he is so beautiful and this song is perfect


Baekhyun lullabying Aeris to sleep - {{audio}}

Little Star lyrics: (the part Baekhyun sang)

Close your eyes and listen carefully to my story

Before my story ends, you will dream

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i first met you, you are so blinding

When i first saw your smile, it felt like i had the world

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i see you fast asleep in my arms, i can’t take my eyes off you for a second

You’re so pretty, i feel like my breath will stop, how can i fall asleep

My love, my everything, my angel from heaven

Glory and Gore (Seventeen As Greek Gods)

Jeonghan: Aphrodite – beauty, love, lust. He would be oh so perfect in a flower crown and flowing white outfit, ensnaring everyone with his god-like beauty, being in charge of love and lust and having many lovers himself because of this. Tell me that you can imagine him being birthed from the sea.

DK/Seokmin: Apollo – manly beauty, music, arts, healing. The arts and music had to be a member of the vocal unit, singing sweet songs from the top of Mount Olympus, and healing reminds me of his smile and his all around sunshine. And I find that there is something particularly manly about his looks. He would likely have many falling for him with his beautiful singing voice and gorgeous looks, but would spend his time looking out for people and healing than dealing in love and lust.

Woozi/Jihoon: Ares – war, bloodshed, violence. People often associate him with being so small and angry and I love the idea of him being in control of war and violence. I imagine him being the calmest god, reining over such terrible things. He would think of it as a hobbie to deal in the affairs of violence, knowing that humans are so easily riled up and will go to war over anything, and would enjoy winding them up and watching the results of the disasters that he could create. But he would also love holding back, knowing that he had the power to keep the peace and that he was the only barrier between the people and chaos of the entire world.

Joshua/Jisoo: Hestia – the virgin of hearth, home, chastity. Bringing in his wholesomeness and purity. Him being a beautiful and pure god no matter what, always having the highest morals and best ideals, wanting the best for the other gods and the humans down on earth. He would never argue, always being entirely pleasant and calm, sometimes getting on the nerves of the other gods with this trait of his personality.

Seungkwan: Hera – marriage, women, childbirth. (This is going to sound entirely strange) but because he loves his own mother so much, I love the idea of him caring for all mothers in general. Him taking on this pure and caring role, using his passion to vouch for people and look out for what’s best for them. He would see the purity in children and want to protect it, and see the strength in mothers and families and want the rest of the gods to see that too.

Seungcheol/S.Coups: Poseidon – seas, rivers, floods, earthquakes. He controls things that are so chaotic, yet essentially to all life. Water being the key to all life. He is calm and in control, being a good mater to the essential life and making it a calm and beautiful element to earth. He would be incredibly humble and peaceful, well-rounded as a god, but during the rare times when his temper would break, would see the earth’s worst disasters, the marks of his emotional breakage leaving scars on the earth.

Wonwoo: Athena – reason, wisdom, knowledge. The goddess herself was rumored to have been born fully armoured, and the idea of that roughness balanced so perfectly with the calmness of intelligence and reason. He would seem incredibly tough and brooding, would intimidate the other gods with his presence, and when called to war, in times when he would have to fight, he would dominate. But he would also be incredibly calm and reasonable, being the highness of intelligence and knowledge.

Vernon/Hansol: Hermes – travel, communication, language, writing. Him as a scholar, showing his colours as a brain. He is more of a bridge between the gods, he helps them communicate and resolve the conflicts that come up with their larger than life personalities. He is incredibly important because of this, but his presence is taken for granted. He lets his emotions fall on the back burner, and lets logic lead him where he needs to go. He is the great neutral here, on the scale of chaos, evil, and good.

Jun/Junhui: Dionysus – parties, festival, madness, ecstasy. In the realm of gods, he is essentially the sex-crazed, partying, drunk frat boy. He doesn’t give a fuck about having any real responsibly, and just wants himself and everyone around him to have ‘fun’.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: Artemis – animals, harvest, wilderness. Him being more wholesome and pure, caring and bright. Having the responsibility over nature and being on the peaceful side of side. Showing his goodness.

Minghao/The8: Hephaestus – metalworking, fire, crafts. Ruling over something as power and destructive as fire, having a severe and incredibly destructive temper, but being able to control it. He himself not being controlled by anger, rather being able to do something good with it and create. He would seem grumpy and intimidating to others, but he would simply just have a passion for his craft. Playing an incredibly important role among the gods, creating both armor to protect and weapons to sway the fate of their fights.

