he is so quick though


I plan to dance for you today. So, if you don’t come, I’ll probably be lonely. To me, ‘people’ are you and only you. That’s why you must come.”

OK! So, I finally got this done! Well, more like I kept going and here I am with another monster. sooooo enjoy?

This is for @thatonefromthatthing as my second place winner!! And it’s only the first part ^^; I overwrote once again and the second art will be out by the end of the month, if not early April. So the fluff isn’t over till this is done basically xD

Summary: Keith always wanted to join the circus - something that most kids wouldn’t dream of, but for him, it was all he thought about. Going to a circus when he was younger was his drive, but it hadn’t been any kind of circus. It had been the Legendary Voltron Circus. Now that he was out of the foster system, he set to finding it, tracking it down to a small town in the middle of nowhere. After one show, it was all it took to rekindle the flame inside of him and make him join. He accomplished his dream, but he hadn’t counted on falling for the acrobat in blue along the way.

Word Count: 6388 (no comment)


[Part 1]

Keith adjusted the strap on his bag and took the key from the hotel hostess. This was his third town in a month and after driving all day, he was exhausted. For the past few years now, he’s been skipping from one town to the next, looking for a place to belong. But when you have some crazy interests that no one really gets, it makes it hard. He was still going, though, so that counts.

He mumbled a quick thanks and headed off to his room.

To tell the truth, he was only in this town for one reason, and if it weren’t for that, he would have skipped his town entirely. There was something here that caught his interest.

The Legendary Voltron Circus.

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Can I possibly request RAF and v reacting MC having panic attacks?

Panic attacks are different for everyone so I’m sorry if I forget to include a symptom! If you would like a specific one included please let me know and i will edit the post to include such ^^

- It happens while MC and yoosung are walking around his Uni campus
- He notices almost instantly when something is wrong with MC
- However he waits until they are in a more private area, he doesn’t want to embarrass MC in front of everyone, especially if the reason their behaving so strange is a personal reason
- So he waits until they are alone together
- He gets super worried all of a sudden when MC looks like their about to cry
- While holding them close he asks what’s wrong, and that’s when he finds out that MC has been having a panic attack
- Continuing to hold MC he rubs their back and asks if there is anything he can do to make it better
- MC assures him that even just being held like this makes them feel better and safer
- And so they stay like that for awhile
- MC calms down after being in yoosungs arms
- And Yoosung feels really happy that he was able to help!

- MC and zen are out at the mall, when suddenly MC seems distant
- Zen is completely oblivious at first 
- He doesn’t often get nervous about things like being in social situations 
- So he just cant figure out why MC is shaking so much, and they look pale
- He finally asks them whats wrong, and when he does he gets a half complete sentence, like MC isn’t fully there…
- This worries him even more, so he takes MC home right away 
- When they get home he asks again whats wrong, and he is met with slightly more words, explaining that MC just feels so vulnerable
- Zen then makes this connection to a panic attack
- He cuddles and coos to MC holding them close, telling them that he would never let any harm come to MC
- He will always be there to protect them, and if they ever feel like this again that they should let him know
- Eventually they came up with a hand signal that lets Zen know when MC is starting to panic

- Jaehee is very perceptive
- She suffers from panic attacks often due to stress from work, so she is able to recognize the signs as soon as they appear
- Her and MC were watching a movie, when suddenly MC seemed to go pale and began repeating words over and over
- Jaehee moved herself to MC’s side,paused the movie, and held their hands in her own
- “Im here, you’re safe…” she said firmly, making eye contact with MC while doing so 
-MC revealed that there was a scene in the movie that had triggered them, and made them panic
- And so Jaehee immediately changed the movie to a cartoon that she knew MC enjoyed
- She reassured them that they were going to be okay, that Jaehee was here now, and that it the past was the past
- They snuggled and watched the cartoon until MC calmed down completely

- Like Jaehee, he is very perceptive 
- He doesn’t necessarily know what to do though…
- So he does a quick google search, and finds some very useful information
- He sits down with MC, on a couch, offering them some tea, and then he asks whats wrong
- He tries not to put any pressure on MC throughout the conversation to answer 
- But he does ask things like that causes MC’s panic attacks, what are the signs or symptoms of MC’s panic attacks, and what they would find helpful in that moment
- As soon has MC tells him all this he begins to implement it
- Making sure to keep any eye out for every little thing, and immediately acting on it, be that getting MC to a secure location, or just giving reassuring hand holding 
- He loves MC so much, and that’s why he makes sure hes up to date with their mental health

