he is really good at the skateboard

Just some old ghosts on the fridge

My excuse for the 2nd image being black/white is that they printed it on a shitty school computer :p

I really wish we got to see more of Casey, my impression of him was that he mainly hung out with Gregg because he didn’t show up in the longest night supplemental

and probably had a skateboard :v

tfc hcs you should consider
  • aaron is one of those people that is fascinated by crime docs/unsolved murders and it’s the one topic he and andrew consistently talk about (no, it’s not subliminal shade. they eventually get past that)
  • neil, nicky, and dan all know how to sew and mend clothing
  • matt partakes in stress baking and can make a variety of desserts and decorative cupcakes. renee gets him to teach her. when they make too much matt hands off the left overs to neil who then passes them on to nicky, aaron, and andrew, much to kevin’s dismay
  • dan is good at dancing. like, really fucking good.
  • kevin regularly offhandedly shares historical facts/events and their corresponding dates that he somehow found relevant to whatever conversation he’s partaking in
    • he also readily answers questions and provides menial but accurate details (aka something my actual little brother actually fucking does)
  • allison knows how to surf and eventually learns how to skateboard because why not
  • kevin and dan have the highest alcohol tolerance of all the foxes
  • renee is exceptionally good at telling scary stories, so much so that she’s well known on the campus thanks to it
  • matt used to play D&D when he was younger. he eventually manages to convince some of the foxes to play with him and regularly DMs a game for nicky, aaron, dan, renee and sometimes neil. neil mostly watches though, since he can not for the life of him understand the fascination for it.
  • dan is constantly made to shoot her trash from a distance whenever she tries to throw something away because she never misses. there’s a betting pool of when or if she’ll ever miss and it is ever-growing &frighteningly large 
  • on one birthday kevin received nothing but vodka and huge jugs of protein powder from the others and it was, quote, “The best birthday ever.”
  • there is definitely a beer pong tournament held with the other athletes in the dorm. the top three is constantly contested between the exy team, an array of cheerleaders, and the basketball team
  • aaron and matt both really fucking love baseball. matt is friends with some of the baseball players in the dorm, and after they graduate/go pro they send matt tickets to some games which he drags aaron with him to go see
  • neil is double jointed and gets a sick pleasure grossing the other foxes out because of it (andrew finds it childish)
  • allison knows how to play a variety of instruments (piano, violin, and cello)
  • aaron is sliiiiiightly taller than andrew 
  • renee and andrew are insanely good at various bar games (darts, pool, shuffleboard, card games in gen, etc.)
  • speaking of, andrew can easily perform sleight of hands with his knives because he taught himself how to do so with cards. he’s also proficient in some magic tricks but no one is aware of it
  • kevin easily gets car sick and absolutely hates riding boats
  • when dan and matt get their own place, matt sets up stakes in his backyard and whenever the foxes visit they all drink and play horseshoes. prime socializing. kevin and neil get really into it.
  • matt actually picks up various outdoor hobbies and invites neil along with him. he teaches neil how to fish, he invites him to come camping with him and dan when he hears he’s never done so (for recreational fun, not survival) they also regularly make plans to go hiking during the summer.
    • when they both retire they definitely have some summers where they go backpacking together.
      • andrew travels with them partway before they part at germany where he spends some nights at erik and nicky’s place before flying back to the states
  • allison was a horse girl. her horse is still alive when she leaves for PSU and lives on a ranch owned by her parents
  • in addition to andrew, renee also knows how to tend a bar. except she is also capable of flair bartending and the other foxes always lose their shit whenever she shows it off
  • nicky pierced his own ears during high school
  • renee is just as much of a sweet tooth as andrew and they constantly discuss which flavors of ice cream are better and give each other recommendations
  • allison has self harm scars on her upper thighs/stomach
  • neil absolutely knows when someone’s hitting on him. he’s only obtuse because he doesn’t care for their feelings

anonymous asked:

Do you think Spider-Man's metabolism is extra fast? What do people think of him always being hungry if so? And is it compounded by him being a teenager? Is he scared he won't grow because he can never get enough nutrition? Ton of questions, I'm sorry... but I wonder about whether the poor kid ever gets enough to eat 'cause heaven knows it never seems like the teenage boys I know do and it makes me concerned/curious (concernioused?) for what it'd be like for one with an extra fast metabolism.

Anon, I know this has been in my inbox for an eternity, (sorry) 

Peter is always worried about gaining and keeping his weight on, always. Peter will probably never stop worrying. 

  • Peter was already a skinny guy when he got bitten. And as a kid that was asthmatic, pron-to illness, and never really liked sports, Peter hadn’t expected to bulk up at all. 
  • But once he became a web-slinging hero he had to really watch his food intake. (and not in the way a normal teenage boy might have too) 
  • Peter noticed two things right off the bat- 
  1. He was always hungry, always. No matter how much Peter ate he somehow always felt like he had room for more. 
  2. If he didn’t eat to replace all the calories he burned on patrols he would lose weight fast. Like unhealthily fast. 
  • Peter kind of figures that having an extra fast metabolism and a healing factor was worth the vicious animal that was now his stomach. But the teenager would be lying if he said it didn’t make him nervous. 
  • And it worried him for a couple reasons-
  1. The main thing that troubled Peter was the fact that Aunt May and he just didn’t have enough income to support his stomach, and Peter didn’t know what else to do about that other than getting a job and eating less.
  2. Peter also worried about how the lack of food must be affecting his body (if his obvious ribs and hips were anything to go by) than he was guessing not good.

(I privately head-canon- that because of not having enough food Peter never grew to his full height. (This isn’t to be construed into me thinking Aunt May didn’t do her absolute best, or that Peter was starving to death) I just think it’s a realistic thing to have happen- because if Peter could have enough food to fill him every single day, he would eat them out of a house quite literally)

  • Aunt May definitely noticed Peter’s garbage disposal of a stomach and she makes sure to cook more food and give Peter bigger helping on his plate. (she did it slowly so that Peter wouldn’t notice) 
  • Peter’s classmates also notice Peter’s new found appetite, and some people (MJ and Gwen) will pass him power bars or give him some of their food at lunch. 
  • While his other peers (Flash) make fun of him for it and tease him, (even forcing Peter to eat food off the floor-“hey aren’t you always hungry Puny Parker?! This looks good!”
  • Though I will say- when Flash once caught Peter changing in the locker rooms (Peter always changed in a stall so that people wouldn’t see how skinny he was, or his random bruises from patrol) the bully got really concerned-
    “Parker, who did that to you?”
    “Who Parker, who?” 
    “I- I was skateboarding-”
    “That’s a load of crap, Par- Peter,” 
    “It’s just a few scrapes leave me alone, Flash” 
  • (Peter is pretty sure that Flash now thinks he’s being abused, but there’s nothing he can do about that now) And Flash kind of left Peter alone after that. (Though concerned and worried looks were levered his way now, often) 
  • The superhero community takes notice of the Spidey’s black hole of a stomach after hanging out with the teenager, and they all shove food at Peter too. 
  • Though at first Spidey was all spluttery and embarrassed, and the teen didn’t want to take their charity or pity. (Cuze sometimes the kid is a stubborn dork) But after some of them explained- “you do a lot for this city, it’s the least we can do to feed you kiddo”- in a few words or less, Peter now takes the food happily. 
  • The Fantastic Four have him over for dinners and when Peter hangs out with Johnny there are always snacks and or takeout. And it doesn’t really feel like charity, it just feels like family.
  • The Avengers will ‘trick’ Spidey into coming over after they’ve patrolled/battled together- “we need to check that wound, kid, come back to the Tower” -and then let the Spider stuff his face after they’ve stitched him up. 
  • Daredevil doesn’t dottle around the subject, he just throws food at the teenager with an exasperated (but fond) “I could hear your stomach growling from three blocks away, eat dammit.”   

So overall, Peter’s fast metabolism is a problem. But not one that he can’t deal with. And hey there are worse problems than always being hungry, he’ll grow out of it, right? RIGHT!? 

