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Goth x Fell Goth x Palette Part 2

I finished it Senpai, finally

~10 minutes later~
I heard Palette stir as well as Gothy. I chuckled lowly and wrapped his legs around my lower stomach. He gasped and backed away a bit. Palette heard me and jolted up, not going far because of the ropes.
“W-what the heck?? Fell, what’s going on??”
“I’m so glad you’re awake, now the fun can start~”
I started nipping at his neck, making him let out a startled moan. Palette’s eyes widened at the sound of his precious Gothy. I snickered and walked up to him, untieing the blindfolded and plopping Goth down.
“You’re gonna watch me make a mess out of your little Gothy, got it? Maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you join in~”
He had a glare on his face, but I couldn’t help but notice a bump forming at the crotch of his pants. I chuckled and rubbed it a bit, making it as big as it could get. He wasn’t as big as my Palette, with the fucking Viagra he overdoses on, but he was still gonna be big inside Goth, and that’s all that matters. He let out a startled groan, moving his hips a bit. I pulled my hand away and smiled evilly.
“You ready for the show, cause it’s about to start~”
Oh stars I’m getting so turned on by this. I yanked up Goth and bit his collar bone, causing him to let out a surprised moan. I laid him down on to the floor, undoing his robe and my own, showing his bare ribs. Palette let out a failed muffled groaned at the sight of us.
“Yeah, just keep making those sounds. Moan Palette’s name, see how hot and bothered he gets~”
Palette let out a breathy noise of arousal at my words. Goth looked at him and blushed heavily before turning back to me and nodding slightly.
“You naughty boy~”
I sucked on his top ribs, right next to his birthmark.
“Ahhh Palette!”
I flipped him onto his back, gently massaging a certain spot on his back that was extremely sensitive.
“Nnngh, P-palette!”
“Yeah, moan his name just like that~ Don’t you love the way he gets so turned on from you coming undone?”
Goth was panting and letting out breathy moans while trembling a bit. I chuckled and flipped him back on to his stomach. Palette moved his hips roughly, trying to get something stimulation, but failing. I bit my lip from the sight of him. He’ll be basically an animal on Gothy when I untie him! I can’t wait for that part. I wanna hear Goth scream in pleasure. I smiled evilly and grabbed a cord of bullet vibrators, bringing out Originals soul. His eyes widened as I wrapped the wires around his soul, being specific to where I but the vibrators, making them at least graze everything single sensitive spot in his soul. I turned them on and immediately turned the dial to max. His eyes rolled to the top of his eye sockets as he screamed in pleasure. “AHHHH GOD PALETTE!!!!”
Goth was trembling immensely as tears of pleasure ran down his face. Palette looked so desperate to just wreck little Gothy, oh stars I love this~ Goth came through his soul a few seconds later, screaming Palette’s name. I smiled and decided to give Palette at least a bit of stimulation. I plopped Goth down on to his lap and bounced him up and down. Palette groaned loudly, throwing his head back a bit at the long over due pleasure. Goth got the hint a bit and rocked his hips side to side and his pelvis. I pulled him away suddenly, making Palette growl at me slightly. I clicked my tongue at him.
“Now now, you’ll get what you want eventually. Are you just upset you’re not doing this to him? That you not feeling his tight pussy around your cock as you slam into him? I told you, if you’re a good boy you’ll get your reward~”
Goth looked like he recovered from his orgasm, perfect~ I got in between his legs a bit and started fingering his dripping wet cunt. He let out helpless moans as I slipped two, then three fingers into him. I wonder if he’s a squirter, that’ll make Palette go wild, I’m sure~ I quickened my pace and felt him clench around my now four fingers inside of him.
“Yeah, that’s it, cum for me, make Palette go crazy for your pussy~” My words sent him off the edge again, making him cum and spray liquid on to my fingers, some getting on the floor around my hand. He is a squirter, who would’ve thought? I glanced at Palette to make sure he saw it.
“Palette, did you see that, or do you need an encore?~”
“I saw.. lemme just pound into him already~”
I smirked at him and decided.
“Well, you have been a good boy for me, and I’d love to see you at your most animalistic. Sure, do what you will to your little Gothy~”
Palette was fidgeting as I untied him. I stepped out of the way as Palette pounced on to Goth. He squeaked as Palette quickly pulled down his pants, revealing his throbbing dick. I teleported to behind Goth, getting him on his knees in Palette’s lap. I grabbed a dildo, roughly 7-8 inches, and about Palette’s size. I had it put right outside Goth’s ass. Palette slammed into Goth and went at a fast and rough pace. I immediately started thrusting the dildo into his tight ass, jacking myself off in the process. Palette suddenly got an evil grin on his face, and it was aimed at me.
‘Oh shit’
He summoned big slimy tentacles and wrapped them around Goth and my ribs, sensitive spot on his back, and my soul. He slid the dildo out of Goth’s ass and replaced it with a big tentacles, I think it was the biggest one he summoned. It thruster at an inhuman speed with the other one rubbing Goth’s sensitive spot and ribs. He did the same to me, making it extremely difficult to keep my moans hidden. Goth was an absolute mess, he was screaming bloody murder from all the pleasure he was feeling.
“Well, mmf, too bad, cuz when I’m done with both of you, you both won’t be able to walk for a week!”
Goth was bouncing in Palette’s lap heavily. I’ll admit, I wasn’t in the best of appearances as well. I gave up on hiding my moans and was jacking off as fast as I could. The tentacles made everything so much better~
“Mmm, Gothy you’re so tight, God you feel so good. I can’t wait to feel you squirt on to my cock.”
Goth couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore, it finally becoming too much for him. He came and squirted on to his dick with a scream so loud it left a ringing in my ears. Palette pulled out of him as soon as Goth’s orgasm faded down enough. I caught him before he fell from pure exhaustion. Me and Palette hadn’t come yet, but I was about to. My grip tightened around Goth as Palette’s tentacles made me come hard. “Ahhh!!! Palette!!!”
I slowly stroked myself through my orgasm, making me twitch uncontrollably. Palette grabbed my head and pulled it down, making my mouth face to face with his cock.
“Since you’ve been such a tease to me, how about you be the one who gets the honor of getting me off?”
I smirked naughtily and licked the shaft up to the head slowly, making him let out a low groan.
“Mm, just like that baby. Suck me off like the good little doll you can be~”
I bobbed my head up and down as he was close to cumming already. Palette let out a loud moan as he came inside my mouth and made me swallow. Hey, I wasn’t complaining, at least he tasted sweet. I licked the remains off my face and went to pick up Goth, who was basically passed out. Me and Palette carried him to the couch, well, more like I teleported us, and laid him down. He was trembling in overstimulation, panting heavily. I chuckled and cuddled next to him, both of us leaning on Palette. “Hehehe, how was that for a three way?”
“So good~”
“I loved watching you turn Goth into a mess, I’ll admit that much.”
“Heh, well don’t get used to it, because we ain’t doing this in a long while”
I mumbled as I fell asleep into my afterglow.

fanfic by creepychick420


anonymous asked:

Okay but consider this... The RFA, plus Saeran and V of course, going to MC's family reunion, and MC gets into a sass battle with one of their uncles/aunts/cousins. Like the "I see your bad attitude hasn't left" "I see your husband has" kind of sass. I've recently had (won) a sass battle with my uncle and it felt freaking amazing to sass him. 10/10 would recommend

A/N: I am the sass master of my house, let’S DO THIS! ~Admin 404


           -He’s so excited to meet your family!

           -He’s really big on family!!!!!! Really can’t wait!!!!

           -Did not expect your aunt to be so critical though??


           -“MC, why does your boyfriend have mismatched socks?” She asked with a sneer

           -So, without even glancing at her, you respond with:

           -“Why do all of your children have mismatched dads?”


           -But wow that was AMAZING, lowkey worships the sassy side of you for the rest of the day

           -“But MC, what did you mean by mismatched dads? Also, are my mismatched socks really that weird??”


           -Very afraid about being around your family!

           -Wasn’t very good around his family, so… being surrounded by yours was scary!

           -You decided to dress casual because? It’s just your family! Who cares!

           -The two of you stuck together the whole time, he didn’t think it was that bad!

           -That is, until your grandmother decided to pick on your sense of style??


           -So when she asked, “So, MC, where did you get those jeans? Did you really have to buy them with the holes in them?” He had a response at the ready!

           -Although before he could answer, you did instead??

           -“Why don’t you stop worrying about my jeans and fix the hoLES IN THE ECONOMY, GRANDMA?”

           -HOLY SHIT MC DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT TO YOUR GRANDMA WHAT THE Though he thought the sass was extremely hot mc dont mind if theres more hole in your pants later on today wink wonk


           -She was a little worried about meeting your family

           -Most of them were accepting but?

           -You warned her about this one homophobic cousin you had

           - really did not want to deal with that

           -So because fate sucks, the first person you run into at the reunion was that homophobic cousin

           -“Uhg, MC? When are you going to grow up and get yourself a MAN?”

           - cue angry and hurt jaehee

           -You didn’t even pause before you responded with,

           -“Hm. That’s funny. Isn’t that what your ex-husband did?”



           -He wouldn’t tell you, but he was excited to meet your family!

           -Didn’t know that a lot of your family was in the business world as well, though

           -A few of your uncles and older cousins swooped in and took him into another room to talk

           -When you were finished greeting everyone else, you decided to join them, though when you tried to voice your opinion, one of your uncles said:

           -“MC, stay out of grown men’s conversations.”


           -Was about to voice his opinion when you stood up and grabbed Jumin by the hand, dragging him out of the room, but not before throwing one line over your shoulder as you were leaving,

           -“Maybe you should stay out of married women’s houses.”

           -WOAH, MC, SASSY. FEISTY. H O T

           - shows you later that night how much he enjoys your feisty side, pls show it to him more often


           -“Watch. Just watch. Someone in my family is gonna comment that my knees are dry. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WEAR A DRESS, SAEYOUNG??”

           -He just wanted to make a good impression!!! He’s never really had a family!!

