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Spidey Fever

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The heat with which Spider-Man kissed you was almost startling. It had been as if you two hadn’t seen each other in ages, which isn’t true since you had a date yesterday on top of the Pizza Hut nearby your place. 

Spider-Man’s warm tongue glided over yours with not quite perfection but damn near good enough for you. 

You had to pry yourself away from him after a few minutes and force him to talk. 

“What’s wrong?” you asked, holding his hands. 

Spider-Man rolled his mask down over his mouth again. “I guess you could say it’s been a rough night,” he admitted.

You smile apologetically. “How bad?”

“Not so bad. But when everything builds up you just have to find a way to take it out and beating up bad guys isn’t enough so-”

“So you take it out on me instead?” You conclude with a laugh. “Don’t worry,” you assure your boyfriend when he begins to fret over the choice of words. “Making out with you is really fun. But maybe things are building up because you don’t talk about it.”

Spider-Man groaned. “Here we go” he seemed to say. 

“I’m being serious.”

“I know that you’re being serious,” Spider-Man responded. “That’s why I hate it.” 

You pout and lean back against the low wall on the roof, looking down at the traffic and shadows and blinking lights. “If you don’t trust me, you can just say so,” you mumble. 

“Y/n,” Spider-Man said softly. “I do trust you. It’s mostly myself I don’t trust. Nobody can know about-”

“About your secret,” you finish for him. “I know that! I know everything you’re going to say! Spider-Man isn’t a party trick, it’s not a game, you’ve told me all of it!” 

Spider-Man sighed. You can see his face moving underneath the mask, most likely becoming pinched with frustration. 

“I’ve never seen your face,” you finally say. The wind blows across your forehead. “I’ve let you seen most of me and yet you never let me see your face. Maybe I trust you too much.”

Spider-Man looked hurt. You looked hurt too probably. You felt hurt, coiling across your ribs and binding your arms and feet, making you claustrophobic despite being out in the open with pleasantly cool wind reminding you that you aren’t bound. 

“I wish that I could,” Spider-Man whispered. “But I can’t.”

You nod. “I know.”

“Are you upset with me?” 

You shivered. “I don’t know,” you admit, turning to look at him. “I’m upset in general. Upset and confused and torn.”

Spider-Man held his head in his hands. “You don’t deserve this, you know. Stupid dates on roof tops. Going out with someone you don’t even really know. Not being able to even say you have a boyfriend.”

“So? Are you saying we should break up?” you ask. 


“Then what are you saying?”

“I don’t know,” he lamely replied. “I know that I don’t want to give you up. I want to be selfish and keep you so that I’m happy.”

“And what about my happiness?” you ask again. 

Spider-Man took a deep breath. “What would make you happy?”

You clench your fists tightly. “I think you damn well know,” you snap, glaring at him hard. You look away quickly. “I’m going to sleep. I have a stupid chem test tomorrow and I would rather not fight with you.”

“Wait, a chem test tomorrow?” Spider-Man  smacked his forehead. “A test tomorrow!” he exclaimed to himself. You stare in confusion. “Huh?”

“I-I forgot that you have school on Sundays!” he stuttered. 

“Tomorrow is Friday,” you correct sharply. You don’t understand what he’s saying but you’ve become much to angry to bother asking what was wrong. “Goodnight.”

“Y/n, wait, are you going to leave without fixing this? Without fixing us?” Spider-Man took your hand to stop you, the way Romeo would try and stop Juliet. 

You pulled it back. “The only one who can fix this is you, babe,” you say hoarsely. “Goodnight.”

You slump onto the sofa and sigh contently. The tension from today drained down your legs; school started early-as usual-and sucked-as usual-and Peter Parker slammed into you in the hallway, making you spill a peach cup down your hoodie. He stuttered and stumbled over himself to apologize and help. You could only take a breath and smile gently. 

Peter’s pretty cute and dorky. In a lot of ways, he reminded you of your boyfriend. Your stupid boyfriend. 

