he is so cute look at him being shy

Dating Clay Jensen would include..

  • Cuddles
  • So many goddamn cuddles
  • Switching between big spoon and little spoon
  • Sometimes he has nightmares about the tapes and needs to feel protected
  • Lots of sci fi movies
  • Dancing together at 2 am
  • Gentle kisses
  • Trying to be there for him during Hannah’s death and the tapes despite not knowing anything
  • One night him cracking and telling you everything while sobbing
  • Your heart breaking because you want to help him so badly
  • Riding on the back of his bike
  • Him forcing you to wear a helmet
  • Cleaning him up after his fight with Bryce
  • Almost going to kick Bryce’s ass yourself before Clay begs you to stay with him
  • The first “I love you” being accidental
  • You’re eating a piece of pizza while binge-ing some show and have a bunch of sauce all over your face
  • Clay can’t help but grin at how cute you look and whispers “I love you” 
  • Pizza makeout sesh commences
  • Secretly stealing his sweatshirts (he notices but he loves how you look in them so he does nothing about it and pretends not to notice)
  • Playing with his hair when he’s upset
  • A lot of “You’re the Leia to my Han” or “You’re the Jean to my Scott”
  • Him still managing to be super shy towards you sometimes
  • You constantly reminding him how much you love him and how important he is
  • Your first time together is very intense and passionate
  • He cries after
  • You do too
  • Catching him trusting Marcus and almost slapping him
  • “He’s using you, Clay. Please just believe me. Tony’s been here since the beginning. Don’t trust any of those stupid meatheads.”
  • Anytime Bryce even makes eye contact with you, Clay is prepared to pummel his ass into the deepest pit of hell
  • You having to calm him down and remind him you would never leave him for a scumbag like Bryce
  • Being there with him for his confession
  • Him gripping your hand the entire time
  • Being utterly in love with Clay Jensen and him swooning over you every time you walk through the door
Rotten Judgement - part 2

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,630

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Demonic creatures, Mythology , Attempt Assault 

A/N: Seriously guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback. I hope I tagged everyone, sorry if I didn’t :/ (As usual some quotes from the movie)

“I know who you work for,” Brock Rumlow, notorious human trash bag, hissed as he pinned you with the weight of his body against a brick wall.

He put his big, calloused hand around your throat and tightened his grip until you were gasping for air. You tried to pull yourself free, but your hands were trapped behind your back. He was breathing so close to your face that you could feel his clammy breath on your skin.

In hindsight, you should have known that Rumlow wasn’t going to be easy an easy target. He was a murderer and a thief, he probably didn’t even have a heart. Your targets were usually old people or horny men, this was a first and you couldn’t understand why Bucky needed his heart. It was most likely all black and corrupted.

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 11 (Final Part)

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 3571

Warnings: A lot of emotions, a lot of fluffy and a little of smut.

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta. You are the best.

You are so happy, you can’t believe that today you are finally going to sleep on your own bed. “You know, I really like to see you wearing my clothes.” You smile at Bucky’s words as he hugs you from behind.

“I like to wear them, they smell like you.” You are wearing a pair of leggings and one of his sweaters. It’s so big and comfortable. “You can keep it if you want, it looks really good on you.” You turn around kissing him on the lips. “You are going to regret this, in a couple months you are not going to have any more clothes to wear.” You say playful, taking his hair out of his forehead.

“I don’t mind, I can always steal them back and this way they are gonna smell like you.” He is so sweet, you can’t believe how kind and precious Bucky Barnes can be, especially after everything he has been through.

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NCT U’s Reaction To Finding You In Their Shirt

Taeyong: At first Taeyong would look in his wardrobe and be like “Hey, where’d that shirt go-?” but as soon as he saw you standing in the doorway with it on and a blanket wrapped around you, his heart would melt. He’d stand and admire you for a moment before letting out a dreamy sigh “Keep it, it looks good on you.” and he’d wrap you in a hug and press a soft kiss on your forehead. 

Originally posted by teeuai

Doyoung: I feel like he’d tease you a lot but in a loving way of course. He’d poke your cheek and say things like “Did someone miss me?” or “You must like my manly musk-” which leads to you playfully hitting him. Lowkey though, he’d be throwing glances at you to coo over how cute his girlfriend looked in his shirt that was too big for her. You wouldn’t live it down to say the least. 

Originally posted by taesyong

(Thats him looking at you, boo berry-) 

Ten: Literally screaming, someone help this boy. If you fell asleep in his shirt then he’d snap a few photos to send to the group chat with the caption “Isn’t she the cutest?” and he’d find it super adorable how you thought to wear his shirt as a nightdress. In future he’d even suggest you wore them, he’d hand you one and tell you to put it on and get comfy like you had done before. 

Originally posted by nctaezen

Jaehyun: At first I think he’d be shy and giggly, seeing you look so adorable in his shirt. He’d just watch you with heart eyes throughout the day because he’d have no clue how to put his feelings into words. Eventually, like Taeyong, he’d tell you that you could keep it and wear it whenever he wasn’t there or was on tour - just so you had something to remind you of him. 

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Mark: A wee, flustered baby. Would take one look at you being all cute and freeze up instantly. It would make his heart soar to see you wear anything of his, not just his shirts in particular. He’d wrap his arms around you waist and whisper about how beautiful you looked in his shirt. It would feel uncharacteristically cheesy to you but needless you’d be a blushing mess as you saw your boyfriend stare at you lovingly. 

