he is so cuteeeeeeee


Hyper Projection Engeki 「Haikyuu!!」 Karasuno Revival!: Nekoma Cast’s Speech (Eng Sub)

Anyone else scream inside a little when Takato-kun said “Hey Kuroo~”?
I love when he and Shori-kun keep teasing each other on twitter ♥
He’s so cuteeeeeeee  ふわあああああ (*´▽`*)
I’m so happy this Nekoma cast will return for the autumn stage.
Can’t wait to see them! o(*>ω<*)o

For those who don’t know, Nukunaru song is written by Naoki-san.
This is one of the original Nukunaru video: https://twitter.com/takeshi__naoki/status/802411091506540544
He is trying to make it a trend and according to his twitter,
he is not giving up yet lol   Keep going Naoki-san!!!

If you are curious about Nekoma chant, I made a romanji ver in this post 


Thank you so much silvery_flameさん from LJ for the video
and thank you to other people, who help me listening
and translating the video 本当にありがたいです! 
*Please don’t re-upload this elsewhere, especially on Facebook.* (´;ω;`)


Nina: “Well, you will always have ME!”

Nina sat up and threw her arm around Hazel, pulling her friend to her chest. Hazel erupted in giggles when Nina starting tickling her, her laughter filling the room and making Christopher look up from his block for a second. Hazel tried to squirm away but Nina’s grip on her was too strong for her to get away. Nina kept tickling her friend until the tears started to run down her cheeks and she yelled at Nina to stop.

Hazel: *pants* “You’re the worst..”
Nina: “And still you love me.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, im new to your blog. Obviously. Just wanna ask if you have gifs of jake awkward dancing on hey girl music video? I was at the mall today, giggling to myself remembering the awkward jake dance at the corner 😂😂😂 causing much stares from fellow mall-goers

Welcome to my trash world, anon!!

That video is the bane of my existence, because Jake is hilarious (bless him) but I only have the version that was clearly filmed with a potato, which means the resulting gifs are ugly as hell… Anyway, here ya go: