he is so hot on this show oh my word


Bangtan opened the show (before the other artist followed them) with Arirang and they had CHOREOGRAPHY FOR IT! :D Btw Seokjin’s voice nailed the whole song ~

Fire : the place turned into a sauna …tooo hot :D the crowd became hyped up immediately

What am I to You: Namjoon without any pause started the song….he is seriously amazing!!! like always he expressed the emotions really well ^^

Dope: so cool ~ the crowd sang the sugamon part :D

Save Me:  oh my god :O this dance… seeing it from this close wooooow….. just blew my mind 

I need U: forever a meaningful song ^^ <3 I need U always the best when the audience sings with Bangtan together or instead of them…gosh Jungkook jumps really high o.O

Fun Boyz: interaction with the fans, living the moment ~

….the atmosphere: …..this was like a REAL concert :D