Originally posted by markleetrashh

My apologies for my inactivity! I got my GCSE results the other day and I’ve been celebrating! As for the Johnny scenario, I’ve began writing that so expect it very soon~ 

Love and cuddles! x

picture day 🌼 peter parker

requested: anon

tagged: @ttholland>@clubparker@spideysensesparker @t-oodles

summary: you decide to wear one of peter’s shirts for picture day, causing nothing but cute fluff between you and you’re beautiful boyfriend.

warnings: LOTS of fluff, you know what it isssss :’)

“Why don’t I have at least one cute thing in my closet?” you whined in annoyance after throwing another piece of clothing on the ground. Picture day was by far your least favorite day of the year, and that’s exactly what today was. The struggle of your hair not being frizzy, to finding the perfect outfit - it was the worst day, a day that should not exist. Every year you had a horrible picture that was plastered in the yearbook forever, making you a lot more insecure about your appearance than you were before. You were far from photogenic. It didn’t help that your mom felt obligated to buy the picture every single year and framing them in the living room as if it were some masterpiece.

Eyes scanning your closet, nearly losing all hope and thinking why don’t i just say i’m sick and skip school, you land on the perfect shirt. You borrowed your boyfriend Peter’s clothes often, loving the sweet scent they had, hardly ever feeling lonely when wearing them. You had at least 4 of his sweatshirts and t-shirts, all of them stolen which led to you getting texts saying: ‘babe did u take my red hoodie????? I can’t find it.’

His red flannel was by far your favorite. It was the first article of clothing that you ever borrowed of his, being very special to you - you stole it. He literally doesn’t know why half his damn wardrobe is missing. Such a clueless, sweet boy.

“Perfect.” You smiled, holding the article of clothing to your chest, taking in the scent of your boyfriend, and put on the flannel, not even thinking that Peter would notice. It won’t make a difference, you thought.


“Oh, my god, i look horrible.” you exclaim, holding your new ID card that had your picture displayed on it, walking out of the cafeteria where picture day took place. It was by far the worst picture you have ever taken. Your hair gotten frizzy due to the gloomy weather, eyebrows looked wonky, and you absolutely hated the way your smile looked.  I swear the flannel was going to help. It definitely did not help.  Why is my life so messy, like my hair.

“You look fine, dude. Don’t worry.” Your friend assures you. The only thing you were worried about was Peter seeing how awful you looked. Not that he’d break up with you or anything, because homeboy was way too in love with you, but it was embarrassing and you just wanted to delete the photo from your memories and the world.  “I can’t let Peter see this. Never. I look so gross.” You say running your hand through your hair, wishing the photo would burn into a million pieces as you and your friend walk the nearly empty halls.

“Have fun stopping him from doing so,” you turned around to see Peter walking towards you with a sweet smile on his face. It was mid afternoon, and the poor boy hadn’t seen his favorite person all morning. He was especially excited to see your new ID photo. Your friend slowly and awkwardly walks away, muttering something about having to go wash their cat. Bitch, you’re allergic to cats. 

You mentally throw your shoe at her before walking closer to your boyfriend, very nervous.

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BTS reaction to their s/o being too shy to touch them

@  foxy-dreams  : hello! i really like your style of reactions, could i request one? when their s/o really wants physical contact but is also really really shy about it? like walking together and reaching for his fingers but just holding pinkies? thank you!    

This is soo cute *-* I love it! Hope you enjoy


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Loove this. Jin would be so adorable, cute and lovely. You getting too shy even if you really need to hug him after rought day would make him all soft. He wanted you to comfortable with him so for every possible way he’ll be slowly helping you to get over your shiness. But still he don’t want to change you.

“Y/n~ This flower need your kiss to change into really handsome prince. So come and quickly kiss him~”


Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

One more reason to tease you. He love you and he thought that you are really cute when you are like this. Yoongi sometimes will provoke your shiness only to see your red face. He would make fun of you that there’re so many fans that would give everything to only touch him but his soulmate is getting all shy and don’t even  want to hold his hand. He knew that you want to be in physical contact with him so he thought that maybe his teasing will encourage you.

“I knew that my being can knock everyone out. I’m just too cool.”


Originally posted by jhope-shi

Asking you why you are feeling shy. He didn’t have anything towards it but he’s curious. We all knew that if you are shy about skinship with him he would make somthing that this shiness will be going away and hope that won’t come back. Hobi can sometimes act that he’s hurt that you are holding only his pinkies but in real he think that you’re adorable.

“Owhh. My Y/N gets shy again?? Can be anything cuter than you?~ I don’t think soo”


Originally posted by yoongichii

Trying everything to make you more comfortable around him. Of course if you’ll be fine with it. Watching movies together while hugging, cuddles and randomly kissing. Namjoon would find it cute when your face is turning red every time when he is coming towards you to kiss you. He would find way to eradicate your shiness about phisical contact.

“You are the cutest. I love you. One day you wouldn’t looks like beetroot while touching me. ”


Originally posted by unniesgirl

He would be so sweet. He’ll patiently wait when you’ll be ready to take his hand without being shy. Jimin will assure you that you don’t need to by shy around him.Sometimes he can be playfull like coming towards you and randomly taking your finger, looking deeply in your eyes if you are fine if he will take your hand.

“Jagii~ no need to by shy. I’ll give you time and your shyness towards me will dissapear.”


Originally posted by bwipsul

Tae knew that you’re shy and that you won’t touch or kiss him because of that. So he were kissing you without any warning or when you took his finger he always taking your hand and don’t wanna leave it. He’ll be doing everything to make you less shy and transform yours desire into activity.

“I love youu~- *kiss*- you are cute- *kiss*- I love you now even more -*kiss*- You are still shy? I can do this all day~”


Originally posted by jeonjungrude

He’s shy too about touching you. But when you two would date for few moths he would be more bold. You were looking at his lips for few minutes. Jungkook notice it and come closer making a small distans beetwen your and his faces. He thought that maybe he can provoke you to kiss him. You just turned red and go to another place in the room. He looked at you, started to laught and come to you and hugs you.

