he is so over everything that is happening

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A/N: Okay, this is has is on the angst side. This actually hurts my heart.

Warnings: breaking up, depression, slight obsession

This would be the first time you would be seeing Jerome ever since he got sent back to Arkham. You hadn’t seen or contacted him at all since that night, which would make about a little over two weeks, close to a month. You felt guilty for not coming to see him, but you fell into a very deep depression. It got to the point where you couldn’t even find the will to get out of bed in the morning. So many things were happening all at once and you just could not handle all the stress and pressure. With everything that was happening with Jerome and the GCPD, you knew that it would end badly, but you just kept it to the back of your mind.

You remembered the night J came back vividly because it was such an event. You remember being in a state of shock and the next thing you knew, you both were fucking like a pair of rabbits. Maybe it was just the after sex talk but you just felt like you were the biggest idiot on Earth when you believed he said he would change.

“You gotta stop doing this, J..”

“I’ll stop for you, I promise, doll.

"No, I’m serious this time. You have to change or there can’t be an us.

Walking down the halls of Arkham brought back many memories of when before Jerome died and you would visit him frequently, everyday actually. The feeling wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. Life with Jerome was never easy, you’ve been through the days when he was dealing with his mom to this very day. It’s funny what love can make you do.

"Right in here, miss.” The guard directed you into the visitation room. You silently thanked the guard and walked into the visitation room, your stomach was filled with tons of butterflies when you laid your eyes on Jerome. His head was wondering around and he was tapping his hands on the grey table. The sound of your heels hitting the ground caught his attention making him turn his attention towards you.

A slight smile appeared on your lips dispute of how you felt inside, you missed him. His eyes watched you intently as you pulled out your chair and sat down. Jerome leaned back in his chair and stared at you. He looked better now that his face was sewn back on properly instead of his stapling.

“Where have you been?” Jerome’s voice didn’t sound friendly at all. It actually kind of scared you.

“Jerome… I’ve been going through some things and I just needed time to think..”

Jerome’s fists slammed the table making you jump and your hand instinctively went to your belly.

“Some time to think? You can think anywhere, princess. What the hell?"His voice sounded agitated.

"Jerome, I’m pregnant. And I’m afraid that I can’t see you anymore.” Your words came out quickly like word vomit.

Jerome froze and after a while he furrowed his eyebrows, shook his head and chuckled to himself.

“You’re pregnant? And you’re breaking up with me?” Jerome bursted out in laughter. “Okay, be serious.” He wiped the tears that formed at his eyes from laughing. A few months ago his laugh made you the happiest girl on the plant, but now you just wanted to be far away from it. He was never going to change.

“I’m glad you think this is funny. I’m leaving Jerome. This was fun while it lasted but I need to move on, it obvious that you’re never going to change. You fucking promised me! And now look where you are! I love you but I can’t keep doing this! You’re a murder and a psychopath… goodbye, J.” You slowly got up from your seat and walked toward the exit with tears running down your cheeks, not even looking back.

Jerome sat there dumbfounded. He was the only thing he had and now you were walking out of his life.

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You didn't like lalaland ? Why is that ?

tl;dr there’s something about a story that’s set in l.a and about jazz music that shouldn’t be so white ya feel. 

ryan gosling’s character stumbles around a white saviour complex (he wants to return jazz to his roots ??? yeh ok m8) and jazz is a uniquely black american music genre, which the film completely fails to grasp. are we really having to sit through a movie about a white guy who wants to save jazz in 2017, after /everything that has happened/ over the last few years and months especially? the racial diversity in the film, especially given its subject matter, is straight up poor. on top of that, i’d probably say the film’s depiction of jazz is a touch contrived and definitely cliched, but maybe that’s just me 

the other main issue i have with it is its gender politics. firstly, the lack of agency of emma stone’s character (despite all the buzz around her performance)  and how she is ~changed~ and introduced to the world via ryan gosling’s character’s intervention. secondly, the issue with Rebel Without A Cause, which is a flagship movie in terms of lgbt issues, but the importance of the movie in that context was completely ignored in la la land, and it hurts especially, during a time when lgbt movies are so often glossed over by awards ceremonies (moonlight finally getting us somewhere is a cause for celebration!) 

