he is so quick though


I plan to dance for you today. So, if you don’t come, I’ll probably be lonely. To me, ‘people’ are you and only you. That’s why you must come.”

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So I watching this short video about synesthesia and it got me thinking on what if Fushimi were a synesthete, either having been born like that or strain powers. And no one knows (except Anna because Anna knows everything) and one day Munakata notices and manages to somehow subtly ask him random questions like "Is the night too sweet, Fushimi-kun?" etc. Sorry if this is such a weird ask xD I'm not sure if I was able to word it out properly.

I like the idea of Fushimi having been born like that but he tries not to tell people about it because he thinks it’s just another thing that’s ‘wrong’ about him. Like when he was little he used to say things about how certain numbers and letters had a color to them or that a word tasted a certain way and of course Niki found this hilarious and taunted him about it at every opportunity. Meanwhile Kisa hears about it and assumes that there’s something wrong with Fushimi and tells him to stop making things up, like she doesn’t bother to do any kind of research or call doctors to find out if there’s truly something there she just doesn’t want her kid to embarrass her by saying that the date of his birthday looks blue and yellow. Fushimi’s takeaway from all this is that he’s embarrassing and probably imagining things and even though he tries his hardest to make the feelings go away, to tell himself that he doesn’t have a sense of numbers or sounds being colors. But no matter how much he tries to hide it Fushimi can’t really bury any of those feelings, when he first meets Yata he has the strangest feeling that Yata’s voice sounds ‘red.’ Even so Fushimi never tells that to Yata, maybe one night he’s sleeping over at Yata’s house and the two of them are sharing an ipod and listening to music as they sit in Yata’s room, Fushimi drowsily makes a comment about the sounds being green and quickly makes up some excuse when Yata asks him what he’s talking about.

So then Fushimi joins Homra and of course he doesn’t want to tell anyone there, though Anna knows and sometimes they sit and talk about it (everything in Homra always feels very strongly red to Fushimi, voices and the sound of wine glasses clinking together. Anna, who feels all the world and takes it inside of her, knows something of what Fushimi’s talking about and says that it’s a pretty red even though she knows that the red she sees and the one Saruhiko feels is different). When Fushimi moves to Scepter 4 he continues to keep up his usual act but Munakata slowly starts to notice things, like there are maybe cues in some of the way that Fushimi does his paperwork because Fushimi doesn’t always remember to arrange his work alphabetically and sometimes arranges it by the color of the sound instead. The non-alphabetical papers are always in the same order though and Munakata suspects that Fushimi’s seeing something in the words on the page that Munakata isn’t. Munakata starts slowly feeling Fushimi out about it, like he’ll ask Fushimi what color the day is or which of several numbers appears to be 'closest’ to him. At first when Fushimi realizes what Munakata’s trying to do he panics a little, assuming Munakata’s trying to get him to slip up and prove that there really is something wrong with Fushimi that needs to be corrected. Munakata assures him that this is not the case and maybe even mentions that Fushimi has synesthesia, by now of course Fushimi’s googled the condition and knows that it’s a thing that exists but he’s still stubborn about admitting that it exists in him. Munakata thinks it’s praiseworthy though, Munakata of course has an interest in people who are special in all areas and to Munakata this is just another part of Fushimi that is unexpected and fascinating. It takes some time for that to really sink in for Fushimi though, that not only does Munakata know about Fushimi’s condition and not find it odd but he thinks that it’s a positive, that to Munakata someone who can see and feel things others can’t is an asset rather than a liability.


