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the ever-present prokopenko, or: k’s dream boy in his nightmare world

How BTS would react to their partner having a tattoo in a private place

Seokjin: Seokjin would probably not have seen it coming but he would find the small tattoo across your ribs beautiful. He would be really interested in the meaning of it but other than that he wouldn’t really bring it up a lot, probably forgetting you even have it half the time only to be momentarily shocked every time you took off your shirt “oh! that’s surprised me, I forgot about your tattoo! haha” 

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Yoongi: Yoongi would love your tattoo. When he first saw the intricate tattoo that covered your upper thigh Yoongi would stare in shock and quickly ask about it, asking about the meaning and if he could touch it. Yoongi would go a bit out of his way to hide most of your sweatpants so all you wore around the apartment were very short shorts that displayed your tattoo all the time. *Yoongi staring at you as you made coffee in shorts that nearly completely exposed your tattoo*

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Hoseok: Hoseok would scream internally (and externally) every time he got to see the intricate black lines that decorated your collarbones. You were shy when you first showed him because you know tattoos are generally seen as ugly in korean culture and it was a big decision for you when you got them but Hoseok had immediately started gushing about them, pressing kisses to your skin and bragging loudly to the boys about how cool his partner is. *Hobi sighing frustratedly after telling him how nervous you were to show him “ aish! my baby is so attractive i can’t take it! how am i supposed to do anything without you by my side?” 

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Namjoon: Hear my when I say this but my boy Joonie would literally be so in love with your tattoo. When he first saw the intricate design that curled across your hip he would be so stunned he would just shut down for like five minutes before he snapped out of it and just pressed kisses all over it. Namjoon would suddenly see you as a canvas and paint you with hickies and soft touches and he would do it a lot casually too. Resting a hand on your hip while standing next to you and sneaking the tips of his fingers in your waist band and running his fingers across the ink. *flustered Joonie when you ask him if he likes it*

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Jimin: Jimin would be so incredibly flustered when he first saw your tattoo and would be pretty shy at first whenever he saw it. He’d sort of avoid asking you about it and you wouldn’t really bring it up because you never really thought about it after having it for so long but one day Jimin would hust get super curious and asking about the black ink that trailed down your spine and disappeared beneath your underwear. You’d end up stripping down to just your underwear, letting him trace his fingers along your tattoo as you lay on your front and told him the reason you got it. Jimin would spend a long time just looking at it and gently running his hands across your skin, trailing soft kisses down the marks before placing one on your lips and giving you a big smile and telling you it was beautiful, just like you. “You’re beautiful” 

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Taehyung: When you pulled your pants off and stepped into Tae’s arms and he saw something out of the corner of his eye he would use his hands on your hips and just turn you completely, pulling you over his lap ass up to stare slack jawed at the tattoo that covered your rear. He would completely blank for a few moments before the heat that had been building up suddenly returned a million times hotter. He would completely worship your body and it’s only after you were both lying in bed, exhausted and sated would he ask about the tattoo. After that he would always find a need to be touching your ass. Whether it was a hand in your back pocket, pulling you to sit in his lap, or resting his head on your plush rear when you were listening to music together. * “Your tattoo looks so good! good enough to eat ;P” 

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 Jungkook: Shook and Shy. Jungkook would blush furiously after spotting the ink stretched across your back. Honestly he wouldn’t really like the idea of you having a tattoo at first, especially such a large one, but after a while of getting used to it he would start to really like it. When you told him you got it to cover a large scar you thought was ugly though Jungkook would put a lot of effort into telling you how beautiful it was and how good it looked. He would run his fingers over it absently when cuddling or showering and would press gentle kisses just between your shoulder blades whenever he could. *taking your shirt off in front of him “mmmf! yeah baby lookin good!” 

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he is literally heaven sent ʚɞ

i went to my favorite thrift shop and there was an old guy in there named johnny and he was talking to one of the women that runs the shop, and they clearly knew each other pretty well. and he was so incredible i was just fascinated by him! he was telling us how he was a retired english teacher so he kept bringing up all these beautiful words i’ve never heard and he had a very gravely voice, but he also mentioned he used to work for disney as a photographer, and the woman told me he does deliveries for a local bakery. he told us he majored in film and minored in dance and used to teach dance for a special-ed program and danced as a backup dancer but was no good at remembering the moves. he was so eccentric and had wild hair and said he battled cancer and beat it without and chemo or radiation. he told us he was laying down, about to receive his first radiation treatment and that “an angel whispered in my ear, and i sprinted out of there in just the hospital gown!” and even though the doctors told him he was making a huge mistake he beat it! he said “once i was at the doctors and i asked if i could have a penile reduction and my doctor responded without missing a beat ‘johnny i told you that you could only get 2 a year’” hhahahaha!! he saw me leafing through the postcards and said i picked out some great ones and that i could hang with them. he asked me my name and i told him i’m a film major and he said if i ever need any help with a project that i should ask one of the shop owners for his phone number and he would help with anything. his energy was so incredible, it warmed me up and now i feel very :–))) !!! full of love


