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The rfa reacting to an mc who is really self conscious about their loud, obnoxious laugh?



  • it happens when Yoosung and MC laugh at something at the same time
  • they BOTH go to cover their mouths
  • they BOTH try to apologize for laughing
  • “oh, sorry my laugh is so-”
  • “no, no, you’re laugh is fine! i’m the one who-”
  • Yoosung and MC make eyes contact while he’s still talking, then they both burst into laughter again
  • “you call that an obnoxious laugh, MC? did you hear me just now?”
  • “yea, i did, and your laugh is like tweeting birds compared to my cackle”
  • “i think its cute”
  • MC blushes and smiles, then playfully pushes on Yoosungs shoulder
  • “dont lie just cause you like me”
  • he raises one hand and places the other over his chest
  • “hey, hey look! i’m not lying. i swear, on my honor”
  • “what honor?”
  • MC bursts into laughter again
  • just the sound of their laugh makes Yoosung laugh again
  • they are a giggling mess but they love it


  • him and MC are watching TV together
  • and he just cant figure out why they keep holding in their laughter
  • like its really obvious, cause they’ll put their hand over their mouth and make a little noise like they’re about to laugh
  • and after a bit he’s just like hey…i wanna hear you laugh…
  • so he waits until they’re holding it in again
  • right when they’re about to burst…
  • tickle attack!!!!
  • they explode into laughter, unable to hold it in
  • MC tries to fight against Zen, to no avail
  • “gah, no!!! stop, please!”
  • he releases MC and they sprawl across the couch, breathing heavily
  • “sorry about…my laugh…?”
  • Zen smiles warmly 
  • “what laugh? i think i forgot it already”
  • he hovers his hands menacingly over MC’s sides
  • “no, no, please!”
  • “you mean….this laugh?”
  • Zen suddenly tickles MC again, and they laugh!!
  • “i dont know, i think this laugh its pretty cute”


  • Jaehee isnt exactly the life of the party ok
  • but even she likes to make jokes every once in awhile
  • once while her and MC were out together she made some offhanded joke about Jumin being in love with his cat
  • and MC cracks up
  • they start apologizing
  • and Jaehee is just so amazed that anyone laughed at her joke
  • from that point on she jokes around MC all the time
  • once Zen, Jaehee, and MC all hung out together
  • and Zen was like shit Jaehee i dont think i’ve heard you crack this many jokes since…..well….ever.
  • “its not me, blame MC! they’re the one who laughs at me and encourages me!”
  • “i cant help that you’re funny!”
  • Zen laughs and rubs the back of his neck
  • “you two really are perfect for each other, arent you?”
  • um heck yea they are


  • i feel like Jumin would get really emo about it
  • “oh, sorry Jumin, my laugh is so obnoxious-”
  • he would grab MC’s hands and look deeply into their eyes
  • “please, dont apologize. laughter is such a precious thing, no matter what it sounds like”
  • “ah, Jumin-”
  • “my dear, its been so long since ive had a reason to laugh. we shouldnt take for granted things that make us so happy that we have to show it physically”
  • “yea but-”
  • “your laughter is a reminder to me of the thing on this earth that makes me the most happy”
  • “wh-what is that?”
  • Jumin leans in and nuzzles MC’s nose
  • “you”


  • obnoxious? are you kidding me?
  • he loves that shit
  • he remembers so vividly the first time he heard it
  • it was when he sent something stupid to the chat and he heard MC’s laugh over the cctv
  • pure and uncensored since they had no one to hide it from
  • he knew he had to call them as soon as everyone left the chat room
  • he’s gotta hear that laugh again
  • over the phone he tried his best to make MC laugh, starting out with a classic “youve been hacked” joke
  • but he noticed that when they laughed, they started to cover their mouth and tries to stifle it
  • nope, nope, nope, he was going to get that laugh out if it killed him
  • he tried everything, he did his best teddy bear impression and even made some weird ass noises
  • it wasnt until a few phone calls later that he finally got it out
  • “HAH! there’s that laugh!”
  • “wh..what? what about my laugh? its so stupid, right?”
  • “no no no no!!! i love your laugh”
  • “you…you do?”
  • “um wow would you look at the time i’ve just gotta go back to work have a good day dont skip dinner ill call you later!”
  • phew, that was close


BTS-How they wake you up in the morning

Or how you’d wake up BTS depending on how you look at it:P

I have never written this much fluff in such a short span of time and I’m honestly blushing rnXD



“Wake up Jagi” you hear a soft, sweet voice whisper. You look up to see Jin leaning over you, playing with your hair, a small smile on his face. You give him a soft smile as you slowly wake up. “Breakfast is downstairs when you’re ready,” he says. You jump up, excited at the thought of eating one of Jin’s delicious meals, and you two accidently clunk heads. After a moment, the two of you giggle at the ridiculous situation, and Jin chuckles as you bolt for the kitchen like a little kid.


You hear Yoongi groan as he turns over to face you. “Wake up sleepyhead” you sing-song, running a hand through his messy hair. He opens his eyes just enough to see your face and gives you a lazy smile.

“Can we please sleep just a little bit longer?” he asks, his voice still thick with sleep as he pulls you closer to him, burying his face in your neck. As you snuggle into his chest you decide to give into his adorable smile and let him sleep for a little while longer.


