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What do you mean there is another version of the All Out!! figure????? And this version so cute omfg!! They all have different gestures and facial expressions and of course that is the training uniform version!!!!!!

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 2880

Warnings: Mentions of fight. THOR RAGNAROK SPOILER

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All the people of Asgard know the legend of this unique and catastrophic event. It’s the destruction of Asgard, and of his people.
No one, though, had ever really thought about it, until Asgard lost the King of the Gods.
Odin is dead.
In the last two years, while we thought that Odin sat on the throne, actually Loki was: he had made everyone believe that he was dead, and had taken his father’s place.
I cried Loki’s death. He and I are friends since childhood; along with Thor, we were inseparable. Although they were two princes, and I.. a normal person, they were very kind to me. The friendship between me and Loki is much stronger than that between me and Thor.
In fact, as in a children’s fairy tale, I fell in love with Loki. Too bad he doesn’t know; I decided not to say anything to him. His rejection would be too embarrassing, and my heart would break.
When Thor found out what Loki did, they started off in search of Odin; but now it was all over. The King of the Gods is dead, and this led to the release of Hela, the Goddess of Death. Thor and Loki’s sister.
The two Gods tried to stop her, but it was useless.
Thus, while Thor and Loki are dispersed, to Asgard chaos reigns. After completely destroying the army, Hela sat on the throne, ready to conquer the other kingdoms; but, coming to the Bifrost, she discovered that the Sword -the weapon to activate the Bifrost- had been stolen.
I know exactly who took the Sword: Heimdall, who was hiding in the mountains of Asgard. He, after he was able to find me, asked me to help him. In fact, we are trying to save more Asgardians as possible from Hela.
For now we are hidden, but time is running out, and soon the Goddess of Death will find us.
I’m sitting next to some kids, and I try to reassure them, telling them that everything will be fine, and that soon the God of Thunder will save us. Will it really happen? Thor can’t be dead, and even Loki.. I know that both are alive, and they will come back to help us.
I raise my eyes, and I see Heimdall quickly walking toward me; something is going to happen, I understand from his eyes.
His eyes are beautiful; every time I look at them, they always have a strange light, and their color, a shining gold, makes me feel like it’s all going to be fine in one way or the other. Behind  Heidmall, there’s the splendid Brifost Sword, which he protects with his own life.
“Heimdall, what happens?”
I know it’s a stupid question; only one thing can disturb Heimdall. The arrival of Hela. In fact, he warns me in a low voice that we must bring all the people away from where we are now, before the Goddess arrives. All of us, we head to Brifost; maybe, if Hela is distracted, Heimdall can use the Sword, and we can run away. But when we get to the Bridge, waiting for us is a huge monster with the appearance of a wolf: it’s Fenrir, Hela’s personal animal.
I scream to people to go back, but on the other side of the Bridge are coming Hela soldiers. We are trapped.
I look at Heimdall, and nodding toward him, I pull my daggers -Loki has given them to me so many years ago- and I prepare for the battle. Fenrir roars, and starts running toward us. I try to use my body as a shield, but the more he approaches, and the more I feel smaller than he is.
Suddenly, we hear noises in the distance; I look up, and I see a small ship coming towards us. From inside it falls something: a huge green creature, which immediately launches on Fenrir.
The ship from where the strange creature falls stops on the Bridge, and I see two people coming out from the inside. A woman, and Thor. I smile, and I run fast to him.
Thor embraces me, while he tells me he’s happy to see that I’m fine. My smile soon disappears, noticing the absence of someone. Loki is not together with his brother.
“Loki is alive, Y/n. But I don’t think we’ll see him.”
A huge hole is formed in my stomach; Loki is alive. But he preferred to be saved, to save his people. I nod, accepting the reality. Perhaps Thor has always been right: Loki only cares about himself.
Thor moves away from me, headed toward Hela, intending to fight her. Meanwhile, I help people walk to the entrance of the Bifrost, but again, we are trapped. Outside, there are other soldiers who run toward us.
I begin to attack them, together with the other Asgardians who want to defend their lives and that of others, even if they aren’t soldiers. I’ve got the cable to fight –in fact, Loki and Thor taught me many fighting techniques when we were little- but I’m just me against hundreds of warriors. When it seems that everything is lost, from the fog, a strange creature appears, which seems to be entirely made of stone. At first, he seems to rise, but then I realize he’s standing on a huge spaceship, which it is approached to the bridge.
Other creatures come out of the ship, flinging on the soldiers of Hela; finally, their leader comes out of the ship: Loki. I widened my eyes when I see him get off the ship’s ramp with a smile on his face.
“Please, feel free to come down.”
People start running to the spaceship to get safe, while some of them continue to fight. I keep staring at Loki, who finally notices my presence in the midst of all this chaos; I thought I would never see him again.
Suddenly, someone makes me back to reality: one of Hela’s soldiers strikes me behind, clenching his hands around my throat. I give him an elbow right in the stomach, and turning around, I stab him with my dagger. The soldier falls to the ground, lifeless.
“I note with pleasure that you’ve become stronger.”
I turn around, and I see Loki approaching me; the first thing I would do is hug him and squeeze strong to me, but I refrain. Not to let him understand the feelings that I feel, I’ve always tried to make him believe that jokingly I hate him.
“Glad to see you, Loki. I thought you were dead. Again.”
Loki smiles, but we don’t have much time to chat; many other soldiers are threatening us.
Meanwhile, the battle of Thor against Hela moves to the bridge; Thor seems to have become stronger, though, Hela is very powerful, and seems to have the best on his brother.
So, Thor comes up with an idea, a weird and crazy idea: to make the Ragnarok happen.
His plan is to awaken Surtur, and let him fight with Hela, until the complete destruction of Asgard.
However, Surtur’s crown is in the castle, where Odin preserved the most important and powerful relics.
It’ll be Loki to go to the castle, and take the crown, while Thor distracts Hela.
“I’m going with Loki.” I tell the two brothers, who they immediately beg me to get on the ship and save me, along with the other Asgardians.
“I can’t escape, Thor. I want to fight. And then someone has to check that Loki doesn’t do stupid things. Again.”
Me and Thor look at the God of Mischief, who pretending to be offended by my words, he rolls his eyes.
In recent years, Loki has done horrible things –he tried to conquer a world that it didn’t belong to him, and then he faked his death, and left Odin alone on Earth- but in spite of everything, I can’t hate him. He’s still Loki, my friend.
Thor tells me to be careful, and after hugging him, I follow Loki in the castle.

