he is skilled in this haha

My kidney is playing up today, so whilst I was waiting for my meds to kick in, I started re-reading check please because what better way to distract myself from pain, right?

Anyway, so I’m at the panel where Bitty comes out to Shitty, and even though he seems nervous, he doesn’t seem that nervous?  Then like two posts later, Bitty meets Lardo where he’s like, “I just thought you were…”

And Lardo says, “A six foot tall dude?”

And Bitty’s like, “Haha something like that.”

Then cue the flashback of SMH talking about Lardo.

Anyway, THEN I remembered the post before Bitty comes out to Shitty, where Rans and Holster are boasting about their skills of getting people dates.  “We even got a date for Jack, the pickiest fucker on the planet.  We’d get one for Shitty if he wasn’t holding out for Lardo.”

Which means at the time, if Bitty really did think Lardo was a six foot tall dude–maybe he came out to Shitty first because he thought Shitty would understand…from experience.

Anyway just random thoughts…


“Tarth. I’m biased, but she keeps it together.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to HBO on which character do you admire the most?

“I love the character of Jaime Lannister. He’s just so complex…” -Gwendoline Christie

“Gwen and I have a lot of fun together, I wish it could go on forever.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“And Nikolaj is a very special actor. He’s brilliant, hilarious and mercurial. And again, incredibly highly skilled. I felt nervous about acting opposite someone that was so highly skilled that I’d be working with so intensely, but he completely went for it from the beginning and was not afraid to go full-throttle on all of the scenes. And to really feed the relationship off-screen, too, by endlessly teasing me, haha. It’s really fun and hard work. He’s a brilliant actor. And I’ve had an absolute ball. I’ve had a real riot.“ -Gwendoline Christie

“If you meet Gwen, you’ll know that she is light.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Music to my Ears (M)

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1560

Warnings: SMUTTT (choking kink???)

note: idk how i got this idea but i decided to write this down and now i may need holy water. producer jaebum is so hot!!! just prepare yourself for the hotness of this man. also i wrote this while listening to his soundcloud so… yeah haha. happy reading and take care! -admin

It was late at night with people going out and about, cars driving around with their headlights on, and businesses lit their fluorescent signs. But as you and Jaebum sat in his studio room, alone, you two blocked out the sounds of the night life with his music that he created. You were always fascinated with your boyfriend’s skill and the way he produced his music. Some songs were very meaningful in the lyrics and others were more sexual. But you were too afraid to admit that his songs turned you on.

You sat on the couch in his studio room, taking another sip of beer that Jaebum bought for you before you two settled down in his studio. You bit your lip and observed your boyfriend who worked on his songs. His hair slicked back, revealing his forehead, and his broad back faced you. The song that he was working on played through the studio speaker, his voice filling up the room. It was music to your ears and the lyrics were somewhat sexual, turning you on slightly.

“Does that sound good, babe?” Jaebum said, turning off the music and turned his chair to face you.

“Yeah, it does.” You smiled at him as you set down the beer bottle on the table and started to walk towards him. “How about we take a break?”

“Sounds good to me.” Jaebum sighed as he slouched on his chair and watched you walk over to him. You climbed up onto his lap and straddled him, while running your hands through his soft hair.

“You’ve been working so hard these days.” You slurred, slightly drunk from the beer but sober enough to control your actions. “You deserve a reward for your work.”

“And what is my reward?” Jaebum asked in a playful manner, raising his eyebrows as his hands started to wander around your body.

You sent Jaebum a wink and bit your lip, “Me.”

Jaebum then took your face and pulled you down so that your lips crashed with his. His lips kissed you with full passion, demanding more your sweet mouth by teasing you. He pressed his tongue on seam of your lips and, at your grant of access, delved inside your mouth, leaving you breathless. His lips moved in sync with yours as his hands played with the hem of your shirt. Swifty, he lifted the fabric up and away from your body, throwing it aside on the studio floor.