707 / Luciel:
- He knows whats going on, but he doesn’t really know what to do either
- When he has a panic attack he mostly just delves into jokes or work
- So he is not really sure what he can do to help MC
- One day MC gets a really bad panic attack while stuck in Rika’s apartment
- Seven does his best to communicate with them over the phone and chat, trying to make sure that they don’t do anything rash
- He sends memes and speaks reassuring words, trying to make sure that MC is at least distracted instead of full panic
- and when it passes MC is grateful, but doesn’t feel like it necessarily worked the best
- So they tell 707 what they would prefer when they’re panicking, as nice as jokes are, they just provide a temporary relief for MC
- And seven listens, he understands that he doesn’t always know the answer to everything, so he takes the advice and starts using it whenever he notices MC panicking 
- The panic attacks have been a lot easier for MC to handle since

- He is prepared
- Lets get real, hes very protective, he has probably asked if MC has panic attacks before and has a list of things to do when such a thing happens
- However there are times when it catches him off guard, like if hes had a bad day or just a long day in general 
- He is always there for MC though, in fact, he has a quirk, he likes to take pictures of things he knows MC would like, such as cute animals or pretty flowers
- He likes to show them to MC when their feeling down
- This helps a lot, to see such calming things, or a puppy having fun, it just really makes it all better for MC 
- Theyll cuddle under blankets for a bit while looking at these pictures, talking about where they were taken, if V knows the names of the things taken, be that an actual pet name, or the biological name of a flower
- This leaves them both calm and collected 

The Summer (31/33)

The Summer (31/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 400,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 18,257 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: teasing, edging, dirty talk, neck kink, handjobs, stretching, penetrative sex, schmoop

A/N: Hey guys! Honestly, we cannot believe what a wild ride it’s been over the course of the last… how long? Few months that we’ve been posting this. When we started this RP, I don’t think either of us realized it was going to end up being over 400,000 words long, and yet it most definitely did. We set out for this fic to be an exploration of sexuality and, obviously, sex, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We honestly hope you guys have enjoyed this wild ride as much as we have! But don’t worry, this isn’t quite the end! We’ve still got the massive epilogue to go, a whopping 55K words long that we’ve decided to split in half and post back to back thanks to your guys vote!

On Friday, we’ll hit you with part one of the epilogue over at @snowbunnylester ‘s blog, followed by part two on Satruday on @botanistlester ‘s blog! Of course, it’s also getting posted to ao3 in the same chaptered fic as chapters 32 and 33, so stay tuned, and I can’t believe the ride is nearly over… I’m going to try not to cry!

Chapter Thirty-One

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It Started With A Storm

Hello! Cid here. I’ve never written fanfiction before or published any writing online, so I’m new to this. If there is anything I could do to improve this, please tell me! This will continue to be a series, but I’m not sure about the upload schedule. There are not a lot of warnings in this chapter but this will develop into to some deeper parts of Alexander’s past in the next chapter, so please be careful! If you have any questions, don’t be scared to ask them!

Ship: Jamilton

Words: 1320

Warnings: Minor swearing

It started with Alexander not checking the weather. The sky’s looked bad that afternoon but looked worse that evening. He wasn’t sure where John, Lafayette and Hercules were, because they were typically already by Alex’s side hours before thunder starts rolling. Alexander was currently sitting up in his bed, messy hair all over his face, tears brimming as he checks the weather on his phone. He decides that going to The Revolutionary Set Minus One’s dorm would be the best decision, seeing as the little do not disturb signal was next to the group chat. He didn’t really care though, so he sent the guys a quick ‘where are you didn’t you check the weather’ text and got out of bed.

Alexander picked up a black Twenty Øne Piløts T-shirt off the ground and put it on. It was a little big, going past his hips and ending about halfway down his red gym shorts. Alex picked up his phone and puts it in his shorts’ pocket, but doesn’t bother putting on shoes while he jog-runs down the hallway to Laf, John, and Herc’s dorm.

