he is so proud of her

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Ok that last ask had me thinking of Harry playing his album to his 6 month old baby just sitting in his home studio because he's so proud of it and she's still so little she obviously wouldn't understand anything but when the first song comes on she perks up because she can tell it's her daddy

Oh, good lord. Are you guys set out to KILL me today? Because you’re very much on the verge of doing so… It would be late at night, when the missus is sleeping after a long day and Harry’s sitting in his office with his little girl in his lap as he spins them around on his office chair. A candle burning on the shelf and his lamp switched on, and, she’d be gurgling away on his lap after waking up from her sleep and looking around at the unfamiliar room that her daddy works hard in, day in and day out.

And on his laptop is an opened document, that holds all of his work, ready to put onto an album under his own creation. With one arm holding his little girl to his chest and his other stretched out towards the laptop track pad.

“Poppet? You wan’a hear daddy’s songs? Yeah? The first one, with the exception of my management, to hear it. You lucky lady, hm?” He’c coo, her green eyes staring back up to his as he smiles down at her, “you have no idea what’s happening, do you? No idea of the stress. You wan’a swap places so I can nuzzle into mumma’s bosom all day?” He’d snicker, letting the first song play through his speakers.

And he can see his little girl’s face start to light up at the sound of his voice, his toothy grin almost matching her toothless grin, as the song continues to play. And when the melody begins to slow down, he’ll stand to his feet and he’d sway his body and adjust his little girl so that her head is nuzzled into his neck. His palm cupping her bottom, fingers patting at her bum, as he hums softly.

“Do yeh like daddy’s songs, hm? Are you gon’a be daddy’s number one fan? Is daddy’s little girl gon’a be my number one fan, yeah?” He’d coo, her fist gripping at his jumper as he continued to sway, “are you gon’a tour with daddy, too? Come and say hello to daddy’s fans, hm?” xx

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Imagine Whitebeard loving Riskua and adopting her and insisting she calls him Pops. Shanks gets jealous until he and Whitebeard meet up and then they start gushing about their children

“I don’t like your brat, Newgate.”

“A shame, you little upstart, because Riskua is a lovely child.”

“Isn’t she just?!”

And just like that Red Hair’s scowl is gone, a proud grin replacing it as he all but glows with fatherly pride. It’s a comfort, knowing that another Yonko is capable of such emotion.

“My little Gully is truly amazing, that’s for sure. No man is worthy of her.”

Well, Whitebeard wouldn’t go so far as to say that, but certainly she is good for Ace, that much is clear.

He still recalls how he returned to the ship, clasping the redhead’s smaller hand in his own, smiling the whole while.

I’m gonna marry that girl someday, if she’ll have me’, he’d whispered as Red Hair’s spawn had danced with his children.

If she makes Ace happy, who is he to fight that? 

Malec Anniversary

The scene was set, the guests arrived, the space was filled with flowers,

Alec stood nervously scanning the room, clearly the planning had taken hours.

He turned to his greet his brother, ”thanks for being hear with me.”

Jace just smiled and then he said, ”where else would I want to be?”

His parents took the very first row, so proud of their eldest  son,

Then Brother Zachariah announced, “the ceremony has begun.”

Izzy entered, then the bride, clutching her bouquet,

Her hair, her dress, her smile, were all perfect in every way

When they had exchanged their gifts, the moment had come too soon,

Lydia got her stele, to apply the wedded rune

No sooner had it touched his skin, but before he felt its pain,

The door came open with a bang and in walked Magnus Bane.

“What’s that warlock doing here?” Maryse gave a shout

,And she charged off down the aisle to throw the warlock out.

“Magnus, you get out of here, you really need to go.”

“No I’m not,” Magnus said, “Unless Alec tells me so.”

Alec had been watching, his resolve began to falter,

He knew where his heart belonged and it wasn’t on this altar.

He turned around to Lydia, “I’m sorry, I can’t breathe.”

”It’s ok, I’ll be fine” she knew he had to leave.

Alec paused then with a breath, strode determined down the aisle,

Straight towards the warlock with the incredible sense of style.

Maryse tried to stop him, but he stopped her with one word,

Magnus’ heart was calling him, that’s all that he had heard.

He grabbed him by the jacket, both hearts were racing fast,

And poured himself into a kiss, making the moment last.

The world, it  stopped its spinning, shaken to its core.

They knew at once that life itself had changed forever more.

It doesn’t matter how much you watch, this scene will never tire,

It was the start of Malec, and it filled our hearts with fire.

Truly inspirational, no one more perfect for their parts,

June can’t come quick enough, we’re overcome in this war of hearts.     

