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As promised! A drawing for the #1 boi @crankgameplays

A bit of a re-draw from http://jack-a-yote.tumblr.com/post/155393864589/hey-crankgameplays-i-havent-been-able-to-do 

From 200K to 400K and hopefully to so much more! I absolutely love this kid. More so than Mark or Jack I think because, Like he said, He’s relatable. As a 16 year old, watching someone closer to my age and what I am going through is helpful! He’s a goof but still is just starting to figure out things just as I am! 

I’m gonna die when he re-dyes his hair to his normal color and I’ll have to figure out how to re-draw him all over again. 

Take it an shove it, Dave.

Someone Tries to Flirt With MC While Her S/O is Standing Only a Few Feet Away

- “Hey MC, I’ll be right back. I gotta use the bathroom.” Yoosung stood up, smiling at MC before walking to the back portion of the cafe you two were currently in
- now you were alone, only the half eaten pastry in front of you to keep you company as you waited for your boyfriend to meet your acquaintance.
-growing bored within the first few seconds, you picked up your phone to see who was in the group chat.
-Zen, Jaehee, Jumin, and Seven were arguing about whether or not Elizabeth should have kittens.
- As soon as you popped in though, they all greeted you warmly, before asking your opinion on the situation.
-Before you could even answer the sound of a chair scraping against the floor caused you to jump and nearly drop your phone.
-“Yoosung! Oh my goodness! You scared-” you were cut off by the fact that the man in front of you was NOT your Yoosung.
-“Sorry to scare you, it’s just weird seeing a pretty girl like you all alone.” He was smooth, you will admit that, but he wasn’t your Yoosung.
- “I’m sorry but i’m not actually alone, I’m with-”
- “She’s with me.”
- Oh boy
- You knew that voice, and as happy as you were that your bby boy was back, you also knew that tone.
- “Shit, dude, my bad. Didn’t mean to step in on your territory.” The guy looked like he was about to shit his pants as he shuffled away.
- “Sorry about taking so long, babe! There was a line.” Yoosung sat in front of you, acting as if nothing ever happened, bright and bubbly.
- But you knew
- Oh did you know
- That had that guy sat there a second longer blood would have been spilled.
- Today was a dress rehearsal and, as much as he wanted you to see the production only when it was perfect, you had convinced him to let you come with lots of hugs, kisses, and pouty faces.
- You sat in the front row, right in the middle, so that you could have the BEST view of your boy as possible.
- Zen was playing a Werewolf, having fallen in love with a girl wandering through the forrest.
- Kind of like a musical adaption of Little Red Riding Hood (except u know no death lololol)
- When the rehearsal ended you were almost in tears with how moving the performance was, and how proud you are of your boyfriend.
- You practically sprinted backstage to see your boyfriend after the curtains closed, but while doing so you managed to bump into one of the secondary actors.
- “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!!” you yelled as you helped him up.
- the stranger merely brushed off his pants and grinned at you.
- “Don’t be sorry, I just got to run into the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen.”
- Your face went blank as he went to kiss your hand, only to be nearly tackled to the ground by the man you had intended on seeing.
- “What do you think you’re doing tryna kiss my girlfriend?!!” he grabbed the man by the collar and hoisted his face closer.
- “S-Shit, man!! I didn’t know that was MC!!” he stuttered, trying to sound brave. You were mortified and began pulling your boyfriend off, struggling a bit seeing as he is twice your size.
- “I’m so sorry. I’ll send you a gift basket later. Please excuse me” you yelled to the shaken up man as you dragged your now steaming with anger boyfriend away.
- “Let me at him, MC! He can’t just go kissing random girls!! ESPECIALLY not MY girl!!” you rolled your eyes and placed him in his dressing room, where he proceeded to sit with his arms crossed muttering about “he was gonna get it” and “who does he think he is”
- it was… actually kind of cute how protective he got.
- You leaned down and grabbed both of his cheeks, making him look at you.
- “Don’t worry, Zen. As long as I have my Big Bad Wolf to protect me, I’ll be fine.” You giggled, kissing his forehead.
- He stared at you for only a second before pulling you onto his lap, earning a surprised help from you.
- “Why don’t I show you how Big and Bad I can be?” He whispered in your ear.
- You smiled, after all, more than ready to be his Little Red Riding Hood

