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Since it aired, I’ve felt uncomfortable with Harry’s statements about equality in the Quotidien interview and the resulting posts/articles about it, but I needed to step back and figure out WHY it made me feel that way.  There was something about his language that immediately rubbed me the wrong way and to see how his statements have been used as some kind of great moment of activism has only added to my discomfort.

As a human rights worker, I spend every day trying to raise awareness and understanding of rights, to ensure that they are implemented properly in my country, and to establish effective forms of redress when there are rights violations.  At the core of my value base is a belief in social justice, equality and non-discrimination, human dignity and human rights.  In my ideal world, these would be fundamental truths for all people, but I recognise that, despite living in a relatively wealthy, developed nation, these are simply not realities for a large section of the population.  The children and families I work with are facing poverty, mental health issues, family breakdown, discrimination, immigration difficulties, violence, trauma and neglect.  For them, the idea of equality is directly connected to politics.  The decisions made at local and national levels impact directly on their day-to-day experiences and their ability to ensure that their basic needs are met.

By stating that equality is something removed from politics, Harry demonstrated his privilege.  As a wealthy and influential white man, he has privilege that allows him to remove himself from the political discourse of inequality and discrimination that define the lives of many others.  That is not to say that Harry has not faced issues like those I mentioned above, but he has resources and connections that others can only dream of so that he doesn’t need to make his ‘fundamental’ beliefs about politics.  

To me, his statement was not inspirational or demonstrative of a greater passion for and awareness of the issues that are impacting on our society today.  It came across as a vague, ill-informed platitude, and when it is being used to generate headlines, it demonstrates just how low the bar is set for him.  Celebrities often use their status as a platform to raise awareness of causes or issues that are important to them.  They are able to speak in specifics, demonstrating a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the topic.  This is not what happened at Quotidien.  In between a series of ‘ums’ and ‘I don’t knows’, Harry cobbled together a sentence to avoid a question he wasn’t comfortable answering. 

This was not an example of activism.  It was an example of not being aware of one’s own privilege.  I would call out my friends and colleagues for making similar vague, ignorant statements, so I won’t hesitate to do so when a celebrity does it, especially when the fandom is holding it up as something to be applauded.  I felt Harry’s statement was dismissive of the reality of people’s lived experience.  Equality is directly connected to politics (and Politics).  Ignoring that only makes the issues we face more difficult to overcome.

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Can we get a blurb on where you and harry have been dating for several months and you've always admired his cross necklace and he gives it to you for safe keeping while he is touring? can it be cute/smutty? please? :D x

The Necklace

“Why are you so fascinated with it?” he asks, gazing at your fingers caressing his cross necklace.

You glance at where your fingers are holding the necklace as you’re nestled against him in bed. The last hour was magnificent as he brought you to the brink again and again until you both finally tumbled over the end into oblivion. Now you’re simply enjoying the company of each other as Harry grazes his fingers over your shoulder.

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how do u think rich and jake get together? :O

OKAY SO they don’t get together until after the events of the musical because jake falls for post squip rich this is Very Important to me. he falls in love w rich who isnt obsessed with being cool and has a loud ugly laugh that he doesnt hide because of the squip anymore and he falls in love w rich who is insecure and anxious and he just. he just falls so hard for rich in the next 6ish months following the musical and eventually he’s just like okay. enough. enough and asks rich to hang out but, like, on a date (and he’s actually incredibly nervous like you can pry nervous, blushy jake from my cold dead hands) and rich is just like :000 !!!!!!!!


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Hei! First of all, I just wanted to say that I love your tumblr! I'm curious about your thoughts regarding the relationship between Diana and Steve, and how you think it will play out in the movie?

Thanks! That’s so nice of you.

Diana and Steve have a pretty interesting dynamic in the comics and previous animated forms and they’ll surely have an interesting relationship here. Steve has always been key to Diana’s feminist portrayal, and that’s why it matters that he’s here. How he behaves in the movie will be very important, and so far, it seems like they got him just right.

