he is so done with them

Let me tell you something… if Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm portray Kylo’s turn in TLJ in a way that excuses his actions or blames them mostly on things the original trio have done, I am going to be so unbelievably angry. I don’t care if Leia and Han bickered and divorced before Kylo turned. I don’t care if they made some parenting mistakes (don’t basically all parents make mistakes??), I don’t care if Kylo maybe felt misunderstood or lied to because they kept from him that he’s Vader’s grandson. NONE of this excuses his actions!  NONE of that makes me pity him! Because he turned into a genocidal maniac! And NONE of these things force a person to do what HE has done! Also what would Finn’s entire storyline about chosing to leave the FO even after years of brainwashing mean, if poor Kylo gets an excuse for being a freaking mass murderer? 

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Okay I loved the earlier posts about Dummy's shenanigans with Tony so I'm wondering if the other panthers got into equally ridiculous behavior with Peter and Harley?

Unfortunately neither panther is quite like Dummy. :C However!

  • Butterfingers never gets better at catching things. Harley and Peter take their leather ball out to play monkey-in-the-middle with her and she loves running back and forth between them even if she never catches the ball. (“What have you done to my baby?!” Tony shrieks the first time he finds Butterfingers sprawled out and panting on the floor. “They’re not hurt, they were just playing,” Bucky points out. Tony gives him a dirty look. “I meant Butterfingers!”)
  • Butterfingers and You were play wrestling when it suddenly turned into real wrestling and broke a heavy oak table. They scrambled like naughty children and didn’t come back for a few days. Sarah was livid.
  • You is sad when Peter stops showing up for breakfast so he goes to find him! You knows how to open doors. Peter does not appreciate a large and silent cat sneaking into his room while he is in heat. The entire castle hears his yelling. You still doesn’t understand why he was shoved back out. Peter locks his door.
  • Butterfingers likes to lie on people. Her favorite person to lie on is Bucky because he doesn’t particularly care for the panthers so he leaves them alone (like regular house cats lol). Often Steve and Tony will hear yelling and run to check out what it is and find Peter and Harley trying in vain to pull Butterfingers from where she’s sprawled across Bucky. Butterfingers always moves for Tony though. :3
  • Peter and Harley like the little quacks the panthers make when they’re curious or concerned so they pretend to do dangerous things to make them make that noise. They didn’t tell their parents they were just pretending. “YOUR MOTHER HAS A HEART CONDITION!” Steve shouts as Bucky fans Tony to try and keep him from fainting.
  • Harley seethes when Loki flirts with Peter and Peter doesn’t even notice. Tony has ordered him to stop picking fights with him though. Butterfingers sneaks out from under a table behind Loki and lets out a loud quack before flying back under the table because she knows she’s not supposed to be there. Loki’s feet leave the ground, he’s so startled and scared, and his expression as he looks for whatever made the noise is priceless. (“Harley, your face is turning red,” Peter says, tilting his head. “Are okay?” If Harley opens his mouth he will burst out laughing and give Butterfingers away. He excuses himself to the courtyard so he can laugh and laugh.)
  • Peter gets a suitor he doesn’t particularly care for. Harley does what he does best and annoys the suitor until he goes away. The suitor is a psychopath and sends an assassin after Harley because he believes he will get unfettered access to Peter with him gone. The assassin is unknowingly dogged by two dark shadows on her way to Harley’s room. She doesn’t even get a chance to scream; You knocks the breath out of her when he pounces and then kills her immediately with a bite on the back of the neck that severs her spine (and her arteries, but she doesn’t really need them anymore so.). Butterfingers drags her body away from Harley’s door. (Harley screams like a girl when he opens his door and sees all the blood.) ((Peter doesn’t make fun of him because it occurs to him how he could have lost his brother and he’s simultaneously devastated and angry. “CRUSH HIM,” he tells Steve at breakfast. The suitor is left destitute and friendless. He dies a pauper.))

Speaking from a realistic point of view, if the Northerners dump Jon for Sansa they’d be totally justified in doing so. Jon bent the knee to a queen who had demonstrated her worth to him and no other Northerner. The only people to vouch for Daenerys would be the people he took with him Beyond the Wall– in other words, a wildling, a bunch of southerners, and a disgraced Mormont.