Percy Jackson Headcanons
  •  He actually has a very angular face - High cheekbones, narrow face, straight nose. He gets his bone structure from his mother, but where Sally had a softness to all of her features, he gets Poseidon’s natural brooding and regal sharpness. It’s another factor that makes his demeanor a bit intimidating and what makes people peg him as a trouble maker. and so so attractive
  • When he was younger, he used to be left handed. But during the sporadic period when he was rapidly getting kicked out of school and learning how to write, he was placed through many schools that had the old philosophy that being left handed was wrong and forced him to write with his right hand. In the end, it ends up helping him because he learned how to use both hands equally well, becoming ambidextrous, thus also helping his sword fighting.
  • When Sally married Gabe, Percy never told Sally of the abuse he was getting because he thought that if Gabe took out all of his frustrations on him, then there would be nothing left for his mother to receive and was afraid of what Gabe would do.
  • After the Sea of Monsters but before the Battle of the Labyrinth Percy had a mouthful of braces. Annabeth took as many pictures as she could at the time and taped them on the wall of the big house. He tore down all he could find but legend has it, you can still find one or two miraculously appearing up there.
  • His middle name is Dylann, pronounced Die-lin, which means ‘son of the sea.’ Subtlety is not Sally’s specialty and she cannot seem to give him names that are easily pronounced. Teacher’s sigh on the first day of school when they get to his name on their clipboard.
  • Percy is the best get away driver. Paul took him out on his first driving lesson and it was something that came natural to him. And when he was homeless for that period in Son of Neptune and relied on stealing cars he got really good at getting away quickly and efficiently. Especially when he stole that police cruiser.
  • Percy has scars on the insides of his elbows and forearms that almost look like a bad case of chicken pox scars. They’re actually cigarette burns from Gabe. Annabeth, Sally, Grover, are the only ones who know where they’re from.
  • Percy’s clothing is badly torn up. Some is the result of monster fighting, and some is from the constant wear and tear because he refuses to get rid of old clothing, but a lot of it is from skateboarding accidents. He’s actually pretty decent at skateboarding but he’s also pretty decent at falling off of it too.
  • Percy, Piper, and Rachel go skateboarding together sometimes.
  • Before Tartarus, Percy’s eyes were a gentle, warm green, like the middle of a lazy ocean you could get lost in. But after Tartarus they’re fiercer, darker, like a wave in a storm about to drag you to the bottom of the sea.
  • Percy’s favorite type of music is rock. He wanted to learn electric guitar but there was never money he was younger, now he’s too busy with monsters to have the time.
  • Percy is a naturally good surfer, it comes freakishly natural just like anything else that has to do with the ocean. Piper and he go surfing together.
  • When he’s fifteen he is around 5′11″ but he gets in a few more growth spurts before everything is said and done and ends up being just above 6′2″ and parallel to Jason. He loves playfully holding things out of Annabeth’s reach. She punches him when he does that of course.
  • He has a lean build with prominent definition. He has very little body fat and most of his weight comes from his muscles. He has the perfect swimmer body, lithe and agile.  cinnamony roll goodness
  • His hair is black like a raven’s wings and is always windswept and unruly as if he’s always running a hand through it  or like bed hair if you know what I mean
  • He, unlike the other two greek kids of the big three, doesn’t have any freckles or moles of any kind. His mother has very clear skin and het gets it from her just the same, except with the tanner tone of Poseidon.
  • He’s on Goode High’s swim team. He’s much faster than everyone even without his powers and he can’t tell if it’s just a son of Poseidon thing or if he’s actually good. Paul and Sally don’t mind because he knows that’s the only way Percy will get a scholarship with his grades, reputation, and attendance records.
  • Percy is known as the weird kid in school. He has weird scars, disappears for months at a time, and has an off putting demeanor. He doesn’t talk to many people and only does when they talk to him first.
  • His nervous ticks include running his hands through or tugging on his hair, and tapping or playing with Anaklumos in pen form.
  • He walks quietly on his feet, this comes from many different things - Being silent so Gabe couldn’t hear him, trying to sneak past monsters, his training from Lupa, and the period of time he spent running, hiding, and stealing in Son of Neptune.
  • He absolutely sucks at growing facial hair. It grows in in uneven patches and it disappoints him to no end. The guys make fun of him to no end during no shave November.
  • He knows that people underestimate him, he knows that people think of him as a goofball, and he knows that people dismiss him as stupid. Now he uses that to his defense. After torturing the goddess of Misery he can feel that darkness growing in him and his powers growing more, so he spends the entirety of Boo trying to convince everyone he’s fine. He jokes, he smiles, he says stupid things. And for the most part it works. Jason, Leo, and Piper believe it easily, although Hazel and Frank are harder to convince. But he hates the knowing look in Annabeth’s eyes that barely hide that smallest look of fear.
  • After Tartraus he figures out all the things he can do. That he control the blood pumping through someone’s veins. That he can stop someone’s heart stop with the clench of his fingers. That he can make someone die in an explosion of red. The idea terrifies him as much as it exhilarates him.
  • He tries to keep his rapidly growing powers a secret which fails of course, because whenever he has a particularly bad nightmare the ground shakes. That now when he holds Annabeth’s hand he can feel the blood pulsing thickly beneath her skin, gravitating towards him as if he’s a magnet.
  • He trains with Chiron to help find control for several months. 
  • He finds unexpected support from Nico di Angelo, who had gone through a similar thing after Tartarus.
  • He’s angrier often and snaps more easily. He purchases a punching bag and it helps him work through his aggression.
  • Percy and Annabeth go to Montauk for two weeks after the war is over, and he breaks down. Annabeth helps him through everything, saying how he can’t keep everything inside all the time.
  • Percy learns to control the darkness in him, and learns that while it may never go away, he will not be controlled by it.
GOT7 working at McDonalds

Jackson: cashier. hates his job but gives 110% in everything he does. gets in trouble for letting kids pick out what toy comes with their kids meal, and if the kid is really cute he gives them two. doesn’t believe in charging senior citizens so the old women who come in love him because he always gives them something free off the menu. does bad impressions for customers. one time a couple got into a fight in front of him while ordering and he gave them counseling for 5 minutes. they ended up breaking up and the girl came back and asked him out. started crying when mark accidentally got punched by a customer.

Jaebum: assistant manager. (but might as well be the manager because the real manager is either A.) napping in the back or B.) doesn’t come in at all.) has only been working there for 4 months but everyone is so incompetent he shot up the work chain. knows jackson is giving away food but the last time he tried to stop him one of the old ladies ‘accidentally’ tripped him with their cane. takes chicken nuggets home with him and then blames yugyeom for the shortage. he knows its not real chicken but hey! hes on a budget damn it! waited a good 5 minutes before finally stopping jinyoung from assaulting a customer. secretly applied for the manager position at gap and waiting for their call.

Mark: custodian/busboy. gets in trouble for listening to music while busing the tables. doesn’t really mind his job because of the free food and his fast metabolism. gets hit on by nearly every person that comes in but never hears any of it because of his earphones. carpools with jinyoung ever since he nearly got ran over in the parking lot when he used his skateboard to get to work. almost missed the fight between jinyoung and a customer and incidentally got punched in the commotion. threw up after a kid threw up in front of him, jaebum made him clean up both pukes.

Bambam: drive thru. hates his job but hey, these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes won’t pay for themselves! had to work drive thru because he will be damned if he’s going to risk a grease burn over some fries. dabs to the music customers have playing in their cars. says “oh shit man! turn that up!” about 5x a day. has been shared on twitter A LOT. mocks jaebum’s chin when he gets in trouble. got caught by jaebum giving a girl his number and free fries. the girl came back around asking for jb’s number and he shut the window in her face. caught the video of mark getting punched and posted it on twitter.

Youngjae: cashier. employee of the month every other month because Jackson can’t be it all the time. gets picked up from his shift by his older cousin. nearly dropped kicked yugyeom once for flirting with her. women and dog lovers love him. he gets tipped nearly every day but never tells anyone. he’s collected more than 500 in tips alone. sees kids ask for a water cup and get soda but says nothing. threw a tray at the guys head when he accidentally punched mark. is lowkey addicted to the hashbrowns but jaebum doesn’t say anything cause youngjae threatened to tell yugyeom who has really been taking the chicken nuggets.

Jinyoung: drive thru cashier. used to be a cashier for the front counter but a rude customer smacked a drink out of his hand and he jumped across the counter and almost caught a case. only got this job because his dad insisted he build a work ethic. “Hi, can I have a McFlurry?” “I’m sorry our machine is broken.” “Hi, can I have a pancake platter?” “Sorry we stop serving breakfast at 10.” “but your menu says all day?” “did i fucking stutter? who’s gonna serve you, the menu or me?”  once had a woman ask him for a three layer burrito and he threw his headset out of the window. 

Yugyeom: fry cook. accidentally deep fried his phone once. talks shit about jaebum’s bum lip when he gets in trouble. sneaks in paper with a link to his dance videos into bags. whipped out his phone and yelled ‘WORLD STAR’ when jinyoung fought that guy. only started working at that mcdonalds cause chris brown got a big mac from there in 2014. his friends always come to visit him at work and it annoys the shit out of jaebum so he insists they visit him at least once a week. tries to get his schedule as close as a match to Youngjae’s so he can check out his cousin. puts videos of bambam getting rejected at the window on snapchat.

Smut Oneshots

i don’t actually read smutty oneshots much. like usually if i read smut it’s like a slow burn chaptered fic. but here’s some i like anyway. 

Perfect Score by JeongDal

Jungkook is confusing himself. He can’t clearly understand the evidence his feelings and actions present.
Jimin just wants something more than sex. I mean…REALLY GOOD sex, but still.

Love isn’t something you can train at for 14 years. But maybe they’ll both see eye to eye this time.
And maybe Jimin will beat Jungkook at Archery one day.
Not soon, but one day. He swears by it.

사랑해줘, 사랑해줘 by amazingbees

The sheets pool at his waist; Jimin’s heart threatens to pound out of his chest. (Or, in which Jimin pines helplessly over Jungkook while his friends watch on in amusement.)

Constraint by Harlot (long)

Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.

Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.

Jingle Bells and Ugly Sweaters by jikookie

Prompt: “Jungkook likes his coworker Jimin but doesn’t do anything about it, but Jimin comes to the company holiday dressed up as a reindeer with little antlers and a collar with BELLS on it and the bells drive Jungkook nuts.

baby i like your style by taetaeq

Jimin started recording himself when he got a boyfriend who had a thing for recording them while they were fucking. It was also at that time when he made a blog on tumblr and started posting short videos, gifs and pictures of himself. His followers loved his big ass, big perky lips, thick cock and chubby fingers.
He even became friends with another guy who also owned a gay porn blog on tumblr and frequently posted videos of himself. Jimin wasn’t very into internet romance but the the guy was exactly his type - he was tall, muscular and had a big thick cock that Jimin would absolutely pay to suck.

The Good Doctor by snarcsics (ok this one is really illegal and definitely a guilty pleasure but i have read it so many times)

Jungkook’s your basic sex addict. Troubled, distant, angry, and somewhat cocky, however Jimin suspects that was there long before Jungkook became an addict.

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk (long)

Jungkook accidentally fires his skateboard through the window of a dance studio.