           -So the two of you dress up and lo and behold, your cousin had something to say about it.

           -“MC, why are your knees so ashy?”

           -Saeyoung took a drink of his water, to hold his tongue

           - did not want to hear you say ‘i told you so’

           -When he took a drink though, you had no problem responding

           -“I dunno. Why are you always on yours??”

           -CUE THE SPIT TAKE

           -He apologized and cleaned up his mess but he had to drag you out of the room to hide the fact he was about to die of laughter! TELLS EVERYONE IN THE GROUP CHAT WHAT HAPPENED AND HOW PROUD HE IS OF YOU!!


           -He remembered you telling him your family was loud and kind of mean to each other, but??

           -There’s no way he could have predicted how….sassy you all would be?

           -Throughout the reunion, he heard a few sassy remarks from you, but he never really minded it

           -Your aunt, on the other hand, minded it a lot

           -“MC! You need to keep your mouth closed!”

           -He pulled you close to him and pouted towards your aunt on your behalf

           -Was going to tell her how disrespectful her comment was until you blurted out,

           -“What, like you shoulda done with your legs?”

           -woaH MC WAIT A MINUTE THAT’S BAD!!!!

           -He’ll congratulate you on your sharp tongue but!!! His angel!!! AAAAAA


           -HATES THIS

           -DOES NOT WANT TO GO

           -To many people!!!!! Not looking forward to it!!

           -Not to mention he thinks it’s going to be extremely boring

           -Though, as soon as one of your uncles see’s a glance of his tattoo, he tells him,

           -“You know, tattoos are a lifetime commitment.”

           -He glares at him and before he could spew what was most likely a line of curse words, you jump in with,

           -“But your marriage wasn’t, huh?”

           -SHOCK AND APPALLED though he thought it was amazing!! He knows you were sassy but!!! Oh my god??

           -  Later that night he shows you what happens to girls with dirty mouths WINK WONK okay im SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY I ALWAYS GO THERE BUT SASSINESS IS FUCKING HOT

Dirty Imagine #6 - HOTEL ENCOUNTER - Part ONE (For Luisa

Justin’s show last night was awesome. In fact, it was the best night of my entire life, and I was already having concert withdrawals – I wanted to relive the experience again and again. It was the morning after the concert now though, but as I woke up I smiled realising that I had the day off work. I had booked in for a day off so I didn’t have to get up early the morning after the concert, I figured I would have no voice anyway. What was I going to do with the day? Just as that thought popped into my head, my phone vibrated, a text message from an old friend of mine.

It read “Hey Luisa, I know we don’t talk that much anymore but I thought you’d want to hear about this. I know you’re a huge Justin Bieber fan and guess what! He’s staying at the hotel I work in. The managers didn’t tell us because they didn’t want us to spread it, but I was working last night when he came in after his show. He’s still here today but he’s gone out for awhile. There are no girls here because the media said he was staying at The Hilton Hotel in the city, but I guess it was a bluff. Anyway, don’t tell anyone I told you”. 

Wow. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. I had already contemplated going to The Hilton in the city today to try and catch a glimpse, but it was an hour and a half train ride, I had no idea if he would even still be here, and I didn’t even know if the media were right about where he was staying.

My mind was made up now though, I had to go to the one my friend worked at. Especially if nobody else knew he was there, I might actually catch a glimpse of him! I wasted no time. I had a shower then got dressed. I picked something a bit raunchy. Even though I knew it wouldn’t matter, I still wanted to look sexy for Justin. He turned me on so much. I chose a red g-string/thong and a slim black dress that stuck to my curves. I had been blessed with decent sized boobs, a thin waist, but most of all a big ass, so I always got extra looks when I wore something that stuck to my curves – not to be cocky. I boarded the train and arrived at the station at 10:30. This hotel was a 10-minute walk, so it wasn’t long until I was there. It was a very nice hotel. My friend said Justin was still out, so I waited outside at the entrance to the garage. Justin left in a van, so he would have to return to the hotel via this garage entrance.

I stood there in the hot sun – it was the hottest day all summer. I could have waited in the air con in reception, but I didn’t want to miss him arriving. I had been standing out there for 30 minutes and was beginning to lose hope. Maybe he had gone out for the whole day sightseeing, and he wouldn’t be home ‘till night. As I started contemplating leaving, a black Mercedes van rolled up on the street and indicted to turn left into the driveway.

Suddenly my heart skipped a bit and I felt my legs turn to jelly. That had to be him. All the windows were completely blacked out. I didn’t want to annoy him or be rude by standing on the driveway blocking the van, so I brought a small poster I made simply reading “I love you Justin”. I stood to the side and held the poster up as the van went by, beginning its decent to the garage. I tried looking in as it passed me but I couldn’t see in. The van stopped suddenly and the sliding door was pulled open.

There he was. He hopped out by himself, wearing shorts and a singlet. I froze. I was so overcome by emotion and I felt tears roll down my cheek. I don’t even know why I was crying; I was just so overcome.

“Hey how you doing?” he said, as he approached me smiling.

I couldn’t say anything, instead I just ran towards him and hugged him. The first thing I noticed was that he was so hot up close. His biceps were big, and smelled really nice and he hugged me so tight, I felt so safe.

“Looks like you’re the only one who figured out I was here” he said smiling.

“I hope you’re not busy I just, I.. I –“

“No no no, not at all!” he interrupted.

“What’s your name?”

“Luisa” I replied.

“Very nice to meet you Luisa” he said, smiling.

It was a different smile though. It wasn’t just a ‘happy’ smile, it was like… a cheeky smile. And as he said it I saw his eyes travel up and down my body. I was always very good at picking up when boys were checking me out, and he definitely was. I was beginning to relax, but this made me nervous again. Not just nervous… Excited, happy, turned on. Everything.

We chatted for a bit about the show last night and I took a photo with him. The next words out of his mouth were: 

“It’s so hot today, do you want to come upstairs for a drink of water or something?” 

I think I almost fainted. WHAT had he just said to me? I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh my god, are you serious? Really? I mean, YES! Of course, but wow! I can’t believe this” I said, still in shock.

He laughed. “Jump in”.

The next thing I knew I was in an elevator with Justin and his security guard. We arrived at the top floor – the penthouse, and went to enter his room. His security guard followed, as I guess would be the protocol anytime he has a guest over, but Justin stopped him.

“All good man, I’m fine” he said. 

The security guard nodded, and walked down the hall way. Justin explained to me that his security, plus Scooter, and other assistants had their own room, so Justin could have alone time.

“Its just me and you Luisa” Justin said with a wink.

Just when I thought my heart rate couldn’t get any faster, then he goes and says that and winks at me!

We stood at the bar, made from marble and chatted some more as Justin poured me a drink. It became clear to me that Justin was still checking me out and hitting on me. His voice was so seductive when he did it, and just the look he gave me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t getting wet. I decided I wasn’t going to let Justin do it all though, so I returned serve.

“I saw you checking me out downstairs by the way” I said with a wink. 

Justin smirked. “Sorry, you’ve just got really great boobs. And that ass? Oh my god!” he said, slapping my ass hard as he said the last word.

I jumped, not expecting it. It was actually quite a hard slap, but I was so turned on by it.

“Oh my fucking god” I said. 

Justin looked at me, almost scared, not knowing whether I was happy or angry, not knowing whether he had crossed a line. 

“Slap my fucking ass again!” I said, as his worried look turned to lust. Something changed in his eyes, and suddenly he looked dark, and hungry for more. Just that look made me wetter, as he complied with my request and slapped my ass again, even harder, making it jiggle.

I let out a soft moan. 

“I’m going to take a shower” Justin said.

“Want to join me Luisa”.

I barely had a chance to nod before Justin picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He was so strong. He fireman carried me all the way to the bathroom, which was the most luxurious bathroom I had seen in my life. He put me down in the bathroom as he ran the shower. He turned to me and pulled my slim black dress down, so it was at my ankles. I stepped out of it, now wearing only the red thong and a bra. He removed the bra to reveal my young, perky B cup breasts. He kissed my mouth in what can only be described as the best and most passionate kiss of my life. Our tongues tangling, tasting Justin Bieber’s own saliva. He moved away from my mouth and moved down my neck. He sucked on several different spots of my neck, as I let out a moan. He continued down to my breasts, cupping one before licking the nipple. He licked at it around in circles, while looking up at me, making eye contact with those hungry eyes.

“I’m so fucking wet Justin”.

He paused for a moment. “I thought you were an innocent young woman, but you aren’t are you? You’re a dirty dirty girl Luisa”.

“That’s right” I said, now beginning to enjoy taking control. “Ever since I’ve been a fan of you I’ve wanted to fuck you. I finger myself at night just thinking what it would be like for Justin Bieber to fuck me”.

I could tell by his face he was now getting very horny. But if I couldn’t tell by his face I could tell by his pants. Jerry was beginning to push against his pants, screaming to be let free. He saw me looking.

“You want Jerry huh? Get on your knees Luisa” he said.

I complied, now too horny to muck around any longer, I just wanted to feel jerry. He now had full control over me. I was on my knees on the bath rug in front of the shower, looking up at Justin with puppy dog eyes. He removed his pants and shirt so it was just his white Calvin’s, with his hard dick line now clearly visible and looking for a way out. He walked up against me, so his dick was just an inch from my face. I went to pull his Calvin’s down with my left hand before he slapped it away.

“Did I say you could see Jerry?” he said angrily.

“No Justin” I replied.

“No I didn’t. Bad girl, you need a smack. Stand up and bend over”. I stood up and complied with his request, leaning over the sink with my ass in the air. WHACK. He smacked my ass again, leaving a red handprint.

“Back on your knees”.

He began rubbing his dick through his undies right in front of my face, teasing me. Eventually it must have got too much for him too, because he pulled his Calvin’s down making rock hard Jerry spring up, hitting me in the face.

“Now come in the shower, and suck Jerry”.

I complied. Justin stood under the water and I got on my knees under the water, looking up as the water rolled off his abs. He was so hot.