Dino/Chan: Hades – the ruler of the underworld, death, lost souls. I genuinely believe he has a dark side and he could make the move to make such a serious betrayal to end up as ruler of the underworld. And he would love this role so damn much. He would brood and get every ounce of enjoyment out of being evil. He would make his presence fill a room, going to every possibly extent to make sure that people knew he was the baddest motherfucker around.

Mingyu: Persephone – described as Hades’ “consort” in the underworld. He also has some darkness in him. And tell me that you don’t love the idea of the maknae ruling over someone in hell. But just the both of them committing crimes together, soaking up in all their evilness. It’s the best part of this whole AU.  

(A/N: me and Jaycen were discussing this yesterday and I came up with this. I thought you guys might enjoy this as well, so I wanted to post it. -Tanisha<3)

What NCT would give their s/o on Valentine's Day

TAEIL: Taeil is a very shy guy, and the idea of getting you something for Valentine’s Day would haunt him. Not because he doesn’t want to, because he wants to get you the perfect gift. He didn’t want to get you something overwhelming neither did he want to get you chocolate because he felt that was too cliché. He would ask Hansol for help but then regret it because Hansol’s ideas were useless and un-romantic, so he would just trust his instincts and buy something that reminded him of you. A necklace. It’s a simple, yet beautiful, necklace with a diamond on it. He felt proud of himself and decided to write you a song so he can sing it for you as he gently puts it around your neck. He would also make you hot chocolate since you both love hot chocolate. You would drink it while you cuddle up watching a movie.

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HANSOL: Hansol would be so #confused he would have no idea what to get you. He would think of getting you a teddy bear but then realize that he doesn’t like that idea. He’d think and think and would come to no conclusion. Finally he would go and ask Yuta. Yuta would give him great ideas but that would make hansol feel worse about himself and have thoughts like “I’m such a bad boyfriend” or “Yuta should be her boyfriend”. Valentine’s Day would be so close and Hansol still didn’t think of a gift he wanted to buy, so he decides to go to a mall and see what type of things people are selling. As he walks through the mall he notices a shop which sells watches. And it finally hit him “I’ll buy her a watch”. He buys you a pretty pastel blue watch with silver stars dangling from it. He gets excited to give it to you on Valentine’s Day and he cant help but smile on his way home. When he gives you the gift, he notices your smile and he feels proud of himself, he knew it wasn’t much but he was sure you don’t mind what he gets you because you would love him anyway.

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Johnny: Papa Johns would feel really chill, he would think he has everything planned and that he doesn’t have to worry at all, but when he realizes that valentines day is in two day he would start to panic. He would think “I KNEW WHAT I’D GET HER BUT WHY DID I FORGET” he would come up with ideas of doing something like make you dinner but then again his cooking isn’t the best. He calls his mum in Chicago for help and she tells him to give her a keychain and Johnny liked that idea. He went to the store and bought a custom keychain which says “Be there or be square” and as he was walking he sees a BIG brown teddy bear. He picks it up and examines it when a lady comes up to him and says “It looks like you” and that’s when Johnny was like “Yup this gonna be lit” he bought his gifts and took them home. On Valentine’s he would give you the gifts and you of course would love them and he would say “Yeahhh… I knew it. I even got them a month in advance” and send you a wink. You would spend the day together eating pizza.

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TAEYONG: Taeyong had completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day. He was too busy practicing. You expected him to forget but you knew that he cared and if he wasn’t busy he would’ve spent it with you. Jaehyun asked Taeyong “Hey aren’t you going home yet? Valentine’s Day is almost over” and Taeyong stood there frozen. When Taeyong got home you noticed he looked really sad, you wanted to approach him but you didn’t want to remind him about Valentine’s Day since you knew it would make him sad, so instead you said “Heyyy ty track! Do you want some dinner?” And he shook his head and looked at you with really sad eyes “I’m so sorry” and he took you into a hug. You hugged him back and told him it was okay. You took the gift box from your pocket and gave it to him while looking at your feet. He looked shocked and took it nonetheless. He opened it and his eyes widened with awe “Omo! Y/n you didn’t have to. I feel worse now” you had gotten him a cartier bracelet. You told him it was okay again and you understand that he was busy but he was determined to get you something anyways “Don’t worry I’ll get you something by tomorrow. You’ll love it, now lets go eat dinner” he looked happier and that’s all you cared about. No gift would replace that smile of his. As you eat dinner he would tell you how much he loved you and keep staring at you with a huge smile one his face.