(in my personal opinion, the story is a little thin, the cast don’t sing or dance particularly well, and it kinda feels a little too self-indulgent and too much like hollywood licking its own ass and celebrating its ~golden age~ a little too much for my taste. but that’s subjective) 

listen, it’s not a bad movie, and i appreciate its artistic direction and its feel-good-factor, but it’s just … this year’s award season was very much black excellence (moonlight, hidden figures, fences) competing with white mediocrity, and the white mediocrity picking up a lot of the awards … 

Unpopular opinion, probably, on TWD 7x11

I really loved 7x11. I didn’t think I would, because it didn’t have Rick or Daryl etc. But I liked the Eugene scenes, seeing how he handled everything and I’m excited to see what he has planned. Also, the Dwight scenes were quite powerful I think. Looking for Sherry and finding her letter. You could tell he was broken, but then he basically fucked over the doctor to save his own ass. I wonder if Negan will ever find out about that?! Not to mention Sherry isn’t dead, so wtf will happen there? There was a great balance of tension and humour. Also fantastic acting from Josh, Jeffrey and Austin.

20 Shades of Love - Shades Alvarez |1 of 20|

“Stop it! You know that I care about you!”

He just couldn’t see it. No matter how much you try to do your best for him, he started to believe that he would never be able to see it. He was always pushing himself to be the best, but it wasn’t for you, it was for her.

And at one point he pushed himself too far.

“Stop it! You know that I care about you!”

You yelled at the man who could hardly walk. You were so sure that one of his ribs was busted, but he wouldn’t allow you to even look at it.

You felt his harsh gaze behind those glasses as he scoffed and turned away, leaving you there in the middle of the stairwell to dwell over everything that just happened.

Actual things that have happened in Miraculous Ladybug which I still can’t believe
  • Ladybug rode a giant flying hairdryer
  • Ladybug rode a dragon
  • A guy tried to take over Paris with pigeons
  • A chef encased an entire building in caramel and tried to cook a girl alive in a pool of soup
  • A 15 year old challenged a panther to a race and the owner was so upset he turned into a dinosaur and ate Ladybug
  • A rock star was sword-fighting with Chat Noir on a plank suspended at the top of the Eiffel Tower, using a guitar
  • Said rock star has a pet crocodile
  • A girl tried to fight off a butterfly with an umbrella while stuck in a lift
  • Chat Noir was murdered by a supervillain and died in Ladybug’s arms, in an early episode. No, really, he actually died, I’m not even kidding
  • Ladybug kissed Chat Noir for like 10 seconds while lying on the floor, and he didn’t remember it and she didn’t tell him
  • Chat Noir threw his bodyguard down a lift shaft from the 8th floor. This has never been brought up again.
  • A kid used magic bubbles to kidnap all the adults in Paris so he could throw a birthday party
  • Marinette went on a date with a supervillain
  • Ladybug tossed Chat Noir in a river
  • Some smartie in the 19th century invented the hologram and then… didn’t tell anyone?? Except their family?? Why would you keep such awesome new technology a secret??
  • A 186 year old and his turtle sidekick started shipping two teenagers because of an umbrella
  • A guy cut the entire Eiffel Tower in half
  • A strict rich fashion designer pretended to be a butterfly and then pretended to be an aeroplane, and also another time said he was the Easter Bunny
  • A ridiculously competent toddler managed to brainwash Chat Noir
  • Santa Claus dabbed

“My dad was a blackout, abusive drunk. I’ve been on my own since I was sixteen, and after that it was nothing but abusive relationships and hell. Mark was the only guy who’d ever been nice to me. We were married for five years. He’d bring flowers to my office. He would make me a bubble bath in the morning before I woke up. He even treated my daughter like she was his own. He didn’t say ‘our daughter.’ He always called her ‘my daughter.’ He’d even watch me sleep. I could never sleep because of everything that has happened to me. But I could sleep when I was with him. And he knew that, so he liked to watch me sleep. One night I woke up and he was watching me like he always did. But I leaned over to kiss him and he was cold. It’s been over a year now. For awhile I was so depressed that I couldn’t leave my room. But I’m trying to get my life back together.“

This scene…

I believe this was much more than Yurio acting like a little shit in front of Victor.

And what caught my attention were the similarities between this scene and Yuuri’s and Yurio’s scene in episode 9. But why’s this? Well hear me on this one.

Yurio knows, he knows Victor’s still having trouble to decide what to do next. Everything that’ll happened after the Grand Prix, Victor seems confident and prepared, but leaving the world of skating, which has been part of him for more than 20 years, is not something he can do over the course of a day.

Victor’s struggling, and now that ring opens a door for a new life… something which was not there before. Victor Nikiforov has been standing alone for so many years, and now.. the man just got proposed the night before, of course he’s got a lot of thinking to do. He’s trying to figure things out, and I want to believe Yurio understands that.

Just like in episode 9, these two (Victor and Yuuri), tend to ovethink things when they get worried.

Victor standing alone, he might have been contemplating all the future possibilities which await him.

And look at the similarities, they both get anxious all by themselves, and that’s when this kid comes and tries to put some sense in both. In a way he gives them this little push of courage.