To Alexander’s horror, he arrives at the Revolutionary Set’s dorm and on the door, below a sign that reads ‘Revolutionary Set -Alex’, there’s a post it note that reads ‘Gone fishing for women’. That’s immensely ironic because John is gay as fuck and Lafayette and Hercules are practically married, even though they aren’t even dating….yet.  Alex considers heading to his sisters’ dorms, and it seems like a good idea until he realizes he would have to walk outside, into the storm, to get to his sisters’ dorms so that’s a definite no. A loud crack of thunder draws Alex out of his stance in front of Revolutionary Set’s dorm and brings him back to reality. Before he knows it tears are dangerously close to spilling from his eyes and he sprints back to his dorm in fear of having memories resurface.

He rushes into his dorm room with a flurry, slamming the door shut and leaning against it to support himself, with tears still threatening to from his eyes, and notices that Jefferson, his dorm mate, was at his desk observing Alexander’s’ erratic behavior. He wasn’t there when Alexander left. How long did Alex stand in front of the Revo Set’s dorm? Alexander was creeped out for a second, but remembered that Jefferson and Alexander were unfortunately assigned the same dorm. They were Columbia’s well known arch rivals. Some say they hated each other out of jealousy, some say for challenge, and rumors go round that its sexual tension. ‘If they weren’t enemies they’d be lovers’. What kind of disgustingly cliche crap is that? Jefferson coughs to catch Alex’s attention, because at the moment, random space had preoccupied him.  Before Alexander can explain himself for the commotion, Jefferson asks a very important question that  neither of them can answer.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of the gremlins?” Alexander stopped and thought for a second, realizing that out of the year and a half he’s known Jefferson, and 6 months he’s lived with him, Jefferson has come to notice he spends storm days with the Revolutionary set.

“I-I actually-y honestly don’t know actually. They left-t a note saying-g that they went to go 'fish for women’”. Alex’s voice shook a bit due to the buzz of emotions. Alex prayed to everything good and holy, like Doritos, that Thomas didn’t notice the unsteady quality in his voice. It would make him seem weak and vulnerable. That’s the last thing Alex wanted an enemy to witness. He still stood in the awkward position of leaning against the door as if he was trying to keep someone out. Alex refused to make eye contact with Jefferson, who was still sitting on his magenta velvet covered sheets across the room. Alex expected Jefferson to not speak again, seeing as he got his answer, but Jefferson said something that Alex took the wrong way.

“Those fuckers.”

Alex paused for a moment. Of course Jefferson wouldn’t want to be around a sniveling crying mess like Hamilton. Alexander turned and started reaching for the door handle.
“I g-get if you d-don’t want to deal with me. I-I’ll walk over to my sisters-”
Once again, Jefferson had surprised Alex. When Alex had turned the doorknob halfway, someone’s hand met his shoulder. Alexander jumped a little at the contact, and turned sharply to see Jefferson standing behind him.

“No no you don’t have to do that. I’m just a little annoyed that your support group went to go get shit faced when they knew you would need them tonight. And I am NOT letting you walk in the rain.“
Thomas was smiling sweetly by now, giving Alexander a warm, fluttering feeling in his chest. Like butterflies. But don’t you only get butterflies around people you like though? And Alex didn’t like his pompous pringle of a roommate, even if he did have a flattering figure and an amazing face- wait a second.

Alexander decided to speak up after a few seconds of silence. “So what are we g-gonna do about-t i-it?” And as if on cue, more thunder rumbled a little bit louder this time, making Alex submit to water in his eyes, letting out a small whimper as the tears rolled down his face.

“Well I’m going to do this.” Jefferson scooped Alexander into his arms, bridal style. Alexander yet out an embarrassing squeak, surprised by being picked up.

“You’re a lot lighter than I expected to be, Hamilton. You need to eat sometimes.”

Jefferson easily strode over to Alex’s bed, and set Hamilton down carefully.

Alexander was reminded of his self hate towards his body, something he developed when he was still with Lee. Alex mumbled something, thinking Jefferson wouldn’t hear him.

“Charles likes- liked me when I’m when I’m skinny.”