What matters to me, and what they seem to be doing in this movie, is that it’s a relationship based on mutual respect. I was never interested in a relationship in which Steve belittles her but then realizes “Wow! Maybe women AREN’T useless!” or just hits on her the whole time. People portray Steve like that a lot, and I just don’t see Diana ever falling in love with someone like that. 

Instead, what we seem to be getting is a Steve that respects her from the get go. That was made clear from the clip we heard about (but was not released) in which he doesn’t want to sleep next to her because it’s not polite to assume she’d be okay with it. She teases him for this, of course, but his initial action is still important.

We also do see Steve protecting Diana in the trailers, but it’s never in a condescending “You need some help, baby?” kind of way. In the second trailer, right after that slow motion bullet scene, Steve pushes Diana to the ground. At this point, he likely knows nothing about her, other than the fact that she saved him, and he just helped her without thinking about it or asking for thanks. We also have seen the scene in the alley where Steve tells her “stand back.” when the man draws the gun. He knows more about her at this point, and knows she can handle herself, but he still tries to protect her, not out of misogyny, I just think he’s a protective guy. He cares about her and he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t hesitate to put himself between someone else and a gun.

The way he reacts when Diana blocks the bullet in the alley scene is also very important. “Or maybe not.” Just the way Chris delivers the line is perfect. It could have been this really annoying moment of “Boy was I wrong about you, lady!” but he says it like he’s genuinely amazed at what she just did, and like he’s realizing exactly how much she can help them in this war. It was perfect.

Steve will undoubtedly have some misogyny in this movie. I mean frankly, we all have our own misogyny that we have to work through, let alone a guy from the early 1900s. But I really don’t think it’s going to be over the top like some people portray Steve. It’ll be more internalized, and it’s something we’ll see him work through as the movie goes on. Again, it would make no sense if they made him some huge misogynist when Diana is meant to fall in love with him. He should respect women, and he clearly does based on the trailers.

Anyway, IDK if you were expecting this long winded answer, but I have a lot of thoughts on Diana and Steve. It’s a very important relationship for this movie to get right.

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When Eugene jumped into Rapunzel's tower after escaping prison, and found her chained by that b**ch, I thought what went through his mind was: his regret for taking Rapunzel out and probably blaming himself for Rapunzel's current state, that's why he just found it ok to die so Rapunzel can be free and not have her fall for something he was partly responsible for

I don’t agree with you. I don’t think Eugene blamed himself for how Gothel acts towards Rapunzel.

It wasn’t guilt that made him ready to die for her, but love, plain and simple. Just, “Your freedom is more important to me than my own life.” He and Max had quite a trip out to the tower, and he had time to put more things together. It was not his fault that Rapunzel was in danger. It wasn’t even Rapunzel’s fault. With a personality like Gothel’s, Rapunzel was always in danger, but to a different level depending upon how she was acting. The less Gothel could control her, the more danger Rapunzel would be in. And Eugene knew this.

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Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Category: M/M
Fandom: Kingsman
Relationship: Harry Hart/Merlin
Characters:  Harry Hart, Merlin, Eggsy
Additional Tags:  Kingsman: The Golden Circle Spoilers, Amnesia, References to Depression, Grief/Mourning, Loss of Limbs

Summary:  Life continues on in a world without Harry Hart, until it doesn’t. 

A loose sequel to ’The Naming of Things’, though reading the first isn’t really required, it might help.

This was mostly a way for me to work through all the feels that the trailer gave to me, so possible spoilers ahead for The Golden Circle, but mostly vaguery and speculation on everything but one important detail.

Merlin allows himself one moment to feel  everything,  as he stares at the static-laden feed of Harry’s barely functioning glasses. The thought strikes him, how blue the sky is, even through the red flecks that dot the lenses.  His entire world has come crashing down in this single impossible moment.

He takes a deep breath. He closes the feed. He contacts Arthur.

