he is so good with kids!

What OC has done to RC

Before I start this post I just want to say something important: I do not think that OC is reprehensible for taking his brother’s name.

At the time of the contract OC was severely traumatized, starved, abused and a shadow of the child he had been a month earlier; this is a person who had considered himself inferior even before the kidnapping.

In retrospect, OC had just seen his brother (and countless other children) slaughtered in front of him, he saw his parents corpses only a month earlier and had recently sworn his own life away to the same demon who potentially ate RC. OC is also intelligent, he knew that if he returned as himself things would never be easy and he would never be seen as equal to his brother.

Therefore, it makes sense that OC took his brother’s name, he was a young child and the adults around him (though it is the society at fault more than the Phantomhives themselves) should take the majority of the blame. Not that this excuses everything, especially the negative actions OC has taken as a teenager, but that isn’t something I’m going to discuss here.

The main point:

So of course it can’t be ignored that RC didn’t have a choice in any of this either! As far as we know, RC should not receive any less sympathy than OC has ever been given; just because OC was the ‘spare’ does not mean it’s acceptable to overwrite the existence of RC who was equally helpless in their situation.

The more you think about how RC’s identity was taken the more horrific it seems:

  • Nobody knew that RC was dead, they stopped knowing he was gone and caring that he had died.
  • RC’s grave was probably removed, his existence has literally been overwritten and given to someone else; the person he was no longer exists as it has been replaced by OC’s persona.
  • Had RC never returned, nobody would have known that “Ciel Phantomhive” had even been murdered. Just because RC and OC look identical does not mean they are the same person, RC’s life is not interchangeable nor ‘equal exchange’ for his brother’s ‘deceased’ status.
  • Whilst it’s horrific that OC is allowing people to think he is dead (another issue entirely) at least he is given the respect innocents should receive in death. RC is not even given this, nobody will ever mourn him for who he was, they will mourn his brother and the life he made.
  • RC has also been ‘betrayed’ by his brother, his only surviving family.
  • Lastly, in the same way that it’s unfair that OC wasn’t the heir it’s also unfair that RC isn’t allowed to be? If you take his status away from him he is in the same situation OC was - the adults are the ones to blame for this situation not the children who were forced into it. The right of primogeniture makes it hard for any situation to be 'fair’ for the twins.

However, again OC was just a child so I don’t blame him for acting as he did, it really wasn’t his fault considering everything that happened to him. RC isn’t completely a victim either, he’s clearly done bad things just as OC has done! His behavior towards OC in CH129-30 is particularly cruel, though he does have a good reason to be mad… so I’m hoping Yana explores that idea.

Oh and this is assuming that RC wasn’t “evil” in the past, since I believe there’s currently little indication that he had been! Other than his Phantomhive blood of course, but OC has that too.

“Buried” (Chapter Fourteen)

This… this is a good chapter. Holla for NSFW. I honestly love this moment between them so much, maybe one of my favorite sexy scenes ever. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.


Enjoy :)


“So. Bucky is a handful.” Tony pulled the various items out of the shaving kit, smiling when he opened the razor, running it over the leather strop to smooth the edges, lessening the chances of leaving Steve with a cut.

“Yeah, that’s putting it lightly.” Steve agreed, slumping into the low chair and letting his head rest on the back, keeping his chin tilted up. “He always has been though, ever since we were kids.”

“He loves you.” Tony glanced up at him as he poured shaving soap into a small bowl. “A lot.”

“Feelings mutual.” Steve sucked in a quick breath when the cool soap landed on his skin, Tony moving the brush in quick movements to spread it into a thick lather that reached from nearly his ears down to under his chin.

“That alright?” Tony asked and Steve swallowed, looking nervous.

“Don’t slice my neck, huh?”

“Steve.” Tony said in mock horror. “Don’t you trust me?”

“To have a razor at my neck?” Steve raised an eyebrow and Tony grinned, holding up the razor to show him.

“Too late now, isn’t it?” Tony looked down at Steve’s legs and then back up. “So I need to be–”

“Yep.” Steve nodded and spread his legs wider so Tony could move between his knees. “You good?”

“Yeah.” Tony took a deep breath. “Yeah this is good.”

