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So I thought I would share this with all of you. I haven’t been very active on here but I have been more active on my fan account on Instagram (@inlovewithdepp) which you all can follow whenever you want! But about 2 weeks ago, I sent Johnny fan mail along with the photograph on the right hoping that he would write back.

A few days ago, I received mail back and the photograph I sent was signed by him and the one on the left was added! I’m pretty sure the one on the left is autopenned but the one on the right is definitely his signature! I was so estatic to receive a reply from Johnny and it has made my life ten times better! I am honestly the happiest girl alive and the fact that Johnny is so caring and sweet to his fans makes my heart warm. I just love this man so much!❤️

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Um...hi i was wondering if you would still do the bullet post about hc?(id that what it is called, sorry im not english) if yes, could you do one with reader painting and drawing all the time but never showing their work but they also draws and paint Credence with flower, animals, just soft things a lot. And Credence just love all the little pale details reader do.. Like their style is messy pale and dark colors on light backgrounds, and he likes it. Thank you and i love you💕💕(im shy af sorry)

hey, sweet pea, i’m generally pretty shy too, so there’s no need to apologize for that!! and i love you so much!!!! also i know i haven’t been writing lately at all, but art/credence things really are a soft spot for me, so i’ll give it a go for you, babe!! i hope this is okay, it’s been a while!!

  • you’ve known credence a while, and it’s hard to miss that he is beautiful
  • you never tell him you think so because you’re just as shy/uncertain as he is
  • which is part of the reason you two grew so close–there was just an inherent understanding of each other’s natures that made it easy
  • but there’s this moment when he comes over to your place and you see him, practically all black and white, standing near the window against the pastel pink and yellow of the sunset that makes it a need in you to draw/paint him as soon as possible
  • and of course he knows you love your art and that you are dedicated to it, but he has no idea he has just inspired you so deeply
  • or that, after that moment, you have not stopped being inspired by him
  • he notices no shift bc he is oblivious–though he’s more comfortable with himself now, he doesn’t necessarily see that other people find him to be more than average or worthy of being a subject in art, ya know
  • he doesn’t suspect at all until he comes over to your place too early one day, lets himself in (something he has only recently become comfortable doing), and finds you in your studio
  • the first thing he notices is that you are covered in paint, black slashes and pastel spots and your hands are just a blend of everything all together
  • the next thing he notices is that there are canvases everywhere–and that he’s on every single one, at different angles and in different settings
  • he feels bad bc clearly he has caught you in your most private moment–you had shown him a few pieces before, but he knew how shy you were about your art
  • but these–he can’t breathe because he can’t believe anyone sees him this way
  • there’s one of him wrapped in the sheets you have in your room, shrouded in golds and pale blues and soft yellows
  • there’s one of him pinching a flower petal between two fingers gently, the skin of his hand blending with the pastel pink of the flower–the scars on them seemingly a part of that flower, not ugly or angry in how you see them at all
  • one captures a soft smile on his mouth as he gazes off into the distance, seemingly appreciating something outside the canvas
  • in all of them, he is dark, contrasting with the soft colors of your backgrounds, but somehow belonging in them, somehow the focus of all of them
  • for once, he feels beautiful, like someone seeing him might not be so bad
  • finally he turns to you, saying nothing, and you’re just standing there, gripping your paint brush that is now dripping wet paint onto your foot, with a face brighter than any color in the room
  • you can’t help but shield your latest unfinished work, of which credence is the subject once again, with your body
  • you notice he grips his hands in from of him, his old tell that he was uncomfortable
  • but it’s just that he doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t know how to convey what he’s feeling
  • so all he manages to get out is, “i…like your style”
  • and you understand, just like that, and break into a smile
  • “yeah??”
  • he nods and walks over to the painting in the furthest corner, the first one, of him in front of your window
  • the question in his eyes, the why, the how, the when, has to be answered, so you try to explain
  • “these are just moments, but i…wanted to capture you, credence. you showed during these…” 
  • you see that smile of his–it never changed, it’s still small, but it means the most, so you know he understands what you mean
  • “i think…the art can speak for itself”
  • so he just stands there with you, looking at it all, taking it all in, and maybe you’ll never display them, but you know you have an audience
  • and you hope credence knows you’ll never stop seeing him as a work of art and that he is the subject that finds you even in your dreams
  • you never stop painting him, and he never stops being surprised by how you see him

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Sorry to spam you, but is it ok to ask extra 'who' questions for harlos? Things like, who fell in love first? Who flirted the most before they started dating? Who was oblivious to the other one flirting? Who confessed first (and were they rejected at first?) Who goes to the other person's friends for advice? If you don't mind answering?

Aww, don’t worry about. I don’t mind at all sweet Anony. Headcanons are pretty fun to do ^.^ As for your questions!

Who fell in love first?
- Harry did. He tried to fight it though cause this was one of those traitors. But Carlos being the nice guy that he is did his best to welcome Harry properly and put their past behind them. Harry was gone after that.

Who flirted the most before they started dating?
- Definitely Harry. The pirate flirts with anything that moves. So he packs it on pretty thick when Carlos is concerned.

Who was oblivious to the other one flirting?
- Carlos, he’s never been good with relationships. So he’s pretty blind when Harry actually tries to flirt with him. Carlos just kind of thinks he’s being overly friendly especially since the damn pirate flirts with everyone else (but Carlos gets special attention)

Who confessed first and were they rejected at first?
- Surprisely, Carlos confessed first. It did take Evie to finally point out that Harry was excessively flirting with him, and man, was that like a cold bucket of water being tossed on him. He thought back to all their interactions and actually blushed(much to Evie’s delight). After mulling it over, Carlos went and told Harry…Definitely wasn’t rejected. Harry couldn’t stop grinning for a week.