Thomas was confused about this ‘Charles’ character, so he just said the first thing that came in his mind.

“Well, Charles sounds like a real dick.” This got a giggle out of Alexander, a small, but real one.

Thomas walked over to his own bed and got an idea. He scooped up his computer and crossed the room, back to Alexander’s bed.

“Can I sit next to you?” Jefferson asked Alex in a soft voice. Alex nodded his head, sat up, and moved over a bit to give Jefferson some space to sit. Jefferson plopped down on Hamilton’s bed, sitting on top of the covers.

“What kinda stuff do you like to watch? You seem like a horror and science fiction documentary kinda guy if I’ve ever seen one.” Jefferson was practically on the dot with that assumption. Alex loved creepy shows, most of them in the form of documentaries like the X-Files and Making A Murder. He decided he didn’t want anything real or scary at the moment, so Thomas started playing a random episode of parks and rec. They were watching the show peacefully until a crack of lightning illuminated the room in a ghostly white, and then a shocking boom of thunder trailing it afterwards.

Alex jumped and a sob escaped his lips, letting more tears flow. Thomas moved closer to Alexander until Alexander was almost sitting on his lap. Thomas leaned over the side of Alex’s bed and picked up a green fleece blanket from off the floor, and wrapped it around Alexander and himself. Alexander leaned into Thomas, probably aiming for the shoulder, but the height difference had other plans so he ended up leaning on the side of Thomas’ chest. Alexander thought that Jefferson was going to push him off, but instead Jefferson leaned into Hamilton right back and wrapped an arm around his middle. They sat like this for a good thirty minutes, and Thomas was wondering if Alexander was getting sleepy of if he was already asleep. His unspoken question was answered.

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LoT S2 team in a Leverage AU, if you haven't watched Leverage then Stein/Jax House AU or Sara/Rip Kim Possible AU


like okay they have to be teenagers for this, but like sara is a junior in high school who is like, okay totally a kick ass agent? and her older sister is a lawyer, or will be, so she’s going to be filing to get a license to kill and then you all better wATCH OUT

rip is the nerdy british exchange student that like, basically he and sara get locked in a broom closet together and she’s trying to figure out how to get out, and rip is like, oh- we’d get out if you used this. and sara is like, where have you been all my life you beautiful nerd and rip is like um… in england?

god he’s so over the moon for her. she’s always saving him from danger and he’s so happy to just blog about her adventures but like, he is a very quick thinker so she does bring him along even though yeah no sara not really a fan of beating up bad guys, i dont have very strong fists, oh we’re already going

sara closing rip’s locker on him, tilting her head with her blonde hair falling over her shoulder, snapping her gum and going “so what’s the sitch?” 

Powerless (El Diablo x Reader)

A/N. This bitch is over 5000 words long, so prepare yourselves. The goal is for it to be three parts in total, and i’ve already started part two, so be ready for that (considering how long they are though, it could be a few days). I love this character, and he deserved better, so be prepared for more stuff for him. alright, I hope you guys like this, enjoy!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The locker room went from almost painfully loud to dead silent in under a second. Every man in the room turned to look at (y/n) as she threw her duffel bag into her locker and began to change. She was used to it. Instead of responding she pulled on her uniform jacket, clipped her belt around her hip, and crouched to lace up her boots, all without looking at the men surrounding her.

There weren’t a lot of women who worked as guards for Belle Reve prison, but even so there was a women’s locker room just down the hall. As a prank– which she later learned happened to every woman on her first day– (y/n) had been assigned a locker in the men’s room. Griggs, and a few of the other men, were hoping to get a laugh or two out of it, but when she changed without complaint, and without giving them anything to look at, they knew the charade had failed.

“(Y/l/n)!” Griggs barked, hoping to at least make her jump. Instead she turned slowly to look at him. He hated this woman already. “I’m Commander Griggs, your superior. Are you aware you’re in the wrong locker room?”

She raised an eyebrow when a couple men snickered around her, but gave him a pleasant smile. “I’m sorry, I must have gotten the wrong locker number. I’ll make sure to have that changed. I hope I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable.” Her sharp eyes swept the room, and more then a few of the men shifted under her gaze. “And technically I serve Amanda Waller. This transfer is only temporary.”

