he is so adorably awkward


-Aunt May. the ultimate cock block

-being with Peter when Tony shows up and Tony making all sorts of comments about how Peter not only has a hot aunt, but a hot girlfriend too?

-staying in New York while Peter goes to ‘fight team Cap’ because you have school

-Peter would totally be skyping, texting and calling you 24/7

-maybe even during the fights

-”wait a sec metal arm guy, my girlfriend is calling. hey Y/N! what am i doing right now? well theres this guy with this huge metal arm and- wooooah! stop throwing things at me! can’t you see im on the phone?!”

-”hey babe, you know that old movie with the giant things that walk and the spaceships that wrap stuff around their legs? yeah! Starwars! i should have remembered the name, thanks babe.”

-i dunno, he seems like a ‘babe’ guy

-adorable awkwardness

-but you fit so perfectly together when you hug

-he’d love giving you piggy back rides

-adorable cuddles

-he would love burrowing his face against your neck and kissing your neck and just… neck.

-if you ever wanted to put yourself in harms way he would totally just spider web you to things.

-”its too dangerous.” “nah i’ll be fine… Peter. did you just spiderweb me to the door?” “yes???”


-him teaching you computer stuff

-”you sure you’re not bored by all this computer stuff?” he would ask. you would say no. 

-holding hands

-long walks around Queens because yes

-he would know all the super cool places

-Aunt May would loooove you

-you’d be invited to every dinner at that house

-Aunt May would make you little food take home bags

-OH MY GOSH! you and Peter would be ‘love bugs’ (get it? because he’s a spider *insert troll face*)

-endless honey moon phase

-being dorks

-being nerds

-being who you are with each other, no need for false fronts

-i love you, i love you, i love you


requested by anon

I just saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

And Newt Scamander is officially the purest cinnamon roll to ever walk the earth.

I have also never been prouder to be a Hufflepuff in my life.

After a very long, emotional week, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was exactly the little dose of magic I needed to help me through. It was absolutely fucking amazing. The set up and the references and connections to the events and characters we know and love were so well done. Beautifully done, amazing characters, and I am in love with all of the actors. Dan Fogler was so so sweet and hilarious. Eddie Redmayne is so awkward and quirky and adorably sweet, he is literally the definition of a Hufflepuff. The ladies were all pure badass, I’m obsessed. And Ezra Miller…
oh boy. I already loved him, so maybe I’m biased, but- screw that, it isn’t bias. He was perfect. Ripped-my-heart-out-of-my-chest and broke it perfect. I just want to hug him.

I hope you all get the chance to see Fantastic Beasts, I promise it is so worth it.

I Want You To Take A Second. look at this boy. I’d like you to admire the aura of !!!☀️~pure sunshine~☀️!!! he gives off with a single smile. Look At his coat. At His face. Briefly bask in this image of Randy, the Best Boy In The World. he may be cold but he’s warming our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“you only like thomas brodie sangster cause he’s attractive”

  • [A certain winter night when a shooting star falls from the sky]:
  • Akashi: What did you wish for, Tetsuya?
  • Kuroko, still looking at the sky: I'm not telling, Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: *pokes Kuroko's cheek* Tetsuya.
  • Kuroko, turning his head to face Akashi: Akashi-kun, please stop tha--
  • Akashi: *suddenly kisses Kuroko*
  • Kuroko:
  • Akashi, smirking: Caught you.
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Kuroko: ...true...
  • Akashi: Hmm? Did you say something?
  • Kuroko, head turned down: *mumbles* My wish just came true...
  • Akashi, realizing what Kuroko meant: *awkwardly covers his mouth while blushing*

Request: Can you do a tbs imagine (with gifs) where you’re both asked about your sex life in an interview and he gets all awkward and cute?

You watch as Thomas takes a seat for his interview while you take your usual position behind the camera. The first time you met him was the first day on set when the director kept yelling at him to stop looking at the camera because he couldn’t get his eyes off of you, but that was almost a year ago. You focus the camera on him, being the lucky one in the relationship because you have to watch him to do your job. He sticks his tongue out at you right before you count down to one, signaling the start of the interview.

You roll your eyes as he gets asked the same questions, catching yourself glancing at the clock to see how long until this was over.

“So Thomas,” the interviewer glances over at me,“I hear you are in a serious relationship now.”

Thomas blushes, nodding his head.

“Don’t mind me asking, but I’ve seen your girl around set and boy she is a keeper, how is the sex life? I mean it must be good from the looks of things.”

Thomas scrunches his eyes up in a half smile half ‘what the hell’ kind of look. He looks over at you with a look of amusement and disbelief. “What?” He just stares at the interviewer, the tips of his ears turning red.

“The sex- is it good?” The interviewer repeats with a smirk.

Thomas chuckles, a grin spreading across his face, eyes crinkled at the corners as he thinks over the question. “Well, um, yes.” His voice cracks slightly, his awkwardness shining through. Thomas glances back over to you, raising his eyebrows and letting out a giggle before continuing, “except she always does this little dance like when she wants me. Like 'Thomas come here babe’” he imitates your voice, holding out his hands and wiggling his hips with a chuckle. “You wouldn’t think its sexy, but it gets me every time.”

Your mouth gapes open, almost taking your hands off the camera to give him the finger. He grins cheekily over at you.

“Somebody isn’t getting any tonight,” the interviewer looks at your embarrassed face.

“Oh she will,” Thomas winks at you before bursting out into laughter and covering his face.