’s alright!

Terushima x Daishou:

- They would decide to sit down with the child and wait for the mother to find them, not wanting to leave the child alone.

- Yuuji would be natural with the kid, his calm atmosphere helping relax them. He’d ask them questions about their day, distracting them from crying.

- Suguru would be a bit more awkward. He isn’t the best with children, so he would mostly be quiet, afraid of saying the wrong thing so not saying anything.

- When the mother finds them, Yuuji & Suguru would politely step aside to give them room. Refusing her offer of paying them in thank you.

- As soon as he can, Suguru would pull Yuuji away to resume their date. Yuuji would tease him a bit about how awkward he was being, kissing away his boyfriend’s embarrassed pout. 


- They would split off into teams to handle the situation. Koutarou would be trying to calm the child while Tetsurou goes to find the mother.

- Koutarou would do his best to make the child laugh, playing peek-a-boo even if the kid is too old for that, making knock-knock jokes, etc. Anything for a smile.

- Tetsurou would run around the park, eventually finding the mother who is calling out a name and looking around frantically.

- As soon as the mother and child are reunited, Kou & Tetsu would feel very proud that they helped. 

- Tetsurou would lean over and kiss Kou’s cheek, commenting on how good he is with children. And Kou would grin, mentioning how it’s good practice. For the rest of the date, they talk mindlessly about their future.


- Since it’s a big park, they would walk around with the kid to find the mother, thinking that it would take too long to just sit around.

- Tooru is actually really good with children. They just automatically like him, even when he doesn’t do anything. Same thing for Hajime.

- The child insisted on holding both their hands. It was the only way that they would stop crying. Though the kid’s hands were too small so more like they were holding their fingers.

- When they found the mother, she thanked them greatly for helping her child and offered to pay them for their troubles. They denied it.

- Tooru & Hajime held hands as they wandered off, resuming their walk. Both were thinking about what it would be like to have their own kids.

Usually Bones is so casual when he’s off duty that people on board can forget that he knows all their personal information. Not that he’d ever misuse it. But one night everyone was very drunk, amd Jim was insisting that Bones couldn’t possibly remember who on board has an appendix. So everyone lined up and Bones walked down the aisle. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. No. You’re species doesn’t have one. Yes. Yes.
100% correct.


I’m so glad they gave Roadhog a more serious comic about what he thinks of the world after he fought so hard to protect his home. 

And then they did what I’d hope they’d do: 

They showed us how they met. 

And how Junkrat apparently just picks and chooses bodyguards out of random bars to take care of him… I guess it was fate.

Anyway, more importantly:

My favorite part, where he says Junkrat is a liar. 

So Blizzard is interested in giving Junkrat more than just the comic relief role. 

Roadhog says he’s a liar who lies to himself most of all.

Lies to himself about what?

I may be wrong and this may be open to interpretation, but maybe he means Junkrat’s hiding his true feelings about his circumstances, about being “happy” and energetic all the time. 

He’s “not the quiet type” so he lies loudly, as opposed to Mako, who hides the truth by saying nothing at all.

Some people bluster and talk to hide their insecurities or their pain. 

I really like this line. It adds a dimension to Junkrat that I hope we see. 

He’s full of bluster, a yappy little mad max chihuahua with smoking hair, but Mako’s smart enough to see more in him. 

He thinks very little of everyone, based on the previous dialogue:

“They deserve what they get” “World deserves them.”

Mako remembers the past, knows how this wasteland came to be and he’s disgusted by the people who’ve settled into it, who’ve made it their home, because they don’t care about what was lost, only what they can now gain.  

He might be looking for treasure and spoils with Junkrat, but I don’t get the feeling that he cares that much about it. 

Otherwise he wouldn’t claim the queen and the others were just fighting over scraps. 

Again, personal opinion. 

But I think he was just looking for a purpose. 

And a way to strike back at a world that never cared about him, that left him and his people and his home in ruins. 

So going all over the world, wrecking rich people’s shit, stealing gold and pachimaris with Junkrat… yeah, I think he’s doing it not because gold is all he cares about, or even Junkrat’s treasure, whatever it is. 

I mean, he doesn’t even know what Junkrat’s treasure IS here. I doubt it’s just money, that would be lazy of Blizzard. 

I think he’s doing it because he’s still aching over a failed rebellion and has nothing to lose. 

And why did he choose Junkrat to stick with?

Out of all the people in the world he could’ve stuck with?

Because Junkrat is a liar, who lies to himself. 

Because other people it would seem, are liars too, but they keep their lies to themselves, and Mako apparently trusts the “loud” type more than the quiet type. 

And like I said before, because he’s on a quest for revenge, because he wants the civilized world that made his home a living nightmare have a taste of their own medicine. And Junkrat, explosions-extraordinaire, noisy but trustworthy, a real idiot, but an honest one?

Well, it really was meant to be, I guess. 

He took him up on that offer quick, didn’t he?

When making your brother an ARMY backfires …

Me: Mom, after the divorce, when you leave Dad, you don’t plan on staying single forever, do you?

Mom: I’ve never thought about it, why?

Me: Well, there’s this guy. A Korean guy.

Mom: A Korean guy?

Me: Yeah, can I set you up with him?

Mom: Uh, how on Earth did you get in contact with a Korean man? We live in South-Asia.

Me: I have my ways.

Mom: I need details.

Me: Well, he’s 45 years old, you’re 40. It could work out.

Mom: Name?

Me: Bang Shi Hyuk.

Mom: Anything else? Has he been married before?

Me: Nope. He has seven sons, though.


Me: No, they’re all older than me. And very well-behaved, too. Like they’ll take care of you. Not the other way around.

My brother *walking into the room*: One of them wrote a song with the lyrics, ‘I’m a master, baby, with your bra.’


My brother: And if you think they’re brothers, it’s anything but that. Incest left and right.

Mom: What kind of nonsense-

My brother: Oh and one wants to be Sex Porn Star.

Me *shoving hand over my asshole of a brother’s mouth* It’s not like that. They’re really nice. They do their homework-

My brother: Their youngest failed his English exam.

Me: They’re modest-

My brother: Their computers get invested with viruses because they watch too much porn.

Me: They go to bed on time-

My brother: Two of them play videogames until five in the morning.

Me: They’re down to earth.

My brother: Their eldest thinks he’s worldwide handsome and once said his own mother cried when he was born because she could never be as beautiful as him.

Me: They’ll help you with the house chores-

My brother: One of them said he wants to be a rock in his next life so he could sleep and not do work.

Me: They’re very quiet and not noisy like-

My brother: They scream on the top of their lungs when they’re excited no matter what the setting.

Me: They’re super smart-

My brother: Once, during this interview, they were asked what their favourite American food was and one of them said Sprite. No joke.

Me: They dress well-

My brother: Did I mention this really short one stripped down at an award show to flash his abs?

Me: Mom, don’t listen to him! You’ll inherit a company-

My brother *snorting*: Yeah, a company that doesn’t equally distribute lines.

Mom: Get out of my room.

Mom: Get out of my room, right now.

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