This is the craziest plan I ever heard, I think to myself as I walk silently through the corridors of the castle along with Loki.
We should try to save our home, and instead we are about to resurrect Surtur, who will destroy it. And if we can’t even stop Hela with him? We will all die.
“Are you all right?”
I turn to Loki, who looks at me worried. Even if it doesn’t seem, I can feel that he is also afraid of what might happen.
Before I didn’t have time to observe him well; his hair grew a little. Seeing Thor with short hair, I thought how Loki would be without his long hair. It would emphasize his face and pale skin. He’s wearing different clothes from those he always wears; this uniform is perfect for him. But I believe that whatever he wore, I would love it. Now that I think, if Loki and I die, he will never know that I’m in love with him.
“We’re about to destroy Asgard. Our people might die. Yeah, never been better.” I say sarcastically. Should I tell him? I’m so afraid..
Finally, I and Loki arrive in the relics room, and we walk quickly toward the crown of Surtur; suddenly, however, Loki stops. I turn to look at what has attracted his attention: the Tesseract.
“Loki.. don’t even think about it.”
Loki looks at me, and sighing, he begins to walk again
“I don’t want to steal the Tesseract. Again.”
A sad smile comes to my face; because of Tesseract, Loki killed innocent people, but eventually Thor managed to stop him.
“You don’t want to steal it again, I know. I feel it.”
“Really? And what do you feel? I betrayed my brother, more than once.”
As Loki says these words, he approaches the Surtur crown, and after taking it from his hands, I and he go away, ready to resurrect the creature.
“You betrayed Thor, but you’ve always come back to him to help him. When Thor came back, he told me I would never see you again. Yet you are here, to try to save your people. Our people.”
Loki looks at me while still holding Surtur’s crown. I approach to him, and as I recover the crown, our hands touch.
“Actually Loki, God of Mischief, you’re a good man.”
I try to say more; maybe this is the exact time I should tell Loki that I love him. Like in a fairy tale..
Instead, I lower my gaze, remaining in silence. Then, I approach the Fire of Life, and I put the Surtur crown inside. As soon as I walk away, everything around me and Loki begins to shake. Me and the God of Mischief exchange a look, and immediately we run as fast as possible towards the castle doors, to go out and reach safety. Surtur is about to arrive, and he will soon destroy the first thing he will be facing: the castle. The place where exactly we are now and Loki.
I’m running as fast as possible, while Loki is exactly in front of me. Suddenly, I see cracks forming on the walls, growing more and more up to the ceiling. I block when I see part of the walls fall straight to me. I cover my head with my arms, but I feel my body move; when I open my eyes, I see Loki’s face a few inches from mine, he’s obviously worried.
“Are you okay?” he asks me as I swallow deeply; it’s the first time that he’s so close to me, and despite everything around us is falling, I can’t help but think of his lips so close to mine.
Unable to say a word, all I do is nod.
Loki helps me to get up, and immediately we start to run away. On the corner of my eye, I look behind what’s going on; the castle is on fire.
Suddenly, I snatch myself against Loki’s back; I turn to find out why he stopped, and my body freezes. The fire has now surrounded us.
“What are we going to do?” I scream to Loki. He approaches me, and he tightens my body to his; I blush, and not because of the fire.
“Close your eyes.”

At my awakening, everything is confused.
The first thing I remember is the conversation between myself and Loki; then I threw Surtur’s crown into the fire, and then his awakening.
The castle was beginning to fall one piece at a time, due to Surtur growing more and more. Loki and I started to run, and then I remember anything else. Maybe something hit me, maybe I fainted.
I look around: surely we are no longer on Asgard. The room I am in isn’t very big, there is only one bed, where I’m relaxed, a small furniture with a large mirror, and a window. I get up quickly, and approaching the window, I’m breathless. Outside there’s.. nothing. It’s all dark, here and there are some rocks, some smaller, some bigger. They are asteroids. We are in the space.
The door behind me opens, and Thor enters in the room. He looks at the bed, but when he sees that it’s empty, he glances through the room until his eyes stand on me.
He comes to me, and clutches me in his arms, whispering to be happy that finally I woke up.
“What happened?”
“I don’t know. Surtur was born, the castle was destroyed, and before I got on the ship, I saw you lying on the Bridge, helpless. I took you in my arms, and then we escaped.”
“Where’s Loki?”
Thor low the gaze to avoid mine; he sits on the bed, and I follow him. His silence makes me feel uncomfortable; I’m afraid of what he will say.
“I think.. I don’t know, maybe.. Loki isn’t there. I didn’t find him.”
I froze; Thor only found me on the Bridge. But maybe Loki escaped alone, maybe he didn’t want to come with us. The God of Mischief is always saved.. right?
“He’s alive, Thor. I feel it. Sooner or later we’ll see him.”
Thor looks at me, and nodding at my words of hope, he smiles. He still loves his brother after all. He also hopes that Loki is fine.
About twenty minutes later, I sit next to the window of my room, watching the infinite darkness of space; from Asgard I saw the sky in a completely different way. Only now I understand his true beauty. I think back to Loki, and because he didn’t want to come with us on the ship. Why did he want to leave us again? Why did he abandon me again?
“Are you sad for something?”
I jump, and in front of me, just a few feet away, there’s Loki, with a brilliant smile on his face. I smile, and I step forward toward him to embrace him, but immediately I stop. Loki seems confused; is he really that in front of me, or is it just an illusion?
“Why every time something horrible happens, you make everybody believe that you are dead, and in fact you are alive?”
“It must be my nature.” Loki says, smiling; I roll my eyes, but his laughter makes me smile too. If he’s here, illusion or not, at least means he’s alive.
"What happened in the castle?”
“The fire enveloped us; I hold you to me, and we’re gone because of my powers. But you’re faint; don’t worry. It happens when you’re too close to a beautiful God like me.”
I make a hysterical laugh when I hear his words; the funny thing is that he’s right. Well, probably I’m fainted because the fire, and the sudden ’teleporter’. But a bit is also his fault.
“I’m glad you’re alive Loki. Even if you’re not really here.”
Loki furrows, and slowly he takes a few steps toward me; my body freezes as he gets closer and closer. I’m afraid if I try to touch him, he can disappear, and this time forever.
“Y/n, I’m really here.” Loki says as if he had read my thoughts. His hand is approaching my face, and a shiver runs through my back when Loki’s soft hand touches my cheek. I look up, and my eyes meet his; Loki is getting closer to me, and I’m breathless. Is he really doing what he is doing? Loki, the God of Mischief, my friend that I love since I was a child, and I never said anything to him.. he’s kissing me. I don’t move, and I feel my face blush at the same time when Loki turns away from me, a grin appears on his face.
“W-why did you do it?” I ask Loki with the few words I can say.
“You thought I was just an illusion.”
“Well, you could shake my hand, or hug me, or give me a slap, or shake my hand..”
I close my mouth, no longer knowing what to say. Loki stares at me with a grin on his face as I feel more embarrassed.
“I missed you Y/n. I really missed you.”

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A Blind Path Home, part 6

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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Our Little Coffee Shop|Part 2

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  • Member: Park Woojin 
  • Genre: very angst
  • Warnings: intensive swearing, violent abusive bullying
  • Word Count: 1913 words
  • Summary: school au! You were new to the area and you end up meeting a cute guy at a coffee shop. You realise as you get to you new school that the guy you started to fall for was the coldest guy at school.
  • Part 1 | Part 3 

You were settled down into the normal school routine life, you had a couple of friends but no one extremely close. You and Woojin hadn’t said a single word to each other, and every time he walked past you or looked at you without any sign of acknowledgement your heart broke a little by little. But after a while that was only at school and the coffee shop would be yours and Woojin’s little haven. Both of you would be at the coffee shop nearly every school afternoon, it was like a secret place for the both of you. There was one night where there was a huge paper due for history the next day and you were sure he was working on it since you were as well. You finished before him and he looked so exhausted you couldn’t help but buy his favourite drink, a cappuccino with a shot of hazelnut and extra froth. You wrote on the cup “Good luck on the paper! Hwaiting!” You left the coffee shop but just as you left, you caught his eye and he smiled at you grinning, you blushed bright red as your heart did backflips. From that day on whenever both of you were working on assignments or studying for test and the other person finished before them, they would always buy the other a cup of coffee with a little message on it. Getting those cups of coffees from Woojin with his messy handwriting giving you encouragements were the best gifts you would of gotten from anyone. 

One day you were in geography class and the teacher announced you were having a group project, people were already asking their friends if they could pair up. You heard some girls excitedly squealing “Daehwi-ssi would you like to partner up with us?” With about 15 girls saying the same variation of question, repeating it over and over again. He quickly rejected them saying he wanted to partner with someone else. You roll your eyes, it’s annoying how obsessed people were about the five but you couldn’t talk, your heart quickened anytime you saw Woojin even smile. 

You were so lost in your own thoughts you didn’t realise the whole class fell silent because unbeknownst to you Lee Daehwi was walking up to you. All the girls were staring daggers at you, you still didn’t notice anything. Until you felt a tap on your shoulder and there he was in his perfect uniform, with student council president badge, looking like a complete genius, Lee Daehwi. He politely asks “you’re y/n right? would you mind being partners for this project?” you’re absolutely flabbergasted, why would this ridiculously smart, handsome guy choose you out of all people. You trip on your words and stutter your response out “m-me?? w-why me? I’m not super smart nor do I have anything to offer you?” He looks at you and smiles brightly and his smile seemed so familiar but you couldn’t place who he was. He laughed at your extremely confused expression “yah! i’m hurt you don’t remember me y/n, we were best friends all of elementary school! Lee Daehwi, the one who you always stole food from when you didn’t bring your lunch, and we would sneak food into the library and read the harry potter books until the bell rings.” The realisation came like a huge wave and suddenly you’re screaming “LEE DAEHWI!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I MISSED YOU, you completely vanished after elementary school. Poof! Gone! But wow you look so much different not the super duper scrawny and nerdy boy I used to know, are you?” you hugged him super tightly, not realising the consequences of your actions and then you looked around the room and you saw the girls looking murderous. If looks could kill, you would of been painfully tortured and killed by them ripping you body up limb by limb. 

You quickly pulled away and Daehwi took a seat next to you as the teacher kept on talking, you guys catched up on each other lives, decided the topic of the project and decided you guys would start this afternoon. You were so happy to see Daehwi again you were super close in primary and the friendship you guys hadn’t changed at all. You guys still joked around and was so comfortable around each other, you both realised how much you missed each other. As class finishes, you were on cloud 9 because of Daehwi. As you were walking down to the empty corridor to the cafeteria you were suddenly roughly pushed against a locker by the top bitches of the school. “YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU CAN LIE EVEN A FINGER ON OUR PRECIOUS DAEHWI. YOU FILTHY PIECE OF SHIT, YOU DON’T DESERVE TO EVEN LOOK AT HIM!” the top girl screams while slapping you twice. Another girl continues “look at you, you’re the lowest of the lowest social class, you’re not pretty, not smart, not rich, you are not special in any way shape or form so go back to where you belong, the sewers.” The girls stop verbally abusing you after a few minutes but they kept on physically abusing you, you didn’t even try to fight back there were 5 girls surrounding you and then 2 more in the back, you couldn’t take them all on. The most logical decision was to not anger them endure it and leave as quickly as possible. They threw your stationery, notebooks everywhere then poured water all over them, they grabbed and pulled your hair and they kicked you in the stomach multiple times and they were about to do it again. Before they could you heard a deep, bellowing and absolutely terrifying voice. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??!!!” you look up and you see an outline of five guys running to you and you realise who’s in the centre shouting. Park Woojin.

The girls were frozen still and looked so scared. You were on the floor clutching your stomach. Woojin goes up to the top girl and shoves her to the locker. He shouts at her “THE ONLY BLOODY REASON I’M NOT BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU IS BECAUSE YOU’RE A GIRL AND MY MOTHER RAISED ME BETTER THAN THAT. YOU DESPICABLE, FOUL PIECE OF SHIT, HOW DARE YOU TO DO THAT TO SOMEONE FOR JUST TALKING TO AN OLD CHILDHOOD FRIEND. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?” Daehwi and a guy you know as Jinyoung comes over to you, Jinyoung wraps his coat around you and soothes you quietly, trying to help you breathe. While Daehwi wraps his arms around you patting your hair trying to calm you down also. One of the girls loses her temper seeing the scene and screams in her shrill voice, “LOOK AT THAT SLUT, FAKING BEING HURT TO GET ATTENTION, LOOK AT HER!!!” Guanlin couldn’t stand it anymore, he punched one of the lockers which was only a few centimeters away from her face, so hard it cause a dent. He said in a deadly quiet voice “if you utter one more word out of that stupid high pitched mouth of yours, the next punch will be a few more centimeters right, directly at your face.” She quickly shuts up. Jihoon steps in to the situation and he looks deadly but still calm “if you ever lay a hand on her ever again we won’t be so lenient, all of us can destroy your lives with a snap of our fingers, don’t test us.” He grabs and pulls Woojin towards him to prevent him doing anything serious or reckless, Guanlin also walks back to where you were. The girls run off quickly being scared of how much damage the guys could do. 

