he is so beautiful tho

there is this guy i used to have a crush on (he is German and so fiiiiiine but he’s a fuckboy) and i always heard that he was lowkey bi, but he recently told his friend that he’s gay and now i’m so happy but we still need to meet (online friends even tho we are 40 min away from each other) and i don’t know if i really like him or just the idea of liking him and what if he doesn’t like me ?


And here we see Ben Barnes in a boyband. I’ve been laughing throughout the video. However I’m sad that he couldn’t come to Istanbul.

This is one of my fav moments in Anchors Aweigh omg
  • Joe:You'll understand when you're older
  • Donald:Everyone keeps saying that to me
  • Clarence:Yeah, they used to say that to me too
  • Donald:Well? Did you understand when you got older?
  • Clarence:Nope

this day at work was so good i mean me and my crush talked more than ever and we were joking also with my best friend and he kept laughing at my jokes u know that just really makes me happy