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Malek sounds pretty thirsty for that Dallas ass (Dallass if you will) but is Dallas just as dehydrated? Or does that sweet green haired angel just wanna Hold Hands and Chill™

LOL. Here’s an assurance that Dallas is on the same thirst levels. But Malek is very experienced. Dated a lot of people (and he’s loved every single one of them because Malek is Just full of love. They’re all on good terms) whilst Dallas kissed one (1) girl. When he was 17. All of Dallas’ drive? It goes to sports. Focuses so much on it he’s got.. almost nothing left for Other Activities.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m dropping hints that Dallas is on the gray spectrum.

But Someday, Dallas will go beyond Just Holding someone’s hand, It Will Happen

summary of slender christmas
  • first of all sweet jesus phil lester with your glasses on and in the red plaid shirt
  • dan wtf is in your eyebrow don’t tell me you’re like this for the rest of the video, oh thanks phil there you go
  • this is so festive phil you’re hyped and the lights are so pretty!!
  • sweet angelic voices ty
  • slender is in the santa suit jfc and dan stop screaming you jumpscared phil and all of us
  • the snowman is creepy as hell
  • static oh god save us, WOAH THAT’S CREEPY–dan don’t force choke yourself
  • im not questioning yaasss anymore
  • phil i’m getting motion sick–how don’t you know how to FRICKIN LEFT CLICK and now the meme is back
  • oh again here you go slender;)
  • the phandom is shook the last part is so much more than the game

conclusion: ty dan and phil for gamingmas soooo much acting so comfortable and couple-y and touchy you save 2016, genuinely

A Kingdom? [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Can you do a Barry imagine we’re the team end up on another earth where they meet a couple of people who are going to take them to their kingdom and queen (who is the reader) so that they can rest and when they meet the queen/reader Barry falls in love and then they get together and he’s just really sweet and cuddly and she thinks it’s adorable. (The reader really cares about her people and her kingdom is really pretty with lots of silver and light pinks)

a/n: this was so fun. I think I got the characters down

Barry isn’t really sure how it happened, well he kind of is, but now him, Cisco, and Caitlin are in a different world. Again. ‘Earth 12’, as Cisco put it, is like the medieval times; complete with peasants, a kingdom, and, of course, a queen, which they are on their way to meet.

The speedster’s eyes widen when walking through the little town surrounding the castle. Merchants line their carts in rows of two, showing their produce and other nicknacks. Pink and silver walls stand high around the magnificent castle, which corresponds in color. It’s extremely pretty, if you ask Barry. A pair of gates remain open, allowing Team Flash to enter; the group of people lead them to the brown wooden double doors.

One of them grabs the handle and knocks hard. A pair of guards appear, dressed in silver uniforms with elaborate guilds sewn into the place magenta sashes. The group explains what they found; how the three of them hopped out of a purple portal and that they (Barry, Caitlin and Cisco) need to see the queen. At first, Barry and Caitlin were hesitant in meeting royalty, yet Cisco roped them in, saying ‘it was good to meet people on different earths’.

Holding his leather clad fists to his sides, Barry takes the first step inside, followed by his other two friends. The castle guard pushes the door open, “Queen Y/N, some of the townspeople found wanderers claiming to be from a different world. Shall I send them in or take them to the prison?“ Caitlin starts panicking instantly.

You excuse yourself from the conversation with a poor salesman for a moment. “Please let them come in.” you smile warmly, watching the doors creak open before returning to your train of thought. “I was saying, your wife will surely get the medical attention she needs, I promise. As for your food stand, I will make sure it gets repaired as soon as possible. I wish you well. “ you comfort, rubbing the salesmans arm while he shows you gratitude.

He exits, leaving you and the adventures. Twirling your pale yellow gown, you come face to face with a skinny man in some kind of scarlet suit. “Oh, um, hello! To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?“ you ask timidly, quickly looking from the man’s shimmering green orbs to the red-haired woman and man in a cat shirt.

Barry gawks at you, unable to register words. He thought the Queen was going to be old, not young, and surely not this beautiful. Cisco nudges his arm harshly, tilting his head forward, as if motioning to you, snapping the CSI out of his thoughts. “We-” he squeaks, causing Caitlin to giggle at his voice crack. He clears his throat, making his voice go lower (a little deeper than usual to impress you), “We’re from a different world. We ended up in your kingdom by accident. My friends and I need to get home to save our ci-kingdom?“

Your eyebrow jumps upward and you tip your head to the side. “How did you arrive? Are you sorcerers?” you question with wide eyes, “If you are, I beg you not to cause harm to my people.“

The long haired, short man scoffs, fidgeting with his weird looking glasses. Glaring back, the green eyed man waves at him. “No, no, no! We aren’t-” he rushes out, biting his lip nervously; you smile at his stammer. “I’m a speedster.“ you give him a confused face and he bounces on the balls of his feet. “Right, you don’t know- I can move really fast, see?” he says excitedly, vibrating his gloved hand in front of you.