Who goes to the other person’s friends for advice?
- Carlos wants to make sure everything is okay with Uma and Gil and make sure they don’t mind them dating. But he also always goes to Uma when Harry’s temper gets the better of him and he needs to know how to deal with it. Harry doesn’t go to the others for advice, its more like they come to him to give him advice(and some threats). Jay and Mal like to catch him alone and threaten him with harm as they offer him advice. Evie answers any and all his questions sweetly, but he doesn’t miss the thinly veiled threats between her words.


So a little backstory till up to where she is now. Yadaa yadaa here’s the basic backstory. As time went on though, the girl grew a rather nasty personality trait and got her shit stomped in. In exchange for not wanting to die and learning how to stop being such a bitch, everyone’s least favorite abuse goat asshole Hades took her under his wing.

Things were pretty normal at first. She did chores or whatever, he trained her. It was a good deal for the little zombie horse. But then ol goatfuck decided he wanted to suddenly get some sweet sweet revenge on some of his old god pals, especially Zeus. So he had his student start killing off gods and anyone that annoyed him, normal people and lesser gods first. She worked her way up, offing ol Aquaman himself with his own trident eventually (and making lots of nasty enemies along they way as well as losing a fair amount of friends and respect). 

As things continued, Hades became far more abusive towards Gear, who at that point only knew how to follow his orders. She became a husk, faking whatever emotion she needed for the moment. She changed for the worst. 

Eventually, she ran into this guy:

His name’s Henry, he’s the god of forge, and he just.. He just fucking obliterated this dumb horse girl. And every time she came back the results were the same. Just the ass kicking of a century. Eventually he stopped and asked her why she was doing, to which she replied “Cause my master told me to.” He didn’t accept that answer and eventually, so did she. One more time she approached this Leomon ripoff, only instead of fighting she apologized and ran away. Henry is a cool dude tho and kept it secret from ol’ Hades, who he paid a small visit to.Wew.

So lil Gear is out there in the tundra or something, living off the wild and basically being a hermit when this griffin mother fucker shows up outta the blue and picks a fight with her.

Gear is all “Dude go away you smell like stale chicken wings and anger issues” and he’s all “WE ARE THE SAME. I HATE MY TEACHER AND I ALSO AM LIKE IMMORTAL OR SOME SHIT”. Eventually Gear is sick of him speaking in all caps so she flees into a cave and is set on basically never stepping outside ever again. But then of course someone has to mess up her sweet new isolated life.

This time it was a good thing. These two tall horse(?) women approached her, talking about how they had to kill her cause she was evil or something. She wasn’t having that and fought and held her own pretty well before not doing that anymore. Turns out those two were Valkyrie.

Instead of killin’ old Gear, they invited her to join them cause man do they love them some strong independent women that don’t need no solitude.

So these two Valks, Hervor and Atalanta, really take a liking to Gear, who doesn’t care much for either of them at first. After living with and going on all these SICK ADVENTURES with them, she eventually warms up a little, slowly returning to her old ridiculous self, albeit a lot more sassy and confident. So confident in fact, that she eventually went back to Tartarus to confront ol Hades.

So this dude is all “Ah you’re back. Good I need you to get back to work” and Gear is pretty upset that he didn’t even care she was missing. When she tells him that she’s not coming back and she’s through with him, goatfuck decides he doesn’t have any use for her, all the while explaining how the only reason she was even still around is because of him. So, he threatens to toss her soul or something in with the others and get rid of her, maybe find a new minion to follow through on his schemes.

So what does Gear do? She beats him. She beats the absolute piss out of him. Like, Hades had no idea what he had trained. So after beating this guy to a near inch of his life, she just stops. Says she’s done killing for him. She berates him, calling sad, lonely, the usual, and how she almost became exactly like him. She leaves and enjoys her life with the Valkyrie now.

Now she’s doing her own thing once again, being sassy and enjoying her freedom.

Some quick ol’ tidbits:

  • Gear eventually visited Hades again, who now has Sal staying with him. They patched things over and Ven has changed for the better. No more revenge agenda. She regularly visits the duo just to say hi.
  • Gear has some of Hades’ flame powers mumbo jumbo. She can’t actually use any of it, but sometimes her hair catches fire. 
  • She can no longer turn fully red. Only her hooves/hands will become red in color
  • She works more as the repairwoman for her comrades, fixing their weapons and keeping their equipment up to snuff.
  • Her main shtick for the longest was obsessing over Tweenlight Spackle. She’s long since stopped fanning over the mane cast, and instead now has an obsession over Maud which she keeps secret.
  • She’s been to the moon a total of 3 times. It’s also where she developed a debilitating fear of tentacles
  • Her biggest strength is well, her immense strength. That and her semi-immortality from being a zombie. Even decapitated she can come back. However if she dies enough times in a short amount of time she won’t be able to come back.
  • She first appeared/started her blog when she was 17 and died when she was 19. She now ages very slowly
  • She’s only had sex twice. Why did I need to share that I’ll never know
  • Hermes, one of her best friends, has almost always helped her from the shadows, even when she fled to the tundra.
  • Gear’s hair is cursed. She’s naturally blond, but because of some shenanigans, her hair was cursed to continue growing forever, unable to ever be cut. She wore a magic infused wig that kept her hair in check but gave up when it began spilling out. The tangles are her greatest enemy.