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Tae being family oriented is so!!!!! caps. my step dad is sun/venus Capricorn and moon in piscis and he's got mine and my sister's name tattooed on his arm, my mom's on his neck and our first drawing we did in his fingers. I can totally see Taehyung doing that (besides spoiling his children) and I think he'll keep a good balance between raising them good and spoil them!!

oh that’s just adorable! i can also see taehyung doing that, especially since he has an interest in tattoos. his kids would be his everything ♡

Having A Kid HC’s (Jack Kelly X Reader)

A/N: @gninrud-anna and I brainstormed some various headcanons about both Jack and Davey having kids, so here are some of the ones for Jack!

- Jack has a baby girl called Natalie Jane Kelly.

- Before she’s born, he spends a lot of time painting her nursery as a sort of distraction from the anxiety he’s worrying up about having a kid.

- “This kid will have the best damn nursery in all of New York.” He says, covered in paint, at midnight, half asleep.

- Every morning without fail, Jack will go ‘good morning to my two favourite people’ before kissing your bump, and then you.

- When the baby kicks for the first time, Jack gets so excited (and a lil teary) and pulls you into this tight hug that lasts for at least 2-3 minutes.

- Also he tells everyone about it. And I mean everyone. He even told this random old lady on the street, and she was very sweet about it.

- When Natalie is born, Jack starts to freak out bc what if something happened to you or the baby?

- Eventually he’s called into the hospital room and he sees you there, incredibly tired, holding little Nat.

- He holds her for the first time, and he just starts crying because she looks so much like him. They’ve got he same hair and eyes, and she’s just so beautiful.

- Jack Kelly, the big tough Union leader, just dissolves into tears when he sees his daughter because he’s going to protect this little child with every ounce of his being.

- Natalie is very much a daddy’s girl, and the two of them always go out on cute little outings together.

- When she was about 5, you walked in on Jack in a tutu with a full face of makeup and painted nails, thanks to his daughter.

- (That photo was shared with all the newsies shush.)

- When she’s older (like 13, 14) Jack gets vv protective bc what if people start dating his daughter?

- He keeps a shotgun on the porch for the purpose of scaring all Natalie’s potential partners.

- That is, until she starts dating Davey’s son.

Nameless Week: Childhood Promises.

Pairings: Red x Green/Blue Oak  ( I call him Green. )

Warnings: None

AU: Childhood

Red was always a quiet boy, sticking to himself to the point he was a loner. He hadn’t concerned himself really, as he was always off in his own world. It was only when he started school that the problems started. He always found it impossible to talk to people, even his own mother, so for a little kid, he was an easy target for the other children. Red prided himself on being a good kid, to make his mother proud, so he never fought back, never did a mean thing to those who ended up pushing and pushing him, trying to make him break. He thought eventually, they’d get bored and move along, but they never did. His mother would worry about all the scuffs and bruises, but he’d just sign to her that he’d just been playing rough on the playground.

It wasn’t until the new kid moved in next door that things changed, at first Red thought the boy was too loud but for some reason Green had decided to sit next to him at school. He ignored the other boy in favor of coloring, but Green continued to talk, unwavered by Red’s silence or lack of a response, in fact it only seemed to encourage him. It was only when recces hit that really initiated their friendship, when Red had been shoved down by one of the usual bullies, Green had stepped in. They both ended up getting detention for fighting, since Red didn’t speak to back up Green’s claims that the other boy had started it. Green had been frustrated with Red for not speaking up. However, the spiky haired boy continued to stick around Red regardless of it all.

So it wasn’t a surprise that they eventually became friends, Green even going through learning sign language so he could actually communicate with Red. Every morning, Green would be pounding at Red’s door, insisting Red was late for school but his friend would always wait for him, no matter how late he actually was. To Red, Green appeared to be the strongest, most independent boy he’d ever knew. Adventurous and ambitious, dragging Red along just so he could ‘witness how amazing Green was’. Red had cried several times, but Green never cried, not even when an angry Spearow had attacked and chased them off. So it surprised Red to finally see Green scared for once.

It was the weekend, which meant they could stay over at one another’s houses, this weekend it was Green’s turn to stay at Red’s house. After dinner and cleaning up, they had wasted the rest of the night looking through the latest Pokemon magazine Green had bought from the store earlier. Eventually, Red’s mom said it was time for bed and Red crawled into his bed and Green tucked himself in his sleeping bag. It wasn’t the first time either one has had a sleepover, but it was the first time Green woke him up in the middle of the night. Red, being a sound sleeper, groaned in protest and rolled over to ignore the poking Green was giving his side. He mumbled something incoherent as he tried to ignore Green’s insistent jabbing in his side which grew more and more demanding the longer Red tried to ignore it.