And according to the sneak peek of the next ep, Jon STILL isn’t returning to Winterfell, but is now going south again. So he went south, then north, and south again, never once stopping in Winterfell.

He’s behaving like a shitty ruler to his people and they would be justified in believing he is a shitty ruler. He abandoned them to do something an ambassador could have done, he didn’t consider taking their counsel on travelling Beyond the Wall, he didn’t invite any Northerners to accompany him. He’s behaving stupidly and selfishly.

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying that Dany hasn’t proven that she’s a worthy queen– I’m saying that she demonstrated it only to one Northerner. This is not like Torrhen Stark bending the knee, with him and the rest of the North knowing their enemy full well. There was no fear involved, no need to fight to preserve the North. Dany was committed to the cause without Jon bending the knee.)

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Seb is always up late. He's usually not doing much. He gets hungry, like teenage boy hungry, but is too lazy to make himself anything. You indulge him most times, so you haul yourself up and make pancakes from scratch. He tries to help, but you shoo him away and settle into the now-automatic motions of 4am pancake-making. He's so grateful, and kisses you with syrupy lips. When he's gone sometimes you find yourself making a batch, and don't realise you'll have to eat them until you're done.

oh my goodness and I feel like when he’s away he orders from room service and you always get a text around 4 that says “Not as good as yours x” 

or you skype eat pancakes together at 4am 

Tender Tuesday™

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I love joon but he is not a supporter of feminism just because he's not a jerk to women. Feminism is not just a thing anyone can be, it's a political ideology and he has never made any attempt to show he supports women politically. Its a slap in the face to actual feminists to say he supports us when all he's done is write a song about "supporting" women (21st century girls is problematic btw)

“a slap to real feminists” hhhhh I’ve been a “real” feminist for a long time bb what are you going on about lmao. anyway, I messaged someone about this, so I’ll just give you what I sent them:

and that’s where ur wrong boo. he isnt doing the bare minimum to not be misogynistic. after the lyrics with war of hormone, even after he and bighit issued apologies, he was still bothered by his ignorance. (you can look this up) so he contacted an active feminist in Korea. they discussed his actions and how he was wrong and the issues faced by women in general. the feminist himself tweeted this out discussing the meeting. afterwards, namjoon has been seen reading books on feminism, such as a book (I believe to be called) “breaking out of the male box” or something like that. he then wrote 21st century girls bc he wanted to start empowering fans. furthermore, he wrote the part about the glass ceiling into Not Today bc he, again, wants to empower fans and speak out. boo I understand that you probably say that bc you didn’t know, but trust me I’ve been his fan for a very long time. I don’t make these statements lightly

however u said that 21st century girls is problematic? can u explain that bc I don’t personally see an issue. also can you please just? give me the benefit of the doubt and maybe assume that since I’m making these claims I know something that you don’t know? I mean I’m guessing u don’t really care about namjoon, so maybe it’s safe to say that I, someone who’s stanned him for years, knows more about the man that you do

BTS Reaction | to when you prank them | hyung line


Jin, back home from a long day of practice, wearily opens the door to your apartment, ready to just hit the couch and talk the day over with you. He lets out a murmur of surprise when he sees the lit jasmine-scented candles you’ve arranged all the way down from the main door to the bedroom you two share. 


“I’m in the bedroom!“ 

Jin smiles as he picks up a candle that had blown out, then sets it down. “what is all this?”

oh you know, we haven’t spent much time together in the past few days so i figured i’d make stuff a bit more special.

he bends down to take off his shoes and notices the flower petals strewn on the floor in disbelief. “this is probably a fire hazard

“all worth it, my love“

he grins again while letting his knapsack fall to the ground in anticipation.“and what may ‘it’ be?“

“maybe you should come to the bedroom and find out“

he walks down the hallway lined with more candles to finally reach the bedroom. “it’s way too dark here.”

hook, line, and sinker. “then turn the light on, babe.

the lights flickered on. jin sank into a crouch and began laughing. 