“Open your mouth Luisa” he ordered. 

I opened wide and Justin pushed his dick down my throat, making me gag almost immediately. I began sucking. Slowly at first, licking the tip, and then licking his balls. I returnedto his shaft and fit as much I could in my mouth and began sucking faster. I was still struggling with his size, but I loved fitting as much in as I could and looking up at Justin, watching the water pour off him. 

“Fuckk yeah Luisa. Suck my dick. You like having your idol stuffing his dick inside you? Huh?”

I nodded my head as I kept sucking, now picking the pace up even more. 

I could tell Justin was getting close to cumming, as he started thrusting his hips towards me, burying his dick in my mouth deeper than before. 

“Uhhh fuck! Luisa, You’re going to make me cum!” He moaned, hot water still pouring down both of us. “I want you to swallow every drop of my cum Luisa, you dirty girl!” I again nodded, as I couldn’t say anything with a mouth full of Justin’s cock.

Justin kept thrusting, moaning loud, before holding his thrust against my face, as deep as possible. He let out a huge moan as I felt his first wave of cum shoot against the back of my throat. He shot more and mores spurts of his warm cum in my mouth, and it tasted so good. I swirled the thick liquid in my mouth for a bit, taking in the fact that I had a mouth full of Justin Bieber’s cum, before swallowing every last drop. He ordered me to stick my tongue out as he held jerry above it and squeezed out the last few drops. I swallowed them down too.

“My turn to make you cum” he said. 

This is the end of part ONE. There will be another part within 24 hours, leading directly on from this, so stay tuned.

Torn Between Brothers

Rebekah x Reader


Imagine: you are in love with Kol and Klaus Mikaelson and calls Rebekah, your best friend, to help you deal with it.


Word Count: 1314


Yes, what happened, Y/N?”

“Can you come over, please? I sort of need to talk to someone right now…”

Okay, I’m coming, just give me a minute.

She hung up and, once more, you were all alone and free to become a victim of your own thoughts. They had been so overwhelming lately. Well, since you discovered yourself completely in love with Kol and Klaus Mikaelson. Yes, the awful psychopath and the big bad hybrid, both part of the oldest vampire family in the world. And, also, if all of that is not bad enough, they were your best friend’s siblings. You could picture how mad Rebekah would get. 

You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down and find the strength to open up with someone about the subject. It was hard, though, because, so far, you have not been able to understand what the hell was going on with your feelings. And it was not because you did not take some time to think it though, to analyse who you liked more. Klaus was the very thing you should not have and you want it so badly. His soft words and kind gestures, heck, he was intoxicating. Kol, on the other hand, brought out the crazy on you. The way he would show up in the middle of the night in your room just to stole a kiss from you was so bloody hot. How in earth would be able to choose between them? 

“So, darling, why you sounded so desperate on the phone?” Rebekah said, unexpectedly and making you jump forward, scared. 

“Oh my God, Bekah, can’t you knock like everybody else?”

“I’m your best friend and also an Original vampire, which means I’m not like everybody else. Now, spill the beans.”

“You’re such a sweet person!” You remarked, ironically. “But you’re right, I need to get it out of my head before I go nuts.”

“Well, I’m all ears for you, darling.”

“Ok, hum… Shit, it’s hard.” You gasped, frustrated. “I want to tell you, yet, I feel like I’m going to throw up if I do.“ 

The blonde narrowed her eyes and crossed arms, looking at you sceptic. You sighed, knowing you had to suck it up and tell her. Still, they were her brothers and, eventually, you would hurt one of them by choosing. When this become so hard?

“Okay. I’m going to say it.”

“I’m waiting.” You gulped, biting your lower lip. “You’re a weird person, Y/N.”

“Yes, I know that. Now here it goes: I’m in love.”

“Seriously?” Rebekah raised an eyebrow. “You were all nervous just to tell me you care about someone?”

“Not quite that.” You said, pursing your lips. “I’m in love with two guys.”

“What?!” She questioned, stunned. “Y/N, care to explain me what the bloody hell is going on?”

“That’s not it.”

“There’s more?” You nodded, slightly. “Damn it, Y/N! Go ahead. Finish. I’m definitely eager to know who are them.”

“Yeah, about that, promise me you won’t be mad when I tell you.“ 

"Why would I be?”

“Just promise.”

“Okay. I promise. Now, tell me.”

Never, in your whole life, you had ever felt more scared than right that second. Rebekah had an inquisitive look and you knew how much she hated when you took so long to tell her something. Again, it was not an easy thing to do. Especially because she was related to them, which made impossible for her to be impartial. You giggled, nervous, and finally let it out:

“It’s Klaus. And Kol.” You whispered, hoping she had missed it. 

“Y/N, are you serious?”

“I wish I wasn’t.”

Rebekah, unexpectedly, chuckled. And embraced you in a hug. Instead of yelling that was wrong and being mad, she seemed genuinely happy. You frowned and looked at her as if she had a horn in her forehead. Come on! You needed someone to tell that being in love with two maniacs was a horrible mistake. Because, honestly, it seemed impossible to do it by yourself.

“You’re going to be my sister in law!” She squeaked.

“For fuck’s sake, haven’t you heard what I told you?”

“So what you’re in love with them? I’m sure you love one more than the other. Now you just have to pick.”

“It would be a lot easier if I did know which one.”

“Oh. Oh!” Rebekah widened her eyes.“And you want me to help you choose?”

“Yes. It’s exactly what I want you to do.”

“No. I can’t. Out of my reach.”

You shook your head, letting out a huff and starting to pace restlessly in your room. What you were supposed to do? Because if you choose Kol, Klaus would probably dagger him, which would be terrible. And, if you picked the hybrid, the younger Mikaelson would flip out and probably would end up boxed. Both scenarios were dreadful and you did not want to put yourself or the brothers in that situation. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”, you though, feeling uneasy.

“Stop!” Rebekah cried, grasping your shoulders. “You’re making me nervous.”

I’m nervous! And you refuse to help me.”

“I said I can’t help you choose. You have to do that alone. But I can help.”

“Enlighten me then.”

“First, go out with them. Like, in dates. Oh, and make sure they know you feel like that.”

“Rebekah, my life it’s not a bachelorette TV show. And I don’t need to feel like I’m a prize.”

“I’m just trying to help.”

“I know that! And… Thanks. I’m aware of how messed up this is.”

“You’re my best friend, Y/N.” She pointed out, hugging you one more time. “Now, if I were you, I’d call and ask them to come here.”

“Okay, if this goes wrong, I’ll blame it on.”


Letting a loud laugh come out, you reached for your phone and then dialled Klaus’ number. Even though it was risky and it would probably bring a bad outcome, you should come clean to them. After all, they deserved to know and it would make you feel better. Eh, so you hoped.

Hello, love.

“Hey, babe, can you come over?”

I’ll be there in a second.

“Wait, is Kol with you?”

No, but he’s close. What do you want with him?

“I kind of need to talk to both of you… Can you come?” You requested, using the “I’m crying, please answer all my wishes” tone. It always worked.

Okay, We’ll be there.”

For a second you though about giving up. If it was hard telling Rebekah, who, by the way, was lying lazily in your bed and acting like nothing was going on, imagine having to face your beloveds and let them know you did not have faintest idea who you wanted to be with. Definitely a good talk. “Y/N, keep it together!”, you thought, shaking your head and trying to focus on how better you would feel.

“This will be fun.” Rebekah said.

“Yes, I’m a complete wreck, but, sure, very funny.”

“You have to relax, Y/N/N. My brothers seem like alpha male type, but they are just boys.”

“Do you think I can handle it?”

“Of course. I know you and I know them. I’m pretty sure it all work out fine.”

Both of you heard a thud downstairs. Okay, so they had arrived and you needed to go there and talk to them. For the thousandth time you freaked out. When exactly did you become such an insecure woman? You used to be this girl who would go and make things happen. All right. It was time to bring your other self back.

“Good luck.”

“You’re not staying?”

“Oh, no. You should have privacy. But if they fight, send me a video.”

“You are a bitch!”

“Go to your boys, darling.”

“Fuck you, Bekah.”

“I love you too.“ 

Then she disappeared.

You gulped and went to your living room.

It was time to face the beasts.

#8: Jealousy:

Badboy!Highschool!5SOS AU:

A/n: Ok, here’s part huit, but literally it’s all over the place, it’s basically me expressing my rather pitiful sense of jealousy in writing, But enjoy! 

Also, I’ve added in a little bit of Soccer!calum to mend our feels, bc really we all need a bit of soccer player Calum in our day.

prev parts:


“You’ll find the welcoming committee inside. Just ask one of them to show you around.” (y/n) instructed.

As soon as she had entered the administration to pick up some papers, she was met with the principal who asked her to show the new kid where the welcoming students were. And with a polite smile to the new student –from the same grade- she did as she was asked.

“You know, I’d much rather if you did that.” She turned around at the spoken words, the new student now displaying a cocky smile as he leaned on the door, his eyes shamelessly taking in her appearance.

Biting back any remarks, (y/n) politely smiled at him “I’m sorry, but it’s not my place to do it. I’m not in the welcoming committee. However, I am class president, so you can come to me if you have any trouble.” She attempted to explain that her duties did not include what he was asking for, all whilst trying to ignore the looks he was giving her.

“But see, I’d be really glad if a pretty girl like you showed me around school, and maybe I’d get your phone number at the end…” Her level of discomfort skyrocketed once he layed his hand on her arm, her eyebrows rising at his utter boldness.

“Is something the matter?” A voice startled the two, relief filing (y/n) at the new presence. Luke’s hands were tucked in his pockets, his eyes dangerously eyeing the boy’s hand that was still on her. “I’m just trying to chat up a pretty girl,” His smug response was denied by (y/n), her eyes silently informing Luke that she wasn’t really feeling it.

“I say let it go, new boy.” Luke was still calm for the time being; he was still sleepy and didn’t really need to get into any trouble, unless necessary.