“Kiss me finally! Look I’ll help you. I’m not bitting”-jokingly said Jungkookie

can you believe that will byers truly exist?? 

because like? he is so brave that he actually pulled out a shotgun that night to protect himself and he is so caring because he warned his mom- in that shit hole, he warned her and told her to run, that demogorgon was coming? and he is also so fucking talented, i can imagine him in front of the fucking eiffel and he is also honest, he told mike the roll was a seven and he is so good at d&d and he has this amazing voice i can listen to the end of the time and he is the best looking human being with a bowl-cut and he also must be very shy about boys and his sexuality too because everyone calls him those words- even his damn father.

and his cute soft brown hair on his forehead??? and god he is so dainty- he is like a little flower that glows with the sun as it goes up on the sky in the very first hours of the morning. he is also the smallest of all the boys even though they’re all the same age- but he isn’t just small, he is smol. and he is brave again too because he wasn’t afraid of riding his bike on a dark scary road. and he also has a very good music taste and god, he was so cute when he pulled his legs to his chest and sang should i stay or should i go in the upside down, he was shaking, fucking shaking but he sang it because that song made him feel like home, that song warmed him and cleared the air he took in his lungs and it felt like he was gonna be in his room when he opened his eyes.

and- well,  he better be safe and protected or i’ll have words.

NCT 127 reaction to overhearing you talking about how cute they are to another member


Anon: If you are still accepting can you do a NCT 127 reaction to their S/O saying they are cute to other member and they overhear please? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense >.

Thank you for requesting! I love this request, but it was kind of hard to come up with loads of different reactions so a couple of these might be a little too similar to one another - sorry!❤️⭐️


Originally posted by neotechs

Standing behind the half-shut door, hand about to push open the door fully, he’d be able to hear your excited voice gushing to Doyoung about how cute he (Taeil) is. Your voice would get higher and you’d squeal a little bit, thrusting your phone into Doyoung’s face to show him a fancam of Taeil at one of their latest performances. “Look! Look, Doyoung! He’s so cute! So, so, so cute…ah look at his little smile!” You’d gasp every time he made eye contact with the camera, smiling fondly at your phone. Taeil wouldn’t be used to being complimented like that so genuinely and sincerely; it’d make him blush hearing your sweet words and pure excitement over him. Being too shy to tell you he had overheard you earlier, he’d still act a little bit different afterwards; although he had wanted to say thank you, he was too embarrassed to admit his eavesdropping, so would just be very affectionate and sweet toward you for the rest of the day. You wouldn’t think much of his oddly-mushy behaviour, but you would think he was even more adorable than before, and definitely wouldn’t turn his skinship down and taeil would probably never tell you or another member this lols


Originally posted by coup-de-chance

Johnny would try to be sneaky and eavesdrop without you releasing - but that would just totally backfire on him. He had hoped that he’d be able to use your cute fangirling and gushing comments about him, against you in the future as a joke. But obviously, being the klutz he is, would’ve accidentally exposed himself. Leaning heavily against the door, he’d press his ear against it, trying to hear whatever you were telling Jaehyun about him, but his weight would only cause the door to fly open, Johnny suddenly falling forwards and onto the floor in front of you two. You’d immediately know what he was trying to do, the second the door flew open and revealed Johnny, and you’d turn to Jaehyun, the pair of you bursting into laughter. It’d be funny to see Johnny there, on his front with his limbs spread out, not to mention the intense, pink blush on his cheeks. Basically, it turns out the joke was on him. He’d be so embarrassed and mad at himself for not being more careful, but you’d just find him even more adorable, especially blushing like that; Johnny blushing would be a rare occurrence. Pinching his cheeks and ruffling his hair, you’d coo at your boyfriend, turning your head over your shoulder to a very cringed-out Jaehyun, and saying, “see what I mean? So cute!” Johnny’s obviously is going to hate you for this after lmao


Originally posted by neotechs

when i talk about tae squealing, this ^^^ is what i mean lol

Totally the type to squeal silently and flap his arms about with excitement. In your relationship, Taeyong would honestly just be in awe of you; he’d look at you with such fondness, show you so much affection and compliment you non-stop. However, you’d be quite shy about complimenting him back; he’d already have so many people tell him how cute or cool he looked, you’d just feel as if your words wouldn’t be that special to him; but, really, just one of your compliments could make his entire month, over a load from strangers. So, overhearing you babbling about him to Johnny, would melt his heart. He’d get all soft and fluffy, clasping his hands with excitement, and have to bound off to his bedroom to cool off and collect himself. Afterwards, he’d be shy around you, maybe showing you a little bit more affection than he usually gives you. It’d be more “chivalrous” and traditional affection, like kissing your hand or just being more polite and helpful around you. You’d have no clue why he was acting like this, not that you’d mind, until you complimented him again, this time to his face, and he started to squeal and waddle about with excitement, flapping his hands about again and thanking you for your words. 