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Do you have any more hockey stories? Can you do like a 5 Top Hockey Stories in the Marissa Household? :P

oh boy do i

5. the time my older brother was refereeing my younger brother’s hockey game and sent him to the box for a (very weak) trip and i yelled something Not So Nice from the stands and he kicked me out of the game

4. my little brother’s first hockey game, where he spent 100% of his ice time chasing his own shadow

3. my older sister breaking her arm in our basement while we were playing basement hockey and no one telling our parents until like 3 hours later bc basement hockey was Banned in the house

2. the first time i ever watched my older brother fight. also my older brother’s lone Gordie Howe Hat Trick. also the first time i ever saw my dad look so simultaneously embarrassed and proud.

1. the time my little brother’s peewee team got to skate on the ice with the peoria rivermen during warm-ups and he got confused and ended up skating the whole length of the ice instead of just the half-ice that he was supposed to and everybody flipped bc he was a Small Child in the middle of a lot of very large hockey boys until a member of wheeling nailers literally picked him up and skated him back over to the rivermen. we still talk about that one all the time.

I was so stoked today after a conference with my English teacher. She said the above about my Profile piece and asked if I would agree to let her use my Visual Rhetoric essay as an example in future classes. I’ve never really enjoyed writing but I’m doing well. She actually used he word talent when describing my work. I am so proud and so humbled at the same time!

My Thoughts 5x18 - Disbanded

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The MAN OF THE HOUR - John Diggle!!! You saved Oliver Queen from himself! I bow to you  - REPEATEDLY. If I didn’t already LOVE you I would after tonight. David Ramsey you brought your A game like no one else could.

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Oliver Queen you broke my heart. Stephen Amell gave another AMAZING performance this week. His pain was palpable and for a while I thought possibly truly irreversible. I adore his refusal to wear the suit for now and really I just adore his ability to try and grow. Oliver Queen you amaze me in the best ways possible.

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I’m not going to lie, I think I will cry EVERY TIME I watch this scene. He doesn’t even consider himself worthy of looking at her. And she reacted exactly as I thought she would, she would handle Chase. I was surprised that Oliver and Diggle knew of the Kord Industries break-in plan but he was proud of her again. I was waiting for a talk so I was bit disappointed, also thinking there was a talk made me feel a bit better about her not pushing to talk to him….and then there was no talk. Little sad about that…

Felicity sunk further into Helix…still haven’t see her do anything knowingly crazy outside redirecting drones with Curtis to save Susan. Loved her Game of Thrones joke - the fact that Alana didn’t get it - not a good sign for her credibility - just saying. It’s hard to know if Felicity is really becoming friendly with Alana or it’s a keep your enemies closer, I’m leaning toward the latter.

Other tidbits:

- Love that they remembered Thea’s existence

- New members of Team Arrow trying to figure out which member of OTA they were

- Tiny bit of shirtless Oliver as he dared to cover himself with that hoodie.

- Oliver’s hair was on point and he looks REALLY good in black.

-Felicity looked good in her cute blue dress with the pony tail but AMAZING when she broke into Kord Industries.

- Love how the Loft became the temporary lair!

- Anatoly - so much to love

- Adrian Chase is truly psycho.

Can’t wait for the next episode - in a MONTH!!!

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Curly Shepard x Marcia dating headcanons


- she loves his laugh like she loves it so much
- he is the cutest little thing ever as a boyfriend
- they both get a lot of hate and shit but he then threatens them with a blade
- she is always proud of him
- they both have a secret interest in death and they talk about it all the time…it’s weird from an outsiders pov 😉😉
- tbh Tim and Cherry need to stuff it because this is beautiful
- also I lowkey can kinda see Tim and Cherry???
-her and Angela became BEST friends like y'all need fashion advise? Go to Marcia and Angela greasers and socs alike
- hates when he gets piss ass drunk
- he is a huge ass fucking softy ok fight me
-ok I ain’t got no more so uhhh sorry this was short but love ya guys!!

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Most people I've seen talking about Matthew's gf: OMFG I HATE HER BITCH Me: bruh she's fucking him I'm so proud of her

Those people are probably why he’s kept her a secret for so long

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Komaru is confirmed to be able to see ghosts. So that's a thing in the DR verse that's probably unique to that family. Wouldn't it be bittersweet if Jin visited Naegi when he most doubts himself as Headmaster? Jin could encourage him and say he's doing a wonderful job, better than he himself ever did. And when he leaves, he could say "And tell my daughter… that I'm so proud of her…" (picture her saying through tears "well you can let him know… that I don't… need his approval…" *she breaks down*)

Oh my gosh my heart!!!!!

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in one installment of WLSADE you wrote about them potentially adopting and if you have time and want to, you should write about them actually adopting a kid!! (p.s. your writing is incredible!!)

So there may have been a few requests for this….

Race and Spot are 30 (all grown up, I’m so proud), Sofia is 23.