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also i'm sorry lol but another thing, in a sugarscape interview someone says "carry on" then louis mishears it as "curry on" and niall points to zayn and starts laughing (cause you know, pakistani's and curry haha so funny), while zayn looks upset for a second and louis taps at niall to stop laughing, and liam looks awkward too. honestly niall to me has always seemed like the typical lad idk why people think he's so sweet but maybe i'm just an overprotective zayn stan lmao

wow, which interview was that?? i know they were pretty young and ignorant when they used to do sugarscape interviews but that’s…really awful :////

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tbh i love joseph MORE after the controversy. I lowkey want cult leader pretty boy to stab me and tell me im pretty.

LOL oh man
I’m like, still convinced the cult is a thing, but I think Jospeh pisses me off more without it bc he’s actually an awful person who’s cheating on his wife, and that’s a /real/ issue. His character is so well written, bc it’s just like real life. I haven’t done his route, so I haven’t really trusted him in the first place, but people who have are like he’s so sweet!!!! But then they get to find out more about him from other routes, and you realize Mary isn’t a bitch, like she’s played to be, and then you’re like..oh……
I hate Jospeh but I applaud his writing. He’s a good, awful character.


They are like a romance novel cover.

The romance is very low conflict (they fell very quickly, like and respect each other in addition to love, have the same goals. The only “fight” is that she won’t marry him because she thinks it will be better for the country if she remains a sorceress) so it appears pretty low stakes.


We know this is a prequel of sorts to the main story, where the world goes to hell and she turns back time in order to prevent it and she is the only one left remembering their love while he’s oblivious and then falls for her all over again. So it gives a delicious underpinning to the current sweetness. 

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OMG WHAT NOOooOooOoOOooOOooO , Stahp you’re making blush. WTH DHFFHJDKL what am I. I’m not that pretty bro. You can’t even see my face in that picture O.O and whuuuttt Jungkook sdgdhdjk?! #I lost all functionality lol #Your message was too sweet for me to handle :”)

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tell me about ur fav things i will care

you’re so sweet?? thank you. my favorite books and songs means so much to me. my favorite band is twenty one pilots, listening to their music just calms me down when i’m anxious and it makes me happy. also i’m pretty much addicted to youtube. i love dan and phil, david dobrik and all his friends, and thomas sanders (he makes me so happy!!). i read books on wattpad all the time, and i love to write on there too. one of my favorite books is on there and it’s called Anchorage, it’s about a girl who’s brother died and how she copes with his death. it’s a beautiful book and i love it so much. i watch a lot of shows on netflix, my favorite shows are supernatural and doctor who. i really like bo burnham too, i think he’s really funny and i watch ‘make happy’ and ‘what’ a lot. i like to play games like animla crossing new leaf and sims 4. i got the game dream daddy the other day and i love it so much. also dogs.

i think i have rambled enough, but thank you for this. it means a lot and you’re wonderful for asking. 💖💕


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments

Like honestly, why is it such a big deal that Ron struggles and complains about his problems once in a while when all other times he is always does his best to be there for his friends with their problems? People who complain about him act like he’s super unsympathetic and never helps Harry when like, off the top of my head, things Ron has done:

-Would always either stay at Hogwarts so Harry wouldn’t be alone on Christmas, or would invite Harry to his family’s for Christmas. Was also super casual about it and would come up with excuses why he was doing this so Harry wouldn’t feel awkward.

-when Harry didn’t write back to him, he quickly became worried the Dursleys were doing something bad to him, told his family about it (SEVERAL TIMES, apparently)  (like as far as I can tell every single day Harry didn’t write back Ron was panicking about it to his parents and siblings and wondering what the hell was going on) and then he hatched a plan with his brothers to steal a car, break the law, fly all the way to Harry’s house, forcibly grabbed him from his screaming relatives and then took him to his house. 

-Generally acts super chill about his mum blatantly giving Harry more attention than him, because he knows Harry needs it. Like, aside from a few jokes about it, he never acted overtly resentful about that. I think the Horcrux revealed that it made him insecure about whether his mum liked Harry more deep down (I’d have to reread the seventh book it’s been a while) yet he never once mentioned this. The fact he never let that show out of empathy for Harry is pretty impressive.

-tried to call Harry on the telephone despite not knowing how to use it and was then worried that he got Harry in trouble.

-when Harry wrote that he needed food, Ron once again informed his entire family and got an entire truckload sent to him.

-He informed Harry that even if he had to kidnap him from the Dursley’s home again, he was going to get Harry to spend the summer with them his family and see the Quidditch World Cup. He worked with his family to get an invitation sent to the Dursleys, then immediately wrote Harry a personal note saying “btw if they say no we’re coming anyway I will beat them all up if i have to”)

-if anyone badmouths Harry or Hermione in front of him, even someone he likes (like Seamus), he will rabidly defend them and basically prepare to fight that person.

-this includes teachers

-if someone calls Hermione (or anyone) a slur he will have to be physically restrained from attacking that person.

-when McG wouldn’t let Harry go to Hogsmeade Ron was in deep despair over the unfairness of it all, got personally angry and called McG several curse words. He and Hermione got Harry ton of sweets while they were there and tried to downplay how fun it was.

-When Percy wrote him a letter telling him to drop Harry as a friend, Ron made a giant show of ripping the letter into pieces and throwing it dramatically into a fire (what a nerd, honestly)

-generally did his best to be patient and understanding with Harry’s depression and anger issues in fifth year, but would firmly point out to him when he was crossing a line without flipping out back at him.