Ears by Usui

Jimin has been going through a dry spell. Taehyung decides the best way for him to get laid is dressing as a sexy cat for Halloween. Jimin meets Jungkook, a guy armed with bad cat puns who definitely approves of the costume.

Him by PinkBTS (really long but really good)

‘And like the dawn, you woke the world inside of me
You were the brightest shade of sun when I saw you’


“I mean a muse,” explained Yoongi, eyes traveling to Hoseok. “Someone that makes you feel the shots. Not only take them.”

Jeongguk snorted. “You’re just whipped.”

“Maybe,” agreed Yoongi, winking. “But it works.”

Picture Me With You by novilunar

Dealing with being in the same class as his favourite camboy is not an easy task for Jungkook

Look Here by dirtyretro (warning: dirty)

Admittedly, Jimin knew he was being over the top. As far as he was concerned, literal eons passed since Jungkook let loose. He missed that. And, seriously, Jungkook was just so good-looking. So, there’s that.

Saudade: Ch1

Dating Josh was honestly everything you could ever want it to be. Two years of the greatest moments of your entire life. You couldn’t even imagine being with anyone else. All your other boyfriends and girlfriends, small flings, stupid one night stands, it meant nothing. Josh was like your modern day Prince Charming. While he might not be the typical fancy haired, twinkling eyed, sharp dressed, perfectly postured gentleman, he was just as special. He had hair that changed color almost as frequently as the weather, mocha eyes that squinted and widened in just the right ways, a rather edgy and modern punk fashion sense, a cheesy humor, and a kind heart. You still remembered the moment you met as if it was just yesterday.

“What the fuck?” you cursed, tripping over your own feet and spilling the coffee cup in your hand to the floor, toppling onto the sidewalk, your palms skidding with the pavement.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” a voice cried behind you. Before you knew it, two hands were helping you to your feet, sputtering out apologies. “I didn’t look where I was going, oh my goodness, I am so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you muttered, brushing yourself off before looking up, staring into the most beautiful eyes you had ever seen. You were face to face with a guy who looked about your age, blue semi-curly hair, nose ring, gages, a snapback, NASA t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers. He stared at you for a moment before reaching down to grab his cellphone, which you assumed had fallen out of his hand when he had bumped into you, as well as his skateboard.

“Texting and skateboarding,” he explained, turning red with embarrassment and letting out a nervous laugh. “Probably not the best decision.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly.

“I’m super sorry about that coffee,” he cringed. “You okay? You took quite the fall.”

“I’m fine,” you reassured. “Don’t worry about me.” You glanced at the spilled coffee on the ground.

“You sure?” he inquired.

“I’m good, I don’t know about my coffee,” you chuckled.

“I’m really sorry about that,” he sighed. “Um, how about I make it up to you? There’s a coffee shop down the street. If you’re not in a rush to get anywhere, maybe we could get you another one? It’s on me.”

“Sounds great,” you gave a light smile. “I was just heading to my apartment anyways.”

“I’m super sorry,” he repeated.

“It’s fine, stop apologizing,” you rolled your eyes. “It was just an accident. I’m quite the klutz myself, so I can relate.”

“Got it,” he relaxed his shoulders. “I’m Josh by the way.”

“Y/n,” you introduced, shaking his hand. You both exchanged a grin before walking towards the coffee shop, spilling out your life stories piece by piece, not knowing what great future destiny had planned for the two of you.

A small accident on the sidewalk transformed into an exchange of numbers in a coffee shop, which transitioned into regularly grabbing breakfast together each week, eventually evolving into attending a couple of his shows, and after a bunch of teasing from Tyler and several of your own friends, an official first date.

“A carnival,” you smirked when he led you towards the Ferris Wheel. “Leave it to someone like Josh Dun to take me someplace strange for a first date.”

“Why? You don’t like cotton candy and popcorn?” he raised an eyebrow teasingly, squeezing your hand he had been holding as you traveled down the boardwalk.

“I don’t know, it’s just unusual,” you shrugged. “I was expecting the whole fancy restaurant dinner or adorable little park picnic or something like that.”

“That’s so cliché,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on, we already exchanged numbers in a café. Isn’t that textbook enough for you?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” you giggled. “I love unusual.” You kissed him on the cheek and watched as he blushed, glancing at you and giving a small smile before you stepped in line to ride the wheel.

Josh spent the entire evening with you, winning you small plush animals, buying you funnel cake, traveling with you through a mirror maze, taking pictures of you riding the carousel, painting your faces, and even getting some animal balloons from a clown. You both ended up straying away from the boardwalk and sitting down by the beach, taking off your shoes and going for a late night walk by the shoreline, holding hands and talking about your favorite things in the world.

“I really like sunsets,” you explained. “The streaks of color and how they settle in the sky, the way the sunlight filters through the clouds, the entire peacefulness of it, it’s beautiful.”

“I like cats,” Josh added. “They’re so fluffy and they make adorable purring sounds and I think they have super cool eyes. They’re neat.”

“Finding money in the pockets of your jeans,” you laughed. “Like when you’re doing laundry or putting on an old pair of pants and you reach into your pockets and find money you forgot was there. That’s a great feeling.”

“You know what else is a great feeling?” Josh asked. “Spending an evening with a lovely lady like you, being able to hold her hand and look into her eyes, walk with her alongside the ocean, and know that you truly love her.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, pausing your walking and looking at him for a moment.

“Definitely,” he nodded. There was a pause. “I love you, y/n.”

“Well that’s lucky for you,” you grinned. “Because I’m pretty sure I love you too, Josh. And that’s one of my favorite things in the entire world.”

“What?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Loving you,” you rolled your eyes. You stared at each other, as if searching for something, before he cupped your face with his hands, studying your face for a second before kissing you, placing his lips to yours and letting the rest of the world fade away.

Since then, your small bud of feelings for Josh blossomed into a passionate flower of love. You started to spend all your time together, going to almost all of his shows, watching entire television series together, falling asleep cuddling on the couch, accompanying him to interviews and award shows, and even dying his hair red and pink. You spent hours drinking iced coffee, singing Blink-182, shopping for beanies and snapbacks, watching Stranger Things episodes, going to the pet store just to play with the cats, making occasional trips to the tattoo parlor, and eating countless amounts of burritos. It was the smell of bubblegum and having sweet sex and wearing his sweatshirts and silly texts and late night city walks and open mouthed kisses and trying to learn to skateboard and penny fountain wishes. Loving Josh was everything you had hoped it to be and more.

“Good morning,” he greeted in a sing song voice, kissing your forehead that morning. “Wake up sleepy head.”

“Ugh,” you groaned, fluttering open your eyelids. “It’s way too early. It’s like seven in the morning.”

“You know it’s our two year anniversary,” he smiled. “Big day.”

“I know,” you chuckled, pressing your lips to his. “How could I forget?”

“I was thinking, I don’t know, maybe we could go to Disney World?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What?” you widened your eyes.

“I sort of already got tickets,” he grinned. “Our flight leaves at ten.”

“You’re crazy,” you rolled your eyes, pulling him in for a kiss. “Wait. Are you serious?”

“Definitely,” he nodded. “I scheduled everything. We can stay for three days, go on all the rides, pose with the characters, watch the fireworks, the whole experience. It’s going to be great.”

“I fucking love you,” you beamed. “I also can’t believe you.”

“Surprise,” he laughed.

“You’re the best,” you kissed him again.

“I just wanted to take my very own princess to the magical castle,” he shrugged. “Special occasion.”

It was days like these that reminded you just how much you loved Josh. The adorable plans and surprises, his childlike awe and innocence, his contagious laughter and smile, everything about him. He even bought you matching Mickey Mouse ears to wear and took you to see your favorite Disney princess. A couple weeks after, you were sitting on the couch when the topic came up.

“I think you’re hiding something,” you murmured as you were cuddling on the couch, just having finished a season of X Files. “You’ve been quiet lately.”

“I’m fine,” Josh dismissed, but you turned around to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“You’re not telling me something,” you insisted. “Josh.” There was a moment of silence.

“I didn’t want to tell you until it was official,” he sighed. “I still don’t really know for sure.”

“You’re leaving for tour,” you stated flatly. “Aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. “I mean, Tyler and Mark are still working out dates, but yeah.”

“When are you leaving?” you asked.

“Next month,” he explained. His voice went soft. “Or next week.”

“Next week?” your eyes went wide. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” he sighed. “We wanted to surprise the fans with a tour and we’ve been practicing and stuff and we’re releasing dates tomorrow but-”

“But you just didn’t think it was important to tell me,” you muttered, obviously agitated with him.

“Y/n, it’s not like I was keeping a secret or anything,” he argued. “I just didn’t know. Okay? Please don’t be angry at me. I just, well, I was afraid to tell you. I didn’t want you to be mad, but I guess you already are, so, I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you took a deep breath. “I overreacted. I’m just sad to see you go. I’m going to miss you.”

“You know I’d take you along if I could,” he mumbled, pressing a kiss to your lips. “If Ty would let me, I’d wrap you in my arms and carry you everywhere I go. Even on stage. I’d let you sit on my lap as I play the drums, be up there on stage with me, right next to my heart.”

“You’re silly,” you rolled your eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he gave a small smile.  “You know what else I’m going to miss, though?”

“What?” you raised an eyebrow.

“This body,” he smirked, grazing his hand against your side. “The way your lips feel against mine, how sweet they taste, what miracles they perform when they’re all over my skin…”

“Yeah?” you flickered your eyes up to meet him.

“Yeah,” he nodded. Josh slipped a hand underneath your shirt and up your back slowly, sliding his fingers underneath your bra and beginning to unhook it. “I think we better do a little something special before I leave, right?”

“Definitely,” you whispered.