- it was busier than usual in the coffee shop, so while you took orders, Jaehee made the drinks.
- She trusted that you would manage it much better than her, because you were much better at being bubbly and friendly than she was.
- But maybe, she wondered, you were too good.
- Her question was answered when a girl around your age came to the cash register, and as soon as she looked at MC her face lit up.
- oh no
- jaehee is baehee not u
- shoo
- “Hi, what can I get you?” you asked, looking up to meet her sultry gaze.
- “I want something really sweet.” She winked.
- “Oh! Well our chocolate croissants are really sweet, but if you prefer a sweet drink then a Caramel Macchiato would be perfect for you!”
- “Hmm… I want something sweeter.” She leaned in and Jaehee was currently crushing the drink she had just made in her hand.
- Stay calm Jaehee
- “Do you think I could just take you instead?” The girl winked at you.
- Oh that’s it.
- Baehee is stepping in.
- “I’m sorry but MC is not for sale.” She stepped in, beaming smile that hid immeasurable anger.
- “And who are you to decide that?”
- “My girlfriend.” MC cut in, dropping the kindness. “So if you can give me a real order, I can get that going for you as soon as possible so you leave quicker.” Her glare was sharp, and Jaehee was shook.
- The girl walked away and MC smiled at Jaehee. “Sorry about that I-” Jaehee planted a very quick kiss on her cheek before returning the the drinks she had yet to make.
- Mc smiled.
-“My Baehee”

- u were bored and hangryblemme tell ya
- even tho u were snuggled up with ur fave Jujubee (hehehe) nothing could control your rumbling tummy.
- “Can we go out to dinner? I’m starving and I’ve been home all day because you work 25 hours a day and 8 days a week.” You pouted as he chuckled, running his fingers through your hair before leaning down and kissing your forehead.
- “That sounds marvelous, why don’t we go to the place near the Bay you’ve been wanting to go to?” Your smile took up your entire face when he suggested that.
- You immediately jumped up, almost hitting Jumin in the head as you sprinted to your room to get ready.
- Once you were ready, Jumin called Driver Kim, but you insisted that you two walk there since it wasn’t far from the penthouse and you would enjoy the fresh air.
- How could Jumin say no to that face :’)
- You both were halfway there when you passed a couple of guys hanging out by an alleyway
- that is never a good thing to do
- Jumin didn’t notice them as he was too busy telling you about his latest cat project.
- i’m TELLING U mc cats NEED cufflinks!!
- you two were discussing when out of the corner of your eye you saw the guys move off the wall
- fantastic :)
- "Ooh! Hey baby!! Why don’t you bring your sweet ass over here and i can show you a real good time!”
- You turned your nose up at them as Jumin stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide and brows furrowed.
- “Just ignore them Jumin…” you mumbled, pulling him to walk with you.
- As soon as you passed them though the one who called you out stepped behind you and before you could even react slapped your ass so hard that you squeaked and jumped.
- Oh boi
- u dun diddly dun it now
- Jumin straight up grabbed that guy’s arm before pinning him against the wall.
- “You have just made the biggest mistake of your life trying to disrespect my wife like that. I swear to God I will kill you with my own damn hands and, trust me, I have the power to make it look like an accident.”
- o SHIT
- the guy was frozen in place and you could only imagine the terrifying look on your Cat Daddy’s face.
- Jumin dropped him, and the guy tried to stand up quickly as to not deflate his macho
- but as soon as he was up Jumin swung his fist around and nearly crushed his jaw.
- o w o w
- the other guy ran off screaming as Jumin walked back over to you, concerned etched over his once feral face.
- “Darling, are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you better…”
- awe sad cat daddy :’(
- “It’s okay! I’m fine, really. I think i might just have a bruise!”
- Oh no angry cat daddy back
- “I swear to God if you left a mark on my MC I will-!” it took all your strength to hold him back, the guy scampering away.
- “YOU’RE LUCKY MY WIFE IS HOLDING ME BACK OR ELSE I WOULD DESTROY YOU!!! YOU SON OF A-” Jumin screamed some profanities as you looked apologetically towards the couples walking onto the other side of the street.
- Even though jumin was usually very calm and level headed, he would get fired up while protecting you.
- “Thank you, Jumin.” you kissed his cheek as soon as he had calmed down
- For the rest of the way to the restaurant he had his arm tightly wrapped around your waist.
- Protective bby jujubee :’)


