he is so cranky i love him so much

Crankgameplays and his adorable things

1. Hes a cute little beane

2. Smol 


4.Scream to his hearts content

5. Notices fans

6. Does meetups unlike  *cough* OGCHAN *cough*

7. Makes us happy.

8. Is there for us when we need him

Ethan if you notice this I thank you so much and just want to say you have helped me so much with self harm and depression. If you read this thank you and I would love to meet you even though I have no chance of meeting you or have a chance of you noticing me

credencedeservedbetter  asked:

fiona!!!! firstly ily and i'm sorry you've had all of this going on so i just wanted to drop by and say that your blog is precious and i'm so proud of how well you have coped with everything like you are just so nice and considerate to others but you also know how to stand up for what you believe in and it's just so wonderful ??? also if credence ever found your blog he would blush so hard bc somebody loves and cares for him so much !!! keep doing you baby

omg!!!! i love you!!!! honestly u are so nice i weep,, it’s something i work really hard at bc i used to be so Cranky and Mean bc of mental problems but i spent a rly long time working to like,,, get to where i am now. so i try to keep it up!! i hope that credence knows how much i love him, i shout it at my laptop or a friend at least 90 times a day tbh,, (@ credence if ur reading this ily)

but thank you so much for this message, baby, ilysm :’)))

You know what I love about Louis? I love that he’s not perfect. I love that he allows us to see that he’s not perfect. He has his flaws and his faults and he knows that and he’s shared that. I see his humanity, and so he’s not just another celebrity. He’s not just a face on a poster. He doesn’t hold himself back. He’s real in a way very very few celebs are and it’s so new and refreshing to be a fan of someone and be able to see different sides of them. We see him cranky, annoyed, sarcastic, not taking shit. But we also see him kind and generous and attentive. He keeps so much of his life private but I feel like he shares so much with us. I love him lots.

jack has known he liked bitty since, like, the middle of bitty’s freshman year. he’s known for so long. when bitty was still kinda scared of jack and hesitant to get close to him, jack already knew he was in too deep. jack is so into bitty, he’s literally like, a cranky old man but he loves bitty so much, and he’s honest and expresses himself and shows growth, and so much of that is illustrated through his ability to navigate his feelings about bitty???? i’m in awe of jack laurent zimmernann, resident jerkface and local pop culture novice, who tries so fucking hard to do right by bitty!!! i’m going to explode!! jack knew first

As much as I love Apollo, I hate him in the mornings. He’s just AWFUL. I’m the type of person who loves her sleep…I get cranky very easily. In the mornings, almost like clockwork, he can’t stop going under and over the covers. He’ll get hot, so he’ll get out of the covers and curl up on our pillows then 5 minutes later, he gets cold and paws to go back under the covers and then does it again 5 minutes later. I call him an asshole, a shit head, and “DAMNIT APOLLO, LAY DOWN!”

And then there’s Kaeda, who stays under the covers the entire night, barely moves…and if she does, she’s so gentle that it doesn’t wake me up. She’s my angel. xD

I know people are going to reply “Put him in a crate!” but honestly, that’d be worse. He screams and I have no where to put him where I can get some quiet. Plus, he hates being alone and I don’t want him to be alone. He’s NEVER been alone, which is totally my fault, but it’s hard when you have 2 dogs. 

I can only hope he’ll get out of this phase soon enough!