Everything with Josh was sweet. Being with Josh was a warm cup of café coffee or a sugary tuft of carnival cotton candy. Each touch of his hand was a brushstroke of a painter, every kiss a spoonful of honey, all of his movements as if the light breeze that blows on a sunny spring day. So of course, sex with Josh was always just as sweet. “Lift your arms for me, baby,” he mumbled, slowly inching the fabric of your shirt up your arms, then taking the time to kiss you on the lips again. He trailed his mouth down your jaw, your neck, and towards your breasts, swiftly unclasping your bra and delicately sliding it from your arms as well. Undressing each other was as if performing a graceful waltz, each move just a part of the dance, every thrust of the hips a simple sashay, each roll over a graceful twirl, all movements combined in a beautiful choreography, intertwined with the symphony of your heartbeats and breathing. It was slow and simple and so raw and pure, the most amazing feeling in the world simply compacted into one human being, and he was in your arms, against your body, within you, overwhelming you and taking over, and you savored every second of it.

“I want you,” you mumbled against his neck as you bunched up his shirt and slowly slid it upwards, over his head, tossing it to the side before traveling your lips down his chest. You tugged down his shorts and he lifted you up for a moment to kiss you again, his hands finding your hips and gently sliding his thumbs underneath the waistband of your leggings, hooking his fingers around your panties and inching them both down your thighs, his hand traveling towards your core and making you hum with delight. He brushed past your folds for a second to slide his fingers through your wetness before tugging down your leggings and panties to your ankles, helping you kick them off and then climbing on top of you, slowly grinding down on you through the fabric of his boxers. Both of you let out a slight moan and you reached for the fabric, tugging it down and letting his erection spring free, sliding them down his legs.

“Condom,” he reminded and you sighed, chewing on your lower lip as he reached towards the drawer of the nightstand and pulled one out, your eyes fixed on his movements and the pool of wetness between your legs growing as he ripped the foil open with his teeth and rolled it on over his length, repositioning himself above you and kissing you softly. “So. Fucking. Beautiful.”

“Please,” you murmured and he nodded, lining up with your entrance and slowly sinking in, making you inhale sharply, wrapping your arms around him as he went deeper inch by inch, finally filling you up to the hilt and letting out a soft moan.

Both of you began to rock back and forth, small slow thrusts making you close your eyes and tilt back your head, giving Josh access to your neck, his lips carefully placing kisses on your skin and down to your breasts, each movement so sweet and graceful. He held you in his arms as if you were fragile glass, a porcelain doll meant to be treated with upmost care, a precious jewel uncovered from the depths of the ocean. It made you feel warm and special and safe and so happy, the way his skin brushed against yours making your body relax against his, both of your movements combining into pure bliss. “Baby, I’m close,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you bit down on your lower lip and nodded, both of you starting to shake and quiver in each other’s arms, each thrust of your hips gaining momentum until you both reached your climax, moaning loudly and riding out the waves of orgasm, your bodies pressed so close together until finally it settled. You were wrapped in each other’s arms for a moment before he pulled out, untangling your sweaty exhausted limbs from each other and letting Josh slide off and tie the condom, tossing it into the trash as you reached for the blankets that had fallen off the bed, covering yourself in them. Josh smirked and wrapped you in his arms, sighing.

He stared at you for a moment before closing his eyes tight. “God I’m going to miss you,” he sighed. You kissed again, pressing your lips to his for a moment before pulling away. “I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“Don’t say that,” you frowned. “I want you to have fun. I want you to play your heart out on stage every single night. I want you to smile. And if not for you, then for me. Promise?”

“Promise,” he agreed, kissing the top of your head. He sighed. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I am too,” you mumbled. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

skaterkid! Vernon

for @baby-baby-boo : “Can I get a skaterkid!vernon au? Skater kid as in skateboarder, I’ve always kinda seen Vernon as someone who’d like skateboarding for some reason😂”

admin seri: i actually had a lot of fun waiting this ahh, i rlly hope you like it

  • that person that goes to the grocery store with a skate board in one hand and chips in the other 
  • most pride possession is the skateboard he got signed by some famous skater 
  • lots of graphic t-shirts
  • has that squad of other skater kids at the skate park that always meet and hang out at a certain time of day and occupy an entire picnic table
  • lots of baggy hoodies
  • would skate around a person while he was talking to them instead of just getting off his board and standing
  • probably has some weird piercing somewhere
  • listens to music while skating 
  • and even tho he’s really good, 
  • he’ll occasionally bump into something 
  • and with the way his imagination wanders off, 
  • everyone’s scared he’ll skate into the middle of the road and,,, 
  • anyways, 
  • used to skateboard to school and get detention for bring his board to class 
  • his mom bought him all that safety stuff and now he has to skate board away from the house with his mom yelling from behind 
  • and his sister thinks he’s totally so cool 
  • but their mom wont let her skate because she’s to young and might get hurt etc 
  • but her birthday’s coming up and like the sweet bro he is, 
  • convinces his mom to let him buy her a board 
  • and so you work at a hipster type store with lots of skateboard equipment 
  • this sweet lady always comes in and asks you about skateboarding stuff 
  • apparently her son loves to board 
  • and your like cool and explain all the stuff to her 
  • then she mentions to you one day her son will come in soon 
  • and so your ready 
  • but your totally NOT ready for this cute boy to come in looking fly asf with his wind blown hair 
  • to not seem like a creep, you look away and stare off into space 
  • and vernon walks in cluelessly like where the skateboard stuff at all i see are neon colors 
  • he just turns his head trying to find skateboards 
  • then his eyes falls on you and he’s speechless 
  • because maybe you weren’t the prettiest girl in the world but you were the most attractive to him 
  • decked out in in your your uniform with headphones hanging around your neck 
  • nodding your head to the beat of the song playing through out the store 
  • but he was way to shy to go up and actually talk to you, let alone try to instigate some date? 
  • so he walks over to the skateboards and tries to concentrate on his sister’s gift 
  • but as a worker you were required to go up to each customer 
  • “hi do you need help with anything?“ 
  • he turns to you and smiles friendly, reaching up to rub his neck 
  • "yeah um, my little sister wants a board so do you think you could help me pick a design?" 
  • and your grin might of made his heart beat a little faster than normal
  • "yeah of course! so what colors does she like?" 
  • you both make small talk, just about the different blue, purple, and pink boards 
  • and so maybe when you guys make eye contact you both stared long enough for it to become awkward 
  • but it wasn't 
  • and after 10 minutes, your checking out the board you both choose together 
  • your lowkey trying to muster up the courage to maybe make a move 
  • when are you ever gonna be this interested in a guy again 
  • so when your handing him the bag, your heart kinda sinks, 
  • like are you really gonna this guy go 
  • but you dont know he’s thinking the exact same thing 
  • you watch as he reaches up to rub his neck and go for it 
  • "so um do you think-" 
  • "hey so can i-" 
  • both of you stop the words you both tried so hard to muster up and laugh 
  • you can kind of read the signs so 
  • "do you want to hang out some time?" 
  • you ignore the feeling up your cheeks heating up 
  • he full on grins, and shifts around the skateboard in his hand 
  • "like a date?" 
  • "a date" 
  • your sure your cheeks are a brighter red than the cheeks of a clown 
  • and he does this little flip with his hair, to try and ignore his own ears turning red 
  • "then i should get your number right?" 
  • you both bring out your phones, laughing when the both of you have to unplug your headphones 
  • after exchanging numbers, you say 
  • "so i’ll see you soon then?" 
  • he nods, smiling brightly 
  • "tomorrow maybe?" 
  • you nod, simply smiling 
  • with your heart about to explode from your chest 
  • "i’ll text you" 
  • he walks out the door, puts his board down, and skates away 
  • not without giving you one last grin of course 
  • and the next day 
  • you two have the cutest skate park date humanly possible

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Klance Skateboarding Rivals Au

Okay just hear me out

• Lance is a latecomer to the sport, but had spent his whole life surfing so it came naturally to him. But, you can tell he’s more drawn to the waves than concrete.
• Keith is the street rat, he could balance on a board before he could walk. He lives and breathes skateboarding. 
• They met at Lance’s first competition, and Keith was infuriated when this newcomer tied with him for first. Lance was shocked and also didn’t quite understand why this Keith kid was such an angry jerk. 
• From then on they were rivals, always finishing within decimals of a point from one another. It was never clear who the true winner ever was. 
• Hunk is Lance’s surfer buddy, he never got into skateboarding but is happy to support Lance from the sidelines. Pidge isn’t really into either sport but likes hanging out with them and watch them. She also fixes Lance’s skateboard with mind blowing efficiency. 
• Shiro is a veteran skater, Keith’s hero and role model. He aspires to be as good as Shiro. A few years ago, Shiro suddenly disappeared from the skate scene, and Keith is determined to find out why. 
• Coran and Allura are local judges who both watch the feud between Lance and Keith excitedly and also fuel the fire with witty commentary. 
• The rivalry grows increasingly tense, until one competition, they both lose to a random skater from out of town. Everyone is in shock. Lance asks Keith if he wants to hang out, go get some food. Keith begrudgingly agrees. 
• They actually realize they don’t totally hate each other, and begin hanging out after competitions and practicing together. Their rivalry still shows while they compete, though, with constant friendly banter and challenges. 
• The crowd absolutely loves it and can’t decide who to cheer for. 
• One day, Lance convinces Keith to try surfing. It takes some practice, but Keith is eventually almost as good as Lance. Although Keith complains about the water constantly, he secretly loves it. 
• Lance lets Keith at another competition by a lot because Keith had been acting weird and Lance wanted to make him feel better. Keith gets angry at Lance because, hello, he didn’t want Lance to go easy on him. 
• “I’m sorry, I just care about you, okay? What’s wrong?”
• “You’re what’s wrong, idiot”
• “What do you mean? I was just trying to be a good friend.”
• Then Keith kisses Lance
• Now they’re skater boyfriends and the whole skate community loves it 
• Come on guys, Klance skater rivalry AU. 