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mlb hogwarts au???!

im sure this has been thought of but i. idk i just had to

- Marinette is in gryffindor, of course, and adrien is in slytherin, due to his chat-esque alter ego

- Of course mari wishes he was in gryffindor or really, any other house that isn’t the one known for turning to the dark arts. She would have thought he’d be perfect for ravenclaw since “hes so modest but incredibly smart and kind and pretty and oh god why does he have to be in slytherin of all houses hes too good for that”

- Tikki is absolutely a pygmy owl and plagg would be a black cat

- They’re both the seekers for their quidditch teams, often leading to awkward “no you catch the snitch, you deserve it” and other interactions

- Even though gryffindor and slytherin have the biggest rivalry ever, marinette and adrien maintain a pretty strong friendship without knowing it, often booed and sneered at by fellow team members and classmates on and off the field 

- Although mari is competitive as hell she’d never bash up adrien during a match and vice versa, but usually manages to catch the snitch by outsmarting him.

- Marinette gets elected as the team captain, shaking her head and saying she isn’t worthy, but alya persuaded her to take up the position ( “Adrien will think you’re so cool!” )

- formed by the mysterious new teacher Professor Agreste, under the name of Papillon, an underground dueling club arises. Papillon urges students to anonymously participate and test their skills, but is really secretly trying to convert them to his side.

- Marinette and Adrien, knowing that something is wrong, disguise themselves as Ladybug and Chat Noir, and work together to take down the organisation and the strange “akumatized” classmates. 

- Marinette’s signature “Lucky Charm” was a spell she wrote herself, amazing chat and everyone else because “only the best students can write and cast a successful spell”. She usually takes the lead, always using her lucky charm in new ways that totally amaze lil adrien 

- of course Adrien always looks forward to these incidents as he gets to spend more time with his lady. He spends much of his free time trying to find out more about her, always eager to read the latest issue of Alya’s self published Lady-Bugle paper

- Less students would participate, but more would come to watch the matches, and word would buzz around the school about the “Miraculous Dueling Duo Ladybug & Chat Noir” (Nino and Alya would totally place bets on them) 

- if it was necessary/akuma got loose or out of control, they’d summon their brooms and whiz around with their wicked quidditch skills 

- Due to her immense bravery, adrien always assumed ladybug was in gryffindor or ravenclaw, but he never considered mari because she was so reserved but a secret little ball of energy and skill always ready to strike, while his lady was up to face any challenge with a wink, quip and poised wand (he never realised that was exactly how mari was, too). Marinette never really thought about it, since she preferred to keep her identity a secret from chat and everyone else. 

- Alya would often spend late nights in the common room researching everything she could about ladybug and asking mari if she knew anything, marinette always replying “I don’t concern myself with that dark magic” as she calmly sewed something new

- The two always have to leave quidditch training early due to new akuma, marinette’s team being disappointed but she’s never lead them astray (”just because she’s captain doesn’t mean she can keep running off”) and adrien’s team reacting less positively (”There he goes off to snog his new girlfriend” “why does he even bother showing up to training if he runs away five minutes later and can’t catch the snitch anyway?” )

- Adrien’s father leave him to stay at school during the holidays, so Marinette, alya and nino all decide to stay too and throw him the best christmas he’s ever had. They sneak the boys into their common room and have lovely sleepovers (consisting of nino trying time and time again to beat alya at wizard chess, as mari and adrien discuss their family lives and memories and quidditch strategies which totally isn’t an advantage to the other team nope not at all

- When the tri-wizard tournament comes round, they convince each other not to enter, caring about each other more than they realise (marinette would never let adrien enter to begin with, and he wouldn’t want the school to lose their gorgeous and caring and cautious marinette with a heart of gold, who only happened to be the up-coming national quidditch champion) 

- For lack of having anyone else to take to the yule ball, the two invite each other. as they’re dancing a teacher rushes into the hall announcing yet another new akumatized student, causing marinette to become devastated and excusing herself, running to the dueling hall immediately with adrien taking a different path, showing up just after her

- They both assumed the other’s alter ego would be too busy dancing with their partner, so when they adrien shows up in his ball suit just after marinette, they both stand around shocked for a little while (before their summoning spells with their disguises bowl them over)

I didn’t intend to write all this…. but just Imagine 

Professor Ganondorf, drawn by Erin Kipps at MAGFest 2016

Vincent and the Doctor is my favorite Doctor Who episode. It makes me cry every damn time. You get to meet this tortured soul, and you see him struggling. He feels so alone and suddenly these two incredible people come into his life. Pretty much out of nowhere.