That one moment over, there’s scarce time to breathe, let alone mourn, as Harry’s death seems to be the catalyst in sending Merlin’s life spinning out of control. It isn’t fair of him to feel it so personally, he knows. Countless lives were lost on V-Day and in the resulting fallout.  He’s not even the only one that lost Harry Hart, but there’s no denying that some vital part of Merlin is gone.

He shoves it aside.  There’s no time for this.  Kingsman and the world at large are in a state of chaos.

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Why is Mrs Hudson so angry with Mycroft during TLD?

Hey Lovely!

I would imagine it was because of Mycroft’s appalling treatment of his little brother and the man he loves. Family is important to Hudders, and Myc is a little less-than-nice to the both of them when John is “dealing with Mary’s death”. Would be my guess… honestly? I completely forgot Mycroft was in TLD until Mark was announced as submitting himself for an Emmy nomination the other day… his performance was just that memorable to me in it. 

Urg, I don’t want to leave you with an unsatisfying answer, so if any of my followers have any thoughts, those are welcome :)

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OMGAFTERCAREISSOGUCCI so ?? brendon has been super good all day after having the looooongest punishment and then going straight into a scene after and he's a super duper subby boy and ryan is like !! babyyyy shhhh let me take care of u ok and cleans him up and cuddles him for ten million yEARS and brendon's all snugglin close and tired and wrapping himself around ryan and ryan just plays with his hair and soothes him and is there for brendon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((aftercare is SO important omg))

I am. In love with this. Ryan just holds him and shushes him and Brendon is cuddling as close as he can aww

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hc that you spend hours looking at pictures of lance, near tears because he's so beautiful



in all seasons of skam, this was one of the moments when jonas’ friendship felt the strongest. because you can see how genuinely worried he is for isak. isak, the best friend he’s known for years, the best friend he grew with. and it’s so obvious jonas has always cared for isak, it was obvious back in season 1 when he asked eva if he could join them at the cabin so he wouldn’t be alone, because he knew he and eva were pretty much his only friends, and he tried to not make isak feel left out. it was obvious when isak’s dad ran off and his mother wasn’t doing well at all, and jonas stayed with him so he wouldn’t have to be so alone, face everything alone 

jonas knows isak, knows how isak usually behaves, knows that isak doesn’t go around pushing people like that, especially not a friend who was simply teasing him. in that moment, jonas doesn’t simply feel like isak is not behaving like his usual self. it’s more than that, jonas feels, sees that he’s losing isak, the isak he knows, and that isak is also losing himself. and it’s scary when you don’t recognize the best friend you’ve learned to understand and grown to so genuinely care about, the best friend whose well-being means so much to you. and you can hear the fear in jonas’ voice, in the way he curses, you can see it in his eyes as he tries to hold isak’s gaze, tries to read his face, tries to understand what’s going on. jonas is not angry and pushing isak away, he’s worried and trying to hold on to him as best as he can at that moment. because this is not only scary for jonas, it’s confusing as hell, he’s not used to seeing isak like this, i don’t think he’s ever had to deal with isak behaving like this 

and he tells him, in the next episode. that no one’s angry at him, that they’re just worried about him. he tells him that he can come talk to him, because i think that’s what they’ve always done. jonas knows he can’t force isak to open up, knows that isak will usually reach out to him when he’s ready, at his own rhythm. and this is why when isak finally makes the first steps to talk to him, jonas sort of immediately feels some sort of relief. and this is part of the reason why jonas reacts to isak’s coming out the way he does, like it’s no big deal. because it is no big deal to jonas. it’s no big deal to him in general, but especially in that moment, because he sees that his best friend hasn’t slipped away like he feared he might, that his best friend is here and that’s honestly all that could possibly matter to him 


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”


acowar countdown challenge | favourite quote(s) | f e y s a n d

“I want you to know
that I am b r o k e n  and  h e a l i n g
but every piece of my heart belongs to you.

And I am
h o n o r e d -
honored to be your mate.”