Single parent fics are one of my BIGGEST weaknesses. I’ve read all these fics and they’re wonderful! If there’s a fic you love that’s not on this list please let me know so I can read it and include it in the next single parent fic rec I make!

If My Heart Was a Compass, You’d be North, 55k

All Louis really cares about is his skateboard, tattoos, football, and his family. He has a job that he (mostly) loves and a (small) handful of good friends, and at 24 he is pretty content with his life… until he nearly crashes into a boy with wild curls and cratered dimples, he begins to think maybe he’s been missing something he never knew was missing. That missing piece is apparently big enough for two.

[Or the one where punk Louis likes to think he’s not clumsy, but he suspects he’ll have to accept it when he falls face first into a relationship with a head full of curls and his tiny human.]

A Life That We Share (I Owe It All to You), 50k

When Harry’s son came home from school crying he didn’t think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.

or Harry’s son get bullied until Louis’ son shows up.

Beautiful Star, 17k

“You know, when I pegged you for a druglord, I wasn’t exactly challenging you to make me believe that you actually are one. What is this place?” Louis says after he swallows over the mild panic that’s building up in his throat over the fact that he’s literally sitting in front of the cause of his teenage sexuality crisis.

or, the famous/nonfamous kid!fic AU wherein harry and louis have to host a school Christmas party and harry isn’t actually a drug lord.

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au where isak skates and even has a small (huge) crush,and he’s friends with vilde who’s friends with eva (and is also crushing on her) and eva is one of isaks best friends so even always sits with the two girls but only talked to isak like twice and it was just small talk about his skating and vilde rolls her eyes too much at even and one time she calls even like hey we’re going to the skate rink wanna join, and of course even does but when he gets there the girls arent there, actually there isnt anyone except isak who’s skating along and when he spots even he’s like whats up what are u doing here and even just stands there confused and nervous ,”the girls told me theyd be here?” and isak picks up his skateboard and walks over to even with his eyebrows raised and he chuckles, “they told me the same thing” and even is definitely going to kiLL vilde ,then isak is sitting down on the bench, “did they just. set us up” and even lets out a fake loud laugh, throwing his hands up “i have noidea why they would do that!” and isak puts his foot on the skateboard, staring at the ground grinning and even takes a deep breath and sits down next to him, “did i ,like, interrupt ur practice?” and isak looks up at him with a fond smile and evens breath stuck in his throat then isak shakes his head,then nods his chin towards even, “u ever skated?” and even snorts, “have u seen my legs, im a clumsy mess” and isak stares him down then shrugs, “u got nice legs. come on” and he’s standing up and even is pretty sure he’s like, gonna faint or smth but follows isak and then he stops in front of the skateboard and isaks like “go ahead. step on it” and even inches away from it “i really dont think thats a good idea” then isak is there next to him holding out his hand for even to grab, “i’ll help, do it” so even puts his hand in isaks (which by the way is very nice and very warm and very soft) and puts one foot on it and its all cool until he tries with his other leg too, then he’s falling forward and isak catches him and wow alright even could totally do this for hours and then isak laughs, “its alright i fell off a lot in the beginning too. here,” then he’s putting a hand on even’s waist and even succeeds to step on the board and he’s grabbing isak tightly, his shoulder and his hand, then isak starts walking slowly and even is rollin after him and he’s all “wow im so cool” and isak lets his waist go and alright even is not That cool and jumps off in time and isak is laughin so hard, even pushes at his shoulder then laughs along w him. and they stay there until its dark, isak trying to teach even, even watching isak skate, sitting on the bench just talking and smoking. then even walks isak back to his flat and they linger in front of it for a while too and evens mind is racing and he’s thinking whether he should go for a kiss. he doesnt though and he’s dyin but he just bites his lip, “see you around?” and isak nods and looks down at his lip and with a shy smile he turns around and walks inside, looking back once. even calls vilde, “im totally going to murder you but first imma tell u everything that happened” and she listens and giggles at the right parts. and since then on, when the girls and even are watching isak (and the others) skate, isak always shoots a thumbs up at even and they dont know a small talk anymore. and one night when theyve stayed there again and theres a slight breeze ,isak shivers and even offers his arms which isak accepts and theyre looking at the stars, then isak starts talking about them and even finds his face absolutely priceless as his eyes shine and theres a colour to his cheeks and he cant stop staring at his profile and then isak turns to him and whispers “what” and even just smiles and shakes his head and theyre looking at each other and their lips and isak visibly swallows and evens mouth falls slightly open and isak lifts his chin a little and even takes it as a sign and presses their lips together and after another kiss ,isak makes himself more comfortable in evens arms and they stay like that for a while before even walks isak home again and their hands brush too many times on the way and they cant stop smiling and evens cheeks are hurting SO bad but he loves it and when they stop at isaks flat, he doesnt hesitate this time to kiss isak and isaks hands bury inside the pocket of evens hoodie and its so damn adorable, he kisses him again and isak ends up inviting him in and they fall asleep kissing and cuddling, their fingers laced together, legs tangled, and well maybe after all he can let vilde live

New Life (Peter Parker X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Clint Barton X Daughter!Reader, Peter Parker X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Teasing


Request: How about one where the reader is Clints teenage daughter from a previous relationship before Laura. She’s kind of loner and a punk chick but keeps to herself. Laura sends her with her father to try to open her up and make some friends in the city. She ends up falling for peter cause she loves geeky guys.

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You listened to your dad talking to your dad and step mom talk downstairs in the kitchen while you were on the steps. You lived with them since your dad got custody of you when your mom and he split. You didn’t mind Laura, she treated you alright, and sure your half siblings got on your nerves, but you liked them all the same. But you spent most of your childhood a single child so having siblings was alien to you. You liked your alone time. You would happily lock yourself away in your room and listen to rock music over a day out with your family.

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small town!vernon

(requested by @puppycat-eyes sorry its so short lmao) 

  • probably lives in one of those towns with a weird name tbh
  • he’s not rly one of the Popular Kids in town, he’s just cool with everyone and everyone knows who he is u feel me
  • is known as the Fashion Icon tho
  • everyone looks up to him and if he wears something it becomes a trend
  • isn’t part of any clubs or sports or whatever
  • tbh the most he’s contributed to the school is convincing students not to fight each other like timothy,,,,,,the only thing that’s going to come out of you punching kyle in the nose is a three-week suspension.
  • everyone finds him kinda mysterious tho bc they never really see him outside of school???
  • it’s just that he hangs out at places no one rly pays attention to
  • like he skateboards in abandoned parking lots and does homework at those lowkey, tacky diners and flips through dusty records in the record store downtown
  • he knows all the rly good places to eat and shop bc of this tho
  • and sometimes he just goes on long drives to nowhere bc he’s bored
  • (speaking of driving, he’s mastered the art of avoiding potholes)
  • the only time he really runs into people from school is at the 7/11 and the mall bc 1) 7/11 is cheap and 2) the mall has everything
  • when he’s not out-and-about, vernon’s in his bedroom with a dr. dre record spinning and looking through street fashion blogs
  • his bedroom is rly,,,,,,,,,,,him
  • he has one of those cool tapestries hanging up behind his desk, which is a mess of headphones and sketches and food crumbs tbh
  • he put up a bunch of photos from the nyc trip with his family and he’s always like tAke me baCk i’ll live on thE stReeT pLs
  • in his closet he has old drawings from sofia hung up that she doesn’t know about and he’s not gonna to tell her about bc like,,,,,,pft,,,i’m not  a softie for my nOob sister,,,,,,,pft,,,,,,
  • that is false.
  • one time sofia wanted to get this dress but it was rly expensive so vernon spent 5 months making it for her
  • not a softie my ass
  • he does like to blare his music just to annoy her sometimes tho
  • only goes to block parties if there’s food tbh
  • one time he snuck a bag of chips out but he didn’t get caught so???
  • this is where ¼ of the movie night snacks originate oOps
  • and u know vernon because u live and the same town and have been best friends since like elementary school
  • he still teases you about your crush on seungkwan in 6th grade and that time you tripped and fell into the pool and blamed it on mingyu
  • u haven’t let him forget that time you two were in a thrift store and he screAmed when he found a wu tang clan tshirt tho
  • ur mom loves vernon and vernons mom loves u so like ur always at each others houses, sometimes even if the other person is home tbh
  • you pretty much welcome yourselves into each others houses like vernon knows ur garage code and u just knock before going into his house 
  • one time tho vernon snatched some food from ur house so u changed the garage code and he got !!!!!!!!offended!!!!!!!!!!!
  • but like ur close with vernon’s friends too and u tag along to their movie nights sometimes
  • u, vernon and svt have a tradition of going out for deep dish pizza after football games and tbh the owners of the restaurant give you a discount bc u go there so often and they know you by name
  • and tonight is one of those nights when u all walk into the restaurant, looking a little sloppy after a crazy friday night game, and sit down and u and vernon order the usual pizza that you two share bc the other members can’t stAnd ur topping choice(s). 
  • mingyu once called u a “Disgrace To The Pizza Gods”
  • so u put a pepperoni in his drink
  • he refuses to forgive u
  • but like the owner of the restaurant comes over to say hi as usual
  • and everyone’s chatting when she goes
  • “so, y/n and vernon, when’s the wedding hahahahah”
  • and vernon’s like :o (yk his meme face he does ye that’s him)
  • and ur like hUh
  • ur face = tomato
  • and soonyoung’s like !!!!!!!ooh they’re blushin!!!!!!!
  • do u wanna be pepperoni’d boi
  • but the topic changes quickly and it’s like it never happened
  • at least to the other members
  • u and vernon r dead quiet
  • like u can’t even look @ each other
  • (vernon keeps glancing at u tho lmao u thought)
  • the night goes on rly awkwardly and tbh u wanna leave but whatever
  • u and vernon are walking home after seokmin dropped u two off and ur like on one side of the sidewalk and he’s walking in the grAss bc its so aWkwarD
  • all of a sudden vernon like
  • reaches out and brushes his hand against urs
  • ur like !!!!!!!!!!??????!?!?!??!?!
  • u both stop and u look at him rly confused
  • and he’s like c-can i…….holdurhanditsfineifusaynoijust-
  • u grab his hand and keep walking
  • no offense but vernon is on cloud nine like he’s trying so hard not to smile rly big bc he’s vernon. he has to stay Cool and Mysterious
  • u two walk in silence for a bit 
  • (vernon’s trying to muster up the courage to Say Something meanwhile)
  • he suddenly goes “i like you. like more than friends. imsorryishouldnthavesaidanything”
  • and ur like blushing like crazy thank god it’s like 11 at night
  • when u don’t respond vernon starts freAking out like oH my gOd they dOnt liKe mE fRick
  • u two finally reach ur driveway where u stop and look up @ vernon and ur freaking out like shOuld i??????????????????
  • ur contemplating ur choices and u like unconsciously squeeze his hands a few times and finally he’s hAd it he’s Up To Here with you
  • he leans in and quickly kisses you and he’s looking at you to see your reaction
  • ur basically a human question mark like wtf just happened,,,,,,,,,,,
  • vernon kisses you again, longer this time, and says “let’s do something tomorrow. you choose where.” and ur like oK yEp and run inside bc if u have to deal with his cuteness for one more second ur gonna spontaneously combust  
  • u get to ur room and look at the window and he’s still at the end of the driving
  • he looks like a lunatic
  • he’s like jumping around and running his hands through his hair and he finally yells “yEs”
  • spoiler: u too go to an arcade and vernon gets upset when you kick his ass but u give him lots of lil kisses to cheer him up
I Think I Love You Better Now ➻  Park Jimin | pt. 6

