he is so proud of her

I am always in awe at the characterization Zero Kiryuu has, and it’s no wonder that Hino made her respect for him known. When a teenager decides to try and overcome deep depression, grief + suicidal thoughts, isn’t ashamed of being kind even when it’s not apparently appreciated as he was raised to be—expecting nothing in return, and really tries to hang in there despite how dark things get…I don’t care if he’s fictional. Zero’s feelings are felt by many irl, and Hino showed that there’s always hope…I guess that’s why she was so proud of him.

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Do you think if leo and e1 lisa ever met they would get along?

It’s… hard to say. I’ve answered a similar-ish question here, but this one is a lot more specific.

I’m curious of Leo has a version of Lisa on his planet. I’m inclined to say that he does, and further inclined to say that he would get along with the version of Lisa that we know on E1 as well. She’s still his baby sister, and even if she’s a thief, she’s far from cruel (once you let her know you genuinely care and insinuate yourself into her circle, anyway), not like she could be. She’s smart and confident and powerful and a lot of other things he would probably feel proud of if he met her, really. So despite her chosen criminal lifestyle, I think he’d try to understand (as he is with Mick and others), and he’d have no reason to dislike her that I can imagine, except for the uncanny value of her being a doppleganger, and so far he’s weathered that just fine with other doppelgangers.

With Lisa, it’s a little harder to say. Her brother is dead, and this lookalike is… so many things that Len himself would hate, honestly. Or maybe not hate, but find threatening to his sense of self and identity. The open/admitted sentimentality and wearing his heart on his sleeve would get Len’s back up a lot because he’s spent his whole life hiding how he feels and being hurt for having feelings or else being in danger because of it. He’s very hardened because of what he’s been through, whereas Leo is very open despite what he’s been through. He likes heart-to-hearts and pushes people to talk about their feelings.

So… I think Lisa would feel some major disorientation at meeting Leo. At his openness, at him maybe trying to hug her (”We don’t hug, Lenny. and I’m not calling you Leo, no matter what you say your name is.”). At him trying to get in her head to figure out what’s wrong and why she’s so cold to him (”you’re not my brother so butt out”) and being so frank about it. But at the same time, I also think she would like him, and understand him. That he really is, at his core, so much like her brother, except that he shows all of those thoughts and feelings and all that love and care that her brother suppressed so much. 

And I think that would make her sad, and mourn a little bit, that Len could’ve been like this, could’ve loved so openly and smiled so softly, and that the world outside of just her could’ve seen that side of him, if only they’d lived another life. But that would help, eventually, with her accepting and opening up to Leo a bit, letting him closer almost despite herself, because how can she not? He looks and talks like and smiles like and feels like her brother, even if he’s so not different.

I think eventually they’d really connect and become friends and something like family to each other, it’s just that it would take a while, and have a rocky beginning.


Was completely batshit and very funny, right up to the end when SPOILER. The comedy was really well done! I don’t know whether to credit the translator or Hugo for the humor, probably both.

Doña Sol was a badass lady, will STEAL THE KING’S DAGGER AS HE’S SWEET-TALKING HER AND THREATEN HIM WITH IT. She’s as crazily honor-obsessed as the rest of them, tho she has a great “Oh, MEN” moment near the end.

The actor playing Carlos/Charles V did an excellent job–he was a smug unlikeable jerk, but a smug unlikeable jerk who was above all FUN TO WATCH. and he does grow up a bit.

Hernani himself was slightly…not quite there, deliberately played for laughs because he’s just so talkative and extra.

Ruy Gomez had simultaneously the pathos of a proud old man who won’t back down and the ridiculousness of a proud old man who can’t see what’s under his nose. Until suddenly SPOILER and he becomes a genuinely terrifying figure.

Minor character Don Ricardo stole the show as he constantly seizes on opportunities to promote himself (literally). He turns the king’s slips of the tongue into a countship and status as a grandee.

There was a man with a guitar who provide appropriate Dramatic Strumming at key moments, and all the stage directions were read aloud (useful as props were minimal, there wasn’t even an actual horn?).