Finally, he rolled back over to glare at Green for disturbing his slumber, but his ire died the moment he saw Green. He looked a little pale in the glow of his pikachu nightlight and he could catch the sight of tears brimming in those amber eyes, threatening to spill at any moment. Immediately Red sat up, his brows furrowed with concern and question as his red eyes tried to peer for an answer. Green was usually always forth coming with information, so it was surprising that he turned his head, a stubborn gesture that indicated he didn’t want to talk about it. Red wanted to know what could cause his friend to cry like that, but it appeared he wouldn’t be getting any answers.

Instead, Red lifted up his blankets and motioned for Green to join him, it took a moment as Green debated on giving in to such weakness but eventually he came around. Red waited patiently as always until Green climbed up onto the bed and scooted under the covers with him. They didn’t touch, simply faced each other as they shared a pillow, their quiet breaths the only thing disturbing the silence of the room. When Green sniffed a little, the tears starting to leak from his eyes despite how determined the other boy had been to keep them hidden, Red reached out. He wrapped one arm about Green’s torso and the other curled under the other boy’s head. He mimicked what his mother did for him whenever he had a bad dream, pulling Green close to snuggle, to offer comfort to his only friend.

Red rested his chin on top of those messy brown spikes, feeling Green shake a little in those quiet sobs, but Red didn’t comment, even if he did speak he wouldn’t. Instead he let Green just let it all out while holding him, he felt a pain in his chest to know the boy he thought was strong, confident, and nothing could ever get to him, could actually cry. He closed his eyes, his hand slowly petting Green’s back in a way his mother always did to lull him back to sleep, hoping to sooth whatever had caused Green to become so upset. Eventually, the sobs lessened and Red thought Green had worn himself out enough to have fallen asleep. He didn’t mind if Green stayed in his bed, he liked the comfort of someone being there for him and vice versa.

“Red?” A soft voice broke through his drifting thoughts, making his eyes open and he leaned back to look at Green’s exhausted, tear stained face to let him know he was listening. “Promise me something?” Green continued, being vague enough to peek Red’s curiosity, Red nodded with an affirmative motion. He would promise Green anything after what he’d just witnessed, anything to make his friend return to the loud and cocky boy he once knew. “Promise me you’ll never leave?” Red blinked in surprise, it was an odd request, one he wouldn’t understand until he was an adult and had figured out that Green had been crying over the loss of his parents. Had he’d known at the time…

Red held up his hand, all his fingers curled except for his pinky finger, a gesture that was familiar between them. Green smiled a little, lifting his own hand and curled his pinky around Red’s to seal the promise. A promise that Red would eventually break…

Can I just say

he took lightning

To the HEART

for katara

Zuko’s entire redemption arc was leading up to his relationship with katara, the episode where they track down her mother’s killer was the climax of zuko’s personality curve, that episode SHOULD have ended with them becoming romantically involved, or at least introduced it as a possibility with it becoming a reality after his Agni-Kai with azula. Aang was the perfect “not every hero gets the girl” character from the very beginning, if he did end up married with kids it should’ve been a later development with someone else.

and katara’s entire romantic story makes SO. MUCH. MORE. SENSE. with her and zuko being in love. Her “forgiveness and healing through accepting the past and embracing the future” story complements his “trying to be good but finding it really difficult” story so beautifully. He was never her abuser, he never actually even hurt her, they were on opposite sides of a war and then they became friends. They should’ve been more.

And mai should’ve ended up with ty lee. Obviously.

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Can you share that first kiss story when you realized that Dazai's serious about you?

Well…Dazai was something of a flirt even back when we were young teens, any girl around our age caught his eye it seemed. What caught me off guard was when he started flirting with me, I just assumed he was like that with everyone and chalked it up to him pulling my leg. We were close back then, the only kids around our age and…well, you know how kids are. We eventually got curious about things like kissing, and decided we were good enough friends that it wouldn’t hurt to test it out on each other…I knew the moment it happened that I could have gone the whole rest of my life only kissing him, but I didn’t expect him to feel anything close to what I did. But then the kiss ended, and only seconds later he was leaning in for another, so I kind of had an idea of how he felt. 