Originally posted by yutaf

Yuta’s reaction would probably the most dramatic idk if that’s actually the right word but idk what else is lols out of all the members. Honestly, I don’t think he’d really want to be called cute, especially not by you; he just wouldn’t understand how he could possibly be cute or how anyone could see it in him. As you were sitting there on the sofa, showing WinWin some photos of you had taken of Yuta asleep, Yuta would overhear you gushing and fangirling over him, WinWin probably agreeing that he looks cute too lmFao yuwin sets sail. Smirking, he’d casually stride in, interrupting you mid-sentence as he heaves himself down beside you, an arm snaking round your shoulders. You and Sicheng would just gawp at him, just a bit embarrassed about being caught talking about him. “So”, Yuta would start. “I thought I was sexy? Not cute, hmm?” Your eyes would widen, remembering that you had only just called him that the other night aye aye ;))) if u know what i mean. WinWin would awkwardly excuse himself from the room, only just realising what Yuta meant by his words. Watching his member leave the room quietly, Yuta would quickly turn back to look at you, raising an eyebrow waiting for you to reply. Just as you start to open your mouth to stutter reply, Yuta would push you back onto the sofa, hovering your body with his, and automatically, attaching his lips to your neck. You’d gasp, surprised at his sudden action and at his hand that had slipped under your shirt to touch your skin if u want a better description on how he’d kiss u read this. Kissing your neck, jaw and lips attentively, Yuta would ask you between kisses, quiet pants for you, “still cute?” no yuta no stop it we get the memo


Originally posted by dimplesjae

Doyoung would honestly be shocked to hear you call him “cute and honestly, the best looking man on earth”, along with some other adorable compliments, to Mark. Your relationship would be quite playful and sarcastic; sure, you’d compliment one another but it’d always be about something stupid like “oh my god, Doyoung! You have such beautiful ears!” or “my favourite thing about you, Y/N? Your elbows, babe.” It’d rarely be about how cute or how good looking he is even though gdi he really is he’s so beautiful omg. Neither of you would mind not taking it seriously; skin ship and other ways of showing affection could make up for all those unsaid, sweet compliments. Not sure what to do or say, Doyoung would find himself smiling gratefully, blushing slightly and pressing his hands to his cheeks to cool himself down it. He’d push open the door, you stopping your little fangirl moment about him to Mark and smiling at your boyfriend, blissfully unaware that he had overheard. Acting like normal, smiling and greeting you, he’d sit beside you, jointing the conversation and occasionally slipping in the odd compliment towards you. You’d be a bit shook shocked at his words (just as he was) and would end up asking why he was so happy and sweet all of the sudden. He’d shrug his shoulders innocently, giggling at how you still hadn’t realised. From then on, compliments like that would become more common. 


Originally posted by mintokkies

You’d probably never know that Jaehyun had overheard you, and to be frankly honest, you were thankful. You’d be in full-fangirl mode, squealing over Jaehyun’s fancams and jabbering on non-stop, as Yuta occasionally looked up from his phone beside you to give you a dirty look. Jaehyun, hearing your squeals and loud talking, would think that something had happened to you and would genuinely run to the room where you were to check up on you. Of course, the closer he got, the clearer your voice became and he quickly realised that it was just you fanning over him. He’d refrain from entering the room, probably leaning against the wall to hear more of your sweet comments. He’d have this small smile on his face, his heart warmed by your compliments and excitement. No one would ever find out about him overhearing, probably the reason why you never got to the root of why he suddenly became clingy with you the next day.


Originally posted by softlyqentle

Sicheng would probably be with another member at the time probably Yuta too gdi. Honestly? He wouldn’t hear you compliment him; your voice would be so quiet and his mind would wander off and think about other things very easily. He’d suddenly feel someone punching his arm excitedly and after flinching slightly, he’d questioningly watch Yuta get excited for him. Giving him a high five and being very proud of him, WinWin would have genuinely not heard you so would be confused as to why Yuta was doing this. Then again, WinWin probably wouldn’t bother asking what’s up and wouldn’t bring it up again. No doubt Yuta would get aggravated by this, completely missing the point so would bring it up later when you were around. You’d confidently confirm that you had told Haechan that about him. Feeling a little slow and dumb basically, he’d apologise and would start blushing and smiling cutely, being very affectionate with you.


Originally posted by nctaezen

Mark, although he probably tries to kid himself that he’s “cool” and “hip”, would still manage to embarrass himself and blow his over in these kinds of situations. At first, he’d be doing a good job at listening in on your conversation with Taeyong; perched on his feet lightly, barely pressing his body to the door but just enough so he could hear your voice - he’d actually succeed in being quiet and secretive. But, it wouldn’t last for long. Upon hearing your compliments about his “cuteness”, Mark’s heart would start to race, just like a kid does with his school crush, just like the early month of your relationship. His Canadian politeness would kick in instinctively and he’d open his mouth, uttering an enthusiastic “thank you”. Bearing in mind, he’d still be behind the partially shut door, you and Taeyong sitting, what you originally had thought as, privately. Taeyong would laugh, expecting this kind of thing to happen to Mark anyway and immediately releasing what he was doing. You and Mark would both be incredibly shy and nervous around each other that, both of you stuttering an apology to one another (which would be graciously rejected), blushing furiously and basically contemplating your life decisions lmfao.


Originally posted by neotechs

Would probably be the most excited and flustered out of all the members. He wouldn’t dare to walk in and thank you, after hearing your sweet compliments about him to Taeil.  Although he would’ve loved to, his blushing cheeks and wide grin would just immediately give away that “cool guy” image he always tried note the word tried to upkeep around you. Instead as if this idea is any fucking better lmao, he’d literally skip throughout the dorms until he found another one of the members to tell them about you. He’d end up gushing to the oldest members, Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong and Yuta, feeling quite smug and proud of him selves that he had had that effect over you although really he’d prefer if you called him handsome but you probably call him that all the time anyway. Rolling their eyes and smirking as they enjoyed the show a flustered and flapping-hands Haechan was putting on for them, they’d actually refrain from telling you about his antics and wild reaction. Only if he kept talking about it and wouldn’t drop it ever, would they threaten him with it. He’d automatically turn shy, begging them not to tell you because he was embarrassed. In the end, they probably would, and you’d find it even more adorable, probably pinching his cheeks and cooing at him the next time you see him.

sushi || pjm (f)

Going out on a date with some guy you met at a café could bring more with it than meets the eye.

