he is so dorky

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Would you rather have an AU Cas that's played by Misha, who is a badass, smooth, leather-wearing asshole who flirts with Dean. Or, would you rather have an AU Cas be the female vessel we saw in Lily Sunder, and makes Dean realize that he's in love with his best friend (and eventually ends up with our Cas)?

Haha either tbh but I think badass Cas is more likely. Also I think Dean is now more than aware that he is in love with the well meaning dorky little guy angel, so the only reason we would need a fem!Cas really is so the AUDIENCE and their heteronormative goggles catch up…

Give me bamf wanderer Cas who is helping Humans wherever he can, has rebelled against Heaven and proves that this is who he is with or without Dean, but who is disillusioned and shows that our Cas needs and wants Dean’s love even if his humanity arc is separate and not ALL about Dean, but who clearly will end up human and in a loving relationship with Dean…

Yes thanks :)

As a Master, I’ll protect every region, every person with my life.

Why does listening to epic music always end up with me doodling Pokémon Master Ash and Ho-Oh……. >u>