A Rare Blast From the Past

Mother-dearest was bitten by the cleaning bug, and has been going through boxes that nobody has opened in years.

While doing so, she found this:

My Evil Cat Skits

Aka the first book that Pop ever wrote when she was 10-years-old.

(Someone even helped me make an About the Author page. I’M SCREAMING, I was trying to be so professional about it. Go Kid Me.)

(awww lookit lil fifth grade me with glasses. Mother-dearest even helped me straighten my hair for that picture!)

Let’s read through this exciting tale, shall we?

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*After Glenn and Merle get into a fight started by Glenn*

Merle: When the Asian kid gets back, I’m gonna need to apologise for what I did

Daryl: Well, come on, he did kinda start it

Merle: Doesn’t matter. A good Christian would have turned the other cheek. On the other hand, a good red-neck would have shot him, so I’ll just split the difference

The way I like to headcanon it is that Thomas and Laura thought they could not have a child, so they adopted Craig when he was about a year old. Maybe about a year later Laura (by miracle) became pregnant with Ruby and so they then had a biological child. This explains craig’s impossible dark hair and if you like the Peruvian headcanon like me, that can be used to back it up too. (and it makes so much sense with how loving they are to their children like if you adopt a kid you have to work so hard for that to happen so of course they are so good to him).

WARNING: If you have not caught up yet on Teen Wolf or watched tonight’s episode, don’t read this post because there may be spoilers involved!

Well, I’m just an emotional rollercoaster right about now. Teen Wolf is over, and my baby Nolan is still alive, but did Gabe really have to die? Granted I didn’t really like his character a whole lot (being bad sure did look good on him and Nolan, though!), but I think that he deserved a better ending than what he got. He was just a kid that didn’t know what he was getting into. I’m just glad that Theo took his pain so that Gabe could die in the least painful way possible.

(This has nothing to do with my rant, but I’ll be adding Nolan and Gabe to my Teen Wolf list if you guys want to send in some requests based on the last season!)

Teen Wolf 6x20 Review

The Good

  • I really liked Nolan’s redemption arc I think they did a good job of playing him up to be this scared kid that is trying to make things right in the end.
  • I really enjoyed the relationship between Scott and Derek I think their relationship has come so far and they’ve learned so much from each other.
  • The Anuk-Ite becoming all of the friends Scott thinks he has failed and all of the battles he’s faced to show Scott’s biggest fear is failing his friends and not being able to save them.
  • Small return of Nogitsune Stiles yeah!  Stiles was not overused in this episode and I’m glad for that because 6A was tiring for me.
  • Gerard being fucking mauled by Kate was the most fitting end.  Kate just wanted her dad, but he saw her as a monster, so that is what she became.
  • The return of Jennifer!!!  It’s nice to see her again because she was one of the best villains.  I wish she was there for real.
  • The way Theo was handled was good.  He’s slowly learning to be a better person (as we saw by taking Gabe’s pain) but not worthy of being in the pack!
  • Some cute Jydia moments!  Great to see Lydia in general back to having good characterization.  Hated her in 6A when she was a plot doormat.  She kicked some ass and looked good doing it.
  • Mason and Corey told each other ‘I love you’ and honestly what an iconic ship I’m in heaven for them.  They had some very cute moments.  And it looks like they might be the next Emissary?  Interesting.
  • All the normal guys got something to do tonight!  Sheriff and Coach kicked some ass, Mason got to beat dudes up, and Melissa got to shine tonight as well.
  • The ending I think was really fitting!  Got to show while not everything is fixed, the pack are all still there and Scott is being a real true alpha helping all the wolves he can and protecting them.

The Bad

  • Chris and Melissa being together.  Honestly makes me want to vomit because Chris literally tried killing her son on multiple occasions.
  • I wish we could have seen more of the team’s fears besides Derek.  I wanted to see maybe Malia afraid of killing her dead sister again, etc.
  • While I love Scalia right now that ‘kiss him to make him heal’ scene was so cliche.  Or at least, she should have just done it without Lydia saying anything.
  • Monroe escaping and being able to form a huge hunting group as a novice that was only a guidance counselor three weeks ago lmao.
  • Really sucked that they never asked Braeden or Kira back for the finale.  Braeden’s mercenary skills would have really come in handy this season.  And Kira’s been sidelined ever since the end of season 4 yikes.