You were in so much pain, the kicks to stomach hurt really badly, Daehwi lifted your shirt slightly to see how bad it was and it was covered in purple bruises. The guys all grimaced looking at it. It even hurt to breathe, you had tears streaming down your face and your breaths were short and deep. Jinyoung said softly “she won’t be able to walk and we can’t get the school involved, it’ll get too messy and complicated, they might even expel us if we get put into bad light especially Woojin.” Your heart ached at the thought of Woojin getting expelled, you say in haggard breaths to Daehwi “don’t l-let the school k-know.” You glance at Woojin and he had a super concerned expression and for once not the ice cold one. You give him a weak smile, he gave you a pained one in return and your heart fluttered even when you were in so much pain. You knew he cared about you and for that one reason only you felt better. You didn’t know but his heart ached and he felt so bad. He tried to stay away from you knowing if he confessed his true feelings, you would get hurt like this. He couldn’t tell you things like how many times he would glance at you in class, or would go to the coffee shop to just see your face or try not to smile every time you guys made eye contact. How his heart quickens every time you give him a cup of coffee with your neat writing on the side. How even buying you a cup of coffee might of been too risky but he didn’t care he needed at least a little bit of you in his life. How much he thought of you at night and how he would do anything to just spend a few hours with you. He knew that you wouldn’t like him because of how cold he is towards you. But he never said anything or even acknowledge you so that you wouldn’t end up being hurt like this. He knew how vicious the girls could be and wanted you to be safe and not hurt, he couldn’t bear the thought of seeing you like this because of him. But now you have gotten hurt all he does is want to protect you more. 

He feels so guilty even though it’s not his fault, and he scoops you up so gently. The moment after he picked you up he started blushing and getting all flustered but tries to keep his calm for you. The other guys are understanding what he’s doing, you guys all head to the car park, you, and Woojin get in Jihoon’s car, and Daehwi and Jinyoung in Guanlin’s, everyone decides to go to Woojin’s place as it’s the closest and his parents aren’t there. Woojin still carries you into the car letting you place your head on his lap and lays your body out gently onto the back car seat. He strokes your hair, and even though he hates this situation and seeing you in pain, the fact that he can now interact with you, talk to you and express his feelings to you makes him so happy. He hears you whimpering in pain and whispers to you softly to reassure you “it’s gonna be okay, okay? I’m here now I’ll make sure nothing happens to you ever like this again.” You couldn’t help but relax and feel your heart warm at that and for some weird reason you believed him. You softly mutter to him “I trust you, Woojin.” With that you blackout in Woojin’s arms. 

First of all, I’d like to say any sort of bullying is not okay, the one which is depicted in this scenario is extremely bad but if anyone is making you feel continuously bad talk to somebody about it, even me. I know this might be extremely angsty and not the sequel everyone hoped, so if I disappointed anyone I really do apologise. I wasn’t sure to post this at first but here I am, if anyone feels uncomfortable with the scenario and would like me to write an alternate less intense and more fluffy part 2. I will be happy to. This will probably continue for 1 or 2 more chapters so please look forward to that! Again I’m really sorry if I disappointed anyone, but thank you for reading!

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Soul key-AU where a person receives their soul key on their sixteenth birthday. It is a known fact that people keep their necklaces close to their person or somewhere safe.

Steve always wondered why his key ring was very…American in design. Bucky always made fun of him that maybe it was because he shared the same birthday as their country. Still, he found it perfect. Even more so when he adorned the Captain America uniform for the first time.

When Steve met Peggy he wanted to give it to her. But he never got the chance. When the plane went down into the ocean he held his key tight in his right hand.

When Steve woke up in the twenty first century and met Tony Stark for the first time, he knew then Stark was the man who he would give his key to. He did not know how he knew but at that moment he was glad that he had not given his key to Peggy. It would not have been fair to her. Not really.

Steve always seemed to screw it up whenever he encountered Tony. They always ended their interactions with fights and accusations. Steve hated it because he never meant anything he ever says. Tony just makes him so angry.

It took them awhile but they finally found their footing. And Steve asked Tony out on a date. On that date, Steve held his key in his hand ready to hand it to Tony before they ended their date.

So as Steve reached for his partner’s hand, Tony reached out for the opposite one. So now both their hands wear grasping each other’s lightly. Tony opened his palm and Steve felt something in it. In shock, Steve loosened his hold on his key when Tony saw what was his in his hand. They both just sat there staring at the other’s hand to see each other’s key.

They truly were made for one another after all.

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The last of my Rocket Grunts and simultaneously the worst. Clint is what happened when I condensed all my messed-up preferences and kinks into one character. Whoops.

The First Dance

You blushed when you now-husband’s eyes focused on you for the millionth time that night.

Four years together and he still gave you all the good chills and stomach butterflies. Now you were husband and wife, just an hour you two had said ‘I do’ before your friends and family, and it still felt like a dream.

“Mrs Rogers.”  He approached you.

Steve was wearing a fancy military uniform like the captain he was and looked perfect.

“Mr Rogers.” You said back.

In response, he reached out to you and held your hand.

“Come on.”

You moved your eyes from him when Bucky’s voice attracted everyone’s attention, announcing your first dance as husband and wife, and Steve guided you to the dance floor.

She’s a yellow pair of running shoes, a holey pair of jeans
She looks great in cheap sunglasses, she looks great in anything

The first notes of a song you knew too well made you chuckle. Steve was the one responsible for choosing it after saying he wanted to surprise you.

You felt his touch on your waist, holding tightly and carefully.

“And she’s everything I ever wanted, and everything I need.” He sang into your ear. “I talk about her, I go on and on and on ‘Cause she’s everything to me.”

You closed your eyes, resting your head on his chest and hearing his heart beating fast. Steve was your dream coming true all you’ve lived in life. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

The song was coming to an end and he only held you, not moving, still singing with the singer.

“You’re everything to me.”  He finished.

When the tune was over, you just stood there, breathing each other calmly. There was only you and Steve now. The rest of the world could wait.

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Unspoken Words

((hi hello it’s early and I have to work and I have a lot of feelings about Damien and William (and Darkstache) so take my drabble))

Damien was early, he always was. There was something about sitting around and waiting to go somewhere that never settled right in his gut, but the feeling he got walking up to that house was akin to that. Apprehension, tension, a building headache behind his eyes and an ache in his heart over whether he would show or not.

The butler let him in, sweet words and charming manner as always, and with promises that Mark would down soon and other guests would shortly be arriving. The Detective was already there…Damien believed his name was Abe, and he was impressed that someone had actually turned up before him. Not that Abe seemed impressed to see the Mayor in the house, but Damien still managed to strike up pleasant enough conversation with him.

Eventually the door opened again and Damien spotted his District Attorney coming in, only to be greeted by Tyler. They seemed a little overwhelmed but relaxed when they saw him, but Damien wasn’t interested in them.


He was interested in the figure that had appeared behind his DA, slinking off to the side to avoid the rest of the guests.

Ever the gentleman, Damien greeted his friend, asked the customary questions about their new job, cracked a joke with them and then walked off. That was easy, but his heart sank which each step he took towards the room that he seemed to have chosen.