Griggs smiled at that. “Because you were caught fucking your boss.”

That got a reaction from her. A blush spread from the tips of her ears down her neck, but instead of lowering head her eyes hardened and she gritted her teeth. “Yes sir.”

Griggs’s smile grew. She may have outranked him once, but now she was his, and she had best remember that. He would make her remember. “Perfect. Right this way, let’s introduce you to the inmates.”

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How would the UT, UF, and US Sans react to their S/O making their favorite dish as a gift for their three months anniversary together, and then the S/O confess that they love them.

:D ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s surprised, to say the least. He didn’t really think you liked him like that. He’s turned blue. Sure, you both were good buddies, but that wasn’t expected. He’s glad you told him, and is happy to tell you he shares your feelings. He’ll eat the food later.

UF Sans

He thinks you’re joking. He legitimately thinks this is some cruel joke. He’s not attractive. He’s not strong. He’s not intimidating. Why would you want to be mates with him? Reassure him, and he’ll start crying into your shoulder. Don’t point it out, or he’ll get even more emotional. He loves you too, even if he won’t say it. He doesn’t feel hungry anymore.

US Sans

He’s overjoyed. He jumps up to hug you. And maybe give you a quick skeleton kiss. He loves you too. He doesn’t want the food to go to waste, though, so he’s quick to get back to the food.

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would you consider doing Obi's POV for Drink Deep of Lethe? If it's too long, then any part from it? Thank you.

Nanaki knows what they say about these woods.

It’s haunted, they say in Clarines, voices dropped low. Young maids go there to die of broken hearts, and they haunt the trees. Walk careful, lest they think to curl up in your arms and take yours instead.

It’s rife with fey, they say in Tanbarun, pressing thumb and forefinger to ward their words, pretty things to lure young men to its heart. They feast every night, flush with human flesh.

But it is in Sama where they stare, where they shake their heads at the superstition of their neighbors. There’s no beast in there, they say frankly, it is the woods itself. It hungers. It hungers.

What a coincidence, he thinks as he sets tinder alight, so does he.

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I had a dream about him ;;o;;


Joe was focused on getting the lid to sit nicely on his coffee, so he didn’t notice her go to stand up. It didn’t help that he was in a rush, so when she spun around and he collided with her shoulder, sending his coffee to the ground, along with him moments later, Joe never saw it coming.

“Shit!” She stared down at him, eyes wide. “I’m so sorry!”

“No, it’s my fault.” He shook his head, frowning over at the spilled coffee.

“Let me buy you a new one?” She asked, holding out a hand to pull him up. That was the first moment Joe really looked at her, and he swears his heart skipped a beat. She was beautiful. And also very apologetic looking.

“If only I had time.” He grimaced, noticing the time. “I was late as is.”

“Oh gods, and now you’re even more late!”

“It’s no worry, love.” Joe told her kindly, giving the hand still in his a quick squeeze before he let it go. “Just, maybe we should both look before we do anything.” He winked at her as he backed up, and when she smiled and giggled, he grinned back.

“Sorry again!” She called to him as he turned for the door.

“No need to apologize!” He called back, glancing over at her one last time before slipping through the door.

Being late was going to be worth it.

Three weeks later, and the mysterious tripper was still on Joe’s mind.

He had gone back to that coffee shop once his meeting had finished, but she was already gone, and Joe cursed himself for not grabbing a name or number. He tried to let it go over the past couple of weeks but it wasn’t working. His mind just kept drifting back to her.

“Joe!” Josh snapped in front of his face, causing the smaller man to jump.


“What do you want to drink?” Josh nodded towards the barista, who was standing there, smiling patiently.

“Oh. Sorry.” Joe smiled sheepishly, rattling off his drink order.

“You alright?” Josh questioned as they waited for their drinks to be made.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Why?” Joe fiddled with a sugar packet, eyes scanning the coffee shop they were stood in. The one he had spilled coffee in weeks ago.

“Because you keep getting distracted.”

“Just busy.” He shrugged, thanking the barista as she handed over the drink. “You know, all those secret projects and stuff.” Joe joked as the two headed for the door.

Ah yes, the telltale sign that you are a YouTuber.” Josh rolled his eyes, holding the door open for Joe, who laughed as he walked through.