“what, babe don’t you like it?“

jin is too busy wheezing. tears stream down his face as he watches you struggling to get out of bed in a Mario costume that you ordered just for this occasion. “_____, how did you even- ”

you waddled to where he stood doubled up, which made him laugh more. “did i get you? do you feel pranked?”

he wiped away the last of the tears, and tried to console himself. “yes, yes, you got me.”

you took the ridiculous red hat off with a flourish. “really?!“

“really.“ he burst into laughter once more. “now, can you please take that moustache off so i can kiss you?“

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you’re in the studio with him while he works a late night. he had drifted off long ago, but knowing how hard and long he worked, you decided to let him keep sleeping. 

all you had to amuse you was your phone (which was nearly dead) and and a bunch of fan mail to sift through. in the studio, there was almost always a heap of gifts from fans the boys deemed funny. you have already found some intriguing and very questionable gifts the boys received from fans all over the world. but the thing that got your attention the most was a box that apparently contained glow-in-the-dark nail varnishes. 

if only you had someone to try them on.

you cast a sneaky glance at Suga. still as a rock. and you know he could sleep through the end of the world. 

you crouch near the armchair he is sleeping in and brandish the colour you chose. hot pink. your work is done in a few minutes. 

later, after you have hidden the evidence, you softly place a kiss on his cheek. “yoongi?” you hadn’t wanted to wake him up, but for the greater good, right?

he stretches his arms above his head. you try not to giggle as you notice his fingers. “oh, hey- did i doze off?” he shook his head, turning towards his desk and reaching for his papers again. “Thanks for waking me, i had tons of-” Ten perfectly hot pink nails stared up at him.

silence. then with a look of giving up, “did you do this? of course you did who else-”

you put on a look of fake innocence. “do you like it? i thought it perfectly matches your personality. and look-” you grabbed his hand. “it glows!” you reach out and switch the table lamp off, leaving only enough light to see the horror in his face as he watches his nails turn neon. 

“yAh, ______ !“

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you’re not gonna prank Hobi. he’s too sweet to deserve that. end of story.

(I tried to think of something, but it feels like kicking a puppy. Look at the gif if you want further explanations.)

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you didn’t know when the sudden pranking urge came upon you, but when it did you couldn’t make it go away. when you’d crept out of bed earlier to prepare, you had wondered whether this was a good idea.but now, as you stood next to the bed in which namjoon slept peacefully, you felt that twisted sort of anticipation all prankers seemed to be after,

it had only taken a few minutes to prepare, really. you already knew how to prank him, it was only a matter of finding the speakers and getting the stuff.

as you made sure the speakers were on, you cast a final glance at the peacefully sleeping monie. that was gonna change in a few seconds.

you pressed play. 

the speakers shook in your hands as ‘cypher 4 but with the bass boosted as much as possible’ began playing at maximum volume. Namjoon howled as he fell out of the bed. you laugh until you cant breathe, and he just lies on the floor in shock. 

once you’ve stopped laughing for long enough, you croak out, “so…did i get you?”

he raises his fingers to his temples. “just go back to bed. and turn the speaker off, please“

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how was it? forgive me for the hobi one. also, don’t forget to request! find the maknae line version here.

P.S the jin prank is greatly inspired by jenna marbles. oh jenna.

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-if you’re dating Dallas Winston
-and he really likes you
-he will show it
-he’ll wake you up with neck kisses and shit like that
-he’ll buy you flowers randomly
-whenever he’s feeling nervous about something, he’ll just hold your hand and only you know what it means
-he’s actually very very protective of you
-he will fight someone who hits on you
-like I’m serious
- “that little fuck just winked at you”
- “so?”
- “wait here”
- “oh no pls don’t dallas”
- “hold my jacket babe”
-the gang is still wondering how dallas kept a relationship longer than a week
- “are you magic”
- “they have to be a wizard”
- “what witchcraft is this”
-he pretends he hates cuddling but he secretly loves it
-he’ll give you random kisses when he feels like it and literally your heart skips
*-you’re the first person he talks to about his parents
-he actually almost cries
-he never sleeps at night so you always wake up to him smoking a cigarette at the window
-he doesn’t look at other girls anymore
- “I have you to look at”
-he turns a bit soft when he’s with you
-not complaining or anything

*(I actually wanna make an imagine someday about Dallas’ background/childhood)


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“What?” You asked when you noticed both Yondu and Kraglin staring at you. This was your first official mission with the two of them and in your opinion things went quite well but now, seeing the looks on their faces you weren’t so sure.

“I have to say kid…” Yondu placing i hand on your shoulder. He paused as if trying to find the right words. You gulped, scared about what you were about to hear.
“… you handled yourself well out there”.

“I know I could have done better Yondu just- wait what?”.

“Captain’s right” Kraglin piped in “you were great out there. I guess this means we’ll have to take you on more jobs with us”.

You couldn’t help but grin.
“Really?! Great!”.


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hey could i get some angst for fatgum and all might in a really heated argument with their s/o and they thoughtlessly say that they never really loved their s/o in the first place?

oooh noo my boys :( 


  • He immediately backtracks, scrambling to tell his s/o that he did not mean to say that! But its too late and he can see the pain in his s/o face as tears start to well up in their eyes.
  • He feels incredibly angry and guilty, chastising himself for being so thoughtless towards his s/o! He works on giving them a proper apology and slowly mending what he’s done wrong.  

Yagi Toshinori

  • He actually catches himself before he says it, but the mere thought of those words running through his head is enough to make him feel upset and guilty. He’ll kinda shut down for a bit, asking himself why on earth would he ever say that to his s/o?
  • He’d tell his s/o about that eventually, his hands shaking as he holds theirs. Even just telling them about it is enough to hurt him. 

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What do you think needs to happen in RTTE to make Hiccup as self-doubting as he is in HTTYD 2?

I’ve chatted about this before in depth, but because it’s been several seasons since I’ve done so, I’ll bring up some new points and thoughts, too - it’s about time to do that! First, though, mentioning the prior analyses:

One of the things I think is important to consider is that Hiccup is not self-doubting everywhere by HTTYD 2 times. I have seen some people write fascinating analyses about Hiccup’s overconfidence in HTTYD 2, and I think there is a point to that: Hiccup is very confident that he can diplomatically reason with Drago, despite the fact Stoick says they must go to war.

So there’s a very fascinating nuance to Hiccup’s character by HTTYD 2. He lacks confidence in the respect that he doesn’t believe he would make a good chief. He has confidence in the respect that he believes he can convince a man without reason to reason with him… believes he can stop a war before it starts.

Hiccup’s lack of confidence in himself in HTTYD 2 is related to him transitioning into adulthood. We actually see some of that hesitation in the first episode of RTTE; Hiccup is bummed that his companions appear to be settling into more adult roles, and that there are fewer dragons he can hunt after and study for funsies. But the thing with RTTE is that Hiccup finds new dragons to study at the Edge… and thus can prolong his questions of rising adulthood. Hiccup can continue to be a bit of a kid on Dragon’s Edge. He doesn’t have to tackle the sobering question of “Who am I?” just yet in the show. But by the time of HTTYD 2, Hiccup must face the reality that he is going to be an adult, he must have a place among the people of Berk, and he’s not sure what that place is.

Now, it’s not to say that Hiccup is all games in RTTE. As we’ve seen, Hiccup can get rather serious when he’s confronting dragon hunters, enemies, and antagonistic dragons. Hiccup acts as a responsible leader and asks the other dragon riders to be responsible individuals, too. But there is something to be said that chasing after dragons is what inspired Hiccup in his childhood, and it’s what is inspiring his stay on the Edge. Hiccup is willing to be a leader in situations where he’s with a small, core group of companions - the dragon riders - and where he’s handling something that he voluntarily studies - dragons. He’s happy to pursue dragons and fight for dragons and help dragons… even if it’s dangerous and serious, it’s his personal choice of where he wants to be. And it’s where he’s been since he was a teenager, still a child among the Hairy Hooligans.