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YUTA: Yuta would be most prepared. He would have probably been extremely excited about valentines day since a month before. He would have probably had the idea of pranking you by doing something witty and then give you his real gift. Yuta would love you so much he would want to give you everything and anything he can offer. You didn’t want him spending too much but that didn’t stop him anyways. He wanted to buy you more than he did but he knew you would be sad. After all he was just showing his love to you by spoiling you. He had bought you LV sunglasses that he thought would look super hot on you. He also bought a Hermès coat that would keep you warm in the winter. And last but not least he bought you the nicest smelling perfume because he wanted to smell it on you when he hugs you. He knew you were humble and wouldn’t accept it straight away but he didn’t care because he knew you would when he gave you his killer smile. On Valentine’s Day he had his plan set. He gave you a big gift box with a photo of him smiling and doing the peace sign. He saw your genuine smile and was surprised that you were happy with only that. But when he told you he had more you were shocked. And he laughed at how cute you were. You kept telling him it was too much but he would just say “My everything deserves everything” and he shot the killer smile that made you melt on the spot.

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TEN: Ten is such a sweetheart. He would want to do the cliché things couples do on Valentine’s Day but not to be cliché, just because he wanted to experience everything with you. Ten noticed you getting excited over valentines however he couldn’t help but feel something wrong. He wanted to make it extra special, he really did but he didn’t know how. Then the thought hit him. What better thing to do than celebrate Valentine’s Day in the place he loved most, with the person he loved most, Thailand. He booked the plane tickets the moment he got home from practice. He was so hyped. He got his bags ready and he got your bags ready and put them in the car. And all that was left was for you to come home. When you did Ten pulled you into a hug and told you that he was talking you on a small trip. You kept asking where he was talking you but all he would say was “somewhere nice”. You gave up and soon after you went to sleep. An hour later your boyfriend woke you up by planting a kiss on your eyes. You blushed at his action as you got out of the car. You were extremely shocked at where you were. The airport. You looked at Ten as he handed the tickets over to you, your jaw dropped and your eyes were popping out of your sockets “I didn’t pack my bags!!” He assured you that he did. When you arrived to Thailand you and Ten spent the best Valentine’s Day ever. He did all the cliché things but it was super fun and adorable to see that side of him. You gave him the gift you bought him which was a set of earrings and he absolutely loved them. When you got back to the hotel you took a shower and got out with a robe. You looked for your clothes but you didn’t find any underwears. You looked at Ten and asked “Did you pack me any undergarments” and he froze. He realized he didn’t. “Dont worry I’ll buy you some” and a smirk appeared on his face.

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JAEHYUN: Jaehyun is the SWEETEST man ever ever ever. He would be super super SUPER excited for Valentine’s Day. He already bought your gift and organized everything. He would’ve planned to cook you dinner and serve it under the moonlight, sing for you a love song, and last but not least give you his gift. He had cooked meat, spicy pork, ttaekboki and for dessert he will serve peaches and green tea ice cream. For the gift he got you a beautiful set of jewelry. Star diamond earrings with a matching bracelet and necklace. He prepared the a pathway of rose petals from the front door to your balcony so when you enter you would be welcomed with that. And on the balcony there would be a table that served your dinner. As you enter Jaehyun would sing for you and sit you down and when you are done with the delicious meal Jaehyun had prepared he would give you his gift. Jae would make the day end in a very special way. He would fill your backyard with candles in a shape of a heart and in the middle would be a mat to lay on and chocolates shaped as hearts. Jaehyun would make you feel very loved on that special day, since it only comes once a year.

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By @missmelodyz

This is a prompt given to me by @thatonefloridian​. Literally, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Below is a picture of the prompt.

So this is gonna be formated in bullet points, so I hope you don’t mind!!