- y'all were out of honey buddha chips
- God 707 needed his hbc fix or he would get cranky :/
- So you, being the WONDERFUL gf you are, kept him company while you got another crate full.
- it’d last you for about a week
- he so fit how he do it when all he eat be shit
- one of the 7 wonders of the world
- you were in the dairy isle, grabbing some other things when the store clerk began to chat with you
- okayy
- who r u
- “You’re getting that ice cream?? i love that flavor! We have so much in common!”
- the guy followed you around like a lost puppy until it was finally time to purchase everything.
- “Wow! It’s almost like we were meant to meet here, m'lady <3”
- e w w w
- You hadn’t said one word to him hoping he would get the hint.
- lol guess not.
- “Your totally is 34.80. You can either pay with cash, card, or by hanging out with me back at my place.” he winked
- G R O S S
- “Awe, MC! Are you hanging out without me??”
- your savior hasth arrived.
- “Nah, I’m paying with cash.” you smiled as the guy glared at Seven.
- “I’m not surprised, girls always go for douchebags. Nice guys like me can never get the girl.” he said as if that were supposed to make you run into his arms screaming “ur right! what was i thinking!! i’m in love with u!!”
- You tried to hold in your laughter as Seven winked at you, knowing that he was gonna do something stupid.
- “You’re right, sir. What ever was I thinking.” He turned to look at you, fake tears in his eyes. “I relinquish you over to-” Seven had to stop and glance at his name tag, “-Eugene, for I am too douchey, and he is too nice. Goodbye Mc, forever.” He cried dramatically.
- “Goodbye Seven! I will never forget the way your wore your Red Bear Energy drink sideways or your axe body spray!!” you called, looking over to Eugene.
- “Eugene, for being the nicest in the land, will you take my hand?”
- His face lit up as he tipped his fedora.
-“It would be an honor, my lady-”
- “HAHAA U JUST GOT PRANKED!!” Seven swooped in before the boys cheeto dusted fingers could even graze your finger tips.
- “U ARENT A NICE GUY UR JUST ENTITLED” You yelled as Seven lifted you up princess style and ran out with you and ur groceries.
- Your knight in shining armor


Okay just bear with me my fellow trash

 - He isn’t portuguese technically. His grandparents escaped from Salazar dictatorship to france as everyone did back then. His own dad was born in france. So yeah he is french. But he still has that hot portuguese blood and lord help us all.

- He used to go to portugal every summer when he was little. His own dad speaked portuguese in his house because that’s what happens, we are assholes and speak our language in our homes and then go back to our country and speak french just because we are lil shits. So yeah Grantaire knows portuguese. His vó would kill him if he didn’t.

- When he is stressed he starts talking in portuguese because other people can’t understand him and that makes him feel safer. 

- When he hurts himself he just screams “caralho”.

- No one of les amis knew that was exactly cursing and they thought it was a beautiful word. Till R is like “you know that is like the most normal portuguese cursing word right?” And everyone starts using it as well and its adorable.

- He actually knows a lot of portuguese history and when marius is being an idiot about Napoleon he just clears his throat and be like “Well my people kicked his ass 3 times he ain’t that great”. (also enjolras screams there that that aint the point that Napoleon was bad because he was bad).

- The only time he was vocal about a cause it was about the immigrants and refugees. No one ever saw him like that. He was talking with everyone and defending that cause and one night Enjolras comes to him and aks why its so important for him and Grantaire just smiles and says: “My grandparents escaped from the dictatorship. They were refugees in France. I can’t let that be forgotten.” So yeah Enjolras kind of fell in love with him a bit more.


- First time he calls “amor” (love) to Enjolras, he almost dies. Because that sounds so much better than in french and he loves french. But the way Grantaire lips move when he talks portuguese is something that makes Enjy weak.

- He just curses in portuguese. Forget french. He is just caralho, merda, puta que te pariu, filho da puta, cona, cara de pila, etc. 

- And everyone thinks that is beautiful.

- He likes to say shit like “oh in portuguese you dont say ____ you say __(something that has nothing to do and its probably a dirty joke)__. Because he is an adorable liltle shit.


- He loves the beach and gets cranky in summer because the sea calls for him.

- He loves Fernando Pessoa so much. So so much. Cause hey no one was more emo than him.

- Sometimes he sings fado and everyone is looking at him and awe because damn R voice is amazing but in portuguese??? They can hear something more even if they dont understand a third of the words.

- just portuguese!grantaire


KIM MINSEOK It would pain him to see his baby girl not wanting to go into her new school. She wouldn’t cry just refuse to step inside the building, no matter how hard he pushed and pulled. Even if he bribed her with candy she still wouldn’t move. Finally he would sit and talk with her, getting her to go in. 

 "It’s only a couple hours, I’ll pick you up right when school is over! I promise!“

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Once he noticed his little boy’s frown he would question it. Knowing the little boy would just shake his head and keep walking, he would stop and look down at him. The boy would look down and start to sniffle a bit before a couple years start rolling down his cheeks. Junmyun would kneel down and wipe away the boys tears while telling him how much fun school is going to be. 

 "Awe, don’t be like that Y/S/N. School is very fun. You’ll get to play and learn, trust me it’s not so bad.”

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 His problem would start while trying to get out of the car. He would try to unbuckle his daughter’s seat belt but she just wouldn’t let him. After several attempts he’d just take the car seat as a whole out of the car and walk into the school with her like that. No matter how much she yelled and screamed he still walked into the school. Once he set the car seat down he would pout and sit in front of it, asking why his daughter didn’t want to go in. 

 "Even though I really really really don’t want to leave you… It would make me happy if you would just go with mrs. Kim, and have a nice day. I won’t be gone long~“ 

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 His little boy would be just as rowdy as he is. So the whole scene would be very loud and dramatic. Once Baekhyun convinces him to sit in a chair with the other kids, he would make an attempt to leave but his son would freak out and grab his leg asking him where he was going and why he didn’t have to go to school. He would start yelling each time Baek would try to pry him off, causing Baekhyun to laugh but at the same time try to yell over him to make him listen to him. 

 "All little boys have to go to school, I’m a man so I have to work, trust me I’d rather sit here and play with you. You’ll have fun playing with the other kids, yeah? Okay, appa has to go now… Let go~" 

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Where do I start with this little daddy’s girl, she wouldn’t go anywhere without him and school was no exception. She would walk in confidently, with a proud smile before noticing it was time to say goodbye. She would keep it together while giving her dad a hug but lose it once she fell him start to pull away. Jongdae would hug her tightly once he notices that she was crying into his shoulder not wanting him to go. 

 "Awe, love I know you don’t want me to leave but, trust me it’ll be okay. You’ll see me later today so you can tell me all about your day!”

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He would be walking with his cranky son around his arm. The poor child had just recently woken up and just would not have it. As much as Chanyeol loved carrying his tried son, he would eventually have to put him down so he could join the other kids in class. But, just as Chanyeol went to put him down, the young boy held on to him tighter and barring his head into his father’s neck. 


 "I know you’re tired (y/s/n) but, it’s your first day at school! It’s fun time! You’ll have so much fun that you will forget how tired you are! Then you can come home and eomma will make you some yummy food and then you can sleep. Okay?“ 

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Although Kyungsoo can seem quite cold and a bit scary, but he would soften when it comes to his daughter. When it comes time to say goodbye it would be a bit of a hassle. No matter how many times Kyungsoo would tell her ‘you’re a big girl, you can do this!’ She just couldn’t leave him. Resulting in him sitting next to her for a little bit until she was comfortable and told him he could leave.

 "You’re fine now right? Don’t need anything else? Okay good. Appa is going to work now, have fun. I’ll miss you." 

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Oh my, Kai and his son would be joined at the hip, so when he saw a scared face on the the boy, he knew exactly what was going on. He would smile brightly anyway and kneel down to his level and ask him if he should walk in with him. The boy would eagerly nod before asking for a piggy back. 

 "I’ll go in with you, but when it’s time to say good bye you have to be a big boy! If not appa will cry because you’re crying okay?" 

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 Sehun really didn’t wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning, his daughter would have to shake him awake. She would look down at his sleepy figure and he would just wrap a gentle arm around her. She would cuddle into him telling him that she didn’t want to go to school. He would happily chuckle before saying that school was fun, but after she said, that she would rather be laying there with him, he just nodded and agreed. 

 "There is always tomorrow… plus I really didn’t want to take you. So, it’s a win-win.”

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-Mari xx

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UGH, GER, I can't stop thinking today about how EXCITED Charles is to meet Laura. When we first see him he's worn out and cranky and senile, but whenever he's around her, he's Headmaster Charles again. And when he first sees her he's just SO THRILLED and takes her in to get food and communicates with her and reassures her fears and HE JUST LOVES HER SO MUCH!!

I can’t help but think about how much he would be missing his School and his students. :( Charles Xavier is never better/happier than when he’s caring for the next generation of mutants, loving them and giving them a home and teaching them not only how to use their powers but that they don’t have to be afraid of themselves - that their powers are a gift that should be nurtured. After supposedly 25 years of no new mutants being born Laura must have been an an absolute JOY and a REVELATION to a man who has lost almost everything and everyone he’s ever loved in his long life…a renewed hope for the future where his dreams can live on. 

GUYS THE CUTEST THING HAPPENED TODAY AND I NEED TO SHARE IT WITH YA’LL OK sO, I have a baby brother who’s about 4 months old and earlier today in the car he was bAWLING his eyes out he was so cranky and ya know how babies get. Well my mom told me to play him some videos so I tried literally everything uNTIL I GOT TO A TOM HOLLAND INTERVIEW CLIP AND I PLAYED IT FOR HIM AND THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT IT THAT JUST MADE HIM CALM AND HE EVEN STARTED DOING THAT LITTLE TOOTHLESS SMILE AND IT’S LIKE OK MORAL OF THE STORY EVEN BABIES FUCKING LOVE TOM HOLLAND 


With the help of @asthesunwillrise, go give them a follow. :D

- Mrs Potts being like a mom figure to LeFou and being overprotective and stuff and just ajsnskajdnksckas

- Mrs Potts would be so happy for him but her protectiveness means poor Stanley got questioned for hours until she felt satisfied he was good enough. Lefou apologises for ages until Stanley just gives in and kisses him.