❀ genre: fluff.
❀ word count: 5,3k+
Spotify playlist | Youtube playlist

With slow steps, you dragged your feet towards the bathroom, feeling really tired from the nap you just woke up from. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to sleep before a date, but you couldn’t help yourself as you had woken up really early for work. A small smile played upon your lips as you thought about it, work. It’s where you met him.

‘’Y/N! A caramel macchiato!’’ your co-worker yelled from the counter as you hastily wiped away the mess you just made.

‘’Coming right at ya,’’ you just told him, still wiping the counter and now also the floor, as coffee dripped from the edges. Brown droplets splashed in front of your white shoes, almost making them brown too, but with a few more wipes it looked like nothing was ever there.

A heavy sigh left your mouth and you heard a shy voice speaking a few metres away from you.

‘’Please, t-take your time,’’ the voice said as you whipped your head around, gazing at the guy to which the voice belonged with surprised eyes. When you met his eyes, your heart was about the burst and you could feel your head getting lighter.

Warm, chocolate brown eyes, a bit puffy and a face handsome as hell. Lips plump at first, but when his mouth went upwards, the cutest smile ever appeared, making his eyes smile as well. You had no idea how a stranger could make you feel all giddy, but he did. His ash blonde hair fell in front of his face in various ways, and it gave him this chill and cute vibe.

‘’Oh Jesus, Lord, save me,’’ was the only thought going through your mind,

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Dating SIMON would include;

- Simon always using a dumb or cheesey pick up line on you (even though you’re dating)

- always giggling at them anyway

- “babe you’re in the frame. move.”

- always being attached or clingy with each other

- being the cutest couple out of the group.

- looking up at him bc daMN IS HE TALL

- late night movie sessions

- either of you falling asleep during the movie

- terrible sleeping patterns

- the rest of the sidemen constantly having bants about Simon finally having a girlfriend 

- Simon being really shy and awkward around you for the first month or so

- Simon being tired and playing mindlessly with your hair

- “you look cute in your glasses Si.”

- always wearing his Sidemen merch (support ya know)

  • Mingyu grew up as the youngest son of a family of three. So kid had fun growing up. 
  • He had so much freedom being the youngest because he was never supposed to take the throne or the stress that came with it. 
  • of course he put this freedom to good use.
  • Since he could talk he would never be in the castle, always roaming around the city with a bodyguard. 
  • As he got older, he’d go on further and further expeditions, going to towns and cities in the kingdom and exploring but also learning from the people there. 
  • He was like 10 but no one can deny the prince.
  • The chefs were 90% sure that letting the young prince this close to an open flame was a TERRIBLE idea but he just looked so excited…. and his bodyguards are scary……
  • When he was 12, he was sent away to a boarding school.
  • and it was one of those, celebrities and royalty from small countries type of gig like it was HELLA prestigious 
  • and he easily climbed to the top of his class
  • Mingyu was blessed with a natural ability to be good at everything. He wasn’t the best, but he could do it all. 
  • and that’s where you came in. 
  • you really didn’t see what all the hype was around mingyu but you didn’t really care. 
  • his following of girls was a little annoying but no one bothered you so you didn’t care. 
  • the problem came when he started being good at things that did pertain to you. 

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{Reaction} Monsta X finding out you’re crushing on Shownu

Can you do a MX reaction when they find out you like Shownu please?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by kuromel

Minhyuk: “I knew it! I knew you liked him since you kept staring at him in dance practice that time you came to watch us! I have to set you two up on a date right this instant!”

{y/n}: *stopminhyuk2k17*

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Kihyun: “Aish, why would you like him? I mean… I know why you would like him but… oh whatever.” *Jealous but will never admit it.* 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “I kind of guessed, you spend way too much time looking at his ass for that information to be a secret.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “You mean me? You’re kidding- you’re not? Well… I like you too” *shy but adorable bean*

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun: *bites Shownu’s arm*

{y/n}: “Will you stop doing that to him?” 

Changkyun: “Jealous?” *smirking*

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: “SO this is what happens when you take the Daddy in Shownu too seriously?”

{y/n}: “I will punch you”

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: *acting all cutely with Changkyun until-* “Look everyone, this is what {y/n} is like with Shownu when he comes out of the gym”

{y/n}: “I wish I wasn’t a living human being right now”

Balance Each Other

Requested By: Anonymous

Hi! I was hoping if you could do one of peter parker where he meets the reader. Reader is both clumsy as peter and stutter when they talk to each other

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You are new to the school, and what better way to start your first day by running into someone who’s just as clumsy as you.

Warnings: It’s so cute and dorky and adorable !!!

Word Count: 1,634

A/N: This is such a cute idea and I love it, I could honestly see Peter doing something like this ngl. alRIGHT enjoy :)))

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It was your first day at your new school, you were frantically trying to make sure you would arrive on time and be able to get your schedule and have some time to wander around the school to find your classes.

Being the time savvy person you are, you arrived minutes before school even started, which took a bit of weight off your shoulders.

You were at least good at one thing, time management.

