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Designated Survivor S1x09: The Blueprint

You remembered my order.

Double Americano. Three pumps vanilla, one pump caramel. It’s too ridiculous to forget.

           AU where Frankenstein can shapeshift and changes into soft, cuddly animals because he knows Raizel is very fond of cute things.

… so there you have it: an adorable ball of fluffy fury that’s totally plotting to murder some Clan Leaders, purring while Rai pets him :3

… I’m totally blaming @laryna6 for this.


I wish there was more Dancefell and Danceswap. Maybe I’ll do some Danceswapfell or Outerdance later.

Bonus: For those who are wondering why DF!Sans is taller than Frisk, but not DS!Sans.


ʕノ •`ᴥ•´ʔノ*:・゚✧more animal crossing hakogaku

it’s just arakita and toudou tho let’s be real

Wishlist: Supernatural season 11 ep where a case brings Castiel to a Supernatural convention, and he runs into a group of Cas fans.