he is so damn hot with that blue suit

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.5

A/N: Honestly…I don’t really like this chapter all that much but two of my friends loved it. So, sorry if it’s shitty, but I really tried my best.  This was honestly a filler chapter, but I’m gonna try to make sure the next chapter is waay better than this. As you know 100 notes and feedback for the next chapter and I hope you enjoy, hun💕

**WARNINGS**: None, but I got you in 6 & 7 ;)

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“Where’s Y/N?”

“Luke took her sight seeing.”

The minute Michael told Calum that, he knew that he was going to have a bad day. Calum had brought you on this tour with them to keep you closer to him and to somewhat fix what was happening between the two of you. Ever since you two had that talk a few night ago, things had been going well. It was as if you had a better understanding of each other and knew what and what not to expect. You hadn’t left his side until today and of course it had to be because of Luke. Both Michael and Ashton immediately picked up on Calum’s sudden mood change and knew that he was going to be grumpy for the remainder of the day.

You on the other hand thought that sight seeing was the best way to start your day. Luke had taken you all over Florence and had you laughing throughout the entire trip. You had seen the Florence Cathedral, visited the Galleria dell'Accademia, and you even got to try gelato for the first time. It was around twelve in the afternoon when you two finally returned to the hotel, entering the room laughing.

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|Smut Jimmy Darling imagine| requested

(Bit long. My bad)

My mom had dragged me to one of these ‘Freak Shows’ for my dad’s birthday, these things fucking disgust me.

“Ladies and Gentleman, now for the next performance. The spectacular Siamese Sisters!” The host with the weird moustache introduced. Then this woman with two heads came on and music started playing as she sang.

Honestly I couldn’t deal with this any longer, these people aren’t freaks, they can’t help having something wrong with them. It sickened me. People started to get up and dance together, I scoffed.

Looking round the room I saw a few people cheering, but one person who caught my eye. A man with the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes, and soft looking brown hair. He locked eyes with me and smirked, I bite my lip which was something I did when I was nervous, damn this man is so fucking hot.

The man then looked away and over to a woman who wore a blue suit and had blonde hair all done up. He then glanced at me quickly before leaving.

“Come on Y/N dear let’s dance!” My mom and dad said whilst getting up. “I’m just going to get some air outside I’m not feeling too good” I lied. They nodded and went off dancing with the other people. I grimaced.

“Where do you think your going lady?” The host at the door asked as I was about to leave, “Can a lady not pee around here?” I answered back, he scoffed and let me leave.

The cold air hit my face and I began walking around this circus prison. I saw the man again leaning against a post so I walked over to him.

“Couldn’t take the freak performance anymore?” I asked him smiling, “I’m kind of part of that ‘freak performance’” the man said whilst showing me his hands. “Oh god I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you honestly your not freaks, just these shows disgust me, I hate them” I said holding my hands up in defence, shit I didn’t mean that in a harsh way. “Hey don’t sweat it, just messing with you” he laughed, thank fuck.

“What’s your name doll face?” The man asked, “Y/N, yours?” “I’m Jimmy, Jimmy Darling.” Jimmy smiled, “Nice to meet you, Jimmy” I smiled. Jimmy motioned his head towards a tent, his tent I’m assuming, he gently took my hand and lead me into the tent.

Before I could register anything, Jimmy’s lips were locked against mine, I kissed back and the kiss eventually became heated. I felt Jimmy smiling into the kiss as he began removing his shirt and tugging to remove mine. I pulled mine over my head and threw it on the ground, Jimmy began walking back to his bed still kissing me. He laid me down on the bed first and climbed on top of me.

“How do you expect to not be fucked after you bit your sweet pink lips at me?” Jimmy growled referring to when I bit my lip when I was nervous. I smirked.

Jimmy got off me and went over to the tent flap and tied the door together so no one could get in, he also dimmed the lighting a bit so it was a romantic atmosphere. Jimmy came back over to me and with the struggle of his hands tried to move my jeans, I smiled and helped him out. I pulled down my pants and took my bra off.

“So beautiful” Jimmy whispered to himself. I took his hand and lowered it to my lower region. Jimmy smirked and then pushed one part of his attached finger into me. I moaned his name, fuck it felt so good. “Jimmy” I moaned as I closed my eyes, he knew I was enjoying it so he fingered me faster and faster whilst furiously rubbing my clit with his other hand. With the tent filled with my moans Jimmy smiled. He brought his head down and started sucking my clit.

“Oh fuck! Jimmy!” I moaned loud as I came. “Good girl” he smirked licking his lips. He came on top of me and started making out with me again, “Take your pants off Jimmy, now.” I said getting sexually frustrated more. I needed to feel him inside of me. Now.