And because he was laughing, his eyes closed as he tilted his head back, he didn’t see her until his coffee went flying to the ground. He did see a body falling to the ground though, so Joe was quick to reach out, a hand around her waist, stopping her from falling.

“Oh. Hello.” She breathed, their faces close together, her hands on his arms.

joe smiled as he realized who it was, “We really need to stop meeting like this.”

“Then maybe you’ll actually be able to drink the coffee you bought.” She laughed, “I’m Y/N by the way.”


“Can I buy you a new coffee, Joe?” Y/N asked, stepping back slightly from him, glancing over his shoulder at the smirking Josh. “Or are you rushing off to somewhere?”

“Nope. He’s got all day.” Josh answered for him, clapping Joe on the shoulder. “See you later, buddy.”

Laughing, Joe turned to hold the door open, “Shall we, Y/N?”

“Just watch out, I may trip you again.”

One coldflash-related thought on this episode because I really can’t help it...

Barry’s way to stop Wells from killing him was to have a note that the team and his former self would find that would ‘out’ Wells’s identity – he forced a stalemate.

Guess who Barry must have got that idea from? ;) Because Leonard definitely pulled the exact same move to stop himself from being imprisoned by Barry in 1x16. Just sayin’ – even now, we can see the way they’ve influenced one another.

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A blurb where the missus and Harry are play fighting and he accidentally hurts her and so after he's all cuddly with her

Thank you for requesting and I really hope you liked it! Here is..,

[02] “M’half your size…”

Harry isn’t too sure how he got here, on top of her. He isn’t complaining at all, never going to but it’s just not for the expected reason he thought he’d be.

He just didn’t think he’d have to fight her for the last few chocolate covered pretzels to get there.

But nothing ever really turns out the way he expects them to. Harry isn’t really all that good at planning. She did buy him a planner when New Years came, one he could fill with all the meetings and commitments he’s got and so forth.

He hasn’t used it yet, he promised her he would. Promised himself he would. But he swears to himself he’ll remember all of his commitments. That he doesn’t need to write them down, and if he did he’d place them in the memos of his phone. Or have someone call him to remind him.

But he forgets to do both. So the diary is left unwritten, collecting dust. And it’s the first thing she mentions to him when she sees it unused still. ‘Wouldn’t need to have a gazillion people calling you to remind you about meetings if you used it.’ She had said as she unwrapped her scarf for her neck before hanging it up. And he knows she’s right but he reckons he’ll need a few more mishaps before learning from them and getting his pen out.

“You’ve finished nearly all of them!” He whines in distress.

“I had three!” She stresses. (And she wants the rest of them now.) 

It was something about those chocolate covered pretzels that got her going. And without a stop in the distant future. She’d aimlessly pop them into her mouth during every task of hers. And then they’d run out because if she isn’t the one finishing them, he is. So that usually meant one of them donning their coats, grabbing their keys and driving (even into the blanket of white when it snowed) to pick up more. And neither of them are smokers but the puffs coming out of their mouths as they huffed annoyingly at the fact that they had gotten to that point again, were quite deceiving. And all because those damned chocolate covered pretzels

“Did the three multiply to a dozen whilst I was gone?”

She struggles further with the bag instead of answering. She does tend to do that, lose track of how many she’s popped in her mouth. In the best possible way, she doesn’t like being limited. Because they’re that good. And it’s getting harder, her struggle against his strength isn’t as confident as it once was.  

“How would I know?” She pants under his hovering hold on her. “Didn’t do that well in maths. Three might as well be twelve…” She extends her arm further above her head as he reaches for the bag again. “Both multiples of two aren’t they…is that right? I don’t know, like I said…not my strong suit.” She grins.

“Nice try,” He struggles for it again. “You did well.”

“Well?” Her eyes widen, that isn’t a good enough description.

“Yes, well.” He tightens his hold on her, keeping her down so she can’t run off with them.

“A.” She grins. “How did you do?” She asks switching hands as he attempts snatching them from her again.

“I was preoccupied.” He reaches for the bag again and groans when she snatches it away again.

“How are you struggling this much? M’half your size.”

“Yes but you’re bloody quick—” He catches his breath before trying again. “With your reflexes.”

