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The best part of the Frozen Wilds DLC so far: Aloy’s face when talking to dudes. 

happy birthday to you - boyfriend!tom

-tom would love your birthday so much but he wouldn’t be insane about it he’d just be really excited and happy to celebrate his favorite lady

-he’d try to whisk you away for a couple days over your birthday, not somewhere extravagant but just a nice relaxing couple of days somewhere probably somewhere close enough to drive and probably somewhere by the ocean because that’s your happy place

-you were out drinking and celebrating but were home by midnight when the date changed to your birthday and he’d blast ‘birthday’ by the beatles and take a video of you dancing and waving your hands around and you’re both yelling “woooooo!!!!!” and he’d post it to his insta story

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Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)

Cuphead - Ghost Blossom Headcannons

I know I’ve already done these two, and that I said I was going to do separate bosses, but I read through my old one and I want to change a few things. I will probably mention a few of the same things from the last one.

• so, starting off, Specter. Can’t. Flirt. Like at all, he is horrible at it, and cagney will just drop off little hints of flattering and specter is like oh my God he loves me so much he won’t stop flirting. Cagney thinks this is Fricking adorable.

• More on that, Specter will watch the “old 80’s Romance movies” and be like, Ooooh! That’s what I’m supposed to do..

• he threw rocks at a tree until cagney woke up at like 4 in the morning, cagney asked what he was doing, and spect. Just responded with, “ I never thought I’d get this far…” Followed by squeal-ly noises while he just kind of floated away.

• Specter randomly told cagney that he had to leave, and that he could never come back, with no explanation he kissed cagney and ran back to the train. A few hours later he came back, reliazing that he didn’t really have anywhere to go.

• He gave Cagney some flowers that he found on his way over, he thought it was a sweet gesture, cagney’s a flower, these are flowers, what could possibly go wrong? Everything. He just tried to give cagney corpses. Cagney was kind of shocked, disguested, and honestly a little frightened, but specter reliazed his mistake after. Cagney explained to him what he just did, specter died a little inside and apologized. (Those are only a few of the things he did)

• Specter loves cagney more than anything in the world.

• The whole ghost train staff (I’m so sorry I can’t remember what they’re called) weren’t really for the whole, specter dating cagney thing. But they were willing to try for specter.

• Specter badically goes around the train talking about what a great boyfriend he has.

• Specter will also talk to cala maria about cagney, while cala can talk about hilda.

• unlike specter and Cala maria, cagney and hilda fight about how has the best girlfriend/boyfriend

• Specter will actively disobey rules and sneak cagney onto the train, although he’ll always take him off before they go into the underworld.

• Cagney almost never let’s anyone garden with him, but he tries to teach specter so he won’t want to murder him if he helps out.

• Specter is pure, and basically thinks that things like neck kisses are the most romantic thing in the world. He gets extremely flustered whenever cagney does this, and the first time it happened specter just started screaming with no explanation, he said that it didn’t hurt or anything and he has no idea why he screamed.

• Cagney is very protective of specter, although the train staff are noticeably way more protective of him.

• Specter is also protective over cagney, and dispite specter making a lot of jokes, somebody could basically make fun of cagney, in friendly banter of course, and specter would yell at them.

• He would basically tell them to apologize, and cagney would say it’s a joke, and then specter would be like, AHHH they’re making fun of you?! And cagney would have to apoligize to the person and explain to spect. What’s happening.

• Cagney tries to not let spect. Buy him gifts because specter is bad at gifts. So he just gets him everything!

• Cagney tries to get to know the train people’s more, in an attempt to befriend them for specter.

• Specter can’t handle being away from cagney for too long.

• Spect. Tried to comfort cagney after the cupbros took his soul contract. Cagney really didn’t take it well. Specter wasn’t taking it well either but he could hide that a bit.


