he is so good i hate everything

Also, can we talk about how that might have been the first time he’s said ’ I love you’ and the way he said it a second time without any hesitation because it was true.

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I used to write Percy Jackson fanfiction when I was 12 and it was LIT. And by lit I mean it was SO EXTRA OMFG, I LITERALLY MADE EVERYTHING SUPER DRAMATIC??? Like, Annabeth transferred to Percy's school and Percy was super popular bc he got hot and there was this bitch named Shelby who liked Percy and hated Annabeth and all sorts of drama happened like... wtf 12 year old me... But it was pretty popular HEH 8D guess ppl like trashy dramas LMAO

“Percy was super popular bc he got hot“ fucking broke me kaeri oh my god

lets be real tho everyone has a guilty pleasure for overly dramatic shit

but really,,,,,,… percabeth was such a Good Pairing,….,,,,,,

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Hi! Maria from Italy! The first thing I want to say is that you always crack me up! You're so funny and I love you! Lol The second thing is that I get when people say that if you criticize SOMETHING Sam does, it doesn't mean you hate him or you're not his fan. I get it, I do. You can't love every move or things he says. But when you criticize EVERYTHING he does and you think what he does is fake or he's a coward, then it's when I call you a detractor of Sam. Definitely not what being a fan means

Hello! So good to hear from you again so soon. Thank you, darling, for your kind words - I love you too!

Of course Sam isn’t perfect. Of course he screws up. Of course this fandom is a mess. Half the fandom is running around screaming, smashing windows and setting things on fire and the other half is hiding under blankets in their bedrooms waiting for the dust to settle.

@mama-tumblz wrote a great post yesterday about how our experiences color our perceptions and I agree with her. We see things based on our own life realities. One person sees innuendo and BS and a major dumpster fire and another person sees encouragement and excitement. Neither are particularly wrong or right. It’s all based on our perceptions and interpretations.

It’s in what we see, but I also think its in what we look for. You can find BS anywhere you look for it. You can create BS anywhere you look for it. You can also find light and positivity anywhere you look for it. It’s not one fan calling it like it is and one fan refusing to see anything but a golden, perfect celebrity. We don’t have facts or answers, so we interpret what we see based on our experiences and our overall personalities. What one person sees as a lecture another person sees as an open dialog amongst fellow fans.

I’ve been in this fandom since the very beginning. A long time ago an interviewer asked Sam to tell us one of Caitriona’s faults (you know, the “he’s always late, he eats all of my snacks” variety) and he laughed and stumbled for a minute and then said that he “Certainly wasn’t looking for fault” but that he’d think about it. This was an incredibly telling off-hand comment for me. I promise you, he spends waaaay too much time with Caitriona not to be intimately familiar with her flaws and faults. I’m sure he could rattle off a list - of both large and small things that drive him INSANE about her. But he said he wasn’t looking for them. Not that she didn’t have any. He simply chose to put his focus elsewhere. This is how I choose to fan. I’m not looking for fault. It’s not why I’m here. That’s not fun for me. I’m not naive. Sam is not my golden boy. I don’t pity him, or think he needs my protection. I don’t think he’s perfect - he’s far from it. His imperfections aren’t why I fan, and aren’t the focus of my experience. I’m also not interested in the actions of people who don’t factor into my fandom. I don’t follow them or seek to find out what they are doing. I try not to assign meaning to situations I know nothing about. I rarely look for innuendo - or breadcrumbs. I squee a lot over things I think are cute.

The reasons I’m here fanning are my own, colored by my experiences and personality. Other’s reasons are completely different from mine and neither is right or wrong, they just are.

I’m not here to look for fault. I see it, but I don’t seek it out. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and I don’t want to give my energy to what I see to be negative experiences. That’s me. That’s my fan experience. And that’s ok. I can engage with others who’s experience is different from mine. They can post things that make me think, or make me mad, or change my opinion, or that I completely ignore, and I can do the same. It’s why we’re here. I love this dumpster fire that is our corner of tumblr. It’s just that while some are dancing around the fire, and others are throwing on more trash to see how high the flames will go (my son would totally be the one doing that - in real life, with a real fire), I am over in the corner, making hot chocolate and passing out the fixings for s’mores. Either way, we’re all at the same party, all enjoying ourselves.