So you gently touched his shoulder and assured him that you weren’t mad. Then the morbid chemistry test came, and Peter sat down behind you. It’s such a strong thing to accuse someone of, and you definitely don’t want to outright accuse him, but you’re pretty sure that Peter cheated off your test. He kept staring at you the entire class. But he’s majorly smart and so goody-goody that you can’t picture Parker doing such a thing. 

You made a mental note to get a peek at his score; if it’s the same then you might look into it more. 

You tried really hard not to think about Spider-Man during school and now that you’re home, there’s nothing to distract you. Your mom is off at the store or at her office so you’re alone with thoughts. 

Just as you considered eating ice cream straight from the carton the doorbell rang. You didn’t answer it. Besides, you’re alone, so what if you get kidnapped?

Of course it rang again, followed by impatient knocks. You stomped across and opened the door. 

The last person you expected to be at your door stood right in front of you now. “Peter?”

He looked so relieved. 

“How do you know where I live?” you ask, shifting uncomfortably on your legs. 

“Y/n, I need to tell you something right now and I’m not going to chicken out or anything because you’re right! You need to be happy too. I trust you so much and I will protect you with my life.”

You stared wide eyed at Peter, who ranted on and on about things that didn’t make sense. “Are you alright?” you ask slowly. “I can call someone for you if you’d like. Uber okay? I have some cash you can bor-”

“I’m Spider-Man,” Peter blurted out. 

“Haha…wait a second. What did you just say?”

“I…I said that I’m Spider-Man,” Peter said again, sounding more confident this time. “I’m Spider-Man and I’m sorry and I’m in love with you.”

You put a hand over your forehead as the floor begun to spin underneath you. 

“Oh, shit,” Peter hissed when your eyes rolled back and you slunk to the floor. Peter caught you in time and sighed heavily to himself. “That went well.”

BTS as your boyfriend

Sounds odd, but I don’t know how to word it 


  • Would take such good care of you, oml
  • Spoiling you with food
  • Buying you whatever you want, because he ‘feels’ like it
  • Kisses your forehead and cheek when out in public
  • Plans the sweetest dates
  • Rubs your back when cuddling 

“I love you so much, and I really hope I can make you the happiest person.”


  • Likes it when you listen to his music
  • Asks for your opinion on almost everything
  • You bring out the softie in him
  • Always ends up sleeping for 10 hours or more when you cuddle
  • Always taking pictures of you/ the dates you go on 
  • Kisses you on the lips no matter who’s around making you blush

“You’re so adorable when you blush, you know that?”


  • Loves to be close
  • Always smiling and happy around you, and its contagious
  • Likes it when you play with his hair
  • Kisses your forehead
  • Both of you like to mess with the younger ones
  • Does his famous dance when you are sad

“Come on princess, no one can be sad with this beautiful dance!”


  • Breaks a lot of things, but you forgive him
  • Raps for you expensive girl starts playing
  • Loves showing you off
  • Talks about you a lot
  • You two would stay up all night talking about whatever
  • Constantly listening to music together

“Do you think bugs have feelings?”

Jimin: aka the cutest thing ever

  • Blushes and gets shy when you kiss him
  • He FaceTime’s you a lot when he misses you
  • Rests his head in the crook of your neck
  • Always has an arm around you/ super cuddly
  • Takes you on dates away from everyone else
  • Loves you worth all of his heart

“I love you, so, so , so , so , so, so , so, so, so, so much.”


  • You two are always silly
  • Annoying the older members, especially Suga
  • Kisses your nose
  • Knows how much you like his deep voice
  • Loves to cuddle, almost as much as Jimin

“Why won’t you cuddle me back? I’m sorry for whatever I did.”