All this resembles what happened with Yuuri back in Russia. Remember how Yurio tried to cheer him up?

Yeah… in his own way, but he manage somehow.

And it’s not evident, he won’t say it directly, “cheer up”, or “it’ll be alright”, but he wants for Victor to leave without regrets, and for Yurio, what better way to say it, than this:

It’s like him saying: “The man I once looked up to, is dead now.“

For Yurio, Victor is no longer the man he used to be, he is no longer someone who’ll give everything for skating, he has found new things which are precious to him now.

And Yurio knows, that’s why… just like with Yuuri, he is trying for Victor to understand something.

“You know, you may be Victor Nikiforov, but this world will survive without you, you don’t need to worry anymore.” (more or less).

And the things is… we’ve seen this along the whole series, how people just expect for Victor to return at the end of this skating season, people like Chris, the public, the media. And Yurio is trying, in a way, to make him want to leave for good, because he knows that’s what Victor really wants. He’s not telling him that directly, but just like he did with Yuuri, for him “Just go away already, geezer.”, is the same as telling him he doesn’t have to carry the weight of staying if that’s no longer something he wants for his life.

And we know, for Yurio as a skater, there will never be a reason valid enough to justify Victor leaving, but it’s not a decision for him to make. He’s telling Victor: “Just go, your time has come to and end.” And he… more than anyone wants to believe that.

The influence this man has had in Yurio’s life, is something he knows he will not find in other skater, not in the same way at least. But he is growing, he knows he’ll get to meet new people like Otabek, he’ll get to learn from them and keep going. And he also knows it’s time for Victor to go, he knows it’s time for him to let go of that symbol (even if it hurts he’ll never admit it) and understand Victor just wants to leave his life the best way he can, and now that he has found a person who he wants to share it with, Yurio has no longer doubts about how the image of that skater he once knew, is no longer present.

And… he’ll keep acting like a rebel child, of course.

But then you get to see a shift in his attitude, and that’s what gave it away.

Why would Yurio mention Hasetsu all of a sudden? Well  the only thing that comes to mind, is that he knows Victor’s fallen in love with that home, with Yuuri, with the time he’s spend there, that’s the life he sees for himself in the future.

Yurio knows where Victor’s heart stands now, and he’s come to terms with it in his own way.

Why is no one talking about MBLAQ’s current situation?!

It really is quite surprising to me that NO ONE has reported on what’s happening with MBLAQ right now. Like, it’s been several days since G.O spilled everything about the company just up and fucking disappearing on them, but I’ve seen not a word on any international KPop “news” outlets. Not even trash allkpop has made a post about it and they fucking LOVE anything that will cause drama…


A KPop idol revealing that their company screwed them over so badly that he doesn’t even want to be a singer anymore and that “You guys will have to prepare for a handkerchief when you guys learn that how much all three of us got hurt in the future“ is apparently not news??!?! A big name KPop group has been technically disbanded (a regrouping after military service seems likely, but it’s still unclear at this point) and no one even says anything?!?!!

This is equally the weirdest (no one is talking about it) and saddest (what actually happened) KPop situation I’ve seen in awhile. Ugh… I was never an A+, but I have always liked MBLAQ. I hope they serve well (G.O and Mir are enlisted now, Seungho will join them soon) and come back stronger. JTC never did right by them and everyone knows it; they deserve a new start.

Dad's revenge.

This happened about 20 years ago and I was told the story by my mom later on.

Background: 25-30 years ago the first few computer related college programs started popping up. Dad thusly got his degree, started a family with mom, got a job and started doing the young family thing. A US company head hunted him and offered to bring us all over. My parents said “yes please!” And so we left everything and everyone behind.

Now his job at the time was given heaps of notice and he quit on good terms with everyone. Training up the new guy and generally not making waves. As part of his contract, he was told he would be given X amount extra at the end of the year, it was a bonus or severance package or something similar.

I mentioned my parents were a young family, straight out of college with 2 kids already. They had no savings. They were counting on this money to make the transition to America easier. Dad’s commute was 2 hours each way from where they got us our housing. So mom was left with two small kids, no husband, and suddenly no family or friends for support.

The bonus had to be signed off by one of the few guys in the pecking order above dad. There was maybe 3. The head boss and two others by seniority. He just said no. He got to say no because dad was leaving his job in November, instead of December, when the payout wouldve been automatic. He benefited because that left more money in the bonus fund for the rest of them.

The majority of the trip and move was sponsored by the new job. But mom was left with a shoestring budget and no support for her first 4 months in a foreign country. Looking back, it was extremely hard on her.