“Serves you right, all those times you walk too quickly for me to catch up.”

“Not on purpose.” He mumbles before trying again but without success as she pulls them away again in lightening speed.

“Just gonna crumble them if you keep trying to snatch them.” She reasons in her favor.

“Told you to save me half.” He whines. He did, he sent her three texts and called her twice, all delivering the same message. Didn’t stop her from leaving him only five. 

“I’m not good at maths!” She’s not good at self control is what she means. When she noticed, how the bottom of the bag was getting closer and closer she thought she’d have time to go out and buy some more before he came home. Then she found herself asleep in front of a film they were supposed to watch together. So he came home to two things snatched from him.

“Neither am I, but half of the twenty something that were in there isn’t five!”

She manages an escape, not a full one as she wiggles out from him and attempts to get back on her feet. He pulls her back down with one arm wrapped around her waist before she gets too far on her knees.

“You’re not very quick on your feet though.” He smirks.

“If you’re so keen on having me under you, might as well make yourself useful.” She grins. “Might be here a while.”

“Could offer you a trade then,” He smirks. “You give me them, I’ll make myself useful.” She knows he could, he does so very nicely but she isn’t ready to give in just yet. 

She hums, thinks about it hard. At what she’d gain, what she’d lose.

“Both taste equally as good.” He grins.

“Don’t see how I’d be benefiting.” She shrugs.

“Mean.” He whines. “What do you say then?”

Their struggle resumes after she shakes her head smiling. It’s fun now, she likes this more than what she’s fighting for. And he’s getting far more frustrated than he originally was when they started this. They continue at it, with an end barely in sight. 

Both her arms are over her head in his tight hold and her body can’t find a way to get them out. He’s far stronger above her and there’s a very small chance she’ll be able to flip herself to pin him down like he’s doing to her now.  

And then he pulls her down further to him with a tight hold to her hip, to get her hands closer to him. And his hold on both aren’t budging as he keeps trying for it. She’s getting breathless and his hold on her starts to squeeze a sting and he’s pushing her down with him.

“Harry—” She whimpers as he pulls her down further and his hold on her wrists tighten as she starts releasing her hold on the bag.

“Harry, time out.”

“Giving out?” He asks looking down at her.

“No!” She whines. “You’re heavy.” She struggles again under him. “Let go, I’ll give them to you promise.”

“I don’t bel—”

“Harry!” She manages as she feels her face heat with the strength of his hold on her and her struggle against it. “It hurts, I promise just—”

It’s then he notices that she isn’t her usual self when it comes to their play fighting. She’s giving up, gave up already it seems and she’s no longer struggling for anything. She’s giving them up, just wants him to stop.

“Shit—love.” He releases his hold before laying down next to her. “Sorry, love didn’t mean to. Promise, didn’t know I was,” he pushes the messy hair from her face. “Hurting you, m’sorry love, so sorry.” He rubs the skin he held too tightly before leaving kisses on the inside of her wrists.

“I get one now.” She mumbles. “Two.” She corrects herself.

He hands her the bag, crinkled with probably broken contents inside. “M’sorry love.” He kisses her cheek as he cuddles into her while leaving more kisses across her jaw down to her neck. He kisses at her hips too, when he pulls her shirt up slightly because it hurt their too.

“M’half your size.” She mutters before putting one in her mouth, sucking off the chocolate first. Because that’s the right way.

“You’re right love,” He kisses the skin in front of him. “So sorry.” He whispers.

“Didn’t have to go that rough.” She swallows.

“Usually not a problem,” he wipes away the chocolate from her bottom lip before tasting it off his thumb. “Not one you complain about anyway.” He whispers with his lips hovering over her sweet ones. He speaks the truth that she doesn’t.

“Not funny.” She sighs a lazy smile against his. One she should have hidden better but his shift in conversation is so like him. And she does love him, for being him.   

“Then why are you smiling? Got your pretty smile out and everything…” He asks before kissing the same one.

“Because I got my pretzels.” She grins.

“What pretzels?” He asks, genuinely curious. Because he can’t seem to find any evidence of that, of her having the fought over bag.

She looks down, and what she fought for so strongly is no longer in her possession but in his.