My son seriously just made me get up and make him hot chocolate because it snowed a metric butt load last night and I made him shovel the drive way. It was an analogy, kid. I didn’t mean I was really making hot chocolate. Sheesh.

I go to this super good private school where we have an hour in between classes to do our homework. There’s a giant room with bean bags and everything where we can do our homework. There used to be this kid there who hated this school and tried to get himself kicked out. He punched teachers, posted videos of himself smoking meth so the snitches at our school would tell on him, cursed out other kids in front of teachers. All that stuff. It worked when he crushed up a smartie and snorted it in front of a bunch of sixth graders.

Something Crazy Part 5

Summary: The first double date with games and movies. People are getting closer. (I suck at synopsis.)

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2069 (Sorry I got carried away.)

Warnings: smut (only a hand job but still), fluffy, angst and panic attacks.

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / Part 4 

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Bucky’s Pov

Bucky hates to admit that he is wrong but when Steve suggest this trip he thought that he would hate it every second of it .When he meet you everything changed. He started to have fun instead of run every morning and sleep all afternoon it was a good change.

 Gosh he was so nervous to see you again. A thousand of thoughts are in his mind and none of them are good. He is already at your door is not like he is run away.

“Relax is not like she is going to hit the door on your face and throw your things thru the window, she invited you here.” Steve voices get him by surprise and as he rings the bell he almost having a heart attack when Natasha opens the gate.

He gives her a kiss on the cheek and enters the house looking for you. He wishes he had brought you some flowers instead of only 5 different pizzas would be more romantic.

He founds you sitting confortable on the living room in leggings and his sweater. He pulls you to hug and he feels relaxed when you hug him tight. You place your lips on his and pull him on top of you; his hands are inside of his sweater feeling your soft skin.

The smell of your shampoo it’s intoxicated for him, he is lost in the taste of your lips until you put him away “Hello Doll.” You kiss the tip of his nose “Hey Bucky get out of me you are heavy.”

“But you are so soft.” You laugh pushing him away “We are coming in, please tell me that you two are decent.” Steve and Nat enter the room side to side with a big smile in their faces. “Nice sweater.” He whispers in your ear just to tease you.

They sit on the sofa opposite to yours and Steve asks “What are we going to do?” Natasha gets up and brings a vodka bottle “I know we talked about movie but what if we play true or dare?”

“Are we five?” He surprise that Steve talked back to her but he was excited to see where this is going and he is not the only one because you say at the same time as him “I am in.” The four of you sit on the floor and Natasha say “If you refuse to do the challenge or answer the question, take a shot.”

The first four rounds of the game are really innocent, until the bottle was between you and him and you ask “True or dare darling?” He was curious about how wild could you be but he decides to play it safe “True.”

“Have you had a wet dream about me?” He almost chocks on the air “What kind of question is this?” You give him an innocent smile “Well this game was kind of boring and you didn’t answer me.” He can feel himself blushing “Yes.”

You kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear “Tell me later.”  The game continues pretty normal Steve dares you to dance wildly, he asked Natasha how many shots she can drink before be drunk but things start to get dirty again when Nat asked you.

“What’s the most uncommon place that you had sex?” You start to laughing “Do you really gonna make me say this all loud? In a park lot.” After that everything was dirtier .You dare Nat to give her panties to Steve. He had to stay the whole game without his shirt thanks to Natasha. And Steve poor Steve had to stand for 5 minutes naked outside.

Half hour later the game stops and the four of you are in the living room watching some horror movie he is not really paying attention he is watching you. You have a distant look in your face and you’re playing with his hands.

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He looks at the other couple Steve has his lips on Nat’s neck and their hands are down the blankets he prefers not to think about what is occurring there.

Your hand starts to massage his leg getting closer and closer to his shaft but never actually touching. You kept teasing him until the movie end “Good night guys we are going up.” He saw as Natasha drags Steve up stairs.

“Did you like to tease me baby girl?” He places your hand on his cock over the jeans “This is your fault.” You give him a mischiefs smile “Who says that wasn’t my plan any way?”

“What a naughty girl.” He watches as you get up and lead him upstairs “Nice room. I am the first boy that was ever here?” You chuckle and get closer to him “In this room yes in this house no.” He sits in your bed and you sit in his lap.