So, onwards and upwards. Dad’s a whiz at his computer related sorcery and he’s jumped companies and moved up the totem pole. The company wants to add more underlings to his department. He’s not like head of the department, but his team is performing the best and he’s won them a few huge contracts so they ask him to help review applicants.

Guess who’s applied?!

The guy that shafted my parents, just because he could.

Dad’s current company is one of the top ones. So their denial of the greedy dude’s application screwed him over for a few other positions at similar companies. You’re not supposed to talk… but people do… and they didn’t want someone else’s reject.

he ended up at a start up eventually. Making far less than he would’ve had he gotten a position at dad’s company.

Being a dick to my dad set back his career at least 10 years because he had to start alllll the way over and prove himself from the bottom up.

Laundry Room

Based off of (x)

Sometimes, he becomes so overwhelmed that his legs give and his eyes leak. It’s no doubt a amalgamation of everything that happening to him—inside and out—but it’s unbearable. He clenches his jaw. His stomach twists. His chest aches. 

Castiel usually ends up in the laundry room.

It’s the only place that reminds him of how he used to be–warm and buzzing from the constantly running industrial machines, like the light and cadence of Heaven. 

He’s free to think and cry and rage, here; to obsess over his past mistakes and whatever new ones he’s sure will come to pass. Among the steady clunkclunkclunk of the dryer, he hears Metatron ask him who he is, and Ephraim tell him he’s pathetic, and Josiah say I look at you… and I don’t see an angel staring back at me. He hears that he is “not the hero of this masterpiece”, that he’s expendable, that… he doesn’t belong, anywhere. Not in Heaven. Not on Earth. That he is weak and hated and does nothing but make bad decisions with his good intentions. 

But arms wrap around him, and calloused fingers thumb wetness from his cheeks, and the song changes:

You are good.

You are strong.

You learn from your mistakes, and that’s all anyone can do.

You are my family. My hero. 

…You belong right here, Dean sings, holding his angel close; right in this laundry room, sitting here, with me. 

And maybe it’s the hum of the machines or the warmth of the dryer or the way Dean whispers I love you, man, into his hair—but sitting there, in the laundry room, Castiel believes him. 

Victor can be so annoying.

Yuuri loves him, and knows that Victor loves him back, and even - most days - is certain that’s not going to change. So he no longer feels guilty about thinking Victor is being annoying when it’s true. Victor is over-the-top about everything, an embarrassing drunk, not hugely clear on the concept of personal space, and if he is wearing a certain huge and heartless smile Yuuri always knows that the next thing he says is going to be petty, passive-aggressive, manipulative, or all three.

Of course Yuuri can never hang onto irritation at Victor for long, because Victor is also the best thing that has ever happened to him, is beautiful and fearless and generous and endlessly loving. Yuuri can count on one hand the times he’s actually been angry at Victor. The free skate at the Cup of China was the biggest one, and Yuuri wasn’t angry because Victor was annoying then. Victor was just wrong. That’s different.

But the whole thing starts because Victor is being annoying and Yuuri loses patience. He’s made Yuuri run through Eros six times already. The first three were actually because he had useful things to say. The next one was just to be irritating, and so he could watch. Yuuri didn’t mind that. He still loves - half-guiltily, half-triumphantly - the way Victor watches him when he skates like this.

The fifth run was Victor procrastinating going back to work on his own programs because he was enjoying watching Yuuri too much. The sixth was because Yuuri pointed that out and Victor was feeling contrary. When Victor opens his mouth - smiling hugely, and Yuuri’s not impressed - to demand it again for a seventh time, Yuuri folds his arms. He’s sweaty and he’s done it perfectly three times in a row and he loves Victor and he’s had enough.

“No,” he says.

“Yuuri,” whines Victor.

“If you like it so much then you skate it,” says Yuuri.

“I don’t want to,” says Victor. “I want you to do it.”

“No,” says Yuuri. “Your turn.” He skates over to Victor who is leaning on the barrier, takes his hands, and draws him out to centre ice. Victor pouts and pretends he’s trying to tug his hands away. He doesn’t try very hard. Yuuri’s irritation is already evaporating. In another moment they’re just going to be standing on their skates holding hands. Yuuri wouldn’t mind it at all.

But then Victor actually does pull his hands away, and pushes Yuuri away from him and begins, in the airy tone of voice which means he’s talking complete nonsense, “As your coach, I insist -”

No,” says Yuuri again, and he grabs Victor’s hands once more and pulls him - this time into the opening pose of Eros, pushing his hands down, then turning him around and nudging him so he shifts his weight onto his right hip. “I said you do it.”

“But I don’t want to, Yuuri,” sing-songs Victor, and he wriggles away from the pose and Yuuri’s hands, slippery and graceful as a fish in water. Yuuri’s breath catches in a laugh. Okay, it’s on.