- Belle and Adam allow them to have private moments in the rose gardens so long as they never ever tell them what they do in there.

- She also allows Stanley to pick some roses for Lefou (unbeknownst to Lefou) now and then, which makes LeFou blush everytime.

- Also they try everything they can to make sure Chip is NO WHERE NEAR them when they have “private moments”, and it being very awkward when the little guy asks the two questions.

- Mr and Mrs Potts try to stop Chip following them but Chip took a liking to Stanley the first time they met.

- Stanley also has a really good relationship with Madame Garderobe (in fact Lefou teases him for stealing someone’s wife because they don’t stop talking)

- Also Lefou encourages Stanley to wear dresses more often because he looks cute and happy in them. And Stanley definitely gets fashion tips from Madame Garderobe on date nights.

- Stanley goes to Madame Garderobe for fashion advice and always look dazzling when he finally joins Lefou (who also cleans up nicely thanks to Belle but both pretend they never stay up late and talk about their men)

- But really Lefou adores her for teaching him to read and they’re actually best friends

- Also I like the thought of Stanley asking Mr and Mrs Potts for LeFou’s hand and them both just being excited as heck about it, and Chip overhears and keeps almost telling LeFou because he too is very excited about it.

- (And Stanley definitely wearing a dress to the wedding because who are we kidding)

- He turns out to be surprisngly strong so LeFou giggles as his husband twirls him around the dancefloor (although both admit later Stanley only lifted him because he did not want LeFou standing on this dress)

- Them feeding eachother cake and Stanley being extremely serious about not getting it on his dress but when it does, Lefou picks it up, tastes it and just nods. And Stanley can’t help but just give the biggest smile ever because his boy is so adorable. (Also, it’ll definitely be a cherry cake because somehow I could see Stanley calling Lefou “mon *cherry*”… see what I did there)

- Stanley loves making bad puns just because LeFou keeps laughing at them anyway and he loves seeing LeFou laugh. In fact they’re so giggly when they’re having private moments (LeFou is so ticklish and Stanley uses that to his advantage every time(

- This is also the reason why Stanley LOVES giving LeFou neck/belly kisses. He just wants his boy to feel good and to feel loved. (And LeFou almost always returns the favor, unless things start getting a little more intense and Stanley just goes all the way to make sure he kisses every part of LeFou’s body, which he absolutely adores.)

- They’re the most cuddly and affectionate boyfriends. Like if they’re ever sitting down chances are LeFou ends up on Stanley’s lap and they can’t stop giggling and kissing.

- Which kind of slightly annoys Adam, because whenever he’s in, like, a serious conversation with one of them, the other just jumps in and forgets about the entire thing. And then Belle comes up to him and tells him to cheer up and be happy for them, which he really is.

- Belle keeps pointing out that Lumiere and Plumette can’t keep their hands off each other for more than five seconds so Adam eventually just stops being cranky (especially as to stop him frowning Belle rolls her eyes and slides into his lap to kiss him(

- The castle is full of giggly happy couples so Mrs Potts eventually points out there’s still a small child running around so please keep this coupley act until he’s gone to bed (Lumiere and Plumette just sneak off to private corners only they seem to know about)

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G1 sunstreaker, mtmte rodimus, drift, and swerve having an almost blind cybertronian s/o who always say "Your the prettiest blub I've ever seen", getting their vision fixed. First thing they say when they see them is " Yep, still the prettiest ".

*gasps* I LITERALLY HAVE THREE BOT OCS LIKE THIS AND ONE OF THEM IS DATING DRIFT!!!!! *squeals and dances because I love the prompt so much*

-He is so protective of you, especially since Sideswipe is a bit eccentric and forgetful of things like the fact you can barely see
-If you scratch his paint or smudge it after a touch up he still gets a bit cranky but he knows you didn’t mean it so you don’t get any of the wrath
-When you told him he’s the prettiest blob you’ve ever seen he’s like “yeah I know” but internally he’s doing a happy dance
-When you get your vision fixed he’s worried you won’t actually think he looks that great and are disappointed because you expected more
-When you tell him he’s still the prettiest, he hugs you smiling a huge smile and tells you you’re prettier