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You were excited as you got a new job, until you learned that you’ll be working with your ex boyfriend.

Part: one | two | three | four | five | seven

You’re on the way to Vegas for BBMAs and everyone is really excited. You reached your designated seat at the plane but you weren’t expecting Jimin to be seated beside you.

“Oh, Y/N? You’re seated here?” You looked at your plane ticket but this is the seat you have.

“I think?” You shrugged. He stood up to give you space to walk to your seat, the window side, then go back to his.

“Are you excited?” You asked when the plane is feets above the ground.

“Very.” He said with a big smile. Then the stewardess came, giving out papers you have to fill up.

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heylookitsfine  asked:

what about some college headcanons for akira?

  • Honestly would 100% go back to Tokyo for university
  • If he had an S/O by that time he’d bring them along too because he isn’t going to stand for not being able to see them
  • Doesn’t change a whole lot from high school to college; a few new scars and thicker glasses, and a few inches taller, but his overall appearance is almost scary close to his high school days.
  • With his sense of justice, I think he’d try to go for something in that field. Probably aiming to be a detective or private investigator??
  • If not he’d probably end up studying history or mythology or literature
  • Akira is actually a good human being and doesn’t shove his face with junk food during his college years??
  • Is also pretty clean when he wants to be
  • 10/10 a great roommate to have 
  • Honestly would room with one of the Phantom Thieves or his S/O (if he has one)
  • Doesn’t really do the whole drunk partying thing like nah its a bad time and another criminal record waiting to happen
  • Would wear a lot of sweaters I think
  • A very popular guy in college; would attract everyone
  • Has good grades. Not the best, not the worst. 
  • Probably uses a skateboard to get around campus
  • Does a lot of morning classes but also goes to bed really late a lot?? 
  • Usually very proactive!
  • Hangs out with friends a lot (gotta level up those social links)
  • This boy feels like everything’s going right and he should feel like that because he does not deserve half of what happened to him
Father Figure - Mark Andrews

Originally posted by deargoddunne

@mrsmandrews asked me to write some Mark fluff so I shall comply to her wishes. I’m trying to write longer stuff so this is a first attempt at that.

I managed to get it to 3,000 words! Yay!

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Riley didn’t have friends at school. He didn’t go out to play football or ride his bike but he would stay in the house and watch WWE or play video games. My precious six year old was lonely but he didn’t mind much, preferring to stay home with me if he wasn’t at school.

He was born in 2010 when I was just 17 and, tragically, his father died before he was born. I had only been with him for half a year when I fell pregnant but he promised to stick by me and raise his child, even if we split up down the road. I was about five months gone when he died in a car crash. Unfortunately, he had little to no relationships with his family, meaning that, upon receiving the news of his death, they told me that they wanted no part of the baby’s life.

I didn’t start dating again until just before he turned five in early December 2015. I dropped Riley off at school and headed into town to look for the last of his birthday presents. My mind must have been elsewhere as I wandered around a toy shop because I wasn’t looking where I was going and I crashed straight into someone, falling and landing flat on my ass.

“Oh, shit. Sorry, darlin’!” A hand appeared in front of me to help me to my feet and I took it, brushing myself off. The guy in front of me was cute as hell with bright blue eyes and a sweet smile, a little bit of a beard growing on his handsome face.

“No worries. Got lost in my thoughts, trying to remember what my son wanted for his birthday.” He chuckled.

“I get that. I don’t have any kids but with Christmas coming up, I want to get everything bought early.” We got to chatting, eventually leaving the shop because some of the staff were looking a bit annoyed that we were spending so long in there without buying anything. The crisp, cold English winter air turned our cheeks and noses pink and made us tug our coats a little tighter. “My name’s Mark, by the way. Mark Andrews.”

“Y/N Y/L/N. Lovely to meet you, Mark.” The pair of us dove into a nearby Costa to get a hot drink with the hopes that it would warm up our shivering bodies. A light snowfall had started by the time we got back outside. “My Riley would love this. He loves hot chocolate when it’s cold and he loves the snow. Christ, I need to figure out what else to get him for his birthday. It’s next week! I don’t suppose you know what to get for a five year old?”

“Well, what does he like?”

“Wrestling, video games, Star Wars and Lego.” Mark laughed and I raised an eyebrow at him, “Sorry, it’s just kind of funny that those are the things that most of my friends love and they’re in their twenties and thirties. And most of us happen to be wrestlers. Ah! How about something that combines three of those things? The LEGO Star Wars video game is pretty fun and perfect for a kid.”

“Mark Andrews, you’re a life saver!”

Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see you again xx - Jan 1st 2016. 00:13 AM.

Me neither. I still need to tell the little man about you though. Bit nervous, I haven’t dated since he was born - Jan 1st 2016. 00:15 AM.

Hey, you don’t have to tell him just yet because this is still a new thing for the both of us. We can take things at whatever pace you need. Is it snowing where you are? It is here in Cardiff - Jan 1st 2016. 00:18 AM.

Yeah but it’s light enough that I can see the fireworks out of my bedroom window. Riley got all excited again when he saw it, spent most of the afternoon making snowmen. He’s all tucked up in bed now so it’s just me - Jan 1st 2016. 00:22 AM.

Awww!!! So cute!!!!! I decided to stay in tonight by myself, wanted to reflect on the past year. My mates are out and I’m staying at one of their flats for a few more days before heading back over to the States. Anyway, you’ll probably want to get to bed so you can spend New Years Day with Riley when you wake up. - Jan 1st 2016. 00:25 AM.

Happy New Year, Mark - Jan 1st 2016. 00:26 AM.

Happy New Year, Y/N - Jan 1st 2016. 00:27 AM.

Mark and I continued to message for a few months, with little dates here and there if he was back in the UK for a few days. The day came, however, to finally have a chat with Riley.

“Baby, can I talk to you?” He pulled his eyes away from the TV to look up at me, nodding with this adorable little grin on his face. Once he was sat next to me on the sofa, I took a deep breath. “How do you feel about taking a trip to Cardiff for a few days?”

“Hmmm… Okay, why?”

“Well, I have someone that I want you to meet but he’s working over in Cardiff and he’d like us to come and visit. But, because you’ve never met him and he’s never met you, he wouldn’t mind if you didn’t want to go.” Riley scrunched up his face, something he did when he was thinking.

“Is he your boyfriend? What does he do?”

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend, sweetheart. And he’s a wrestler, isn’t that cool?” His eyes lit up and he was giddy with excitement.

For the next two days, all Riley would do is ask me questions about Mark. When we got to Cardiff, Mark met us outside of the Millennium Centre. The first thing he did upon reaching us was crouch down so he was eye level with the five year old, sticking his hand out in front of him.

“Hello, mate. You must be Riley, am I right?,” Riley nodded, shaking Mark’s hand which made me very proud, “Nice to meet you. First things first, are you okay with me being your mum’s boyfriend? Because I know it’s always been just you and her and I don’t want to intrude on that if you don’t want me to.”

“I haven’t decided yet, I’ll let you know by the end of the day.” His response nearly caused Mark to lose his balance from laughing. He might have only been five but he was a very smart and well mannered kid. Mark took us out to lunch at a nearby diner before he had to get to the venue for the ATTACK show. Riley was a bit young to watch the actual show so we were going to stay in a room in the back. He was adamant that Mark was to tell him all about his match afterwards.