Hiccup doesn’t see leading Berk as the same thing. It’s not just chasing after dragons in his free time with his friends like he enjoys doing. Being a chief, as he points out at the start of HTTYD 2, involves giving speeches, handling all the people of the tribe… things Hiccup doesn’t feel like he’s done. Especially, it’s to note that, from HTTYD to ROB to HTTYD 2, Hiccup feels like “a good chief” is equated to “someone like Stoick.” Hiccup doesn’t think he has what it takes to lead Berk because he’s nothing like his father. It’s what he says at the start of HTTYD 2:

Hiccup: It’s not me, Astrid. All those speeches, and planning, and running the village… that’s his thing.
Astrid: I think you’re missing the point. I mean, chief. What an honor. I’d be pretty excited.
Hiccup: I’m not like you. You know exactly who you are. You always have. But… I’m still looking. I know that I’m not my father… and I never met my mother…. so, what does that make me?

Dean DeBlois made Hiccup wander throughout the Barbaric Archipelago to try to search for answers about who he is. Hiccup is restless about being an adult and what his future identity will be. Note that Hiccup going around traveling and searching is something he’s done when he was younger to have fun. But now, Hiccup realizes he cannot do that forever for fun… and he has to start seeking out a real, solid answer about who he can be for Berk.

So Hiccup lacks confidence in HTTYD 2 about being a chief because 1). he thinks he’s not appropriately “chiefly” like Stoick and 2). he considers his time on Dragon’s Edge child-like free time rather than being a responsible adult. We audience members see Hiccup has developed responsibility and leadership skills during his time at the Dragon Academy and Dragon’s Edge… but Hiccup doesn’t see it that way. He sees himself as staring into the wide, scary world of adulthood, leaving behind everything he’s been comfortable with, and forging into something he doesn’t think he has the nature or background to do.

All of this is already set up and developed decently enough in RTTE already. Ideally in the last season we might see Hiccup realizing he needs to transition into adulthood in Berk. At this point, Hiccup realizes that his fun vacation chasing after dragons is done. Just like the start of RTTE where Hiccup worries about his future and what he needs to do as an adult, so may RTTE’s end lead to HTTYD 2. Hiccup prolonged the question “Who am I?” when he went to adventure on Dragon’s Edge. But now he’s back on Berk and needs to figure out his place as an adult… not a kid going around having fun with dragons.

In truth, I think what RTTE has to do moreof is develop Hiccup’s confidence by HTTYD 2 times. We have to get to the point where Hiccup is confident about his diplomatic and peacekeeping abilities. Hiccup has to be so confident that he can change peoples’ minds about dragons that he believes he can convince Drago to halt an army.

There are multiple ways we can go about this. One of the things I have suggested in other posts is that we can write the story such that Hiccup receives experiences that make him more averse to violence. Hiccup actually becomes increasingly peaceful in his solutions with enemies from HTTYD to ROB to DOB to RTTE to HTTYD 2, which is in line with who he becomes by the second movie. But this should be developed further before we get to HTTYD 2 for the transition to occur seamlessly. 

Either by seeing an unpleasant violent event happen that goes poorly… or seeing more peaceful events happen that go splendidly… can Hiccup become in tune with his beliefs by HTTYD 2 times. This way, Hiccup gets steered more towards the ideology he stands so firmly with in HTTYD 2 (to the point it’s impractical). If Hiccup tries to do something very violent and fails, he’ll remember his successful peaceful acts like convincing Stoick to befriend dragons. Then he’ll steer toward doing things like that by HTTYD 2 times. Or, if Hiccup does another peaceful, diplomatic act and it works, then that would reinforce his ideology that peace is the way to go. Anyone can be changed to be peaceful, so he believes.

We could maybe say that RTTE is helping that ideological path already. It all depends on their follow-up with Viggo events from S4′s finale. Hiccup might see how Viggo and Ryker’s violent antagonism led to unfortunate ends, and Hiccup emotionally might want to steer clear from doing anything like that himself. I don’t think the writers will go that way, but technically, it could be one way to reinforce the ideology he embraces by HTTYD 2.

So personally I think the ideal characterization to focus on for Hiccup is showing a little bit of his hesitance to enter Adult Land (thus showing his lack of confidence in himself being chief)… but also develop where he is confident. Hiccup needs to demonstrate confidence not in violent situations, but in diplomatic and peaceful ones, to seamlessly transition from RTTE to HTTYD 2. These situations ideally should to be extreme enough that Hiccup would prefer diplomatic conversation even above practical self-defense measures.