  • Wont admit it but he loves spending time with you
  • Kisses your jaw
  • Super competitive, and you have to put him in his place
  • Possessive and gets jealous easily
  • Goes all out to get a nice photo of you, like will lay on the floor
  • Doesn’t like it one bit when you ignore him

“What did I do? Is this because I snapped at Jimin hyung? He was flirting!”

you: Lance is a heavy sleeper.He uses eye patches ,headphones and face masks to help his self sleep .He seems to not be able to sleep easily or wake up at time.

me: you ,a fellow voltron fanatic, disrespected my loyal son who has been suffering from anxiety and homesickness and can’t enjoy sleeping ,even if he had a big loud family or not ,who got used to noise and now that everything is so quiet he tries to be, simply, comfortable ,he,the prettiest boy in the whole universe who has devoted his life treating his self to look good because he’s insecure about every random thing ,tries to feel safe just by keep having a daily routine that reminds him of earth whiLE HES ON FUCKIN SPACE

Dating Yoongi

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  • Low-key into couple clothes and couple jewelry
  • Your greatest supporter in everything you do 
  • Always so proud of every little thing
  • Like you just started getting into painting ? He will take pics of your paintings and show it to his friends , saying how proud he is and” look the talent “
  • But if you are not good at something , he would tell you without hesitation .Because honesty is above all things
  • Loves skinship , especially holding hands and kissing .
  • Although he gets all shy when you suddenly kiss him in public.
  • Sucker for cuddling , anywhere , anytime *but he wouldn`t admit that in public *.
  • Absolutely loves taking photos of you , especially when you aren`t paying attention.
  • Acts like a lost kitten , when he is gone on tour , and he misses you .
  • Likes to tease you , and sometimes annoys you on purpose just so he can make it up to you later.
  • That tongue technology *you know what i mean *.
  • Loves receiving massages and giving them back
  • You are one of the only persons that are able to wake him up without him getting mad at you.
  • Yoongi would be nervous when you meet his parents , but even more when he meets your parents.
  • The fights are pretty rare , but if a more serious one happens you two keep the distance for like a few hours.After that , you two always end up discussing about it and making it work .
  • Again , honesty in everything.If something bothers you , you would tell him and vice versa.
  • All in all he would be a great boyfriend , loyal , respectful, attentive,  and   more importantly he would love you with all his heart .

🦄Feedback is always welcomed . If you liked this and have something in mind that I can write, feel free to send me requests .Help me start-up this blog .Thankies ❤

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With Alice being locked till I do not know what age, Killian must've taught her everything, so she can sing, paint (maybe carve pumpkins :D), she taught her ancient greek, all the naval things, knots, he even taught her about eyeliner etc. I can not write fics, (english is not my first language), sadly, but oh god, do you know if there's something like this already written? If not, maybe I have a little prompt for you since you are so good at this ;) Please! SN

Sorry this took so long, Sweet Nonnie! First off, @bleebug, @killianmesmalls, and @thesschesthair/@thewishhookjunkyard have written some LOVELY KnightRook stories, and there’s a growing collection in my KnightRook FF tag. But…here’s my little take.

Killian was eternally grateful that he’d paused long enough in farewelling his crew and the Queen to grab his things from the cabin. He left behind the necessities, like atlases and star charts and an old sextant, but made sure to grab whatever other books and belongings he could carry.

Because, it turned out, he had a sponge for a daughter.

She was studying from his old language and arithmetic textbooks as soon as she could read, and was fluent in Greek and Gaelic by the time she was 7. She loved the history books he had, outdated as they were, and had practically memorized the histories of the varied kingdoms of the realm—up to a certain point, at least, and he filled her in on what he knew past that.

She was well on her way to being an excellent scholar, and he’d grown accustomed to the sight of her little blonde head peeking over the edge of a too-large tome. But the one thing she craved—and the one thing he’d had little use for on a ship—was stories.

Good thing he had lived so many.

It had started when she was little, telling her of the trouble he and Liam would get into together as small ones (and glossing over the unpleasant bits). When she got a little older, he introduced her to Neverland, making all the dangers and horrors of that strange realm seem like a game. (He especially loved her giggles when he made her “fly” like a pixie.) Misthaven, Agrabah, Arendelle, and Glowerhaven all became adventures to her.