“Good evening, Mayor.”

William greeted him like an old friend, as if there hadn’t been months between them seeing each other. Damien had been counting the very days, and it was almost a year but here he was, in the flesh.

Closing the door to the room to give them more privacy, Damien leaned heavily on his cane.

“I didn’t think you were going to show up.” He murmured, “I’ve been waiting a long time to see you, Wil.”

“Come now Mayor, you know my friends call me Colonel.”

He had been expecting the flippant reply but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt as much. Damien smoothed his hair down and straightened his suit,
needing something to do with his hands other than hold a cane.

“I’m more than a friend, Wil.” He said firmly, “Or have you forgotten that?”

William looked at him through those ridiculous glasses, uniform perfect as he sat with one leg crossed over the other, hat tilted back to give him a better view of Damien from his lower vantage point.

“I could never forget you Damien, even if I wanted to.” Wil sighed, “You mean too much to me.”

There were a hundred things that Damien could say in response to that.

“If I mean that much to you where have you been?”

“Why has it taken you so long to show up.”

“Where have you been?”

But he didn’t. Damien bit his tongue and shook his head, stepping closer to William and placing a gentle kiss on his cheek. There was a lot he needed to say, but he knew Wil was suffering just being here, having to see Mark again. So, he wouldn’t, he’d support William through it all, ever dutiful at his side.

Besides, they’d have plenty of time later.

Byron x MC: Mea culpa

Byron knew that he had gone too far with his comment about how things were run in Wysteria. It was none of his business, and no one had asked him, but he had made his comment off the cuff, meaning for it to be under his breath.

When the princess gasped, regarding him with an affronted look, Byron realized that his sarcastic remark was better left unsaid. He waited for her to say something, in the rumbling silence that followed, but she simply squared her shoulders in an irritated manner, her lips drawn into a firm line.

The princess seemed to accept his apology the next day, but over the course of the week she responded to him frostily, whenever they met in passing. 

Byron couldn’t help but wonder if this was what it felt like when he spoke with cold precision. The knowledge that he, himself, had lanced the feelings of others in such a way pierced his chest so fiercely that he found himself unconsciously grasping at the left side of his cape, where it draped over his shoulder to cover his heart.

One squeeze of the fabric.

Then another.

Nico had even caught him doing it, as he placed some papers down on his desk. Rather than stop, Byron continued to let the thick fabric glide between his thumb and forefinger as if this desperate clutching were essential to working through his communication gaff.

It occurred to him, after some little time sitting there lost in thought, that not only had his hand stopped moving, suspended upon his chest with a fistful of cloth, but that the door to his office had neither opened nor closed again, meaning only one thing: Nico had not left the room.

Loosening his hand, Byron’s cape pooled over his lap as he straightened himself in his chair.

“I could use your help.”

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Welcome Back To TV (Min Kyunghoon)

Type: Fluff

Request: could you make min kyunghoon knowing brothers, when you’re his wife, you and yiur son/daughter are guest star for knowing brothers, fluff

Byungho whined as he laid his head against you his fingers were playing with the straps of the bag you were wearing. It actually was one of his baby bags so it was more than a decoration, the one year old wasn’t happy that his nap time was being interrupted for a TV program. You simply ran your fingers through his hair as he was wanting to fall asleep. “We’re gonna see daddy” you coo “you miss daddy right?” you asked him as he lifted his head up and then smacked it off of your lips making you hiss. “That wasn’t nice Min Byungho” you tell him as you pulled him away from you. He whined as he was stood up on his own. He bounced in his spot as you simply took his hand and you guys slowly walked to where you needed to wait. He had a pair of sneakers that had the squeaker in it as you two walked.

While you stood there he found himself interested in your shoe laces to the point he decided to untie them, you groaned as you bent down to tie them and he took the opportunity to walk as fast as he could down the hall. By the time you looked up he was by the door. His hands tried to open the door but ended up squeaking on the door instead. You rushed over taking Byungho’s hand, you slid the door open lightly. He took his first steps into the room as his shoes made him known and the room let out a loud sound as you followed after him. “This is the first time we’ve had someone so young on the show” Heechul says as you soon picked up Byungho. The elephant in the room was of course your husband Kyunghoon who had a large smile on his face. 

“Hello I am Y/N L/N and I’m from I used to be a big deal high school, thank you for having me” you say with a bow as you held Byungho tightly. You were once the biggest deal in South Korea in the early 2000′s. A true entertainer, you were a young idol who soon became an actress, and in the end you were a comedian. At the top of your game you decided to calm down on the fame thing and the media had soon learned why once you did. “This is Min Byungho and he’s never been in a right high school before” you comment as Byungho found himself playing with your tie as he nearly choked you. Byungho let out a scream as he tugged on your tie more cutting off Hodong before he could speak. You sat him down on the podium as you took off your tie and gave it to him. “Welcome Y/N. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you" he then says as you smiled largely. “When was the last time you were on a TV program?” Soogeun asks “the last time I was on a program like this in general. I have been on Return of Superman more than once with Hwijae and like two of other episodes but since I was on a comedy level show it was Running Man and Song Joongki was still a host” you say as you hadn’t been on any big since 2010. 

“Getting married to Kyunghoon must have lost you lots of TV deals” Heechul joked as you let out a laugh. “I mean you might not be far off” you tell him. “So what brings you here?” Sangmin asked “oh I have a few actually” you say simply. “I’ve been wanting to get back on TV again. But I don’t know how long it will last because of being a mother” you explained as you shrugged “oh well” you hummed. 

“Is Byungho your first child?” Janghoon asked as Kyunghoon scoffed “he’s mine and Kyunghoon’s third child” you tell him as they all seemed shocked by that. “I got off of TV because I was pregnant” you began “we have twin daughters Hyejin and Yujin they’re 6 years old, they just started elementary school” you continued. Your conversation was interrupted by your tie going into your mouth. “I guess we should move on” Kyunghoon says. 


You took off your bag as you opened it and began setting things onto Kyunghoon’s desk. “Does he need all of this?” Heechul asked as he picked up Byungho’s baby cereal. Byungho let out a call as he reached over for them. Instead you pulled out a bottle and handed it to Kyunghoon who quickly and easily slid the bottle into his son’s mouth as his mic was filled with the fierce sounds of his little son chugging at his drink.

You headed back to the front of the room as you were getting ready to start the ‘Guess about me’ segment. “So after having children I got less exciting so most of my questions are about my family life” you tell them as you look at the card in your hand. “How long did Kyunghoon and I date before we got married?” your first question came through. “You were married when your daughters were born?” Soogeun asked as you nodded. “How old are you?” Heechul asked “31″ you comment. “I got it” Sungmin calls as he stands up “you guys dated for 6 years and got engaged because you got pregnant” he says as you were amazed by the guess right away “you’re very close like very very close” you say as you leaned on the podium. “You guys were never engaged. I remember your marriage was a big deal” Hodong says as you smiled “correct” you tell them. 