  • Will’s dad taught him to play the ukulele
  • This is how it started
  • Will started by playing actual songs like “What a Wonderful World” and stuff (also if u haven’t heard that song I suggest u listen to it cuz it is beautiful)
  • And when Will plays that song Nico is in like, in complete awe????? Cuz Will can sing so well?????? Like he literally sounds like an angel?????
  • Nico tells Will this while blushing fiercely and looking angry and he’s like “Will stahp! Ur not allowed to be perfect.”
  • And Will smiles like a dumb idiot
  • But Nico doesn’t realize that he created a monster, and Apollo is about to regret ever giving Will a ukulele.
  • Will starts by just strumming strings into his own random songs
  • They don’t sound too bad and Nico starts recording cuz he could be a YouTube star
  • But like Will just likes to be annoying to Nico cuz it’s fun and Nico literally always has a hard time reacting cuz he doesn’t know if he should get rlly angry and like, banish him to the underworld???? Or if he should just hug Will and says he loves him?????
  • So ye Will can get away with literally everything
  • And I mean everything
  • Cuz Nico is a confused little kitten and just let’s him do whatever he wants
  • But sometimes when Will is trying to annoy Nico, Nico actually likes it?????
  • Like this one time, Will noticed that Nico’s hair was long enough to braid?????
  • So like one day when Nico was talking with Percy or something Will just randomly started to braid Nico’s hair??????
  • And Nico acted like he didn’t like it, but he loves it and lets Will do it
  • So he always keeps his hair kinda long and sometimes u can see him with like, a little braid in his hair cuz
  • “No Will, I’m keeping it like this.”
  • And imagine if one time Will steals Annabeth’s hair ties and like literally puts Nico in pintails???????
  • Like they aren’t big cuz Nico’s hair isn’t that long, but they’re like cute little puffs on the top of his head and Will likes to pet them
  • Nico won’t let Will take pictures, but sometimes when they’re alone he’ll let him do it
  • So back to the actual story we had here (sorry I got side tracked with Nico’s hair).
  • Will makes it his duty to start playing and singing whenever Nico walks into the same room as him
  • And Nico keeps rolling his eyes 
  • And then it gets to be too much and Nico gets so angry that he literally smashes Will’s ukulele
  • But Will is a stubborn child and he literally just sings without the ukulele
  • But since he doesn’t have the ukulele to sing along to, he just sounds awful and he sounds like a dying goat
  • Nico is about ready to throttle him
  • And like it’s not they’re good songs
  • He is literally saying the first words that come to his mind (although all of them have something to do with Nico)
  • Then it all becomes too much for Nico
  • He can’t handle it like at all
  • So when Will is in the middle of another stupid song Nico spins around, his face clearly angry
  • And he latches his hands onto Will’s shirt and kisses him so he’ll just shut up
  • It worked as Will gasps and kisses back
  • And Will is probs 100% smiling against Nico’s lips cuz this was his plan the entire time
  • Cuz Will is just always plotting new things for him and Nico to do
  • Cuz he’s W i l l  S o l a c e 
  • :D

But it feels like there’s oceans
between you and me.

Art by the beautiful Fennethianell.



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So, I just found out that Yuuri's Japanese voice actor can sing and I can't help but imagine that Yuuri can sing as well??? Like, he has such a BEAUTIFUL voice and the first time Victor hear him singing he's just crying because he's so moved and he can't believe how his boyfriend can be so perfect

Oh my gosh give me a moment, I’m dying. Imagine Victor lying on Yuuri’s lap and falling asleep to Yuuri singing. Imagine Yuuri humming while Victor cooks and he helps out, imagine Yuuri singing in the shower and Victor reading a book while he wants for him to finish, imagine both of them singing along to a song while the drive into the sunset dude I’m dying

Here, have another cute Victuuri thought:

When Yuuri runs to Victor’s bed to play the completed Free Skate music for him, Victor’s ecstatic grin isn’t just because the song is now beautiful and perfect for Yuuri’s routine.

It’s because he recognizes that the swell of violins signifies his arrival in Yuuri’s life - that he is someone Yuuri finds meaningful enough to symbolize with the number one musical indicator of grand, romantic love.


Cillian Murphy singing his song “So New”. BEAUTIFUL. Is there anything he can’t do?!?

I saw the Beauty and the Beast sneak peek at Hollywood Studios!


The opening number of “Belle” is absolutely enchanting and amazing. Emma nailed it with her singing and the entire scene is wonderful.

Some of the dialogue was changed from the original song but it is all fitting!

Luke Evans IS Gaston! He is so perfect and Josh Gad was incredible as LeFou. 

The “Belle reprise” is also really good. Emma does not sound as autotuned as she did in the Golden Globes promo. She sounds natural and her voice is lovely!


I finished the Snowdin remix and it ended up having their vocals on it, so I decided to get this sketched out so that I could work on the video later today x3 Zephyr’s vocals are quite pretty on this remix and this is definitely my favorite remix I’ve done so far. Chronos has some nice solos on it as well (Cider’s not in taking the spotlight on this song, he’s just on the chorus parts xD)

His Pain - [BTS] Yoongi!Au

[A/N] Gabrielle Aplin’s “Start of Time” is the song I think of when I think of Min Yoongi. A Pisces had the most tender heart, I believed. They love hard, fall hard, protect harder. Love a Pisces, they’re amazing.