But the one she loved the most was hearing of the strange realm of Wonderland. Granted, he hadn’t spent an extended stay there—he did his business and left—but he’d seen enough odd things on that brief trip to pair with a bit of imagination and spin all manner of tall tales from. Disappearing cats and infinite mazes and a mushrooms that made you bigger or smaller were exotic and exciting to a girl whose entire life had been spent within the same circumference of walls.

“I’m going to go there someday, Papa. And I’ll take you with me!” she promised after they played in the “maze” (just a clever rearrangement of furniture, but enough to entertain her).

He’d tuck her in, promising to take her to all the realms, known and unknown, someday. He never even considered that they wouldn’t break the curse keeping her trapped, though he still had no leads on how to do so. (Perhaps it had been premature to send Regina away.) But he’d never give up hope, and oh how he prayed she never lost it, either.

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Case? What Case?

THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. I loved pretty much everything about this episode - but mostly the Shandy, the squad interactions, and even the Rusty.

Sharon without her glasses. Always yes. Mary’s eyes are so green and so fucking beautiful - did you see them when she was on the cot being wheeled through the Murder Room? Dead. (Me, not her)

Everyone being so affected by Sharon’s collapse. If you didn’t notice, play the ep back and listen to Amy’s voice when she’s leading the paramedics to Sharon - ah, so good! Provenza! He’s so freaked out! Because he likes Sharon so much now, and because his best friend is in love with her - ftw! Mike holding Sharon’s head - gah! Andy speaking to her so calmly, reassuring her, then being all Take Charge Guy in ordering squad car escorts and leaving with her. Andy “I’m her husband” Flynn at the hospital - my heart!

Blah, blah, blah case stuff.

Sharon reaching for Provenza at the hospital! “I’m her son.” “I’m her husband.” “I’m her esteemed colleague.” They love her so much! And we got to SEE it! “Thems the rules.” The face she makes at Rusty!

Poor baby, getting the news all by herself - sadface.

Work, case stuff, what?

The Buzz briefing at home. The gray sweater, the “I’m sitting down.” Andy. Giving Sharon the time she needs to handle her shit, but staying on top of caring for her.

Oxy, and Ryan and Miguel, and who cares?!

THE SCENE. The bedroom scene. No glasses, green eyes, tortured soul - uuuggghhh! Jammies. Sharon’s turn to sugarcoat HER condition. The diagnosis - gut punch! Andy. Oh, my God, ANDY! Precious, persistent, adoring Andy, who doesn’t feel good enough. Choking up and tears and “I love you so much” - All. The. Feelings. Ireland!

(In my head, he took her hand, and she rose when he tugged on it. He pulled her into his lap, hugged her fiercely while they both cried, then wiped away her tears, kissed her temple, and suggested they get comfortable. Then, lying in his arms with her head on his chest, Sharon told Andy everything the doctor said, and they talked long into the night about their fears and their future.)

Talking to Rusty, and him Googling her condition - lol! Sharon being brave for her son. Sharon guilt-tripping her son! She looked SO PRETTY in that scene - sitting on the couch, in that blouse.

Showing up to the office together. Sharon’s face when Provenza welcomed her back.

Father Motherlover, the chief, Doctor Garza.

I have no idea how the case is gonna be resolved.

I’ve already rewatched all the Shandy bits, like, 6 times. I can’t WAIT for all the gifs and screen caps!

** I’m not thrilled with the illness angle, but it’s providing us with Shandy and Personal Sharon, so I’ll take it. I’m super anxious, though, about the affliction with which Duff has saddled Sharon. Seems scary. I pray that the show will end with Sharon’s and Andy’s retirement, and not Sharon’s death.

really the first listen thru i did not pay attention to merle dlfkjg like i liked him fine because clint is amazing and great. but taako was MY boy and also the lesbians were more important than anything ever. obvs

but this second listen thru like… god… i love merle… i thought he was just like, a sort of knockoff self insert (which i didnt mind bc clint is amazing and great!!!) but hes so… real… like i thought he was just this pathetic sort of goofball who wasnt as cool as taako or magnus but i guess thats because he doesnt have to be. hes such a No Regrets kind of character, except for the family thing, and his faith in pan and life and everything is so good, and uhuhuhuhu hes such a real ass character and i love merle fuck!!!