(which, as previous examples demonstrate, Ron’s fuse is pretty short, so that likely required a lot of effort on his part) 

(like, he and Hermione never invalidated Harry’s feelings, but Ron would point out when he was getting angry at the wrong people in a pretty calm way.  He said something like “It’s not our fault Snape and Umbridge are like that. We think you should stop taking it out on us when we’re on your side.” He was able to set boundaries and make Harry realize his behavior wasn’t okay while also making it clear he knew he was dealing with a lot and he was here for him and supported him. Pretty good example of how to friend and a lot more mature than most 15 year olds could have managed.)

-when he found out about Umbridge’s abuse, he was visibly sickened, argued with Harry for a long time than he needed to tell an adult, was upset Harry hadn’t mentioned it and when he couldn’t convince Harry, apparently told Hermione so she could help out and give him healing stuff. 

-also just the general fact he gladly went along with all of Harry’s super dangerous adventures and literally said he would die for him and never acted resentful of nearly getting murdered on a regular basis due to association with Harry

-guys Ron even told Voldermort to shut up when he said something mean about Harry i mean. let’s just consider that. He yelled at Voldemort. I’m pretty sure he was the first one who started yelling too.

So I really don’t get why people focus on the few times Ron complained and the whole two times in their seven year friendship when he got so fucked up about his own issues that he fought with Harry and didn’t support him (and the second time probably would not have happened if it weren’t EVIL SOUL SHARD THAT AMPLIFIED NEGATIVE FEELINGS) when the entire rest of their friendship is unwavering support. It’s so weird to me. You don’t have to like Ron, but acknowledge characters can be flawed and human and don’t hold him to ridiculous standards.

Suga sent a flower pot for the opening of his mom’s new restaurant. 

Jimin sent one too.

(The flower pots were placed inside the restaurant.
The first one is Jimin’s,the one next to it is Yoongi’s.)

cr. ILYSB_jimin

Say That Again

Summary: Soulmate AU. Everyone hears a key word or phrase in their head from their soulmate, something only heard in person when the moment is right.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,543

Warnings: language, self-consciousness, fluff, that’s basically it

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely wonderful talented @bladebarnes’ 2k Celebration Challenge. My prompt was 35. quote: “Say that again.” I saw Baby Driver recently and couldn’t get the diner thing out of my head.

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Current mood: The one and only teen who chose to be mentored by Griffin and was ushered into a world of terror and confusion.

NCT irl at Kcon2017

Oooohhhh fuck can I just start off with they’re all really fucking attractive and pictures don’t do them justice? Like seriously pictures cannot contain how perfect they are.

Taeil: He’s super cute like really cute. His body is even cute. He’s like right in the middle not super tall but not short. When u look at his face u just wanna smile. Really smooth skin like u wanna rub it, it’s like after u shave ur legs. Has big puppy dog eyes like u finna get lost in them shits sis. His hair is very nice and looks healthy, his hair kinda looks weird sometimes in photos but it really suits him irl!!! Some girl got chosen for Doyoung and Taeil to sing a song to her and Taeil sang a Bruno mars song I’m sorry I really can’t remember what it’s called but you guys know that one Bruno mars love song. His English was PRECIOUS he has a very sweet sing song voice. Everyone melted when he sang the Bruno Mars song like GODDDD boy really can sing well!! He’s a super cute puppy flower boy, he gives off pretty boy vibes 🌸. He was smiling a smol cute little smile the whole time he was very precious and I just wanted to love him.

Taeyong: MY FUCKING BIAS. WOOOW HES SOOO ATTRACTIVE WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? I WAS IN THE RED CARPET TAKING PICS THEN HE CAME OUT AND I JUST I PUT MY PHONE DOWN AND STARED AT HIM I HAD TO EXPERIENCE HIS BEAUTY RIGHT THERE MY MOUTH GOT FUCKING DRY AT HIS BEAUTY. Super nice skin super cute lil sweet heart trying to please everyone fan interaction every time u turn around. When he dances he GETS INTO IT his hair flops all around it’s really adorable! He hits all his moves super sharp and it’s very pleasing to see. He had a solo before all the other boys came out and he KILT THAT SHIT everyone was in shock because it was so good. He was very nervous and I was like abt to cry bc that’s my baby and no. He was talking in English and messed up and he DID THE CUTEST SHIT EVER he just looked at the ground and started smiling and all the boys just patted his back everyone said “awww” tho so I hope that made him feel better. Really a perfectionist, tried his hardest to speak really good English, ohh boy his English voice is cuteeeeee. He kept taking his jacket off because he was gettin hot. Has nice arms, the boys weren’t lying ab those veins girl u can see them from miles away, he has nice hands too. He’s kinda like Taeil he’s not very tall he’s more on the shorter side but very nice thin pretty dancer body. He was so pretty?They had a little fan interaction wheel of fortune thingy and he kept doing all the little popular American dances he was gettin it in. On stage he’s got a very sexy idgaf vibe, but in reality he’s cute and quiet. A fan had the same hair color as him and when he walked by her he pointed to his hair and then hers and gave a thumbs up. In all he really works hard and you can tell he really cares for everyone especially his members, he’s very nervous but once he gets past that he’s super cute and wants to make sure fans have a good time. ALSO HES FUCKING GORGEOUS I CANT EXPLAIN.

