he is so hot in the mv t t

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i was watching the dna mv and pointed out to my roommate how hot taehyung is and she looks at him and goes "ugh, he's ugly" and now im convinced shes like a racist or something :/

I think that’s a lil early to pull the race card (unless it’s a repeat offence y'know I don’t know) but different people have different preferences so maybe he doesn’t fit hers (but that still doesn’t give her the right to call him ugly smh he’s a work of art)

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What the heck is with all the comebacks this last week (especially today, holy crap). It’s like kpop is just actively trying to murder me. I love all of you, but my heart can’t take thissss. Lol *cough* gimme more *cough* xD

  • Super Junior - I missed you so much omg *cries* Eunhae is back <3 And these two songs/mvs are just so good, ugh. I love them.
  • Seventeen - Clap is a bop, hot damn. Seriously, do these boys ever have a bad song?? And Hoshi isn’t even my bias, but he looked so good. Lol
  • Twice - I love Likey. Or…I likey Likey. *cringes* I’m sorry. I’ll go home. Haha but seriously, so catchy. And Momo’s dance break, yesss girl.
  • Sonamoo - People need to stop sleeping on mah girls! This was a really good comeback and they all looked so freaking pretty and cutie Sumin had lines and ahhhhhh.
  • EXID - Very catchy song. I miss Solji so much though. T_T Hani’s hair is gorgeous. I want my hair like that, lol.
  • Astro - Coming back with Crazy Sexy Cool with this more mature concept (but still having dorky moments haha) and just being plain rude. Chill my babies, chill. Love this song!! And Eunwoo looks foiiiine with his hair up and all fancy, my goodness.
  • VAV - God I am sooooo glad they got new producer(s) and stuff and Yoonho aka Ayno. All their more recent stuff is so freaking good. Every comeback I love them more and more.
  • Monsta X - Dramarama is SO GOOD!! Weird ass title, lol, but so good. And Kihyun with that grey-ish lookin hair or whatever color it was, just umph. My bias is killing me. xD
  • Block B - Shall We Dance. Yes, we shall! I think this might actually be my new favorite Block B song, ngl. It’s been NalinA for years, but dang this song is so freaking good. Kyung’s hair doe. Boy. I would hate more on U-Kwons hair, but honestly I kinda liked it when it was up in the bun thingy. Lol

All in all, we can see that my main opinion of all the comebacks is: SO GOOD. xD And that I might possibly, actually be dead right now.