“Jagiyaaaa” Taehyung whines, throwing an arm over you. “It’s time to get uuup.”

You groan and attempt to swat him away. “Tae I wanna sleep, leave me alone” you grumble.

You smile at his childish whine but after a moment, you catch a sly smirk on his face. “Well if you don’t get up then I’m going to have to…ATTAAACK!” he exclaims, the two of you suddenly launching into a tickle fight. You kick off all the blankets in your laughing fit. “Gah, my Jagi’s laugh is so cute!” he exclaims as you try and shove him away.

After a while, you can’t take it anymore. “Tae no, no please stop I promise I’ll wake up,” you say between giggles, finally succeeding in shoving him away. You hit him hard on the arm. “You are such an asshole!’ you exclaim.

Tae only smiles and kisses you on the cheek, running out of the room. “Love you too Jagi!” he shouts behind him


You were peacefully dreaming when you were startled awake by Hoseok suddenly jumping on the bed, doing a silly dance while singing at the top of his lungs. “YOU GOTTA GET UUUUUP, HEY YOU GOTTA GET UUUUP, JAGI’S GOTTA WAKE UUUUP!”

“GAH HOSEOK WHAT THE HELL?!” you shriek, sitting up and giving Hoseok a grumpy look.

Hoseok does one final jump and sits down on the bed, grabbing your cheeks while laughing his absolute ass off. “Aish Jagiya I couldn’t help it, you should have seen your face!’ he exclaims, still laughing.

You pout at him and slap his arm playfully. “Hoseok you’re so mean!”

He only laughs as he gets up and skips out of the room. “You loooove me!’ he shouts behind him as you fall back on the pillows, covering your face with both your hands and laughing at his ridiculousness.


“Jaaaagiii” Jimin sings quietly. You groan and attempt to swat him away, but he only chuckles and pulls you closer. “Jaaaagiii, it’s time to wake uuup” he sings in your ear. When you push him away, grumbling about how you don’t want to get up, he rolls his eyes. “Well iiiif my Jagi does not get uuup” he continues to sing, “then IIII will haaave tooo…MURDER HER!” he suddenly screams, hauling you on top of him and tickling your sides. You squeal and manage to escape, running around the house as Jimin chases after you, roaring like a monster, until he catches you by the waist and the two of you fall to the floor, laughing uncontrollably.


“Jagi Jagi Jaagiii” Jungkook sing-songs. You open your eyes to see Jungkook sat up in bed, wrapped up in the sheets, swinging back and forth while singing “Jagi” in various pitches.

“Whati whati whatiiiii” you sing back, mocking his adorable singing voice.

He only chuckles as he suddenly yanks you up, laughing at your squealing as he wraps you up in the sheets with him, hugging you tightly. “It’s time to wake up,” he says quietly.

You giggle and lean forward for a kiss, but at the last second shove him away and run for the kitchen. “Last one to the kitchen makes breakfast!” you shout behind you.

“Aish cmon Jagi, you know I can’t cook!” he shouts after you, hastily kicking off the blankets and running after you.


You slowly open your eyes when you hear the curtains being opened. You see a golden sunrise and Namjoon leaning against the window, rubbing his eyes, hair still messy from sleep. “Joonie, what are you doing up?” you ask, sitting up and blinking at the sudden light.

Namjoon turns to you with a sheepish smile and looks back and forth between you and the window. “Aish sorry Jagi, I just wanted to watch the sun rise, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

You giggle. “It’s fine.” You look out the window, your eyes finally adjusted, and stare in awe at the sunrise. “It’s beautiful” you murmur.

Namjoon looks at you with a small smile. “I’ll be back in just a second,” he says and dashes out the bedroom door. A few minutes later he comes in with two steaming mugs of coffee and hands one to you. “Here you go my lovely Jagi,” he says. You smile up at him and the two of you spend the rest of the morning sipping coffee and watching the sunrise together. 

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ITS THE ANON THAT'S TOO SCARED TO GO OFF ANON AGAIN (whut) Your HC about the scrapbook GAH STAB ME WITH A KNIFE SHOE (skates... don't ask) IT WAS SO CUTE AND SO GREAT I LOVED IT SO MUCH Hc where yuuri's collection of victors posters are found by Victor?? Hmmmmm 🌚😍

This is a little tricky cuz I still can’t profile Victor much from the anime alone but I do believe he’s the type to keep quiet about it when he finds out~ He’d probably keep the secret with him until it’s time to use it against Yuuri. Maybe they’ll have a fight and Yuuri MIGHT have slipped about saying how he disliked / hated Victor and Victor just– shuts up. Crosses his arms. And goes full savage.

“That’s not what your collection of my posters say.”

“Wha-…” And Yuuri starts blushing like “HOW DID YO-”

“Or your notebooks of me. Or your magazine cutouts in the box under the bed. Or you having all my FS and short programs downloaded in your laptop. Or your-”

And Yuuri is blushing so hard to his ears and down his neck now and he just puts his hands over Victor’s mouth and leans his forehead on Victor’s chest in defeat, mumbles an apology and they hug it out wwww This was a one time chance for Victor so he used it wisely wwww