Johnny: BIG HES BIG TALL LEAN BUT MUSCULAR BUILD HE’S THE EPITOME OF A MAN. Very tall, I was at his elbow. He was right next to me and I almost fainted he was so hot. He has these little patches that look like irritated or inflamed skin on his left cheek near his neck and under his jaw his makeup artists covered it really well tho so I really couldn’t tell. He has flawless pore less skin it looked really soft and dewy. His hair was actual sex, the pictures don’t do him justice he fucking ROCKS this hair and it makes him give off sexy vibes. When I told him I loved him he gave me the sweetest smile ever and ugh I melted. Very polite baby!! Asked how everyone in my isle was doing and waved to everyone! I can’t get over how nice his body was I just wanted him to wrap me up in his arms so badly they looked so strong, his body is actually pretty wide but he’s lean and muscular, like he could engulf you. Bless those stylists tho bc his clothes fit him really well and he looked very cute. He’s a precious pure baby in a big sexy man body, he was smiling the whole concert everyone was PIPING HIS HEAD YO. He was talking and it got quiet and he was asking the members to show something and asking the girl who got picked for the song to pick a singing member and a girl in my isle screamed “I pick you Johnny” and he couldn’t contain his smile and laughter like he was cracking tf up. Every time it got quiet I would scream Johnny along with 2-3 other people in my isle and he would smile SO BIG. He was really happy, lots of Johnny stans there. His legs are big and long, when he dances you can see how big they are, he was smirking the whole cherry bomb choreo bc everyone kept screaming his name. In all he was extremely extremely handsome I wasn’t ready I had no idea how handsome he was! He’s so underrated please love him he deserves it. He’s a cute shy baby with a sexy face and body like he would treat u so well I can just tell. I really wanna meet him again!

Win win: PRINCE OF FUCKING CHINA. Huge eyes like they’re half his face. Symmetrical face with very nice features. Sort of round face. Good hair, pretty doll lips. He’s sort of on the shorter side and he’s thin but not as thin as Taeyong. He was gettin hyped, there were a lot of win win stans with little signs and stuff. He didn’t speak any English but listened very intently when Mark and Johnny and the others spoke English, you can tell he really wants to learn. I feel like he’s a fast learner. Very articulate and energetic dancer, looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage. Laughs at anything the members say, he really loves them. I was wearing an nct banner on my shoulders and he pointed at it and gave a heart and I thought I died for a sec. He tries to make sure every fan can see him like when they were waving goodbye he took the longest and kept stopping to wave 😂. He’s a cute baby and sometimes it seems like he isn’t thinking about anything? He loves being on stage and dances amazing I was so impressed by him, the other members all dance very well too. He seems very innocent and sweet, he works very hard and does a very energetic stage. Really tho he’s so handsome like prince of China frfr.

Jaehyun: TALL BABY! HANDSOME BABY! PRETTY BABY! MUSCULAR BABY! He really is tall, almost as tall as Johnny. Definitely most muscular in NCT he has BIG arms, you can see through his clothes how defined he is. His voice is deep, like deeper than on the actual tracks. AMAZING LIVE Singer. He sang live the whole time and everyone was amazed. He’s actually very good at dancing!!! A real man!! The type of guy u wanna wife up. Shy but confident, very smiley and cute with his members. His hair is really nice I wanted to run my hands through it so bad. When he was in the isle with me he kept looking around and licking his lips 😫😫. He’s really built so well and his voice sounds like honey. Actual prince. You think he looks good in pictures? Well if you see him in real life your gonna be blown back by his handsomeness.
Actor like chiseled features, looks like his jawline will cut you. Big eyes, small face. He was very pale, but not extremely pale he was just very symmetrical and perfect looking, he looked like if you could create the perfect man. Overall he seemed like a cute reserved sweet heart, once again shockingly handsome and sexy but also very cute!

Doyoung: BEAGLE! THIS BOY IS TALL AND CUTE! THIS BOY IS BOYFRIEND MATERIAL! He has very circular big eyes, he’s pretty thin. Legs r long as fuck they look like they’re his whole body. Sweet high voice when he sings, he sings very well live. When he was singing to the girl i was shocked how nice his voice really was. Cute hair, it’s also kinda thin. He gives off cutesy boyfriend vibes. Aesthetic boyfriend. Model boyfriend. Very well spoken and articulate. Very chic! Once again he seems like a model or something. All his clothes looked like he was modeling them. Cute stage presence equally cute up close. He wasn’t shy at all he just walked down the isle I was like damn ok. He has this sort of happy but chic aura. This boy knows what he’s doing he’s very good. Overall I just wanna walk through ny with him and take aesthetic pictures, such a boyfriend oml.

Yuta: HANSOME! SMART! LIKE REALLY DAMN HANDSOME! He’s a bias wrecker, he damn near stole my heart. Sexy boy fr tho idk if he knows how sexy he is tho. Good dancer too. DEEP DEEP VOICE FUCKKKK. His Korean is really good too. He’s in the middle for height also. When he dances he thrusts his hips a lot. You know that part in the beginning of cherry bomb the “I’m the biggest hit” part? Boy was thrusting his hips super hard. Nice body, also kinda thin but somewhat muscular. Really attractive and handsome, it’s like he commands your attention and leaves you wanting more. More of a smirk than a smile on stage. Cocky and sexy on and off stage, off stage he’s a tiny bit more cute tho. Sexy without trying sort of dancing. Sweater paws the whole night! He wasn’t sweating super bad despite his million layers of clothes. Seems like the school bad boy. Major bad boy vibes. Watch out tho bc then he’ll do some cute shit and steal ur heart. Overall very sexy with a good stage presence, I feel like he’s very cocky but in a good way like it’s hot, MAJOR BIAS WRECKER.