I sat with his tag team partner, Nixon, after the show and both of us got a laugh at him explaining the match to Riley with great enthusiasm despite how exhausted he must have been.

Hi luv - Jun 17th 2016. 17:24 PM.

Good day to you Mandrews - Jun 17th 2016. 17:25 PM.

How was ur week? - Jun 17th 2016. 17:27 PM.

Good! Riley lost a tooth. He didn’t cry so I got him ice cream :) - Jun 17th 2016. 17:30 PM.

Damn, I’m pretty sure I cried like a lil bitch when I lost my first tooth and I never got any ice cream :( lol - Jun 17th 2016. 17:32 PM.

Ha! I miss you, when r u back in the UK? - Jun 17th 2016. 17:34 PM.

Soon, promise. Maybe we could spend a day together, just the 2 of us. Of course, that is if you can find a babysitter - Jun 17th 2016. 17:37 PM.

I’d like that

Riley really took a liking to Mark, skyping him often and essentially becoming his biggest fan. I walked in on him in his room once trying to do flips onto his mattress that he had pulled off of his bed and set up on the floor. Surprisingly, he was getting pretty good at them. I just never expected to walk in on my five year old son pretending to be the man I was dating, backwards cap and skateboard to boot!

One day in September, after I got home from dropping Riley off on the first day of school, there was a knock on the door. At this point, I hadn’t seen Mark in person since before school finished for summer, having to make do with texts, calls and skype. So, imagine my surprise when I opened the door to see the man himself, backpack slung over one shoulder, another bag in one of his hands and that big, beautiful smile stretching across his face.

“Oh my god, Mark! What are you doing here?”

“I have a few weeks free and I wanted to come and see my favourite girl. Hope this isn’t too bad timing. I just really wanted to surprise you.”

“No, not at all. You’re always welcome here, any time. Riley is going to be so excited to see you, I just dropped him off for the first day back.”


“He’s growing like a weed! He’s really missed you, maybe more than I have!” I was still trying to process his surprising appearance at my home, so I didn’t realise that I was rambling.


“I’ve got so much to tell you, it’s crazy.” I turned back around to look at him and he grabbed my face, pulling me in for a desperate, loving kiss. His beard had grown out a bit more and was tickling me but I didn’t mind, I kind of liked the feeling. When he pulled back, he rested his forehead against mine and grinned.

“I love you.” Thank god he was the one to say it first. I had been wanting to but I was too nervous.

“I love you too.”

We spent the day cuddled up on the sofa, talking about everything and anything. I picked Riley up from school but didn’t tell him that Mark was back at the house, wanting him to be just as surprised as I was. The look on his little face was priceless and he dove straight into Mark’s arms, the wrestler lifting him up.

Back in the living room, Mark pulled his duffel bag onto the sofa and got both Riley and me to sit down with him.

“I got you a couple of things from Florida, Riley. Your mum has been telling me how well you behaved over summer and I thought you deserved something nice for being good. Now, am I right in saying that you’ve been learning to read?” Riley nodded enthusiastically, he loved learning to read with me and he was improving every day, “And what is your favourite book series that you’ve been reading with mum?”

“Harry Potter. We read the first one, the one with the stone and the three-headed dog, and we’ve finished the second one too!”

“Good choice, Bud. Mum tells me that you think you’ll be sorted into Gryffindor when you’re old enough.” The rosy cheeked five year old looked so proud of himself. On more than one occasion over the summer, my little man had run about the garden with a mop, pretending to play Quidditch with several stuffed toys and wrestling figures acting as his audience.

“Yeah! I’m gonna be brave like Harry!”

“Hmm, you’re going to need some stuff to help you from You-Know-Who then, right? I think I’ve got that covered.” Mark reached into the bag, removing a wrapped up box and a stuffed toy of Fawkes the Phoenix. Riley tore away the paper from the box and looked up at Mark with wide eyes. Inside was a toy version of the Sword of Gryffindor. He spent most of the evening in the garden, swinging it about.

Once he was in bed, I sat with Mark and a cup of tea.

“He really adores you, you know? It’s nice for him to have someone to look up to and have fun with.”

“I love him. Honestly, he’s taken a hold of me and I would do anything to help him. It’s like I’m a sort of father figure to him, which I like.”

Merry Christmas, babe - Dec 25th 2016. 11:04 AM.

Merry Christmas. Sorry I couldn’t be with you guys. - Dec 25th 2016. 11:05 AM.

No, don’t worry about it! - Dec 25th 2016. 11:06 AM.

How is he? - Dec 25th 2016. 11:06 AM.

Playing with his new toys, he’s good. Can’t believe that he turned six two weeks ago. He’s getting too big!! - Dec 25th 2016. 11:07 AM.

I’ll probably skype you guys in a few hours but I’m gonna go for a shower now - Dec 25th 2016. 11:09 AM.

Okay, I love you - Dec 25th 2016. 11:10 AM.

Love you too - Dec 25th 2016. 11:11 AM.

 “WWE? Really?”

“Really! Will you and Riley come to watch?”

“Of course we will.”

Riley loved going to watch the tournament. Obviously, he knew that big, bad Pete Dunne wasn’t actually that way and that he was a nice guy backstage but he still seemed a little bit annoyed that Mark lost. We went to the back to find Mark after his match against Pete, Riley letting go of my hand to run towards him as soon as he saw him. I stopped in my tracks when I heard him call out to Mark.


The blonde man didn’t mind, he actually started to get a bit emotional, beaming with pride as the little boy leapt into a hug. I mouthed ‘are you okay with that?’ and he nodded, mouthing back to me ‘are you okay with it?’.

I had never been more okay with anything in my life. My son trusted and loved Mark enough to call him dad, that was an incredible feeling. I jumped when I felt a large hand on my shoulder and heard someone clearing their throat. I turned, gasping when I saw Triple H standing directly behind me.

“Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to let Mark know what an awesome job he did out there. This your son, Mark?”

“Yeah, this is my boy. Riley, do you want to say hello?” Riley looked stunned as The Game crouched down, smiling at him. I couldn’t help but laugh when Hunter threw up his hand into a Too Sweet and Riley did the same, Hunter’s other hand coming to ruffle his hair.

I waited until Triple H had walked away before giving Mark a kiss.

“I am so proud of you.”

In the last week of March, Riley and I flew out to Orlando for WrestleMania. Mark had made a deal with Riley that, as long as he was good at school, they could go to Universal and go to the Wizarding World one of the days. Both parties made good on their promises.

Mark and I were stood in the sun, watching Riley running about to get a better look at the castle.

“He’s my son, yeah?” He said, out of nowhere. He looked extremely nervous and had his hands stuffed into the pockets of his shorts.

“Yeah, what makes you ask this all of a sudden?”

“We’ve been together for over a year now, I can’t imagine being without you and your son calls me dad. I just got thinking a little while back about what I want and I think I’ve finally decided. So, I had a talk with Riley last night in the hotel after you went to the supermarket and I asked him a few questions.”

Speaking of Riley, he had stopped running and was stood next to Mark with a mischievous look.

“First off, I asked him if… If he would like me to be his dad. I know I’m already his dad, that’s what he calls me so I am, but I mean properly. He said yes but we agreed that we would need to ask you too.”

“Mark, what are you saying?” I had a strong feeling that I knew but I wanted to be sure, my eyes were already getting misty.

“I want to adopt Riley, if that’s okay with you.” I nodded, wrapping my arms around his neck, Riley bouncing with excitement. Mark pulled back slightly and took my hand. “Okay, next thing! You good, Bud?” He looked down at his son.

“Yep, all good.”

“Right. Um, I’m a bit more nervous now. Ha! I met you in early December 2015 in a toy shop. You were wearing a red coat, jeans, boots and a fuzzy grey jumper, your hair was in a ponytail and you weren’t looking where you were going. I helped you up, got talking to you and we went to get hot chocolate. The next day, you met up with me at some diner for a date. I’m really glad you bumped into me that day because if you hadn’t, I never would have met the love of my life. I don’t want to live a day without knowing you’re mine and that I have a family back home whilst I’m working out here. I’m not gonna get down on one knee because I want to be able to look you right in the eyes when I ask. Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me.”

“God, yes.”

Backstage before Mania, Riley was in his element. Stephanie McMahon had taken him by the hand and personally introduced him to his favourite wrestlers; Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn. Mark was jumping, also buzzing with excitement.

“Will you calm down? You’re almost as bad as Riley!” I laughed and he shook his head.

“Are you kidding? We’re at WrestleMania! I’m freaking out. But I’m happy that you guys are here to experience this with me and hopefully, I’ll be on the show next year.”

“I love you so much.”

“And I love you. Now, let’s go get our son and take our seats. We’ve got a show to enjoy.”

  • Lots of hugging
  • Him being your guardian angel, kind of.
  • Stealing his clothes
  • The best kisses to be honest
  • Rough sex,
  • but also passionate sex
  • Playing with his hair
  • Him trying you to learn how to skateboard
  • Piggy back rides, lots of them
  • Tracing the line of his jaw line with your hand,
  • he still finds it annoying
  • Lots of holding hands
  • Him being proud to be your boyfriend and showing it to everybody
  • Cuddles in bed
  • Him always being awake untill you fall asleep
  • Having a really good life when you’re with him
Glitch In The Matrix Stories #13

Call Of Warning

My mother told me once that when I was just a toddler that she was in the kitchen ironing and then heard a voice behind her say “Alister”, which is my name. She turned around and obviously nothing was there. 

Then, recalling where I was, she ran to the living room where I apparently was up at the window and near to falling down and luckily caught me. This is super strange and she says she does not have a clue how it happened as nobody else was home at the time and had left me to watch the TV briefly.

