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24 Feb 2017

I…I don’t understand what is happening. I came to class, prepared for whatever fate awaited me.

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anarielle  asked:

Oh goodness, I meant to say this earlier, thank you for reblogging my humble little story! :O Work is still busy but I'll definitely keep writing on weekends. The idea of a fluffy Graves (flouncing around everywhere and shedding fur all over Newt because the man seems to have the self preservation instinct of a dodo and he had saved Graves' life so he needs to stick close okay? It's not because the Brit gives good ear scratches or has a sweet smile or anything) is too precious to pass up. :P

(whoops, I meant to answer this earlier so I think we’re two for two!)

And yes you fabulous person, a thousand times yes. In fact. In fact, let’s take this and run with it.

The issue, the biggest issue about being an animagus, is that when you’re a cat you’re… a cat. Cats have different priorities to people. Cats see the world in a different way, and Graves isn’t just talking about being a foot off the ground or filtering out the reds of the world to leave a decidedly blue-green tint to everything.

As a cat, Graves thinks differently. Not a lot. Not enough to lose his grasp of logic or to forget his plans and his goals, certainly not enough to impede his reasoning or his ability to carry out his missions. If anything, it helps - cats are straight forward. No worries. No distractions. No silly fretting about whether or not it would be appropriate to drape himself over a certain British wizard’s lap and demand head scritches, because dammit, Graves wants the British wizard and his feline half wants the head scritches and when Graves is a cat, that’s all the matters.

When Graves is not a cat that last bit causes issues.

“It’s important to maintain a good cover,” he says in as calm and even a tone as he can. Is his face scarlet. His face feels scarlet. Oh god his face is scarlet. “A cat that didn’t act like a cat would only raise suspicions, and the point of a covert guard is to avoid that. So.”

“Oh, I completely understand,” Newt says earnestly. “And I do appreciate you taking the time to look out for me.” He smiles, slightly awkwardly, slightly lopsidedly, and in a rare moment of self preservation Graves diverts his gaze to the lapel of Newt’s coat.

There’s cat hair on Newt’s coat from where Graves stood on Newt’s lap and rubbed himself over Newt’s chest to demand petting. Evidence. There’s evidence. Oh god.

“MACUSA owes you a great debt,” he assures at a completely normal pitch, not high and squeaky, oh dear me no, “Grindelwald’s lackeys could be lurking anywhere, can’t have them get to you, good lord is that the time please don’t do anything dangerous got to run bye - “

And the worst part is, he can’t even curl up under his tail to hide from the mortification (cats, unsurprisingly, are incapable of feeling shame and it’s something Graves has hidden behind several times in the past) because his damn traitorous cat self will just march straight back to Newt.

This is ludicrous.


Is he or is he not Percival Graves? His will power is stronger than a fucking cat. He refuses to be barred from his own animagus form like this. Let the world know, head scritches have no power here. Hah.


As if Graves would ever.

He’s a grown man, damnit.

Head scritches.


“They could strike at any time,” he stammers out to Newt the next day because no, no Graves is not stronger than his cat self.

Newt’s smile is less awkward this time but no less lopsided, and he’s not wearing his coat but instead has his sleeves rolled up and there’s black fur all over his white shirt, particularly around the shoulders where Graves draped himself like a fucking sybaritic scarf and really, Graves should just go. He should. He should throw himself in the Hudson, see how his cat self likes that.

“If I was a dark wizard,” Newt begins carefully, “I should think I’d work at night. People are more vulnerable when they’re sleeping, aren’t they?”

It takes Graves a second to process the implication there, and then a few seconds longer while his brain completely checks out because did Newt just ask him to spend the night did he really what 

“Well,” his shameless cat self says in is that a fucking purr oh god, “I can hardly leave you vulnerable, can I?”

Graves would like it known that he’s outnumbered. Also that Newt is far too cute when he tilts his head like that with his pupils blown wide like that and darts his tongue out to lick his fucking lips and basically, no one’s playing fair.

On the plus side though, Newt’s hands can give a lot more than head scritches.

It’s really humbling and beautiful to realize how loved you are by Jesus and how it’s all His grace. I know I don’t deserve to have what I have with Him, but the fact that He wants me, He wants my heart, and He doesn’t care about so many things that I think would keep Him from wanting me is amazing. God values us and wants us to be His. He paid such a precious price to make us His own. If we just look at His expressions of love and see what He did to love us, to reach us with that love and remove everything in the way, we would stop trying to do it on our own and push it all aside, too, just to run into His arms and feel the closeness of His embrace. He loves you. It’s so simple. He has perfect love for you and is so selfless that He gave Himself, yet at the same time it deems Him so worthy of everything we are and everything we could return in response. If we understand His love, how could we not literally worship Him and give Him glory? He has the greatest love of all and there is no love like it. No love will ever compare to the love God has for us. I want to love Him all my days. I want to know His love in all His mysterious ways. This is a lifelong journey of falling apart in His arms and being remade, a lifetime of realizing my depravity and then the hope that redemption brings. God restores all things. He can restore you to Himself.

Title: I’m Not Your Cinderella

Author: parkanjae

Length: Chaptered

Status: Ongoing

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, Drama, Office!AU

Summary: A simple gift of physical presence to Baekhyun’s most precious friend, Luhan, was what he intended to give when the elder requested him to go with him in his favourite author’s fan meeting in Seoul, in return of all the good things he and his family had done for him. That’s right, that’s how everything was supposed to be. 

But Byun Baekhyun found himself in mercy of the not so humble, slash jerk and cocky Park Chanyeol the moment he spilled a glass of red wine on his brand new white Armani suit.

“You know the rules, princess, if you can’t pay for it with money, you have to pay with your body.” 

“I’m sorry but my body isn’t worth of your suit.”

Admin Notes: another CEO!Chanyeol and commoner!baek sobs I’m really in love with office romance where ceo!cy chases employee!baek and baek plays hard to get lol this is really one of the fics recently that I’m always looking forward to for updates and the story is getting more exciting as secrets are being hinted and the drama unfolding;; - Admin Elle


i just want mark to know that no matter what happens in school rapper!!!!!! i’m still very proud of him for taking this challenge where he can learn more and become better!!!! the fact that he just wants to be known as mark the high schooler just made me so happy!! he’s so humble and precious!! ♡ mark has such a bright future ahead of him, so i hope whatever opportunities is thrown at him, he’ll take them without hesitation, because let’s be honest, he’s amazing!!! and he deserves everything!!! fighting!!!! 💪💓

I have contemplated the possibilities and now I think I ship caulscott 

here’s the thing: nathan prescott is STILL unforgivable trash who should be put in juvy/rehab 

but also imagine nathan prescott finding absolute clarity in max after everything blows over 

think about nathan prescott slowly realizing max’s kind nature over time, realizing she’d done nothing wrong, she’s there because what she loves is in her old home and she hates seeing everything come apart and she hates seeing others in pain 

nathan prescott slowly understanding that max doesn’t have to forgive him, and apologizing to max, and max understanding the complexities of nathan prescott’s troubled past, and even if she never forgives him she accepts his attempt to make things right 

nathan prescott taking down his family’s legacy so he can live with peace of mind, so he humbles himself for this one fucking precious sweet girl with the heart of gold because they are both young and they are still marble being sculpted and he knows he loves her and he know he has time to pull it back together  

please slay me 

I picked up the Zero Escape series this year in May (still indulging with Virtue’s Last Reward) after a friend urged me to play it so we could scream over it together.  I’m sure it’s quite obvious to other fans what happened after that… I fell deep into the series hard. After finishing 999, the characters and story still haunted me for days after.  The game was so well-thought, well-illustrated, and well-implemented that I’m astounded. I especially loved how well various genres were able to flow so well into one series: mystery, horror, comedy, history, pop culture, physics, chemistry, biology etc. Every character had both their flaws and positive points that I really bonded with each character, aside from the 9th man, but it’s reasonable considering he showed up for only a brief time. Zero Escape has earned a precious spot in my heart and will stay as one of my favorite and most memorable game series. From the bottom of my humble soul, I thank you Uchikoshi and every single member of Chunsoft for creating such a masterpiece series. Congratulations on the release of Zero Time Dilemma, and I genuinely hope you will continue to create inspiring series. Whenever times get rough, please remember that the hearts you’ve touched through your works will continue to support you 999%!

Art and message by @miiyuni​

For the Thank you Zero Escape project


Rami during the Q&A after the pilot screening of ‘Mr. Robot’. I was sitting right in front of him and during a quiet part of the Q&A he looked right at me and softly asked me if I liked the show, I nodded and gave him my thumbs up and he said, ‘cool!’ and smiled real wide, I almost died, like, why did you want my opinion, Rami???? WHY??? I AM SO DUMB. God it was such a precious moment and I’m going to treasure it forever. And then I asked him about being a lead actor after being such a great supporting one and he gave a great answer, he is so precious and humble about any of it. ::sighs:: 


Like legit, haven’t you guys noticed that he always gets so shy and flustered whenever he gets complimented?! Like my heart hurts because of that damn smile he pulls!! He’s so humble even though he’s so damn talented and he doesn’t let that get to his head. Where is the protection squad for this baby?! He needs to be protected at all costs and locked up too because he can cause mass murder with his being alone. STAN TALENT PEOPLE!!!

When the Act of Supplicating Becomes More Precious than the Actual Need You Were Supplicating For

The Shaikh of Islaam, Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allaah grant him a place in Firdous, said, “… and its equivalent in this world is like someone who is facing a most severe calamity, or acute poverty or disquieting fear and so starts to supplicate to Allaah and implore Him humbly until Allaah then bestows upon him such pleasure in conversing with Him that it becomes more beloved to him than the original need he had been supplicating for—but he could not have known that initially so as to seek and yearn for it.”

Al-Fataawaa, vol. 1, p. 28.


#cutest cutie to ever cute (✿◡‿◡) 


in case you haven’t smiled today

it’s not quite the 12th yet over here but i just wanna wish my favorite person in the whole world a big happy birthday wish. i can’t believe he’s turning 23 already fuck. he’s so talented and humble and unique and precious and angelic and beautiful and i love him to pieces. he’s made me feel the happiest i’ve ever been and i owe everything to him. i tried baking a cake but i found out cake decorating is just not my thing haha. i love zayn so much and i can’t wait to see what this year holds. happy birthday baby!!!!!!