It’s just as well no one else is here to see two elite skaters making idiots of themselves. Yuuri recaptures Victor quickly and drags him back into the pose; Victor just as quickly slips away again, a grin glimmering around the corners of his mouth, and then pauses just out of arm’s reach to smirk openly at Yuuri: well? Yuuri snorts and goes for him, and Victor races away. The game becomes a pure race for a moment, speed and nothing else, until Yuuri manages to catch Victor on an unexpected curve. Then they shove and grab at each other - mostly Victor shoving and Yuuri grabbing - and fall over twice, tripping over each other’s skates, laughing helplessly. 

At last Yuuri finally wrestles Victor back into position. The only way to do it is stand right behind him and hold him there. “Now,” he says, and is ready when Victor tries to lunge away. He tightens his grip and moves with him. Victor can’t escape. He’d probably have a better chance if he stopped giggling. Yuuri’s holding back laughter of his own. “Okay, now you’re going to skate it for me,” he says.

Stop attacking people over the pewdiepie drama omfg. like, Ross and Holly didn’t do a damn thing wrong and y’all are calling her a whore and saying shes anti jews too. Stop asking your favs for their opinion. Mark isn’t a nazi, Jack isnt a nazi, everyone you keep calling nazis, guess what? AREN’T FUCKING NAZIS. All you want is a reason to be mad. What felix did was shitty, and I don’t support it in any way. He apologized, and yeah he could have been more sincere and less ‘hey this is the medias fault’ about it but he isnt a fuckin nazi. 

he made a shitty joke to a lot of people, and yeah it was in very poor taste and i 100% get why his sponsors would back out of the sponsorships and i understand completely why its a big deal but honestly, it happened like a month or so ago. some media made an article and since then everyone has been shitting over everything. 

How about instead of focusing on this issue that has been apologized for, we focus on you know, ACTUAL nazis and this shit show of our political situation. 

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you know what I want. british samwell au. you owe me.

Okay this is terrible and I can’t believe you’re making me do this.  Worst Friend Award.  Anyway as it was stated in chat, “this can totally be used in a modern SMH Hogwarts au” which will be written by me when hell freezes over.

Jack- Is from North Wales.  His dad is a footie legend, won like 9 world cups.  Everything in canon is basically the same.  Jack was meant to start with Chelsea along with Kent Parson but then the Overdose happened, and he ended up at Samwell in London.  He speaks only Welsh at home, his accent is So Strong. He’s from the coast like Llandudno.

Bitty- Manchester.  I know. But we need to accept this.  He’s from Manchester.  Everyone chirps his accent and loves when he gets drunk because No One Can Understand Him. Tries to posh-up his accent, but fails.  A lot. He bakes pies and loves Beyonce and wants to move to the US to be her personal nanny, okay?  Is the fastest forward they have on their team but is also terrified any time the ball comes at him and pulls a fainting goat.

Ransom and Holster- The most lads you will ever meet.  Ransom is from Wales too, but Cardiff.  Doesn’t speak a word of Welsh.  Holster is from Liverpool.  They are the sole reason Cheeky Nandos with the Lads is a finable offense.  They are also 90% of the reasons any time the Haus gets kicked out of the local during pub quiz nights.  Unironically loves Nandos, the both of them.  At any given time will be seen in vines, “THIS ONE HERE JUST BAKED FOUR PIES, THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN,” then being chased out of the kitchen by Bitty and his wooden spoon.

Shitty- from Chelsea.  Poshest accent you will ever hear but bros it out unless he’s on a call to his mum. Then.  Yikes.  Who is this B. Knight you speak of?  Went to Eton with Nursey.  Plans to go into environmental law or something like that.  Maybe he’ll be Prime Minster one day idk.

Lardo- Grew up in Shoreditch, but spent a lot of time wandering round Piccadilly being super emo as a teenager.  Went to the comprehensive, was famous for altering her school uniforms just enough that it was noticeable, but not breaking any rules.  Was recruited as team manager by Ransom when he found her punching a guy during freshers week who was trying to touch her wet canvas.

Nursey- from Brighton.  Vegan, hippy, queer mums.  He basically IS Brighton.  Has a super posh accent and doesn’t care.  Does slam poetry nights in cafes in Hampstead, makes the Haus attend them with the promise of many pints.  Has twice thrown up in Leytonstone Station after getting lost.

