he is so poetic i cant

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Omg yesssss I freaking looooove Mary in Dream Daddy so far. Im not super into the game yet but gosh she is one of my favorite characters. To me at the BBQ she just seems tired but still watching her kids and the more I find out about her marriage the more Im like gurl you drink your cup of wine and you do you cause youre doing foine.

For sure, i love her a lot and clearly she means alot to Robert and Damien. To be honest seems she’s stuck in a bad relationship literally and she’s doing God’s work scaring the boys away from her husband’s reaches.

But thirsty masses would rather bang satan than give a great girl a chance to even be friendly with you. I could only imagine how tormented she is that she’s called the terrible one. I’d be wasted 24 hours too.

Though i find it poetic that the thirsty players also get the torment they justly deserve.

Robert bangs him= Constant reminder he banged Satan and is pretty much a terrible person/parent that he thought he was.

Mary bangs him = She’s trapped in a marriage she cant escape and birthing many antichrists and no one believes her so she chases men away from the very idea of cheating.

You bang him = haha you can’t have him and he knows you want to but he’s with that girl you hated all this time still while you watch them all suffer.

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i feel like to fully enjoy your blog i need to listen to the libertines... where do i start

The Band

Pete Doherty

  • Peter Dohety, aka Bilo
  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • a large boy (6′2″) and yet so very very smol
  • dont u just wanna boop all his freckles and moles and kiss his lil nose and pet his floofy hair and tuck him into bed and make sure no one disturbs him till the morning
  • probably a cat (large baby animal eyes, soft floofy hair, licks carl)
  • his dad was in the army so he grew up all over the place
  • very very smart and witty and literary
  • struggled a lot with heroin etc but! he is clean now and better than he’s been in years
  • has a son named astille who is an angelic child

Carl Barât

  • full name: CARL ASHLEY RAPHAEL BARAT, aka Biggles, aka Carlos
  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • THE TINIEST i bet pete can scoop him up
  • but so angry and fierce!
  • his mum was a hippy so he spent half his childhood on a commune
  • he had a twin brother who died when he was a baby and he says he feels thats why he’s always desperate to be with someone. also pete once said he feels like hes the reincarnation of carls brother or… something. thats kind of. messed up guys
  • studyed acting for a year and became friends with petes sister amy jo, which is how pete n carl met, before he dropped out
  • absolutely Terrible and Embarrassing in every way (cant swim, was never on a plane in his life until he was 22, acts in terrible films etc etc)
  • struggled with depression and suicide and cocaine and alcohol for a long time :( but! also much better now, partly due to his gf edie and their two kids (more angelic children)
  • we make fun of him a lot but he can be so sweet and lovely and vunerable so. also tremendously attractive in a ‘crawled out of a parisian garbage can’ way, despite his tiny nipples
  • Hippy’s Son is the most hashtag carl thing ever to exist

John Hassall

  • bassist
  • im not sure that john is… entirely human?? like he hasnt aged in 15 years??
  • does he ever like? speak? smile? laugh? emote?
  • nontheless a killer bass player, beautiful in the way that greek temples are, and a good guy to have around
  • lives in sweden or denmark or somewhere equally mysterious, appears when summoned
  • has a band called yeti, v mysterious altogether

Gary Powell

  • GARY!!!
  • the drummer
  • a tremendous strong and stylish friend
  • what a pal, what a guy
  • honestly what is there to say about gary? so nice and good and pure and always happy and good natured
  • a good friend and never stood for any malarkey

there’s so much to say about the band? have some highlights;