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Hi PJ, hope you're doing good! Since "it's the most wonderful time of the year" (lol) how about HC for RFA+V and Saeran going to an RFA Christmas party: MC ends up under the mistletoe with another member (ошо) but OMG you can't go against Christmas rules, what do they do?! Thank you so much, have a nice day/night <3

~Oh! This goes with my icon right now haha. I’m going to have fun with this one tbh thank you for the request! (ノ^∇^)

◉ Yoosung

  • He bumped into you on accident
  •  And you spilled your drink on your dress
    • “I’m so sorry!!”
  • He was so flustered
  • Just stuttering
    • “No! Let me get you something hold on!” he ran off
    • “Yoosung it’s FINE!”
  • You tried to run after him to stop him
  • But he was long gone
  • He came running back with a napkin for you
  • Almost ran into you again in the doorway
    • “H-Here…” he held it up for you
  • You were both holding the cloth napkin when you each looked up to see mistletoe above you
  • Yoosung blushed
    • “You’re with V…I couldn’t…” his blush deepened
    • “Yoosung, you’re so cute. It’s just a harmless kiss, it’s supposed to be fun!” you laughed
  • He got a serious look on his face and bent down to press his lips on yours for a quick kiss
  • His lips were soft!
  • You noticed it was quiet now and the whole RFA was looking at you two
    • “Why did it get so quiet?” V asked (he can’t see, yo)
    • “MC and Yoosung got caught under the mistletoe,” Jumin said flatly with disinterest
  • Yoosung started to protest but V just laughed
    • “Haha, I’m just glad it wasn’t Zen,” he chuckled
    • WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” Yoosung and Zen yelled at the same time
  • You had to spend the rest of the night comforting them both
    • “I’m a gentleman! What could he mean by that…” Zen cried
    • “I’m just as good looking and manly as Zen is, damn it. I could steal a girl, too…why did he say that…” Yoosung was brooding in a corner

◉ Jumin

  • You asked if he had any new pictures of Elizabeth 3rd
  • You wanted a cat but Zen was allergic
  • So much to Zens dismay, Jumin was always sharing photos with you
  • He was flipping through blurry pictures of her for you when you realized you were standing underneath the mistletoe
  • Jumin just stared up for a second before looking at you
    • “This is a tradition, right? It’s quite strange, but-”
  • Before you knew it he was kissing you
    • “Your lips are pleasant,” he smiled
  • The sound of your boyfriends scream could be heard for miles
  • Jaehee was holding Zen back because he looked like he was about to fight Jumin
    • “Violence isn’t the answer Zen,” she sighed
  • But Jumin didn’t flinch
    • “You’re being ridiculous and dramatic as always. I was only following holiday traditions. Aren’t you the one always telling me to be less of a robot and become more involved?”
  • You had to run over and comfort him to help him calm down
    • “Zen, please…it’s all in good fun…”
  • He sighed and held your hands
    • “What an angel. So sweet even after that jerk violated you…” he cried, “let’s get you home so you can brush your teeth you must be so disgusted right now. Don’t worry I’ll do whatever it takes tonight to make sure you forget all about it.”

◉ Zen

  • He made his way over to you to talk about his new role
  • He was really excited about it
  • It was a few minutes before he realized where you were standing
  • He glanced up and his cheeks got red
  • You were with Jumin but…
  • It was just a fun little tradition, right?
  • It was dangerous but he smiled and leaned in to kiss you
  • He was feeling the beast™ might be unleashed OMG
  • But a hard tug on his ponytail pulled him away from you and his thoughts
    • “You’ll step away now if you know what’s best for you,” Jumin warned with a seething tone
    • HEY! Touch me again and I won’t sit still, trust fund freak!”
  • Zen slapped Jumin’s hand away from his hair
  • Jumin didn’t even bother to look at him again he was just all over you making sure you were okay
    • “Would you like me to proceed with harassment charges, my sweet? It would really be no probl-”
    • “Harass-…OVER MISTLETOE?!” Zen was fuming but it turned into a sly smile, “I mean…I don’t blame you for being jealous…I am incredibly handsome and-”
  • Zen was talking to himself now
  • Jumin was coddling you and walking you towards the door
    • “…no problem at all I will have assistant Kang gather the necessary paperwork to get this rolling and brand him for the person he is I just hope you’re okay…” Jumins voice trailed off

◉ Jaehee

  • She was bringing in a bunch of baked goods she had made herself for the party!
  • But was struggling to carry them all
  • You ran to help her because she was about to drop all of it
  • Poor dear
    • “Thank you so much!” she smiled warmly
    • “No problem, these smell so yummy!”
  • You were both holding the containers and looking up now at the mistletoe above you
  • She blushed
    • “Tis the season, I guess?” you shrugged
  • You both leaned in and kissed
  • The flash of a camera interrupted you
  • Both of you turned to see the RFA FREAKING OUT
  • Saeyoung had his phone out snapping photos
  • Yoosung’s face was as red as Saeyoung’s hair
  • Jumin was coughing into his glass of wine
  • V was in a deep conversation with a lamp
  • And Zen…your boyfriend
  • Looked like he was about to drop dead
  • Literally ran over and scooped you up
  • Practically ran you home before the beast was unleashed

◉ Saeyoung

  • This guy
  • He was wearing one of those headbands with the mistletoe dangling from it
  • He was going around trying to kiss everyone, honestly
  • Zen almost punched him
  • Jumin ran away
  • He was too scared to ask Jaehee
  • Finally he got to you
    • “A good luck Christmas kiss for my soon-to-be sister in law?”
  • You shrugged
    • “Okay, a quick one because it’s Christmas!”
  • Finally someone would kiss him!!
  • He leaned in and planted a firm kiss on your lips
  • Saeran zoomed over in a second and pulled you away from him
  • Then proceeded to pour his drink over Saeyoung
    • “You need to cool down. Don’t touch her again, you idiot.”
  • You gave him an apologetic look as Saeran whisked you away but Saeyoung just laughed