Jaebum broke away from the kiss as he motioned you to climb off of him so you could take off your pants. You did as he wanted, slowly undressing yourself and bending down to get rid of your pants, letting Jaebum get a good view of your ass. You heard Jaebum take in a hitch of air as he watched you put on a show for him. You walked over to him, sending Jaebum another wink and you climbed up on his lap, straddling him once again.

“You look so fucking hot, baby girl.” Jaebum growled as his hands made their way up to your breasts, massaging it slightly causing you to let out a low moan. You grabbed on to the back of Jaebum’s chair as his hands started to do their magic. Skillfully unhooking your bra and throwing it on the floor, he played with the nubs as you bit your lips to contain yourself from moaning out loud. After giving your breasts a good squeeze, his hands slowly made their way down to your heat. You tried to prop yourself up so that there was enough space for Jaebum to do his work.

“Mhmm,” Jaebum hummed as he palmed your heat, “Someone’s getting needy.”

Jaebum slid his hand, ever so slowly, inside your panties as he let his fingers get coated with your essence. You bit your lip as you felt Jaebum’s fingers tease your hole before gliding it up to your clit. He started to move in circular motion, slowly, as you let out breathy whines from your mouth. Jaebum pressed on your clit harder, increasing the rate of his fingers as your grip of the hair became tighter. You rested your head on Jaebum’s shoulders as he pushed in two fingers into your sopping sex.

“Fuck, right there Jae.” You moaned as Jaebum’s fingers hit your sweet spot. He started off slowly, making you whine under his touch, until he switched to his brisk pace. The lewd sound of Jaebum’s fingers going in and out of your tight core filled up the room along with your soft moans. You felt Jaebum press his lips on your neck, smirking slightly as his fingers went fast and deeper within you. You could feel a familiar pit in your stomach as the pitch of your moans started to get higher. Jaebum took that as a sign and stopped all his movements, taking out his fingers from your core and giving your ass a hard smack.

“Get off of me and get on your knees.” Jaebum demanded. You did what he said and climbed off of him and fell to you knees. You watched as Jaebum took off his shirt and threw it on the ground. Playing with his belt, he slowly sild down his pants revealing a tent below his boxers. You bit your lips as you watched your boyfriend slide down his undergarment to reveal his big cock.

“You know what to do, baby girl.” Jaebum growled as he moved his chair closer to you. “Take care of this big guy.”

You smirked at Jaebum before taking his huge length into your hands. You leaned forward and  wrapped your lips around the head of his cock, touching nothing else, just your tongue swirling around slowly. Your mouth slid all the way down to the base of his length and sucked hard. You looked up at Jaebum as his face showed full signs of pleasure. You started to work your lips, pressed tight against his hard cock, up and down, back and forth. Jaebum let out a low growl as he tugged onto your hair, enjoying your work. And just then, you slid his length out of your mouth and let out a loud pop before smirking at him. You wanted to stop this foreplay and wanted him inside of you. And Jaebum knew that.

Standing up from his chair, he motioned you over to the couch as he walked over to his bag to grab a condom. You laid back on the couch, pulling down your panties as you watched your boyfriend slip on the latex sheet. With that, Jaebum walked over to you and climbed onto the couch. Lifting both of your legs and rested them on top his shoulders, he teased the entrance of your core. He slammed into you in one go, filling up your tight walls to the hilt. He took a few seconds to recuperate the feeling of your walls swallowing his cock and he presses his forehead against yours.

“I want to hear your screams, baby girl.” He smirked before giving you a brief kiss on the lips. “They’re like music to my ears.”

With that, Jaebum pulled out again and slammed back into you, harder this time, making you arch your back. He began snapping his hips forward at a steady pace as he kissed you to swallow your screams. His thrusts becomes harder and harder by the second and Jaebum already had you screaming his name once his lips were not in contact with yours.