When a frantic knocking sounded on the door Race sighed, bent down to kiss his husband on the top of the head where he sat on the floor, and traipsed down the stairs. He’d been working up to this for weeks but, no matter what he’d done, it still felt very much like a tornado was about to strike.

“Can I see her? Can I see her? Can I see her?”

Sofia’s insistent questioning as soon as he opened the door, and the way she was jumping up and down with a huge grin on her face made Race think this was a very bad idea. But Maria had been to visit and Spot’s parents had refused to visit, so Sofia was next on the list. And Jack and Davey were desperate to have their turn so they had to get Sofia out of the way.

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How would Crowley Ferid Mika rene and lacus feel about an s/o who is from the islands (Fiji, Hawaii) and is really proud of her culture a even wears a tropical flower in her hair and loves speaking her native language and even doing traditional dances when alone. (Sorry if that's a lot I'm just obsessed with these five)

I’m so sorry for the long wait!! I don’t blame you for being obsessed, and don’t fret the amount is perfect!


  • He would be extremely respectful of her culture
  • He would incorporate it in everyday life so she won’t feel deprived
  • I feel like he would at least have basic knowledge of the culture


  • Definitely knows if not every, almost every aspect
  • Expect some cheesy nick name like “my precious hibiscus” 
  • Knows the basics of the island’s native language


  • Doesn’t like Ferid but knows he’s old and wants to know more about the island’s language
  • If he catches her dancing he will only watch because he is afraid of messing it up
  • Gathers flowers for her to put in her hair


  • Would read up on whatever he can to be more familiar with everything
  • He would love to listen to her talk about tales that are told on her island
  • Constantly asks her to describe her favorite places, because he hopes one day to take her there


  • If he hears her singing traditional songs, you better believe he will horribly sing along until he learns the lyrics
  • Likes to cook their favorite foods
  • Likes when she talks about the flora and fauna of the island

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ahhh so little mix just dropped their video for NMSS and h is dropping something on the 7th, imagine cheeky an fun competitiveness between the missus n harry

They’d be tucked up in bed together, laptops open and Twitter on the screen, ready to post the link for the music video together before they got some sleep. And, Harry would be smirking the entire time, glancing across to her every so often and nudging his nose into her shoulder, pressing kisses to her skin and expressing how proud he is of her and how the music video is one of his favourites to date.

“S'definitely my favourite one, you know? Our of all the ones you’ve done, this is a good one.”

“Only because you like what m'wearin’, you wanker.”

“Not at all,” he’d blurt out, checking the time before shuffling up in bed, ignoring her stare, “okay, fine. Because of your outfit. You look great. And yeh’re all mine.”

He’d growl playfully into her neck, before she’d push him away and refuse to give him any love until he shared the music video on his social media. Retweeting her posts and the band posts for his followers to see, before they gave the video one watch and logged off for the night. Sharing a kiss before cuddling up close.

“Nice response young tonight, eh? Enjoy it whilst it lasts, love, because mine’s gon'a be better.”

“That’s rubbish and you know it, Styles.” xx

Net Worth!!!

The ending was worth the wait! I was kinda irritated towards the middle, but it was so worth it! I’m really proud of her for stepping up at the end!!! 

 Fin and Liv together, kinda odd to me, but it works! 

 Rollins was a badass! I love badass Rollins, I’ve missed her! I love when Rollins just doesn’t take people’s shit! I love her! Carisi was back to the old Carisi. Carisi is such a good Detective!!! He’s such a go getter! And he was great undercover!!! That shrug to the coke guy! I love Carisi! 

 And CARMEN!!! The look Carmen gives Barba!!! They work together perfectly!!! I love the dynamic they seem to have! 

 And Barba and Liv were so good together!Barba and Liv’s last scene together! My crime fighting duo are back!!! 

“Of course not, so let’s find another way to bury this prick.” Barba my man! 

And Barba was so good with our Vic in court!!! Yaaassss! “ 

 "Because I didn’t want him to steal my dignity one more time.” 

 That’s right! You go girl!!! I’m proud of you!!!

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One of my close friends had sex with this guy who I've always had a thing for (she had no real feelings for him just craved sex) I've known him forever, he's perfect, always had the biggest crush on him (not to mention he's a bit of a Harry look-a-like) and my friend knew how i had felt for years and then they started fucking all the time and she distanced herself from me so she wouldn't feel as guilty so i did what i thought was best to do...I fucked her brother 😊


Rivals of Love~

I’m really proud of how this one came out. Unfortunately I forgot to record the second half of my drawing session so I can’t put up a speedpaint video for this one. Sighhhh… sadness.

Okay, ever since Takenaka has been introduced and it was revealed that he also like Tsubomi, I couldn’t stop thinking of an arc solely based on Mob and Takenaka both facing off to get Tsubomi’s attention and her love.

or Mob feeling a little jealous. 

Honestly, that would be so awesome!