he is so pretty and sweet

Xu Minghao is a blessing that got me stressing

This boy is so damn underappreciated so I knew I just had to make a post about him bc he is so talented and so handsome and so kind and he deserves so much love pls stan Minghao

I mean he’s so handsome and just plain adorable

fuck him hes too cute

okay but look at his eyes and tell me they’re not gorgeous

Pretty U era Minghao SAVED ME

look at those sparkly eyes

lol what a cheeseball

he looked so sweet and innocent with that hair omg

But even though he may seem like such a cute little kid, he becomes really hot??

RIP Minghao stans

jfc byE

sliding into your heart smooth af

Stan talent. Stan Xu Minghao

So I guess appreciation posts are every Sunday and Wednesday now. Prepare yourselves…

(None of the gifs or pictures are mine)

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dan blushing is never talked about enough.

THE BEST THING EVER???????NOTHING AS PURE OR GOOD ON THIS EARTH. dan is such a rose and he’s so sweet and loud and thorny and pretty all at once and when he blushes it adds seventeen years to my lifespan. when he blushes he smiles really wide and his eyes crinkle up so much and then he presses his lips together to conceal his smile and looks down it’s literally the best thing. and when his face gets tinted pink and he’s just so blushy ! i wuld die

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idk if your rquests are still open but, any hcs for sojun kuchiki ?

I honestly never knew this beautiful man existed and now I’m so in love with him.

Sojun Kuchiki

  • Sojun loves having something simple and savory for breakfast to start off his day that consists of a bowl of miso soup, rice or rice porridge, grilled fish and a vegetable side dish, and of course, a cup of green tea to wash it all down. Though every once in awhile he likes to treat himself and indulge in something sweet in the morning and have dessert for breakfast to get his sugar fix for the day because he does occasionally have a huge sweet tooth.
  • Sojun was pretty popular amongst the female species during his academy days, and even more so when he was serving as a lieutenant under his father. And even though he’s had many girls flaunting over him from left to right, confessing and pouring their hearts out to him and sending him love letters on a regular basis, Sujon only had his eyes on a certain and special Soul Reaper that he’s been trying to muster up enough courage to speak to them.
  • Sojun absolutely loves to cuddle and snuggle with his significant other whenever he gets the chance. He actually enjoys it so much that he’d begin to crave and long for partner to be in his loving arms after being apart from them for a period of time, and even sometimes when they’ve both only been separated for a few minutes. There’s just something about having them resting comfortably beside him and laying their head against his chest while he’d trace long lines up and down their arm or back, that he feels at peace and at home.
  • Sujon possesses such a pure and genuine smile that’s both contagious and makes you fall instantly in love with it upon seeing it. Though he is completely oblivious to this fact and since he is always seen smiling at others, nodding or briefly greeting them as he’d pass by them, he gets extremely confused when girls would swoon and get all riled up over a simple gesture as that. Also, because of this friendly characteristic of his, it makes him appear more approachable and not at all intimidating considering he’s from one of the four noble families.

Sweet Dreams // OiYama

It was unbelievable. He had laid the futon on the floor for Tooru to sleep on, but, once again, he had squeezed himself over his small and cramped bed. 

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The gifs alone are killing me, so tell me: how devastatingly handsome is Rufus actually in Victoria?

EXTREMELY! I was captivated by the gifs before I started watching too, and let me tell you, everything is 10x more emotional and beautiful when you actually watch it. He honestly doesn’t have a single unattractive moment, and this is coming from someone who will admit he can look a bit derpy if you catch him at just the wrong instant. XD The director/cinematographer/etc have obviously gone to great lengths to make sure that every shot is lovely. But besides that, Rufus just looks super sexy in period clothing, okay? I think we can all agree on that. And the costumes in this show are all A+++ so it’s just… If you thought he was pretty in Middlemarch, he’s gone and done it again! Only this time it’s even worse because his character is so kind and sweet and tragic and he makes your heart break with every furrowed brow and broken smile. It’s the most emotional and captivating role he’s had in, well, about 6 years!

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Well, maybe it doesn't matter to anyone but my favorite photo of H is where we have his foreground and he has watery eyes It's simply flawless you know? It shows at the same time his weakness and his strength with that smile, his sweetness but even his determination in what he want to do Idk what caused that picture but it's beautiful Yours?

So many of the them are soooo beautiful! I love the 70s rock god aesthetic a lot, though I also love pretty much all the others, too. Like so many things, I have one specific favorite (the one where he’s sitting in the white pants and patterned jacket and scrunching his face to the side) and then all the others are kind of in a big group of “I love them, too!”



Can I just say that I’m totally BLOWN AWAY by all the sweet messages I’ve gotten today? Thank you guys so much, omg. (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)

Also, a picture of my birthday cake! LOL, ofc I wrote about saigenos on it, bc I am utter trash for those two. X3 (The pic is actually from Monday, I’ve been eating it all week, lol) And when I went to Starbucks this morning to redeem my birthday reward and (try to) write on my next fic chapter, I caught a couple of birthday pokemon, and at the insistence of @onepunchkokoro, I renamed them with birthday-appropriate names, and will keep them (for now) even though they’re not the strongest in my pokedex. XD (I caught a lot more than those two, but they’re special bois.) And also, just a pic of twitter telling me happy birthday, lol. I like the balloons! ^^;

Anyway, thank you all again! I’m still working on writing! It’s going very slowly! I’m still gonna try to post something today, though! Hopefully! ^^;;;;


“Tapura do talked about you a little bit….not much.” the water type looked a little nervous, She didn’t expect to met him so suddenly. “Oh, umm let me introduce myself. My name’s Oseye, pleasure to meet you.”

Her face turned red. “O-our relationship? Umm, not sure. We were just friends, then suddenly we do admit we have feeling for each other. A-and we do agree that we need to learn much more about each other. “ she scratched her cheeks. “I only could hope to be serious with him. I m-mean, he’s really sweet and kind…b-but please don’t tell him I said that, he’ll might be try to make me embarrassed.  And I’m pretty sure he’ll tell everything about me soon to his mother and you too.”

Tapura and Louv @bannanaswishes / @askteamsomberwish

I am mostly convinced this was kind of a happy accident rather than intentional worldbuilding, but this here’s a thing I get a kick out of regarding Gerudo fashion;

In Gerudo society, this is women’s armour that armoured warriors would wear;

When you crack even the regular not-Nabooru Iron Kuckles open there’s a unique, not-Nabooru Gerudo lady inside of them, Iron Knuckles are covered in Gerudo motifs, this is all around a pretty Gerudo construct.

BUT, this is Ganondorf’s armour when he was young and functioning as their king;

We got a skin tight black leather catsuit under sculpted muscle leather armour topped off with thigh-high boots. Ganondorf comparatively wears the masculine equivalent to form-fitting titty breastplates. I’d go so far as to say this is like the Gerudo saying “But if they can’t see his sweet abs and manly, narrow hips how will they know he’s a guy? Better hammer some pecs into that chest plate just to be sure. Put some weird beads on his big bulgy biceps, it’ll draw people’s attention and he’ll get the upper hand while they’re distracted.”

The in-universe implications of of the character with the most aggressively on-display masculine secondary sex characteristics also being the character who was most likely dressed by women are kind of interesting to consider. It’s kind of taking “male power fantasy” and looping it around into some kind of “strong male character”  situation, like some Gerudo fashion designer is standing there all “okay, so the fabric might not breathe at all and you’ll probably get your sternum crushed by the first guy who tries to punch you in the chest, but just get a load of how masculine and empowered you look!”