Mark: SUPER CUTE SUNSHINE BABY TRYING HIS BEST HE WANTS TO PLEASE YOU HES A GIFT FROM GOD! When I tell you the cutest most sweetest lil baby ever I mean it. Little baby facial features with big round eyes. His voice is surprisingly deep in real life? Tries to give bad boy sexy vibes on stage but just ends up being a cutie. PROTECT HIM. He can dance very well I would say one of the best dancers. FULL OF ENERGY THE WHOLE NIGHT. His hair was all floppy and bouncing around it was so precious. He was getting down to the wheel of fortune song like he was actually dancing really well to the random tune. He’s just so super cute and smiley UGJ. He will brighten your day. He was nervous and kept stuttering in English and smiling at the floor it was cute. His English voice is so nice to hear it’s like the perfect tone it just sort of flows into you ears. Bouncing around the stage the whole night. TRYING HIS ABSOLUTE HARDEST AND BEST. Really hard worker. Sweating a bit but it was cute. Everything he does is cute. Overall I jut wanna protect him and watch him grow and get more popular, he’s really so lovable.

Haechan: AWWWWWWW CUTE LIL BABY BOY! SOOO EXCITED AB EVERYTHING! When he dances he also bounces around. SMOL! Heart piercing smile! SMIRKING THROUGH EVERY PERFORMANCE. It’s funny because he thinks he’s older than he is and it’s really cute. CUTE PRECIOUS BABY FAT I HOPE IT NEVR GOES AWAY. Sweet baby face and very interesting and melodic voice. I’m smiling while I write this y'all he was so cute in his little shorts. He was so fucking happy and excited just really super precious. He can dance really well too he killed his solo thingy. Really sweet baby you would never know how much of a trouble maker he was. He’s really the cutest lil thing and so excited he couldn’t contain it! God I just wanna protect him.


Summary: After waking up in the morning finding out you had a one night stand with someone you don’t even know…you rush out as quickly as possible…too bad you forgot your cell phone.

Pairing: Jeon Jeong-guk (Jungkook) / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 2k

A/N: extremely Mature rating

Part 2 | Part 3Masterlist

“How do I look?” You asked your best friends.

“Gorgeous.” They said at the same time. You settled on a simple black dress, that hugged your curves beautifully.

“And here.” Your friend Lalisa got up and scrunched up your long hair with her fingers. “Guys like messy.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” It wasn’t your idea to go out in the first place. Your friends thought it would make you feel better, help you move on from your tragic breakup that ended a month ago and you happen to still be hung up on.

Illhoon was the best thing that has ever happened to you and being together for three years, things just weren’t working out. You were always fighting, he was always busy, and you haven’t been sexually active in months. He was always loyal to you, too loyal that he broke things off. He felt bad that he couldn’t give you the love you deserve. He just wasn’t happy, which you respected.

Now your pain in the ass friends were trying to set you up.

“Okay….lets go.” Lalisa marched out and Rosé gave you an apologetic look.

“It will be fun, don’t worry.” She told you.


When you got to the club it was surprisingly not that crowded. Which was a relief. “Lets get some fuel.” Lalisa started walking towards the bar.

6 shots later you were starting to get buzzed that you decided to slow down on a casual drink. “Hey.” You looked up following the voice. “Do you see that hot guy over there.” Lalisa pointed with her eyes.

You started to look. “Hey don’t be obvious.” She alerted you.

“Sorry.” You snorted. Maybe the alcohol had kicked in more then you thought.

You slightly looked over, pretending to not be obvious. You saw more then one hot guy, to be honest, but one got your heart racing.

He had dark hair and a killer smile. Possibly one of the most handsome guy you have ever seen. Not counting Illhoon. Shit! You weren’t suppose to be talking about him.

“Go over there and talk to him.” Lalisa pressured you.

“Unless it’s too soon.” Rosé debated.

“No it’s the perfect opportunity….its been long enough…you need to put yourself back out there.” Lalisa argued.

“I’m going over there.” Lalisa stood up. “I’m going to introduce him to you and then I’m going to take his hot friend with the dimples.” Then she stormed off.

As you saw her talking you decided to take about 3 more shots, you were too sober for this.

You saw the guy smile in your direction. “Lalisa always wins.” Rosé said and got up to walk over to one of the other guys.

You were left drinking alone. You didn’t want to act like you were desperate and you weren’t, you wanted to take it at a slow level.

You were slightly drunk that you almost thought the hot guy was walking over.

“Hi.” Oh, it’s real. “I’m Jungkook.” He reached his hand out to you.

“Hi.” You blushed as you stood up, accepting his handshake. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Your friend over there gave a pretty good word for you.”

“What did she say?” You nervously asked.

“She said that I’m an idiot if I don’t talk to you because you are the hottest thing that has ever hit this club.”

You slapped you forehead amused. “I’m so sorry about her.”

“I wouldn’t disagree.” You looked at his sweet smile and blushed.

Your friends were right, you need to let lose, have fun. “Let’s go dance.” You pulled his hand, leading him to the dance floor.

The alcohol took over as you reached the dance floor. You just wanted to have a good time. You felt Jungkook’s hands wrap around your waist as you grinded your hips with his. Your back was rubbing against his chest as you danced in motion.

A few drinks later and a few sexual dances later the rest of the night was all a blur. You knew you wouldn’t remember anything in the morning. You couldn’t remember the fact that you shared an intense kiss.

The second that your lips aligned with his, you were hungry for more. You felt connected with him, but you knew better then to trust the alcohol.