“You little—”

“Don’t know how you managed an A back then, you get very distracted love.” He gets up off of the floor with an incredulous grin. “Should have taken the offer, was a good one.”

anonymous asked:

I couldn't find it in the reacts you've already answered (which is a little surprising tbh!) so here's a classic! Companions first kiss with the SoSu?

Oh yay! A break from all the angsy asks I’ve been getting! Fluff! (actually this might have been harder to do than the agsty ones but oh welllll) Either way, I hope I did this ‘classic’ justice.

Hancock: They had just been joking around really. He was trying to get Sole to really laugh and so he was telling them all the jokes he could ever remember. Finally, he got them to truly laugh. And he had never heard such a beautiful laugh. He didn’t even remember deciding to do it, he just did and they were kissing. It was slow and and even better than hearing their laugh had been. He could still feel Sole smiling against his mouth.

Nick: He had been going for a forehead kiss honest to God, but Sole moved their head and it ended up on their lips. Neither broke away though. In fact they moved closer together. It was actually getting a little bit intense by the time Ellie walked out and interrupted them. “Aw, jeez,” was all she said before closing the door right back. Nick just laughed, but Sole was blushing terribly.

Deacon: They were just sitting around HQ talking about nothing in particular. “Who’s the last person you kissed?” Sole asked.

He snorted. “Glory,”he lied. In truth, he couldn’t even remember his last kiss or who it was with.

“Was it a good kiss?”

He shrugged. “I suppose. I’m a pretty decent kisser.” He grinned at them. Sole snorted. “You doubt me?” He asked. Sole gave them that look. That look that they always gave him when they didn’t believe something he had said.

He surprised himself when he leaned over and kissed Sole. It was even more surprising when they kissed him back. Sole just grinned at him when they leaned back. “Alright. I believe you,” they told him. He could have died a happy man right then and there.

Maccready: It was right after a mission and they had somehow both managed to come back unscathed. And they were both yawning it was so late. “Alright, Boss, I’m beat. Gotta go to bed. Night,” he said about to make his way to his bed. Sole grabbed his arm lightly before he could even step away though. It was so light and so quick he almost missed it. He grabbed Sole before they could get away and gave them another kiss. Longer and less chaste this time. When he pulled away he blushed. “Goodnight,” he said, before practically running away to his bed.

Preston: It was a total accident. Though some might argue that it’s very difficult to say the least to fall into someone’s lips accidentally. Nonetheless, that was their story and they were sticking to it. The second time, their first real kiss, it was not an accident, though no less embarrassing. Mama Murphy had apparently been there the whole time and started applauding when they finally broke away from each other. “Finally,” she said. (She told literally everyone she talked to that story )

Cait: Believe it or not, they were playing truth or dare. Sole dared Cait to kiss them and of course Cait would rather have died than refuse a dare, so she did it. And she would have been damned it she didn’t make sure it was good kiss. Afterwards Sole had leave and go….think about life.

Piper: They had both been drinking. Somewhere between the ninth and tenth drink they had started kissing. Neither were sure who originally initiated it, but it didn’t much matter. Sole was terrible at it because they were so drunk but Piper didn’t mind. Eventually the bartender made them leave though when Sole started trying to take their clothes off.

Danse: Neither of them could even remember what they had been celebrating at the time, but they had both just been so happy to just be alive that in the heat of the moment Danse had ended up kissing Sole. It was a bit sloppy and Sole had accidentally bitten his lip but it was the best kiss he had ever had. He couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day. But then neither could Sole.

Curie: It was awkward as hell. Curie had asked them to. Out of curiosity as a scientist, she had quickly said. “I’m curious as to what it feels like,” she said. Sole had begrudgingly obliged. It hadn’t been terrible, but it wasn’t the best kiss Sole had ever had.

X688: Sole hung over the back of their chair trying to look at him. “Pssssst.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“Have you ever kissed anybody, X6?”

He frowned. “Does it matter?” They shrugged, but said no more. “No,” he finally said.

Sole crawled out of their chair and came and stood right up next to him. “Let’s remedy that then, shall we?” They said and kissed him.

Not knowing what else to do he just stood there. When they leaned back they just laughed. “We’ll have to work on that.”


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