he is so proud of her

Steal The Show

“Harry! You look amazing tonight. Are you excited for the premiere?” The interviewer asked Harry who politely smiled and listened.

“I am. I’m very excited.” He replied slowly in his deep voice, glancing quickly at you as you stood by Anne on the red carpet, posing with her and laughing before looking back at the interviewer.

“You came tonight with two dates, is that correct? Your long term gorgeous girlfriend Y/N and your mom. Are they excited?” The interviewer asked.

“They are. They’re very proud and have been excited for so long.”

“We interviewed Fionn 5 minutes ago and he said Y/N looked absolutely stunning and mentioned that she stood out in the room, what are your thoughts on this?”

Harry’s eyebrows were raised in surprise, “He did?” He chuckled, “I guess I’ll have to go all dunkirk on him.” He raised his fist jokingly before grinning.

The interviewer laughed before thanking him. Harry instantly was by your side, grabbing your waist and leaning to whisper in your ear.

“You’re stealing the show, baby girl.” He grinned before pecking your lips.

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BTS as a family

Inspired by @aquapeixis & I’s convo


  • The dad.
  • Jin and Namjoon are high school sweethearts.
  • Doesn’t take no for an answer.
  • His children knows not to talk back to him.
  • Works from 8-5.
  • Loves Jin and his children more than life itself.
  • Disciplines his kids by taking away their electronics but always gives girl!Jimin her phone back because she’s his little angel.
  • Is supportive of all his children and cries behind closed doors because he’s so proud of their individual accomplishments.


  • The mom.
  • Had Yoongi at the age of twenty.
  • Stay at home mom to keep up with her teenagers.
  • Has mental breakdown at least five times a day.
  • Stress eats.
  • Loves all her children and constantly showers them in praises and hugs.
  • Begs them to not leave her after high school.
  • Lives and breathes for her children.
  • Packs them daily lunches even though they’re old enough to do it themselves.
  • Constantly carpooling.
  • Has a glass of wine a day.
  • Super supportive and feeds her husband and children well.


  • A senior in high school.
  • Popular, but keeps to himself.
  • Loves his siblings even though he doesn’t show it.
  • Captain of his basketball team but barely gives pep talks.
  • Feels pride when his parents and siblings cheer him on at games.
  • Will kill anyone who dares looks at his sisters.
  • Is the one all his siblings lean on.
  • Is at every one of Hoseok’s dance competition.
  • Attends all of his siblings sport functions or events. 
  • Gets annoyed by Jungkook easily but that’s his little brother and he will break anyone’s nose who dare says Jungkook is annoying.
  • Usual taking a nap in the living room.


  • A junior in high school.
  • Captain of the school’s dance team.
  • Wins all competition’s because of him.
  • Hangs out with large groups of friends at school but sometimes he’s seen walking around with Yoongi.
  • Yoongi is his favorite sibling and makes it known every time his younger siblings annoy him.
  • Still protective of them though.
  • Will sacrifice any guy or girl who break his siblings hearts.
  • Usually helps his dad at his work.
  • Helps his sister (girl!Taehyung) sneak out of the house and goes to parties with her.
  • He usually has to carry her home bc she gets drunk af and then gets scolded by Yoongi.


  • A sophmore in high school.
  • Suuuuuper shy and the cutest.
  • Keeps to herself but she does have a lot of friends.
  • Blushes easily and giggles often.
  • Straight A student and rarely gets in trouble.
  • She’s usually covering for Taehyung and Jungkook who get in the most trouble.
  • In the schools math and science club.
  • Thinks she will never get a boyfriend but everyone’s too scared to approach her because Yoongi and Hobi death glare them.
  • Doesn’t take advice from her mother lightly.
  • Likes cooking with her mom and watching movies with her dad.
  • Sings with an angelic voice but she rarely does it bc she’s so shy.
  • Recorded a song with Yoongi once where he rapped and she sang but she made him delete it. (He didn’t delete it and posted it on YouTube.)
  • Has a great relationship with all her siblings but fights with Taehyung the most.
  • They don’t make up until Namjoon forces them to.


  • A sophmore in high school like Jimin.
  • F A S H I O N I S T A.
  • Namjoon always buys her the nicest clothes even though Jin disapproves.
  • The most popular girl in the school.
  • Always surrounded by people and never seen alone.
  • Flirts endlessly but knows that nothing will come of it because her brothers won’t let it.
  • Parties on weekends.
  • Is a sucker for her baby brother and tries to conceal her partying side from Jungkook.
  • Always texting on her phone and Jin usually takes it away.
  • Whines until she gets it back.
  • Thinks Jimin is a total nerd and denies they’re siblings but if anyone ever made fun of Jimin, Taehyung would scream her head off at the bully.
  • Is actually best friends with Jimin even though they are both so different.
  • Wears red lipstick daily.
  • Hair always styled to perfection.
  • Aspiring fashion designer.
  • Secretly in the school’s fashion club, she already threatened everyone if they told anybody she was there.
  • Only Jungkook knows she’s there because he snooped through her room and found her sketchbook.