“The Last Pages” (Original Short Story)

Hey guys! I’ve been writing this for a few weeks now and am really proud of it, so I figured I’d share it with you guys! It’s not DEH related at all- I made this all originally. I hope you enjoy!

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My friend brought this to my attention. As much as Pitch Perfect is about Women’s Empowerment, PP3 seems to show the opposite. (My words XD)

2 girls with daddy issues, one of which is a main plot, the other a subplot. Yes Amy fights her dad and wins, but it still revolves around him and her relationship with him. Aubrey too, everything relates back to her wanting him to be there so she can make him proud. Aubrey, you don’t need to make him proud. You’re a wonderful woman who’s world is your oyster. Make yourself proud.

One girl with a guy that basically gets her into the music industry… alone… not with the group of amazing talented women she wanted alongside of her. And although he hears her before he sees her, his crush makes him seem as though it’s not so much about her talent, but about… her… to him. (The almost kiss at the end, him asking to hold her hand). Her turning him down was probably the most empowering thing in the film, because GO ANNA K!!

One girl who’s character arc fucking revolves around a guy she doesn’t know and who basically changes her whole personality when she’s around him… no offence, but Chloe seems desperate for “male attention”… and that in itself is out of character. I know Britt commented that that was not supposed to be the “end” for Chloe, like her ending doesnt lie with him, but what’s the point? That’s the way the film has portrayed it; like she just runs into his arms. Like how about “no”. How about a girl doesn’t need a guy to be happy.

As well as Stacie being unwed and pregnant. (I still think there ought to have been a better excuse for her character to have not been part of the film. We all guessed they were going to do the whole “pregnancy” long ago when we heard about alexis’ injury; as sweet as the baby thing may be, what does that say about Stacie?)

What about the other girls? Jessica and Ashley? Hardly given much freedom. Cynthia Rose, who, by the way, was finally not shown to be a sexual predator, but did they embrace her gayness or talent, only her talent when it came to singing. Emily? Well, the new Bellas sang the empowering song “sit still look pretty”, which again, was pretty good. Basically saying how they would never be with a man where they have to sit still and look pretty, as a trophy. Lilly? Flo? Well, again, Lilly was given a love interest. Whyyyyy? No offence, but just what?

I get that the whole film revolves around the Bellas, I do, but things do always return back to men, and that’s something the first two films didn’t really do tbh. Except PP1 with Jesse, but that was mostly it.

Anyways, this is stuff my friend commented on and it didn’t sound… unbelievable…

You may disagree, but yeah

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What goes through Harry’s mind when he’s watching one of his babies being born ? Is he like horrified or astonished, happy ? What’re his thoughts

He’s very much astonished and in awe of the whole thing. And he’s so, so, so, proud of the missus. Watching her birth their children makes him love her in a whole new way that he never thought of before that. But most of all, he’s so happy and excited and a little nervous. A giddy kind of feeling. It’s sort of an out of body experience. Knowing that they made a little bub together and now it’s about to be out in the world. It’s pretty surreal for him. xx.

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ooh I had an idea what about each of the ghouls (underworld/gob) favorite article of clothing that they own and why? like a treasured hoodie, favorite hat, most worn pair of shoes?

oh!! yesss

ahzrukhal - he has an array of suits that hes rlly proud of! only wears them for special occasions tho

barrows - probably his reading glasses? i can’t see him being too attached to anything he might wear on the job…maybe likes the general idea of sweaters but he only has one

carol - she likes the dress she wears ingame, nothing really special about it its just comfortable. i like to think she has a locket with a picture of her prewar family in it but she keeps it in her safe so it wont get broken/stolen

charon - doesn’t have a lot of attachments to any of his clothes, but he does appreciate a new pair of boots now and again

crowley - well aside from his power armor, i think he dressed down more as a merc. had a heavy coat then, not unlike quinn’s but has since lost it

gob - he definitely prefers warmer clothes but something still loose enough to let him move around… probably has a big ol coat he brought w him from underworld that he likes to bundle up in