Celebrity AU continues with Hinata! He is a Youtuber (it’s for a good cause okay) and he mostly does vlogs, but his channel has pretty much everything. He uses it like a blog. Most of the time he just rants about his life and stuff, but his channel is a really big mess. He has covers of his favorite songs, some gaming, even lookbook videos! (Yachi makes him do those lol) He likes sunflowers and his favorite color is yellow (it’s a must-know thing in his fanbase).

His popularity comes from his bright personality and friendliness, probably. He is also a Trans boy, so LGBT community is a big part of his fanbase. He always shows himself up in big LGBT events. And he is seen with Kageyama Tobio a lot in those events, maybe they are dating? Or maybe Hİnata is just a fan of Kageyama? Who knows ;)

(Who should be next?? Or should I post my pencil sketches about the au?? I’ll probably do a poll about what to draw, you can vote on my instagram stories :”D)

yeah so. tonight the flash had a disabled man say “i want to die” on my screen. a disabled man, a wheelchair user, who is, as we have had before, our villain this season. 

as if we haven’t had a villainous (faking) wheelchair user with eowells. 

as if we haven’t had a horribly handled wheelchair storyline with felicity, with barry. as if nathaniel didn’t have hemophilia until he got superpowers and was magically cured. i’m sure there are more i’m missing. 

as if i wasn’t already considering quitting everything on dctv except legends of tomorrow with this horrible, antisemitic dumpster fire of a crossover. 

i think i’m gonna take a break from the flash. from our season villain of you-said-you-didn’t-want-another-speedster-so-we-gave-you-a-disabled-villain. from using a native american woman to show how good and pure actually our new sexual harasser ralph is. “oh he’s a good guy, he *cares* about native issues.” bullshit. 

i’ll be watching the crossover because i need to know how bad it is so i can stop imagining how bad it will be. i won’t be posting about it, though. and after that? i hope the flash gives me a reason to stay. arrow can choke. so can supergirl.

i need dctv to do better. i hope ak gets booted. i hope marc gets booted. i hope they get shaken up and get women and poc in charge. i hope they change. until then? i only know legends.

Growing World

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader smut where she is very pregnant and doesn’t feel sexy anymore. Spencer reassures her how sexy he finds her and smut ensues.

Pregnancy made me feel powerful sure - fuck, I’m carrying a tiny human being around in my stomach and feeding it and everything. That’s pretty fucking badass. But as I stood in front of the mirror, my seven-months pregnant frame staring back at me, I felt anything but sexy, or good-looking at all. Truthfully, I felt like a very immovable potato.

“Everything okay?” Spencer asked sleepily. It was his day off, so I’d decided to let him sleep. As a stomach sleeper, I was not having an easy time sleeping these past few months, so instead of fighting it, I got up, took a shower and started some breakfast. Pancakes. The baby wanted chocolate chips - at least that’s what I was telling myself. Spencer turned over to see me standing in front of the mirror, pulling at my t-shirt, which was being stretched out by my stomach. 

He reached his hand out for me. “Couldn’t sleep?”

“No,” I said, sitting back down and bending as much as I could to kiss him on the forehead. “Baby is getting in the way.” 

Spencer brushed his hand against my cheek, providing a warmth that I apparently needed badly. “What’s wrong?” He asked. He propped himself up in the bed and kissed the back of my left hand. “You look sad.”

“Not sad,” I sighed. “Just no pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for this baby and it’s going to be totally worth it, but I used to feel comfortable and beautiful in my own skin, and I just don’t these past couple of months. It’s a tough thing to get used to.”