You jump back a tad, staring at his hand. “You can do that with your whole body?“ you ponder, gasping. The man nods before disappearing and reappearing; in his hand is a bright pink tulip. “This is from my garden.” you stare in amazement, plucking the flower from his fingers.

“They’re beautiful, by the way. Almost as beautiful as you are, Queen Y/N.“ he grins, seeing how his comment made your face ruby red. "I’m Barry. Barry Allen.” he introduces himself, bowing.  

Caitlin mocks a curtsy with her white lab coat, smiling nervously. “I’m, erm, Caitlin Snow. That’s Cisco Ramon.“ she points to the tan man, who puts his hand up. Caitlin gives him a look and he scrambles to bow, adding a salute too, just for good measure. “I hate to interrupt you and Barry, but we really have to go back to our world-”

“No we don’t.“ Barry all but screams, completely memorized by you. Cisco and Caitlin give him an ‘are you shitting us now?’. “I mean, we can stay for a few hours… Or a day, right guys?” he waves a hand to his side, eyes locked on yours. “We might need something here and I’m tired.“

Cisco shakes his head, “Leave it to Barry to fall in love with a queen.” he mutters to himself.

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Netflix has helped Supernatural stay afloat for so long.

Hi Anon!

It definitely has, as some of you know I started watching Supernatural through Netflix. I remember at a convention(s) (sometimes Jared still does this, but not often) he’ll ask the audience: “Who’s here because they watched the show on Netflix?” And so many of the audience members would scream and shout in affirmation. 

Supernatural (on Netflix) probably get’s hundred of thousands if not that then maybe a few million NEW watchers a year. The CW Network’s contract with Netflix is actually pretty sweet, they seriously cash in on that deal.


- K

Character: Lord Edmund Blackadder

Appears in: Blackadder (2nd Season)

Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: In the first episode of his season, Edmund procures a female-disguised-as-male servant who goes by Bob (real name Kate). He develops a strong attraction to her, which surprised him, as he has never been attracted to a man before (also, as this is set in Elizabethan England, he was taught homophobia from a young age, so he’s pretty bothered by this). Eventually, Kate reveals her gender, and the two almost get married, though a rival puts the kibosh on that. Either way, due to the Sweet on Polly Oliver trope, Edmund is bi or pan.

The “bad” Snowbarry ‘shippers (and I hate the fact that I need to use that qualifier, but I don’t have four hours): “Westallen shippers are the real racists.”

Westallen ‘shippers: *Actively celebrates a couple that involves a white man.*

meanwhile they pretend to be all about Iris and Eddie, yet never talk about them unless it comes time to cover their asses, and this so includes when he was alive. Because let’s be honest here, Eddie was sweet but mostly boring as fuck, also she kind of cheated on him with Barry so… I mean, I get that she was about to die and I still love her to pieces, but that shit was definitely cheating.

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If you had to date one of your fellow ghouls, who would it be?

That’s a damn good question… Well Water’s already out of the question, of course… I’ll follow her example though and do a process of elimination.

Aether- Playful, easy-going, I really enjoy his silly side, and he doesn’t seem too concerned about the specifics of relationships as long as he’s having a good time.

Earth- Gentle, kind and energetic. Great humor, breathtaking eyes. Seems innocent, but I’ve seen the sultry looks he gives some people, so I’m not fooled. It’s sort of hot, actually.

Air- I appreciate his drawn-back nature, he’s not as intense as Aether or Earth. Probably a great cuddler. A little awkward… Cute, though.

Alpha- Cocky, very playful. He’s got a tough act but he’s a really sweet guy. Mischievous, we’ve got that in common. He seems pretty loyal.

Omega- The badboy, hmmm. Beautiful eyes, possibly prettier than Earth’s. Very smart and articulated, that charisma is very attractive. Animated on stage, more chill off stage. 

Cowbell- I don’t know what to say… Lanky tall guy, beats a cowbell, I suppose he’s pretty comical but… I have not had much time to find out more about him so no.

Damn it… I have no clue, I’d honestly give all of them a chance, actually… They’re all great guys with good qualities. 

Earth and Air are taken by each other, so not gonna mess with that. For simplicity’s sake, I’d say @askaetherghoul, he’s the one I talk to most, anyway.