“Do I ever going to have my sweater back?” he watches as you take the sweater off “It is really comfy but if you prefer me without it. I will have to be cold.” He places his hands on your hips “I can always warm you up.” Your lips are on his neck and the way you are biting on the spot behind his ear is driving him insane.

Your hands are working in his shaft and he feels like a teenager boy who is receiving his first hand job “Don’t hold back come for me big boy.” In less than one minute he feels his orgasm taking over him.

He starts to shake but is not from his orgasm he can’t breathe or focus on anything. He tries to calm himself down but all he can see is flashbacks from the war and his nightmares. He can distinguish what is reality and what is in his mind tricking him.

Your Pov

You don’t know what to do. One moment his face is pure bliss and the other he looks like he can breathe and you see panic in his eyes. You think about calling Steve but honestly what could he do?

You do the only thing you can think off, you hold him hoping that he would come back to his senses soon. He grips your left wrist and you don’t think you should try to get away or even if you could he is holding you so strongly that your wrist is hurting.

With your free hand you start to run your fingers thru his hair. You can feel his grip losing up a little “Shh you alright I am here please relax you are okay.” He doesn’t respond you but he let go of your wrist and sit on the floor.

You sit by his side and your hands are in his hair you think that this is more comforting to you than to him so you stop “Don’t stop please.”

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You two stay in silence for a few minutes, you are so lost in your thoughts that you have a jump scare when he calls your name. “I am sorry. Did I hurt you?” you shake your head no but when he is going to pick your wrist to check, you flinch.

He doesn’t look hurt by your actions but instead afraid and you don’t understand why “I should go.” He gets up real fast and he almost leaving the room but you stop him “Bucky stay please.” He looks at you and you can see the pain in his eyes “I hurt you, you don’t even let me touch you. “

You don’t know what do or say, sure you want to pull him into a hug and don’t let him go anywhere but you don’t think that is a good idea “I don’t want you to be alone.”

“Why?” You walk slowly in his direction “Because I like you.”  You are face to face to him and you place your hand on his cheek and he leans on “Can I see?” You nod and he gently starts to look and trace his fingers on the soft skin of your wrist “Do you think it is broken?”

You shake your head a no and move your wrist to prove its hurting a little but you doubt that is something serious. “Come on Bucky lets go sleep okay? You feel better in the morning” He refuses to move and you feel yourself holding him and taking him to bed.

“You should put some ice on that, Doll.” You don’t want to let him alone he look so fragile so different to the boy you met a few days ago “Go i will be fine.”

Downstairs you found Steve looking thru your cabinets “Do you need any help?” He looks at you surprised “Sorry, Nat wanted some cookies but I can find them.” You smile at him and point him where the cookies are “Are you okay?”

You start explain everything that happened to you and Bucky upstairs, you don’t know why but your mouth just don’t shut up. You leave a few details off but you pretty much tell him all that happened.

He helps you with ice and you are thankful that you are not alone because the pain is stronger “You should go back. Nat will be worried.” He laughs “She would kill me if I let you alone. Come on lets immobilize this wrist and you can go back to bed.”

You stay in silence while he works on you and is telling a cute history about him and Nat “Can I ask you something?” You agree “Are you confortable in be in the same room as him? If you want, you can go sleep with Nat and I stay in the sofa.”

“There is no need of this. I am fine and not afraid of him … I just want to know what happened.” Until now you hadn’t think much about Steve for you he was just a guy with a great body but he was extremely kind and nice you like him.

“Do you remember what you say to him? Any pet names?” You think for a while “Not really I called him baby and big boy I guess.” He gives you a sympathetic look “You should talk to him about this. Are you ready to go upstairs?”

When you enter the room Bucky is lying on your bed and you can see his sweatpants and t-shirt on the floor. He looks at you with guilty “Are you feeling better?” You nod and give him a smile “You took a long time. If you want I still can go.”

“Oh no. Steve was there and we start to talk and he helped me with my wrist.” You see all kind of emotions thru his face fear, jealousy and amusement “Only in your bra and leggings?” You look down at your outfit and you didn’t even notice that you didn’t have a blouse on you.

Natasha would kill you, you would kill yourself you feel so embarrassed. You feel his arms around you and you relax a little over his touch “Steve is having a really good week first he found himself a beautiful lady then he see you in this black bra. And all thanks to me.”

You feel happier that he is a little better “I am so embarrassed.” You say burring your face in his chest “I am sorry but i don’t think he will say anything. “ You agree and murmur I hope.

You take off your pants and bra and he helps you get in his sweater. You are pretty sure that you are never given it back. You climb in bed with him and he holds you in his arms “Bucky I am really sorry if something I said triggered you.”

“It’s not your fault. You can have sure of that.” You look up and see “But I am sorry … Steve says that maybe I should talk to you about what happened and I agree with him” His eyes are sad “Can we just sleep? I promise that tomorrow we talk about it.”

“I don’t want you to think about that while you are sleeping.” You kiss his chest “It’s that bad?” he agrees “Don’t worry it was a long time ago. Are you sure that you are comfortable with me here with you?”

“Bucky shut up. Lets sleep.”


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KHR is really just a story about mafia men’s ill-advised adopting plans

Dino nabs Tsuna and Hibari as little brothers (Hibari goes down fighting. He Hates This). Reborn is already his Bad Grandpa so they’re a surrogate family

Squalo adopts Yamamoto as HIS little brother and Yamamoto is the BETTER version?? obviously??

iemitsu has his Low Maintenance student basil. why spend effort on raising your actual son when you can claim this kid who worships you and does everything you say. haha

shamal takes on gokudera but like. he Does Not Want To. shamal is terrified of responsibility. it burns to the touch, like sunshine on a vampire’s skin

mukuro angrily hoards people. presumably to take them out of the mafia hoarding game. he does it compulsively. why else would he intentionally hire fran

Miserly Old Mist Wizard Mammon just takes on the entire varia. Theirs Now. Hate All Of Them More Than Anything But Still Theirs

tsuna has 3 kids and a gaggle of guardians. he’s doing so well at such a young age

timoteo got a high-level responsibility with xanxus but. that didn’t turn out great.

xanxus refuses to participate

reborn wins, reigns King Of Taking Responsibility Over Teenagers. he also Hates This. but he reigns anyway, out of spite

Daddy Daze - The Bump (Bucky)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Sam and Bucky play with James for the afternoon, nothing could go wrong right?

A/n:Tagging for my permanent list as well as Daddy Daze is open. Also so are requests.

Sam and Bucky faced you with excited grins, you eyed them both wearily.  You still didn’t think it was a good idea for them to be alone with your year old.   James had been getting into everything, even though both men were capable Avengers, a 1 year old was another story.

“Y/n we got this!  I love my little nephew, and as much as I hate to admit it, he is a great dad.”  Sam glances at Bucky before turning back to you with pleading eyes.

“See doll even Sam will admit, I’m a good dad. Besides unlike a certain flag covered man, I didn’t lose my kid.”  Bucky says with a smirk,  his statement causing you to look at him with wide eyes.   

Bucky immediately realized his mistake and rushed toward you, “You can’t tell!  You can’t say a word!  Mrs. Rogers doesn’t exactly know.”

Your eyes fill with humor, rubbing your hands up and down his muscular chest giving Bucky a cheeky grin, “I won’t say anything, but you owe me later.”

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Credence Barebone x Reader

Words: 482 (drabble)

A/N: So now I changed my keyboard to English *thanks to a good person :)* and it seems, correcting some faults it´s easier.


Credence has always been the type of man that you would never really understand. He loved so much, but he hated in an equal amount.

But no, the boy wasn’t a bad person, quite the opposite actually. He had this strange way of showing how much he cared about everything…that humble spark in his eyes was the first thing that made you fall for him, even if you already knew that the possibilities of him feeling the same were almost nonexistent.

You passed hours of your time with him, eyeing him shyly already knowing he wouldn’t notice even if you were glaring at him. Not because he was a dense person, but because he used all his free time to sit in the Goldstein´s living room and look at the ceiling, in self-pity of course.

“It doesn’t have to be like this every day…"Credence didn’t stop looking lost, but nodded in agreement or maybe he actually nodded just to make you know he was listening, either way it felt good to receive a response.

"Doing nothing makes me feel better.” He muttered tiredly, eyes distant and lips curved in a bitter smile.

“From here, it looks like you´re torturing yourself.”

“I deserve it.“ Shaking you head, you walked slowly. Stopping in front of him, leaning and blocking his view. "Credence, bad people were mean, rude and aggressive to you…Isn’t that enough? You don´t deserve more.”

“I’m scared.” He confessed with a trembling voice, eyes sliding shut. “I wanted to…-To make them feel like I did…To punish them for what they did to me…” Now he sobbed and your hands moved on their own to caress his drenched cheeks.  "People died because I was angry…Now I’m soaked in blood-“ Credence cried a little louder, lowering his head and trying to hide himself between his legs. When your hands left his face, they only did it to move into his dark short locks. While you smoothed them with the tips of your fingers, he started to whisper between light sobs and hard pants.

"I don’t want to go to hell… She always said-aid that I was going to-” He inhaled sharply, perhaps letting him talk wasn´t a good idea… “Die and go to hell.” Credence lifted up his gaze and waited for you to react.

Your jaw tightened and your muscles stiffened in a painful mix of guilt and anger, how could they hurt someone so much?

“You made mistakes, but that thing wasn’t the real Credence, that obscurus was the pain that someone else gave to you…”Craving the warmness of his body, your arms pulled him into you, with his head resting in your chest and his arms limp at his sides. “Love, stop being scared, you´re strong.” Leaning your chin on his head you kept quiet, silently pleading it would make him feel better.

“You´re not going to leave me, right?


Not Good Enough

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 888
Warnings: Slight angst

Final part of Consequences

You had heard Dean yelling about you fucking Sam and froze, hearing everything. “I did.” You told him, making them both look over. “If you’re gonna be mad at me, don’t be mad at Sam. It was my idea. I asked him. I damn near begged him.” You felt a tear roll down your cheek, so you wiped it off. “Hate me all you want, please, please… Don’t hate Sam.”

Sam backed up. “I think that you two need to talk.” He said calmly. “I’m gonna go for a jog.”

You watched him walk to his room to change before you looked over to Dean. “I take it you need your usual ‘after a night out’ breakfast?” You asked softly.

“In a minute.” He said softly, taking a step closer.

“Let’s get some food in you, Dean.” You told him, turning and walking towards the kitchen. He sighed and followed you, the silence deafening.

He was picking at his meal, knowing he should eat, but unable to actually do it. “Talk to me.” His green eyes looked across the table at you.

You shrugged, eyeing your coffee. “What’s there to say?” You asked, looking up. “You’re pissed. You want nothing to do with us. I’m surprised you’re even here. You couldn’t even be in the same room as us!” You teared up. “Why would something like hearing what I said change anything?”

“Because…it just does!” His eyes pleaded with you to just believe him.

Picking up your coffee, you shook your head. “You wanted me to talk, but you can’t do the same?” You asked gently. “Come find me when you can be honest with me, too, Dean.” It hurt to walk away, but it wasn’t fair what he was asking. How could he expect you to open up to him if he couldn’t do the same?

Dean didn’t say a word, just watched you walk away. He knew that you were right. Fuck, did he ever! But, he could barely admit it to himself- let alone you. And admitting it to you would mean admitting it to Sam. “Fuck!” He pushed his plate away, his fingers gripping his hair as he snapped his eyes shut.

When you got to your room, you let out a deep breath. Setting down your coffee, your pulled your hair up and decided a deep cleaning of your room was in order. If you couldn’t work on things with Dean, this was something that you could control. Kicking your door shut, you licked your lips and moved forward. You pulled the blanket and sheet from the bed, pulled each of the pillow cases off, and then the fitted sheet. It had only been a few days since you’d washed them, but that seemed too long ago at the moment.

They were tossed into a pile at the end of your bed, knowing that you’d have more things to wash soon enough. But first, music.

Dean knew that things were rough when he heard music blaring through the bunker. Groaning, he let his head fall forward and hit the table. Maybe you were right. He should heat.

After a few minutes, he sat up straight and pulled the plate closer. You were an excellent cook, and knew exactly what to make him when he’d been drinking the night before.

You’d completely cleaned your room, did all your laundry, put all your clean clothes away, made your bed, and showered. And still no sign of Dean. Deciding that you really needed to get something to eat, you made your way to the kitchen. It was mid afternoon, so Sam was likely in the library, and you had no idea where Dean was.