◉ V

  • You were helping him around since he wasn’t familiar with the space
  • He was just wanting a cup for his drink so you walked him to the kitchen and left him by the doorway while you grabbed it 
  • He heard you giggling when you returned
    • “What’s so funny?”
    • “Well…we’re actually under the mistletoe right now,” you replied
    • “Oh, how fun! I don’t want to overstep my bounds or anything though…” he said shyly
  • You got on your toes and kissed him
  • He blushed!!!
  • Yoosung slammed his plate down
  • He had the look of fury in his eyes and narrowed in on V
  • Saeyoung poked his cheek
    • “Ooooh…Cutie Yoosung is jealousss,” he taunted
    • SO?!…What if I am, that’s MY girlfriend he’s kissing!”
  • He was so mad
  • He smacked Saeyoung’s hand away
    • “I’m sorry, Yoosung. I didn’t think you’d be so upset?” V explained
  • You had to go over and give Yoosung a big hug and an even bigger kiss to get him calmed down

◉ Saeran

  • He was helping you rehang some decor that had fallen down
  • You were on a little stool and almost the same height as him
  • He held the ribbon for the mistletoe while you tacked it in the wall
  • And then you turned at the same time to look at each other and your faces were inches apart
  • And you smiled and pushed your lips into his own for a kiss
  • He didn’t pull away
  • And when you did, his face was beet red
  • His look of shock turned into annoyance when Saeyoung teased him
    • “Ooooh, so cute and shy, my brother! Don’t get any ideas, now!”
  • Both you and Saeyoung laughed
  • He scoffed
    • “That’s it I’m leaving.”
  • He brushed past you while mumbling about Saeyoung being a dumb ass
    • “Thanks for all the help, Saeran!”
  • Saeyoung slid next to you with his phone and showed you a picture of Saeran with red cheeks and wide eyes
  • You both cracked up laughing
  • Neither of you would ever let him live this down
Jimin as a boyfriend

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  • woo boy lets begin shall we
  • the home boy jimin has lips hella plump
  • he kisses you a lot with those mf
  • honestly such a sweet boyfriend
  • basically the literal human version of an angel
  • from hell…
  • you cant get anything done with his beauty
  • who is the prettier one in the relationship?
  • he really enjoys to tease you just to see you pout like a baby
  • “aw is the little baby pouting”
  • “look at those chubby cheeks puff out…my baby”
  • you can be scary when you get back at him
  • “shuddup shorty”
  • “at least I can reach the cups on the top shelf
  • he will chase you around the house unless you take it back
  • you squeals and his cute little giggles are heard around the dorms
  • the boys ‘puke’ at you two being so cute
  • you two blush bc shy little babies in love
  • he smells like sandalwood and super musky
  • v v v v masculine but his looks say other wise
  • “baby lets go eat”
  • “minnie im not hungry.”
  • “I dont care I want you super plump”
  • “nooo i need to diet”
  • he gets mad when he hears you say you need to diet
  • shows you how wonderful you are no matter what you look like
  • you two go to the sauna and have fun
  • “Bet you can’t stay in here longer”
  • “Bet shorty “
  • you both end up caving bc its too hot
  • you guys are the like  lady and the tramp
  • cuddles for weeks
  • sleepy selfies
  • awkward photo booth couple photos
  • he is so in love with you that he thinks you are the universe in his eyes
black hoodies | Han Jisung

Requested by anon ♡ | could you do a stray kids Jisung scenario where his female s/o wears his hoodie and she visits him while he’s working in the studio,, and he just gets rlly soft for his gf because they match and 3racha teases him how he’s so whipped?

Genres: pure fluff

Summary: Jisung being soft for his girlfriend who is wearing his hoodie and getting teased by Chan and Changbin

Pairing: Han Jisung x female reader

Word Count: 805

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It was late at night and Jisung was still working in his studio. He was really busy with preparing the mixtape nowadays that you were really worried for his health because he couldn’t sleep much and he often skips meals. Again today, you’re pretty sure he hasn’t eat dinner. You left your house and went to the dorms before heading to JYP building, where his studio was. At the dorms, Seungmin and Jeongin where still awake playing games. You kindly asked them if you could cook there because your gas cooker was out of order. You cooked all sorts of dishes without forgetting to bring them chicken. Indeed, Changbin and Chan, the rest of 3racha, were also working on the album. After packing everything, you was off to the studio but came back inside because the time you were cooking, the weather got really cold. You were pretty sure you’ll get a cold because you were only wearing a t-shirt and your coat. You saw one of Jisung’s hoodie just then on the sofa. You were now wearing his warm and soft black hoodie. He was really long since it was going down nearly till your knees and your hands were hidden by the sleeves. Soon you arrived in front of the high building.

Since all the staff knows and loves you, you can easily enter the building by any time. Jisung is always happy and surprised when you come visit him. When you arrive in front of the studio’s door, you made sure that the “recording” light wasn’t on before knocking on the door. “oh hi (y/n), you’re here for Jisung I guess”, Changbin opened the door and looked surprised and happy to see you. As soon as he said your name, you heard Jisung talking and quicky coming to you. “Babe, why are you here at this hour? You should rest princess.” you could hear the two other boys squealing because of the pet names and all you could do was laughing with Jisung who had red cheeks. “I wanted to make sure you’ve eaten so I came with food.” The boys exclaimed their joy when you set the dishes on the table. They were eating very well that you were happy just to watch them eat. Break was over, 3racha had to start recording now. Chan said that you can stay and watch them recording. Jisung was pretty shy because it’s the first time you’re seeing him working in the studio but he somehow got comfortable by the end and soft, very soft. For you.

“Isn’t it my hoodie?” Jisung noticed your outfit. “Yeah, it was cold outside so I found that at the dorms.” “You look so cute and tiny in it I love it” Jisung laughed and pulled you into a hug. The studio suddently became quiet before Chan finally spoke. “Hum Jisung you should go record your part…” He said being embarrassed but you were surely more embarrassed than he was. Jisung got up not even looking at you because he didn’t want to show you his red face. Recording began and finished only a few minutes after. Eventually you clapped your hands for him when he came back to his seat. “Thank you” he whispered and kissed your cheek. “Even when you’re cheering me, the long sleeves make you adorable” Jisung chuckled and took your hands in his. “I’ve never seen Jisung like this.” Changbin said about Jisung being soft and laughed with Chan. “Why~ Can’t I love my girlfriend?” Jisung whined and put his arm around your shoulders. You hid your face in your hands but your boyfriend found you even cuter when you’re shy. 

