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Hi! I'm a new follower but I'm living for this blog and the fics! Keep up the good work! Also, seeing Jimin's gift set looking so HOT and dreamy made me wonder, do you think they are still as awkward and nervous around girls? Like, in American Hustle Life, they coudn't even look at the girls that were filming with them their MV, but now they are well known around the globe and I bet my arm girls throw themselves at them.

Thank you so much! We are glad you are enjoying our blog, and we hope you’ll like the new content we have coming soon!

As for the boys, I think they aren’t as shy anymore. Jungkook, for example, he couls barely sit next to girls back on AHL, but on the BBMAs he was taking pictures with all of those hot af famous women! I think they all had this growth, tbh. They learned to mature their idol image more and more!

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does this count as a kink if i find it hot when male idols wear chokers? kinks normally aren't my thing either but it's just something i've realised over time particularly with baekhyun in ka-ching, jimin in blood sweat and tears also whenever kai wears a choker (i'm sure he has i just can't remember when or whether it was in a mv) it's just so hot to me???? and the worst thing is these idols really suit chokers, they just look extra hot in them. i can't be the only one who thinks this, right?


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