Once in there, you grabbed a bag of chips and a can of soda. Sitting at the table, you ripped the bag open and popped a chip in your mouth. Your eyes were trained on the table, your mind spacing out.

“Y/N?” You heard Dean’s voice and shook yourself from your trance. Blinking, you looked over to him. He gave you a sad smile. “Look, I’m sorry.” He started. “The only reason I hooked up with that woman at the motel was to get you off my mind.” Your eyes went wide. “I’ve always cared about you, always. As something more than a friend. Then you asked me of all people to be the one you lost your virginity to. I was shocked, but you have no idea what that meant to me. I felt good enough.” He ran his hand through his hair. “And then you fell asleep in my arms. That was the happiest I’d been in a long time. I knew that I wasn’t good enough to have that. So, when I walked in to see…that? It felt like I’d been stabbed.”

Getting up, you moved to stand in front of him. You ran your fingers through his short hair, his arms wrapped around your hips. His face was against your stomach, wanting to just be close to you. You smiled down at him, your hands gently resting on the back of his head. You’d open up in a minute. Right now, you were content holding himself like this.

Sam stood in the kitchen doorway, his eyes dropping. Swallowing, he turned and walked away.

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Attached (Part 2) - Carl Grimes Imagine

Part 1

request: You’re probably really busy but I just couldn’t think of anyone else but you to write an imagine of Carl X reader where he’s so in love with Enid and like Carl he just somehow doesn’t see that reader is in love with him and always there for him. But when Enid leaves he gets so emotional and furious and lashes out at reader and gets a little physical, BC he thinks its readers fault.. reader sees the hate in his eyes and he doesn’t love reader… Something super angst BC I need a good cry lmao

a/n: this ending is shitty as hell bc i’m trash but i hope you like this anyways ???!?!?!

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 797

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @italiannoddle @stilescalmdown @archer-whovian-violinist @littlechandlerblogs @girlygreenie 

The warm water ran from the shower head, hitting your back and rolling down your body. The heat calmed you, and your fingers traced circles on your scalp, soothing your headache. 

Enid didn’t deserve Carl. She toyed with him, leading him on only to vanish the next day. It wasn’t fair for him to fall for someone who didn’t give a damn about him. You were one to talk, though. 

The bathroom door opened and closed quietly. 

“(Y/N)?” Carl asked, his voice echoing through the steam-filled room. 

“Yeah, I’m in here,” you replied. You and Carl had known each other for so long, that nothing really fazed him. 

He took a deep breath before continuing. “I’m sorry I went off on you.” He went on when you didn’t respond. “You didn’t deserve that. It wasn’t your fault, and I was just angry, and I took it out on you. I’m really sorry.”

You were thankful for the running water, which hid the tears rolling down your cheeks and the redness of your face. 

“Carl, if you want to get Enid, go get Enid,” you said bluntly, turning off the water and squeezing the water out of your hair. “Can you hand me my towel?”

He handed you the towel, and you wrapped it around yourself before stepping out of the shower. Carl followed you into your room, where he politely sat on your bed facing away from you. You had all grown close, and your definition of privacy had become much different than it ever was before. As you began to change into your clothes, Carl spoke up again. 

“I don’t want to get Enid. I’m sick of chasing her around when all she does is leave me here. I find myself being upset because of her more than I find myself happy because of her,” he explained. 

“Look,” you chuckled, jumping into your jeans, “I know exactly how you feel.” You couldn’t see his face, but you knew Carl was frowning. “I know you never meant to make me feel that way, but that shit happens when you catch feelings.”

Once you were completely dressed, you sat next to Carl on your bed, leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like this,” he whispered. His voice was jagged, like he was holding back tears. “I swear I didn’t know you felt that way. If I had known…” His voice trailed off and he placed his hand on top of yours. “Maybe things would have been different.”

You lifted your head from his shoulder and looked up at him. He was searching your face for a sign what to do. To be honest, you weren’t sure either. 

“Can I kiss you?” he asked, his voice smooth and quiet. 

Your chest was pounding, and your nerves were skyrocketing. Your breathing quickened as his hand trailed up your arm and was placed on the back of your neck. 

“I don’t want you to kiss me out of pity,” you interrupted. Carl didn’t stop leaning in towards you, though. 

