he is so beautiful i just wanna cuddle him and make out with him forever

phanniecorn  asked:

Hi Mikki ^-^ so before I ask my question I wanna point out a rlly important thing: your cat seems SO ADORABLE. Did you cuddle with it after having a lil' fight? Ok ok anyways, so, what song do you think would suit isak's character? Wb Even?

Oh my gosh this question is incredible and I have taken forever to answer it because I needed to think about it and get it right. 

Okay so I’m actually going to start with Even because this song was the first thing that came into my mind and I love it so so so much it literally - ahhh my gosh it makes me feel so much and it’s so beautiful and painful and real. I feel like it perfectly describes Even’s battle with his illness and his internal struggle with wanting to tell Isak everything but not knowing how. With wanting to just be with him and love him but he didn’t know how to without hurting him and losing him. It also explains emotion and feelings by referring it to art which sounds like such an Even thing to me. it’s just ahhh just listen to it and tell me what you think. It’s called Neptune by Sleeping at Last. (I am so in love with Sleeping at Last, you have no idea. My everything <3) 

I found Isak really really hard because we have been with him through everything. Through every single minute of his incredible journey and I just find it hard to pick one song that captures all of that? 

Buuuuuut Better by Syml is so beautiful and I feel like it represents the place Isak is in by the end of the whole season. So accepting and happy and ready to let his and Even’s love take them wherever they are meant to go. He knows that it’s not going to be easy but he knows that together they will get through it all and they make each other better versions of themselves. And together they will get better at dealing with everything life throws at them. :) 

And oh my gosh thank you <3 My cat is super cute but such a sass queen. Of course I forgave her like 2 minutes after we fought because I am such a softie and she is an angel. ahhh