“Oh really? And who are you? Her boyfriend? Husband?” The new student idiotically scoffed at Luke’s words, his response teasing and mocking him –almost daring him. But his smirk died out as he failed to hide his fear once Luke stepped closer, his towering high intimidating the student.

“Yeah, that’s my fucking wife, so you better fucking leave before you regret it,” Luke spat his words with a straight face, his eyes angrily staring down at the kid, his jaw clenching as he watched him walk away with his head down.

“Fucking idiot! How dare he talk to me like that!” Luke was grumbling angrily as he walked towards his first class, (y/n) struggling to follow his speed.

“Hey! Calm down, I’m sure people will fill him in immediately, and warn him not to mess with the big bad wolf.” She giggled at her heated neighbour, her arm linking with his in order to slow his pace. “They better!” Luke huffed crossly. His morning was officially ruined, and he’d be lying if he said that his eyes weren’t set on the new student.

“Hey! Don’t give your wife that grumpy attitude!” (y/n) playfully scolded him, recalling his words from earlier. Fuck! Luke bit his lip as he remembered that he had indeed said those words. He wasn’t really thinking it over at the moment, but the provocative words thrown his way made him feel something; something he wasn’t really used to feeling and he undeniably didn’t like how it felt.

“You’re such a jealous husband though,” (y/n) was having fun teasing him, and she knew that she’d be holding onto his slip up as much as she could. His face was priceless as she accused him of being jealous, and although he had scoffed on the outside; on the side, he was truly questionning himself.

Maybe he was jealous, fuck was he really jealous just because someone had tried to ask her out, even when she had shown no interest? But has their linked arms slowly rocked back and forth as they walked, Luke didn’t really mind how deeply he was invested.


“Alright girls, clear the field and take a break!” Coach Finnstock whistled, the girls clearing the soccer field at his mark. “Boys! Get your asses in the field!”

One by one, the boys on the team loaded the field, each player taking his place. Coach’s P.E class was always an interesting one, and although (y/n) didn’t really like how the two teams were forced to share the field –their complaints reaching the school board- she didn’t mind watching the boys play that much.

Actually, she loved watching as her eyes were only following the 21 jersey. Calum was by nature a very fascinating person to observe; but watching him play soccer was an out-of-this-world experience. She couldn’t get her eyes off of him, his every move absolutely enthralling. He was a remarkable player –no one could deny; he ran in-between the players with the swiftness of a coyote, controlling the ball with such an ease as he aimed for the goal net, not missing his shot. Calum was a natural on the field; one could clearly tell by the way he would dribble the ball, and how he’d jump into the air and kick the flying ball effortlessly. It was as if the field was his second home, as if he was born to play. And truthfully, (y/n) was highly fascinated; seeing the way his soccer uniform fit him perfectly, how it moved against his skin with every move, and how his face showed just how concentrated he was. She knew that he played with his heart and soul out there, admiration bubbling inside of her at the thought.

“Oh my god, just look at him!”

“I know! He’s so hot. One cannot get hotter than Calum.”

(y/n)’s knuckles were whitening, an unfamiliar feeling making her chest tighten. Of course she knew about Calum’s admirers, it had started long before she had known him and she didn’t truly expect it to stop. But she had never listened to the words whispered about him, and she was never forced to listen to his admirers basically whispering in her ear about him!

“I wanna talk to him –can you imagine how hot his voice would be, though.”

“ Do you think I should go hit him up after practice? I’d totally get his number!”

That’s it! She mentally screamed, turning on her heals with nasty thoughts filling her head. How could they be that insolent! Didn’t they know that she was at ear-shot? Didn’t they have the decency to not gush over her boyfriend right in front of her? What she hadn’t noted however, was that the boys had stopped playing, and Calum was already hot on her heals once he realised she was leaving.

“Hey! Hey, wait!” his sweaty hand stopped her by grabbing her elbow, turning her around as she pouted like a toddler put in time out. “Where are you going? What’s with the frown?” Calum bowed his head in order to get on her hight, his worried eyes seeking an answer.

Huffing at his questions, (y/n) looked back at the girls –making sure that they hadn’t left yet. “Some people are being rude, so I’m gonna have a talk with them.” She attempted to step out of his grasp, only to be held back again.

“Wait- what? Who’s being rude? Do I need to interfere?” Calum’s protectiveness was peaking, as he was worried that someone was giving his girl a hard time. Was she getting picked on? Was someone making her uncomfortable?

“I guess you don’t need to.” a low grumble escaped her lips, her eyes still shying away from his. “It’s just- um- Some girls were talking about you asking you out right in front of me! Can you believe the disrespect? I mean- If you’re going to talk about hitting on my boyfriend, at least don’t do it in front of me!” Despite the annoyed expression on her face, Calum couldn’t help the smirk on his face. His baby was jealous.

“Babe,” His hands rested n each side of her neck, a teasing smile on his face, “You said it yourself; I’m your boyfriend.”

But she wasn’t having any of it. Instead, her hands pulled his away as she was still burning with anger and couldn’t really handle his teasing. But Calum’s hands went back to their previous spot, turning her head to face him, his face completetly serious. “Hey, I’m your boyfriend, ok? And as hot as you look when you’re jealous, I don’t want you getting pissed. So crack me a smile, won’t you?” His warm brown eyes stared at her as she let shame flood her at the realisation that yes, she was jealous. “That’s my good girl,” Calum’s hand ruffled her hair once she smiled at him, earning an immediate scoff when he ruined her hair.

”And get those ideas about fighting out of your pretty head!” His playful words were met with a shrug of her shoulders, “I will fight if I have to,” She argued back, not really ready to cave in just yet.

“Of course you will” Calum’s arm dripped over her shoulders, escorting her back to the locker rooms after hearing the bell ring.


Michael was struggling to get a better view from where he hid behind the wall, his eyes sceptically watching the situation unfold.

No, pfft, no he wasn’t sneaking up on anyone! Ok, maybe he was. But as much as he wanted to turn around and leave, he couldn’t. His eyes had caught Jason watching (y/n) on multiple occasions, and Michael didn’t really trust his intentions. So when he had found him leaning on the locker next to yours, a smug look on his face, he didn’t know what to feel. Interfering was out of the question for him; he wouldn’t allow himself to do so, not when he knew what she was capable of.

Michael had the utmost respect for (y/n), and he absolutely admired how she was strong and capable of handling herself. He wouldn’t forgive himself at all of he allowed himself to kill that part of her by treating her like a damsel in distress. As protective as he was of her, he didn’t want to butt in unless the situation really recalled it. So, much to his dismay, he was hiding behind the wall, furiously biting down on his lower lip to mask his irritation. What did Jason want anyway?

“What’s that about?” Michael finally made his way towards (y/n) when Jason had finally walked away, attempting to sound as unaffected as possible. His hands were stuffed in his pockets as he focused on her.

“He tried to ask me out,” Michael nearly chocked at her response, his eyes almost popping out of his head at the calmness in which she spoke. He should’ve seen it coming! Of course he would’ve tried to ask her out, the boy had his eyes on her for quite a while.

“Wha- He? The fuck-!” Michael let out a surprised yelp at her words, instantly shutting his mouth and coughing to cover his outburst. “um- I mean, he did?” His words were cool and composed, and (y/n) fought to hide a smile. Sure she thought, she could pretend that she hadn’t seen right through him if he wanted it, but she clearly spotted his jealousy.

It was quite endearing, really. Because she knew that she too didn’t like seeing the looks he was given by the girls. And although he was oblivious to the attention he got, she never really missed it, and it wasn’t fun to mask her displeasure in front of him. Maybe she didn’t really mind knowing that he had a hard time dealing with it too.

“Well?” Michael was getting quite impatient, quickly following her as she walked towards the cafeteria.  “Meh” She responded with a grimace, “Poor manners, too cocky, and an extremely horrible pick up line. Can you believe he tried to use a ‘nerd’ pick-up line, and then was surprised when I was offended?” (y/n) chuckled as she sumed up the previous encounter, raising her hands to air quote the word ‘nerd’. Indeed, the look on Jason’s face when she turned him down –not so nicely, to say the least- was priceless.

Michael couldn’t tell of he should feel worse knowing that Jason was trying to hit on her, or feel better that she had turned him down.

Beyond doubt, Michael didn’t feel like he owned (y/n) in any way and didn’t really have any possessive ideas of her; but she was his (y/n), she was his person. You know; the one who really gets you, the person that you look forward to see every morning, the one who has the power to brighten your day. She was his person. And that was excatly why he was pissed at the moment.

“Fucking prick,” Michael grumbled, his eyebrows creasing in irritation. “Hey! I’m walking with you right now, not him. Stop being a grumpy cat and tone down the jealousy.” (y/n)’s arm linked with his, bringing her words to life. She was walking right beside him, arms tangled, her fond smile targeting only him.

“I’m not jealous,” Although it was clear as the day, Michael still felt the need to deny that he had been completely green with jealousy just a few minutes ago.

“Sure you weren’t” Michael playfully nudged her at her teasing words, his pale cheeks instantly blushing as he had been exposed.


Silently standing at the door, (y/n) couldn’t the help the angry stare she was shooting at the moment. She had come to the ice-cream parlor later than usual due to the rain outside. She and Ashton had agreed to meet there in order to get some homework done furing his shift.

But upon seeing the scene in front of her, she almost regretted coming. Her joyful smile to see Ashton soon faltered once she had found him hugging an unfamiliar girl; a really pretty and older girl. (y/n) couldn’t hide the feeling welling up inside of her as she watched his smile grow as her hands cupped his cheeks, their laughs echoing through the shop.

Of course she wasn’t jealous! Yes, the girl was incredibly beautiful; her tanned skin making her smile shine brighter, her long hair falling effortlessly over her shoulders. (y/n) was merely concerned about the encounter, and was wondering if they knew eachother on intimate level. In other words, yes she was dying with jealousy!

(y/n) quickly walked out the door once the two had approached her, hoping to go unnoticed. Ashton walked her to the door! She mentally cursed herself for letting it affect her that much, no big deal she attempted to calm herself.