And this case you did. “Do you want to get out of here?” You whispered in his ear.

“Yeah.” Then you don’t even remember getting to his apartment but you got there. As soon as you both tumbled into the door you jumped up wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you to his bedroom.

He moved down to your neck as soon as your back hit the bed sheets. The sexual tension from each wet kiss had you feeling soaked between your legs.

You heard your phone ring on the table beside you. You couldn’t read the name from your blurry vision, so you tossed it instead.

Jungkook made his way back up to your lips as you felt up the front of his jeans. You attempted to unbutton his belt along with his pants. His hand found itself kneading your chest. You couldn’t help but moan, it’s been a while since you have been touched like this.

You slid your hand underneath his boxers, touching up his sensitive area. The area was tight from his hard-on.

You flipped you both over so you can pull down your dress, leaving you in your bra and underwear. You finished pulling down his pants, exposing his length. Wow. Again, the alcohol bringing out the sweet girl you tried to convince yourself to be.

You grabbed his length kissing the red tip. You loved the sound that escaped his mouth as you started to lick down his area. You couldn’t help but smirk from the thought that you were in control. You made your way back up to the tip leaning your head down to take him fully into your mouth. You bobbed your head up and down sucking every inch of his throbbing member.

You sat back up letting go of him you didn’t want him to take all the fun. You wrapped your arms around your back to unhook your bra and then you slid your underwear off sexually.

He sat up looking at you with desire in his eyes. You bit your lip as you watched him take off his clothes. He was extremely fit. You slid yourself down onto him, surprised by the sudden pain.

You rocked your hips back and forth taking in the pleasure that you desperately needed. You moaned as he worked against you. He grabbed a hold of your hips moving you quicker then you can handle.

You screeched in surprise when he flipped you both over as he took control. He lifted your right leg up onto his left shoulder to deepen the angle. You loved how attractive he was even though he was sweaty.

You felt your toes go numb as your orgasm immerse throughout your body. You squeezed your eyes shut trying to pass through the feeling. Jungkook’s pace slowed down immensely as you felt him jerk his liquid into you. He kissed you passionately before he collapsed on the bed next to you. After that you let the sleep get a hold of you.


Your eyes fluttered open as the killer headache flooded your skull. You yawned sitting up when you realized you didn’t recognize the room. You took in your surroundings as yours eyes drifted off to the sleeping beauty next to you. The last thing you remember was dancing with him. Oh shit! What have you done?

You slowly got up trying not to wake what’s his name. Jungkook? You tried to remember. As soon as your feet hit the floor you reached for your underwear and dress. You grabbed your heels, tip toeing your way out of his room. Damn he was beautiful but one night stands are always awkward, that’s why it’s best to sneak out.

On your way out you saw a sweater pulled over a chair. You know you shouldn’t but you took it to at least to save your dignity. When you made your way onto the streets it was way too familiar. This was your street. You only had to walk down a few blocks to reach your apartment. The sweater covering you didn’t have an affect, people still stared at you. Judging you.

When you got home your roommate was in the kitchen.

“Oh my god there you are.” Rosé panicked. “I tried calling you.”

You stopped in front on the mirror making your way to the kitchen. Your makeup was running down your face and your hair was a mess. No wonder everyone was staring.

“Wow you bad girl.” Rosé smirked at you. “You and Lalisa ditching me to go have sex.” She pouted.

“Other then you two I had a nice sober talk with a sweet guy named Jin.”

“That’s nice.” You grabbed the aspirin.

“Anyways….what happened?”

“I don’t remember.” You groaned.

You went to sit comfortably on the couch. Rosé followed you with an ice cold pack.

“I snuck out before I could ask.” You confessed.

“Well maybe you’ll see him again.”

“Maybe….we better call Lalisa to see if shes okay.” You suggested.

“I already did…but both of you ignored my calls.” Rosé intrigued.

You felt the pockets of the sweater, feeling for your phone. It wasn’t there. You got up following your steps to the door where your purse was. You dug through it rapidly trying to find your phone.

“Fuck.” You said panicked “fuck, fuck, fuck.” You got up.

“What?” Rosé rushed to you.

“I forgot my phone.”


A few hours later you were still panicked. “What am I going to do?”

“I told you already.” Rosé said annoyed.

Both your eyes made their way towards the door as it opened. Lalisa made her way through with a big smile on her face. “What’s up?” She said casually.

“Where the fuck were you?” Rosé sat up annoyed. “I’ve trying calling you all day.”

“Sorry I was out.” She made her way towards her room. Then she came back out with a bathrobe getting ready for a shower. “I had the best time last night.” She smiled. “I think I’ll stick around with this one.” The thing with Lalisa was she would hook up with guys until she found one she liked.

“He’s so cute and he has like the perfect body, nice and tall, lean.” She blushed. “We had like the best morning sex and then he bought me out for breakfast.”

“Anyway what about you? I saw you guys last night, I almost thought you were going to go at it in the dance floor.” She laughed.

You just sighed. “What’s wrong?” Lalisa asked.

“This whole thing makes me uncomfortable, sleeping with someone I just met….I don’t even remember him that much, just his face.”

“Well maybe if you didn’t sneak out maybe you could get to know him.” Rosé said.

“You snuck out….oh (Y/N)….that’s going to give him the wrong idea and now you’ll probably never see him again.” Lalisa said disappointed.

“She’s going to have too.” Rosé spoke for you.

Lalisa looked at you both. “I forgot my phone.” You said trying to stay calm.


“What if he answers?”

“That’s what we want doofus.” Rosé stated.