Dex- Scottish.  Hates the English almost as much as the Welsh do.  Speaks Glaswegian, has a personal vendetta against, Derek, “Keep Calm” Nurse. Can fix literally anything that goes wrong in the haus.  Bakes with Bitty and commiserates about the accent chirping.  He is an Angry Ginger™

Chowder- First Gen Irish.  Is a goalie and therefore is terrifying and strange and precious.  Will frequently get drunk and wax poetic for hours about Niall Horan, “HE IS A NATIONAL TREASURE!”  Ended up asking Farmer on a date when he found out her mobile background was a photo of Niall at the concert she attended last year.  Can balance a football on his head for six minutes straight.  Hates Guinness, even though the boys buy him a pint of it every time they go out because they are The Worst.

Bonus: Kent Parson: Dual Citizenship—from NY where he spent summers, lived in Islington. Thinks Hersheys is better than Cadbury like the TRASH HE IS.


“Kyle!” Misty yelled as the boy squirmed around in the tub.

“Kyle we have to get you clean please stay still!” Zoe yelled as she gripped his arms forcing him to stay still but to no avail.

“NO!” Kyle screamed as he continued to thrash around getting water everywhere. All over the floor and walls. The two witches tried their best to keep him still but he was acting like a toddler refusing to let them wash him.

There was a knock on the door and the three of them went quiet for a moment. Zoe stood and went to answer it while Misty tried again to bathe Kyle. You stood dumbfounded in the door way from the noise as Zoe stuck her head out but kept the door so you wouldn’t see what’s happening.

“What is going on?” You say, visibly agitated.

“Nothing everything’s fine,” Zoe lied.

Kyle suddenly moved his attention to the door and wailed out to it. He stuck his arm you and pointed at the door. Misty had to hold him steady as he tried to climb out. You forcefully push past Zoe and nearly slipped on the flooded tile. You stared in shock at the naked college student curled up in the bath tub with a soaked Misty crouching next to him.

Kyle kept trying to reach out to you and in that moment you understood. You bent to pick up the discarded washcloth and told the other two they could leave.

“Don’t worry, Kyle,” you said gingerly, “we’ll get you nice and clean and warm.”

Kyle just sat there and grunted in agreement.

(This turned into a one-shot lol. I love Kyle)


you know what my school is gonna need? TEACHERS! so i headed over to the gallery to employ some~ (are any of them qualified to teach? probably not. oops)

from left to right we have…

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check please au

where johnson still knows everything but he has a completely different personality.

like right now, johnson knows he is in a comic but he seems pretty chill about it. he knows whats going to happen and encourages everyone to stay calm. 

but what if, instead, johnson was more like “OMGGGG THIS IS THE CUTEST STORY!”

he meets Jack, finally, “omg. little baby frog. you are going to have SUCH A GOOD TIME HERE I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO LIVE ALL OF IT!! here’s shitty, omg you two are going ot love each other so much, so SO MUCH, like, ugh, i have to leave so you can connect but i will be right behind that tree. watching. friendships are so important. I LOVE IT ALREADY.”

all their freshmen year, johnson is very huggy and likes to pet their heads and “yes shitty definitely grow the mustache and the flow. AH ITS HAPPENING!”

holster and ransom arrive: “oh you TWO. fan favorites. FINALLY HERE. look at you two. so tall. YOU DO FIT TOGETHER SO WELL JUST LIKE I KNEW YOU WOULD. holster, here is a book on panic attacks; ransom, DAMN you are gonna be such a good doctor. DOCTOR RANSOM. DOC-TOR. No firefighting. DOCTOR! YOU KIDS GO HAVE FUN!”

bitty comes to samwell. johnson, for three straight minutes: “omg omgomgomgomgomg, there he is, its happening, omg i cannot even-!!!!! omgomgomg he is going to say hi to me. HE IS ABOUT TO MEET JACK, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???” other boys on the team: wtf dude? Johnson: I JUSt LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. LOOK AT IT.

jack is mean to bitty: ugh bitty heis the WORST but also the BESt and I PROMISE YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE SUCH A HAPPY LIFE!!!!

Jack and bitty are friends: Johnson cries with joy for a week straight.

Johnson hangs out around Samwell, just watching his two boys be happy. He just loves the story so much. It doesnt even matter that he’s not really in it.

All I Want for Christmas (Part 1/5)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You’ve put your career ahead of everything else in life. Then you meet a guy that makes you want to believe in love again, but he’s not interested in you.  What happens when Fate decides you deserve a second chance?  

Warnings – Robbery and death (This sounds bad, but I promise it’s going to get fluffy!!)