“(y/n)? Is that you?” Ashton called behind her, and –boy- she wished to be swallowed by the ground right that instance. Sheepishly turning around, she tried to avoid looking right into his eyes, Damn you and your dreamy eyes!

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you coming in?” Ashton couldn’t detect what was wrong with her, his worried eyes watching as she walked inside without a spoken word.

“I’m doing my homework,” She didn’t mean to snap at Ashton, but as he sat in front of her at the booth she knew that she’d finally cave in if he were to ask her what was wrong. And she couldn’t do that!

“I know, we were supposed to do it together,” I know, please stop making me feel guilty; I’m just being salty and jealous. (y/n) shamefully bit her lip at his words, feeling tremendously culpable for ditching their plan. But how could she look at him in the face and tell him how she felt? Surely, she could save herself the embarrassement.

“Do you know who I met today?” Ashton suddenly spoke up, “No! Why would I care anyway, I mean- that’s you business not mine.”

Gotcha! Ashton smirked at her words; he was finally seeing the whole picture, her behavior becoming clearer. Her hand shot up to rub her lower lip; a nervous habit he had quickly memorized.

“Well, hypothetically speaking, maybe someone wondered who she was, because you know, she’s a new face here. Right?” Of course she knew that she was busted, Ashton was normally a very good observer.

“Um- ok, hypothetically speaking,” She agreed with him, finding no harm in fishing for information since he was gladly offering it.

“Well, that was my babysitter from when I was younger, and she came in to say hi. So, you know, this hypothetical person doesn’t need to worry,”

Barely hiding her enormous smile, (y/n) cleared her throat as she looked down, “I mean, I don’t get why you had to give me this hypothetical theory, I mean- uh- like I said, it’s your business,” She was babbling back and forth, her words mixing up as she tried to tame the happiness she felt. His babysitter, of course!

As she raised her head, her heart nearely jumped at Ashton’s closeness, his eyes giving her a playful look. God she was adorable!

“You’re gonna drive me crazy one day,” He mumbled as he sat up, his hand patting her head as her cheeks became hotter. She was driving him crazy, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing at all.

anonymous asked:

Jiraoro and 15?

Orochimaru is almost halfway home, groceries for the next few days in his arms, when he hears the sounds of a scuffle, the thud of fists, and an all too familiar cry.

“Get—off! Get off, get off, get off!”

He freezes, biting his lip as he tries to decide what to do. Jiraiya won’t thank him if he steps in to even the odds, but if he passes by and allows Jiraiya to get beaten up—again—Sarutobi-sensei will be tired and disappointed tomorrow at training. And, even worse, Tsunade will be sad.

There are very few things Orochimaru would not do to keep from making Tsunade sad.

(And—maybe the sight of Jiraiya with bruises is…not exactly something he wants to see. Maybe.)

With a resigned sigh, he sets his groceries down off the path, twists his hair up into a bun pinned in place with two senbon, and heads around the curve of the road at a slightly faster pace than he would normally use. There’s a set of kunai inside his robes, and he has his summoning seal already inked into his skin if he needs to call Manda, but that’s likely overkill. Jiraiya is forever getting in over his head, and it’s his own fault for picking fights with chuunin and tokujo.

And, as Orochimaru expected, the two boys Orochimaru is grappling with are at least twice their age, and twice their size as well. One has a hold on Jiraiya’s legs as he tries to kick the older boy off, and the other has his head and shoulders, with Jiraiya suspended off the ground between them as he fights and wriggles. Orochimaru rolls his eyes a little, wondering what they said to set Jiraiya off this time, but gamely raises his hands, shaping a seal.

“Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!” he says, loudly and clearly enough that they’ll most certainly hear it, even though he hardly needs the words.

Snakes pour from his sleeves, white and slender and heading right for the two older boys. They turn at the sound of his voice, see the snakes, and drop Jiraiya with twin yelps of alarm as they go scurrying back. Orochimaru watches, vaguely annoyed, as they turn and bolt, but then, he supposes he’s used to the way people fear even harmless snakes. A touch of will and a hand sign dismiss the summons, and he steps carefully over to where Jiraiya is just picking himself off the ground.

“Are you all right?” he asks quietly, still a little wary of this boy he’s known only a handful of weeks. They tend to do best when Tsunade is between them, or when Orochimaru is between Jiraiya and Tsunade. Orochimaru can’t think of more than two times they’ve been together without her or Sarutobi.

“I’m fine!” Jiraiya snaps, scrambling upright with a glare. “I could totally have handled them, teme, you didn’t have to jump in!”

Almost over top of his words, Orochimaru huffs quietly, crosses his arms over his chest, and returns sharply, “I only did it because Tsunade would be sad—”

They feel it at the same time, if the way Jiraiya yelps and Orochimaru sucks in a sharp breath is anything to go by. A faint scratch against the skin, a trace, a tickle like someone has taken a calligraphy brush to their skin. Orochimaru glances down, watching Jiraiya’s words scrawl themselves messily across his arm, and glances up. Jiraiya is staring right back at him, eyes wide.

“Oh,” the other boy says, almost shakily. And then— “Aw, but I wanted a girl with big boobs, not a gross guy!”

Entirely too familiar with this refrain by now, Orochimaru rolls his eyes. “I’m not a guy,” he points out, and pointedly holds up his arm to show Jiraiya’s words printing themselves across his skin.

Jiraiya splutters, then harrumphs, crossing his arms over his chest and sticking his tongue out. “Whatever. You’re Orochimaru.”

“Cleverly deduced.” Orochimaru rolls his eyes again, then turns to collect his groceries. Two steps is all he manages before he pauses, though, hesitating between choices. But—

“I’m making hot pot,” he says without looking back. “I don’t like eating leftovers, so if you want to eat with me, come on.”

There’s a moment of surprised stillness, and then the quick pad of sandals across the grass. “Teme,” Jiraiya says, but it’s very close to fond. He thrusts his arm out, showing Orochimaru the words inscribing themselves in his own neat hand.

That, Orochimaru thinks wryly, is going to get very annoying very fast.

Still, when Jiraiya reaches out and oh-so-casually links their fingers with a glance that dares Orochimaru to protest, Orochimaru doesn’t.

Meet Cute

A/N: I wish I could have figured out how to make this one longer. I think it’s kind of cute. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and messages going through this hard time. I could continue using well wishes and happy thoughts as things aren’t quite looking up yet, but… one day at a time. Anyway… Enjoy!

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A (Short) List of Facts About Sirius Black – by Remus Lupin

A/N: Hi there! It’s me again, James. Apparently Remus keeps his diary hidden in his pillow case. Too bad Wormy and I decided to have a pillow fight last night. (Okay, I decided that. Pete had no choice.) Anyway, have fun with these facts he scribbled down when I thought he was taking notes in History of Magic. (Which he genuinely does, sometimes. What a bore.)

1. Sirius Black owns more shoes than anyone should.
2. Sirius Black really lives up to his name, regarding the colour scheme of his wardrobe.
3. Sirius’s eyes are melting silver in the sun, cold steel in the shade, and cloudy grey when he’s down.
4. Sirius’ hair always falls perfectly. (No, really. I’m almost sure it’s bewitched.)
5. Sirius will definitely break your wrist if you’re daring stupid enough to try and ruffle his hair. (I’m used to pain, but that hurt. Damn padfoot.)
6. Sirius makes the wittiest daftest puns. They’re not even funny. At all. Honestly. I have no idea why I laugh every time, okay
7. Sirius hates chocolate. Like – what even. Who in Merlin’s name doesn’t like chocolate?!
8. Sirius’ tongue is faster than his mind. Which gets him in trouble at least twice a day.
9. Sirius gets a kick out of scaring other people to death. And teasing them. And just generally being a bloody fucking nuisance, especially when I’m trying to work oh my god I hate him so much.
10. Sirius is actually pretty clever, but incredibly lazy.
11. Sirius would rather eat a bag of live flobberworms than admit he’s wrong.
12. Sirius hates reading or studying or doing any school work in general, and he has a way of always getting around it somehow. (Which usually involves him bribing me with chocolate. What can I do? It’s chocolate, okay)
13. Sirius is very, very vain. Like, embarrassingly vain. (He has a pocket mirror, for Merlin’s sake!)
14. Sirius is reckless and not to be trusted with anything involving responsibility.
15. Sirius will never decline a challenge, no matter how stupid. In fact, the more death-defying, the better. He really is an idiot, oh my god.
16. Sirius smells like hot metal and cool rain and grass in spring.
17. Sirius has a really good voice, but he only ever sings when he’s sure nobody’s listening. (I do.)
18. Sirius probably thinks I’m a huge loser.
19. Sirius smiles with his pointy teeth showing.
20. Sirius hates it when people ask him if he’s serious. So don’t ever make puns involving his name. Siriusly.

A/N: Huh, I had no idea Remus could be such a dirty mouth. Sneaky Moony…  Gonna try and lure some curse words out of him irl now. See you folks around sometime! (Please don’t tell on me!) - James a stunningly handsome young man who prefers to stay anonymous

P.S.: I’ve kept the page from Sirius’ journal, you can read it here (warnings for extreme poetic sentimentality)

Kuroo Tetsurou's Less Than Fabulous Love Life

Kuroo/various. Mainly Kuroo/Tsukishima, also Kuroo/Bokuto, with added Kuroo/Daichi, Kuroo/Oikawa and a hint of KuroKen. Haikyuu. also on AO3

I wanted to write something and include like all the pairings I’ve ever seen Kuroo involved in. (except for Yaku and Hinata, I guess. Sorry.) This took me ages and gave me so much work and then I also did pictures for it and it was crazy and I still hate most of it and it’s ridiculous. I’m letting go of it now c:

Warning: kinda nsfw’ish at times, though not explicit (except for that one pic at the end). Also huge, like, 10k huge. Also a little bit of bad japanese (blame jisho.org).

It all started when Kuroo was 12.