  • A freshman in high school.
  • Babied by his whole family.
  • Claims he’s a man now.
  • Is an actual baby.
  • At the start of the school he followed Yoongi and Hobi around until Taehyung let him sit at her popular table.
  • Jungkook is now popular and all the girls want him bc of his bunny smile.
  • Texts like 6 girls at a time.
  • Gets told “the talk” once a week by his siblings and parents.
  • Is a good dancer like Hobi but doesn’t want to join the dance team.
  • Leans on Yoongi a lot for a lot of things.
  • Goes shopping with Taehyung so that she can pick out what the ladies want.
  • Is tutored by Jimin and made her swear not to tell anyone but mom.
  • Is always trying to be like his dad bc he looks up to him the most.
  • Hugs his mom daily, Jin cries bc he’s so big now.
  • Joined the school’s baseball team but likes to sing.
  • Sings at the school’s annual talent show.
  • Namjoon tears up, Jin sobs loudly, Yoongi and Hobi cheer loudly, Jimin is embarrassed by the scene her family is causing but tries to cheer just as loud, Taehyung tears up but she doesn’t cry bc her make up took two hours this morning, hello.
  • Wins the talent show.
  • Family takes him out for ice cream to celebrate.
  • Yoongi helps Jungkook make a YouTube channel and lets hims use his recording equipment to upload covers.
  • Jungkook is usually hanging out in his sisters room than his brothers bc they find him annoying.
  • Jungkook finds them just as annoying but it’s not that serious.
  • Jimin has to constantly kick him out of her room because he always leaves crumbs on her bed or a mess on her desk.
  • Taehyung is rarely home but she has a big TV in her room so Jungkook is there watching Netflix.

do ya’ll hear me sobbing I’m so soft for this

Being Dracula’s little daughter would include

( GIF by me ~ )

- Lisa telling Dracula she is pregnant, again, and him cannot be more happier and proud of her

- Alucard being a teenager vampire, but taking the role of big brother as soon as he knows you’re going to come to this world

- You being the cutest baby the members of your family have ever seen, all time quiet and in good mode, healthy and strong.

- You finally developing your own fangs, and your dad being the proudest of the fathers in the galaxy, because his little girl is a vampire as well as her brother and himself.

- You being dark haired and tall, as dad, but having the way of think, the curious spirit and the braveness of mom.

- You growing up playing hide and seek with Alucard in your parents lab, and your dad always pretending he is angry to keep you both out of the place, but being secretly proud you two are so good friends.

- Your dad explaining you that you three are vampires, so you have to drink blood to survive, and avoid sun light, and you being an obedient little girl and doing everything he said.

- Dad teaching you some chemistry things, a safe and simple ones, only to discover you will be as skilled as your mother one day.

- You understanding not so much when, some day, mom is not there, and you are alone with Alucard waiting for dad to come back home. When he does, they fight and you being scared of them both, and hiding under your bed.

- Dad finding you and taking you out from under the bed with good words. You crying because you are too small to understand nothing, but him explaining you Alucard has been a bad boy, and that some people have taked your mother’s life. But, him promising you he will revenge her and care you forever, because you are his most precious thing and he’s not going to let anyone to hurt you never.

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Hey can you do nightmare!sans yandere hadcanon please?

Sure sure

Yandere! Nightmare Sans
•He is what keeps Frisk from going to sleep at night. He’s caused more late-night Netflix binges than Frisk is proud to admit.
•If San catches her in the nightmare, he gets to keep her (she won’t wake up).
So he tries very hard to catch her.
•If he does manage to capture her, she will NEVER escape. Ever. Frisk better be prepared for a life immersed in a dark void (and tentacles).
•Nightmare San has a tendency to go into the dreams of those associated with Frisk (he gleans this info from her memories). He scares them to death, then associates that fear with Frisk. It gets to a point where all the people Frisk knows and loves are scared of her to some degree.