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“Loving him was the most beautiful mistake I’ve ever done, in my entire life. He was secure in his insecurities, he was perfect in his imperfections and is flawless in his flaws. He was just like me, in so many ways. Maybe that’s why, it couldn’t work.” Min Yoongi woke up with reading your articles. See, he had read many (if not all) of your writings, but this one felt very close to home.

“His dark orbs tend to pull me in more than I intend to delve in, and his smile makes me believe in fairy tales, and I don’t know if he knew that it hurts me, not able to tell him, how beautiful he is, like how he told me everyday, sun up and sun down.” It continued on. Your words flow seamlessly, as it was arranged, fore thought and clear. Everything was put metaphorically but Yoongi? Yoongi understood everything. It was written in a narrative mode, and it was painfully more honest than, what you have been writing–they often come off as half-hearted and pieces of bits of your life that you shared with your followers. But this one, this one was: Everything. Everything of that little part of your life.

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Dedication Part 2: Dawn Chorus - A Moriel Fic

Huge thanks to my beautiful, perfect raincloud @widowshulk​ for betaing this for me. Part 2 is here now, Part 3 should be here this time next week if things all go according to plan. 

Part 1 : Shadow Song 

Title: Dedication Part 2: Dawn Chorus 

Summary: Having finally located Mor in the Autumn Court where she had been abandoned by her father and Eris, Azriel races to bring her something safe before she succumbs to her wounds. In desperation he takes her to the cabin in the Illyrian mountains, thinking they’ll be safe there. Her name becomes a prayer on his lips as he begs her not to die on him, to hold on, just a little longer. 

Teaser: A blade could not share her bed or her life or her love. It could never be worthy of her affection or her heart. It was a tool. It was useful. It was used. It was not treasured or cherished or beloved of any. But it could keep her from harm. It could keep her safe…He could do that. 

Link: AO3 

She stirs in his arms.

Azriel’s whole body goes taut at the feeling. He doesn’t dare move. He doesn’t dare breathe. He would command his heart to stop beating if he could in case it disturbed this moment.

“Morrigan?” he whispers softly, voice cracked and hoarse, body trembling as he waits, prays, for an answer.

The sun pushes fully above the horizon, the whole flat, yellow disc of it visible, hanging in the sky before them. Its stark rays shine through the black membrane of Azriel’s wings, making the veins within them burn as though they contain liquid fire. By the light that blazes through them he can see her face. So still, as though carved of stone, her eyes closed but-


Her lips barely move and the word is muffled against his chest. But it’s the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard in his entire life. Now he’s trembling, trembling around her and he can’t stop himself.  With his scarred hands he softly strokes back her blood matted hair.

They were not made for tenderness these hands. They were hardened in fire when he was just a child. Fire was not used to forge soft and gentle things. It was used to craft weapons- blades and swords and arrows- sharp and deadly tools. But for her he will be as gentle and careful as he can. He will let his steel melt just to treat her body with the tender reverence it deserves.

“It will be all right,” he whispers softly to her. “You will be all right now. I won’t let anything else happen to you. I won’t let them hurt you again. I’ll keep you safe. I promise.”

A blade could not share her bed or her life or her love. It could never be worthy of her affection or her heart. It was a tool. It was useful. It was used. It was not treasured or cherished or beloved of any. But it could keep her from harm. It could keep her safe…He could do that.

She’s slipped into unconsciousness again in his arms but Azriel thinks that might be for the best. The less she’s aware of herself and her surroundings right now, the better. Slowly unfurling his wings Azriel gives them a sharp snap, ridding them of the snow that had settled upon them. In the cold light of day her injuries look even worse than they had done when he had first stumbled across her in the pale half-lit dawn.

A calm so flat and still it chills, like ice sweeping across the surface of a lake, claiming all, settles in his blood at the sight. One day he will unleash himself upon them, upon every monster who did this to her. He will be the one that stalks through their nightmares for the rest of their miserable eternities. As he knows they will haunt hers. But for now he has to fly, he has to get her somewhere safe and find someone who can help her.

Azriel stands, trying not to jostle her too much in his arms. He’s almost painfully conscious of her slender form pressing against him. The delicate curve of her bones, the softness of her skin, the precise shape of her. He wraps her more tightly in his coat, wishing he had something else to give her to keep her warm. Then with one powerful stroke of his great, black wings, he launches them both into the stark, white sky.