-He at first likes to mess with you by moving furniture slightly so you walk into it or not answer you when you talk to him even though you can “see” him in front of you
-He stops once he realizes how mean that is and goes a little bit overboard when it comes to helping you with things because he forgets you’re not completely helpless
-When you told him he’s the prettiest blob you’ve ever seen, he tries to play it cool but you can hear his cooling fans kick on and the more he flusters the hotter the area gets until all of a sudden the fire alarms are on and his only answer is “oops?”
-When your vision is fixed and you see him, he doesn’t realize you can see him already and is pulling a stupid face because Ratchet is going on and on about all this important stuff of taking care of you and he just wants him to shut up
-When you laugh and say “yep, still the prettiest!” He jumps and is a blushy mess, “can you forget you saw that stupid face? I have way more attractive looks!” (Tell him his stupid face is cute and the fire alarms will go off again)

-He is 110% willing to die for you
-He is very supportive of everything you do and tries not to hover over you too much, but he can’t help it if he just wants to randomly hug you
-He nearly faints when you tell him he’s a pretty blob and tries to convince you otherwise. After all the horrible things he’s done, he can’t be considered something so kind by someone as wonderful as you
-Once you have vision, he kind of hides from you because he doesn’t want you to see him and think you wasted your time hanging out with a lame hippy
-When you two see each other again, he doesn’t think you’ll recognize him but you go up to him and tell him “you’re still pretty even when you’re not a blob”, and he this time literally faints
-When he comes to and realizes it wasn’t a dream, he is embarrassed, you tell him he looks cute embarrassed, he is even more embarrassed (now he’s adorable!)

-He is like Rodimus and messes with you and feels awful after you walk into a table and immediately apologizes. No more messing with you! He’s sorry!
-He likes to take you to his bar and sit you at the far end of the counter away from everyone so if anything happens you’re not getting caught in it and he can keep an eye on you
-He’s cleaning up when you told him about him being the prettiest blob you’ve ever seen and he drops a whole tray of dirty glasses. You feel awful and keep apologizing but he assures you it’s fine. He’s just not use to getting such nice compliments
-When you have your vision, he is fidgeting and restlessly standing before you, “I know, I know, I’m not that good looking and you’re probably disappointed and I don’t blame you. I totally understand if you don’t want to be with me.” You go up to him and wrap him in the tightest hug you can and tell him “you’re still the prettiest to me”


Author:  owlpostagain

Summary: “At least your puppies knock first,” Stiles snorts. “Here I thought their alpha raised them to be well-mannered.”

“There’s a sign,” Derek responds stiffly.

Stiles, whose curiosity outweighs even his hardest of grudges, abandons his chilly façade of nonchalance in a heartbeat. He jumps right up and all but pushes Derek out of the way in his effort to get to the window, and sure enough when he leans outside there’s a laminated strip of cardstock duct taped to the vinyl siding:

DON’T FORGET TO KNOCK Stiles gets cranky when we scare him


Or, in which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.

Info: 35k | Teen and Up

Notes: I LOVE IT. It’s not a surprise, owlpostagain wrote it, but i have to say, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The pack feels. Derek’s feels. ALL THE FEELS. It was new, original and so damn good. All the characters were written PERFECTLY and I can’t choose which one was my favorite, because Stiles was brilliant, Scott was a puppy, Derek was adorable and brooding on the roof, Lydia was genius, Isaac was the cutest, Jackson was the one we all love so much and Erica and Boyd were great and Allison and Sheriff, can I just sit in the corner and cry over this level of awesomness? Thank you. - K.

Sneak Peek:

“Here,” Lydia says firmly. She gives Jackson a good, hard shove that sends him careening forward, werewolf strength be damned, and crashing directly into the arm Stiles instinctively raised toward him.

“Uh. What?” Stiles tries again. He’s got an armful of Jackson now, who looks miserable and horrifically put out but hasn’t made any effort to move away, and Lydia looks unbearably smug.

“He’s broken, and Scott says you’re the Werewolf Whisperer and Isaac sings your praises and Allison says you make the best cookies she’s ever eaten. Fix him,” Lydia instructs, tossing her long curls primly over one shoulder.



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And this is another one I wanted to post on our precious kimbap’s birthday but I couldn’t finish it on time and now that I’m on a roll, tadaaa haha thanks for requesting and I hope you like it :-)

The squeaking of shoes against the well polished parquet floor of the YG practice room could be heard as the boys flaunted swift footwork and smooth gliding in their dance moves. You and Bobby had arranged to meet at the YG building on your way home from an entire day of studying in the library before heading home together.

“Alright let’s take five, run it through once more then call it a night!” Hanbin exclaimed and the guys dispersed to take a sip of water.

Bobby having spotted you halfway into the previous song didn’t hesitate to approach you with a smile, taking a seat beside you in the corner of the room, “Hey sunshine.”