“I said we should just get married and we got married the following day at a courthouse” Kyunghoon explained as you moved onto your next question. “When I was pregnant what did I crave?” you asked “is it gross?” Jonghoon asked you “no it was probably the most basic craving I ever had” you tell them. “You’ve never had a normal craving” Kyunghoon comments as you instantly smiled “it must be a craving for this time around then” you say as Heechul made a sound almost instantly to the comment. “What?” Kyunghoon asked as you sighed. “You came on the show for that reason?” Heechul asked as you nodded. 

“Kyunghoon, you’ve been having to get banana yogurt and granola because I’ve been craving it” you tell him. “Wait you aren’t?” he asked as his voice faded. Byungho chuckled as his looked at his shocked father. “Congratulations” he was told by the others. As his brain was still processing his large family was going to get larger. 


“Can you take him for a moment?” Kyunghoon asks Heechul who nodded taking Byungho who was already on bottle two as he was passed off and soon he was surrounded by the other cast members as each wanted pictures with little Byungho to post. He was in the school uniform and all so he was perfect for the set. “Don’t be too mad” Heechul called as Kyunghoon turned slightly as he ventured towards you. You gave a short smile as he took your hand and pulled you out of the “classroom”. “I know this wasn’t practical but I wanted to do something special you know? You’ve always been right there when I found out and this one was different-” Kyunghoon cut you off with a sweet kiss.

“It’s just a lot to process is all. We moved into the apartment last year so that the kids didn’t feel cramped as Byungho got older. But I know we can move again if we have to, the room for Byungho is a bit small for another bed but I think two will fit and they’ll be okay” he explained as he kissed your cheek. “I’m happy okay?” he says as you nodded. “Maybe we’ll have another boy to even things out” “I mean you plan only works if its a boy, we’ll have to move if its a girl. We can find out in about a month if its a boy or girl-” “I’ll give up the office if its a girl, hell I’ll change my plan and give it to him if I had to” the office was his safe spot he got to rarely use at home because of Byungho but if it came down to it he would give it up for his child.

“Look at you” you teased as he smirked wrapping his hands around your waist and bringing you in for a kiss. “Guys” Heechul quietly calls from the fake windows, he gestured for the two of you to come close which you did a bit concerned. You peered through the window and nearly squealed as you saw Sanghoon had managed to but Byungho to sleep. “He makes your son look so tiny” Heechul comments as you nodded. “But it’s so cute” you say. “You two going to be okay with another baby?” Heechul asked now knowing how large your family actually was “of course” Kyunghoon says as he nods. “You make cute kids also” he told as you smiled proudly “thank you” you tell him as he chuckled.

Salazar Stats (because researching someone this interesting is fun as fuck) :P

Name:           Armando Salazar 

Height:          181 cm (5′11″)

Weight:          84 kg (185 pounds)

Gender:        Male 

Eye colour:   Brown (orange/amber colour as a ghost)

Hair colour:   Brown (turns a dark grey as a ghost)

Nationality:    Spanish

      El Matador Del Mar (The Butcher Of the Sea)

Occupation:   Naval Captain and Pirate Hunter

Ship:              The Silent Mary (La Maria Silenciosa) 

Weapon:        Rapier

Personality:    Though he was no doubt seen as a hero to law-abiding                                     citizens. and was polite when in the public eye, he was at the                            same time, prideful and strict.
                       He kept everything on his ship in perfect condition, including                               his uniform. He also made sure his men kept their appearances                        acceptable, too.  
                       To a pirate, however, he was someone to be feared; cruel and
                       ruthless, he sees it as his duty to rid the world of pirates, and his
                      hatred for them is so strong, that if a pirate tried to plead or
                      reason with him, they would go ignored.

Enemies:       Pirates, the British Navy (he’s Spanish, after all, they were                                  enemies at the time)

Allies:             His own men

Powers:       As a ghost (cursed-undead) he is able to move through solid                             objects, can possess the living, and has inhuman strength.                                 Apparently, he also has the ability to control the dead (hence the                       sharks).

Random Trivia:     -Is right hand dominant

                             -Walks with a cane in his left hand, indicating a possible
                               injury to his right leg (strange thing is, though, he does
                               not seem to have this cane when was alive, which begs
                               the question, where did he get it from once he was                                              cursed?)

                              -Is left eye dominant 


GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Park Jinyoung : Ravenclaw

Fifth Year | 11″ Beech, Unicorn Tail Hair, Supple | Ravenclaw Prefect | Bat (Patronus) | Pureblood | Legilimens (special ability) | Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology (best subjects) | Im Jaebum (boyfriend) | Mark Tuan & Choi Youngjae (best friends) | Leader of the Silver Spears | Chess Captain