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It's You Part 5 - Luke

Here’s some Lu & Y/N fluff, with a little drama for good measure! I hope you like it, loves 💘

Other parts are on my Masterlist - http://lose-yourself-in-a-story.tumblr.com/post/121661818505/masterlist


“Truth” you choose.

“If you were a type of tree, is it true you’d be a palm tree?” Luke grins.

“You’re such a fool” you can’t help but laugh at the confused faces around you, “I’d be a wise oak.”

“Not a party boy?”

“Shut up and spin the bottle” you shake your head at him, grin on your face.

“I can’t believe we’re playing spin the bottle” Luke’s friend, Harry grumbles as it lands on him.

“Stop being a spoilsport” you shake your head at him.

“But we’re adults!” He argues.

“We’re students, now pick truth or dare” you scowl at him.

“Truth” he scowls back.

“Is it true you shagged the barman from the other night?” Luke asks after a moments consideration.

“Oh, fuck off!” Harry scowls, “I can’t tell you anything.”

“What?!” Ruby’s eyes are wide, “the guy with the amazing brown eyes?!”

“Yeah, him” Harry mutters, clearly embarrassed.

“He always gives me free shots, I like him.” You muse.

“Glad I have your approval” he pats your knee. You grin at him and glance at the people around you. There was only a few of you over at Luke’s house, a few of his friends and a few of yours. You feel relaxed with them. Will was out with his own friends and you felt comfortable in the fact that nothing dramatic would happen for once.


It was easy to forget your problems when Luke was around. He made you laugh more than you had done in a long time, your thoughts of Will pushed to the back of your mind. Everything was easy with Luke, you felt like yourself and that’s something you were only admitting because you’d had a drink.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t breathe” you press a hand to your chest to try and control your laughter. Luke and his friends were the perfect distraction. They kept you laughing the entire night, it was the best night you’d had in a long time.

“Come on, pretty girl, let’s get some fresh air” Luke laces his fingers through yours and pulls you towards the smoking area.

“Well, this is much better” you cough dramatically at the smoke around you.

“Stop moaning” he tuts.

“Tonight was fun” you smile, “thank you.”

“For what?”

“Distracting me” you shrug, “making me laugh, making me feel like me.”

“I like you being you” he whispers.

“There you are!” Luke’s incredibly drunk friend, Max, stumbles over to you both, “this place is closing. At 1am, what bullshit is that?! Anyway, we’re going back to ours.”

“You coming?” Luke follows his friend, turning back to hold his hand out to you. You take it without hesitation and follow him out of the club. You walk home with his arm slung around your shoulders as he holds your body against his to keep you warm. You feel secure in yourself. You didn’t have to think or worry, you could just be you.


“You can just stay here” Luke murmurs as your eyes drift shut, you head resting against his chest.

“Okay” you mutter, sleepily.

“Lightweight” he grins as you manage to fall asleep even with the loud, drunken conversations going on around you.

“Shush you” you’re too tired to think of a comeback, his heartbeat and warm body providing too much of a pull.

“Come on, pretty girl” he moves you carefully and pulls you up, “you can sleep in my bed, I’ll find you something to wear.”

“Do you want another drink?” Harry ask him.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute” Luke nods in reply, “let me just put sleeping beauty to bed.” His hands rest on your hips as he guides you upstairs.

“Wait, I need a wee” you pull away from him and head to the bathroom. When you walk back to him room, you find him sat on the edge of his bed.

“Here you go” he jumps up, handing you some clothes to sleep in.

“Thanks, Lu” you’re suddenly feeling more awake.

“Get some sleep, love” he murmurs, his fingers trail down your arm. Giving you one last look, he moves towards the door.

“Wait” you stop him, “where are you going to sleep?”

“On the couch” he turns back to you.

“You can stay here” you miss the warmth from him.

“You want me to?”

“Yeah” your voice is barely audible, “please, stay with me.”

“Okay” he moves back towards you. You swallow as he stands too close to you, your focus on his mouth.

“I thought you were tired” he whispers.

“I-I’m not anymore” you lick your bottom lip, knowing you were unable to stop this from happening. Nor did you want to. His eyes meet yours, questions in them that you couldn’t answer. You know you should walk away, get a taxi home or to your boyfriends house. You should leave, but you don’t. You shouldn’t be moving even closer to him, or resting your hands against his chest, but you do. You forget about everything except him in that second.

Luke’s mouth crashes against your own, the passion evident as he presses your body to the wall behind you. His hands trail down your torso until they’re gripping your thighs, pulling you up so you can wrap them around him. Your fingers lace through his hair, holding his face to yours, unable to feel close enough to him. You can’t help the whimper that escapes your lips as he trails hot kisses down your neck. His actions are sloppy and desperate, showing you how badly he’s wanted this for so long now.

“Oh my god” you murmur, pressing your lips to the soft skin below his ear, “please, don’t stop” you tug at his hair until his mouth meets yours again. You frown as he pauses, his lips hovering over yours, his breathing heavy.

“Fuck” he mutters.

“Lu?” you pull away to look in his eyes.

“You have a boyfriend” he breathes out, “I don’t want our first time to be when you’re still with him.” His words bring you back to reality.

“Oh my god” you feel the shame begin to rise in you. You scrabble in his arms to get away.

“Y/N, calm down” he lets you go but tries to take hold of your hand.

“Luke, I would have cheated on him! We would have…oh my god!” You cry out, “I’m not…I don’t…that isn’t me! I don’t do that!”

“And doesn’t that tell you something?!” Luke’s eyes flash with anger, “because it’s telling me that you shouldn’t be dating that dickhead!”

“Don’t start that” you shake your head.

“Start what? The truth? For fuck sake, Y/N, why are you with him?!” His voice is too loud, you’re sure everyone downstairs will be able to hear.

“It is nothing to do with you” you swallow.

“Isn’t it? Then what the fuck were you just about to do with me? I was the one who stopped that, not you. You wanted it!” he steps towards you, “you deserve better than him.” His voice is gentler.

“Do I?” Your voice is barely above a whisper, “I was just about to cheat on him with a guy I can’t stop thinking about. Doesn’t Will deserve better than me?”

“I…I love you” Luke sighs heavily, “I’m so in love with you.”

“Please, don’t say that” you don’t want to hear what you’d hoped for all along.

“I do. I’m tired of pretending I don’t.” He breathes out heavily.

“What am I doing?” You ask yourself more than him.

“Why are you with him?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt him, I don’t want to leave him for someone else. I don’t want to be that girl.” You shake your head furiously.

“Well, leave him for you” Luke takes hold of your hands.

“You get so used to things and walking away means the unknown and that’s scary. You’re going back to Australia.” You voice your fear.

“I don’t have to. I don’t have to go anywhere without you.” He lifts your chin up so you’re forced to look him in the eye.

“I should leave” you pull away from him.

“No, stay here” his hand reaches out for you again.

“But..” You pause.


“I don’t want to leave. I don’t want you to leave. I just…fuck, I’m sorry. I’m messing everything up, I shouldn’t be doing this. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I can’t…I…” You feel so angry at yourself.

“Shhh, it’s okay” he reaches out to wipe the tears from your cheeks.

“This isn’t okay, Luke” you swallow.

“No, it’s not, but we’re tired and have had too much to drink so let’s go to sleep. We’ll deal with everything in the morning. Let’s just sleep.” He brushes the hair from your face, his eyes meeting yours.

“Are you staying?” You hate that the thought of him walking out the door, and you hate that you’re thinking that way.

“I told you, I’m not going anywhere” he promises you.


Let me know thoughts/part 6!

and oh, this too shall pass; [atsit!verse, eren pov]

So, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the nature of Eren and Jean’s relationship in All The Stars In Texas. I wrote this to hopefully clear those questions up. Enjoy.

and there was a time when i stood in line
for love, for love, for love

but i let you go, oh, i let you go
and he fell apart with his broken heart
and this blood, this blood, this blood
oh, it drains from my skin, it does

_the lumineers, “gale song”

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A Port in the Storm. Part 21.

Once more, massive thanks to @gotham-ruaidh for being my ‘OK’ exterminator! You rock, girl.


For the master post, click here —>http://mybeautifuldecay.tumblr.com/post/140744309242/a-port-in-the-storm-master-post

Also, I *finally* have an ao3 account! Yay. Same name, I don’t have the link currently, but I’ll update it later for you all and add it here too. Mwah.


“…come on, my Sassenach. Tell me, aye?”

The fire chose that precise moment to spark and throw a burst of amber light over an already glowing Claire.

“I…well, I don’t think I can explain it.”

Jamie smiled at her attempts to dodge the question. Still, he pressed forward, running his fingers along the length of her.

They had fallen asleep wrapped in each other’s arms beside the roaring fire, too fatigued to even crawl into bed. Now, as the sun rose and threw speckled hints of red throughout the room, they lay still locked together, warming each other with subtle touches.

“Ye can, go on…”

At his urging she closed her eyes, allowing herself to indulge in his fingertips brushing over her delicate skin, and tried to rouse the emotions she’d felt through the night. She felt him stir beside her.

“Does…that hurt, you know? When that happens…”

He was tempted to move his hips away from her, but she was so warm and pliant that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“No, it doesna hurt. It…aches, ye ken? But no’ in a bad way. Just that sort of ache that bids me to touch ye, to kiss ye, to have my hands and lips in as many places as I can reach. It makes me need ye, badly, Sorcha. I feel…like if I dinna get close as I can to ye I might die, ken?”

“That bad…?”

Her voice was low and breathy. He chuckled as he watched her, sleepily.

“Aye, that first time. Aye. If no’ die, shatter into pieces of want for sure.”


She certainly knew that feeling. The dance he was playing across her skin was causing all sorts of want within her.

“It’s the s-same…for me. When you touch me…like this, when you kiss me, I feel…alive.”

Gooseflesh was rising down every inch of her that Jamie touched and he smiled as she appeared to lose the ability to speak.