  • the band formed when petes sister, amy jo, introduced him to her flatmate carl. they started arguing straight away and then became eternal soul mates
  • pete and carl used to live together. a lot. like. they slept on the same mattress
  • they were always fighting and falling out but simultaeneously obsessed with each other it was amazing/terrible
  • sometimes they couldnt pay the rent so they would post invitations to gigs on the band forum and charge a tenner at the door of their flat
  • its all very romantic and wonderful tbh
  • thigs fell apart a bit in 2003, carl kicked pete out bc of the drugs etc and then pete got angry and robbed carls flat and then carl sent him to prison it was. it was really messed up
  • then when pete got out carl was waiting for him and they fell into each others arms and played the Freedom Gig (please read the whole thing) and it’s like this one shining incandescent moment of glory before everything started to go wrong again
  • they broke up properly in 2004 :( and then everything was up and down, will they wont they for years
  • and then in 2010 they reunited for reading and leeds!
  • and then in 2014 pete went to rehab again and he got so much better and they played hyde park and carl and john and gary went to thailand to be with pete and they recorded the new album and now the singles out and!!! ah!! its really happening!!

The Albums

Up The Bracket

  • what do i even say this album is amazing
  • its all ~ PUNK VIBES and sid vicious hair but the lyrics are so sweet and poetic and and arGH
  • i cant even say anything else its perfect
  • radio america :(((
  • the good old days :((((((((((

The Libertines

  • i cant even listen to the first track without crying bc its About Them the entire album is just About Them
  • agony and pain and heartbreak
  • im sorry its just all a bit Much
  • a few older songs from the early years worked their way back in
  • idek what to say its agony and fire and death
  • buts its good tho imma still listen

Anthems for Doomed Youth

  • the new album B)
  • out this september i believe 
  • the single is ‘gunga din’ and its breaking my heart

Other Projects


  • pete’s other band
  • just a shambles baby
  • actually extremely good like. like wow theyre really really good
  • three albums; Down in Albion, Shotter’s Nation and Sequel to the Prequel
  • some of petes best songs
  • oh yeah drew mcconnell is the most pure, most precious of all the cinnamon rolls

Dirty Pretty Things

  • carls other band (ft gary)
  • two albums; Waterloo to Anywhere and Romance at Short Notice
  • again, really really good by virtue of having carl in it
  • honsetly i cant believe we live in a world in which DPT era carl once walked truly we are blessed

Carl’s Solo Album

  • the picture is mostly irrelevant i just think he looks really beautiful here
  • i havent listened to it but alissa tells me its. not great and i trust her
  • however! it does contain ‘so long my lover’ which is like. the greatest thing carl ever achieved on his own so theres that


  • petes solo album
  • its all sweet acoustic folky little songs and its so good
  • also sweet by and by?? is definitley abt carl??
  • like its just SO GOOD
  • also pete was like. aesthetically at his peak i mean that hat

Carl Barat and the Jackals

  • in 2014 carl put together a new band called the jackals and they recorded an album called ‘let it reign’ and. its good its really really good
  • the video for glory days is incredible?
  • well worth a listen

More Fun Libertines Facts

  • do what i did and operate on the basic assumption that every song is about pete and carls relationship until proven otherwise
  • upthealbion.com is an absolute goldmine for info and downloads
  • photographer andrew kendall has some great downloads on his website (shaking and withdrawn and untitled are essential pete acoustic sets)
  • although tbh most unreleased stuff is worth getting a hold of especially stuff like ‘you’re my waterloo’ bc. hoo boy
  • bilo-shambles has downloads for essential libs books (threepenny memoir and the books of albion are carl and petes own books, respectivley)
  • this is the most important libertines footage you will ever watch in your entire life
  • here is a very tiny pete getting interviewed while queing for be here now
  • here is a very out of it carlos staring at noel gallagher in abject adoration and making a fool of himself on tv
  • oh yeah pete has a song called ‘for lovers’ written by wolfman. uh. get someone else (like actualcarlbarat) to explain wolfman to u
  • im probably missing six million things this is only the beginning everyone make sure to correct me and add more as I’m only a baby libs fan m'self
  • honestly ur best bet is to do what i did less than six month ago and throw yourself in headfirst and everytime u learn something new yell THIS CANNOT BE but it is!! its all true!!

A: “He told me he removed her hand because he read - in some sort of religious text, i believe - that the right hand symbolised the hand of God. He also removed her hand, he told me, so this crime would be linked to the other homicides”

Q: “Did he tell you where his mothers larynx was?”

