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  Prodigy Hero Bby | Bakugou Katsuki | ♥  ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ *:・゚✧

The enemy of all humanity…

-Fairy Tail Chapter 524


Haru Ishikawa.


Care For Vampire-Yuma
Mukami Yuma (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Care For Vampire-Yuma

Lunatic Parade Yuma Care For Vampire Translation + Audio

Yahoo sinners~! (~‾▿‾)~   I miss translating Yuma, so here I am haha. 

As I said with the previous ones, since Yuma is the only speaker and it acts as a drama, I chose to record the audio and include it to better the experience. It’s about 11min long. I used Yui/You for the action phrases in parenthesis.

(๑・ω-)~♥” Enjooooy~!

-Scene: Black Screen-

(Yuma Walks Into The Room)

Yuma: Ahh… …This is bad. I’m dizzy… …Damn it… …

Haah… …The sweat won’t stop… …Should I take my clothes off… …?

(He Shifts His Clothes; You/Yui Enter With A Towel And A Bowl Of Chilled Water)

Yuma: Idiot, don’t look at me so concerned like that. I’m just a bit worn out here.

Lunar eclipses sure are annoying. Like hell I can do fieldwork in this state… …

(You/Yui Gesture Him To Sit Down)

Yuma: I do feel sluggish, but it’s not something you should worry about… …

(You/Yui Gesture More)

Yuma: Sigh… …Fine. I’ll lie down on the bed for now.

There we go. Stay still.

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When you unlocked all the cool skins for your fave characters, but it’s just a beta version of the game :’)))))

anonymous asked:

I don't really know that much about Victor Hugo but I seen you mention his Opinions about foreheads a few times, would you mind explaining them to me?

Sure, this one’s pretty simple! As Victor Hugo things go XD 

In Western Europe/the US in the early 19C, High Foreheads were considered a mark of an intelligent, superior, moral etc nature. The whole proto-phrenology/phrenology thing, you know? You keep your brains there, OBVIOUSLY High Forehead= More Awesome Brain Power! 

(this is of course not at all how it works but like they were taking mercury internally as a recommended medicine, so. Terrible Theories were abundant.) 

So that was in the popular culture already. Then ENTER VICTOR HUGO, who had..a Forehead. Like, it’s in all the caricatures of him. It got mentioned when people talked about him. As @fuckinwordsmithery  has said, Hugo had a Fivehead.  And he was SUPER PROUD of it. 

(And he was also SUPER FAMOUS. So for a while in the 1830s and 1840s, Aspiring Artistic Trendy types would do what they could to increase their own foreheads, including shaving and plucking back their own hairlines. The Hugo Look!)

So pretty much all of Hugo’s Very Attractive characters, especially men, have SUPER FOREHEADS. Marius? a lofty and intelligent brow. Enjolras? Much Forehead, Very Wow (like Much Horizon in a Landscape). Etc.

Just like Victor Hugo himself! What a wild coincidence! 

(and conversely characters with LOW foreheads are the visual equivalent of getting an Ominous Background Theme Tune.) 

Anyway, with the High Forehead thing, Hugo was using a reference he could rely on his contemporary audience to recognize–High Forehead=Superior Nature– and also reinforcing his own Super Hotness. So he does it a whole lot. XD 

(Phrenology was Very Much a Thing, and had all the complicated social implications of most science of the day.A very few Links About Phrenology That Aren’t Just Wiki:
-used in discussions about slavery
-in American social philosophy
-a very basic explanation)

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More of that fic idea where the Duke and Chuck both get captured and have to work together to escape, perhaps?

I was going to illustrate more of the actual happenings in the fic but it’s mostly Chuck and the Duke sitting in a cell tied up and sniping at each other SO

“Hwell fine.” The Duke rolls his eyes again and recites, almost sing-song, “—no parents, lived in a dump, ran drugs for a gang, stabbed a cop on my eighth birthday.  Are we good?”