But even if the story doesn’t fill in all those gaps explicitly for us by S6′s conclusion, it’s probably going to be easy enough for us fans to interpret the material and fill in the gaps logically ourselves.

It’s wild to me when y’all pull the whole “Yurio’s Dads are Victor and Yuuri!” Because ugh no 

They’re supportive to him, they treat him as a younger competitor, they encourage him because they have good sportsmanship. Them saying good luck to him before a comp wasn’t anything our of the norm. It’s what you do as competitors.

Like let’s be honest here. Yurio has literally done nothing at all to earn Victor and Yuuri’s friendship. He’s a dick to them, he calls Yuuri names, he flat out calls Victor’s engagement ring (THE MORNING AFTER) garbage, and later feels so slighted over them having a duet that he haphazardly throws together his own shittier version of a “duet”. 

Kids a douche and Victor and Yuuri owe him zip lol. 

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A man walks into a barbershop and is wearing headphones. He sits in the chair and the barber asks him to take his headphones off, and the man replies "No, I'll die if I take them off." The barber didnt bother to fight him and thought; "Oh well I'll just take them off for him." So he did. 1/2 -coconut

The man just sat there, all through his hair cut and when it was done, he collapsed. The barber checked his pulse, and he was dead. He put the headphones up to his ear to hear what was playing and all that he Could hear was “Breathe in, Breathe out.” 2/2 -coconut


Heard it before. Such edgy, much emo.

remember when older!naruto was hot? in those chapters that were about jiraiya’s book or something? but then that didn’t happen?

sakura goes with him to get his haircut mostly because he said he wanted to try “something new” and that given the shape of his head, this new thing he wanted would look subpar at best. so she sits in a chair, wastes all her lives on candy crush, and as she contemplates buying some more of them, naruto appears in front of her as he says, “i’m done!”

then she looks up and laughs so hard naruto all has to carry her out of the barbershop. after that, he has to give her a piggyback ride back to her apartment because she’s too busy laughing (and now crying) to stand on her own two feet.

when she finally has the ability to speak, sakura wheezes through her tears, “you look like a testicle!”

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They've had "meetings" (is that what the kids are calling it now?) 😏😂

lolol I was thinking about this before and I like thinking of both meeting options.

Like the first option being what we all joke about like oh a “meeting”, aka Nick going over to Harry’s house for a so-called working dinner, both of them immediately getting distracted and then finally getting around to talking about the special 2 hours later, netflix on in the background and candles lit bc they’re always accidentally romantic ok. Oops didn’t get much done guess we’ll have to do this again. 

But, even better to me, is Nick and Harry in an actual serious meeting with the production team and Harry’s ppl. Harry has been around Nick at work countless times but it’s always loose and fun in the studio. He’s never seen Nick sitting in a conference room, listening to everyone’s proposals, reviewing stage setups or photography plans, knocking down ideas that he knows won’t work bc oh yeah he’s actually really good at his job and knows his shit? wow ok 

Headcanon time people !

Okay idk if it’s been done before but : Trans! Peter Parker going to pride as Spiderman
Slingin his way through all the city to make a very public appearance so that people who can’t go to pride still know he’s LGBT+
Talking with everyone to give them hope, courage, anything they need
But not to those who don’t want to be seen there because let’s be honest there are people with cameras recording his every move
So he’s loud to allow those who don’t want to be seen to move out of his way
He also asks Karen to scan people and later he anonymously leaves binders to those who need it.
And packers. And tucking underwear.
Always with a carefully penned letter signed ‘your friendly neighborhood spiderman’. Not so anonymous but eh. Who cares ?
During Pride month he changes his suit’s color to match the “flag of the day”.
After a couple years Tony joins him bc he’s so proud of his spidey son and ‘why didn’t i do it earlier’. And he patrols with him wearing the flag colors. It’s actually him who designed Spiderman’s changing suit.

Because representation matters and they know it.

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School headcanons for S/M, if this hasn't been done yet? 8))

I start my first day of sophomore year in college tomorrow so this is in light of it.



  • Skips out classes regularly and shows up to take exams. Only attends music-related classes and puts in some effort for them.
  • Doesn’t really interact with his peers. Occasionally gives musicality advice to students learning to play the violin.
  • His teachers are irritated with the fact that his earbuds are always in his ears. Shu doesn’t mind being sent to detention for it. He can sleep.
  • His other favorite place to sleep: The school’s rooftop. It’s quiet and he can see the moon.