“I’ll just buy a new phone.” You turned away.

“No you wont.” Lalisa pulled you back.

“Call.” Rosé handed you her phone.

You nervous dialed your phone number. You brought it up to your ear. Your heart started beating quickly as you heard the phone ringing. Lalisa and Rosé were hanging on each shoulder listening.

“Hello.” You heard his cute voice.

“H-hi.” You nervously stuttered.

“(Y/N)?” He remembered your name?

“Hi….um…you have something that belongs to me.”

He laughed. “That’s funny because I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

It took you a few to understand what he meant, but then it occurred to you. You stole his sweater.


Masterlist | Part 2 | Part 3

anonymous asked:

omg i just watched this show called bakers or fakers. basically two professional bakers compete against hobbyist. though who's who is kept a secret till the end. they have challenges with certain ingredients or desserts. i can totally imagine bitty going on the show.


Also AU where Jack is a guest judge on the show and he knows he’s supposed to be there as the “Eye Candy Sports Star” and isn’t expected to actually know much about baking or about knowing who is the professional or the faker BUT the Falconers (for the first time since Jack was named captain) failed to make the playoffs (so. many. injuries. Jack himself was out for a huge chunk of the season and Tater pulled his hammy and it was– Not his fault. Jack knows that but STILL). The point is Jack had some extra time on his hands and so not only did he watch every episode of Bakers and Fakers to get used to the format, he also read tons of How To Bake books and he was going to start on the youtube channels but he’d run out of time. (Plus Jack prefers books, youtube videos can be a bit too loud for him. Especially with the weird background music some of them put on while things are baking.)

The point is: Jack goes to this taping Way Too Hyped and, honestly, putting a lot of the competitive spirit he reserves for hockey into Judging. Jack is going to get this: he is going to figure out who are the bakers and who are the fakers and… well actually there’s no scoring system per se but he is going to give specific feedback and win this thing anyhow.

Enter Eric Bittle.

Tiny. Blond. Friendly. Stunningly attractive. Freakishly fast at baking. Super nice to one of his fellow contestants who looks like a sweet old grandma. Super condescending and says things like “Oh, honey, that’s precious” to other fellow contestant who Jack thinks is a bit of a prick. 

Jack decides right away that he must be a Faker. He is too young not to be. And he keeps cutting corners, not doing the things that Jack had read about and if there is one thing that Jack “knows” is that’s you Don’t Cut Corners in baking. So he is the faker. 

He is also the best, but Jack is not to be deterred. Bittle gets through the first round no problem (Douchebag’s cupcakes were basic and dry so he goes and the other contestants seem happy about it.) and it’s onto the second round. For this round, all the contestants have to use maple syrup (in honor of Jack). Jack and the other judges bicker easily among themselves about who left is the Faker and who is the Baker and Jack tries over and over to get them to see that clearly Bittle is a faker. He has to be. There is no way he can use that much maple syrup without it coming out too sweet. He is making rookie mistakes. At one point, he added sirracha to his pie?? It didn’t make sense. He doesn’t make sense. Jack is positive.

Then they get to the tasting and the other two contestants are good and Jack is pretty confident that Marsha is a professional because damn her maple crisp thing is delicious but–

But then he takes a bite of Bittle’s maple crusted pie and he… he sees stars honestly.

“I was wrong,” Jack Zimmerman admits out loud to a studio audience. (Okay, that’s an exaggeration, the day is too long so there is no live audience). “He’s the real deal. He’s a baker for sure.”

The other judges agree. And because they have to give less money to real Bakers and thus always chose who they thing is a real Baker (and because Bittle was handsdown the best), Bittle wins the show.

And then comes the question: “Are you a baker or are you a faker?”

Marsha (as Jack suspected) is a Baker. That’s okay. Janelle is the faker and then Jack was right. They have Bittly announce what he is next. There’s the tense silence. Jack is glaring at him without really meaning to. 

“I.” Bittle starts. Jack hasn’t felt so pumped since he was playing against the Flyers and they were tied up with 34 seconds left. “Am. A.”

Jack is holding his breath. He needs a win. He was right about this.


Bittle laughs. The other judges all exclaim at how amazed they are by this. The host gets Bittle to explain that he is still a college student and he does most of his baking in a frat house (hence the sirracha move). Everyone is amazed.

Jack is livid. He knew it and then stupid Bittle made him change his answer. He should have stuck with his gut, he should have–

“Sorry for fooling you right at the end, darling,” Bittle says as they wrap up, shooting him a smile. “Had to get that 15 grand though.”

“I knew it, though,” Jack mumbles, feeling his face go a bit red. “I did know it.”

“Oh, you had no idea,” Bittle says and though he’s laughing, Jack doesn’t feel mocked. “You can’t know everything about me that quick!”

Bittle is cute and small and compact and Jack feels that rush he feels when he’s been bested but by a team that deserves it.

“How much time?” he blurts. Bittle blinks at him. He flushes harder but continues anyway. “Would it take to know everything?”

“Well, I- I-” Bittle is a bit flustered now too. Jack can see his face getting red. It’s adorable. But, unlike Jack, he manages to collect himself rather quickly. “I think dinner would be as good a place to start as any.”

And so that’s where they start. 


“So… when do we start?”
“I dunno, when do you wanna start?”
“Dammit, Steve–”

Anime North 2017, Day 1:
@thesteppinrazor​ (Steve Rogers / Captain America) and me (Sam Wilson / Falcon.) 

Magical Girl Sam Wilson at the end there inspired by @nicoise-salad​‘s Magical Falcon