“You looked really cool,” You giggled, wiping the sweat on his forehead with a towel.

“Yeah?” He chuckled, tucking lose strands of your hair behind your ear. “Man I swear I would be hugging you right now if I weren’t so sweaty.”

You laughed, giving him a peck on the cheek as you heard Hanbin calling for the boys again, “Later, then.”

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This is How Head Canons Die
  • SDCC17 Voltron Panel: Lance is the youngest sibling.
  • My HC of Lance's hothead younger sister joining the Garrison to find him, getting abducted by Galra when she finds Blue's former cave, getting rescued by and joining the Rebels, reuniting with Lance, ranting in Spanish, bonding with Keith, and developing a fulfilling romance with Pidge: Well shit.

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Welcome new blog!! Wish you the best of luck; now lets kick things off with some relationship HCS for Hanzo, McCree, Reaper, Lucio, and Genji please?

aa thank you! I narrowed it down to four, I hope that’s okay.


  • This man is very shy during the beginning of a relationship. Any compliment from you? His cheeks light up almost instantly. Affection? He doesn’t know what to say. He’s too flustered. 
  • Probably kind of obvious, but he loves having his s/o play with his hair, but he’ll almost never outwardly ask them to. If they have hair, he’ll braid or decorate theirs if they let him.
  • He super loves getting sweets from you! Especially if they’re homemade. The fact that you went and put time and effort and love into something, and then gave it to him?? He can’t. He loves it so much, no matter what it is.


  • As silly and embarrassing as some of them may be, he really likes matching costumes or outfits. He knows they both look ridiculous, but he loves it so much. 
  • He’ll give you any nickname you can think of. Sugar, Honey, Sweet Pea, anything. But if you use a nickname for him, he gets weak and super flustered. Expect a bunch of smooches.
  • Pickup lines. PICKUP LINES, ALL THE TIME.


  • In front of other people, don’t expect any forms of affection. It’s not that he doesn’t want to kiss your face and all that, it’s just that he’s got a Big Spooky Guy appearance to keep up with. You know how it is.
  • He has very cold hands!! Use this to your advantage and make it an excuse to hold his hand!! He’ll probably say that his hands are fine, but he really doesn’t mind if you hold his hand.
  • If you catch him when he’s tired, he’ll either be very cranky or sort of.. soft? Give him a hug. This will lead to a Full Cuddle Session. I promise you, cuddles with him are probably the best.


  • Jam sessions are a must. He’ll play music that you both like, and you two dance like nobody’s watching. And nobody is, unless you count him.
  • He loves doing your hair?? So much??? Braids and hair decorations galore.
  • He’s so supportive of any of your hobbies! He loves seeing you work or create things! It makes him so happy that you’re doing something that you love.


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I know a lot of fans obsess over the idea of Stiles "finally" getting a good night's sleep, on dereks chest, drooling all over the place, and derek being super smug and fond about it. BUT what about derek? he barely slept at all through 1st and 2nd season. What about Derek finally feeling SAFE enough to sleep, probably in stiles bed, and the sheriff can't even be mad like. "Stiles. I swear to god, wake him up and I will ground you for life" And stiles being offended bc why would he even do that?

Okay, so yes to both of these boys getting sleep. But also, Derek is in a place now where he can get sleep. Hopefully on a beach somewhere. He can start being happier, can start letting himself heal and live as best as he can, whereas Stiles is in hell right now and needs all the blankets and cuddles on offer. 

So, let me go back to that infamous summer between seasons 2 and 3 where Stiles was totally helping Derek track Erica and Boyd and poor baby Derek really wasn’t getting any sleep whatsoever, not without horrible nightmares at least.

Think about this for a second. Think about the fact Stiles starts to clock Derek always offers to drive through the nights if they are searching long distance. Think about how he sees how tired Derek’s eyes are, but says nothing because he likes his throat thank you very much- he plans for many people, yes girls and boys, to kiss and suck on it at some point- so he does not want to give himself over to throat maiming threats again.  Not that he thinks Derek will actually follow through on those threats but he is very tired and cranky so Stiles decides to annoy him about other things instead of his bedtime habits. 

But the thing is, you know, you just know, at some point Stiles is going to wake up to find Derek asleep. Probably in the Jeep. And he looks so peaceful and happy. Until he doesn’t. Until he starts to whimper and say thinks like “please, I love them” and “Kate” and “why” and Stiles’ heart just breaks because he read his dad’s case files, but this is pretty much the moment he clocks who Kate was to Derek. Derek never expressly says it but Stiles can tell. He just knows and it makes him sick.