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the signs as songs by Beyoncé
  • Aries: Beautiful Liar
  • "You'll never know why are we the ones who suffer;
  • Have to let go, he won't be the one to cry"
  • Taurus: Love On Top
  • "Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears and finally you put me first"
  • Gemini: Irreplaceable
  • "I can have another you by tomorrow;
  • So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable"
  • Cancer: Best Thing I Never Had
  • "Another world, another life;
  • Thank God I found the good in goodbye"
  • Leo: Sweet Dreams
  • "I wish that when I wake up you're there to wrap your arms around me for real and tell me you'll stay by my side"
  • Virgo: Listen
  • "I'm more than what you made of me; I followed the voice you gave to me but now I've gotta find my own"
  • Libra: Crazy In Love
  • "The way that you know what I thought I knew,
  • It's the beat my heart skips when I'm with you;
  • But I still don't understand, just how your love can do what no one else can"
  • Scorpio: Partition
  • "I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like;
  • The kinda girl you like is right here with me"
  • Sagittarius: Diva
  • "I know you read the paper, the one that they call a queen; Every radio round the world know me 'cause that's where I be"
  • Capricorn: Single Ladies
  • "I need no permission, did I mention, Don't pay him any attention; 'Cause you had your turn, and now you gonna learn what it really feels like to miss me"
  • Aquarius: Countdown
  • "Oh, you got me all gone, don't ever let me go;
  • Say it real loud if you fly, if you leave me you're out of your mind"
  • Pisces: Halo
  • "Hit me like a ray of sun burning through my darkest night; You're the only one that I want, 'Think I'm addicted to your light"

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i have a guilt i feel like i need to confess to get off my chest. My bias list is Tae, Kook, Jin, Hobi, Jimin/Suga tie, Namjoon. Now, i admire Namjoon, and the reason hes last is NOT because i dislike him, I LOVE EVERY MEMBER OF BTS, DONT GET ME WRONG PLZ. I relate to namjoon alot and love his beautiful mind, so deep and complex. but as a christian army his solo songs like 'Expensive Girl' really offend me. but i feel like a fake fan for disliking his solo things? i genuinely hate some solos :'(

so as a Christian i also see things i’m like uhhhhh but I just ignore them and this is such a touchy subject in todays world hahaha but i would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS JUDGE SOMEONE EVER! because i myself am NOT perfect and i have messed up a crap ton of times. tbh… yes i do not like expensive girl but i just don’t listen to it. i just push out and ignore all the things that make me uncomfortable and i know i shouldn’t look at. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE A COUPLE OF SONGS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FAKE FAN! :) trust me! every artist comes out with MANY songs and it’s not guaranteed that you will love every song! I LOVE EVERY BTS MEMBER TO DEATH! don’t worry about it love! and if you want to talk to someone i’m here :)

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seventeen as greek gods

a/n- i had to use some titan gods and a few goddesses  just because it was hard to find greek gods for every group that were unique. i still hope you like it! 

s.coups- crius; god of constellations

seungcheol is a very bright and strong person. not only that, but he is smart. constellations are beautifully intricate designs, and are said to “crown the heavens”. therefore, i believe leader coups fits as the titan god of constellations

jeonghan- aphrodite; goddess of love, desire, and beauty

even though jeonghan is a male, i believe he fits aphrodite well. she was very alluring and beautiful, which are two very good words to describe our little angel. plus, it was said she brings joy and happiness to the world, just like jeonghan does. 

joshua- hymenaios; god of song/weddings

joshua is a very sweet young man, and hymenaios describes him well. i feel as if he’s mature, so being a god of weddings is perfect for him. i can see him as a little wedding planner with a clipboard and pen behind his ear and a big smile as the bride and groom kiss. not only that, but hymenaios is also a god of song! and joshua is a part of the vocal unit. this god fits him well! 

jun- hades; god of death and riches

idk why, but hades popped out to me for jun. hades was not as mean as put out to be- he actually tried to keep a balance! which is why i think jun is a good hades. he has to help minghao every once in a while because of him being chinese, and also because jun is his hyung. but hey, he also is the god of riches, so…

hoshi- helios; god of the sun

is there a better god for hoshi? he is literal sunshine. he’s happy and positive and very joyful. he creates a mood sometimes for the group, or at least for his little unit. he leads with eagerness and is always smiling! helios is the perfect god for our naega hosh.

wonwoo- erebus; god of darkness

wonwoo is perfect for the role as erebus. wonwoo is not only referred to as “emo” but he’s also a reserved person. that side of him is in the dark, so to say. he’s a bit more quiet sometimes, but he’s still a beautiful being. 

woozi- zelus; god of emulation, zeal, and dedication

it’s no doubt that woozi is zelus. emulation means effort, and the desire to excel others. woozi composes music for his group, and im sure he hopes his music is the best in the business. he’s also very dedicated, because he stuck with seventeen very long, even when he didn’t know if they’d debut. he is a very dedicated and determined person. 