Now it’s time for our precious maknae, Jeon Jungkook

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of two, a lil boy and girl
  • They’re actually twins
  • The lil boy looks a lot more like Kook and the lil girl definitely looks a bit more like you 
  • He does cry when they’re born, he doesn’t go into full on sobbing but he does have a few tears running down his cheeks and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen him smile on his face
  • He holds his lil girl first while you hold your son and he’s just so amazed and he can’t help but gently touch her cheek to make sure she’s real and her lil hand grabs his finger and she's s o lil and he just melts
  • He’s a bit worried at first bc he’s never had children and “oh my god he’s crying, is he okay, should I take him to the hospital what do I do I NEED JIN HYUNG”
  • Tbh Jin’s on speed dial for the first few months
  • He’s a quick learner though so it doesn’t take him long to get used to the idea of being a father but every now and then something happens and Jin gets a call at 3 in the morning with a panicked Kookie
  • “Hyung she fell what dO I DO”
  • “pick her up??”
  • He’s super nervous when they start walking bc he says they purposely team up on him and walk in different directions
  • He ends up running back and forth between them to stabilize them every few seconds and he’s just a panting mess by the end of it and his lil bbys are just giggling bc they thought it was just a game of tag or something
  • They’re actually pretty mischievous
  • They purposely wiggle around when Kook’s dressing them bc they find it amusing to watch him try not to get frustrated
  • Putting on their socks are the worst bc then they kick their lil feet so he can’t even grab them
  • It takes like ten minutes just to dress one of them and by the time he has one done, the other’s already taken off all of Kook’s hard work and they just play the game over and over again until kook eventually gets smart enough to ask you for help
  • They behave for you though and you manage to dress them both in under two minutes and kook is just like h o w
  • Despite their love of messing with their father, they truly do love him
  • One night, lil princess has a bad dream and she just comes into your room and pats kook’s hand bc it’s hanging off the bed and it’s the only thing she can reach
  • He wakes up pretty easily bc dad mode kicks in when he hears her sniffle and then she’s immediately in his arms
  • His arms are so strong and comforting around her and he holds her against his chest and he’s just pressing kisses to the top of her head and whispering to her
  • “It’s okay, appa’s here, you’re safe, I promise nothing will hurt you while I’m here”
  • The thing that calms her down the most is when he sings to her so he starts humming her favorite song and strokes her hair back so he can wipe her lil cheeks off 
  • He sings to them a lot
  • His favorite time to sing to them is when they’re taking their baths bc that’s when they clap along for him and he somehow ends up putting on a full show for them
  • He starts dancing Danger for them in their lil bathroom and they’ve both got their hair up in soap mohawks bc Kooks a child and they’re both giggling s o loudly and clapping their lil hands for their father
  • He performs upon request
  • “Appa, do the shoulder dance!!!”
  • “No appa, do the rolling one!”
  • He also really enjoys singing them their lullabies bc he sits in their bed with them and he has his lil boy’s head against his side and his lil girl is hugging his leg and they’re both fighting off sleep but it’s really hard bc kook’s really warm and his hands are rubbing their backs
  • They come to the studio with him a lot
  • His twins both copy his every movement when he dances bc they think he’s a really good dancer and they want to learn how
  • He, Hobi and Chim often give them some simple choreography to practice bc bts’s choreo is a bit intense for four year olds
  • But they take it s o seriously and they dance away in their lil corner of the studio and every now and then, kook gives them a sign of approval or corrects them
  • They both adore Chim bc they always see Kook with him and he always shares his ice cream with them
  • Lil boy’s favorite spot to be is on top of kook’s shoulders bc “whoa appa you’re tall”
  • He likes to kick his lil feet and just hangs onto kooks hair and looks around at everyone
  • Lil girl would much rather just be carried bc she can fully relax against kook and she can use his shoulder a pillow and he always wraps her up in his jacket when it’s cold
  • He’s super supportive of them no matter what they do
  • His lil girl gets into sports while his lil boy gets into dance (even though they both love to dance) and he’s honestly the loudest dad there
  • He just cheers and jumps up every time lil girl earns a point for her team and he just brags about how “that’s my little girl, that’s my daughter”
  • He’s also their giant teddy bear
  • Whenever they want hugs, they just climb into his lap and hug him as tight as they can
  • Family cuddles are his favorite bc then he has you on one shoulder, his lil boy laying on his chest and his lil girl on the other shoulder and it’s just a lil bubble of love and he loves it
  • He’s just a really good father and it’s such a nice thought

Imagine a sleepy Woozi coming up to you, asking for cuddles.