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tara!! is!!! iconic!!! i love her!!!! i kinda hope nick talks to her abt figuring out his sexuality, also nick calling out harry!!!! yes!!!!! also charlie's face when he sees that nick had come to find him!!! also charlie's smile on page 228!!!!!! ALSO charlie standing up to ben i'm crying i love him so much and im so proud of him god i love these boys so much heartstopper is a blessing

(PS im not saying a nick/charlie and tara/her gf double date would be the best thing on this earth but that’s exactly what i’m saying can yOU IMAGINE)

OMG this makes me so happy, i literally just made a post about how happy i am that everyone loves Tara because i LOVE HER ;_; I definitely think there’ll be some deep chats between them about Nick’s sexuality in the future…

YES i really wanted to show Nick and especially Charlie standing up for themselves at this point! obviously it was cool and romantic for Nick to stand up for Charlie back in chapter 1 but i’ve never seen Charlie as this weak pushover so i felt it would be really good to show him SHUTTING BEN DOWN

and omg i badly want to draw a N&C and Tara/her gf double date at some point, i must make this happen omg omg

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Fake Fic Title Thing: Make Me Proud

Make Me Proud

Gabriel x Daughter!Reader

Summary: Gabriel had been alone for so long. So when he had been causing trouble, and found a baby girl crying in a dumpster, he couldn;t help but think maybe his Father was giving him somone to love and care for. So he raised her himself, teaching her, taking care of her. And when the apocalypse came, he helped the Winchesters for his teenage daughter. So when Dean and Sam came to her with the news that her father had died trying to save the world, she knew what she had to d. She could hear her father’s voice in her mind echoing four words: “Make me proud, cupcake.”

Send me fake fic titles!

sometimes in shows when one character suddenly pulls out the fake dating trope without the other knowing, the other person will scramble a little or be visibly uneasy at the thought of their audience rlly thinking that theyre dating this person who /they/ know is just a friend

but simon totally didnt do that which i think is great?? like maia just whipped out “im simon’s gf” so casually and we can see him react in a startled way, but he still beams at her and then shares a smile with his bubbie helen when she gives him an approving look. idk thats just so sweet to me like? even if u dont see it in a romantic way, simon being so appreciative of maia and looking proud at the opportunity to even /fake/ date her just shows u how much he adores her

“ Okay I’ll tell the lil story about me since all of you seem pretty eager about my origin, heh” Kamina said as she scratched her head “So um, how I remembered it was that I was a lil kirlia, strong and loyal as other pokemon are with their trainers, and this was when I was with my older trainer which I can’t remember who they were”

“In middle of a battle with a wild pokemon, my trainer wanted me to train and become stronger and become like my team, so as I did what my trainer did I won the battle” then Kamina spins her fingers together “ then the sensation happened and I became a gardevoir and I was happy with the results of what I have become.  I came up to my trainer to give him a hug for all of my excitement and, well he wasn’t as happy as I was”

She didn’t look as happy when telling the story “So um, he rejected me, I expected him to be proud as I was, as he wanted me to become stronger and be as well as my friends. Instead he wanted a gallade than a gardevoir, but I don’t know why he would want a female as myself to be a gallade when I can be a gardevoir. guess he was some tough guy who wanted much cooler pokemon I  don’t know” “then I couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want me anymore or be in existence so he sent out one of his pokeomon to kill me”

“I was chased and I trembled with the feeling of being exterminated and rejection. I then fell, cornered and saw the scyther come at me with his talon then (pause) the hurt, the slice into my skin. wasn’t a pretty sight and it hurt”

“I thought I was dead at that moment, but I woke up and the trainer was gone. The feeling of being alive didn’t come to mind but all that just happened in an instant, I didn’t feel as wanted, I didn’t know whether to live or not, but I just kept on a move. though I couldn’t move very far, I had a severe injury like burning into my arm and leg then I passed out”

“It felt like the end, where it doesn’t even matter what I did then just a feeling of arms just picked me up as a miracle, it felt blurry but I think I was in the pokemon center and woke up on a bed, and stuck with a missing arm and leg, what was worth living I didn’t feel like living anymore, then there was a person. they said they brought me to the pokemon center though he thought it would have helped me but I thought it didn’t and they didn’t know what to do for me. then he offered me a second chance. was it possible then I was taken under his own and well he gave me these prosthetics with a new kind of family.”

((aah sorry for such a long time and giving the origin story a couple asked for and I’m not too good with it so i’m trying my best TwT))~Mod

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S1 HC: Dick going to Megan and Alfred to learn how to bake because he thinks that's why Wally likes her. Wally falling in love with his best friend because holy shit this boy should open a bakery. Dick is more than pleased, Megan regrets everything but Alf is really happy because master Dick has never smiled so brightly before. Bruce being really confused "Alf what is up with Dick he seems /off/." Alf just smirks and walks away leaving a confused Bat in his wake.

Headcanon accepted. 

Alfred is just proud that Master Dick finally learns to cook for themselves

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Hello, may I request the 104th boys reacting to seeing their child for the first time? (Maybe after they came back from the military?)

OHMYGOD I totally understood that wrong and now did gifs for them seeing their baby for the first time… you know, when it’s born lol. Want to share with you though ‘cause it’s cute.
If you are really really unhappy about this outcome, please let me know and I will do the boys coming home from the military thing to their smol toddlers, too!

💜 104th boys seeing their baby for the first time.

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Did you arrest him because of what I said? Only in part. But it helped? Yeah.