he is so handsome in this video i had to do this

Chapstick Challenge » Jack Maynard

Request: Hello!! Maybe and imagine where y/n is a famous youtuber and y/n and Jack do the chapstick challenge and it ends in a make out session Xx

“Hello everybody! As you can see I am joined by my handsome boyfriend, Jack Maynard!” You introduced wrapping your arm around his shoulders, his hand instinctively grabbing your waist. You were filming a video for your YouTube channel with Jack who you had been in a relationship with for nearly two years. “Today we are going to be doing the very highly requested chapstick challenge!”

“Ooh! Fun!” Jack grinned. “So Y/N/N how does this work?”

“Well we went shopping earlier and purchased a bunch of different chapsticks.” You began before being cut off.

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sentence prompts ➝ lana del rey
  • ❝Your love is deadly.❞
  • ❝We were born to die.❞
  • ❝Well shit. At least you tried.❞
  • ❝Let me be your dangerous girl.❞
  • ❝I told you not to go into the woods.❞
  • ❝You don’t wanna mess with me.❞
  • ❝All my friends tell me I should move on.❞
  • ❝Loving you forever can’t be wrong.❞
  • ❝Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?❞
  • ❝Nothing scares me anymore.❞
  • ❝I love you a little too much.❞
  • ❝You got that medicine I need.❞
  • ❝There’s no relief, I see you in my sleep.❞
  • ❝Kiss me hard before you go.❞
  • ❝God, you’re so handsome.❞
  • ❝Honey, is that true?❞
  • ❝My pussy taste like pepsi cola.❞
  • ❝I’ve got a burning desire for you.❞
  • ❝He used to call me poison.❞
  • ❝They were the only friends I ever had.❞
  • ❝I want my cake and I want to eat it too.❞
  • ❝My clothes still smell like you.❞
  • ❝Go play a video game.❞
  • ❝Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine.❞
  • ❝What you do to me is indescribable.❞
  • ❝Put your hands on my waist, do it softly.❞
  • ❝Come and take a walk on the wild side.❞
  • ❝He said to be cool but i’m already coolest.❞
  • ❝But you fit me better than my favorite sweater.❞
  • ❝Because I was born to be the other woman.❞
  • ❝Heaven is a place on earth with you.❞
  • ❝I need you to come here and save me.❞
  • ❝You’re the king and baby i’m the queen of disaster.❞
  • ❝I told you that no matter what you did i’d be by your side.❞
  • ❝Wish I may, wish I might find my one true love tonight.❞
  • ❝We were skippin school and drinking on the job with the boss.❞
  • ❝I can be your china doll. If you want to see me fall.❞
  • ❝Keep making me laugh. Let’s go get high.❞
  • ❝Tell me i’m your national anthem.❞
  • ❝When you walked out that door, a piece of me died.❞
  • ❝We don’t need nobody cause we got each other.❞
  • ❝Am I glamorous? Tell me, am I glamorous?❞
  • ❝Baby, i’m a sociopath. Sweet serial killer.❞
  • ❝Time to give in to the kindness of strangers.❞
  • ❝I really don’t wanna know what’s good for me.❞
  • ❝And you can’t keep your hands off me or your pants on.❞
  • ❝Every I want, I have; money, notoriety, rivieras.❞
  • ❝I really want him back but i’m kinda outta luck.❞
  • ❝We all look for heaven and we put love first.❞
  • ❝I know what the boys want, i’m not gonna play.❞
  • ❝I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side.❞
  • ❝I once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet.❞
  • ❝Your soul is haunting me and telling me that everything is fine.❞
  • ❝If I can’t have you baby, no one else in this world can.❞
  • ❝You say you want your own life, well I do too.❞
  • ❝Baby, I’m a gangsta too and it takes two to tango.❞
  • ❝Remember how we used to party up all night?❞
  • ❝They have no idea what it’s like to seek safety in other people.❞
  • ❝I don’t care what they say about me because I know it’s L.O.V.E❞
  • ❝I like you quite a lot, everything you got, don’t you know?❞
  • ❝Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?❞
  • ❝Lick me up and take me like a vitamin cause my body’s sweet like sugar venom.❞
  • ❝Now my life is sweet like cinnamon. Like a fucking dream i’m living in.❞
  • ❝No one even knows how hard life was; I don’t even think about it now.❞
  • ❝Everybody told me love was blind. Then I saw your face and you blew my mind.❞
  • ❝Is it wrong that I think it’s kinda fun when I hit you in the back of the head with a gun?❞
  • ❝I was born bad, but then I met you. You made me nice for awhile but my dark side’s true.❞

So, the first time ever I showed my mom Seventeen videos (I had to start from debut fam)….

Of course she didn’t want to watch them cus she can’t get the members right. (She still working on GOT7. She kept mistaking BamBam for Junior, like…)


There were a few members she did get correct because she thought they were really cute and handsome and just effin good-looking (she ain’t lying)

so she was like:

“Who’s that tall guy?”

This me: “That’s Mingyu, the delicious tall glass of water.”

“He’s really cute.”

“I know right.“

*Further on into the Seventeen lesson*

“that one looks like he’s mixed. He looks really cute.”

“that’s Vernon. He the real mvp.”



*Skip again to further on*

“That one don’t look Korean. He looks foreign.”

“Oh, that’s S.Coups, the leader. He’s my favorite of all. But no, he’s Korean.”

“He sure is cute.” *leans closer to the phone*

“haha…okay, that’s enough. You can back away from the screen.”

*end of the lesson*

“So mom..which ones do you like?”

“Let me see if I remember their names. that tall one..what’s his name..Mongul.”

“mingyu, but okay.”

“Yeah, him. I like him. I like Vernon too.”

(Peep he’s my third bias in Seventeen.)

“….okay. Is that all?”

She looks at me and was like, “who was that last one you showed me?”


*snaps fingers* “YEAH! I really like him!”

I’m like bitch whut?

“no uh uh mom. you can’t just steal two of my biases. choose somebody else.”

“that’s all I like-”


(I’m not about to share S.Coups with my own mother. no.)

like girl bye.

i’m not doing it.

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anonymous asked:

Why did you choose to be a fan of Harry? What about him makes you love him? And how do you reckon Harry, as a solo artist, is different from others? idk if youve answered something like this before (sorry) if any of your followers wanna say something to this feel free x

I’ll be straight up, initially it was his looks. I thought he was handsome. I watched all of the 1d videos though and his personality was like 😍😍😍. Which is funny because he doesn’t really act like that at all anymore. But he was cheeky, he was a flirt, and that’s what I loved.

In terms of his solo stuff? I don’t know. I think they’ve all had different styles this whole time. They’re all releasing the music I expected them to. So I think Harry’s going to draw from like, his idols. People he’s grown up listening to. I think Harry is striving to be unlike anything we’ve ever heard

So like you know how Jimin had that live vapp video this morning around 2AM EST? Well, when it started he was looking at the comments and no one complimented his hair yet… So I thought I should… 


then seconds later he touched his hair and said something in Korean, but I didn’t know what he said because I don’t speak Korean. So I waited for the translation… When the translation was up, I checked… and…

Jimin said:

Do you hear me sobbing? I’M SOBBING. This is the closest I’ll ever get to him!!

About Matthew

I know that this was possibly said a thousand times already, but I feel like we need to do something about this issue or at least try. I’m getting seriously worried about the comments that Matthew’s getting on social media and more worried I am that he’ll get mad because of it (and he totally has the right tbfh).

Shit’s getting quite ugly and I don’t like it. There’s tons of things that people in the fandom are doing that are not only dumb af but disrespectful too. Look, I know that Matthew is handsome and that some of you like him only because of that, but please stop attacking him EVERY time he posts a picture of the sky or an animal. Please.

Stop telling him to “shut up” or “to post selfies”. Matthew is not there to give you what you want, he’s a person and as much as you have the right to post videos of cats on your social media accounts or long posts about your life or whatever thing you do, he has the right to be a dork and post dumb messages and post animals, because that’s what he loves. He’s his own person and nobody but him should have a say on what he publish or not.

Everytime Matthew goes out of his way to apologize or to explain why he isn’t posting selfies or anything I feel terribly bad because yeah, he might say it in a joking manner or whatever but I’m pretty sure that deep down he’s getting more and more tired of our bullshit.

Please be nice. Show some respect. You guys will regret being assholes when Matthew finally loses his shit and does something about it. He’s a nice and dorky cinnamon roll and we honestly don’t deserve him, so if you’re going to be love him, love him for being who he is and not only because he’s handsome.

(PS. Not talking about other cast members because I haven’t seen anything remarkable on this matter. But if you do, please say something. Let’s not ruin the fun for anyone.)


I loVE that actually omg. All the DirkJake as Let’s Players AU headcanons.

They’re really cool about the rpf and joke lightly about it and the DirkJake ship gets super popular on tumblr. They do co-op games together and are infamously terrible at them. Jake likes shooters but Dirk is TERRIBLE at them and gets so stressed out having to plan tactics while 12 year old boys are mowing him down that multiplayer videos are popular too. (At poor Dirk’s expense. The price of comedy.)

And the ship is REALLY popular. And they joke along with it and get teased about it at conventions but they don’t really mind. Only one time they’re at a private party at a con and they probably have had a few too many drinks bought for them and the topic of their relationship comes up and Jake’s mumbling about how it’s pretty easy for him to play it up with Dirk because he’s admittedly sexy and handsome and just about the top shelf-est fellow a chum could ask for as a partn–business partner.