  • Savage AF
  • Seriously, you need to understand how savage this boy is. The sheer amount of sass is overwhelming
  • When him and Mark get together you better just keep your distance because ISTG they’ll sass you into oblivion
  • Park Jinyoung is easily the poster child for Ravenclaw. You can often find him with a book or two always on hand.
  • He aces every test and his mind is as sharp as a blade
  • He can probably outwit you without even looking up from his book
  • The sorting hat shouted out Ravenclaw before it was even properly situated on his head, okay?
  • He’s a touch devious, but don’t go thinking deviousness is only for the Slytherins - although Jinyoung is typically more playful but still
  • He practically lives in the library
  • If you can’t find him, that’s probably where he is
  • On the rare chance he’s NOT in the library you can check the greenhouse (he’s usually there with Youngjae)
  • He was chosen as prefect by the Head of House. He’s aiming for Head Boy…because it’s Jinyoung.
  • Listen, Jinyoung’s uniform is spotless and perfect. He looks like a freaking prince, okay? PERFECT.
  • When his resting bitch face isn’t in play you can usually see him with a knowing look on his eye and a small smirk that resembles the attitude of a cheshire cat.
  • Jinyoung just KNOWS something that you don’t. All the time. Or at least, it’s just best to assume so.
  • He is a leader of the Silver Spears with Mark. He’s also the chess captain.
  • To be honest, the poor boy needs a good challenge in chess. With the exception of Mark, none of the other students can beat him.
  • But Mark only plays when he’s in the mood. Whereas Jinyoung plays all the time just because. So the boy needs a challenge SOMEWHERE.
  • Jinyoung is friends with the centaur pack that lives in the woods. They’re very like minded, or so Firenze says.
  • Jinyoung is not particularly enthralled by divination and astronomy, but he certainly sees the logic and usefulness of it. That’s typically how he is with most subjects.
  • He’s probably going to become an Unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries. So he PREFERS to have information (even if it’s only a little bit) on almost every subject there is.
  • Jinyoung is a legilimens. Which basically means if he wants to he can read your mind or plant ideas or false memories into your head. The only people that can keep him out is an occlumens.
  • To be fair, Jinyoung doesn’t ever read someone’s mind without their permission. He feels bad otherwise. But still. The point is he COULD if he wanted to.
  • Jinyoung’s the ‘mom’ of the group. He takes care of everybody and also does a lot of the disciplining when Bammie and Yugyeom start acting up.
  • He swears they’re going to give him gray hair but he loves them to pieces.
  • Choi Youngjae is eternal sunshine and Jinyoung is determined to never let that light dim. He has such a soft spot for that boy.
  • Mark is his best friend. Mark is probably the only one who can mentally keep up with Jinyoung at times. Their friendship is probably the most complex out of the entire group TBH.
  • They’re the pair that has conversations without saying a single word. The eye contact is real between these two, okay?
  • They contrast enough that it works though. Mark lives on coffee and hates tea. Jinyoung prefers tea and tries to stay away from all that caffeine, for example. But they’re similar in enough ways too.
  • They both have zero tolerance for bullshit or for their loved ones being hurt.
  • If you manage to have both Jinyoung AND Mark on your ass for hurting someone they love…just….do yourself a favor and kill yourself before they get their hands on you. They are fucking TERRIFYING together, okay? TERRIFYING.
  • Mark has taught Jinyoung some basic non verbal magic and Jinyoung has taught Mark some basic legilimency. Because sharing is caring.
  • Markjin is basically best friend goals. Okay?
  • Jinyoung is extremely supportive. He’s 10000% certain that Jaebum is going to become Head Auror, that Jackson will become a professional Quidditch Legend, and that Mark can not only master non verbal magic but wandless magic too. Trying to tell Jinyoung otherwise is basically a suicide mission.
  • Like I said, he’s the mom of the group and even though his ‘children’ piss him off to no end sometimes, they’re still his kids. So if you touch them, if you hurt them, if you threaten them – just run. There’s really nothing else I can say. Just fucking run. Fast.
  • Jinyoung will not put up with your shit. Most of his patience goes towards his academics and his circle of friends that tend to act like toddlers. So he has NO patience left over for your bullshit.
  • Rational thinking 101. You can’t win an argument with him. He’ll win with logic and reason two minutes into the conversation and leave you feeling like an idiot child.
  • Don’t bother him during exam time. He’ll set you on fire. I’m not kidding.
  • Jaebum is the love of his life. He’s aware that people don’t understand WHY. He also doesn’t give to shakes of a rat’s ass WHAT people think.
  • Jaebum comes off as cold and uncaring, but Jinyoung gets to see Jaebum when he’s soft and full of love.
  • When he covers Youngjae with a blanket so he doesn’t get cold, when he refills Mark’s coffee because Mark needs it or he’s going to crash
  • When he ruffles Yugyeom’s hair and wraps an arm around Jackson’s shoulders, the struggle he goes through when he protects Bammie.
  • And the way he loves and protects Jinyoung no matter what.
  • He sees all of that and will protect that image at all cost. Trying to tell Jinyoung that Jaebum is a bad person is a sure fire way to get yourself landed in the hospital wing.
  • He the CUTEST smile and eye crinkles. If you see them, congratulations, you’ve been blessed.
  • Jinyoung is fierce and beautiful and passionate and intelligent and ethereal and you can see it from a mile away. He’s a deep thinker with the force of a hurricane in his soul.
  • Basically, Park Jinyoung a badass mofo. You want him as your friend - not your enemy. Okay? Okay.

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vinnygothika  asked:

#4 omega Ren pls if you can, thanks dear

4. “Remember how I am during heats? All wet and needy?”

Kylo’s knees almost buckle when Hux’s knot swells inside him but the desk he’s leaning across helps him stay standing.

“Fuck,” he exhales, cheek against the wooden surface, grinding his ass back to try and adjust to the way Hux’s knot is stretching him.

“Ssh,” Hux whispers, brushing his hair back from his face, obviously wanting it back into the pristine style it’s usually in. He strokes down Kylo’s back before moving his gloved hands to his mate’s ass cheeks, squishing them between his fingers and kneading them softly. “I haven’t seen you so desperate in a while, Ren. It’s a nice change.”

Kylo hums, smiles.

“Remember how I am during heats? All wet and needy?” He folds his arms on the desk and rests his head, looking back at Hux as best as he can, admiring how the General’s uniform is seemingly still perfect whilst Kylo shed his clothes on his alpha’s orders.

Hux groans, and Kylo feels his knot pulse.

“Stars, I do. Of course I do,” Hux says, parting Kylo’s cheeks and giving a little thrust of his hips, allowing his deflating knot to slide a little deeper. Kylo moans. “It must be almost a year since you began your suppressants.”

“After Starkiller,” Kylo nods, remembering how he’d awoken on board the Finalizer after Starkiller’s collapse, somehow already in the throes of a heat, only for General Hux to find him and save him, mate with him.

“You were so desperate, whining for an alpha to take you. Fuck. You were already so wet and so open for me. Like you were waiting just for me,” Hux says, gritting his teeth as he’s able to finally pull out, slapping his wet cock against Kylo’s ass cheek as some of his seed leaks out and drips down the omega’s strong thighs.

“Would you…I mean, do you want me like that again?” Kylo asks, stuttering, turning to seat himself on Hux’s desk whilst the alpha stands between his open knees, stroking along his legs. “In heat. Begging for you to fuck me.”

“Ren,” Hux says, kissing Kylo’s cheek. “You’re on suppressants to eliminate the risk of us conceiving. As much as I am utterly enamoured with your neediness during your heats, I know you don’t want pups–”

“What if I do?”

Hux looks up, blinks hard before grinning.

“What if I do, too?”

As though he’s in heat, Kylo’s tummy flutters, sensations that’ll only be satisfied when Hux’s pup is growing inside of him.

“Then I suppose I ought to stop my suppressants,” Kylo smirks, only to be outmatched by Hux’s.

“And I suppose I ought to stop masturbating and wasting myself.”

Kylo scrunches his nose. “You’ve ruined the moment.”

Lucky || McKirk-Tober Day #31

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McKirk-Tober Day #31 || Halloween

Title: Lucky

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Relationship: McKirk

Warnings: brief swear, cuteness 

Summary: Jo shows off her costume

Pre-A/N: It’s over???? And I’m still alive?????? 

Omg I am both sad that it’s over and ecstatic that it’s over! This was insane and fun and so very very stressful! And I thank every one of you who decided to check out and follow along throughout the month! You guys kept me going and for that I am eternally greatful!