“So eager baby” He laughed and removed his jeans and pants. I gasped at his size, fuck how was that going to fit? “Enjoying the view babe?” Jimmy smirked as cocky as anything. I grabbed his neck and kissed him more as he positioned himself at my entrance. I felt his huge member between my legs, rubbing against my folds making me wetter. “Are you ready babe? You sure you want this?” Jimmy asked quite seriously. I gave my yes as consent.

Everything turned into complete lust. The feeling of Jimmy enter me felt so right and the sensation was heaven. Jimmy went slow at first to make sure I adjusted and he didn’t want to hurt me which I thought was sweet. “Faster baby” I moaned as Jimmy nodded and started sucking on my neck. He began to push harder and his pace quickened. “Fuck Y/N you feel so damn good.” He moaned, his moan turned me on even more it was so husky and deep.

We were both so close, with a few more thrusts from Jimmy he pulled out and came on my stomach. We both panted hard and he fell down next to me as we both laid on his bed. He wrapped his arm around me.

“Best freak show I’ve ever been to” I said smiling at Jimmy as he kissed me.

Fight Club (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Another oooneee! I’m so happy when you guys send me requests!!! <3 I looove you and I love writing for you! This one is a little different and is definitely inspired by the Fight Club 2.0! Hope you like it!

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Request: “I’ve never once been to one of these events. What am I supposed to do?”

Originally posted by thecwflash

             I looked at myself in the mirror and smirked. I looked hot as hell. I would definitely do myself if I met me on the street. The full-body suit was hugging me in all the right places, adding definition to my curves and I just knew that when Barry saw me he was going to flip.

             It was dark blue and hardened in all the right places just in case I damage myself somehow. The material felt light and I started to wonder how Cisco managed to make it look so damn fine. I knew he was good with all the techy stuff, but that… that was just incredible. He was talking earlier about all the possible things that could happen to me and how that suit was going to prevent it from hurting me. It was amazing, what this guy did and I started to wonder if he wasn’t a metahuman with some magic hands or something.

‘Wooooah’ Barry’s voice shook me out of my thoughts. ‘You look… you look… Wow, Y/N…’

             I smiled, turning around and saw him in his Flash suit. If I was being honest, mine was better. He did look extremely hot in his, since red was definitely Barry’s colour, but he didn’t look as sexy as I did.

‘I know…’ I said winking at him.

             He was close to drooling and I could see the lust in his eyes. I felt good, I not only felt sexy in that suit, but also validated by my boyfriend who couldn’t stop staring at my body. I came closer to him, hugging him tightly and pressing my lips to his. He groaned quietly and I smiled knowing well what I was doing to him.

‘Not. In. My. Suit.’ Cisco’s voice cut through our moment. ‘You can do all your weird couple stuff in your own clothes, not in my suits, animals.’

             We both laughed at the choice of his words, never letting go of each other. Cisco smiled proudly looking at his creation. I couldn’t blame him. He did a fine-ass job.

‘Are you ready, Y/N?’ Barry asked.

             I shook my head, suddenly feeling nervous. I’ve been a hero alongside Barry, for almost a year now, with my telekinetic abilities. But I was never invited for their extracurricular activities and I was a little stressed out. I was going to meet Supergirl, about whom Barry told me only few things and the Arrow, whom I knew very well, but the guy still gave me the creeps.


             We stood outside a warehouse waiting for all the other heroes to arrive and I was fiddling with my hands. Yes, I looked good and yes, I was a good superhero, but not to the extent of those guys. I couldn’t really compete with them and I was so worried I’ll make a fool out of myself.

‘Hey, are you alright?’ Barry asked, bringing me closer to his side.

             I shook my head still not really knowing what I should tell him. He was there few times already and I wasn’t. He knew what to expect, hell, he knew most of the people that were fighting there. I didn’t. I was still relatively new to the heroing thing and I was going to be put in a situation that did not make me feel comfortable.

‘I’ve never once been to one of these events. What am I supposed to do?’ I whispered, feeling the wind blowing in my face.

             Barry laughed, looking at me surprised. He couldn’t imagine why I was worried and I didn’t really blame him for that.

‘You just need to be your wonderful self’ he said, giving me a quick peck on the lips ‘It’s just for fun, Y/N, nobody takes it seriously.’

‘Certainly not you Barry’ Oliver’s voice, startled me.

             I didn’t even notice when he arrived. Damn, he was good. I turned around gracing him with polite smile. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him. Like I mentioned before dude gave me the creeps and I had a good reason for that as well. Our first encounter did not go as planned and I still kind of blamed him for my broken wrist.

‘Queen’ I said nodding.

‘Y/S’ he replied motioning for us to follow him.

             We entered the warehouse and I saw a huge arena with flashing lights on each side. The building from outside did not do the justice of what it contained. And I guess that was the point of it.