graves - she has a pair of big stompin boots that she Adores….cuffs her pants into them if she can

greta - she likes to wear pants, probably owns mom jeans if i’m really honest…. only issue is she doesnt have a whole lot of shirts/blouses to go with them, only dresses

griffon - his wig, also he wears his favourite shoes all the time! it was hard to find a matching pair in his sizes (one foot’s half a size bigger than the other) so this is like the first pair he’s had that actually fits. he liked his suit a lot more before getting to underworld and realising that other people had the same one,, rip

patchwork - his favourite thing to wear is this old flannel he bought some years ago, its so big and warm,, he still has it around somewhere and probably would wear it as pjs

quinn - his jacket! it’s big, it has a ton of pockets and he just rlly likes the weight of it. spending years mending it he’s gotten attached and he can’t imagine going without it. he used to have a hat in the same style as maccready’s (idk what its called..) but he lost it a long time ago

snowflake - i’d say his favourite outfit is the pajamas he wears all the time just because theyre the most comfortable. not a piece of clothing but carol gave him a towel shortly after arriving for hot towel treatments and he loves it :> also appreciates anything maroon/pink

tulip - in some of my winter hcs/drawings she has a big ol cloak, i think it’d be her favourite for the sheer aesthetic alone

willow - maintaining her leather jacket has been a point of pride for her tbh. she used to switch em out every few years but her current one has lasted a lot longer. probably sewed secret pockets on the inside

winthrop - this is a Very New idea i’m working with but i’d have to say his old wedding ring. he never got his wife’s ring so it’s about the only thing he has left of her. if he ever found anyone else to settle down with he’d likely give it to them


I’m have since i don’t know how long but I still really proud of this ones!
The human form of Bruno and Cassy’s kids!
(This was made before i decided that Samuel was going to live, that’s why he has that weird aura)
Fun fact :all the kids are named in honor of family member if Bruno and cassy
Samuel have the name of both of their grandfathers
Miriam both of their grand father
Dimitri and Hayde are a little different
The first name of Hayde was choose for her goodfather Demetrio(Hope) and her second name was in honor of Gilly (alheli is a way to call the gillyflower)
Dimitri name was choose for Hali(Dream) and his first name (That i didn’t think about until a few weeks ago) Ivan is in honor of Cassy’s uncle who “dissapear” in the ocean

Amy Santiago, ladies and gentlemen.

“My mother’s friends say that I’m just like her. She died of breast cancer when I was two years old. I had to grow up fast because my father was always working and seldom around. I was doing my own laundry at the age of seven. I figured the puberty thing out on my own. During high school, I’d leave for entire weekends without my dad even asking where I’d been. Then one year at Thanksgiving, my aunt told me that my mother had left me a letter and a video. She got so angry when I told her I’d never gotten it. I confronted my Dad about it, and he said that he ‘remembered something like that.’ He drove me to a safety deposit box—but the box was empty. He couldn’t remember what happened. He had one job. One thing that would mean more to me than anything else, and he couldn’t do it. My mom’s friends always tell me: ‘She would be so proud of you,’ or ‘She was so in love with you. But that’s not the same. It’s not the same as something directly from her. Something she made especially for me. Just one thing that actually says: ‘This is how much I love you.’”


