he is so adorable and precious

When I first got into VIXX, I didn’t like Hongbin much, to the point where I wanted him out of the group and I felt that he shouldn’t be the visual/vocalist/rapper etc…I don’t even know why I had this irrational dislike towards him. I feel so bad about him now, because I absolutely adore him and I couldn’t imagine VIXX without their sassy bean. He’s my ultimate bias wrecker now and I feel awful for not liking him at first. He’s so precious and cute!

my precious angel 💖
seriously.. look at that smile. if you don’t think that’s the cutest smile you have ever seen, you must be blind. kyle is so adorable what the heck aH i love seeing his soft side so much, everyone always talks about how angry he is but look!! these aren’t even half of the scenes of him being happy and smiling like the perfect child he is!! god i love kyle broflovski so much. it’s overwhelming.

171016, xiao’s “Me and Me” episode

xiao@himself: “in your phone, what did you save the members’ names as?”

  • kuhn = our cool kuhn hyung (xiao: “kuhn hyung saved himself as this, not me…”)
  • jinhoo = jinwookie hyung
  • hwanhee = hwanhee
  • sunyoul = mom sunyoullie hyung
  • gyujin = dad gyujinnie hyung
  • bitto = biahtto changhyunnie hyung
  • wei = sungjunnie hyung
  • kogyeol = beomdeukie hyung

this child really saved sunyoul as “mom” and gyujin as “dad”…

(also he said “sunyoul is mom sunyoullie hyung” and then he said “dad is dad gyujinnie hyung” lmao)

i mean ofc xiao calls sunyoul “mom” all the time but… all this time we were thinking jinhoo or kuhn or even kogyeol was xiao’s dad… turns out it’s gyujin? i guess it does make sense…

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(xiao’s dad holding one of his arms + xiao’s mom kissing his cheek + awkward onlooker wei)

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I think Peter would 100% adore getting his hair pet. Just, run your fingers through his hair and he'll be a purring kitten. It's like the one thing that can make him stop running and rushing Everything™, playing with his hair. And then it's so soft and silky and windblown it's pretty freakin perfect.

This brought a single tear to my eye. What a precious baby awww thank you for sharing this gold

everyone shUT UP 😭😭😭😭😭😭 jst look how cute he is??? he stuck his tongue out???? 😭😭😭 while scrolling something??? does he do it everytime????? he just sticks his tongue out doing something and yall think im gonna be okay????? 😭😭😭 hes a fucking baby  😭😭😭 look just lOOK how fucking ADORABLE he is???????? ill never, you all heard me, nevER shut up about this LOOK HOW PRECIOUS HE IS I LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH JUST FUCKING HAVE A LOOK A GLANCE JUST PAY ATTENTION TO THIS LITTLE KITTEN 😭😭 he truly has my heart i love him so fucking much this is not a joke 

Okay so

I am a musician with the Canadian armed forces, and I’ve been on contract with the Ceremonial Guard all summer. It’s a pretty cool job, playing on parliament hill, but it can be a little stressful for those of us who have family and pets at home that we haven’t seen in a while.

We have a seamstress who makes sure all of our uniforms are tailored to fit us, and she does an incredible amount of work to make us look great all summer

One day she brought a kitten to work. She had found him abandoned on the side of the road and brought him in the hopes that someone would adopt him and take him home with them at the end of their contract

We dubbed him the CG Mascot and would drop in to visit him all the time. It’s great stress relief!

Well one day we show up to see him and the seamstress has made him a little ceremonial outfit to match the rest of us. So without further ado, please enjoy this ceremonial kitten

One of the musicians has adopted him and named him Artemis. 

There are still good, sweet people in the world, and there will always be kittens.