             This was going to be sooooo good.

‘This is sick!’ I exclaimed, smiling widely.

             All my nervousness gone in an instant. I was going to have so much fun here. The blond girl in a Supergirl suit greeted us with happy smile, jumping from excitement every now and then.

‘I know!’ she said, coming up to me and crushing me in a hug ‘You must be Y/N! I’m Kara and I’m so excited to be heereee!’

             Barry laughed under his breath, knowing well that I couldn’t breathe for good few seconds there. He could sometimes be a huge douche.

‘There is only one rule’ Oliver said ‘There is no rules.’

             I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t really loose the smile that formed on my face. Another group of people approached us. White Canary, Firestorm and the Atom. I couldn’t stop myself from fangirling. I looked at Barry, my eyes wide from all the emotions.

             I was a part of that group. For some reason I was their fellow hero and I couldn’t be happier. They came closer introducing themselves joking around, till Felicity’s voice cut our conversation short.


             I laid tired on the ground, six other superheroes next to me. It was so extremely tiring that I couldn’t move, all my muscles hurting unbelievably. But it was so much fun! Barry groaned next to me, sitting up and looking at me with a smug smile on his face. I couldn’t contain my grin spreading out from ear to ear. Whenever he smiled, I smiled. That was just the way we were working and I knew I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

‘This was fun! We should do it more often!’ Barry said, earing disbelieving grunts from the rest of the team.

             I chuckled, shaking my head and quickly grimacing when even that movement caused me pain. Barry’s eyes were full of love and I knew that we were due for some cuddling time.

‘Well, need to get ma ‘wife’ home’ Barry joked, his eyes laughing. ‘If you ever need us, you know where we’ll be’

             I smiled, saying my goodbyes and closed my eyes feeling the wind on my face. When I opened them I was standing in the middle of our living room.

‘I’m staaarving’ I said plopping down on the couch.

             In mere seconds I had a takeout bag from Big Belly Burger and a giant grin on my face. Barry sat next to me looking at my face and smiling, dividing our food.

             Once we were full, I changed into more comfortable pyjamas and sat down on his lap, cuddling into his chest. I was so tired, I had difficulty keeping my eyes open.

‘It wasn’t that bad, was it?’ Barry asked quietly, playing with my hair.

‘It was really good, but I’m pretty sure I’m dying’ I whispered.

             He laughed, putting on our favourite TV series and relaxing. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. We got our asses kicked by a set of machines, but we did it together. And now, we were cuddling and just being there, silently in each other presence. I couldn’t imagine better way to spend my day.


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Anonymous asked: So I saw one of your asks with Dean and Cas playing footsie while they were doing research and I think it’s one of the cutest things ever, and I was wondering if you could write a fic on that premise, where canon Cas and Dean have become a couple recently and they’re researching for a case and very little job is done because of them being idiots and ridiculously gross with how in love they are. Tons of fluff, please!

Author’s note: I took a few liberties and added some stuff, so this is also known as ‘How hunts would go if Destiel was canon’. ;)

Dean should be paying attention to the witness that they were currently interrogating. Should be, but wasn’t. Lucky for him, Cas was doing the talking for now, going through his list of questions as the blonde-haired lady answered all of them dutifully.

As it was, the former angel was offering the woman a sympathetic smile, which probably had something to do with the fact that her husband had mysteriously died last night.

Damn, that smile. So subtle, yet it was enough to make Castiel’s nose scrunch up in that way that Dean found undeniably endearing. Not to mention that cute small furrow between Cas’ brow when he was trying to concentrate on something. Or that adorable little curl of dark hair just behind his ear. Not even talking about the softness in those endless blue eyes whenever they briefly darted to look at Dean, or about how unreasonably hot Cas looked in the fitted suit that he was wearing in order to make a convincing fed.

So yeah, that’s what Dean was paying attention to instead of the witness. Cas. His Cas. God, that sounded good; just thinking those two words made Dean feel all warm and giddy inside.

Ironically, the thirty-something year old lady that they were questioning would’ve been Dean’s type, once upon a time. Before Cas. Before Dean had fallen so far that whenever he was in the same room as Castiel, he had trouble focusing on other people period. It was almost funny, the effect that being in love could have on a person. Funny, but distracting.

“Agent Ford?”

Dean blinked, feeling a little dazed as Castiel called him by his fake name to get his attention.

“Eh, yeah, sorry…” Dean muttered, feeling the color spread on his cheeks. “You were saying?”

“I asked if there was anything you’d like to add before we leave.” Castiel gave Dean a patient smile, and shit, Dean had truly won the lottery, hadn’t he?

He quickly shook his head when he noticed that their witness was eyeing him expectantly. “Nah, I think we’re done here.”