Word Count – 3,000

Notes –   This was supposed to have been my 1,500 Followers Celebration Fic, but I hit that milestone over a month ago (you guys are awesome, yay!).  I hit 2,000 last week, so this is still a Followers Celebration Fic!  There will be 5 parts, each part will post every day from now until Christmas Eve.  I’m basing this fic off of a TV Christmas movie, 12 Dates of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy!  Merry Christmas!!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

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Christmas Fic Masterlist

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I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

You awoke to the radio playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas.  Your friends thought you were crazy for still using a clock radio for an alarm, but there was something soothing about waking up to music instead of a blaring alarm.  You also loved to listen to Rick and Lola in the Morning.  They were a husband and wife DJ team and they always made you laugh.  You waited for the song to end before getting up and making the bed.

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You’re Beautiful.

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This takes place for the most part before Barry got his powers.

3 years ago…

Barry waited outside of Jitters for Iris to finish her shift so they could go home together. 

The streets were over crowded, probably because they all wanted to get everything done before the Particle Accelerator went on. Today was a big day for STAR Labs, the people of Central City, and in more ways than one; for him too. Not that he was aware of what was going to happen. 

His little moment of spacing out was cut short by a loud male laugh. He looked up as if to catch what was so funny, but instead he was met by a breathtaking sight. 

He saw you cleaning your shirt with a napkin after some coffee had spilled on your shirt. The man he assumed to be your boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing and you gave him a slight annoyed look. 

He was able to catch some of your conversation with the guy. 

“Jerk, why are you laughing?” You asked unable to hold in your own giggles. 

Barry wondered if this is what love at first sight was. You, a beautiful, no, no, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was standing here in front of him laughing at something most girls would be mad about. 

You looked around and made eye contact with him and smiled. He had no idea if you smiled at him out of kindness or out of embarrassment for yourself but he gave you a reassuring smile. 

He felt his heart shake when the thought that he would probably never see you again crossed his mind. 

He remembered a conversation he had with his mom after he asked her why his dad and her kissed on the lips, and how nasty he had thought it was back then. 

‘Well, one day you will meet someone that will shake you to the very core, and you will be so happy you’ll begin to wonder how you managed to get around all those years without that feeling.’

Those were his mother’s exact words, he now knew what she meant. 

He tried to look everywhere else but you, but you he knew you had already noticed he was attracted to you. He also noticed that he wasn’t the only one amazed by your beauty because there were guys all over staring at you. 

“You ready?” Iris stood behind him. 

“Yeah.” Was all he managed to say before Iris pulled him away.

He looked in your direction one last time and accepted his reality. Guys like him never under any circumstances, get a girl like that.

Present day…

“This is a meta human was captured by the military a week after the Particle Accelerator exploded. Now she has escaped and the military has requested our help to get her back to them. She has the power to control any element to her will and is considered one of the strongest metas alive.” Cisco explained and finally managed to find a picture in the very large file. “Her name is Y/N Y/L/N.”

Now there was a face Barry never thought he’d see again.

So… this is sorta based on the song by James Blunt- You’re Beautiful. I made it a bit different though. Hope you like it.

Red Hood and the Outlaws (2016) #7: Jason and Bizarro

I love these panels. I love Jason seeing himself in Bizarro. I love Jason trying to help Bizarro. I love that Jason took him to a beautiful place to show him how beautiful the world is because Jason had needed it at a dark point in his life as well. I love Jason sharing his experiences and feelings with Bizarro. I love that because Jason is doing all of this Bizarro is also healing better than he would have alone.

I just love this scene so much and as it goes on we see that Bizarro understands everything that’s happened to him.

Then when Jason is putting the kryptonite bullet filled gun to Bizarros head, to me it reads that Bizarro is LETTING him.  Bizarro knows what he is.  Bizarro is trying to come to peace with it and he may not seem so smart but his words show otherwise. What’s really happening is that he’s GIVING Jason this power over him because he doesn’t trust himself to make that kind of judgement.  

But Bizarro thinks that if Jason can trust him, keep him on the path of good, then maybe he can become better, his own person.  But Bizarro doesn’t want to become evil, he fears himself becoming like that, but the bullet is actually a comfort to him because if he went too far, became evil, then Jason would be there and he trusts that he would put that bullet in his head.

Jason himself isn’t used to being the one holding the moral ground around someone else, this is also something new and scary for him because he gets to experience first hand what it’s like to trust another person who may fall into moral ambiguity.

In the end it’s extremely bittersweet because when you read this issue Jason purposefully is being written to make you feel that he’s just so young (and he is still pretty young) and unsure even though he’s seen and been through so much already.

Then when you read Bizarro you really feel so much of Superman, so much of Clark Kent’s certain brand of ‘goodness’, inside Bizarro even though he was never, and never will be, Superman.

These two are just being really well set up for some emotional trials that are still to come.


A conversation that needs to happen after the last update between He Tian and Mo Guan Shan

“How are you feeling?”

“What’re you talking about?”