  • #1 class ranking and teacher’s pet. He’s had YEARS to study many subjects, so he’s well-versed in all areas of study.
  • Doesn’t mind attending study hall. It’s where he gets his work done before heading back to the chaotic mansion.
  • Has been offered multiple full-ride scholarships from universities since it’s his last year. Reiji’s still wondering if it’s worth the effort and time if he already knows everything.
  • While he excels in the sciences, Reiji is also a fan of mathematics. He does calculus problems when he’s bored in class.


  • A total C average student. Doesn’t really care for studying as long as he passes his classes.
  • Really wants to join the school’s basketball team but his GPA is too low to be considered. He decides to play street basketball instead.
  • Quite popular among the student body, but some find him annoying. You either like Ayato or you don’t.
  • Occasionally dips out on his classes to feed from Yui or mess around with his brothers. He gives his teachers headaches/migraines.


  • Kanato actually does well in his classes. English and choir are his favorite subjects.
  • The students are afraid to interact with Kanato. It’s a little nerve-wrecking to work with him in partners or groups.
  • Always being hunted down by the drama club. They want him to join their group because of his singing talent. (And maniacal laughter.)
  • Hangs out in corridors of the school or the courtyard with Teddy. Kanato tends to avoid his brothers during this time.


  • He’s quite the ladies’ man and has more female friends than male.
  • Laito’s favorite subject is French. He likes the language and always uses it to his advantage to woo his lady friends.
  • May/may not have sneak out of his classes once or twice a week to meet another girl and make out with her in a secluded area. 
  • He’ll attend study groups but he doesn’t really “study.” He’s only there to chit chat and socialize.


  • Really does try his best out of his brothers to earn good grades. He doesn’t want to be scolded by Reiji.
  • Students find it difficult to approach Subaru. He gives off a cold aura or dark glare whenever they whisper about him.
  • Sometimes sent to detention for starting a fight with another student or breaking something. The headmaster is threatening to kick Subaru out for his behavior if he doesn’t clean up his act.
  • Doesn’t see the point in going to school sometimes. He’s a vampire, not a human. It’s not like he’ll ever have to enter the work force in the human world.



  • Exceeds in his history classes. Ruki has been asked to TA by his teachers multiple times, but he always declines the offers.
  • Packs all of his brothers bento boxes to eat if they get hungry at school. He doesn’t want their hunger to get in the way of they studies.
  • You can find him in the school’s library most of the time. He hangs out there when he’s not in class.
  • Has been asked to run for school president, but he’s not interested. He finds it trivial and a solid popularity contest. (He would win though. Imagine him giving speeches with his VOICE UGH. <3)


  • Another ladies’ man, but Kou is even more popular than all of the boys because of his idol status. Secretly a Regina George of the school.
  • Sometimes has to ask for classwork or homework that he missed because of his idol career. Ruki forces him to work on it during his breaks.
  • Always asking to borrow pencils, pens, erasers, papers, etc. from his classmates. He’s never denied of his requests.
  • Bribes his professors with concert tickets of other idols to get certain grades. It always works like a charm.


  • Always badgered by the sports teams at school. They want to recruit him, but Yuma always tells them “No” because he doesn’t have time.
  • Favorite subjects are biology and agricultural-related studies. He’s always trying to figure out what’s the next best thing for his garden.
  • Sometimes gets into a few fights with delinquents who challenge him. Boy, Yuma shows no mercy when it comes to his strength.
  • Generally picks fights with the Sakamaki brothers though. He always has something snarky to say whenever he sees one of them.


  • Azusa obeys whatever his older brothers instruct him to do in his classes. He doesn’t want any trouble from his teachers.
  • Sometimes gets lost around the school. He has to ask for directions from students or teachers passing by.
  • Really likes visiting the nurse’s office. The smell and aesthetic of it all pleases him.
  • Generally gets along with his classmates. He doesn’t mind socializing with them when he’s not shy about it.