“You’re so fucking tight.” Jaebum growled as he thrusts into you harder and deeper than before making your breasts jiggle from his fast pace. His hands made their way up to your neck, gripping it softly as you started to reach your high. You held in your breath as Jaebum’s grip became tighter around your neck. Your oragasm hit you hard as you gripped onto Jaebum’s wrists, riding out your high as Jaebum continued to thrust in and out of you.

“Fuck!”  Jaebum let out a cry as he reached his end, his cum filling up the latex sheet. Pulling out, he removed his hand from your neck and you let out a breath, your cheeks flushed red. His body fell against yours but still had his weight balanced against his hands to make sure that he won’t crush you. You closed your eyes as you tried to catch your breath and Jaebum lifts his hand to wipe the sweat on your forehead. You opened your eyes and made eye contact with his loving eyes.

“You okay?” He managed to breath out, brushing a strand of hair away from your face.

“Of course.” You flashed him a smile before looking away from him and scanning the studio room. Realizing you two made a mess on the floor, your cheeks started to flush red and you hid your face behind your hands.

“Don’t worry about the mess, babe.” You heard Jaebum chuckle as you felt him get off of you. “Now I’ll have more inspiration to write songs in this room.”

“You’ll write songs about me?” You breathed out, removing your hands from you face to look at your boyfriend.

“No,” Jaebum said as he flashed you a smirk, “I’ll write songs about your loud screams. After all, they are music to my ears.”

Concept: The fam taking dance lessons together. Charlotte and Cordelia killing it, Mendel and Trina being disgustingly cute. Marvin and Whizzer being the usual disastrous duo, constantly fighting while trying to get the steps right. Marv “secretly” marveling at how beautiful his boyfriend is everytime he isnt looking. Jason watching the idiots that are supposed to be his parents happily and filming everything. 

He shows the footage everyone over dinner and everyone makes fun of Marvin for his non existent dancing skills and the heart eyes he constantly gives Whizzer.

( Looks like you have really fallen for him haHA bc he fell down?gET IT trINA IM FUNNY YeS????)

Whizzer is the worst of them all but everytime Marv gets too defensive he showers him with soft kisses.

You Know.

Summary: The Phenomenal One is feeling the opposite of that after his defeat at the Royal Rumble. His girlfriend refuses to let the night end with him feeling so down. Featuring some angst, comfort, and hella smmmmut – with usage of daddy kink and brief foreplay/teasing with chocolate covered strawberries

A/N: While I’m not very confident with my smut skills (it’s been awhiiiiiiile and even then used to rp lol) I just wanted to get this out before tonight’s PPV after this poured out of me the last few days thanks to re-watching AJ’s promos and to my cold from hell (and ignoring my others in progress haha) so I hope you all enjoy! 

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Lin….in high school I was simply searching for the year he graduated cause writing and um….Lin…Lin got smacked with that good after high school, puberty brick, but he would still have been the guy I tried to talk to then ran away cause haha people skills am I right, also it’s 4:08am where I live and I just…he’s in a fucking cape with a 1920’s silent film style evil villain mustache like…boy you look like wind will knock you over how you gonna tie the damsel in distress to the convent train track….

Oh my god. This is the best/worst thing I’ve ever seen because he looks exactly like the kind of guy I would have liked back in high school. I am nothing if not consistent.

DEAR @scarletsalamander

This loser is your late royed secret Santa plz forgive me

I suck at digital so what did I do? Take on an extremely complicated watercolor lol
Hence why it took a while on top of irl issues and the flu (twice…)


An extra benefit to my non-existent photoshop skills is that if you want I can send the original… I meam I guess if you like it enough. I hope.

@silentxthreat ’s idea for the scenery (the exact place where he proposed haha) he’s a life saver so he deserves credit on this too

The Arrangement: Chapter Five

Author’s Note: This little scene was meant to be short but it ended up needing to be longer, so I made it into its own little chapter! I’m so keen to write Chapter 6 because things might get a lil fluffy…

Also, I thought it was time for a GIF change haha enjoy :) 

Feedback is always appreciated, happy reading!