~Bullet Points~

  • Okay so dear dear Hongbin
  • Yet another bias of mine *sigh*
  • With this kid he’ll either be a gentlemen or a straight up kinky lil bitch
  • No inbetween honestly
  • But the kinky side of him only reveals himself to you so no one else could even start to fathom the idea
  • But you know
  • Would definitely call you princess all the time
  • Would always coo at you like ‘Oh my sweet princess’
  • But he uses this in two different ways, for example
  • ‘Princess you look so cute today~’
  • or
  • ‘Hey princess yanno what… I think you’d look better in no clothes at all. *Smirks* come here.’’
  • You see it now
  • However Hongbin can be a shy fluff bean with you when in front of them members 
  • Like no way is he going to get his ass teased or accidentally expose himself
  • He’s not letting them have that dirt on him, he ain’t stupid
  • But you find his cute side so fricking adorable that you just want to pinch his cheeks like on a real
  • But when he’s with you get ready for the kid to get cocky and a hecka a lot more confident
  • Which you also adored so it’s okay
  • He would be a big neck kisser guys like honestly be prepared
  • You guys could simply be hugging and he’d kiss your neck in the process
  • He may even suck if he wanted something…. *I need to stop this*
  • And when you were being cute, which for him was all the damn time, he couldn’t help but smile like a maniac and a blush to form on his cheeks
  • If he was close to you then he’d poke your cheeks and blurt out how cute you are by accident
  • Cue the both of you to get flustered af
  • When going on dates he’d let out his gentleman side
  • He’d turn up at your door with a bouquet of flowers everytime (N probably helped him pick them out ngl)
  • You’d take the flowers and thank him whilst going to place them on the kitchen table
  • If it was a movie date at yours he’d follow you closely behind or would politely wait outside if the date was elsewhere
  • He’d be the type of person to want to travel everywhere in Korea together, so he’s always asking for some free time
  • Whenever he’s having a comeback or is having a really busy schedule you’ll be 25/8 on his mind and he would always spam you with messages at breaks
  • ‘Have you eaten?’
  • ‘You should rest’
  • ‘You better be thinking about me right now.’
  • He’s also the type of person that needs your clarification that you love him and you think he’s good looking or something like the kid needs that kind of attention
  • If you don’t say it all day he’d be thinking you suddenly hate him or some shit and would feel the need to buy you a present to apologise for something he hasn’t even done???
  • Like deadass would turn up at your door to deliver presents and when you ask what for he’s just like ‘I don’t know you didn’t say you loved me today so I thought you were mad?’
  • You burst out laughing because he looks so distraught
  • You would lightly hit his chest then drag him inside, he’s already here so you may as well have a cuddle date right?
  • He feels so stupid that he thought you were mad yet somehow keeps doing this over and over
  • To regain his pride he’d probably start to be cocky af
  • Clingy af as well
  • Like he needs this reassurance still 
  • Plus he’d be feeling lowkey needy af now cuz of course you’re wearing his hoodie
  • So you guys see where this is going…
  • Lil  Hongbin loves you so much and is actually kinda whipped
  • Like he’s so smitten over you and would make it so painfully obvious
  • But it’s cute nonetheless because he has such a diverse personality 
  • Just ugh

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Okay but on a real guys I feel so attacked, PLUS NCT are having a comeback tomorrow PLUS Black Pink has released their comeback date. THIS MONTH HAS BEEN A MAD ONE HONESTLY JFC LET ME L I V E.

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Oh my goodness the way you drew Lance in that comic he's like? So beautiful? And of course Keith is there being adorable as frick just ahhhhhh your art is so flipping CUTE 💕

thank you!! I’m glad you like <3

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ok so im an avid yoonmin shipper obviously like duh lol. The reason is because they compliment each other so well. Jimin is a living ray of sunshine and is just adorable while yoongi is such a quiet little fluff. he just lets jimin do anything to him and its so fricking adorable oml im getting the feels just talking about it!!! getting to the point lol, why do you ship yoonmin? everbody has there own reason and i was wondering yours? (and could you attach your images?i love it when you do!) ~<3

Truee,they are two softies 😢💕 These two ask pretty much explain why I love them: http://jimiyoong.tumblr.com/post/168941686511/seeing-all-those-yoonmin-moments-i-can-clearly-see & http://jimiyoong.tumblr.com/post/168747498161/just-really-curious-why-do-you-ship-yoonmin :’)

I’m not sure what do you mean by my images..? 😐 like ym pocs I have or like pics of me? lol

okay but can’t you call someone cute without having everyone believe that you have a crush on them???? like there’s this boy in my class and he’s such a cutie pie and so dorky and frick fracking adorable but i only look at him as this baby and my friends are all like “eyyyy you like sid right?????” and im like please binch he’s just adorable and they’re like “ohhhhhh”

also i should mention that this kid is the most annoying idiot sometimes like our teacher is talking about why ammonia is hard to form through haber’s process without a catalyst and he asks if that is why fish find it hard to excrete