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Also, I hope Ginny and Mike’s respective family issues becomes another point of connection for them. I want them to open up to each other the way they can’t with anyone else. I want them to be each other’s rocks. 


I’m blessing you all with this. Look at my little munchkins. You’re welcome. While I was editing the pics, True colors was playing so it made it more emotional and, If you listened closely in that scene, you can hear the true colors melody playing)

One of the new favourite times of the day since Rosie is older is bath time. She still has to use her own special tub but her eyes light up when John or Sherlock mention it’s bath time.  She babbles and claps her hand and Sherlock almost always beats John to the announcement because he loves bath time just as much as Rosie.  

It’s not to say that John doesn’t help.  He gets the tub ready while Sherlock is readying Rosie and lying out her romper for after bath time.  Meanwhile John runs the water to the perfect temperature and gets all her favourite toys ready - her pirate ship, fish, whale and octopus.  He puts the tear free soap nearby along with the flannel and the towel he sets on the basin. He also places the jug within reach to rinse her hair after its washed.  By the time he’s finished setting up, Sherlock and Rosie arrive back downstairs ready to begin their adventure.

First Sherlock checks the water even though he knows the temperature is adequate and then he gently places her in her own little tub. She giggles and splashes the water and John stands by the door way and watches.  He’s so enamoured by the way Sherlock cares for his - no their - daughter that he doesn’t think he’s seen anything more beautiful in the world.

Sherlock meanwhile plays with the pirate ship with Rosie while takes the whale and splashes water everywhere including all over his shirt, but that doesn’t matter. She babbles about their battle, and just before the water cools too much Sherlock hands her the pirate ship and picks up the flannel and the soap and begins to wash her ten little toes, chubby little legs, her tummy and arms and ten little fingers, then back and neck and when he does her hair he extra careful not to get any in her eyes even though it is tear free.

After Rosie is nice and clean, Sherlock hands her off to John who is waiting with the towel and ready to rush her up the stairs to dry her off and dress her in her romper and get her ready for bed. 

Meanwhile, Sherlock empties the tub and cleans off the toys and the tub and dries everything off and puts them in their places.  He then pads out to the kitchen and readies Rosie bottle so it all John has to do is feed her when he comes down stairs and just like clockwork, John is standing by his side reaching for the prepared bottle and commenting on how soaked Sherlock is.

“It was worth it.” He smiles, “I’m going to go change, back in a moment.”

“And here I was hoping I could help.” John winks at him.

“You get Rosie to bed and you can help me undress while I help you do the same.”


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I finally got Henry in FE Heroes so this trash family is all back together again! :’’D

(bonus super quick stuff under the cut)

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There is a great moment on Scarif, where Cassian says to Bodhi “You’re our only way out”. For me personally, it’s not that Cassian really believes they can escape, at least I don’t think Cassian for a moment thought it was even possible. 

It’s just Bodhi technically was the only civilian on board, the only one who never was in the fight on anywhere close to the battlefield. So for me, it was Cassian reassuring Bodhi, “hey there is a chance we gonna escape, more than that, it’s in the plan”. Just something that Bodhi needed to believe, that they will go in, do this hard thing and get out, Bodhi just needs to keep the ship ready. 

And he tried, he really tried

So Dooku’s solar sailor is indisputably the coolest ship in all of Star Wars. That’s just science.

Now please consider, in Fires on the Outer Rim, Dooku showing up on Tatooine with this sick ship, and Anakin just gaping in wordless awe for like ten minutes straight. And finally, when he manages to speak, what comes out is, “Can I touch?”

Fast forward about five years, when the Free Alliance is really getting off the ground, and they’re building up a fleet. Now please imagine an entire fleet of sleek, ultra-fast, phenomenally shielded solar sailors.

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Does this mean you don't support Sonic and Amy as a pairing? :/

ooc :// i do support them as a couple actually ! my former post was just me stating that platonic is just as cool and needs to also be addressed more. the games often make amy be there for a running gag or for slapstick purposes. we don’t get to see a lot of sonic & amy being friends or what their friendship is like and how them both have a healthy friendship. we get little clues sometimes but otherwise it’s the typical ‘ sonic runs from amy / amy talks about ‘her’ sonic over and over ’ scenarios. amy is seen at times as very optimistic, peppy, and willing to help others be happy. something that sonic is similar to – wanting to make others happy & smile – in many ways. it would be neat to see how they work a friendship together and see their relationship isn’t just there for slapstick or gags.

example: i love her in sonic dx simply because she admits she wants to become more independent and ‘show sonic’ she can. that’s a neat concept and i wish we saw more of that attitude. not just her ‘doing races or going places because he’s there’ but doing things so she can improve and actually have things to bond over him with ! being able to fight her own battles was a huge step for her and she’s gotten so much stronger ! but it’s often plagued with ‘damsel in distress’ scenarios or slapstick that makes her seem like just a fangirl that would be an annoyance.

* also in dx: it was nice to see her story not be entirely sonic-driven but her helping out her ‘new friend’ in dx and fighting her own fight with the occasional sonic moment included lmao.

show me mutually beneficial sonic & amy friendship!!! where they feel cool sitting together!!! and sonic won’t be tensed up and amy won’t constantly be making remarks of dates!!! she can maybe once ( in a completely joking manner ) but after that have her and sonic bond more and be seen as friends !!!  amy cares for sonic but sometimes the games makes her show it in ‘funny ways’ and sometimes sonic also treats her as just a pain / annoyance ( which i can see why ) but the writing just needs a little tweaking tbh.

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Hi Alex!! Can we get a sneak peek of the next chapter of Beyond the Horizon? If it's no bother, thank you!