“What happened to your parents?”

The Duke looks frankly taken aback, like the question that haunted most of Chuck’s early life never even occurred to him.  “Hell if I know,” he says, and then blinks and frowns.  “—and none of your business.”

“What kind of drugs?”

“Nothing you’ve heard of.”

“Which gang?”

“The Stars.”

Chuck has never heard of The Stars.  For a second he tries to reach out to the network and look them up, but the dampers are still in place and he can’t reach.  "And….?”

“Did whatever for whoever,” says the Duke, who has apparently decided the best way to get through the onerous process of actually genuinely talking about himself is to make every sentence as brief as possible. “Climbed the ladder until I was running errands for Germanotta, got her to make me second in command, got dirt on everybody, killed her and stepped in.”

He says it so matter-of-factly, it almost doesn’t register for a second.  Chuck stares at him, mouth hanging open, and then manages, “—wh—how?”

“Overdose.”  The Duke grins.  “Woulda gone that way anyway, eventually.  I just helped her along.”

“No, but—” Chuck is perfectly aware that people get murdered.  It’s not a hard concept, people die in Motorcity every day, but— “—how…old were you?”


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Do which characters from Pirates of the Caribbean could take​ you to pound town? I won't lie, I think Barbossa's pretty fuckable after the first movie.

Oooh XD my…LOL GOOD TO KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS INTO HIM IN THE FIRST ONE XD MY FRIENDS ARE ALL LIKE “OOOOH JACK” and i’m in my corner “B-Barbossa is kinda hot…” also Human Davy jones…i mean he’s played by Bill Nighy…That man is so fancy hot XD he’s like a cooler Charles Dance to me XD

notjustahorsesurgeon replied to your post: bEFORE I GO EM RIGHT NOW IS JUST the happiest he’s…

[[Ahahah!! Wonderfullll c:]]

okay but im having to stay awake for my mom (ahahaha) and im listening to an EM soundtrack and now he’s just so- idek just pacified like hot damn. aint no one gotten EM to smile that purely that quickly. The last time was EM and ER going to Blitz and Chips. Like- Beth, you made this child so happy on a day that is to celebrate you. Rip. Beth is best mom.

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Kou’s Sub Scenario w/ Azusa

Yo, I’m back at it again! These scenarios keep popping to my head all the time and make me laugh, so I really couldn’t resist the urge to attempt a translation on few! Again, might be on the rougher side, but I tried to make it as easy to understand as I could. This time I will share this adorkable subscenario from Kou’s route with Azusa ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Hope you enjoy~!

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Autobot wanted: need mechanical skills

Perceptor, brainstorm, wheeljack, (and…Ratchet?), or any ‘bot
Please fix my A/C.
Or find out where that part is (that’s taking like a month to get here) and bring it to my house.

It’s too hot even with the fan on.
Whoever comes over (with hollomatter of course (so u’ll fit AND I can hug u after)), I’ll love you forever.
Tho I already love Autobots forever
(Well. Idw sunstreaker and jazz… *glares* u guys.. I’m still mad.. xD))

I’m sorry sure if I want rodimus or whirl.. I think they might fix it and put glitter or something in the vents xD

((I’m willing to consider asking ‘cons if u don’t hurt anyone/thing. -shot jk no baddies-))

If it’s the ‘I just want to enjoy my pet buddies’ then I at least have a bargaining chip and I’m like 40% sure they won’t kill me ((I’m not that far in comics idk how they are with humans lol))
Thundercracker, I’ll watch that DVD ‘a dog’s purpose’ with u (‘cause I keep seeing that ad. at work and thinking ‘is that buster?’ XD
Oh and I’ll puppysit buster for you also!
Soundwave. I’ll somehow buy u a pet elephant
(Tho u can go to Africa and get ur own so I don’t think my bargaining chip is solid)


The one good thing about going to work (at Walmart) is it has a/c
Tho my shirt and vest combo still kills me