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Hi seen your scout Bitty... wanted to know, what are some of his Fav foods, and Hobbies, dose he have a favorite toy? type of tv show or movie? also he is adorable ^^

Scout bitties will eat pretty much anything you give them, though they have a fondness for sweet stuff like candy floss, and anything in pastel shades. They like reading and learning new things - if you let them, they’ll continuously ask you about anything they can think of, so be prepared for a lot of “why?”’s. They don’t really have a favourite toy, though they do love anything warm, so they’d probably adore a hot water bottle, or one of those microwavable toys. As for shows/movies, they find anything with romance fascinating (and confusing). 

This is our friend Josh. Josh lives in Cardiff and really wants to find himself a nice girlfriend but doesn’t know where to look. The problem is that dating sites don’t tend to have the sort of girl that we think would suit him perfectly which is where you come in Tumblr. We believe that all the sweet, nerdy, socially awkward young women who are into Harry Potter and Star Wars are hiding out here.

So here begins #joshquest

So let’s first tell you about Josh. He is THE sweetest guy. A little bit shy and prone to giggle. His smile is infectious and we all love him to pieces. ‘We’ being the Terry Pratchett based theatre group he is part of- so if you like Discworld thats a bonus too!

He’s pretty nerdy, he’s massively into Harry Potter (he’s just been to see the play!). He is also a bit of a gamer, having both an Xbox and a PlayStation- but hey, at least you could play games at the same time?! He’s into manga and fantasy stuff. Oh, and he LOVES Christmas. That’s a requirement. He’s a big fan of board games so if board games evenings with your friends is your idea of a perfect night- we have your man!

Josh is 26 and is a teaching assistant, working full time. He owns his own house and lives by himself, although he’s thinking of getting a cat so the perfect woman would need to like animals.

His family live not too far away and they’re very important to him. He’d like to find a girl who values family too. He is catholic but as long as you respect that you don’t need to be too.

Josh is 5'5 so we’re probably looking for a short girl here. He thinks he prefers brunettes but he’s not particularly that bothered- personality is more important.

Now, we think the perfect girl for Josh is someone equally shy, sweet and awkward so we imagine a 1:1 first date would be a bit cringey so it’s probably a good idea to do fun group activities to start- we’ll help with that bit 😊

Please get in touch if you live in the South Wales area and you’d like to date Josh.

Now Tumblr, please reblog this and help us to get Josh some dates, our deadline is February 2017 (when our next play is on). In all seriousness we would love this to happen for Josh because if anyone deserves to find love, it’s him.

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oooooh tell me bout dem characters!

Ooh okay!

So, there’s Leo, Dan/Adrien, Eva, and Aaron!

I’ll talk about them each separately!

Leo: he’s a cis gay guy. very sweet. a true musician, he’s italian and one of the best young musicians in the world. he’s eighteen years old. He has ear piercings and a tattoo, but overall he’s a pretty clean cut guy, practical, kind, respectful. You wouldn’t even guess that he had a very traumatic childhood and suffers a lot from mental illness.

Dan/Adrien: trans, straight boy. i havent decided on a name for him yet. his daydream universe is where i get introduced to him through my friends and we bond over a mutual love of gaming youtubers and we laugh and watch dan and phil together and it’s a friendly relationship. he’s very ‘normal’ and doesnt have any mental illnesses or trauma

Eva: pansexual cis girl. Loves drugs and drinking. Has Dissociative Identity Disorder. She’s from Argentina and even though she acts all rough and tumble, she has a very soft part for people she loves. But she doesn’t love easily

Aaron: bisexual cis boy. He’s quite similar to Eva but his past was more physical violence and a drunken father and he lived in a very poverty-stricken home. He’s very violent and was sent to a mental hospital for assaulting someone and drug addiction. He’s very passionate about movies

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Harry looks like a walking Gucci ad in these pics, where's the campaign already lol. He is absolutely gorgeous and also so sweet and polite? A pretty stunning combo tbh, and I am pretty excited by the sight of like 8 Gucci bags 🙌

Singer, songwriter, actor and model. What can he not do?!?

So on Wednesday I was asked into the admins office to talk about something I had been doing… it’s irrelevant now but it 100% just ruined my day! I went to lunch to get away and I walked to a sandwich shop several blocks away and pretty much empty, never been there before but I wanted some peace…

And guess who walks through the door not 10 mins later?

He sees me and smiles… and we end up having lunch together. And I tell him what happened. Told him how crappy about work I was feeling and like I was being singled out etc etc.

And then after a bit he looked at me and said that ‘this thing happened that no one else knows about, and everyone at work loves me, and they care and you’re needed’ and he repeated parts of it, that people liked me and cared and well…

I’ve always had people say that people at work care and such but I’ve NEVER had anyone say that it was love… idk he used that word and he used it intentionally and it just… it made me feel so much better.

Anyway… I needed that I guess… I did feel better and I did just think “fuck it” it doesn’t matter.