this scene was incredible

Punk Lance 2.0

  • lance whipping his helmet off and his too-long hair falls on his face and he just flicks it away and smirks
    • keith is caught staring 
  • foul-mouthed lance who had to learn to stop swearing, but once in a while slips up and starts a curse word, but gets a glare from Shiro and switches the word halfway through 
    •  “I totally had that! this is such bullllllllllllcrud
    • “shitake mushrooms are fantastic on pizza. hunk, have you ever tried it?” 
    • “oh fu-fart off” 
    • “ah fuck me” “LANCE” “it was a genuine request”
  • “All I’m saying is, give me Keith’s knife and 20 minutes, we’ll have our answers” 
    • “lance I’m not going to let you threaten him” 
    • “what? I was gonna challenge him to the knife game. I’m amazing at that”
  • lance finds royal jewellery and Allura says he can have whatever he wants, she doesn’t really wear it, so he walks around with a nice blueish gold chain around his neck 
    • he also finds some nice earrings but because he spaces he cant really wear them
    • his solution? seconds
    • (his gauges aren’t big at all and since he’s in space he cant really go any bigger, so it works)
    • but there isn’t really a professional piercing place anywhere in space so he just. gets a needle and some ice and he and hunk pierce his ears in the kitchen 
      • he doesn’t flinch 
    • keith thinks its cool and wants his ears pierced too 
      • he struggles to keep his flinch down, but mostly stays straight-faced
      • lance is impressed 
  • punk lance in ripped skinnies, a loose tank top, black beanie, and piercings, rolling in on space heelies 
  • punk lance who misses his skateboard so he and pidge build one together 
    • lance teaching pidge how to skateboard
    • shes got on her paladin helmet and some makeshift kneepads
    • he’s pushing her waist and eventually just pushes and let’s go 
      • she flails but she stays on and he’s so proud!
    • they make her her own skateboard
    • when they save matt the 3 of them can be found skateboarding down the castle hallways with shades on and the killers playing in the background
  • the team saves a planet with lots of kids
    • they all love lance and lance loves them 
      • Keith’s super awkward but he loves watching lance with the kids
    • the paladins have to go to a meeting but the kids don’t want to leave lance so they just….come along 
    • this planet has some washable paint so while lance is in his Important Business Meeting™️ the kids sit beside him and paint his tattoos
    • it’s ridiculous, he’s got green fire and red water and the trees have polka dots but he loves it, he loves it so much
      • he kinda doesn’t want to wash it off but he knows he’ll eventually have to 
    • he takes pictures of his arm though for future reference and thinks maybe he’ll get some polka dots on one of the trees next time they visit a planet that tattoos  
    • the kids see Keith, who looks a little delinquent-ish himself, and wonder why he “doesn’t have any drawings?” 
      • so Keith sighs, takes off his jacket, and lets the kids paint his arms too 
    • lance and Keith sitting across from each other with alien children painting their arms 
    • keiths talking about a drawing one of the kids did on his right arm, how it sorta looks like the tigers his home planet has, and Lance has heart eyes 
      • one of the kids asks if lance likes Keith 
      • lance blushes (Keith didn’t hear, thank god) and says yeah, he does
      • the kid paints stick figures of lance and Keith on lance’s right arm, the one without the tattoos, and puts a heart around them 
      • (lance makes sure that one washes off last)
  • oh god oh fuck okay 
    • they land on a really hot, desert planet
    • the planet is deemed okay for the team to not wear their paladin armour in 
    • so lance, of course, wears his usual skinnies and tank top and backwards hat
    • Keith’s sweating though
    • so he asks Lance if he can borrow a tank top 
      • he used to just go shirtless when he was in the desert on earth when it got really hot but that’s hardly appropriate here
      • lance becomes the Oh Neptune meme 
    • he gives Keith a grey tank top that he had (its one that used to be a t-shirt but he cut the sleeves off himself)
    • keith goes and gets changed and when he comes back he’s also put his hair in a low ponytail 
    • if lance wasn’t sweating before he definitely is now 
  • lance thinks he’s much tougher than he really is 
    • lance: let me at him!! I’ll kick his shins! I’ll fuck him up! I have a knife!
    • hunk: Lance you cried last week and crochet for fun
  • punk lance with a tongue ring 
  • punk lance with eyeliner 
  • punk lance who used to be the front liner for a band
    • this works because Jeremy is the front liner of a pop punk band
  • punk lance with adhd who listens to heavy metal and headbangs to stim sometimes 
  • punk lance who has a sketchbook and draws space, or his friends doing domestic things, or the mice
    • every so often there’s a realistic drawing of a set of eyes, usually hard pressed or annoyed, but the same set of eyes either way 
    • (they’re Keith’s)
    • (Lance just thinks they’re gorgeous)