To my surprise, Spencer looked absolutely horrified at the prospect. “Really? Y/N, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. You look gorgeous - pregnant or not.”

He’s my husband. He’s supposed to say that shit, right?

“I’m not saying that just because you’re my wife either,” he replied, almost as if he could read my mind. “You’re carrying my baby. There’s nothing more beautiful than that to me.”

I had the most amazing husband. “I love you. It’s just tough to feel pretty when you’re sweating and puking and waddling and- ”

“The waddling is adorable,” he laughed, pulling my head into his chest. “If that’s how you feel, I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong, but I don’t see what you see. I see the woman whose smile brought me to my knees before I even knew her name. I see the same woman that gave money to a homeless man on the street during out first date. I see the woman who would literally give the world for the ones she loves. She’s still sleeping next me. Although on a bunch of pillows and not in my arms.”

“That’s only because the baby’s making me uncomfortable. I wish I could snuggle in bed still.” Turning around, I stared into my husband’s shining brown eyes and reveled in the feel of his fingertips gliding up the sides of my neck, bringing goosebumps to my skin. 

At the beginning of my pregnancy (for about two weeks), I felt great, then came the morning sickness. Any sexiness went away at that point. Then shortly into the second trimester, I was overwhelmingly horny, again, for about two weeks. And it went away again. “I love you so much,” I said. “Even though I don’t necessarily feel great anymore, it’s nice to know you still find me sexy. How, I don’t know. Because I’m carrying around a small watermelon.”

Spencer pecked the side of my face with a kiss and laughed into my ear. “It’s going to be a beautiful watermelon.”

I am truly grateful to have married the man I did. 

As my lips grazed the side of his neck, I could feel his morning arousal stiffen against his pajama pants. With months of me feeling unsexy and gross, there wasn’t a lot of sex to be had, but I was feeling better the past couple of days and Spencer really did have a way with words. You could say something came over me. “No pressure at all,” Spencer said, peppering my neck and face with kisses between words, “But if you’re up for allowing me to show you how sexy I find you, I’m here for you.”

I giggled against his collarbone and turned around to fully face him. “If you can even make me feel like a sexy bowling ball, I will be grateful.”

You’d think he was a man starved. He cupped the sides of by face in his hands and leaned me back into the bed, sliding his lips in between the curves of what I called my pregnancy boobs, now double Ds. Gently, considering how sensitive I was lately, he glided his hand underneath my shirt to roll my nipples around in between his thumb and forefinger while his tongue lavished the other needy peak with much desired attention. 

At first, I wasn’t feeling it. Spencer would’ve immediately pulled away, but just as I was about to call things off, he bit down ever so softly on my right nipple, eliciting a soft moan. For a split second, I felt like my old sexy self again, and I wanted more, so I reached down and cradled his head in my hands, urging him to continue what he was doing. “Mmm…Spence…”

He left me all tingly as he traveled lower, ghosting his hands and dancing his fingertips across my growing stomach, placing kisses in the wake of his touch. What started out slightly frenzied, turned sweet as he smiled against my stomach, whispering how much he loved whoever was in there was much as their mother. 

A tear gathered itself at the corner of my eye as he moved lower still, his head obstructed by my bump. In just a few quick movements, he peeled my pants down my legs. Though I couldn’t see him well, I could feel the effects of him as his tongue went up the length of my slit. “Oh fuck.” Something about not being able to see him left my mind to wander - could be dangerous, but it wasn’t. His tongue continued to swirl in between my folds, providing the attention I so desperately wanted. When he introduced his fingers, I arched further still into his mouth, falling over the edge as he put consistent pressure on my clit. It was over too quickly, but months’ worth of release were pulled from me.

“Still sexy,” he said as he came to lie at my side.

My release was still on his lips when he kissed me. “That was…necessary. Thank you. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied as he placed his hand on my stomach. “No matter how big or small you are, you are my world.”