And so Stiles gently wakes him up. He expects Derek to threaten him or snap, but the dude just looks so damn sad and Stiles scoots closer, offers Derek his shoulder. Derek looks at it like it’s going to bite him and Stiles wonders for a moment if this is a good idea, but two seconds later he finds himself rolling his eyes and saying, “my mom always said shoulders were good pillows when you couldn’t sleep”. And okay, so maybe his mom hadn’t said that, but Stiles did used to fall asleep on her shoulder quite a lot, so same difference really. 

And it takes a moment, but suddenly Derek is nodding and letting his head rest on Stiles’ shoulder, falls back to sleep, and sleeps so soundly and peacefully that when he wakes up he actually smiles in surprise. Stiles can’t help but feel a little bit smug (because oh yeah, who’s the man), but mostly he just feels happy Derek looks better. (And isn’t that something. He cares. About Derek. Huh. He’s going to put that in a box and think about it never.)

They never talk about it, but every time after that when Derek needs some sleep he shyly seeks out Stiles’ shoulder and Stiles always just smiles or says “what’s mine is yours” with a wink. They never make a big deal out of it, it’s always casual, but Stiles notices the way Derek just…relaxes, like a tuckered out puppy (look, he can’t help it with the dog jokes, okay?) as soon as his head is on Stiles.

Sometimes, after that summer, Stiles catches Derek looking at his shoulders. Sometimes Derek crawls through his bedroom window and Stiles lets him use him, like before. Sometimes Stiles goes over to the loft, offers himself up. It’s never a big deal, just like before, but it becomes more as the weeks go by. They begin to talk, sometimes they sleep lying down.  And when Boyd dies and Stiles puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder, yeah, it’s how his dad used to comfort him, but it’s also their thing. That comfort, that promise of, I’m here for you. 

And when the Nogitsune happens, Derek realises two things. One, he can’t sleep without Stiles. Two, even if he could sleep, it wouldn’t mean anything without Stiles next to him. 


I spent the last four days watching the Blacklist and I just finished season two so here’s some Red doodles I managed to crank out in-between comic stuff!

Idk when I’ll get to start season 3 and it’s killing me :[

B.A.P  Daehyun 'For Who He Is'

Anonymous asked: Longer version of random affection for Daehyun? :)

A/N: Actually I had a couple of requests for this one. I really hope you both (and the rest of you) enjoy this. ^^

This is a drabble expansion for a reaction I wrote here.

Sometimes Dae gets too excited and gets carried away. Such was the case a few minutes ago when your playful boyfriend would not stop messing with your hair. Even though you’d asked him. Repeatedly. Next thing you knew your voice was a little sharper than the situation warranted and you’ve had a kicked puppy on your hands ever since.

Watching his profile you groaned internally. This wasn’t what you wanted, this complete shut down of his joy and cheerful vigor. You just needed a little space, a little breathing room for five minutes. But Dae did nothing by half measures. It was overwhelming, handsy, near claustrophobia inducing affection or nothing but a vastness of space between you physically and emotionally than you felt incapable of breaching. You thought of how sweet he was and how much you loved him and decided this would not do. Tugging his sleeve to get his attention he stopped and you threw yourself against him, whispering, “I’m so thankful to be with you.”

Confused Daehyun just stood there as you hugged him. “But…you yelled at me just a minute ago.”

“I didn’t yell, I snapped. And I’m sorry for that. I’ve had a long day and instead of accepting you for who you are I got cranky.”

Due to his lack of response you felt unwanted against him so you let go. Starting to back away, relief washed over you when you felt his hands on your arms to keep you from going too far. Unintentionally he’d just given you a taste of what he must have felt and you didn’t ever want him to feel that way again.

“No, I’m sorry. I should have listened. Sometimes I get too carried away.”

Nodding once you agreed. “Sometimes. But I love the way you love me Dae. Please don’t stop because I was an idiot for a few minutes.”

His whole expression brightened. “Really? And you’re ‘thankful to be with me’? You’re not,” his confidence wavered and he looked down. Your heart broke that you made this loving man doubt himself. “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?”

Guessing he’d be more receptive this time, once again you buried yourself in his chest as you hugged him, so relieved when he caught you there immediately. “Really. One thousand percent grateful to be with you.”

Crushing you to him to spin you around, Dae released a loud whoop of joy. Raining kisses on your face he started talking so fast it was a little difficult to pick out all the words with his thick Busan accent. “I love you. And you love me, which is amazing. Because you’re amazing and I’m so lucky to have you. I can’t believe you think you’re lucky too. I’m so happy.” His eyes were sparkling and he practically glowed. How could just a few words from you make him so…effervescent?

Smiling you listened to him ramble with a joyful heart. Yes, sometimes Daehyun could be a little much but you’d rather have too much than not enough. Any day.