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anonymous asked:

aaah maybe 7 & kyouhaba please!


7. Shoulder kiss

“Yo!” there was the sizzle of something in a pan as Kentarou shut the door behind him. “I’m making pasta!”

He let his bag fall to the floor, scowling at the back of Yahaba’s head. Yahaba was making pasta, because pasta was the only thing he could cook without ruining it. There was the rhythmic chop chop chop of the knife hitting the cutting board. Yahaba was wearing The Tank Top.

Kentarou pretty much knew fuck all about what was trendy for the pseudo-alternative preppy crowd, but if he was hard pressed, he’d hazard a guess and say Yahaba was a well dressed guy. He had an impressively stocked wardrobe of never ending button down shirts, printed pants, suspenders, bow ties, cardigans, the occasional beanie and that one atrocious looking straw fedora. Any season, any occasion—Yahaba dressed to the teeth.

Except, there was a span of three weeks during the height of summer where Yahaba just couldn’t. He’d crank the AC as high as it would go, slouch around the apartment, and say things like, “It’s too hot out try to look good. I just sweat through everything and end up looking a damn mess.”

And for those few weeks he’d only wear a constant rotation of basketball shorts and tank tops. They should’ve looked out of place on him, like when Kentarou had to wear a suit to his grandfather’s funeral. It should’ve looked wrong to see him so casual, but he looked fine. Better than fine; he looked relaxed and undone and it did shitty things to Kentarou’s shitty heart.

The Tank Top was the worst, though. Blue and white horizontal stripes, it was “fashionably over-sized” and slightly tapered at the waist to keep it from looking ridiculous. It would slip off his shoulders, or when he’d bend down, Kentarou could see right down to his stomach, the scoop of the neckline so misplaced at times it would flash a nipple. And it was stupid, because he’d seen Yahaba change in the club room hundreds of times, had seen him in various states of undress since they’d started living together. It was a tank top, and it was ruining him.

“I’m making….” Yahaba flashed a smirk over his shoulder. The one the tank top and slouched off of, of course. “One-pan-spaghetti. I saw a video on youtube.”

It was going to taste like shit. Kentarou would normally say as much, but he was distracted. Staring, watching the movement of broad, broad shoulders working as he sliced into cherry tomatoes, into bunched leaves of basil, into onions, perfuming the air so vividly, shoulder blades working under smooth sunkissed skin. Kentarou felt his mouth water.

And one moment, he was standing there, staring, half listening to to Yabaha talk. The next, he was pressing parted lips to warm skin, tasting fainting like the salt of sweat, sunblock, ocean, summer.

He felt Yahaba seize up immediately under him. His eyes burned, unblinking, as he tried to think of the best, least agonizing way out of the bitch of a situation he’d just landed himself in.

“What—ow,” Yahaba screeched, and Kentarou was already flying halfway across the living room, to his bedroom, slamming the door just just as he heard, “You just bit me, you fucking freak!

He didn’t come out until well after midnight, forced by hunger, and when he peeked his head out, he saw that Yahaba had gone to bed, and that there was a cold plate of monstrous looking spaghetti on the floor on front of his door.

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What are your top 5 Niall outfits?

Ok Anon, this is going to kill me… but I am doing this ;).

5. This cosy asshole, look at him! Stripes look amazing on him, and I love those black slip-ons too. So much love!

4. Ok so jeans might even be the same as 5. are, and shoes are similar too. BUT I love that this asshole is embracing his chest hair and has that low neck tank on. UGH. And that red/navy shirt looks incredible on him, it makes his shoulders look extra broad. Yum.

3. This outfit is here mostly cos of those shoes. I LOVE THAT HE HAS SHOES WITH FLOWERS ON THEM AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM! But I also love that jumper and those jeans. LOVE.

2.5 Blue jeans, white tee. Classic and BEAUTIFUL. Suits him perfectly. And I love black trainers, I wish I could have all of his… in my size. :D

2. Ok so I cheat, but since the only difference is the shoes, I didn’t want it to be another number lol. I mean what can I say! These chelsea boots look SO GOOD on him. They aren’t any Harry type of heeled boots (thankfully – sorry Harold lol), but they change the feel of this outfit! I love Niall in his usual trainers and slip-ons, but DAMN these boots look hot on him!!!

1. THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE. FUCKING HELL. I MEAN DAAAAAAMN. I will probably never be over this look. He looks absolutely amazing. Blue tones suit him perfectly, and that white tank showing off the chest hair is just DIVINE. (Yes I said divine. Sorry not sorry.) GAZILLION POINTS FOR THIS YES THANK YOU!


Bonus: I don’t know what kind of shoes he has, so I can’t ‘judge’ this as a full outfit, but I LOVE this idea of a tee and army jacket. AND the messy hair just adds to it.