The Neutral

  • While I don’t hate Peter, I still think he didn’t really deserve to be considered a good guy I’m on the fence about that.  Also wish we could have seen more of Malia’s Tate dad.
  • Lmao Stiles and Lydia barely looked at each other or touched in this episode.  They kissed in 6A and it’s almost like it never happened.  I never saw the chemistry there anyway.  I choose to believe that Stiles realized how in love with both Scott and Malia he was and they started an ot3.

can people please, please stop comparing tamora to chris and the old hunters? they had a fucking code. tamora does not. she made a good villain, even tho i wish she’d realized scott wasn’t so bad, but my biggest issue is people comparing her and her hunters to chris and his.

the argents had a code. it wasn’t kill all supernaturals. they left kids alone. they left supernaturals alone, to an extent, if they weren’t a threat. did they have a blip of bad issues when gerard came back into town? yes. but that was gerard. they fucked up because he was in charge and manipulated them. they used to have morals, as far as hunting goes. 

just stop comparing tamora to chris, please. whatever you do, stop doing that.

Tonight’s big mood is being punched in the chest by ur love for the losers club

We got bill? Absolutely a brave and caring person who’s so fucking smart and optimistic and wonderful? He was willing to sacrifice himself to this monster he wanted dead so there’d never be another Georgie just so his friends might live??? No wonder he was the closest thing they had to a leader

And stan the fucking man like? My dude was smart !!! Logical and reasonable and understandable tbh?? He’s funny and kind and!!! Brave my boy stan is brave folks and I’ll fight on this! He was attacked and still kept going to try and save a friend and he’s honestly so good??

Eddie!!! Eddie is so strong?? Snappy comeback king! Fucking powered through his anxieties and his mother’s manipulation and shit and ??? What a strong kid folks!! He helps some random kid from an injury just bc he’s a good person????

Richie my bOY he cares about his friends so much. He loves and appreciates his friends with every fiber in his being !!! He fucking overcame his fear of clowns purely to save his bro who he’s been kinda mad at for a while bc he cares so much!!!!!!! And he’s funny as fuck ??

Ben. Ben the boy. New kids on the block obsessed boy. Hung out with some random kids who helped him like once bc he’s a loyal kid! Got attacked multiple times and still stayed with them?? Brave and loyal kid. Fucking!!! Poet! And he tried hugging bev and shit before kissing her bc he’s not a creep or anything and just wanted her to be safe bc he’s a good!!!

Bev???!!!!!! Bev the GIRL. My girl. Sassy as fuck and dealt with constant bullying and shit like everyone else and barely batted an eye? Showed these boys up time and time again as being resourceful and smart and BRAVE. And daaamn she just fuckin played whack a mole with her Dad and pennywise what a gAL

Last and FAR from least there’s mike? He didn’t even get like any screen time but he stole all our hearts with his bravery and compassion and kindness. Goddamn boy went from not being able to kill a sheep to murdering a dude to save his friends (and to respect his parents honor bc he’s a good son and a good friend) like mike. Mike the boy was logical and kind and just so pure???


In another part of the world, Rohan was enjoying life.

He still really loves Artyom.  Andrei, not so much, but Artyom and him are really good friends.

That came on lot.

Triggered… possibly because I was ogling him, but maybe because of my sims.

He did a complete 180 just as soon as he arrived.

BTS to their GF is working babysitting bc she love kids


Originally posted by bwiseoks

I think jin would adore you from a far..enjoying the moment of his gf’s beautiful yet gentle smile. He would love how you hold the kids in your hand and he will find himself smiling to himself like some idiot! He then tell himself that the beautiful right there will be the one carrying his kids. 


Originally posted by hobjoon

That smile will tell you how grateful his is to have her as his gf. He is not good with kids so he needs a wife who will take care of his kids and his gf are just perfect for it. You will find him standing behind you with that smile. 


Originally posted by jaayhope

He just love how you are smiling at the boy and he will think to himself and ask himself what good deed did he do to deserve such a kind angel like his gf in his life. 


Originally posted by namseok

This guy would pretend to be a little kid and send her a whole bunch of heart like the picture. This would be out to space imagining his gf as his wife with his not yet to be born kids. He would then sit and adore her gentle movement and thank god for giving such a kind and loving gf to him. 