“I…feel…so much. All at the same time. I didn’t even know it was possible. That night. The night in the barn. I just needed you so badly, I couldn’t even think. I knew we shouldn’t, but then you were there. I needed you, I…ached too…”

“Aye, I could tell ye did. I was glad for it, even though I kent it was wrong, ye know, us not being wed. But I couldna stop myself, and ye…ye too, so I didna stop.”

Through their exchange they had shifted closer and closer to one another, now there was barely any room between them, Claire’s eyes held Jamie’s as her leg carefully and slowly slid up his and rested, anchored around his hip.

“Tell me…tell me what it feels like for ye, Claire. When I take ye like that…please, I want to ken how ye feel when ye lie wi’ me.”

“Oh-alright. Well, it starts slowly. The first time…during the storm…it h-hurt a little, you know, because I’d never…done it before. But then…then, my skin felt as if it were alight. Like I couldn’t get close enough to you, although you were as close as you could be. Every time you moved away from me I felt the need to pull you back.”

He ran his hands down now, along her exposed side, across her hip and around to settle on her bottom. Pulling her as close as he possibly could, cradling her arse in his hand he kissed her, thoroughly. His tongue swept across her lips, before she allowed him to deepen it.

“Aye, tell me more mo chridhe…please…”

“What does that mean?”

She’d heard all manner of Gaelic since arriving in Lallybroch, but she couldn’t remember ever hearing this one. He smiled and kissed her once more.

“Ye tell me more, and I’ll tell ye what it means.”

“I can’t talk when you’re touching me like this, Jamie…I can’t…”

Punctuating each word with a subtle shift of her hips against his to show her meaning, he groaned lightly and nodded. He understood, he was getting to that stage of intimacy where words couldn’t be formed.

“It’s powerful…it builds within me…it…starts, Jamie, don’t stop, please…”

He peppered her neck and collarbone with caresses, causing her whole body to shudder.

“…it starts softly. Then it’s not soft at all. It-it’s consuming…enflaming…oh God…it’s…fire…m-my…in my belly…l-lower…hot. S-shivers. But good. S-so good…yes…”


“T-then…it feels like…like a…a-all…like my body has shattered into a h-hundred…or more pieces. I w-was flying…shaking. Still aching. But…in a good way. M-my limbs all…pounding…along…with my heartbeat…m-my skin..Jamie…”

With one move they locked together once more, Claire had no more coherent words to say but Jamie no longer needed them, her body was telling him all he needed to know.

She awoke some time later. The sun, now high in the sky, threw powerful yellow rays over them both. She turned to look at Jamie, still fast asleep beside her. She smiled, he looked so content. His hair, all billowed out atop his head, random curls poking up out of the mass. He looked so young, precious, she didn’t wish to wake him.

Instead she chose to rise alone, covering him in the plaid they’d been using as a blanket. There were fresh bannocks waiting for them, some meat and cheese and a fresh bottle of whiskey. Murtagh had been so thoughtful! Pottering about, Claire found herself humming as she prepared them a small breakfast cum lunch, twirling around the small area of the room reserved as a preparation cove for food. She hadn’t bothered to cover herself, not fearing intrusion by anyone other than Jamie, and she didn’t fear him seeing her unclothed. Her cheeks pinked at the thought, she didn’t think she’d ever be as completely uninhibited as he was in the nude, but she’d certainly become more accustomed to it. He didn’t seem ashamed in anyway about walking around with nothing on save a smile.

So in her head was she, that she didn’t notice Jamie creeping up behind her. He stood, for a time, simply watching her. Her hips were widening with the growth of their child, her bonnie arse too. She only became more beautiful to him. The small bump looked more pronounced now, her being completely naked. He’d never seen her this way, and it warmed his heart. His little family, wee bean growing every day. She twisted a little, as she plated up the bread, her sleep-squashed curls falling over her shoulder as she did so. He couldn’t help but reach over and run his fingers over the soft arches of them. Claire stilled but didn’t jump, instead she simply closed her eyes and sighed out a breath of happiness.

“I didn’t want to wake you, you looked so happy sleeping over there.” He stepped closer as she spoke, running his hands over her neck, now. “I was just making us something to eat, are you hungry?”

“Aye, in many ways Mo Sorcha, no’ just fer food…” His voice was low, deeper than usual, sultry, it made her toes curl. The vibrations as he spoke seemed to run through him and along her spine. “…bring it back to the fire, Claire.” He tugged, gently, as he turned. She followed, her gaze locked with his as she went.

Placing the food on the small table, Claire sat on the floor with her back against the small sofa, right next to Jamie. They started eating in companionable silence, subtly touching each other as often as possible whilst trying to fill their bellies. Claire knew it wouldn’t be long, if she didn’t eat, before wee bean would make itself known. She could calm the sickness if she had something in her tummy, so she ate. She could tell by how slowly Jamie munched on his cheese, that he was desperate to be touching her once more, it made her skin prickle with longing.

She could feel his eyes on her, her already pinked cheeks deepened in colour at this. She turned, her hand coming to rest over her thigh as she did so. No longer could she stay away from him. Their lips found each other almost immediately, the salty taste of the bannocks still fresh in their mouths as they devoured each other. Their tongues danced and they breathed as one, desperate to be as close as possible.

Claire straddled him, the food now forgotten, there was only one thing they both needed to sustain themselves further.

Getting themselves dressed had been a hard task, they’d given themselves a day of rest, but now Jamie wanted to take Claire out to explore. It was bright and warm outside, the perfect weather for taking her into the forest on the borders of Fraser lands. Plus, he thought deviously, plenty of nooks and crannies for misdeeds.

As they wondered, hands clasped tight, Jamie told Claire stories of his childhood. She’d marvelled at the freedom he’d had, she had never felt like she’d missed out until now. Granted, she’d had Uncle Lamb and she wouldn’t change that for the world. But they’d travelled an awful lot, she’d never had a place to call home. Her stories were of strange places and even stranger people, sometimes. Nothing like the wild existence Jamie had been brought up with. His eyes were alight as he told her about those times he’d been up to mischief and he’d run off into the woods to escape his fathers’ wrath.

“I’d been out here about three hours or so, just hiding myself in the boughs o’ the trees, I could hear da calling out to me. I was so afeared, I kent he’d take his belt to me once he found me, but he sounded fair worrit. So I went to him. I wasna wrong about the thrashing either! That one still stings now!” He laughed and the sound echoed through the slight clearing they’d found themselves in. “I learned my lesson then, but how do ye tell a wee one about animals and food when ye ken they’ve taken a shining to one?”

She could tell he was thinking about how he’d teach their baby about such matters, it made her smile. The story had featured a very young Jamie and an over-friendly calf, whom he’d then freed knowing it was to be sent to the slaughter soon. His mother had sat him down afterwards, and explained the circle of life, but it made Claire pause. She knew motherhood would be a task, but these little moments reminded her of what subjects she might have to face, bringing the wee one up on a farm.

“I’m sure they knew you were only doing what you thought right, at the time.”

“Aye, they did. I was a wee bit of a scamp as a wean. I didna mean to, but I just couldna help myself. Mam spent half her time trying to cover for me, but da always kent what I was up to. After she lost her last bairn, she was that wee bit more protective of us, ye ken.” He was looking off into the forest now, his gaze reflective. She held her hands over her belly and prayed, she didn’t do it often but now seemed like the time. She could imagine what it must be like to lose a child, nor did she ever wish to.

“I can see yer mind working, my Claire. Dinna think on such things, our wee bean is going to be fair and bonnie, ye needn’t fear. I’ll look after ye both, I promised in my vows, it isn’t something I take lightly.” At this he took hold of her hands, turn them and kissed her palms with such reverence. Then he kneeled at her feet and kissed her small bump, whispering at their wee bean in Gaelic. Claire was comfortable enough to simply stand and let him do as he must, she was enjoying the slight breeze on her face.

“What did you say to the babe?”

“I told him, or her, that he had an extremely beautiful mamma, that’s all.” He winked, cheekily, up at her, before standing and pulling her over to a nearby rock. “Sit, mo Sorcha, let’s rest here a bit. It’s a bonnie spot, is it no’?”

“Jamie Fraser, I think you’re fibbing!” She chastised, jokily, as she sat on his lap. The small clearing around them was alive with the sound of the wind breezing through the trees and the small creatures going about their day, Jamie and Claire sat against one another and listened to the world move around them. Her wedding ring, sitting neatly on her proper finger, glinted as the sun hit it and Jamie wrapped his hand around it. As he twirled it around her finger he kissed a small patch of exposed skin on her neck, she smelt of honey from the morning and wild flowers.

She sighed, and lay back more fully against him, closing her eyes. She was content to sit and let him touch her indefinitely. The sun was warm enough that they weren’t cold. Jamie was certainly warm enough to heat them both, had they needed it.

“I love ye, Claire Fraser. My wife.” He purred into her ear, as he nipped at the skin at the base of it. Running his hands up her day dress, he ran his tongue along the shell of her ear. “I want ye…Claire Fraser. Now.”

It’s random ficlet I found in my drafts time!

{Read it on AO3}

Derek makes his way across the campus, walking quickly, his collar flipped up to shield against the late autumn winds. Students are rushing past him, scurrying to class, and Derek can’t help but feel kind of appalled at how young they all seem.

He finds his way to the student union, and asks a few of the people he comes across where he can find the radio booth. Mostly he gets blank looks or half-hearted shrugs before the students hurry past him or return their attention to their computers. One just says, “We have a radio station?” and, well, he’s probably no use.

He always feels a little off balance when he comes to colleges. He’s done his fair share of college shows, and college radio interviews like the one he’s here today for, but he never got the “college experience”, too busy spending his late teens and nearly all of his twenties playing gigs and writing music. Halehounds was signed when he was sixteen, and put out seven albums and did over twenty tours - both national and international - by the time they broke up for the last time when he was twenty-eight.

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(Last part)

Kanae is seen watering the plants.

<Kanae’s memories>

It’s from when Kanae started working for Tsukiyama family. Other servants can be seen whispering. They chat about how Rosewald family was exterminated by investigators and this child was the only one left.