A: “Yes he did”

Q: “Did he mention anything about poetic justice?”

A: “Ah yes, he did”

Q: “What did he say”

A: “I cant remember exactly…he, uh, said that the garbage disposal refused the larynx and spat it out at him a few times…..”

- Trial transcipts of a two police officers describing their interview with Edmund Kemper, who murdered his mother on Easter weekend 1973. After cracking her skull open with a hammer, he cut off her head and raped the corpse. He threw darts at her severed head and attempted to destroy her vocal cords in the garbage disposal, but failed.

focus on me | 001.

When will she stop getting into such binds? Eden will never know. It’s not like she ever looks for trouble, in honesty, she just tries to live her life, but circumstances keep coming in to disable her. It’s why she was slinking through the crowds of the bar that night, trying to go unseen beneath the strobe lights. It was supposed to be harmless fun, her teammates didn’t have to tug her arm to get her to come out, she just wanted to have a good time, dance, get drunk, and have stories to share at practice the next day. But good times weren’t had when Sam Calloway was concerned. 

Somehow he’d sidled up to her as she found a moments refuge at the bar. He was a 6′6 power forward on the team, sticking out like a beacon above the rest, so she supposed he only had turn his head to find her. Fingers gripping into the marble top, she gritted her teeth in annoyance as he tried to wax poetic in her ear. Slipping her hand from his clutches she brushed him off, for what was probably the third time, “I told you, I’m…waiting for someone,” she lies, looking to him pointedly, knowing it didn’t work as a deterrent before and it likely wouldn’t work now, but she’d be damned if she didn’t stick to her story.

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i think that along the lines of what you said about baz being distant because he doesnt want to seem clingy or overbearing - he hardly ever says mushy things to simon. the only times he does is when simon has a nightmare or a bad day, and then the gush just coms pouring out and hes SO romantic and poetic and cheesy and simon wants to tease him but he cant because it makes his stomach flutter and it always makes him feel better.


imagine simon waking up from a nightmare and hes the little spoon (i have a headcanon/hope that penny comes up with a way to spell his wings away temporarily so he can be the little spoon) and he wakes up shaking and crying and baz just kisses the back of his jaw and rubs his back and whispers ridiculously mushy things in his ear and calls him sweetheart and love and tells him how utterly amazing he is and how he’ll always be there for him and how he means the whole WORLD to him

i might write a fic about this tbh

Through New Eyes

“Through New Eyes”

Across the apocalypse I see a man.
A man scratching through layers of sand.
Sand so fine carefully layered in lines.
Sand that stretches through layers of time.
I see this man with gentle hands climbing walls.
Walls that divide him from nature’s calls.
A man so humble yet so proud.
A man so quiet yet so loud.
I see this man has no plans taking one step at a time.
Inch by inch, step by step, rhyme after rhyme.

Across the same apocalypse I see a girl.
A girl so pretty with eyes like pearls.
Pearls that can be found at the sound of a bay.
Pearls reflecting the shine of nature’s day.
I see this girl with snakelike curls making haste.
Running as wild as she can through open space.
A girl so shy and yet so bright.
A girl so mysterious as the calm of night.
I see this girl wants to escape from it all,
As the man tears down the fabrics of her walls.
Blinding lights are shining through the streets,
But he cant close his eyes or miss a beat.

The stellar night air feels like magic,
And to end this poem feels so tragic,
But I must say love is around the bend,
For reasons not even I can comprehend.

does it ever hit you how amazing louis actually is like you know how you get so passionate about someone and you try to use the most poetic words to describe them… with louis not even the most beautiful word to ever exist is worthy of describing how incredible he is, like how do you even describe him??? he’s such a special human being, so delicate dainty elegant and soft, someone who’d put your wishes and needs above his own, someone who’d make you feel 100% comfortable never judges you always so generous, protective and genuine and full of love, he’s so pure, has such a strong unique personality he’s a blessing to this world and absolute blessing, an angel.