Don’t tell me this isn’t what happened at the Falls.

(Saw the Lego Batman movie again….couldn’t stop thinking about this.        Taken form the scene with Batman and the Joker at the beginning of the movie - fit too well with The Final Problem’s scene with Holmes and Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls!)

One coldflash-related thought on this episode because I really can’t help it...

Barry’s way to stop Wells from killing him was to have a note that the team and his former self would find that would ‘out’ Wells’s identity – he forced a stalemate.

Guess who Barry must have got that idea from? ;) Because Leonard definitely pulled the exact same move to stop himself from being imprisoned by Barry in 1x16. Just sayin’ – even now, we can see the way they’ve influenced one another.


“Mabel, please…”

daemon-prisoner a réagi à votre billet “.”

Kingsglaive sheds some light into the immigration topic somewhat. Being so spoiled and pampered by the Wall, apparently they hate outsiders, but it seemed that Regis was a generous man who took people in. I’m assuming that immigration laws weren’t that strict, but to the irritation of the people already in Insomnia. Lucis as a whole? Well, Insomnia always took priority​, it definitely seemed in game that every town was governed by the Hunters.

Not really on the long side, but long enough to put under a read more?

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Headcanon for Rafael taking care of his S/O while they're sick? -iraullylikeyou

@iraullylikeyou You’re a queen for requesting this one.

-You’re stubborn as hell. You’d totally try to get up for work in the morning, but he wouldn’t take any of your shit. 

-He’d send you right on back to bed the minute he felt your forehead.

-He’s even more stubborn than you are, and would refuse to listen to you tell him to go to work as he called in for the day. 

-Even though he wants to stay home to take care of you, he doesn’t want to get sick. He’d wrap you up in bed, give you one of his old Harvard sweatshirts, and then he’d be out of the room so quick.

-He’d still check on you every 30 minutes, though. 

-And he would go SOOOOO overboard with the medicines. He’d get out every kind of cold/flu medicine in the apartment and read the back of every single one before making an executive decision on which one you would take.

-When lunch rolls around, he’d call his mother to get the recipe for her special chicken noodle soup. 

-He’d sit with you while you ate, but then it was right back out to the living room. 

-He repeated this process again at dinner. 

-That night, he’d help you into a bath. He’d figure, “Hey, I’m dealing with soap, it’ll be fine” and he’d help you wash your hair. 

-You’d seem to be feeling better later that night, so he thinks it’s okay to sleep in the same bed as you. 

-And the next morning, you’re the one taking care of him. 

-He’d totally hate you for getting him sick, and of course he’d have it for longer than 24 hours. 

-But you made a pretty good nurse, and definitely made his mother’s soup better than he did, so it all made up for it. 

Stardew Valley is fantastic! It reminds me so much of when I used to play Harvest Moon at my grandmas house. (Which now that I think about it is kinda sad considering she had a REAL farm just outside…hmm.) XD Anyway Jack’s growing all them potatoes! I do hope for more episodes!

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Fushimi was never taught how to ride a bike because why would his parents do that and then Yata ends up teaching him either pre-HOMRA or post-reconciliation?

Aw, that would be kinda cute. Maybe at some point Yata offers to teach him pre-Homra and Fushimi refuses because that’s stupid, he’s not a little kid why would he want to learn to ride a bike. Yata’s a little upset because he thinks it would be cool if they could ride their bikes together but he swallows down the disappointment and lets it slide. Then post-reconciliation they end up reminiscing a little one day and Yata brings it up again, how he would’ve kinda liked it if they could’ve ridden bikes together and Fushimi feels a little bad because he didn’t realize that he upset Yata by saying no that time so he just shrugs and says that he supposes Yata could teach him to ride one now. Yata’s like wait really and Fushimi feels a little apprehensive but he’s like sure why not.