Thank you!!! ♥♥♥♥

And I posted about it yesterday, but if there were any questions you had either about the series or about certain fics in general I will be welcoming asks :) I didn’t really respond to questions asked throughout the month on the various fics and this is my way of apologizing for that ♥

McKirk-Tober Masterlist

Enjoy!! ♥

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Caught in a Web Part 2

Summary: Dan was offered to join Willow Grove Academy, Britain’s most prestigious and renowned private school, on a full scholarship. All of the other students are rich, unlike Dan who comes from a modern lower class society. Things become complicated when he lies about his background to Phil Lester, the most popular and richest boy in the school.

Read part one HERE

During second period French class the next day, Louise attacked Dan for answers.

“You totally lied to me, you are from a family of billionaires!” She accused him. “The whole school’s been talking about you. I feel so stupid now!”

“Oh great,” Dan muttered under his breath, and then said louder, “Look Louise, we’re not friends because of wealth or anything. Phil’s actually a really nice person, and so are Chris and PJ.”

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Military / Role Reversal / Brothers

This wasn’t any other day. It was the day I finally got posted to a new unit as a military officer.

It had been a tough year previously training in cadet school. We had to endure mental and physical challenges as part of the training. But there were some things I clearly enjoyed more than others. Being the oldest son in the family, leadership was a very natural thing. This might sound sadistic but pushing cadets of a lower rank around made me feel so good. To command someone else to do your bidding, looking down at their miserable faces in the dirt as you hold your head high and forcing them to address you as SIR!

Damm I can’t wait to go to my military camp. But for all that anticipation, I had one more thing to do…  Sending my brat of a younger brother to military camp. And as coincidental as that might be, he would be going to the same camp as me. And I would be his new military officer

Like me, he had signed on into the military. But the fact is, we will be worlds apart. He was a rebellious soldier and was rude to his superiors. Even though he was a sporty kid the army made sure he would’nt be promoted for a long time and most likely he will never be an officer like be. Being still considered a recruit in the military. He was the lowest in the system and I will literally be his boss.

He was always the playful one. He was even termed the neighborhood fuckboy. The one taking risks and coming home drunk. He liked to experiment with everything. Some were dangerous, some were taboo and some were just plain stupid. But being smaller and shorter than me I was always physically able to overpower him whenever he got too mischievous. Secretly I liked bullying him too!

Driving the car towards the front porch of our house I noticed a man infront with a suitcase. But for some reason he did not look like my brother. Coming out I realized how much a year had changed him. He seemed to have grown an inch or 2 taller than me. And his frame looked overall bigger. His shoulders were broad, his pecs were showing through his tight shirt and his arms were veiny and bulging. 

I was shocked to say the least. I knew he was an athletic kid but he was seriously buffed out!

Pretending to not notice anything I spoke to my brother in my usual tone. A commanding officer’s tone. “Get in loser, I wanna get to camp as soon as possible”

He was a jocked out soldier now. But the fact remains the same. I was still his superior military officer. I can’t wait to start yelling at him and bossing him around when we reached the military camp. 

To my surprise, he didn’t say anything like how he would usually complain. But this time he gave me a smug and just placed his suitcase in the car before entering the front seat quietly.

Not caring I simply put on my dark sunglasses and prepared to drive away.

First stop was the barbershop to shave his head. Although I now spot a full head of hair, a lowly recruit like my brother had to shave off his heads first.

On the way there, we did not speak. Nothing unusual. Our relationship had always been cold. With me being the domineering one obviously.

But this time felt different. He seemed to emit a sense of awe that I could not stop but notice silently. I did not want to ask but I knew there was something different about him besides his larger and taller physique. I didnt want to admit it, but even his hot breath smelling of protein as he breathed was intimidating me. I just tried to stay cool.

After parking the car we both left and walked towards the direction of the barbershop. He suddenly came up to me. I clinched my palms nervously for I had never had to look up at my own “little” brother who now was looking down at me.

“Your military officer top looks really cool. Can I try it on?

Without thinking or saying anything I just took of my top right there at the carpark. And exchanged mine for his civilian tee. His tee hanged off my smaller frame. But my military top hugged on to his body perfectly showing off his pecs and huge arms. But his body was just way too muscular. he could not button up his shirt and smirked at me before he just left his shirt unbuttoned. It was amazing looking at his pecs and abs in its full glory. His shoulders were so huge that it was stretching the top part of my military top.

We continued walking down the path like this to the shop when we passed a public toilet. He suddenly said he needed to pee badly and suggested we use the toilet first.

There while pulling my pants down to pee he asked again “Bro, I think I’ll look better with your military pants and boots as well”

Again! What was I thinking? I immediately took off my boots followed by my pants and exchanged mine for his sweat pants and track shoes.  

I was feeling very uncomfortable now. And there was small sense of humiliation as he walked down the street showing off my uniform in his perfect body while letting everyone know what a great body he had with his unbuttoned shirt. He looked more like a soldier than me now. And that intimidated me so much.

At the barbershop just before he sat down on the chair to shave his hair he looked back at me and looked me deep in the eye. “I think you need a haircut more than me”

He got off the chair, moved behind me and ushered me instead to the chair. This was starting to freak me out so badly. I did’nt know why, but I had not the slightest urge to rebel against his actions. I just stared there blankly at the mirror as the barber cut off my locks. Leaving me with a bald head instead.

He climbed on to a different chair and asked not for a haircut but a hairstyle change that was strangely close to mine before i had it cut off.

He smiled at me and asked.

“You look good bro. Why not you try carrying my backpack?”

For some reason I felt inclined to actually carry the backpack. Slipping on the heavy bag. I suddenly felt this strange sense of being normal. The uncomfortable feeling I had previously vanished into thin air. In fact i felt so natural. 

Getting back to the car, I Instinctively never even felt like I should drive the car and I simply went to the other seat. He naturally and casually walked to the driver’s seat and made himself comfortable. He put on my dark sunglasses and gave me a cocky look. From the reflection of the dark shades he was wearing I could look at myself. There was a huge sense of humiliation now. How much I looked like a lowly recruit now. But at the same time this feeling of how natural everything seemed to be. I was so confused……

He drove the car down to the military camp in silence while I looked blankly at my surroundings. Things were different…

Just after we reached the camp and he parked the car in my allocated officer’s spot I naturally reached for my backpack and pulled out my recruit’s shirt.

“Stop bro. I need to wear my recruit shirt first” 

He snicked while nodding his head giving me the time to wear my shirt.

He stared at me for a second before taking off his sunglasses and with an intimidating tone he commanded me

“Get your ass back into camp recruit…”

This was all wrong.

I was supposed to be the officer.

I was supposed to be the one giving the orders.

But my mouth betrayed me and i gave up fighting.

I replied my officer like the lowly recruit I was now….