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“Have you learned nothing this past month? If you become distracted for one second in battle, you will die.”

“I know,” you mumbled, picking up the training stick that Kylo had easily knocked from your grip. Your combat skills were steadily improving, though they were still nowhere near a match for him.

You waved the stick lazily towards him, and once more Kylo knocked it from your hands and lightly tapped his own weapon to your shoulder.

“Disarm me,” he instructed, handing you the stick.

“I can’t.”

“You can.”

You dropped your training weapon and crossed your arms.

“What’s wrong with you?”

You were feeling particularly miserable today, that’s all it was. You looked up at him, seeing your own reflection just slightly in his helmet. You looked an absolute mess.

Shrugging, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

“You’re clearly not.”

“Why do you care?” You asked, lightly tapping the weapon from his hands, knowing he wasn’t at all focused on it, “There. Happy?”

He frowned beneath his helmet. He understood that training daily was taking its toll on you, but you hadn’t physically shown your exhaustion until now. He meant what he had said to you earlier, he cared for your wellbeing. The Supreme Leader had commanded Kylo took watch over you, and he was doing his best to adhere to that.

Since the attack on the original Starkiller Base, the First Order had kept a low profile while it rebuilt and recovered from its losses. While the threat of the Resistance remained, Kylo felt that you would not engage in a confrontation with them at least in the near future— Maybe he was overworking you. Your training was certainly proceeding far quicker than his did with Snoke. That thought gave him an idea.

Sighing, Kylo also dropped his weapon, “We’re done for today. Ensure that you are well rested for tomorrow, I won’t show such leniency if this happens again.”

You nodded gratefully and rushed out of the room, tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you headed straight for your quarters.

Meanwhile, Kylo went to Hux’s office. He opened the door, not bothering to knock first, and was greeted to a scowling look by the General.

“What do you want?”

“Arrange an audience with the Supreme Leader immediately.”


“Just do it.”

Hux muttered something under his breath before pressing something on his datapad, “How’s the Princess?” He asked as he kept his eyes glued to the screen. He had barely seen you since you arrived.


“Her progress?”


“Fallen in love with her yet?”

Kylo slammed his fist on Hux’s desk, “Shut up.”

Hux gave him an amused look before finishing his work on the datapad, “Be in the meeting room in ten minutes.”

Kylo nodded, “You’ll need to be there too.”

“What in the galaxy is this even about, Ren?”

Kylo said nothing before he slammed the office door and made his way to the meeting room. Hux entered shortly after Snoke’s towering hologram appeared.

“What is it, Commander Ren?”

“Supreme Leader, I wanted to ask for your permission to speak with Y/N’s father.”

Hux looked confused while Snoke responded, “What business do you have with the King? You met with him just over a month ago, surely any matters you needed to discuss with him were already taken care of,” Snoke said.

“I believe he will want to hear of his daughter’s progress,” Kylo responded.

“He left the Princess in the First Order’s care, her progress is not his concern.” Hux said.

“I believe it will strengthen our alliance, Supreme Leader. Show the King that we have nothing to hide from him.”

Snoke hummed in agreement, “Perhaps you’re right. I’ll send for him at once—”  

“No, I-I,” Kylo faltered slightly, “I would rather visit him.”

“A diplomatic mission sounds more like a task for me, doesn’t it?” Hux said.

Kylo nodded, “General, you will accompany me.”

“I assume you wish to take the Princess with you?”

“Yes, Supreme Leader. Her training will not be affected by this visit.”

“I would hope not, Ren.”

“Oh please, she is obviously the reason for this ridiculous trip! Why are you indulging her?” Hux asked, agitated.

“Has she expressed the desire to return home, Commander?” Snoke asked.

Kylo looked briefly at Hux before he continued, “No. But the Princess has become…melancholy.”

“And is it affecting her training?”