So Yata borrows a bike from the sports shop where he works and takes Fushimi to the park to teach him how to ride. At first he gets one with like training wheels and Fushimi scoffs that he’s not a kid, he doesn’t need training wheels. Yata’s like are you sure Fushimi states that he should be able to pick this up easy and doesn’t need something stupid like that. Yata isn’t so sure about that but he’s not going to argue so he watches while Fushimi carefully climbs onto the bike…and promptly topples right over onto the ground. Fushimi’s super annoyed and Yata has to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Fushimi climbs back onto his feet and dusts himself off, claiming that he was just off balance is all and he’ll get it this time. Cue falling off again. Finally Yata’s like maybe you should let me put the training wheels back on. Fushimi’s about ready to quit so Yata suggests they have Fushimi get on the bike and Yata will like stand behind him and hold it straight like Saru’s a little kid and Yata’s his parent or something (oh man imagine Munakata teaching Fushimi to ride a bike, all ‘Do not worry Fushimi-kun, I will not let go until you tell me to.’ ‘You can let go of the bike now.’ 'Certainly. Whenever you feel comfortable.’ 'I’m fine. Let go.’ 'As soon as you feel you are steady.’ ’Let go, Captain.’). Fushimi’s a little embarrassed to have Yata walking slowly beside him while Fushimi turns the pedals but then he starts getting the hang of it and Yata’s being all cute and supportive of Fushimi’s hard work. He finally lets go of the bike and Fushimi does pretty well for a bit until the bike hits a rock and he topples over again. By the end of the day Fushimi’s pretty bruised and annoyed at his failure to do something as easy as ride a bike, Yata just pats him on the back and tells him that he did pretty good for a beginner and they’ll try again tomorrow.

Marlowe’s head fucking hurt. He’d only had a week’s respite before he was shoved back to the commons with the other assets and forced to go back to work. Today had been a rough one too, trying to figure out where the fuck he was supposed to go to deliver this god damn package and with someone escorting him at all times now. 

He was apparently a flight risk because he’d punched a man in the face. 

Whatever. He’d get over it. 

Now that he was back and showered, he wanted to hide again, away from the people, away from the commons and as he was digging through his sheets, he found the key card to Ezra’s suite. 


The time it took him to get there was short, and as soon as he shoved open the door he was making his way back to Ezra’s room to steal a pair of his sweatpants. 

Even better. 

He heard a knock though in the middle of his quick change, so as he pulled the article of clothing on he walked back to the door and opened it with a huff. Like he actually fucking lived there. “Yes?” He asked, brow lifted, thin frame shoved against the wall. 


Bath (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder)
  • Eisuke: Luxurius. The bath water is warm, and the surface is littered with a thick layer of bubbles. He's on one side, pouring a glass of champagne. You hesitantly sit across from him. Earning a scowl from him. "You're not allowed to sit there, you're only allowed to sit in my lap."
  • Soryu: Simple. He's so busy that you often settle for a quick shower. Though it only lasts about ten minutes you're always happy to spend just a little more time with him. In fact you actually look forward to it. His hands rest on your uterus. "Is the water warm enough?"
  • Baba: Normal. Everyday you and lBaba always take a bath before bed. He sits across from you, and you both usually read with matching tray tables and beverages. His feet press against yours as you flip a page. The bright blue cover of his book catching your eye. His gaze steadies with your own as he smiles. "You know I feel like you could be Daisy, and I could be Gatsby, in a different life. I mean I love you just as much."
  • Mamoru: Sleepy. You get so relaxed when you lean against his chest, that you usually fall asleep. It ends with a heavy sigh on his end as he either hoists you out of the tub, or taps your face until you wake up. Of course when he tries the latter you usually just snuggle further into his chest and then you start to drool. "You are seriously a kid!"
  • Ota: Mundane. He drys your hair after washing it in the tub. He always washes your hair. "Geez Koro, what have you been rolling in!"
  • -SKY
  • Um, so I'm going for be traveling for a month. So I don't know if I can update because I'm traveling to the indigenous areas in India so their might not be wifi, but I'll try my best! So don't get mad if I don't reply or something