he is so messy

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  • for one, he’s super respectful of your pronouns
  • he loves looking at your wings
  • he wants to know more about them so he does rough sketches of them
  • leaves himself little notes on where and where not he can touch them
  • he doesn’t care if you’re a half demon
  • he loves it when you let him touch them
  • he’s gentle when touching them and it feels good to you
  • when you guys are cuddling or laying in bed, you sometimes wrap your wings around him
  • the first time this happens, he might accidentally pull on them but he’ll apologize quickly
  • the only thing he doesn’t like about your wings is when the feathers fall out and get all over the place
  • “oh my god, Y/N, it’s so messy” “sorry”
  • he watches you in battle to know more about your demon powers
  • you think it’s funny when he writes little notes about your wings and powers
queerevak replied to your post “I’m sorry but I need to say this, I’m getting angry that Even doesn’t…”

yes, i agree. and i get if hes not ready to tell isak about his manic episode at bakka, like thats ok. but thats a totally different story from him knowing sana?? like you cant just lie to your boyfriend for months and months about a mutual friend and how you know them? like thats fucked up. i love even and i know he doesnt have malicious intentions but this whole situation is just so messy.

Yeah, that is also a factor. Them keeping it from Isak that they knew each other from before. It is just awful of them to do and like you said, this situation is so messy. :(

So canon it hurts :”D

For us Argentines, “Asados” are organized with family. Mine is every Sunday. But when you travel, your friends are your family. So here, in Barcelona, I organize it with friends, but not every Sunday. During every Asado, everyone has their particular role. I take care of the grills, my butcher as usual prepares the meat for me as we, Argentines, like it. I like cooking. Cooking makes me relax. It helps me think about something other than football. Until last summer, Dani brought his happiness and jokes. Ney chose the music. Luis prepares the mate and Leo plays with the kids.
—  Javier Mascherano