Out of the corner of his eye, Mo Guan Shan saw He Tian roll his eyes and cast him an annoyed glance.

“What I said. How are you feeling?”

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, continuing to mix the stew. Jian Yi and Zhan Xixi were who-knows-where doing who-knows-what, but Guan Shan was thankful. They were too rambunctious for him, especially right now–after everything that had happened.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re still red.”

Mo Guan Shan sent He Tian a glare, to which he predictably grinned. Even so, Guan Shan felt his ears heat up.

“Shut up.”

“Did I hurt you?”

Guan Shan frowned.


He Tian moved a little closer, and Guan Shan tensed. The other halted, his eyes grazing over Guan Shan, who shivered at the piercing gaze.Guan Shan had noticed. He Tian had been keeping his distance ever since they met up early and Guan Shan had fixed his hand. Even then, He Tian hadn’t intruded on his personal space at all like he used to.

Guan Shan wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

“When we kissed. Did I hurt you?”

Guan Shan’s cheeks burst with heat and he swallowed, glancing around. There were no other sounds in the house, and the other two boys were nowhere to be seen. He glared at He Tian again, but He Tian stared back with that rare seriousness of his. It reminded him of when he’d threatened Guan Shan about meeting up with that thug.

Guan Shan licked his lips.

“No. You didn’t hurt me. So just–stop talking about–”

“Then why did you react like that?” He Tian insisted, those coal black eyes digging into Guan Shan and making the redhead want to flee. “Why were you so–so scared–”

“I wasn’t scared,” Guan Shan snapped, clanging his ladle against the pan.

They both paused and listened.

Still no sound.

Where were those two?

Guan Shan shook it from his mind.

He Tian was staring at him again. Guan Shan felt his walls build higher.

“I don’t like being taken advantage of,” he muttered, slowly beginning to stir again. There was a pause. It lasted for so long, Guan Shan wouldn’t have known if He Tian had walked out of the room if not for the looming presence he always had.

“Why would I take advantage of you?”

Guan Shan’s head shot up, and he stared at the taller boy.

“Are you serious?” he snapped, “Shut the fuck up. You’ve been taking advantage of me from day one. And I’m not–I’m not like that, okay? I’m not that desperate. I don’t want… I’m not that cheap that I would let you do what you wanted just because you have money.”

He Tian stared at him, and Guan Shan met his gaze for a moment before looking away, back to the stew.

“Someone’s tried before. Propositioned you.” 

It wasn’t a question.

Guan Shan’s mouth went dry. He simply nodded.

Another beat, and He Tian leaned a little closer. 

Guan Shan automatically stepped back, and He Tian once again froze. The redhead stared at the other man, his heart beating wildly in his chest.

He wasn’t used to this.

He wasn’t used to He Tian being so hesitant. He Tian was such a forceful presence–like a hurricane. No one could get out of his way if they were caught up in his path.

But now, He Tian simply watched him, his expression unreadable.

“I don’t want to give you money for things like that,” He Tian stated.

“Then what would you give me?” Guan Shan bit, his pride growling and growing in his chest, “Presents? Food?”


Mo Guan Shan blanched.

He Tian stepped forward and Guan Shan stepped back. The small of his back hit the counter, and panic rose in his throat.

He Tian stopped only a foot away.

“I want our next kiss to be voluntary,” He Tian stated.

Guan Shan’s face erupted in flames, and he stuttered.

“T-The next–”

The door slammed and He Tian stepped back as Jian Yi burst into the room, dragging a disheveled Zhan Xixi behind him.

“He Tian, your bed is so cozy! Won’t you lend it to us? Just for tonight?”

“I told you to stay off my bed, you idiots.”

Zhan Xixi shoved Jian Yi off of him, much to the other boy’s protest.

“It was Jian Yi. Your shit’s everywhere. He went through your drawers, too.”

He Tian’s eyes flashed dangerously, and Jian Yi paled.

“Xixi why…” he whispered, tensing and stepping back, ready to flee.

He Tian took off, and Jian Yi disappeared back into the bedroom, screaming, and suddenly Zhan Xixi and Mo Guan Shan were left alone in the kitchen.

It was silent, and Xixi sighed, glancing over at Guan Shan.

“Are you okay? Your face is all red–”


“…. Um.”

“I mean…–”

Zhan Xixi raised his hands.

“I don’t want to know,” he stated.

Guan Shan’s face burned, and thankfully Xixi turned and disappeared into the other room, no doubt following the distressed calls of his name.

Guan Shan stared into the pan, hoping his cheeks would cool off.

“I want our next kiss to be voluntary.”

Guan Shan groaned and buried his face in his hands to cover the flush across his pale skin that rivaled his hair.