Okay, so I can finally answer this now. I said I’d post it today, and it’s from my rough draft so there will definitely be more editing, but here is a sneak peek of chapter 40, as promised!

The crew went back to the work of readying the ship for departure and he crossed the planks to where Emma stood by the rail, staring across the water at the narrow gap in the cliff that was the only passage back out to the open sea. Killian supposed the Fairy Queen would use her magic to widen it again so they could leave, a rowboat couldn’t even fit through it at the moment, let alone the wide bulk of the Jewel.

He blinked, his stride faltering for a moment at the mental slip.


She was the only one who called him that, he was “captain” or “sir” to the crew, “pirate” or “scoundrel” to the men who put a price on his head, but never Killian. Nor had anyone defended him so vigorously as she just had to her parents, like he was worthy of more than fear or scorn. He almost believed it, too.

“That was quite passionate back there, Princess. Reminded me of the day we met, though I much prefer being your ally instead of your opponent.”

She smiled, looking up at him with a teasing gleam in her eye, “What would you have done if I’d had jumped off the ship that day?”

“Gone in after you, of course. What kind of pirate would I be to let such a valuable treasure slip through my fingers?”

Their hands twined together as he spoke and he felt a tiny spark, a pulse of magic against his palm that stole the breath from his lungs and made his heart skip a beat. The wind began to pick up and the water in the lagoon started to move, forming waves that rocked the ship slightly under their feet. Killian frowned, with the island on one side and the cliffs on the other to give shelter there shouldn’t be more than the slightest breeze and he looked up, expecting to see stormclouds rolling in overhead. But the sky was clear, a brilliant blue above the treetops as far as the eye could see. Perfect weather for sailing, the wind was even coming in from the west now. He could see the leaves flutter in the opposite direction, watched the waves turn as the tide started to run out and the beach grew. But it was all happening so fast, too fast, and the Jolly began to strain against the anchor line. It held, but he could hear the heavy chain squeak and rattle in protest.

“She’s coming.”

Emma’s voice drew his attention and he followed where she was pointing, seeing the ball of violet light that heralded the Fairy Queen’s imminent arrival moving across the lagoon. It was followed by dozens of smaller white ones that spilled through the trees and the crew all stopped to stare at the sight, googling like schoolboys while tinkling laughter echoed across the water.

No, not just tinkling. Knowing laughter.

“It is time.”

The Fairy Queen appeared in a gown that was even more fanciful than the last, lavender ribbons fluttering from the puffed sleeves that seemed to be made entirely of rosettes while she hovered above them. From the corner of his eye Killian could see the rest of them surrounding his ship on all sides, though they were too small to make out as anything other than fireflies dancing on the wind. He could hear them though, still laughing, and he couldn’t help but grope for the hilt of his sword with sudden unease.

“We shall sail in the morning with the tide,” he assured the queen, darting glances from side to side and realizing that the tide had already turned, “My men are making haste as we speak to prepare for our departure.”

“No, Captain, I’m afraid that time is no longer on our side. You must leave now, I can feel the Dark Magic rising more than it has in decades and I fear that Regina is attempting once more to enact her terrible curse. If you don’t stop her now then all will be lost, and so it will remain until the day that was prophesied.”

She stared at Emma with a significant look that made her go stiff and still beside him.

“My twenty-eighth birthday,” she whispered, and he felt his hackles rise.

“Yes,” the Fairy Queen nodded, “Until then time itself will stop, and all the Happy Endings will be undone.”

He’d been happier than he ever dreamed possible and he could almost see it being snatched away right before his eyes. He couldn’t stop his father from leaving like a thief in the night, couldn’t stop the poison from reaching Liam’s heart…he couldn’t lose like that again.

to be continued….

friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.


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Puzzle #032

Two customers, A and B, had ordered some standard cards online from a small card shop. Unfortunately, as he was getting their cards ready to ship out, one of the workers at the shop accidentally mixed the two orders together. Now they can’t tell which card is going to what customer!

Although he doesn’t remember who ordered what card, the worker did remember how odd it was that customer A’s order cost exactly twice customer B’s order. If that’s the case, do you think you can figure out who bought what card?

The solution will be posted next Tuesday. Remember: try not to spoil the answer for others! Please reblog your answers in a “keep reading” or, if you want to know if you’re right, just message me directly.


he couldn’t look at her and give her a reassuring smile because he knows they won’t see each other. and it’s worse because she confessed her love for him just recently. and i just. i need more than a moment right now. goodbye. i’m done.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hate Steve after this movie. I don’t want to hate him but I can’t help but feel for Tony. I see and understand his POV. I get the logic of him. I would make the same choices is given the chance. And in the end, all he wanted was to help his friend. Steve. His friend. No matter what you say, I firmly believe that Steve was one of the few people that Tony trusted. Tony who doesn’t trust people easily. Tony who hid the pain through smiles and false charm. Tony who felt the pain and the consequences of what he did.

For those of you who see him as the villain, SHAME ON YOU! He’s no more a villain than Bucky.

I understand why Steve is doing what he’s doing. I get it and I agree with it to a point but please remember that it’s not all black and white. Bucky is his family. And for family, you’d do anything.

Did you ever care to think that that’s what Tony is thinking when he went with the registration act? To save his own little family from something bigger happening them?

Crossbones is a villain. Zemo is a villain. Thanos is a villain. TONY IS NOT A VILLAIN.

Maybe Tony just wanted to save his family too.


I saw the movie. Tony is STILL not a villain and I can appreciate what Steve did for him. Steve is not a villain either!