dk- pan- god of the wild and rustic music

pan is perfect for seokmin. he’s very vibrant and lively, which is very similar to the great wild outdoors. pan was considered very gentle, but also very loud. those are perfect adjectives for little dk! 

mingyu- tyche; goddess of fortune, luck, and fate

idk why, but tyche seem to strike me as mingyu. mingyu is in a rising boy group, so it makes sense that his goal is to prosper and have fortune come to him and the members. plus it was fate that he ended up with wonwoo

the8- caerus; god of opportunity and favorable moments

minghao is like a puppy. he’s a bit shy and new, but he’s also full of energy. he has so many new opportunities now that he’s in seventeen and displaying his talents. 

seungkwan- pheme; goddess of fame and gossip

need i say more? seungkwan embraces the idol life and is very exuberant. he takes any chance to sing or MC events without hesitation, so he obviously loves the spotlight. it’s not a bad thing at all! little diva boo would make the perfect pheme. 

vernon- poseidon; god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. 

poseidon was moody. vernon is the same way a bit. vernon is a teenage kid that is growing up in the spotlight, and im sure he gets a little moody. when poseidon is in a good mood, he was said to be very helpful and friendly, which is definitely what vernon is! 

dino- hebe; goddess of youth

dino is still a small little baby. he is the youngest member of seventeen (and the youngest member i write for) so he is the epitome of youth! he is loud and hyper and excited! dino is an extremely youthful human being, and fits the role of hebe perfectly! 

 chanelily11 replied to your post

“I can think of at least 12 other George Michael songs that would’ve…”

Mention them 12 and the song, please

  • Elton John, this is obvious since he was George Michael’s hero, and later a friend, and they had a chart topping song together- Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me
  • Aretha singing “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”, their duet
  • Halsey tbh as much as I joke about her she would have been great doing a Wham song 
  • Usher singing “Father Figure”
  • Janelle Monae singing “Too Funky”
  • Adam Lambert, I know he’s not really relevant but he is so much more suited to a George Michael tribute, he could sing the hell out of “Careless Whisper”
  • Kesha singing “Heal the Pain”! how beautiful and perfect for her would that have been! And so great for a tribute to someone who inspired many.
  • Sam Smith, “One More Try”
  • One Direction singing “Young Guns (Go For It)” as a nod to his boy-band roots (and 1D, like him, are so much more than the “pretty boy” image)
  • Rihanna singing “I Want Your Sex”
  • even Justin Timberlake singing “Careless Whisper”!

“Main duniya bharr ki tarifien tere sajde main laayaa hoon” I hope you read this! Took quite some time to write. :)

1. He has an amazing voice. This isn’t really debatable, but if you’re going to argue with me on it, go back and listen to Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon.

2. “Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.” - Pitch Perfect! He makes US feel amazing.

3. His acoustic performances are beyond compare. They make every song beautiful (referring to Acoustically Me!)

4. He’s like really, really, really good looking. He’s so pretty, it hurts.

5. He cares about all his #Armaanians (all 125K on Instagram, 39K on Twitter, 1M on Facebook)

6. He’s inspiration for coining the acronym LYTTE. (Love You Till The End)

7. He’s crazily talented at playing the guitar too. (Who doesn’t love a guy who can play the guitar?!)

8. He’s basically an angel sent from God to make this world a better place by #Armaanising people through his angelic voice.

9. His smile. :) how can someone not adore his cheek to cheek smile?! 😻

10. He dances so well. He even has beat in his feet. 💃

11. His hair. Its always as perfect as his voice. ❤

12. Through divine power, his eyes alone are able to spell bind another human. 😍😏

13. Even though he has abs (which are so distracting btw😍) he has a REALLY REALLY REALLY FAT HEART.

14. He’s so close to his familia(including Handsome duhh) and doesn’t shy away from showing his love publicly.

15. “You are what you are as a direct result of what you do” - Armaan Malik. He continues to spread the message that no dream is too big and anything is possible if you stay dedicated.

16. ALL HIS MUSIC COLLABORATIONS with various artists. He knows how to switch up his style to bring us new music. 💕 (Still waiting for a collab with Ed Sheeran - it’ll happen, I know)

17. Daily hearing Wajah Tum Ho has good effects on the listeners health. Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing - listening to Wajah Tum ho is definitely one.