“Yes, Supreme Leader. She needs something to re-focus, perhaps lift her spirits.”

“Well you are her husband, surely you can take care of that,” Hux smirked.

Kylo felt the heat rising to his cheeks, and he was thankful that Hux couldn’t see him underneath the helmet.

Snoke ignored Hux’s comment, “Then you may bring her with you.”

Kylo nodded while Hux frowned, “I would be careful that we do not allow the Commander to be influenced by the Princess’ whims in the future, Supreme Leader.”

“She didn’t ask for this, General. I have made that quite clear.”

Hux raised an eyebrow, “Then you’re being awfully thoughtful towards your apprentice.”

“That’s enough General,” Snoke commanded, “If the Princess’ training is being affected, I see no problem with this matter. I trust you won’t either.”

“Fine.” Hux said before storming out.

“You may leave, Ren,” Snoke said, “Ensure the girl is back to her normal self when you return.”

Kylo nodded before making his way to your quarters.

You were lying face down on the bed, tears still streaming down your cheeks. You shot up at the sound of the blast doors opening and quickly wiped your eyes as you heard Kylo’s footsteps enter the bedroom.

“What is it?” You sniffled.

“I’m taking you home,” he said.

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Jim always-has-a-death-wish Gordon.

Now I’ve known Ben Mckenzie since he’s done O.C aka Orange County as Ryan, and I’ve always admired his acting, even though people thinks his skills are…”stiff”. But that’s because he’s always given a character that puts on an mysterious frontier whom tries to show no emotion, but when you gaze deep into his eyes, you can see a whole lot of pain there; covering it up to feel stronger, and for no one to worry about him.

I LOVE watching Jim Gordon grow through the seasons; from being a cop, to disobeying the law, then a bounty hunter. A man asking himself constantly what is the right thing.  I also love that he’s stupid and stubborn, despite others’ opinions, even Harveys. Haha~

I absolutely love when people draw. Even if they pursue skills in other things or simply don’t have much experience with art I LOVE IT. I find it so endearing.

Every time I help a friend with an essay, he draws me something. It takes him like 30 mins to 2 hours for a finished, colored piece. And like he asks me for help so I’ll do something minimum like pointing where the eyes would go

But every time he figures something out he freaks out with enthusiasm, for example when he found out how to make fur with a certain tool on this app on his ipad. Haha.
But its insanely difficult to convince someone to do something that you have a skill for and they don’t, yet artists absolutely love any art for them more than anyone


Justin Bieber visited the FC Barcelona training session and not only got to watch the Barça players train, but even played some football with Neymar Jr and Rafinha.

It turns out that Bieber has a pretty fine shot on him, and he also got the chance to try out his goalkeeping skills.

The Canadian pop star will perform at the Palau Sant Jordi on Tuesday night in one of the final shows of the European leg of his Purpose World Tour.

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Between the shipper bloggers and the shipper anons I'm here to tell you that there is some mad skills going on over in here. Dang! My hubs laughed at this last photo anon pics (the girl did it again!) and told me NOTHING gets by you ladies. And he's right! Once Sam and Cait come out and are settled happily we should all get together and form an organization to solve crimes or dead end cases across the world. Shippers are the best!! Nothing is too small for us to solve. haha

There are some mad skills going on around here! And some pretty good people too! And I think that the skill set available is well enough known that anyone putting out such a recognizable shot as that late night fist bump pic knows that is is bound to be seen for what it is. And I think that was the point!


The German bros in the Hetalia superhero AU. Ludwig has the ability to change his skin into organic steel, like X-Men’s Colossus. In this form, he has superhuman strength and durability. Unlike Berwald, he can only transform his whole body rather than parts of it. Gilbert has the ability to mimic others’ powers, but only one at a time. He can only mimic the powers of those in the same room/within close proximity. In the drawing, he’s mimicking Lud’s, Mathias’s and Emil’s powers. (from asks: x, x)