Originally posted by yahjiminie

This little chimchim would be really proud and would rant about how she look so cute and bubbly with little kids to his member. He would tease the member about not having such a cute gf like him. He would find himself already buying her a rings to propose bcuz he is sure that she will be his wife and the mother of his kids.


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

That smile says it all. He will be in his dreamland and he will be out his way to buy her a wing and flower. He will make sure he won’t lose or let go of his mother kids. 


Originally posted by jkguks

He won’t be able to hide his bunny smiles to the fact that he is watching his future wife playing with kids. He will make sure his kids will be able to his mother bubbly smile and laugh. Jungkook will make sure to held a big and warm loving family too. 

Sorry I haven’t been able to write cuz I have personal issue and I hope you enjoy it ~~ ;) <3

On a serious note - I like how Tommy has the intelligence of a kid since he was stuck in that world for so long. He never grew up mentally and I like that. Also, Rick loves Beth and they’re so much alike I am sure she left. She’s running from her problems and is going to convince herself that she is doing the best thing. Remember Rick during the season 2 finale? When he gave himself up because he thought it was best? Beth is a horrible person with good at her center. She would leave if she thought it was for the best…

Writing masterplan

I just thought up a new plotline for my rewrite of the canon from KakaYama POV. I think it’s pretty neat and I’m all excited about it so I want to share it with y’all! Also if you have any more ideas TOTALLY TELL ME!

- so as we already know (I already started this plotline in Making it work), Yams befriended Nardo and he’s a good influence on the kyuubi brat since academy so the kid isn’t left on his own for so long and is less rowdy and better-educated

- most of the things pretty much go as the canon until Pein attack
- because during Pein attack Danzo held his ROOT back again but most of the ROOT members are already fed up with his scheming to get power at all costs, even at the cost of letting hundreds of innocent people to be killed and destroying the whole village
- so a group of ROOT members led by a certain dark-haired man who used to be paired with a certain mokuton user (yep, go Kinoto, go!) take the advantage of all the chaos and steal Danzo’s documents and take it all to the hokage
- Tsunade isn’t rendered unconscious for weeks but merely days and Shikaku and other high-ranked jounins make decisions in her stead until she wakes up again, so there’s no need to elect a new hokage
- Danzo is captured, restrained with seals and chakra supressors and put into heavily guarded prison built by Yams to be dealt with (he’s executed later), before that they make him release the cursed seals placed on ROOT members and they are transferred into regular ANBU (therefore there’s a significant amount of very strong ninjas with kekkei genkai on the Konoha side during war)
- the whole truth of the Uchiha clan massacre is revealed and a group of shinobi sets out to retrieve Itachi and Sasuke
- also I decided to sneak in some ItaNaru maybe? because that’s apparently my jam now… the thing is, Itachi shall live and both Uchiha are brought back to the village instead of Konoha nin being stopped by Obito and Sasuke killing Itachi

-the war continues pretty much the same only it’s Tsunade who goes to the five kage summit and team Kakashi leaves the village for a different reason than beg raikage for not killing Sasuke, maybe to ask him to let Naruto find and rescue and befriend Killer Bee?
- Kabuto still uses the fucking Edo tensei and is stopped by Uchiha bros(I’m debating Itachi just used Shisui’s kotoamatsukami on him instead of izanami so he woudn’t lose his eye), they decide they need help of the other hokage and revive Orochimaru because he’s the only one who can do that (therefore the four hokage are revived to help in the war and stop Madara in the first place)
- I’ll probably sneak in some past MadaTobi as well just for a comical exchange between the two :D :D
- aaand I have yet to figure out Itachi’s role in fighting Obito, Madara and Kaguya
-important things - Neji is to survive and Obito is not forgiven so easily dammit

-final pairings when everything returns to normal are:
- KakaYama is a thing and Kakashi appointed to be a rokudaime and they have their gay marriage
- Sasuke and Sakura try dating but discover it’s not what they want so Sasuke stays on his own and does a lot of business outside the village while Sakura gives a chance to Lee who matured a bit and isn’t so insane anymore
- then ofc ShikaTema , InoSai and ChojiKarui because I love those pairings tbh
- NejiTen, KibaShino and Hinata stays on her own to gain some damn confidence (maybe I’ll pair her with Sasuke later, idk yet) and ItaNaru