he is so fine help


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Do you sell prints of your work? Plz take my money.

nooooooo i don’t at the moment ;o; (but i’ve been actually sitting down and thinking about it tho), BUT I’M SO HAPPY YOU’D WANT TO BUY MY ART OPWDKA; ahhh <333


Lydia Martin: Founder and Captain of the Support & Protect Jordan Parrish Squad

Red hair Jimin (●´∀`●)

I love his hair ;;;;;; so much omg

Also his makeup was so on point

Hey! I was hoping y’all could send some advice/resources my way if you’ve got some spare time? 

Long story short: my friend is struggling with his sexuality, mostly because he is religious and can’t seem to reconcile being gay and being christian. I’m not religious, so my advice of “God doesn’t care” isn’t helpful and I’d like to give him something to read or look at or just anything to show him that being gay and being christian don’t have to be at odds. I just don’t know how to help.

Shiva is so exceptionally picky as to whom summons her, she will appear at times and not do anythingbut stand there, ESPECIALLY if they have hurt her feelings, or the feelings of someone she has personally taken an interest in.
i.e. Any given time regis upset cid, (vice verse) she would give regis the cold shoulder and make sure cid was feeling better before helping The King.

This is the power of love guys, Cyclonus took down Ravage, ripped off whatever the hell this thing is off of Megatron’s bed and then bashed his head with in all in like 2 seconds

jack having less fun in his office than i’d previously drawn

i liked this thing i drew for my borderlands colour palette blog so i recoloured it to post here

um… because uh…


sorry i don’t have anything else to say

I’ve been seeing a lot of rumors about WWE drafting Roman Reigns to Smackdown and I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I just think it’s a bad business decision. You should keep your so called “big dogs” aka the guys leading the company into the future on the “A show” (in WWE’s eyes RAW will forever remain the A show). Keep him and the other top guys currently on RAW, on RAW. Let Smackdown be for those that need the help and need to improve themselves as characters. Keep Cena on Smackdown as well considering he might not even be here after mania, so why draft him to RAW? He’s doing just fine helping others on Smackdown.

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imo in AF Simon sounds like he really doesn't understand the extent in which Mary really doesn't want to do hero-ing?

This is a pretty valid opinion In a way you’re even right, but Simon isn’t doing it on purpose.

It helps to remember that Simon has never been in the whole adventuring lifestyle himself, and is purposely kept somewhat in the dark about what Mary went through. He does respect what Mary wants, but he also wants to help Lucas.

It’s sorta shown in the new chapter when he offers to go by himself. He knows Mary doesn’t want to go, and he’s fine with that, but Lucas needs his help so he has to go.

But because he has been kept somewhat ignorant he doesn’t exactly understand the depth of that action.

Mob going over to Teru’s to study and partway through Mob gets so drowsy he ends up falling asleep on the book he’s supposed to be reading for English class. 

Teru’s slightly worried because he knows about the issue with Mob getting tired from using his powers too much. Eventually Mob wakes up and assures Teru everything is fine; he was just so comfortable he couldn’t help himself.