18. ADRENALINE RUSH. Its the feeling you get only from listening to a Prince AM song. Its addictive.

19. His voice basically feels like a warmmmmmmmmm hug.

20. GET READY TO GET REJUVENATED IN 4MINS OR LESS. You listen to his songs, get transformed to another place and when you stop, its like you have a new soul.


22. Beautiful face + cutest & sweetest personality. 👌

23. Selfies. He loves them. We love him. I love that I have an endless supply of perfect pictures I can drool over all day. 💅

24. He’s caring, loving and the most humblest person ever. 💞

25. His pudgy lips☺☺

26. He gives advice to his Armaanians whn we tweet him for it which is really sweet!

27. You’ll never have to take drugs because his voice is intoxicating enough. #NaturalHigh 🚬

28. REASON NUMBER TWENTY EIGHT: You can listen to his cover of #JeenaJeena and just pretend he’s singing to you! Guilty pleasures. 😽

29. He may act all bad boy-ish on the outside but on the inside he is probably the most sweetest person you’ll know. 💞😭

30. He cares about his #Armaanians

31. His style is immaculate. HE LOOKS GOOD IN EVERYTHING, LITERALLY.

32. Love Armaan and you’ll always have a reason to feel proud. He has so many trophies, I’ve lost count. Super proud of Chukki :’)

33. Everyone loves a nice person. Acc to Urban Dictionary, a nice person is one who is kind and caring BASICALLY ARMAAN. 😏

34. Those ARMS. 💪 they were made for two things; holding his guitar and holding me in a close lovers embrace (ok maybe not the second reason but.. Yeah)

35. He posts a picture biting his lip and life is over.

36. He’s achieved so much. I think he’s the first singer in India to sing so many songs at such a young age.

37. He was the cutest little baby. 💋💋

38. His deeeeeeeep & inspirational thoughts.

39. He’ll make you love old songs, you hardly heard before. 👵 (Chand Chupa Baadal Main)

40. Because his presence of Indian Idol Jr. Made us wanna cry! He’s so cute and adorable with little children😇

41. The way he sings “lejaunga saaanse churaake” makes us fall on the nearest object or ground to recover from sudden loss of breath. He makes us breathless yet feel alive.
42. He never gets/got bogged down by the haters. When ppl told him not to sing and he believed in himself.

43. DUBSMASH PRINCE ALERT. His dubsmash videos have a way to make anyone’s day. Your day will go from 0 to 100 real quick. 💨💯

44. He’s basically a triple threat; not only can he sing and dance but he is also blessed with ridiculously good looks.

45. He’s so modest. Maybe he doesn’t own a mirror or something but for some mind-boggling reason he doesn’t think he’s all that and a bag of chips like we do.

46. He gets excited easily. Remember when ‘Team Armaan Malik’ happened for the first time. Awwwwwww.

47. The way he looks in his superman tank. TOO MANY FEELS.

48. “The one good thing about good music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain” - Bob Marley. Not only does his song give us no pain but its also the best painkiller.

49. He loves food and we love him for it. He can also cook himself!

50. The feeling we get when we see something so cute and cuddly that we want to squeeze and cuddle it actually has a name. It’s called “cute aggression”. He definitely gives us that.

51. His stage presence. He puts everything into each song and it shows how passionate he is about his singing.

52. He is an animal lover. He has love for animals and speaks up for them. 💕

53. The way he loves Amaal sooooooo much. So much so that his award winning speeches are all for him. :’)

54. He’s so polite in all his interviews and he speaks very sweetly.

55. His laugh in his interviews. It just makes my day. His laugh makes me laugh even when nothing is funny. 😂😂

56. He has his own website; armaanmalik.me

57. The first picture in “Official Photoshoots” in the Gallery segment of his website.

58. He probably smells really good. 💞

59. He truly shows us “sab kya kahein kyun ho parwah koi, bekar baatein main sunta nahin” He always encourages us do what we feel.

60. He’s a Prince. 👑 He’s Prince Charming. 💞🙈

61. He makes me so happy and soooooo hyper. I was a completely normal person before becoming an Armaanian and now there aren’t enough o’s to be added at the end of so to describe how hyper I am.

62. Not only does he sing extremely well, he also writes songs and his lyrics are so relatable and full of emotion. THEY MAKE SENSE ALWAYS.

63. He’s intellectual:)

64. Your mom probably loves him too and your dad too.

65. His enthusiasm for his work. Armaan is always excited to perform on stage or do interviews. I love how dedicated he is to his work. #Inspirational 🙌

66. And also he loves what he does and everybody else loves what he does cause he’s Armaan Malik and he is literally perfection

@armaanmalik22 bas itna hai tumse kehna.. ❤