Servant: I’m deeply enchanted by the Madam’s (Mother, Tsukiyama mother probably) big heart, but even so, for this child to have come here…

Kanae is crying, crouching in a corner by himself. Tsukiyama comes over and chats him up, asking if he’s become familiar with Tsukiyama family etc. He wipes off Kanae’s tears. Because Kanae’s family name means Forest of Roses, he calls him to come with him, that he’ll show him a real fores of roses. It’s the Tsukiyama family’s garden/park. When Kanae sees it, he’s in awe.

Tsukiyama: Duftwolke. Or in other words, <fragrant cloud> [in english]. A cloud of scent, certainly! It’s a high class <German> rose!

He tucks the rose into Kanae’s pocket.

Tsukiyama: Kanae, oh, my distant brother of the same blood. Don’t cry alone anymore.
Live so beautifully that you won’t lose to this rose. That’s the responsibility of those of Tsukiyama family.


Present time, Tsukiyama’s bed is surrounded by human bones.

Tsukiyama: Ka…na…e… Hot… It’s hot… My body, it feels like I’m in purgatory.

Kanae: I will let in fresh air right away.

Kanae sheds a tear, seeing Tsukiyama like that.

Tsukiyama: Ah, my stomach, it’s completely empty… Isn’t there something to eat, anything will do, anything

Kanae: (Shuu-sama… Pitiful, pitiful) [alternatively, pathetic]

Breathe Again

A/N: I don’t know if this is what you wanted, but I hope you like it! :)

86 days, that’s how long your boyfriend had been gone. In all honesty, you’d never really been a clingy girlfriend; you could easily survive a little distance without being taken over by misery, but 86 days was just too fucking much and you needed him home before you went insane.

Even though you offered to pick him up at the airport, Ashton insisted that it wasn’t necessary since he was expecting fans to be there and he wanted your reunion to be private. At first you were disappointed that you needed to wait even longer before seeing him, but in the end you knew he was right. So here you are, waiting by the door like a lovesick puppy, glancing out the window every few seconds, slowly going crazy with impatience.  

After what seemed like forever, a black SUV finally pulls into the driveway and unable to contain your excitement you run outside, not even bothering to close the front door behind you.

Ashton barely has time to step out of the car before you throw yourself at him, jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist.

“You’re home,” You breathe into his neck, doing everything in your power not to cry, “You’re actually here.”

“I’m here, baby,” He tells you with a shaky voice, hugging you even tighter against him, “God, it feels so good to have you in my arms.”

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anonymous asked:

Seventeen as boys in love?? Love your blog!

Haha thank you! Ok in my opinion -

S.Coups: flustered mess. He’s so all talk and no walk, I feel like he’d be saying to the other guys that no, he wasn’t in love with them and no, he just thinks they’re hot but then when he sees them he’d be like oh shit and stumble over his words and literally the opposite of smooth and they’d all be like boy wyd

Jeonghan: he’s a cool dude, I feel like he’d just be like, ‘well… better do something about it I guess’. Show up to their house with chocolates and flowers, that kinda thing

Joshua: would be all chill and comfortable until he realised he was in love. Then he’d switch. He’d be so uncomfortable, never knowing what to say or how to act around this person and always worrying about how he sounds. Literally no eye contact either. He’d be so tense the person would be like ???? r u ok or

Jun: I feel like with a crush he’d have a very ‘roll with it’ attitude. Like, if they like him back, sure. If they don’t, it sucks, but, what can you do. But in love would be such a different story, he’d be really protective and caring about them and would probably be surprisingly serious about it all

Hoshi: I feel like he’d act up to them so much in order to make them laugh and then would spend his whole nights over analysing his actions and being like ‘why did I do that omg’. Would buy the person /everything/. Would prob read wikihow articles on how to get people to love you and that

Wonwoo: He’d avoid the person until he was ready to stop being an awkward babbly mess. They’d probably confront him about why he’s just ditched them and he’d probably end up blurting out that he loves them

Woozi: I feel like he wouldn’t be that great at handling the emotion of love in the beginning so he’d be a bit messy about it and really intense. He’d probably be pretty confused and moody but once he came to terms with it he’d probably just sit the person down and tell them and see where it goes from there

DK: oh my god, flowers, park walks, all of that. He’d touch them alllllll the time. Like when he’d be laughing he’d hit their arm and that and probably drapes his arm over their shoulders a lot. Very straightforward about it all. Would never get tired of hearing the person he was in love with saying they loved him. Totally smitten.

Mingyu: very similar to dk in the touchy sense and hearing them say it back but I feel like he’d be a little more relaxed about it all. He’d probably just want to spend all his time with them, just listening to them talk and that because he’d never be bored of them. He’d organise coffee shop trips and all that on lazy days just because he’d want to see them. He’d probably be very bored and restless without the presence of the person

The8: really straightforward about it all, but I feel like he’d wait for the other to say they loved him first. And once he heard that, he’d be so gung ho about saying it all the time and doing romantic things with them

Seungkwan: omg ok seungkwan prob would not leave the other person alone. He’d always be texting them because, a lil like Mingyu, he’d be so bored without them there. He’d always call them and be like “don’t you miss my voice? I know you do don’t lie” but would be so fckn shy about saying I love you at first but once he said it he’d drop it all the time

Vernon: omg awkward gawky mess. I feel like he wouldn’t know what to do or how to deal with all of these intense ass emotions so he’d just like, repress them until he was sure the other person felt the same way. Like joshua, no eye contact for a while bc he’d be embarrassed of his crush. But once he was sure they felt the same and became comfortable around them I feel like he’d become so lovey about it all, like in private he’d be so emotionally involved even if he didn’t want to admit it. Like if he didn’t see them for a while he wouldn’t want to admit it but he’d miss them like hell

Dino: he’d be so confused I think, and kind of scared, but I feel like he’d have the attitude of if he was sure he was in love then he would risk anything for the other person so he would be super straightforward with the other person about his love for them. If they felt the same way he’d be so excited and would always want to be near them

castiellelovesbees  asked:

Do you know any fic where Dean is a park ranger? Awesome job on this site. I ♥ U

Be sure to check out the DCBB15 fic Red Sky At Morning. Dean acts as a Park ranger for a penguin natural area. Here are a few others you may enjoy!

Bird Guy [T, 11,200 word count]

“Oh yeah, it’s Tuesday. Hot Bird Guy Day.” Sam’s eyes are still lowered, but Dean sees the corner of his mouth quirk up. Asshole.
“I never called him ‘Hot Bird Guy,’” he insists. “Just Bird Guy.” Dean can feel the heat in his cheeks, so for once he’s glad that he’s eternally sunburned. “And you don’t know anything, Sammy. I’m just doin’ my job.”
He opens the door and steps through, ignoring the mumble that follows him out, sounding suspiciously like, yeah well, you never wanted to do it so bad before Hot Bird Guy showed up.

Ranger Danger [T, 9,500 word count]

Sam and Dean are wildlife photographers on assignment in the far reaches of Alaska, where they encounter Gabriel and Castiel Malakh, part of a close-knit family of park rangers and guides.

If any of our followers have additional suggestions, drop it in our ask box (just mention which ask you are talking about). Thanks!! 

Imagine/Preference #4 Midnight Playgrounds

CALUM: Your best friend Calum had just called you around 11:30 PM asking if you wanted to hang out and he picked you up in the next 10 minutes. You were driving around listening to music for about 20 minutes before you came across a park. “Oh my gosh Y/N!!!! Look it’s even got a sea saw!!!!” Calum shouted with excitement “Wow I’ve never actually one of these in person” you said as Calum turned towards you with his jaw dropped, “Get on” he says signaling to the teeter totter. After a few minutes Cal suggests you play confession, “Fine but you’re going first!” you smile back. You go back and forth sharing some embarrassing stories and secrets. You had just finished telling him a confession, “Okay Cal your turn” You say wondering what he might reveal next,”Y/N, I don’t think I have anything left!” he says with a chuckle “Oh come on Cal there’s gotta be something” you respond not wanting the game to end, there are a few minutes filled with a chorus of chirping crickets while Calum thought, then you notice something change in his face and you could tell this one was gonna be different than the others, deeper. “Well there is this one secret that I have been keeping for a while…” he trails off “Well, what is it?” You ask, your curiosity peeking through your voice. “It has to do with why I called you earlier…” 

His POV (10 PM earlier that night)

We were practicing for some upcoming shows, and let’s just say I was a little off my game. I had been messing up on almost every song. “Alright guys, I think we need to just take a break for a while” Michael said sounding frustrated of course. I walked to the kitchen to go get a glass of water as Luke and Michael followed behind “Calum what the fuck was that man?” Michael asked “I don’t know I guess my head wasn’t there..” I trailed off knowing I messed up. “Try picturing Y/N is here watching us maybe it’ll help you motivate you to keep your head here this time” Michael chuckles as he walks back to go grab his guitar. “What the fuck was that about???” I asked Luke “Well you just tend… you seem.. to” Luke paused seeming to find a way to phrase what he was about to say very carefully. “Look Calum you have feelings for Y/N and before you interrupt saying you don’t just realize we all know you do, but it’s been messing with you lately and you need to tell her before someone who feels the same decides to tell her first. We all don’t wanna see you go through that mate.” Luke says waiting for my reaction. “You’re right but what if she says she doesn’t like me, what if she doesn’t wanna be friends anymore because it’s too weird” “Cal what if she says she likes you back!” I feel my cheeks getting hot just thinking about it “Shit I gotta tell her Luke oh my god what am I gonna say?” I start to panic how on earth am I even going to be able to talk to her. “Calum just breathe, you’re going to just tell her the truth tell her how youre in love with her” “But Luke what if I screw it up because im so fucking nervous” “Calum its good to be nervous, it shows this means a lot to you” as he says those words I realize, I’m going to do this and I’m going to tell her tonight.

AUTHORS NOTE: Okay guys so this is only part 1 and depending on how many notes it gets and requests for it ill maybe post part 2 and I will also possibly try to do the other boys. as well