“I’m a growing world,” I laughed.

“A beautiful one.”

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[WeAreSoProudOfYou] [ThankYouBobby] [Love&Fall] [WeLoveYouSoMuch]

Teans: ©️KIMJ1WON

BOBBY’s Interview Photos for ‘LOVE AND FALL’ Japanese Version Album Release

Bobby talks about sleep a lot! He really loves his sleep and spending good quality time on his bed. And I love how he answers the second to the last question, “…But the thing I think is most important is iKON. So if I was asked what my job is, I’ll answer that I’m iKON’s rapper.”


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May I have some Twice HCs with a shy and somewhat sweet s/o? I know he's a villain and all, but I feel like he'd be a very good boyfriend, tbh? Idk, I'm just biased bc he's my favorite villain.

No you’re totally right !!! He’d actually be a wonderful boyfriend. 


◾️ Because of the way you are, he’s extra protective. He sees you as an angel that he needs to keep safe.

◾️ Which is why he has no clue why you’re with him. He considers himself the luckiest man alive because of this - you’re so out of his league. Too nice, too sweet, too beautiful, too everything.

◾️ He cherishes that though. He doesn’t take advantage of it. 

◾️ Sometimes he freaks out and panics, might accidentally something mean to you that he by no means actually intends. Hopefully you’re able to understand that, and even better if you can hold him or comfort him while he goes through these issues.

◾️ He wants to take you out to nice places, treat you the way he sees guys in romance dramas treat their S/Os, but he can’t. It’s risky to go out somewhere too public and especially somewhere where he has to act a certain way.

◾️ So no restaurants, no movie theaters. He’ll want to still take you out there, so like a park or a bar or something is fine.

◾️ Also loves staying in with you just so he can be alone with you and only you. Being surrounded by too much crowd and noise at once causes him to freak out sometimes.

◾️ “Jin, how do I look?”

 “Beautiful! Like an angel! Yeah, you look terrible! Take it off! Shut up!”

Just laugh or thank him, because if he ever says something mean to you it’s not what he actually means. 

◾️ He’ll do anything to make sure that you’re happy.

◾️ If you’re ever in trouble, Twice is all over the place trying to get you out. Fortunately, the rest of the league are actually very helpful and care about your well-being too. At least for his sake.

◾️ Someone who is close with Twice is close to them, after all.

◾️ So you not only have the protection of your boyfriend, but of the entire League as well.

◾️ Seriously you can hardly do anything wrong in his eyes. 

◾️ You understand him, you’re kind to him, and you make him feel the most sane he’s felt in a long time.

◾️ If he knows anything, he knows that being with you is 100% right and good.


“Why do you think being with someone is the answer to everything?”

Though the words were whisperd into Avery’s ear he strugled to even hear himself think, how had a two day affair messed him up this much?

on leadership and bodily difference

alright. time to talk about post-thangorodrim maedhros, and how his interaction with others might have been affected by the fact that he is now a person with a visible bodily difference/disability. [quick side-note that this post is brought to you by someone with a visible disibility also.]

first off, we can assume that he would have had to put up with a lot of what i like to call well-intentioned good-samaritaning (read: folks trying to do Everything for him because it makes them look good) from some people.

off the back of this, he’d also very possibly have to deal with some infantilisation. people with visible bodily differences are often subject to being treated like children, either through misplaced protectiveness or through internalised societal stigma revolving around the notion of that person as less capable and therefore somehow less adult. people might have tried to exclude him from important discussions, spoken to him condescendingly, or dismissed his frustrations as overemotional tantrums.

there would also have been the “i don’t know how to act around him” camp, who would distance themselves from him out of uncertainty over how to behave around someone visibly different than themselves. and there would have been the “rude questions” camp, who for whatever reason feel as though it’s their Eru-given right to fire inane questions at him (“so, how do you lace your boots now?” “do you have your squire cut up your food for you?”) instead of, y’know, having an actual conversation.

the upshot of all this, basically, is that maedhros probably would have had to Fight to be taken seriously, after angband. he would have had a lot to prove, and training himself to fight again—to become “more deadly” than before—would only have been a fraction of it.