“I would never,” he mumbled before his lips collided with yours. It took you a moment to adjust to the unfamiliar feeling, but he pulled away before either of you got carried away. “I’m sorry.” 

You frowned, unsure of what he was apologizing for. 

“I’m sorry for not realizing how you felt. I’m obviously not too good at picking up on that stuff,” he sighed, smiling down at his lap. “I’m sorry for getting mad at you and leaving you earlier. I was confused, and I handled it like a dick.”

“Truth be told,” you agreed with him jokingly. 

He smiled, glad to see you weren’t upset with him. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into a hug. Your arms hung around his shoulders, and you gently squeezed him, holding him closer to you. 

“It’s okay,” you whispered. “I was acting stupid, too.” Carl’s eyebrow quirked inquisitively. “I let my jealousy get the best of me, and I couldn’t even sit through a damn game of cards without getting all upset at you.”

“No! Hell, I’m glad. I can’t stand the kids here,” he assured you. “I’d much rather spend time with you. You actually know things. You’ve seen the world for what it is. All these kids are just living in their perfect world surrounded by bullshit. They have no idea what’s gonna hit them when they grow up and have to learn for themselves.”

You nodded, agreeing with him whole-heartedly. 

“Mmh,” he sighed, “Thank God I have you.”

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Soooo, I was working on giffing another scene in this episode (it did not go well) but this….I mean, you never forget but sometimes you’re just reminded.  How they both just constantly have faith in each other and instant forgiveness (yes, yes, they’ve also done and said some messed up things).  But when you strip it all down, they’re just there for one another.

It’s like this quiet warm constant.  You’ll always be forgiven.  I mess up more than you do, I won’t let you hurt Sam, I’d die for him, I would. 

Castiel should have hated ‘the boy king’ but he didn’t. He never did. 

Sam should have hated the angel that demolished his wall.  He never did.

It’s like they recognise something in each other despite everything.  I guess it’s that they both have such good hearts?  That any bad they have done, they have done for the greater good (or so they thought).  That they were both high on power, that they punish themselves more than anyone else could.  That they would sacrifice themselves in an instant to save others.  They see that in each other.

Someone who didn’t have to save them or care for them but did.

I may hate Hilary, but I still swallowed my pride and put my morals aside, because I recognized that the people of America needed her to win. They needed her to beat Trump. This election was about more than my personal  feelings towards a candidate. This was about my fellow countrymen/women. This was about all of us, and in the end I was with her. In the end I was able to choose what was right. 

Yet again, the baby-boomers failed us. Yet again the south failed us. Yet again we have made ourselves look like a bunch of hateful assholes. America has yet again chosen ignorance. We have yet again failed to progress. We were finally starting to get somewhere. Obama had done so many good things, and now, everything he has done is about to be erased by a hate-filled reality star.

The scariest thing about this is that it is not just one mans ideals, it is how the majority of americans view things. 

Also, just as a side-note, we failed Bernie once again. We can’t keep failing him, and each other.

I am tired.

I am scared.

But, I will never stop fighting. 

As Bernie said, “Never loose your sense of outrage” Our revolution continues.

Dating Finn Bálor would include:

× You fall for him because of his accent
× He thinks you’re so sweet
× but holy fuck, he was impressed because you’re a little crazy
× Him being your trainer
× “but Finn, if I do that finisher im going  to look amazing”
× “you always look amazing, love. But no, that finisher is too dangerous”
× Always cheering on for him, everyone will know you’re there because you’re the one screaming the loudest
× Sending stupid kisses to each other from a long distance
× Maybe sometimes you’d suddenly find yourselves in the shower in his locker room
× Pressing a kiss to your cheek when he sees you training.
× Supporting each other in everything
× Him being nervous when he is going to meet your family
× “but sweetheart, what if your dad hates me?”
× “finn, don’t worry, he is going to love you, you are so adorable”
× He managed to swoon your parents pretty good too
× “I know mom, he’s a keeper”
× You being the bestfriend of his mother
× “I swear Finn, if you broke her heart, i’ll hit you in the face”
× Falling down next to you in the couch after gym, or just a long day, and leaning against your shoulder with eyes closed
× other times he’d lay down with his head in your lap, falling asleep to the sound of your voice and the feeling of your fingers playing with his hair or tracing patter on his skin"
× He loves to see you while you’re sleeping
× “i know that you are seeing me Bálor, please stop”
× “is just that you have a line of drool, babygirl”
× Small kisses in the corner of your mouth, on your nose, your cheek, forehead
× He loves kissing all your “imperfections”
× “If I love them… are they still imperfections because for me, all of you is perfect, (y/n)”
× Him being so proud of the amazing wrestler that you are.
× “how could yo do that in the ring? I WAS FUCKIN’ DYING, (Y/N)! but it’s okay because it was amazing”
× Him having two sides in question of sex
× Like sometimes he’s this adorkable man, so sweet and gentle
× and other times you’re havin’ sex with the demon, this man that loves to be so dominant and have rough sex
× and you’re not being sure who side you love the most
× You both being the most sarcastic couple
× Getting in really long and depth talks
× Finn being so kind to you that it actually hurts your heart
× Constant teasing
× He’d absolutely love taking you on dates and would try to make sure they were perfect
× When he got that big injury during summer slam and you was with him, he was more than sure he wanted to have you always at his side.

You know people, i’m going to stop doing this shit because it’s killing my heart and im falling deeply for this idiots im just kidding, i love this even if it hurts lol

Jung Joon Hyung: Is sad.

Me: The world is a dark and cruel place. I hate everything. Nothing will feel good again!

Jung Joon Hyung: Is crying!

Me: Who tf hurt my baby? Show yourself bish! Imma kill you! This is WAAAAAAR!

Jung Joon Hyung: Is happy!

Me: Look how beautiful and bright the world is! Everything is so precious. I see nothing but flowers and rainbows and unicorns!

when dex and nursey move in together nursey gets those word magnets for the fridge and he leaves before dex for work in the morning, so he always makes magnet poetry for dex every morning before he leaves. (“your light is overpowering, it washes over me and fills me up. you are the sun and the stars and everything good.”) when he comes back, dex has always made him a poem, too. (“you look like a potato. i love you.”)

how do i put this. i dont even hate mycroft in fact i hope everything is good with him and sherlock in the end but. hearing people say that any mistreatment/belittling/etc mycroft does to sherlock, he Deserves because his autism, mental illnesses and struggle with drugs make him “difficult to love” is one of the most hurtful fucking things ive heard on the matter lol

ponyboysxsunset  asked:

Do you think Draco was good? Deep down. I always did but that is just me

I definitely think he was good deep down. I also always see the best in people.. so that’s one thing why i think that. I think that the way your parents raise you has an influence on you behaviour just like, your friends, and more. He was raised with the thought of hating mudbloods and more prejudiced stuff, and being sorted into a lot of people thinking the same way is encouraging the behaviour. He had no close friendships with people, he had to do everything alone and the most important thing he had to go through everything alone. And he had no control of his actions most of the time because he was forced into it. And what most people don’t realize when they see draco is, that he had no choice. Especially when he had that task from Voldemort. I know it’s not an excuse for his behaviour but It sure is very sad. Bullying isn’t something good, absolutely not. That is also the reason why most of the people don’t like draco because they only see that side. But when you see the scene in Harry Potter and the half-blood prince where he is crying and he sure has a lot of guilt of his actions, that’s the moment we’re you can see that he is not that bad as they say he is or at least show him to be.
Because when I was a young child I thought that draco was bad because he bullied. But as you grow older I understood his ways and his behaviour or at least know why he did it.
I know that j.k. Rowling based draco malfoy on one of her bullies she had when she was younger. And I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done when I experienced it the way j.k. Rowling did. But I think everyone deserves a second change, if they proof it that they deserve one or at least show it. Thankyou for your question!!!! :)

i still cannot believe how oblivious neil was to the fact that andrew was in love with him like… he noticed that andrew treated him differently but he was so sure for so long that andrew hated him and i just… baby please… 

Today I:

- Called Senator Bernie Sanders’ office to thank him for everything he’s doing right now and to urge him to begin holding Donald Trump accountable for the hate crimes he has incited.
- Signed a few petitions.
- Made a donation to Planned Parenthood in honor of Governor Mike Pence so that the certificate of donation will be delivered to his office.

Little things, but it felt good to start taking some small actions.