he is so fine help

Someone tried to tell me that Tarkin was not petty in the slightest.

I care to disagree.

person: hey, how are you?

what she thinks: the avengers: infinity war trailer has put me at the front of a rollercoaster of emotions. my son peter parker™ is shown laying on the ground crying and apologizing. i’m crying and apologizing. apologizing beCAUSE I AM NOT THERE TO KICK THANOS BACK TO HIS HOME PLANET WHERE HE BELONGS SO HELP ME-

what she says: i’m fine :)


Jon Bernthal Appreciation Week
Day two: favorite outfit
∟ Hoodies + bare chest

Everyone meet my new otp, Jazz/Wes! I call it… Overbearing Redheads

No but for realz mah dudes I was trying to come up with a prank otp but I ended up pranking myself

I have so many thought s on this now check the tags for deets


Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>


More of the weekend’s puppers.

Grow up big and strong for your families, little ones 💪

Imagine Woozi asking if he could help you with simple tasks like tying your shoelaces, just so that he could be close to you.

Don’t You (Forget About Me): Chapter One

Summary: Seven kids are brought together by Saturday detention. Through a series of confessions, they become closer than ever. 

Also known as, the Breakfast Club AU we’ve all been waiting for.

Warnings: Cussing

Word Count: 2428

Ships: Reddie, Stenbrough (Later Chapters)

Author’s Note: IT’S HERE!!! I had originally planned this to be a one shot, but I had barely gotten past an introduction and surpassed 2000 words, so I decided to make it chaptered. This chapter is more of an introduction to each of the characters. No mentions of Stenbrough YET but I promise y’all will get your fill soon enough… Let me know what y’all think :’)

It was Saturday.

Eddie made his way into the library where he would spend the next seven hours of his life. He tugged the sleeves of his white sweater down over his hands, gripping on to them for a hint of security as he opened the doors and braced himself —

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Description: Tony gets a little distracted from his work

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: as freakin always, smut, like kind of dom!tony for a little bit there

A/n: I’m imagining this taking place at Tony’s home in Malibu before it got all blown up bc I had an Iron Man movie marathon last night and now I wanna live in that house. Also you can credit the title to Distraction by Kehlani cause I’ve been non-stop listening to it

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“Y/N, what are you doing down here?” Tony sighed out, exasperated.

“I could as you the same thing. It’s one in the morning, Tony.”

He shrugged. You walked over to him as he tinkered with something, wrapping your arms around his waist. You pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades.

“You’re distracting me, dear.” 

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