Credits to: AlisterM

Weirdest Coincidence In My Life Time

In January of 2011 I went to a “lock-in” at a local indoor skate park where everyone would skate or bike from 9pm until 9am and nobody could leave until your parents picked you up in the morning. My friends and I had a great time and filmed some clips and it was great. I was 15 at the time. 

I met a lot of cool people from around the area and I also noticed these two weird kids that were there. They were both probably 11 or 12 years old. One kid was fat and had a buzz cut and the kid he was with was taller, really skinny, and also bald (not sure if he had health problems or just no hair like Caillou). They sat up on the ramps without a skateboard or bike and just stared at us and it was pretty weird but I forgot about it for a long time.

Fast forward to summer of 2014, I was skating in my home town with two of my good friends that both skated. After a few hours skating at the middle school we headed back to my house to play Xbox. We started talking about skate spots and eventually about the indoor park that I had gone to a few years back. 

I started telling them the exact story and even described to them the part about the two weird kids. Specifically as I’m talking about the kids I saw, my friend gets a Facebook message sitting next to me. The message came from someone he had no mutual friends with and all it said was “did you hit Ashley?”. He had absolutely no idea who the person was or why he asked that. The person was from a town almost an hour away from us. I was looking at the message and told him to look through his pictures to see if we recognize him. So my friend starts scrolling through his public profile pictures and saying that he’s never seen him before. 

I decide to take a look. It was a short fat kid with a buzz cut. I jokingly comment that he looks like the kid from the story I was in the middle of telling them. I take a good look and realize that he looks exactly how I remember the kid sitting on the ramp. I start to get a little weirded out but just think it’s a look-alike. I’m clicking further through his pictures and then it happens. There he is in a picture with the fuckin’ bald kid exactly how I remember. I was completely freaked out.

So three years after I attended the skate park, I just so HAPPENED to be telling my friends about my time at the park and I just so HAPPENED to be telling them about those weird kids at the exact moment that this message just so HAPPENS to pop up on my friends computer. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I’ve had some pretty weird coincidences but this one blew them all out of the water.

Credits to: jmason215

My Phone Called My Friend’s As We Touched Hands 

This girl was a friend of mine I didn’t meet often. As far as I know she is a bit of psychic. We met at a pub and left our mobile phones on the table in front of us. We were talking and I dearly held her hands in mine. 

At about the same time her phone rang and she said excuse me, got to check the phone. There was my name as the caller and in fact my phone had started a call to her.

Credits to: GioLasar

Me And A Friend Lost 3 Hours Of Time

I was staying a night at a friend’s (Marley) house since her mom was going to be out for the night and she thought it would be fun if I came over. We decided that around 10pm we’d bake some cookies since nothing’s better than fresh sweets at night. I perfectly remember at 10 pm checking the time on my computer and saying in a few minutes we should get to baking.

Few minutes later we do get up and head to the kitchen but when we get there, the clock reads 1am. That’s pretty impossible given minutes earlier I’d JUST seen it was 10pm. I know on the internet you can lose track of time but I think it’s pretty unlikely we sat there for 3 hours without realizing it. We checked all the clocks in the house and yeah, it was definitely somehow 1am.

Just to be sure that us ‘losing track of time’ wasn’t the case, we checked our computer histories since we were on them just before getting up to bake. From 10 m to 1am there were no sites recorded, meaning for 3 hours we hadn’t been online at all. It was like we’d both just sat there doing absolutely nothing for hours and if that’s somehow the case than neither of us remember it at all.

Credits to: CassMasterGreen

I want to show you off (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could one where Peter tries to teach the reader how to use a skateboard, but is completely unaware about the fact that the reader already knows how to use one and can do tricks and such. And when the reader shows her skills to him, Peter becomes speechless but at the same time he’s also very proud and happy :))

A/N: So this follows the request, but I don’t like the way it turned out at all. I didn’t really know how to do it, so I apologize in advance for if it is too bad. I’m sorry for the person who requested it but I am not feeling really inspired at the moment and the requests are piling up, so I had to get this over with :( Sorry :(

Looking at Peter do different flips on his skateboard trying to show off, you couldn’t help but smirk. He had taken you to the park in hopes of impressing you; and you were, because he was good, but so were you. You had never told him that you liked skateboarding -just because you had never found a reason to do it.
‘Come on, [Y/N]! Come here!’ he shouted, waving at you. You walked up to him, trying not to laugh at how excited he was. You took his hand and he put you gently on the skateboard, holding your hips so you wouldn’t fall. ‘Put your feet like-like that, exactly’ he said surprised. ‘How about you try to skateboard a few meters so you get used to it and then I try to teach you flips?’ he asked. You laughed softly and started doing it really slowly at first, and once Peter thought you knew what you were doing, you started to do flips and so, showing off a little. You smiled proudly when you saw his mouth hanging open, not believing what he was seeing.
‘You know, maybe I should have told you that I have been skating since I was, what, seven? I don’t really know. I do know that I have many trophies from tournaments’ you said, smirking. Getting off the skateboard, you walked up to him, giving him a peck on the lips.
‘You… You are so incredibly amazing. I can’t believe we are dating -it feels like a dream. I want to show you off and be like ‘hey guys, this is my girlfriend, she is sexy and skateboards’’ Peter said, laughing. You laughed and hugged him, your head pressed against his chest. ‘I love you very much’ he whispered, his lips pressed against your hair, before kissing your forehead.
You took the skateboard in one hand and his hand in the other, and walked along the park, talking about stupid things and laughing together.

2P!China Boyfriend Headcanons

⦁ im sorry i don’t know whats happening deh is blasting in my ear and i can’t se e
⦁ anyway
⦁ so you’re dating th eman himself
⦁ mr. zao wang
⦁ w0w
⦁ memester 2.0
⦁ zao is a masTER cuddler (as previously mentioned)
⦁ he will not let go for the world
⦁ i also feel like he secretly has shoved an intire bag of cone backflow incense up his ass at one point
⦁ his room is just a haze of incense smoke, like, you can smell it from outside
⦁ “zao you have a problem”
“at least is smells good tho”
⦁ he’s so supportive of all your decisions
⦁ he’s cheering you on in the sidelines for whatever you’re doing
⦁ he’s a martial artist but he’s so good at slipping on nothing
⦁ he’ll like be trying to impress you with some sick kick flip or something on a skateboard and fly backwards
-luckily he usually uses his gymnast abilities to backflip and land onto his hand or something
⦁ “i meant to do that”
“if you hadn’t’ve said that i would’ve believed you”
“fuc K”
⦁ he will cook for you, but only one dish
⦁ its all he knows
⦁ “what’s in it?”
*loud sweating*
⦁ i cant decide if i like him better with shorter or longer hair, but his hair grows really fast so he alternates
- he also probably has a bit dyed all the time
⦁ “,,,zao,,”
“,,you wanna match?”
“,,, yes,,”
⦁ he tans really easily and looks like a completely different person
“where is my boyfriend”
“i dont even know anymore”
⦁ he always wears hats and puts them on you
⦁ i used to hc him as sort of a fuckboi (personality and clothing), but i am 100% sure he is a virgin and is all bark
- like if you put your hand on his leg when you’re laughing or something he would turn 50 Shades of Maroon ™
⦁ he totally never wears sleeves tho
- it’s because he gets hot really easily, but only when his arms are covered??
⦁ he always gives you a pen or a marker or something because he likes to be drawn on
⦁ “it’s like having tattoos but you can start over if you fuck up”
“it also doesn’t really cost much”
⦁ he watches korean soap operas like its his religion
⦁ he’s also a bitch baby like he will cry over the Titanic
⦁ he loves memes
⦁ ^thats how he flirts
⦁ like february is the worst month to date him
⦁ he’ll send you those valentine card memes
⦁ he’s into traditions like his 1P! and lives off of his sentiment
- he kinda hoards anythign you give him ever
⦁ he used to be one of the “rawr XD” kids in his teen years and he despises that fact about himself
- bring it up all the time for maximum entertainment
⦁ he will laugh at like anything
⦁ he’s got a contagious laugh too
⦁ he will wink at you so much but he sucks so it’s never sexy, just really cute
⦁ he secretly likes panda express
⦁ likes to take you on dates at the most inconvenient hours
⦁ 1-5AM, usually
⦁ he is such a scaredy-cat, but he likes the thrill of fear, so you guys might be going to a lot of haunted houses or abandoned buildings
⦁ ^ he also paranoys (is that a word??) himself by doing that
⦁ he probably accidentally bought a bong once because he thought it was a glassblown vase
- allen laughed at him for eighteen years
- he then did the same thing and matt has never laughed so hard
- please protect zao from any further embarrassment and shop with him
⦁ i feel like he accidentally gets arrested all the time for no reason and will be calling you crying and pleading to bail him out
⦁ he has so much love to give but he isn’t exactly the most experienced in relationships, so he will be so nervous with PDA but do it anyway
⦁ he will launch himself at you if you enter the room as a greeting and swing you around
⦁ he gets up at like 6AM every morning but he stays in his room until like 12 so everyone is like “zao sleeps forever” and the first time you come over you’re super confused because you wake up at like *whatever time you wake up* and he’s probably already awake like “hey i made some tea do you want any”
⦁ he is either all over the place or the chillest human being in the world
- he will have such a change in mood so quickly you’ll be like ??? are you okay??
- he is, he’s just chilled out now
⦁ he loves TV shows but he NEVER finishes them it’s so aggrivating
⦁ he’s probably apart of the motorcycle gang ™ but usually walks or skates places
⦁ anyway i hope these are satisfying for oyu
⦁ bc u will be satisfied
⦁ especially if ur dating zao wang ;)))))))))))