They save him. They bring him to the future and to an exhibit dedicated to his work. He gets to witness all these people admiring his paintings. Even the museum coordinator said he thought that Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists who ever lived. This scene gets to me every time. After years of struggling and feeling so alone and like you have nothing to live for, he got to see how his work impacted the world. He got to see that he was important. And loved by so many.

What’s sad is that once they return Van Gogh to his time, they again leap forward to the future only to discover that he had still taken his own life. And the Doctor tells a crying Amy “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and… bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant. And we definitely added to his pile of good things.”

I think that is so important for everyone to hear. It should teach us to always be kind. Maybe things are just meant to happen no matter what. Maybe our kindness and willingness to invest ourselves in someone’s life won’t drastically change their future the way we want it to. But in that moment, it could mean everything. We may not even realize what our actions do. Maybe some small act of kindness may seem second nature to us, but it could make someone’s day.

On those bad days, hopefully they can still look back on some good memories. Like that time they tripped and some kind hearted person helped them up instead of walking by and pretending like they didn’t see. Or when someone complimented their shirt. Or even casually walking by someone in the hallway and they flash them a kind smile.

We should keep adding to people’s pile of good things.

let me describe what it was like meeting Harry styles. I didn’t get a picture, but it was still a moment I’ll never forget and I don’t even need a photo to remember. So I ran into him on the street (which never fucking happens) and somehow there weren’t a whole bunch of people around him and I was so nervous my heart was practically beating out of my chest and I went up to him, petrified and he looked at me and almost laughed at how nervous I was and then I went “Uh,” and then I held out a hand for him to shake because I’m an idiot and he frowned then smirked and took it, but I got really frustrated with myself and just tugged him against me and pulled him into a really tight hug and I sort of just buried my face in his neck and my breath was really shaky but I didn’t let go and he was very patient and waited for me to let go on my own and then he looked at me straight in the eye and went “that was the best hug I’ve ever had” and I was still shaking and I was still holding onto his hand but he was chill with it and I said “I practiced it with my friend like ten times” and then laughed, while I was almost crying but managing to keep my calm and he smiled really big and let me just say when he talks to you, he stays really close and looks literally into your soul like I had his full attention and I’m really bad with attention and so I had to force myself to look at him and even tho I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember I was kind of uncomfortable with the amount of attention he was giving me but then I continued and said, “I just want to thank you because one direction has been a huge part of my life for five years and you’ve been such a support in the hardest times” and I kinda insulted myself without realizing and he told me “no no no you’re beautiful” and then I started running my mouth and he listened to every word and oh my god he is incredible he is so incredibly polite i’m pretty sure he thanked me twelve times throughout the conversation and asked me if I was ok a billion times and I asked if HE was ok and he looked kind of shocked and then said he was very ok and oh my god he’s the most amazing person in the world and then I was just like ok enough imma leave before I break down so “I should go, see ya” and he sort of chuckled and his voice was super raspy and he said bye and hugged me one last time and then I left and once he was out of sight I started sobbing bc he smelled so good and I had to pry my eyes away from his chest because his shirt was a bit unbuttoned and his hair was up and his cross necklace omg and his eyes were so pretty and his lips were really pink and his dimples omg and his fucking eyebrows and jawline and his skin and his smile and his cheeks were kinda blushy and he was so intimate and real and right in front of me and everything I dreamed he’d be and he actually is a pretty normal person I thought he would be a bunch taller but he stands about 5′11″ at most and he is every amazing thing I thought he was and he is so gentle and kind and then I called my mom to come pick me up because I was alone and freaking out and I got in the car and she was like “omg why are you crying” and I was like “I just met the love of my life” and she was like “why is that a bad thing” and I told her the story and at the end, we both talked at the same time, me saying “and he won’t remember me” and my mom saying, “he’ll probably remember you forever” and I swear to god that day ruined me emotionally and this is the biggest run on sentence I’ve ever seen.

Step by Step (KuroKen)

A/N: Felt the need to write some fluffy KuroKen, feat. ticklish Kenma (because who doesn’t love ticklish Kenma??).

Kuroo really loved Kenma. 

 He loved the way Kenma talked, quietly yet blunt. He loved the way Kenma always tucked his long hair behind his little ears. He loved the way Kenma focused on things, with apt attention and awe. He loved how small and soft and cute Kenma was. 

Boy, did Kuroo love Kenma. 

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