You thought that he was going to fall asleep because of how comfortable his head was resting on your shoulder. He was blinking at every of your heartbeats. He tried his best to stay awake since he had to finish his work tonight. You feel sorry because you just wanted him to fall asleep in your arms by patting his head. But Jisung had to keep his eyes open. He then played with your sleeve and interwined his fingers with yours. It was easier to stay awake like this than just listening to your soothing breaths. “Oh, aren’t we matching?” He asked and put his arm next to yours. “It’s not difficult to match unintentionally with all the black hoodies you have.” You laughed. He was smiling so brightly, like an kid in front of a candy shop. Jisung pressed a kiss on your temple before becoming embarrassed again with Chan and Changbin laughing at him. In the end, Jisung decided not to care about the rest of his team and just shower your face with kisses whenever he wants to.

Guided | Ravi (m)

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Pairing: Ravi/Reader
Genre: Fluffy-Smut
Warnings: loss of virginity, oral, pet names, praise kink.
Summary: Your best friend, the sweet Kim Wonshik, teaches you how to please a man and shows you how he pleases a woman. But, to him, it’s so much more than that.
Word Count: 3.6k

request found here

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Monsta X Reaction to: You Being Really Dominant in Bed

Anon: Monsta X and WJSN reaction to you being really dominant in bed, please and thank you :^)

wjsn version: here 

Shownu: He doesn’t really mind whether he’s dom or sub (but ultimately is dom imo), as long as you’re enjoying yourself. He gets off to your pleasure. So he’ll let you dominate but not without a fight.

“You want to tie me up? You’ll have to try harder than that if you really want to.”

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Wonho: The King of Submissive’s. Ropes, chains, orders, choking, spanking; do whatever you want, he just loves being used by you. Although you might think you’re in charge, it’s really him. He knows how to make you do what he wants and then gets to bask in the loving glow of aftercare.

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Minhyuk: He’s the ultimate submissive. He’s a warm guy who loves to give love and will shower you with affection. In return, you fulfill all his deepest, darkest fantasies. He’s okay with any kind of domination, soft or hardcore, just so long as it’s pleasurable for you both in the end. And that you take care of him afterwards. Aftercare is important and doms should never forget it!

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Kihyun: Sorta awkward about it at first. He’s not sure what to expect when you bring the subject up but he finds that he’s into it. He’s so used to being a “mother,” to looking out for others, that giving that control up and being the one looked after for once, was weird initially but he rather likes it. It’s a nice change.

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Hyungwon: Acts so cute and shy when you dominate him but is actually a freak so don’t stop, f*ck him up, push him to his limits. He’ll surprise you by being the most into it, even into more extreme domination. As long as you give him aftercare, help clean him up and give compliments and make sure he re-hydrates, then you can dominate him all you want.

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Jooheon: He’s a soft, sweet submissive … or so you think. He knows how to push your buttons and use your dominant nature to his advantage. Will use aegyo to get his way, both in and outside of the bedroom.

“Baby, will you do that thing that I like tonight?”

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I.M: He didn’t think he would be submissive until he met you and now he knows he f*cking loves it. Will be a brat sometimes to bring your dominance out, esp. in public as he knows you can’t do anything about it. He will tease and rile you up, shooting you knowing looks since he can see you’re fuming.

“Am I getting punished later?”

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First time blowjob with Joshua.

Warning: Smut. I went a little crazy with this one so read with your own risk.

• oh boy is it getting hot in here?

• So I’m pretty sure you two didn’t have sex yet.

• Some intense make outs here and there but it was still really hard to understand what he would like in bed.

• So another day of making out on his lap things started heating up.

• And you pulled away a bit when you felt his boner underneath you.

• He looked kinda embarrassed but didn’t say anything.

• Not wanting him to feel uncomfortable before he could say anything you pulled him back into a kiss and palmed him through his jeans earning a hiss from him.

• Your name left his mouth followed by him telling you how much he needs you.

• You smirked, feeling in control so you pushed his T-shirt up a little and slid your hand into his jeans now grabbing him through the thin fabric of his boxers.

• He let out a loud moan. Finally you got on you knees in between his legs giving him a questioning look, he understood and gave you the permission to keep going.

• You unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans and boxers down at the same time, just enough to let his member fully out.

• he lets out a hiss when you gently place a kiss on his tip.

• He had huge red tint on his cheeks. Not being able to hold back you decided to tease him. “You look so cute when you’re shy”

• But you forgot about the time Joshua would let out his dominants side by grabbing a handful of your hair while making out.

• Or when he placed a hand around your neck, squeezing a little too much to believe that he was submissive.

• So that’s when he looked at you, pushed his thumb into your mouth before replacing it with his dick. “ So are you when you think you’re in control”.

• He grabbed you by the both sides of your face controlling your pace, not too rough, but enough for you to feel his dominance.

• Soon enough he grabbed you by the hair with one hand, the other gently caressing your cheekbone.

• Things heated up even more quickly. Now he was going deep enough for you to feel him hitting the back of your throat, tears blurring your vision.

• His moans were getting louder and more sinful which made you even more wet.

• He was shamelessly letting out so many dirty comments.

• But right when you thought he was going to come he pulled you up and roughly kissed you, helping you sit back in his lap feeling his rock hard bare member in between you.

• “ I thought we could continue with something even more fun.”

* Awkward laughter turns into crying*

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