-Admin Yuuzuki

I’m so fed up with how things are in my parents house. My older brother who is 23 is not expected to do anything and has no consequences for his actions. We’ve had no silverware because he keeps all of his dirty dishes in his room and so my parents just keep cleaning the few they’ve been using pretty much and hope that he will bring them out soon. Or wait until I come home, see that there are no forks, and go in screaming. But guess what, it gets done. My nana, who is very wobbly and has a terrible back and is horribly dizzy, has been doing his laundry for the past 6 hours while he has been home all day doing nothing but playing video games in his room and I have been the one to help her because she keeps needing help and obviously I’m not going to say no. No one in this house expects him to do anything besides breathe- he doesn’t do his own laundry, he does not cook for himself nor do dishes, he pays no rent, does not pay for groceries and works around 10 hours a week. Then there’s me- I’m expected to buy my own food, absolutely cook my own food, and if I do not clean up after myself I do not get the end of it. I work full time during the summer, I go to college full time, I’m engaged to be married, I actually leave my bedroom and have a life- have goals, have expectations, have a future- while they’ve just accepted that he is going to live with them forever. I’m so fed up with being here and just want to be back at school. 

anonymous asked:

Ugh I have seen so many people apply quotes to Jon from other characters (both male and female!) with no one raising a word. But you do one with Dany and it's clear you despise Val. The hate on this site for Dany is so two faced.

Truuuuuuue. I don’t understand where all that massive hate comes from though. What has she done? Burned an army of her enemies in the war and suddenly she’s “the mad queen”? If Tywin had dragons he wouldn’t hesitate to use them. Or did she steal Jon from a certain lady? lol Idk, I feel like in the show Dany’s slowly becoming the female lead and some people are not really happy with it. Leave my girl alone.

Staycationgraphy - part 4

When Jerry realised that, he seems pissed and shouted “Oui, how come so fast. Never wait for me!” Ben mumbled something as he licked the cum that splattered all over his face. I went to get some tissue and we started to clean up the mess created. Once done, Ben went to hug Jerry “Sorry la, nearly a week never cum, plus too shiok liao”. Jerry turned to a smile and said “so shiok arh, very long never see you autocum liao, I wanna see it again”, and proceeded with some deep french kissing, obviously ignoring my presence again.

I conveniently laid down on the bed and just watch them make out. Ben was sporting a hardon again very shortly asking Jerry “wanna continue the fuck?”. Jerry just smiled and as Ben went to get the lube, I got my cue and prepared to video. Ben lubed himself up then bent down over the edge of the bed. Jerry went over and entered Ben swiftly as he hugged Ben then continued his merciless fuck where he left off just 15min earlier.

Jerry was pumping in the same position for about 15min, occasionally pinching his own nipples. I kinda got bored and playfully went over to suck on his nipples. I guess that set Jerry off and he continued to pump even harder, Ben’s moans got louder with each thrust. Very soon, Ben shouted “I feel like cumming soon”. Jerry pulled out of Ben almost immediately and smirked as he flipped Ben over “not so fast”. 

I could see that Ben’s dick was throbbing and leaking lots of precum. Jerry allowed Ben to rest for a minute then plunged into him again. For a moment, I thought Ben was gonna autocum immediately as I saw some cum squirting out at the point of penetration. This time, Jerry went in slow and deep at first, but slowly picking up pace for the next 20min. Every thrust must have hit the g-spot, as Ben was in ecstasy and his abs was drenched with his precum. 

Jerry soon started panting harder and said “I am ready now, cum together k”. Ben just nodded, and started to move his hips in unison with Jerry’s pumping. In the next 30 seconds, Ben and Jerry just ‘arrghhh’, and with the twitch in their pelvic muscles, Ben started squirting a few shots and Jerry groaned loudly as he bred deeply inside Ben. 

Jerry just laid down on Ben for the next few minutes to cool down before pulling himself out of Ben. Once again, I had to get into action to video the part where Ben squeezes the cum out . However, it seems that Jerry have cummed to deep inside Ben, only a small amount of cum came out. The remaining cum started to leak out when Ben stood up and was cleaning up the huge mess they created on the hotel linen. By the time everything was over, it was nearly 4.30am and all of us just dozed off. Me with a hardon the whole night :(