I’ve been thinking about starting to write again and that led to what it would be like to go out on a date with Hopper and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts :)

  • He keeps slowly looking you up and down with a hint smirk on his face. Not smug though, just happy that you’re out with him and he thinks you looks so good
  • He also looks superb by the way
  • He drives you to a bar before dinner and keeps his hand on the small of your back because he knows you find it comforting and he likes to be close to you
  • He doesn’t overbear you with kisses and affection, he just watches and appreciates you - how you move, your facial expressions when he’s talking to you, the way your hair falls as you tilt your head toward him, how you look when you laugh. He just takes it all in - takes you in
  • He remembers almost everything you say. It’s all important to him, and it surprises you later when he mentions some of the smaller details you talked to him about
  • When you’re at dinner he tells you some stories of his life as a cop, heartwarming and funny ones
  • He takes you to his place after dinner, puts on a record, and you dance together for what feels like hours, constantly touching and wrapping your arms around each other, until you kiss and collapse onto the sofa
  • You wake up with your face buried in his soft beard - and at some point in the night he pulled a blanket around you

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Oh my goodness!! Your little honklings are so...well they're perfect!! I want one so bad and I know my Penns would love to have one...I'm sure he'd want one that eats everything like him!! You got any fat ones? I love pudgies!!!

here is your chubby boi :D robertgray-aka-pennywise

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your recent posts about how Lance's character is actually portrayed in canon really puts things in perspective. I understand that fanon is good and fun and important too, but as I don't like to forget about Shiro and Allura's trauma of losing everything in a second, but still gathering the strength to become strong and inspiring leaders for their team, I wouldn't like fanon Lance to overcome canon Lance (and same goes for every character ofc)

It is one of my issues about how Lance is portrayed in fanon. Yes he has insecurities, but so does every other character in the show. Most over issues that are much more severe and traumatic than a lack of skill. Canon has been doing a pretty good job of having him grow and mature past the actions his insecurities push him towards (though he still back slides sometimes). Fanon though, seems to just want to coddle his insecurities and validate his lashing out at others.

I think I got off topic from what you were saying though. Yeah fanon is fun. I like my Keith/Shiro have been dating the whole time fanon as much as the next fangirl, but there is a line where I realize that canon has contradicted this possibility. I write fic and what ifs about my fanon, I don’t believe it or write metas on it though.

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What about the One time its Tobirama asking to marry?

Hashirama probably sobs enough to create a new river through Konoha, caught halfway between being so happy for Tobirama and begging his baby brother not to leave him all alone. 

Tobirama, of course, would roll his eyes and fend his brother off with reminders that it’s not like being married would take him away. His spouse would likely move in with him so he’s not going anywhere. 

After taking a few days to sulk and weep, pouting at his brother to try and change his mind, Hashirama would pull a complete 180 and turn in to the Biggest Superfan Ever. His favorite ship is TobiramaxHappiness and if this is what makes his brother happy then he will do everything in his power to make sure every detail is perfect. He grows sakura trees for the ceremony to make it more romantic. He hires the Akimichi to cook the wedding feast. He stares down any clan elder who think they’re not a good match. 

Kami help anyone who dares to try and interfere with this marriage in even the slightest way. 

Zayn left the band due to anxiety, depression and eating disorder. Niall wasn’t allowed knee surgery until late and was so overworked. Liam was depressed and forced to do things he shouldn’t have to in that state. Harry was pushed into the spotlight and overworked to a point where he didn’t want to make music anymore. Louis had to deal with so much shit until he also felt like he didn’t want to do music anymore. I am so angry at everyone putting them through all this and I hope everyone that was involved gets dragged until no end. And I just feel so happy the boys pushed through and are in a happier better place now and didn’t stop, and I want everything good for them.