(Shit this got too long.)

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EXO Reaction to You Fan-Girling/Boying About Another Member

I think that the boys would be really funny when it comes to their significant other fan-girling or boying over another member. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: He could hear his music video from the other room. He came in, ready to sing his part, but you rewound the song so you could hear Kyungsoo’s part again. Baekhyun stopped in the doorway and stared at you as though you had just betrayed him. “But… my part was next.” He complained, but you just shushed him. “Stop, Kyungsoo’s part is on. Isn’t he just an amazing singer?” Baekhyun just stared at you with judging eyes.

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Chanyeol: “Right, isn’t Kai just the best. He is so amazing when he dances and he is so handsome. He really is a great member to stan.” He said as he totally fan-girled/boyed with you. He played all their music videos with you and any of Kai’s dance videos. “We have to watch his web-drama after this. It was so good.” He told you as he started searching it up.

Chen: He tried his hardest to seem mature as you were talking about how perfect Xiumin looked during their last concert. He knew that you were a big fan of his hyung, but he couldn’t help but feel slightly annoyed since you were dating him. He scrunched up his nose as you were talking nonstop about Xiumin’s abs and smile and voice. “You know, I have been working out too. And I was on Masked Singer.” He pointed out in a childish voice.

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D.O.: “Kyungsoo! Did you see Suho in the lasted print ad? Doesn’t he look sexy?” You asked as you ran into the dorm holding the magazine. He stared at you in confusion and slight pain, but you were still staring down at Suho’s abs on the page. “You really think that he is sexier than me? You know I can be sexy despite not having a six pack!” He yelled at you in annoyance. You could tell that he was getting frustrated with all your talk about Suho.

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Kai: “Aish, jagi, do you really have to constantly talk about how amazing Sehun is? You know; I taught him a lot of the dancing that he knows.” He told you in a frustrated tone. You waved him of, clicking on yet another video that had Sehun in it. “Yea, yea, but just listen to him! He is such an angel!” You told him as you played Sehun’s ‘Thank You’ speech. He rolled his eyes, both proud of his best friend, but also annoyed and jealous of him.

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Lay: He knew that you were listening to Chanyeol’s soundcloud again. Almost every day you would listen to all the songs that he was creating. “You know, Chanyeol is really amazing at the guitar too. You should think about creating more songs together.” You suggested as you played his song on repeat. Yixing was going to say something about how you never listen to the music he is working on, but he just nodded his head. “Yea, that would be cool.”

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Sehun: “Jongdae is so cute! Isn’t his smile just perfect?” You were raving about him once again. He gave you a look of annoyance, making it clear that he wanted you to shut up about it. But when you didn’t, he just started to smile. “Wow, jagi, that is all really interesting. You know Jongdae is right in the next room. Why don’t you go talk to him?” He waved you away with a slightly cocky smile; both teasing you and being serious.

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Suho: He was normally completely happy to hear that you liked the other members, even if it meant that you were fan-girling/boying about them, but he was starting to get a bit annoyed the more and more he heard you talking about Yixing. “Maybe I should learn Chinese so I can enjoy his movies even more.” You said in an excited voice. Junmyeon didn’t want to point out that he had movies out that you still hadn’t even watched. He instead just kept an awkward smile on his face while giving lazer-eyes to Yixing.

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Xiumin: He kept silent, not talking to you about how annoyed he was getting while you were talking about Baekhyun. You were always mentioning how cute and witty the younger boy was, and Minseok couldn’t help but get a little frustrated at this. He turned to Baekhyun when you weren’t around. “You should stop being so witty around my girl.” He told Baekhyun in a somewhat threatening voice. He kept a sweet smile on his young face though.

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tbh jin has always been very important to me when it comes to bts. I remember the first time I watched a video of bts, which was weekly idol, I hastily watched it without thinking too much of them. then, I watched the same weekly idol video later on again, but the first thing I thought was “where was that handsome boy?” surely enough I spot jin sitting on the stools and he had the brightest smile on his face and it made me really happy. 

I know a lot of people will easily miss him in bts because he’s always in the background. even though he doesn’t steal the spotlight, he glows just as much on the stage. to me, he’s more than the pretty face or the boy who loves to eat. he’s the glue of bangtan, he doesn’t need justification to do something, he is so selfless in that sense. he cooks for the members, he cleans up after them, he looks after them. without him the members may not be as healthy as they are now and our maknae may not even have been able to finish school. to some people jin may not be a shining star like the rest of bts, but surely you can’t see the stars without a beautiful dark night. to me jin is the glue that sticks bts together and a hardworking, dedicated member as well. I am proud he is my bias because he is so wonderful and I really do love him.